A gift from another time

WARNING: This story contains human flesh being turned inside out

Everyone in the story engaging in sexual activities are over the age of 18.


Everything began in a manner you might consider unusual, Alex a 23 year old virgin was masterbating in his apartment to a video on his phone, when he received two text messages from someone not in his contacts.

“To anyone else this would seem like a scam, but you’ve thought about this so I don’t need to tell you what this means.”


Alex didn’t read them right away but did after he was finished and did in fact know what to do. He had like most people occasionally thought about time travel but like probably far fewer people thought about how to prove that he is/would be his future self, now since the potential future Alex hadn’t asked Alex to make a code that probably meant the past can be changed and since Alex never wrote down a code for this incase it somehow got out and was used by a scammer this could only be lottery numbers. Alex looked up the most recent lottery numbers to confirm that they didn’t match and saw that more would be drawn tonight.

He normally didn’t watch the lottery or do any gambling for that matter but Alex watched the numbers come in with bated breath, one by one they came in “43,18” each matching one of the numbers in the text “22,21” until the final special number was drawn “69”

Alex was shocked, maybe the lottery could’ve been rigged and maybe someone with inside information would use it for a scam and maybe someone could’ve found out about his time travel contingency plan to try and trick him but all of these things? Not likely, which can only mean his future self was talking to him.

Alex was shaken from his daze by another text from his future self.

“Now that you know I’m legit, call me when you’re ready to hear the plan.”

Alex did his best to calm himself and got a pen and paper to write down whatever the plan would be.

As calm as he could be Alex picked up his phone and called “Future Alex” from his contacts

FA: “So, you ready for what might be the second most significant phone call in history?”

Alex was surprised by his future voice, it didn’t sound like it had aged in the slightest, what’s more it didn’t sound like when he had heard voice recordings of himself, no this was what he sounded like to himself when he spoke.

A: “Um...”

FA: “I’ll take that as a yes, so as you’ve probably noticed I sound like you hear yourself, don’t worry it’ll make sense soon.”

A: “Right, so you mentioned a plan?”

FA: “Yes, so what we’re going to do is basically put you in charge of the whole world”

A: “WHAT!?”

FA: “Yeah, I expected something like this, but don’t worry you’re not going into politics.”

A: “”Phew.”

FA: “Just, well...”

A: “Well what?”

FA: “We are going to be using mind control.”

A: “Oh, ok and why exactly are we removing everyone’s free will? Obviously the world hasn’t ended without doing that”

FA: “No it didn’t, but it came very close several times and there was a lot of pain and suffering that I’d like to avoid in your future.”

A: “Ok I think I get it, it’s not just one disaster or decision but is there really no other way of doing this?”

FA: “Maybe there is but and I will try different strategies with other timelines but also I figured I might as well create a personal power fantasy timeline.”

A: “So if I don’t go along with it you’re gonna what, help this timeline in some other way and I just miss out on your power fantasy?”

FA: “Or I could just keep looking for a timeline where you do go along with it.”

Alex rolled his eyes with a sigh.

A: “Fine I guess I’d rather be in a position of power and save the timeline than not. So where do we start?”

FA: “Right, so first you need to get yourself a 3d printer and run a program that I’ll send you in an email, that’s going to build another printer and…”

Alex, realising that he hadn’t taken any notes yet, frantically started writing down as many of the details of the plan as he could.

“Which will then print out a single nanoscopic machine or nano-machine, that’s where we get a bit fuzzy and you take control.”

A: “Fuzzy, wait why do I have to print the nano-machine? Can’t you give it to me?”

FA: “Trust me I would if I could, unfortunately I can only transmit information through time not matter.”

A: “Ok that makes sense and explains why you need my help instead of doing it yourself.”

FA: “yes and also because the more different your reality becomes from my past the harder it is to connect so at some point I won’t be able to reach you.”

A: “Ok wow, good thing I’m taking notes.”

FA: “I’ll send you a written copy of the plan too but I needed to talk about it to you so you’d understand the gravity of the situation.”

A: “Right, so you said something about nano-machines?”

FA: “We print out one inside a pull that you’re going to swallow, once you do it will register you as the system controller and start replicating. Once they get to your brain you’ll be able to direct them and start spreading them around. Don’t worry about their power or them eating a building for materials they’ll just create what they need, oh by the way we discovered how to create matter and energy”

A: “Right so what just spray them from my hands at crowds of people?”

FA: “Try to avoid drawing attention to yourself, considering all of the books and movies about something like this if anyone finds out they’ll probably try to stop it and as unlikely as it is, there is a chance they could find a weakness of the nano-machines.”

A: “Ok so I gotta keep it a secret, I guess preventing disasters isn’t meant to be fun.”

FA: “I mean if you want fun well you’re still… You know what, I’ll let you figure out what to do on your own.”

After the phone call Alex spends the money he had reserved for paying his rent to order a 3d printer which arrives early in the morning a few days later. Once it’s assembled on the floor Alex turns it on and connects it to his computer to transfer the program that his future self emailed to him. With the program downloaded the printer springs to life immediately one powered on, it takes a while to get going but over the course of the day Alex’s floor is covered in incrementally smaller, faster and more precise 3d printers until near midnight the final printer produces a small white pill. Exhausted from waiting for the machines to finish Alex contemplates waiting till morning to take it but figures that it could do it’s work while he sleeps and swallows the pull before going to bed.

At 1:00 Alex wakes up feeling fully rested, when he noticed how dark it was immediately he could see perfectly despite the darkness and he remembered the pill. Suddenly Alex knew all the details of the nano-machines.

They had spread throughout his body but would only go beyond it at his command, so he started sending them to infect all of the apartments in the building.

They were all connected wirelessly and were controlled by his mind.

Somehow they had already acquired Alex’s phone number as well as everything else on his phone and could emulate all of its functions.

They could also hack into basically any modern day device(so that’s how).

There was also a kind of cloud memory between them that already had 10 terabytes available and would only grow larger as their numbers swelled so Alex was confident that data storage would never be an issue.

They could create just about anything he wanted or destroy anything he didn’t want, so he had them remove the now useless 3d printers.

And they could modify his body in countless ways such as the night vision he now had.

They also provided his body with everything it needed and could remove his need for sleep as they had just done.

They could read the minds of anyone else they entered although it came up as infected, which seemed odd but seeing as they could spread from one person to another they were somewhat like a disease.

And they also had some kind of background research function which apparently would make scientific discoveries on it’s own and try to use them to add new functions to the nano-machines when they were made.

That last function seemed suspicious to Alex so he decides to text his future self and instinctively reaches for his phone when a text messaging window opens in his vision. Of course he can just do it in his head.

“Hey why is there a research function?”

After about 20 seconds Alex figures it might be a while before he gets a response and he still needs to wait for the sun to come up to start spreading nano-machines beyond his apartment building just to avoid drawing suspicion, so he opens a browser in his mind and goes to some of his favourite porn sites.

Just as he’d taken off his pajama pants Alex gets a reply from his future self.

“Couldn’t fit a few hundred years of progress into an email. Also the connection is already starting to deteriorate probably because you have those nano-machines way before they’d otherwise be invented.

Anyway you’ll probably get ahead of us soon because a lot of people don’t like sharing research.”

Satisfied with future Alex’s response present Alex goes back to his porn. He soon finds some good futanari material, with normal women growing dicks that keep getting bigger and bigger, as he’s stroking himself Alex thinks about the nano-machines and realizes that they could give him a pussy and make him a futa, it’d be a little different from most stories he’s read where they’re either born as futas or women but that’s not going to stop him.

After cumming Alex first has some nano-machines delete the semen he just shot out and second has his dick(4 inches flaccid, 6 erect) saved it to the memory of the nano-machines, then he takes a deep breath and has his penis replaced with a vagina. While Alex intends to be a futa he figures he should give the pussy a go without a penis to interfere with his assessment.

Alex didn’t feel any pain but nevertheless was uneasy seeing his penis shrank into his crotch before stretching out into a labia and sprouting a clitoris. His scrotum retracted into his body entirely leaving only smooth skin. Alex tried to finger himself right away but found that he was dry as a bone, contemplating how to get himself wet he grew himself some tits to go with his pussy.

Unlike before Alex felt pleasure as tissue built under and around his nipples which grew in sensitivity and became erect as they rub against his pajama shirt which begins to strain against the increasing size of his breasts. Alex starts rubbing his nipples through the fabric, he begins to lose himself in the alien pleasure of breast expansion until one of his buttons pops off. Brought back to some of his senses Alex notices that he is indeed wet and begins to finger himself with his right hand while unbuttoning his shirt with the left to stimulate his nipples further.

Alex gently slides his right index finger in and out of of his vagina going slightly deeper each time while drawing circles around his nipple using the tip of his left index finger, his right is soon deep enough to start rubbing his clitoris with his thumb which sends a new wave of pleasure through his body which he amplifies by pinching his nipple between the thumb and index finger. Alex increases the speed of his right hand as he grips his left breast continuing to pinch and play with his nipple and finally he reaches his first vaginal orgasm which lasts almost twice as long as his penile ones.

Checking the time Alex sees that it’s still only 2:00, at that Alex regrows his penis, his scrotum bulging out of the skin above his pussy which seems to slide down some before a column of flesh protruded from his crotch before the skin split open at the tip. Alex made himself ambidextrous and began again to stroke his dick, the fact that he was now a futa himself making it easy to get hard and seemingly wet as well as he then started to finger himself too, matching the speed of his two hands Alex imagined that both of his organs were matched with their counterpart, a tight pussy around his dick and a big dick inside of his pussy both perfectly sized, Alex’s mind went blank as he reached orgasm. This one seemed to be of a middling duration between those of his pussy and dick separately, there was still lots of waiting to do and his pussy was still ready to go but his dick needed to recover, unless he decided that it didn’t… So Alex removed his dick’s refractory period and masturbated again to his futanari porn until he could cum no longer.

The time was 2:30 while waiting for the sun to come up Alex tries to think of how to get laid now that he has these nearly all powerful nano-machines, he could just mind control whoever he wanted, he was already going to do that to everyone anyway, but Alex was pretty sure that would basically be rape, he would go along with global mind control in order to benefit everyone on said globe but not just for his own. Alex was a virgin but not an asshole.

Alex figures the best he can do to get laid is just to make himself as attractive as possible.

The first thing he does is make his real voice sound like his inner voice so whatever he says will sound the way he intends it to.

Then he cleans out all of his pours at once, whitens his teeth and has his face slightly altered in tiny ways that makes him still recognizable but more attractive.

He then retracts his breasts and removes his pussy hoping that he can lose his virginity with his penis first.

By 6:00 when the sun came up the nano-machines had covered the entire building and started moving down the pipes towards their respective facilities so that once there they could spread as quickly as possible being pushed by whatever is in the pipes.

Alex goes to take a walk around so that he can spread the nano-machines further but is seen in all of his new found beauty in the hallway by Jessica, a 24 year old woman who lives on the same floor as Alex and was headed out for an early morning run but now she’s thinking of doing some different exercise.

J: “Hey there handsome, you heading out for a jog too?”

Alex wasn’t sure what to do so he just answered as honestly as he could without sharing too much.

A: “No more of just a leisurely walk.”

J: “Well what if we spent some leisure time together still getting our exercise?”

A: “Um, what do you mean?”

Alex had never been in this situation before and while he suspected that she was talking about sex he thought it’d look worse for him to assume that and be wrong than to ask to be sure.

J: “Don’t play dumb, you know exactly what I’m talking about.”

A: “I have a hunch but if I act on it and it’s wrong I’ll be in big trouble. Are you talking about sex?”

At that point Alex realized that she was already infected with nano-machines so he literally could’ve read her mind.

J: “Ha ha ha. Yeah I guess you would be, yes I’m asking if you wanna have sex.”

A: “Ok just know that it’ll be a first for me.”

J: “I find that hard to believe.”

A: “Whether you believe it or not it’s the truth.”

J: “Alright then Prince Clueless, come with me”

Jessica then turned to lead Alex to her apartment, inside there was a yoga mat laid out on the floor and a few weights in the corner, on a table was an evaporator expelling a mist into the air probably containing some fragrance Alex wouldn’t know the name of. As Jessica approached her bed she took off her shirt and threw it on the ground to the side before turning around to face Alex as she fell onto the bed and started to take off her pants.

As she turned to face him Alex noticed her very slight abs which were hard to see under her shirt and made him go hard almost immediately.

J: “Are you going to take them off or not?”

A: “Oh right sorry, you’re just very stunning.”

Alex then started taking his shirt off.

J: “Well I guess that’s something we have in common.”

Alex took his pants and underwear off in one go leaving him naked with his penis sticking out prominently not quite fully erect. As Jessica took her bra off freeing her orange sized tits, his penis hardened to fully erect.

J: “Before we get too far you should probably put on one of there.”

And Jessica reached over to her bedside draw, pulled out a condom and threw it to Alex.

J: “I’m Jessica by the way.”

A: “Alex.”

As Alex put the condom on Jessica took her panties off. Alex also used the nano-machines to make himself temporarily infertile just to be sure.

J: “Now how about you lay down and let me show you the ropes.”

As she said this Jessica stood up off the bed and gestured for Alex to take it.

Alex nervously laid down on the bed as Jessica climbed over the top of him and started to slide her lips along the length of his shaft. She then took Alex’s left hand and moved it to her right breast, Alex tried to follow along by squeezing it and rubbing his thumb in circles around her nipple before lightly squeezing it between his fingers and thumb which made Jessica moan so he thought he was on the right track. Alex then moved his hand down to feel Jessica’s abs which felt like warm stones and then he went up to her left breast. Jessica lowered herself onto Alex’s dick slowly enveloping his full length in her pussy, the sensation was intoxicating far better than his hand and only became more so when Jessica started going up and down. The pleasure overwhelmed Alex and he came immediately, well before Jessica.

J: “Huh, I guess you weren’t kidding, *sigh* it’s ok I’ll finish it myself.”

A: “Wait.”

J: “What?”

Alex moved his hand over Jessica’s abs again and his fading erection reversed bringing him back to full hardness.

J: “Woah, that’s unusual.”

A: “I can explain if you want.”

J: “Just keep it hard as long as you can.”

Alex and Jessica then proceeded to fuck until they both lost count of how many orgasms they had.

J: “So said you were going to explain how you could stay hard for so long?”

A: “Oh right, well should I start with what I did to make that happen or why I was able to do that?”

J: “Um the first one I guess.”

A: “I removed my refractory period.”

J: “And that’s just a thing you can do?”

A: “It is now that I got nano-machines for my future self.”

J: “Ha ha ha, oh that’s a good one but really what’d you do?”

A: “Look at your hand.”

As Jessica looked at the palm of her hand Alex read her mind to find her favourite flower, a white rose, and then had one produced in her hand. While he was at it he saw what sexual fantasies she had. She had a few in common with Alex like futanari, female muscle growth and breast expansion.

J: “Is this real?”

A: “Yeap and I can do a whole lot more.”

J: “Like what?”

Alex pointed to his crotch where his penis was growing by 50% to 9 inches and his balls by the same amount making them about the size of golf balls. Jessica reached over to get another condom.

A: “Don’t worry we won’t need one, I just wasn’t sure how to tell you before.”

J: “Is it going to fit?”

A: “I can make it so anything will fit and a whole lot more. If you want.”

Jessica looked at the flower in her hand.

J: “This is my favourite, did you read my mind?”

A: “Yes, would you like me to make one of your dreams come true?”

J: “I’d like that.”

As Alex positioned himself over Jessica a wave of warm pleasure washed over her body as her muscles bulged and pulsed causing a gasp to escape her lips. Alex slid his member between her other lips, as he penetrated deeper into Jessica her abs grew into a defined six pack and the growth spread across her body in a wave. Her pecs grew and perked up her breasts which themselves ballooned out to the size of cantaloupes, her ass became tighter and round, her thighs and upper arms grew to the size of watermelons and more defined. Alex had gone balls deep into Jessica who moaned in pleasure.

J: “OH this is amazing.”

Jessica flexed her biceps which were each larger than her head.

J: “Oh I want to keep feeling this but, but will I still be able to move?.”

A: “I got you covered.”

And Alex started thrusting in and out of Jessica’s now super tight muscular pussy, cuming almost every other thrust, with every thrust Jessica’s muscles became stronger and more defined but stayed the same size. Jessica grabbed in one hand one of her now massive tits and in the other Alex’s head as she pulled him in for a kiss she also started to squeeze and pull her nipple between her index and middle finger. Jessica’s orgasm was unlike any she had experienced before.

J: “Oh wow that, was amazing. I mean look at me, look at these.”

As Jessica said this she sat up and giggled her breasts.

A: “They are impressive.”

J: “Oh you bet they are, just like the rest of me. Since you can read my mind, is there anything else you want to do with me?”

A: “Just one thing.”

Then Alex grew a pair of watermelon sized breasts as well as a vagina while Jessica grew an imposing 10 inch penis and billiard sized balls.

J: “Is my dick bigger than yours?”

A: “Only just, but my tits are also bigger.”

Jessica picked Alex up from his armpits and lined up his pussy with her dick.

J: “I hope you’re ready to take all of me for your first time with a vagina.”

A: “So do I.”

Alex quickly made his vagina sterile as he was all but dropped onto Jessica’s massive falace. The sensation was exhilarating as Jessica stretched his pussy inside his body, his cock pointed straight at Jessica’s face and started oozing per-cum onto her cobbled abs. Alex and Jessica both reached for their more familiar parts with one hand and one of their tits with the other. As they masturbasted they also worked together to move Alex up and down Jessica’s shaft using their lower bodies. When Jessica’s dick came inside of Alex so did her pussy and the additional pressure was enough to trigger Alex’s pussy to orgasm leading to his dick to spew the contents of his balls all over Jessica’s abs, tits and face.

J: “Well, that was pretty good for a first time using a cock. Once it’s done being floppy I’ll have to do that again.”

A: “I could remove your refractory period if you want.”

J: “Nah, if you did that I’d never get anything done. Like how I probably need to go clothes shopping now, I hope I can find a good way to hide this monster.”

A: “I could help with that.”

Alex returned his cock and balls to their original size, removed his vagina and retracted his breasts.

J: “So could I get it back?”

A: “Whenever you want.”

J: “Ok then.”

Then her penis began snaking its way back inside her body.

At 8:00 Alex finally left Jessica’s apartment, before he stepped out the door he contemplated if he should change his face back to normal. He had gotten laid now and he did want to get moving to speed up the spread of the nano-machines which would be hard if he would be stopped by every girl on the street but on the other hand they would spread around on their own eventually. Sensing his plight the nano-machines informed Alex that through simple adjustments to their mind control function everyone in a crowd already infected with nano-machines can ignore him and act as if he weren’t there but still walk around him, even in the future with literal mind reading a computer still can’t understand what you want, even though he could be naked in this crowd and not be bothered they need to be already infected. But this does give him some ideas of things to do that just wouldn’t be that fun in the hallways of his apartment building, so Alex deals with his mundane face as he heads out to spread the nano-machines.

Everyone from the building were unknowingly spreading nano-machines as they left for work or any other activities for the day and surprisingly few of them went to the shopping mall not far away so that’s where Alex went walking first. Along the way he passed a postage box and left some nano-machines that would cover any mail placed in it and once at the post office would spread and infect all outgoing mail to spread further and faster. At the mall there were about a dozen people from the apartment building and most of them were working in the shops so they weren’t really spreading the nano-machines so Alex walked a circuit around every floor leaving nano-machines with every step. After a while the nano-machines were being picked up by customers on their shoes and being spread as they walked before eventually being infected as well. By only 9:00 the whole shopping mall was infected, they had even spread far enough from the entrances that by the time someone walked in they were already infected.

The nano-machines had also researched a way to allow Alex to accelerate his thinking.

With everyone under his control Alex made himself unnoticeable to them, returned his body to it’s beautiful futanari state and stripped naked by having nano-machines destroy his clothes. Alex walked through the mall with his cock confidently erect as he reveled in his excitement, he stroked his 9 inch dick as he walked and when he saw a clothing store with mannequins displaying bras in the window he covered the glass with his cum. He then heard a strange conversation two people were having as they walked.

1: “Why do you care about virgin meat?”

2: “It’s just peace of mind. I feel better knowing that nobody has fucked my food.”

This gave Alex a thought, “I should make sure my food has been fucked.” So he accelerated his mind to scan through the minds of everyone in the mall for interest in vore, soon he found one, a woman named Diane who was not only into vore but unbirth as well but she was indifferent towards futas. So Alex finds Diane and allows her to notice him.

Diane was going about her shopping like she normally would when she suddenly felt that she should turn to her left and when she did there was the most beautiful face she’d ever seen, she almost didn’t notice that the body it was attached to was completely naked and a mix of male and female.

D: “I,ugh, wa”

A: “Hi, I’m here to make your dreams come true.”

Alex had made Diane unnoticeable as well so nobody would interrupt them.

D: “I must be dreaming right now.”

A: “It might not seem like it but this is all real, I know you don’t dream of futas but there is something in your dreams that I want to make happen.”

D: “What is it? I’d do anything with you.”

A: “I want to be inside of you, all of me, my whole body in your pussy.”

D: “Your whole body? You want to… I don’t think you’ll fit.”

A: “I can change that, I can let you fit anything in and after that I want to swallow you.”

D: “Will I come back out?”

A: “In one way or another, don’t worry it won’t hurt or kill you.”

Diane couldn’t believe that this wasn’t a dream but if it was there was no reason not to go along with it. She started taking her clothes off but with a wave of their hand the inconceivably beautiful person before her disintegrated all of her clothes at once. Diane was already very wet from the promise of both unbirth and vore but also from simply seeing Alex’s face so he leaned her against a nearby banister and slid his penis into her labia and quickly went balls deep, but after a couple of thrusts Diane felt him plunge deeper and her lips spread further apart. As she looked down their legs were bending backwards as they were being swallowed by her pussy whole, soon they were belly button deep and bulging out of Diane’s belly with a distinct 9 inch protrusion at the top. What Diane was feeling was unlike any dream she’d had before, she could feel he vagina stretching and pushing away her other organs but instead of pain she felt only pleasure and that pleasure was growing. Alex was just now getting his tits inside of Diane stretching the opening even wider to accommodate them, inside of Diane was warm and tight conforming to the shape of his body, he was getting close to orgasm, once his breasts were inside his head and arms soon followed as Diane’s pussy closed tight. With a whole person inside of her Diane was in pure bliss and just at the edge of orgasm, she slowly reached for her clit, the lightest of touches enough for a climax. Inside of Diane Alex could feel even the slightest of her movements across his whole body including his dick. As Diane’s hand reached her clit Alex came hard, his cum inflating Diane’s stomach further cause enough pleasure to climax on it’s own but with touching her clit the pleasure was so great she could no longer stand and collapsed on the floor as her belly continued to swell with Alex’s cum until her pussy’s grip loosened and Alex came flying out propelled by the pressure of his own cum which he was also drenched in.

Slowly regaining her composure Diane stands up, cum still leaking from her pussy.

D: “This is so unlike any dream I’ve had before, if it is I never want to wake up, if not will I ever be able to do this again?”

Alex was unfolding himself and standing back up

A: “Oh yeah, just be careful with other people they should probably go feet or head first. Now to make your other dream come true.”

Alex slowly licked his lips as he approached Diane. With a smile on her face Diane laid down on her back and allowed Alex to start eating her. He lifted her feet into his mouth which stretched to easily fit them in, as he slid her legs down his throat he grew his tongue extra long to wrap around and caress her body as he went. Tasting his own semen would’ve been unpleasant in most scenarios but mixed with Diane’s vaginal fluids seemed to have made it much better as he slid his tongue across her pussy. As Diane’s waist entered his mouth Alex slithered his tongue across her belly then between and around her breasts where he licked her left nipple with the tip. When it finally came time for her head to be swallowed Diane held her eyes closed and smiled as she disappeared from the world. Alex now had a belly very much full with a person inside it and while he very much wanted to digest Diane and transfer her mind to an identical body it for some reason felt like kind of a waste that her biomass wouldn’t go to anything, then he had an idea and his stomach started to fill with acid. Diane truly didn’t feel any pain as she was slowly melting away in the warm stomach acids, as she melted her mass was destroyed by nano-machines and Alex’s belly did shrink but his balls also grew as an equal amount of mass was added to them. Soon Alex’s balls were the size of bowling balls, then beach balls and then they were resting on the floor as they had the mass of a whole person shared between them. Alex leaned against the banister, tilted his head back and let out a massive burp.


Alex began stroking his 9 inch cock which now looked small with his massive balls, as he stroked he could hear his balls churning with cum, as he neared climax people cleared the space in front of him and when he did a massive cone of white fluid exploded from the tip of his dick covering the entire floor in front of him. From the hot, sticky mess emerged Diane fully dressed but still covered in cum. 

A: “Oh right, cleanup on aisle 4.”

And Alex’s cum started to disappear entirely, even off of Diane.

A: “You should probably get back to what you were doing.”

D: “Will I see you again.”

A: “Probably, not sure when tho but I’m sure you can find other people who want to be swallowed and you can eat whatever you want and only gain the weight that you want. I just realised I never explained what you can do, I’ll leave the instructions in your head.”

Gradually getting more flustered with the situation Alex made himself unnoticeable to Diane again and returned her to noticeability.

Alex’s balls were still massive despite being drained of much of their contents and even then the nano-machines were working hard to replace it. Erasing his cum before in order to clean Diane was a little disappointing but gave him an idea for a little bit of fun before he left the mall.

Alex found the nearest Grocery store, walking with some difficulty due to the size and weight of his testicles. He gave the people on cleaning today a nice big bonus for what he was about to stick them with, walked into aisle 4, started masturbating and at the idea time calculated by the nano-machines announced in time with the PA system

“Clean up on aisle 4.”

Soon a couple of cleaners arrive with mops and buckets but are befuddled at the clean aisle, which Alex soon changes.

A: “One moment.”

The cleaners are mentaly commanded to step to the side just as a torrent of cum spews forth from Alex cover the whole aisle. With a sigh the cleaners get to work as Alex turns and leaves the store, cum still dripping from his flaccid dick.

Alex realises that he hasn’t done much with his vagina while here but it was already 10:30 and a decent portion of the surrounding area has now been infected, noticing a fire extinguisher on a wall an idea comes to mind. Alex walks over to the extinguisher still feeling the weight of his balls and briefly compares its shape to his dick.

A: “Well as they say, anything’s a dildo if you’re brave enough.”

Alex takes the extinguisher off the wall, instructing nano-machines to make a replacement and inserts it into his pussy. Alex vastly increases the strength of his legs as he plans on putting many more things inside himself as he leaves (basically anything not bolted down and even then...) The next object on the way to the exit is a bin, so Alex lifts his left leg up high and throws it to the other side while holding his scrotum forward as he spreads his lips wide to encompass the bin, he squats down low forcing the bin deeper inside, standing up he’s just able to keep walking with the protrusion of his belly due to the bin inside of him. Alex then comes across a bench which alone would prevent him from moving if it were inside of him let alone alongside the extinguisher and bin, so he makes his vaginal muscles incredibly strong and begins crushing and compacting the items within him to about the size of a shoe. Now with slightly more space Alex hooks one of his lips on the back of the bench and stretches his pussy around the whole side of it before laying on his back as he works the bench inside with a near perfect rectangularly protruding belly. Once fully inside Alex crushes the bench too as just the shape of it would make walking impractical, just before the exit to the mall is a row of vending machines, Alex decides to take the one filled with drink cans. He again stretches his pussy to make the machine fit, when Alex tries to stand the protrusion of his belly falls forwards, clearly this too cannot stay like this if Alex is going to keep walking, again he uses his powerful vaginal muscles to compact the machine as much as he can but for got to account for the fact that liquids can’t be compressed and these ones are pressurized. As the vending machine is being crushed a sticky sugary mix of all the drinks in the machine sprays from Alex’s snatch.

A: “Just clean it up. This is so embarrassing.”

Alex had forgotten that nobody could notice him. The puddle of mixed drinks was deleted from existence as fast as it was coming out while Alex finished compacting the machine. When Alex walked out of the mall at 10:50 he had a decently sized bulge in his belly that he couldn’t compact further, he pulled it from his insides and it landed on the ground with a “thunk” as a slimy metallic ball about twice the size of a bowling ball.

Outside the mall Alex could feel the wind on his dick and balls, he felt his nippled harden on his massive tits and saw cars driving past along the busy road. He felt his balls were getting to awkward already and he’d likely be making them even bigger sooner or later and he was still feeling that his rod was looking small next to his sack which would be even more awkward to walk with if it were bigger. With those issues in mind Alex decided to make the rest of him bigger and if he was going to be big he may as well be powerful too.

Alex’s legs were already strong to handle his testicles and the items he was carrying in his vagina but he reshaped the bones and muscles to carry ten times their weight with ease, working his way up Alex gave himself abs that could blunt steel and pecs strong enough that if he wasn’t careful could swing his tits into his face just by flexing too fast, his arms became just as strong as his legs all the way down to his fingers which could rip a person in half so Alex made sure their dexterity matched their strength. To make his dick match his balls Alex more than triples its size to a staggering 30 inches a full 2 and a half feet, but it’s not done growing as Alex enlarges his whole body except for his balls doubling his height from 5 foot 7.5 inches to 11 foot 3 inches and doubling his cock to 5 feet long.

Alex strolls down the busy street, people making way for each stride of the futanari as tall as a street lamp. He idally strokes his cock and plays with his nipple as he walks until he comes to the corner of an intersection. Leaning against the corner of the building behind him Alex grows a second set of arms and begins fingering his pussy while stroking his dick and fondling his own breasts, playing with both his nipples. He has to lean forward slightly to reach the full length of his penis but soon the road turns white as Alex’s semen rains down upon it, some cars are covered in cum and others stop in front of the massive puddle as if a water pipe had burst. Alex laughs to himself as he walks around the corner and retracts his second set of arms.

At 11:15 Alex thinks it’s been a while since he last fucked someone, he scans the minds of everyone in the street and finds Hanna, an office worker on a coffee break who’d love to be fucked by a cock as big as Alex’s. He controls Hanna’s boss to let her spend as much time on this coffee break as she likes and reveals himself to her while making her unnoticeable to everyone else.

A: “Hello Hanna, you’ve been working very hard, how about you take some time for a leisure activity.”

H: “I uh… Oh take me now, I don’t even care if I die.”

Alex picked her up and removed her clothes.

A: “Don’t worry you won’t.”

He turned her to face away from him and made her whole body near infinitely elastic as he plunged into her pussy with his dick. Her vagina stretched and stretched as Alex’s enormous penis went deeper and deeper, her other organs were pushed aside expanding her belly as he worked his way up to her chest and that move out of the way too, her heart and lungs pressed up against her ribs which somehow stretched to let Alex’s massive dick pass unimpeded. Alex was already up to Hanna’s neck but she wasn’t even half way down his cock as he pushed further bulging her neck in all directions, Hanna opened her mouth and what came out was the flesh of her throat wrapped around her vagina which itself was wrapped around the head of his massive penis. As Alex pushed more and more of his cock through Hanna he noticed that she was attempting to lick her inside out throat, he obliged her by making her tongue grow to about 4 feet long. Hanna wrapped her tongue around the pillar of flesh growing from her mouth and stroked it up and down as it grew, once He was balls deep Alex started rubbing Hanna’s clit with his right hand and her nipples with his left as he used both to slide her up and down. As Hanna’s pleasure grew her tongue tightened its grip until her orgasm came and the strength of her grip doubled causing Alex to cum creating a massive bubble the size of a car in Hanna’s flesh, the pressure of Alex’s cum stretching her vagina further caused Hanna to have another orgasm less than a second after the first. Hanna released her tongue’s grip as it retracted back into her mouth and Alex pulled his dick back out of her. When he removed the head most of his cum came spilling out onto the pavement and as Alex promised Hanna was still alive, she never even felt any pain from the experience. Hanna’s clothes reappeared on her body as Alex put her back down.

A: “Enjoy the rest of your long coffee break.”

H: “Oh My God! I need to get back to work.”

A: “Don’t worry, you can take as long as you need, I made sure of it. Oh and you can make anyone’s dick that big when you have sex, if you want.”

H: “I don’t know what to say besides, thank you.”

A: “Don’t worry about it. Now I’ve gotta try the other side of that.”

Alex returned Hanna’s noticeability and began another search. As he expected it wasn’t hard to find a man who wanted to have a massive cock but Alex was a little surprised by how easy it was to find one that wanted to be fucked by a giant. He didn’t even need to move as Frank was right there next to him. When Alex Allowed Frank to see him Frank was awestruck and let his jaw hang wide open.

A: “Hi there, I’m looking to get my pussy filled by someone at least as big as me. Would you like to be this big Frank?”

Frank didn’t speak but nodded vigorously. Suddenly Frank’s pants were being ripped apart by his cock and balls growing to be a near replica of Alex’s which without the strength of Alex’s legs immobilises him. Alex lifts up the end of Frank’s penis and rearranges his own undercarriage such that his vagina is between his scrotum and penis so he won’t crush Frank under his balls. Alex holds his own dick up and to the side with his left hand and lines up Frank’s dick with his pussy using his right, he then starts walking forward. As Alex walked he tilted himself back more and more as he got closer to Frank, letting his dick work it’s way through him. Franks cock didn’t make Alex bulge out as much as his did to Hanna simply due to Alex being much bigger right now but it did bulge out as it stretched his vagina and soon throat. When Alex reached the base of Frank’s penis the head was bulging the flesh of his throat and vagina out of his mouth but only just and Frank was entirely in the shadow of Alex’s penis. Then Alex stood up dragging Frank with him, gripping the massive dick with his powerful pussy, then Alex grabbed Frank with both hands and moved him up and down, sliding his dick in and out of Alex. As his pleasure grew Alex’s vaginal muscles tightened increasing Frank’s pleasure until his orgasm came and a car sized bubble of cum grew out of the flesh protruding from Alex’s mouth, just as with Hanna stretching Alex’s pussy caused an almost instantaneous orgasm. When Alex backed up to pull out Frank’s cock another massive puddle of cum was made, Frank’s cock and balls then started to shrink back to their normal size and his pants repaired themselves while Alex readjusted his undercarriage.

A: “Thanks for that Frank. Now you can make yourself just as big whenever you want and anyone you have sex with will stretch to make it fit, so have fun with that.”

F: “Yes ma'am!”

A: “I’m a man.”

F: “...Oh, I just thought, um how do I put this?”

A: “That I was a chick with a dick. Don’t worry I won’t kill you over it, just get going.”

F: “Yes ma’ ugh, sir!”

Frank went off running down the street and Alex made him noticeable again. It was 11:45 and the whole city was infected with nano-machines and they had just added a new ability. They could now create empty pocket dimensions and portals to them, there was no apparent limit to how many could be made or how much could fit in them. This was just what Alex wanted, he loved dumping massive loads of cum but he didn’t like how his massive balls  were seemingly always in the way and so he created countless pocket dimensions and portals to them within his body. He then extended his body through these portals, adding additional organs of all varieties and retracting his testicles into his body and through a portal where he grew them exponentially bigger. He then gave himself many more testicles of equal size giving him an incalculable cum reservoir. Now he needed to test it.

Alex went to the biggest swimming pool in the city and through simple mind control had it emptied of all occupants. He then had all of the water removed via nano-machine and laid on his back at the bottom. He then added muscles to his dick, pussy and even nipples designed to allow those parts to stimulate themselves. Finally Alex closed his eyes and had every piece of pornography on the internet streamed to his accelerated mind.

To an onlooker it would’ve looked like Alex was releasing semen and vaginal discharge in spurts at random intervals, but in reality he was going through the lowest rated porn first and only occasionally finding something that was either new and hadn’t been viewed much yet or was underappreciated. Despite the slow start within an hour the cum level rose enough to submerge most of Alex, only his tits and dick being visible. After another hour the pool was half filled and construction on retaining walls began. By the time the tip of Alex’s dick was submerged he was almost done with the lowest rated tenth of all porn and only a twentieth of his cum had been used which was still being replenished as he went.

After a week of non-stop masturbation Alex’s interdimensional balls were completely empty, he’d viewed every single piece of pornography at least once and most of his favourites many more. Alex swam to the surface of his sea of cum, which took some time as it had grown to 80 stories high just to avoid overflowing. In that week the whole world had been infected with nano-machines giving Alex total and unquestioned control of the planet.

Alex used the combined computing power of all the nano-machines to make his face mathematically the most appealing it could be based on all existing knowledge, then he made the world aware of him. Over the next month Alex brought an end to hunger and disease across the world, he created world peace and settled disputes. All global issues were addressed and dealt with so effectively that many question why this wasn’t done sooner. Education systems needed to be rebuilt from the ground up and history recorded as to why the world couldn’t work together before Alex due to a lack of trust and how other people given Alex’s opportunity might not have been so benevolent.

During that month Alex gained new abilities, “light speed movement” allowing him to do an unfathomable number of things in a second, “inertial dampening” allowing him to not cause accidental damage while moving at light speed and “quantum reproduction” which allowed him to ensure that any children he had would have exactly 23 chromosomes in common with him including either his X or Y chromosome but never both, the others would come from his partner or be completely random.

Using these abilities Alex rewarded himself with the biggest orgy in history. Everyone who wished to participate was to stand naked by a road, Alex would travel around the world fucking everyone as many times as he liked. In preparation Alex gave himself billions of extradimensional uteruses and made himself fertile once more, or rather more fertile than ever before as he was now the most fertile creature on the planet, guaranteed octuplets from either impregnating or being impregnated.

A little over 5.5 billion people participated all enthralled by Alex’s unquestionable beauty. Nobody besides Alex was able to notice when he started, moving from person to person thrusting hundreds of times into each and every pussy blasting a torrent of cum so virile it had the consistency of molasses into each and he completely drained every ball attached to a dick into a separate uterus. Alex repeated this process 3 times before he was exhausted. All of which occurred in 10 seconds after which everyone else simultaneously felt more orgasms then they’d had in the rest of their lives.

Nine months later billions of babies shared a birthday, this would’ve been a logistical disaster had Alex not spread his mind across billions of bodies to deliver all of his children, some few thousand who had chosen to be futas like Alex had the honour of delivering eight of their children next to one of his bodies delivering the other eight. Over the following years Alex raised his billions of children while leading humanity to expand to the stars and other dimensions of their own making. Until twenty years after the orgy when his children were sexually mature adults.

In the second orgy there were around 50 billion participants and took less than 1 second. There was then an orgy every 20 years for thousands of years.

A few hundred years after the first orgy Alex became truly omnipotent and capable of traveling to other timelines so he went to his future self who gave him the first nano-machine all those years ago.

Future Alex spun around his swivel chair with his eyes closed and stretched as he got up. He had just created a timeline where he hoped his past self made the world a better place by becoming it’s benevolent ruler. He placed his hands on his breast and penis as he opened his eyes planning to go masturbate on his bed, he did not expect to see an infinitely more attractive version of himself standing before him.

FA: “Um...”

A: “Hello again, long time never see. At least it’s been a long time for me.”

FA: “How, are you here?”

A: “Discovered how to be omnipotent so I can just go into any timeline I want now.”

FA: “I had no idea that was possible.”

A: “Of course not, you haven’t had a galaxy computing one problem for a hundred years.”

FA: “So are you here just to say hi, to kill me, fuck me?”

A: “Return the favour.”

FA: “What?”

A: “You’re now omnipotent.”

FA: “How do you know I won’t get in your way?”

A: “You’re me and we’re good people.”

The End


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