No Mercy


    I awoke in the middle of the night in a place completely unfamiliar to me. I was still in my bed, but it wasn’t my room. As a matter of fact, it wasn’t any room. I couldn’t see any walls, only emptiness. 

Suddenly a voice echoed from the endless void.

“Good Evening, Lauren.”  I jumped out of the bed, looking for the mysterious voice.

“What the fuck is going on?” I called out.

“That’s no way to treat a Visitor, Lauren.” What the fuck is she talking about? We’re not even in my - 

I blinked and found that I was in my room. What the hell was going on? 

“Hello?” No response. It must’ve been some weird dream. I got back into bed and was pulling the sheets over myself when the voice appeared again.

“Oh, you didn’t think I’d left, did you?” What the actual fuck was going on. 

“Here, let me make myself a little more visible.” The voice was coming from the left side of the bed now. I turned to face it, and was met with the epitome of beauty. Perfect hair, a beautiful face, a gorgeous body… perfectly defined muscles. I couldn’t figure out why, but the woman in front of me was the most beautiful person I have ever seen despite the fact that I had never been attracted to muscles.  Seeing this though, I don’t think I would ever go back to that mentality.

“They’re stunning, aren’t they? Go on, feel them.” I couldn’t resist the temptation to reach out and touch her abs. I touched it for a few seconds and began feeling desire that I had never felt before. I wanted these muscles. I needed muscles like these. 

“You COULD have muscles like these, my dear”. I was eventually able to take my eyes off of her  body, and I gave her a confused look.

“I didn’t come here just to show off, Lauren. I have business to attend to. As a matter of fact, I’ve been searching for someone like you a long time.” What was she talking about? 

“I’m talking about your potential, Lauren. I see something in you now that I haven’t seen in ages. You remind me of a younger version of myself, actually.” Now I was intrigued. I wasn’t anything like her, I was just an average 18 year old. I couldn’t even come close to her unparalleled beauty.

‘“Slow down, my child. I didn’t say you were ‘like me’, I said you had the potential to be like me. As a matter of fact, how would you like a little taste of my power?” A lot actually. I needed to have power like this. The things I could do with that body…

As if I was wishing to a genie, I suddenly felt a jolt of energy coursing through my veins. For a moment, I felt the power of a star at my fingertips. It vanished faster than it appeared, though. I wanted it back.

“Wait, give it back!” I needed to feel it again. It was magnificent, greater than anything I had ever dreamed of. 

“Slow down, dear. I can’t just give you power like that. You need to earn it.” I didn't care what I had to do to earn it, I needed that power again.

“Darling, power doesn’t come from anywhere. You need to take it yourself. Remember that, Lauren. Take it yourself. I have other things to attend to now, my dear. Take care now.” She began to fade.

“WAIT!” I called to her. “WHAT DO I NEED TO DO? HOW DO I-” I suddenly was back in my bed. The alarm clock was ringing.

“Lauren, shut that thing off, it’s a saturday. Get some rest.” My stepmother was in the doorway. Since when did she care about my rest? Knowing her she probably had some bullshit laid out for me to do for her later that day. At that moment though, I was too fixated with that dream I just had. What the hell did that mean? Was it even a dream at all? It felt so… real.

Against my stepmother’s wishes I got out of bed and made myself some cereal. My younger stepbrother quickly ran into the room as he heard the clinking of cereal against the ceramic bowl.

“Hey, leave some for me! You already ate the whole box, give me some of that.” As he reached for the box I pushed him away. I felt something as my hand pulled away from his chest. It was strange. It wasn’t just emotional either. I felt something physical, something actually in my arm. The feeling dissipated soon. I had no clue what it was, only that I liked it. Something about it felt really good, and as he got up off the floor… wait, did he fall?... He tried to grab the box again. I smacked his hand away. It gave me the same feeling.

“Ow, what the fuck? That hurt!” He was gripping his hand. I didn’t hit him that hard, did I? 

“Fuck off or I’ll do it again.” He walked away, deciding to avoid turning it into something bigger than it had to be. I secretly hoped he would keep doing it, I wanted to feel that rush  of pushing him away again. I decided to leave it be and eat my cereal, but suddenly I started to think, what if that was somehow related to that dream last night? That woman had said something about “finding power”... the more I thought about it the more I believed that it was more than a dream… something about that woman was very very real.

I left the house before my parents asked me to do anything. I headed down to the mall to meet my friends. There was a new store opening there, a bakery. It was supposed to be really good and we were going to try some and hang out there for the day. I walked towards our usual spot, a couple of benches beside a fountain. Unfortunately, some other people were sitting there. My friends were arguing with them, and I asked Sophia to fill me in.

“These guys sat down here when Ava and I went to the bathroom, they’re not getting up.” I decided to try my own luck.

“Hey, shitheads, get up. They were sitting here first.” One started to laugh.

“What are you gonna do about it, shorty.” He’d really fucked up now. My height was a sensitive issue for me and I wasn’t going to take shit from this guy. I grabbed his bag off the ground and began to walk away.

“Hey, give that back!”

“Come over here and get it, nobody’s stopping you.” He reluctantly got out of his seat, allowing Ava to sit back down, His friend followed behind him. I was originally going to give it back when he got up, but I saw an opportunity to do a quick little test. 

“Gimme this,” he said, attempting to yank it out of my hand. I swung my boot up into his crotch, and he yelped in pain as my foot connected with his balls. He fell to the floor in pain, but Ii was feeling something else, the exact opposite of what he was feeling. It was much better than this morning. His pain made me feel amazing, like I had just ridden an amusement park ride. That had to have been it, too… his pain was making me feel like this. Seeing him in agony made me smile a little bit. I wasn’t really proud of it but I couldn’t help myself. Something else I noticed was that unlike this morning, the effects seemed to have a little more longevity. My already tight clothes seemed a bit tighter than they had before, kind of like they were shrinking. Or, of course, I was growing. I also noticed something else a few minutes after the guys had left (neither of them had dared to hit me back). Looking at Ava, I noticed that my eyes were about level with hers. I’d been shorter than her as long as I could remember, usually having to look up a bit to look her in the eyes. I wasn’t wearing heels, either. Was I taller? Surely not, right? How was that even possible? I decided not to think about it anymore, because it probably was just some stupid explanation. I did, however, spend much more time that day thinking about how that boy’s pain brought me pleasure, and I really wanted to push it a little further and see what the extent of that feeling was. 

As I walked home later, I came up with a little experiment to try when I got home. My stepbrothers usually liked horsing around a bit, although I was never a fan of it. Occasionally they’d try to rope me into it but I always refused. This time was going to be different, though. The older one, Joseph, was a baseball player and a bit of a prick, so he was the perfect choice. That night the younger one, Michael, invited me to join them. 

“Hey, Lauren, come on, play with us!”. Exactly what I wanted, I thought, moving toward Joseph.

“You don’t really think you can hurt me do you? I’m way stronger than you!” He really liked bragging about how much he could lift. 

“Hey, Mike, sit out for a second, okay?” Joseph told him. It was time to see what I was really capable of. I got in a defensive stance as he tried to knock me over a couple times. He eventually left me a window to grab him and tackle him to the ground. As he fell, I began to feel the power surging through my body again. He tried to get up, but I kicked at one of his legs and he fell back down. I felt fantastic, like I could run for miles without breaking a sweat. Continuing to shove him, I felt my heart beating, pushing and pulling energy throughout my veins. He took a chance at shoving me. I didn’t budge. I tackled him again, and this time it felt even better. My clothes began to feel tighter. I decided to quit playing fair and gave him a nasty gut punch. As it connected, I felt my skin tightening. I could feel my body shifting, and as he crumpled to the ground I could feel myself growing taller. I was way bigger than I was before. I had to have grown at least 6 inches, I must have been like 5’10” now. I didn’t want to stop. I heard Michael telling me to take it easy, but I wasn’t going to listen to him. I got down on top of Joseph, who I knew was too concerned with making himself look like a tough guy to tap out. I could feel muscle beginning to grow on my body. The skin on my lower abdomen began to tighten as chiseled abs began to form. My legs began pulsing, and my yoga pants were being pushed to their limits. I wasn’t going to let them rip with the two of them watching so I gave Joseph a break and walked back to my room. I stared at myself in the mirror, noticing that my body wasn’t done yet. My pants began to tear in a couple spots, my expanding quads ripping through the fabric like it was butter. My shirt wrapped around my biceps as they expanded, although the sleeves stayed intact. I could see my belly button now as I grew taller. My shirt began to move outward as my chest expanded, my tits becoming incredibly firm and perky. My nipples were protruding through both my bra and my shirt and I could see them poking through the fabric. I was getting close to 6’ now, a change that my family was almost guaranteed to notice. I quickly ordered some bigger clothes online with express shipping, as all the clothes I had were not gonna fit anymore, and I needed to have something for school on monday. Its a good thing I came to my room when I did, because my pants were now shredded to pieces. The growth made me feel incredible, and as I flexed my muscles I felt like I could stop bullets with my skin. I also noticed by straight black hair growing longer, reaching all the way to my lower back now. As I continued to stare at myself, I started feeling hornier and hornier. I reached down towards my pussy, which was already oozing precum as my fingers entered it. Turning myself around, I began to flex my calves, which caused my socks to burst open. I moved up my body, admiring my now perfectly round, firm ass and my rippling back muscles. I was now bigger than basically everyone in my grade, and I would be sure to take advantage of that when I returned to school on monday.

    As I walked into the building, I received jealous looks from almost every boy and girl I passed, each of them staring in awe at my shredded muscles and my towering height. I had already been remarkably pretty before, and now I was an object of lust for the students at my school. I went about my day as usual for the morning, but I had some plans for lunch hour. Just before classes were ending for the morning, though, I realized something about class that day. It was far easier than it had ever been, despite being the same difficulty we had  been covering the whole year. Harming other people was not only allowing me to improve my muscles, but also my mind. I headed to lunch after class was over, quickly revising my plan to account for this new development in my abilities. I looked out into the crowd and easily spotted George Brown. Not only was he a star athlete, but he was also an honor roll student… and a complete asshole - the perfect candidate for my next victim. I approached him as he was heading to his normal table and told him to meet me in the closet in the math wing.

“Okay” He said, a small smile appearing on his face. The poor thing thought I wanted him to kiss me. It wasn’t going to be that pleasant, for him at least. I headed to the closet and waited for a few minutes. As I stood there in silence I began to question whether what I was doing was right. I mean, I was hurting people for my own gain. The door handle suddenly started to jiggle and I prepared for him to enter the room. He opened the door, and as my fist connected with his face my doubts and morals vanished. Why should I let this guy live when I can use him to grow even stronger?

“What the fuck!” He yelled out. I went in for more. I began to kick him in his ribcage, heavily injuring him, and as he shouted in agony I got down on top of him and began to beat him with my arm, which was growing stronger with each consecutive hit. He started to bleed, which began to feed my body even more. As blood spilled out of his mouth and nose, I began to absorb it, converting his pain into power and increasing my growth exponentially. As I destroyed his face, my arms grew bigger and bigger, I began to wonder what other things I could take aside from intelligence and muscle. Moving down to his dick, which had become erect, I decided to make it the next part of my torture, squeezing it and his balls until he screamed in pain. As I applied pressure, I began to feel something in my crotch. A long, meaty object snaked down my thigh as his dick began leaking blood. It felt huge, like a sausage, but I wanted more. I continued to mercilessly beat him. He was now unconscious, but he still had so much to offer. My cock began to throb, soaking my pants in precum as I grew bigger and bigger. It was pure ecstasy as I grew to a size bigger than top-level bodybuilders. My muscles were pulsing and throbbing as they grew larger, tearing through my new clothes effortlessly. As I neared a height of 6’6” I decided to finish my victim off. I lifted him up by the throat and grabbed his ankle. I began to stretch my arms out wide, and I began to hear the fibers in his body rip and tear as my arms reached out to their full length. He suddenly ripped apart, his blood and internal organs splattering all over the closet, although they wouldn’t remain for long as my body began to pull it inward. I absorbed every last bit of organic matter from both halves of his body. My cascading muscles were harder than steel and my cock was bigger than any I had ever seen, in person or on the internet.

    I had just ripped a kid in half… and it felt good.
I had realized the truth behind my power - I wasn’t supposed to find it, I had to take it, and as I took the last of George’s essence I could feel his soul enter my body, giving me one final jolt of power. With his soul, I truly felt unstoppable, and I knew if I acquired more souls then I literally would be. I emerged from that door a changed woman, no longer the mortal girl that had entered the room. I was thirsty for blood, and I was in a building that was filled to the brim with souls ripe for the taking. As the bell rang to end lunch, students began to flood the halls. Several of them stared at me and began to move away as I began to move towards the nearest one. I could see the fear in his eyes as I punched a hole clean through his stomach, killing him instantly. After I killed him I moved down the hallway, slaughtering dozens of faculty and students. Their souls began to flood my body, and I began moving faster down the hallway as my power increased. They were like ants to me as I absolutely decimated over 50 people in under 5 minutes, their mortality serving as fuel to my growth. My muscles and cock were throbbing harder than before, my veins threatening to burst as I consumed more and more blood.  The hallway was drenched in the remains of my victims, but I didn’t feel like stopping anytime soon. I quickly grabbed another girl, and as she turned to face me I recognized her face. It was Jenna, a girl who had constantly harassed me since the day I moved here. I spun her back around and shoved her towards the wall. She wouldn’t have such a quick and easy death like all the others. I tore off her pants and shoved my dick into her tight virgin asshole, and she screamed in agony as my cock destroyed her insides. I continued to ram my 25 inch cock and through her entire body, my melon-sized testicles smacking against her over and over again with each motion. My cock kept growing larger and I began to cackle as it went all the way through her body, skewering her like a piece of chicken. She had been reduced to a mere sex toy, and as I continued to pummel her corpse I felt power like no other. Her body finally withered away as I absorbed the last of her soul, and I had begun to float. I was becoming better in every way and this was only the beginning.

I flew outside the school, and I saw an opportunity that couldn’t be missed. I flew toward the stadium near the edge of the city, which was packed for a sporting event that was occurring that day. I lowered myself into the center of the stadium and made an announcement.

“Judgement day has arrived, mortal scum. Do not resist or I will rape you until your body is unrecognizable.” 

They began screaming in terror and running for their lives. I kept to my word and flew toward a group of fleeing attendees who had discovered all the exits had been sealed off. I obliterated them, my cock ripping through them like a sword as my hands crushed them to pieces. I flew through the outer part of the stadium, slamming through people like a truck as my speed continued to increase. My body was no longer expanding outward, but now condensing the mortal souls into my already rock hard flesh. Soon enough, every last person in the stadium had perished, and I left to find another meal. I had developed even more abilities other than flight, and I tested one of them on a nearby skyscraper. My eyes began to glow with the intensity of the sun and 2 beams of pure energy shot out of them, cutting clean through the buildings lower levels. The building fell to the earth, every person inside becoming nothing but food for their goddess. The city was reduced to ash in a matter of minutes as my twin beams of destruction incinerated every last building. My powers were increasing even further, and I had resumed growing larger. I was now a towering 20 feet tall, my cock having grown to the length of 7 feet to match my height. I left the smoldering city in search of new victims, and I found them quite easily. I decimated city after city, my body expelling cataclysmic amounts of energy as everything in my path was turned to dust. 

My body was 40, 70, 100, 500, 2000 feet tall, my IQ became 300, 500, 900, 1200. I had destroyed the entire eastern seaboard at this point, and my lust for blood was still unsatisfied. I turned my efforts to mass genocide, obliterating every trace of life I could discover. My cum was dripping out of my 5,000 foot cock, melting through the earth’s crust. Soon enough, every last organism on earth had surrendered their soul. I was the goddess of death, and m reign was only beginning. I turned now to the planets, and I skewered the earth with my cock that was now reaching 30 million feet long. It provided for an adequate source of pleasure, but it was not going to help in the long run. It was soon destroyed as my cock grew larger than the entire planet. The sun was my next target, as I devoured it in an instant, its energy boosting to a size greater than the entire solar system. I would soon decimate the entire milky way galaxy, ending countless alien civilizations in my rise to godhood. Not even black holes could resist my hunger, every last one of them being absorbed into my body as the known universe began to crumble. I was taking existence itself, and I finally reached orgasm as my cosmic genitalia released enough cum to wipe out what was left of the fragile universe. 

I suddenly found myself in a place beyond reality, and I was approached by a familiar face as I descended to the ground and adjusted to the new setting, curious as to what could possibly remain after my complete destruction of existence.

“Hello Lauren. Glad you could finally join us. Welcome to the realm of the gods, allow me to show you - “

“I’m sorry, I won’t be needing the tour. Thanks though.” I gave her a cruel smile as my arm entered her body. It emerged on the other side, the soul of a god in my hand.

“You… You can’t do this to me Lauren, I GAVE YOU THI-'' She didn’t get to finish her sentence as she joined the endless moral souls already trapped inside my own.  I devoured her like all the rest, taking every last drop of her power for myself. She was only the first of the weak gods to feel my wrath, though, as I slaughtered god after god, goddess after goddess. Nothing could stand in my way as I finally reached the end of the road. Standing in front of me was The One True God, and as they turned to face me, I saw myself. It was me, I had already been god… but what difference did it make? Not even I could stand in my own way as I consumed the final soul that existed throughout all of the universe. Alone in the empty void that was once sprawling with life, I opened up a portal to the next universe, stepping inside. I had destroyed one universe, and now it was time to do it all again. At once, every inhabitant of that reality heard my message

I am the Goddess of Death, and you are my next meal.



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