Black Sheep part 2

Black sheep part 2

When I woke up I had a slight headache, I was probably dehydrated from last night.

As I was getting out of bed I heard a knock at my door.
O: Melissa dear how are you feeling?
I had forgotten that I agreed it was ok for mum to know as soon as I was awake this 1 time
M: Not great but better than before
O: May I come in?
M: I'm still naked but sure
O: ...Would you like me to come in naked?
M: Ha ha, sure why not
My door slowly opened revealing my mother, true to her word completely naked. It felt strange seeing her cock flaccid at only 2 feet, so many things aroused her I don't think I've ever seen her dick without it being at least a little hard.
She sat next to me on my bed.
O: So, those feelings...
M: Working on them, I don't think an inferiority complex is fixed over night
O: Of course not, and we'll help you as much as we can
M: I have a bit of a headache, could I have a glass of water?
O: Sure
Mum suddenly had a glass in her hand already full of water.
M: Wow I didn't think it was that bad
O: Well there is something else I need to talk with you about
M: Oh?
I take the glass and start drinking in sips.
O: Last night, somehow, after you went to bed only 36 seconds had passed.
I froze for a moment and blinked twice.
M: What?
O: We don't know how or why but it seems like time didn't move at all during our big group hug
M: But time is, it's one of the few things you can't mess with
O: We've discussed it and it's the only explanation that we can think of. The other omnis would've noticed if everyone had been mind controlled to think time had stopped. We would've known if you and Diane had started speaking as hyper-speed. Brigette wasn't moving anywhere near light speed and wasn't telepoted near any black holes.
M: So, it definitely was time manipulation. So do you have any ideas what caused it?
O: It's unlikely but Aaron said there's a slight chance a super villain has some time powers and was testing them on us
M: I guess since all the villains so far have been failed attempts to artificially create omnis they could be getting better, but things that natural omnis can't?
O: That's at the bottom of the list, Emily and Isabel said one or more of us could have an unconscious time manipulation power
M: You think you'd know?
O: While technically possible the chances we developed not only a new power but also a way to remain unaware of it but still use it are pretty low
M: So what else?
O: Well the first thing we all thought of still seems like the most likely, somehow it was you dear
M: Me? I don't have powers, how could I do something beyond every single omni?
O: We still don't know alot about omni genetics, we haven't even found a single gene we think is associated with it, but our theory is that something in you inverted the genetic instructions so you can't do the things that normal omnis can but you can do, well...
M: Everything you can't
O: Yes
M: This is a lot to think about
O: Yes, you don't have to worry about getting to the bottom of this until you're ready, we just thought it best you be aware of the time anomaly and out best guesses at the cause
M: Yeah I guess I'll take my time with that. I should probably call in sick shouldn't I?
O: If you'd like 1 of us could do it for you
M: Hmm, yeah I'd like you to do it
Mum responded with my voice
O: They won't know the difference
M: How is Hanna?
Mum returned to her own voice
O: Fairly well, she took a while to get the hang of pocket dimensions but she got their and seems to have a handle on how to not over do things
M: Still 8 inches?
O: Sorry dear, I haven't been paying attention
Her cock was still completely soft.
M: You're starting to worry me
O: What? Oh, sorry I've just been feeling like not a great mother. I never said that I'd only love you once you got your powers but I should've said that I would love you just as much if you never got any
M: I think it's ok, like you said there's alot we still don't know, we're all making it up as we go along
O: How's your headache?
M: A bit better, here's the glass
Mum took it and stared at it for a moment and took a deep breath before she put it in her mouth and crunched down. The glass shattered and she started grinding the shards into finer and finer peaces before swallowing them all.
O: Thank you honey
Mum stood up and I could see her dick was a couple of inches longer and sticking out slightly. Clothes started materialising on her body as she walked towards the door.
M: Could you ask Hanna to see me in a few minutes?
O: Certainly, should she be clothed or not?
M: Why not keep the trend going, unclothed
Maybe this would all be explained away and I could just think about what to do if I never get powers but be pleasantly surprised if I ever do get them. I still need to try and see if I do have some kind of time power but that can be later, after I fuck my girlfriend.
I again heard a knock at my door.
H: Melissa, can I come in?
M: Yeah go ahead Hanna
Hanna's naked body looked almost exactly like when I last saw it, with the exception that she now had an 8 inch dick.
H: How are you feeling?
M: Getting there, I see you haven't made any modifications to mum's handiwork yet
H: Oh this, yeah I haven't had much chance to experiment, nobody has been in the mood, especially your mum
M: Yeah I noticed
H: Brigette and Christine have been concerned too
M: Sounds about right, how about we change the topic? How is it being an omni?
H: It's a lot to take in, to suddenly be capable of almost anything and my brain. If I had tried to think about things before the way I am now, my brain would've melted
M: You see why everything is the way it is right?
H: Yeah and you're family got me to read a whole library of physics papers just to see that I already knew everything in them and why they came to the conclusions that they did, even the wrong ones. And they did that for history, literature and so many others
M: I heard you stroggled at first with pocket dimensions
H: It's not exactly intuitive to create a universe with identical physics to this one except not endlessly expanding but also not the size of a thimble
M: A thimble ha? I heard that Aaron's first one was only big enough for a grain of sand
H: I guess I didn't do so bad then
M: So... How many you flood with cum until it formed a black hole?
H: Melissa, only 2
M: 2 pfft, those are rookie numbers in this house, even Isabel and Emily have done 10 each, Aaron was over 200 last I heard
H: What about your mum?
M: She was past a million before any of us were born
H: Wow, it's really interesting to hear all of this but considering you asked me to come in naked I don't think you just want to talk
M: Itching to get off with a person?
H: So bad
Her cock jolted to life
M: Well then, this time I wanna see your face as we do it
I laid down on my bed and Hanna floated into the air and gently touched down onto my mattress with her knees. She allowed gravity to hold sway over her as she used my belly for purchase, she caressed the outside of my labia with the tip of her dick, slick with pre. I reached up and wrapped my hands around her chest as I rubber her nipples with my thumbs. She bent down to kiss me but her torso was shorter than mine so she ended up motorboating my tits.
M: I don't have eyes in my cleavage
She looked up at me pouting before she stretched her neck to kiss me before thrusting her cock into my vagina. This time she came on the first thrust but only a few millilitres, the repeatedly pulled it back and forth cuming a little with each thrust soon settling into a rhythm. I moved my hands to her ass as she did hers to my breasts, squeezing my nipples between her index fingers and thumbs causing me to lactate.
Hanna broke off our kiss.
H: *pant* if you *pant* like that, you'll *pant* love this
She thinned out her waist as she elongated her torso as if she were being stretched until her breasts lined up with mine and she inverted her nipples placing them over mine. She then seemed to suck the milk out of my tits and into her own, she bit her bottom lip and moaned as this happened. I soon noticed that her ass was getting bigger and her boobs to now b cubs and growing
H: You're *pant* starting to dry up, *pant* would you like *pant* a...
She let saliva dribble down her chin
H: Refill?
I answered my kissing her and sucking like my life depended on it. Her tits and ass continued to grow until she was a D cup, then her nipples detatched from mine and seemed to each make an audible "ahh". She broke off the kiss again and sat upright as she put her hands behind her head. She increased the pace of her thrusts as I felt her ass and saw her tits giggle with her movements. She started cumming in bigger loads to, still with every thrust but now hundreds of millilitres at a time. Her mouth was too busy moaning to talk so she spoke telepathically.
H: What do you think of these assets? For your eyes only however
She was cumming about half a litre with each thrust and my belly was starting to swell.
M: If *pant* you *pant* OH FUCK! *pant* later!
Hanna then sped up her thrusting even more until she stopped and unleashed so much cum it easily overflowed from my snatch and flooded my room in an ancle deep pool of girlchowder.
Hanna restored her torso to it's normal shape and pulled herself out spilling more baby batter.
M: You know you're gonna be cleaning this up right?
H: Yeah but it can still be fun to make a mess, what were you going to say?
M: Just that if you want to get me aroused big tits and ass aren't the easiest way to do it, first you should make yourself into what you find sexy
H: I am but asside from this wonderful new organ it can kind of work with any body, flooding your room or sucking your nipples with mine and fattening myself off of your delicious milk
M: Oh, so you like changing your body with what goes into it? How about I get my cock and you can grow some abs with the protein
H: ...Of course you have a thing for muscles, I thought you just wanted to be strong but, agh what was I thinking
M: Oh I definitely want to be strong too, muscles aren't sexy if they don't work and don't go overboard and stop yourself from moving, that kills my mood
I started to get up in the direction of the draw I left my strapon in.
H: I got it
Hanna was holding it in her hand already.
M: Thank you
I put it on and laid back down. I started stroking my cock to get it hard and Hanna started to rub her pussy on it which meant her cock flopped onto my abs turning me on ever more. Soon both of us were hard as stone and Hanna lowered herself onto my foot of meat. As she slid up and down she felt a bit warmer than usual, I brought my hands around to her butt which was an even higher temperature, she must-have read the confusion on my face.
H: I'm *pant* gonna burn of this excess fat *pant*
She increased her pace and temperature and stated cumming just a bit on every bounce, I came slightly inside her and saw her belly shift and contort, no real abs yet but definitely moving in that direction. Seeing her abs starting to develop made me cum another litre which made a very small bulge in her belly which quickly receded and was replaced with 2 defined abs appearing as she increased her pace, temperature and volume of cum again. I could see her tit were starting to shrink being almost C cups already and her ass was smaller but not by much as I could feel muscle building there too. I came another 2 litres which Hanna promptly used to complete a 6 pack
M: At this rate *pant* I'll be finished *pant* before you hit 20 *pant* abs
H: Then *pant* lets use what *pant* we have *pant* available
Hanna perched her lips and began to suck the air. All of her cum on the floor, my bed, me and coming out of her cock started floating into the air and towards her mouth. She maintained her pace as she guzzled her still hot and stick white goo which briefly started to fill her stomach and bloat her belly until she started rapidly increasing her pace. She was cumming in 10s of litres at a time, abs were appearing in rapid succession, 8, 10, 16, her tits and ass were hot enough to glow red, she was a B cup again and almost down to A. I should've been burned by the heat I was feeling but I was too busy to worry about that, I was busy emptying almost half of my load into Hanna.
Hanna finished swallowing her cum from the air, her tits shrunk to AAA cups, her abs were now a 72 pack 8 wide and 12 high, she paused her motion as her tits and ass suddenly cooled giving of a hiss, she opened her mouth wide and let out a massive burp that stretched out her lips like a cartoon. I had half a load left to go and seeing Hanna transform into almost pure lean sex muscle had me harder than diamond.
H: Excuse me, now, where were we? Ah yes
Hanna resumed her motion at quadruple her previous speed turning her hips into a blur, I squeezed her ass cheeks which seemed to be almost identical to my own and came with every last drop of semen in my balls swelling her belly like she had swallowed a yoga ball. Hanna stopped in her tracks and came aswell flooding my room again in a waist deep lake of lady jizz. Both of us panting and stairing at each other I pulled myself up to kiss her and pull her down in my embrace.
We laid their on my cum stained bed in my flooded room for a few minutes but eventually we'd have to move.
M: Hmm
H: What are you thinking about
M: What to have for breakfast
H: I don't think anyone else is in the mood for your normal breakfast, even if I made it
M: I didn't say I wanted to share
H: Oh, breakfast in bed? Sure, what would you like?
M: Let me show you
I crawled down to Hanna's crotch and guided her penis down my throat
H: Oh, *moan* sure that works
She only needed a few seconds of attention to cum again, this time directly into my stomach with cum specially made to be nutritious and filling

M: We should probably get going now
H: If you think you're ready
M: Yeah, um do you mind?
H: Oh right
Hanna sucked in all the cum around the room leaving it spotless again, this time without her belly swelling up. I got dressed in simple a simple arrangement of jeans, a t-shirt and a jacket zipped up just enough to cover my nipples. Hanna returned her tits and ass to normal as her abs melted away and a flowery dress appeared on her.
Stepping out of my room I expected to find everyone waiting to start testing if I have time powers or not, but Brigette's hallway was empty, I found everyone in the lounge. With the exception of Diane who was in her pajamas with a pint of oil in her hand, everyone was fully clothed and seemed to be sitting anxiously.
M: So I take it you want to get to testing
E: Only if you're ready
M: I think I am, I assume you already have a plan for how to test?
A: Basically just you go into a pocket dimension with a timer and try to do something with the flow of time.
D: And I hold onto another timer started at the same time
M: So when I come out if it's off from the control timer you'll see the difference
I: Precisely
M: Could Hanna come with me?
O: Of course dear
M: Well might as well get right into it. Oh wait, Isabel, how's Gary?
I: He's fine, I took him home after you went to bed, what did you think of him?
M: Alright as they come. Ok Hanna if you'd get the timers ready.
Hanna created a stop watch in either hand and started both of them. She floated 1 over to Diane and put the other between our palms as we interlaced our fingers.
M: Ok, now just take us into another universe
Hanna blinked her eyes and we weren't in Brigette anymore, we were standing on the surface of a planet entirely composed of bed mattress.
M: A bed planet?
H: Did you want to spend our time another way?
M: Not at all, I could fuck you for eterity on any surface
I came in close to kiss her and started to undress again. Being impatient she grabs my clothes and rips them apart as well as hers. I push her to the ground and get on my knees to lean over her as her body morphs back into it's muscular sex form.
M: I'm still reloading you know
H: I could fix that for you
She bent her knee backwards to stroke my balls with her foot and then put her hands on my breasts
H: Or I could make these more sensitive, or any number of things
M: You might struggle with that, I've had a lot of enhancements over the years
H: So just the reload?
M: Just the reload
Hanna filled my balls with fresh sperm, the sensation gave me an erection.
M: How about you turn around so I can grab those sexy ass cheeks.
She abliged and turned around to rest on her front.
M: Hmm, seems like you didn't have much in the way of back muscles
H: I'll need some protein to help fix that
I lined up my cock and tried to wish for this moment to last forever before I thrusted into Hanna's depths.

We fucked in that dimension for hours, Hanna penetrating me, me penetrating her, giving one another hand and blow jobs, eating eachother out. She even transformed into a pair of tight shorts to eat me out while giving me a cameltoe.
After 12 and a half hours of fucking it was probably time to let this moment end and go back, Hanna restored the clothes we had on when we came in and blinked again taking us back.
D: So what do we d-. Well nevermind then
M: How long on this end?
D: 20 seconds, yours
M: Over 12 hours
Everyone had smiles of various levels but mum's was the biggest
O: Oh honey, this is amazing. Of course I would've been relieved too if you didn't have powers but the fact you could control it so well on the first attempt is stupendous news
A: Now the question is what else you can do, if anything
E: Yeah, it's possible that this is the only thing you can do
M: I guess we'll just have to see
Suddenly I saw visions of myself performing all sorts of things previously thought impossible and everyone putting their hands on my sholders, I start to fall from the shock but I'm could and levitated to a chair before I pass out.
When I come to everyone once again have concered looks.
M: Ok, I think I might have accidentally looked into the future
A: Is there something bad coming?
M: I don't think so, I think it was mostly just more powers and for some reason you all had your hands on my sholders
I: So what other powers did you see?
M: Well let me just...
I raised both my hands on top of my head and started to pull myself into 2. My head divided into 2 complete heads and the seam went down my whole body which became 2 but were both me. My clothes were ripped apart and the strap of my cock was undone, but that was quickly resolved with my 2 bodies wearing identical clothes and 1 having a crotch bulge.
D: So is this a clone or...?
My 2 bodies spoke as 1.
M: They're both me, my mind is in control of both bodies, I can be in 2 places at once or as many as I like
I continued to show off my new powers, in a pocket dimension 100 light years across I ran from 1 end and back in 5 seconds to retrieve the "fastest in existence" medal. I aged an appel to dust and then brought in back to ripe. Diane offered to let me attempt to make her omnipotent and even I wasn't sure if it would work.
M: Well... How do you feel?
D: So that's what Brigette sounds like
O: I guess it worked
D: You bet it did and I'll bet that thing with us touching your sholder is to make you omni
M: Ok you just focus on getting use to your powers for now
D: Yeah working on a poc...
And she was gone.
A: But it would make sense
E: But wait, could this possibly take away the powers she has right now?
I: That's a good point, hmm
H: Well...
O: What is it dear?
H: I was just thinking, if Melissa's powers can coexist with normal omni powers, couldn't she try and give one of us her powers?
M: Hanna I love you, you beautiful genius!
I froze time except for the 2 of us, grabbed her and started making out with her. I concentrated on reaching into her and on giving her whatever it was that let me do these incredible things. When we finished out kiss I looked deep into her eyes
M: How do you feel?
H: Like I could fuck you till the end of time and I know it's true because I can see it
M: Still got the other ones?
She put my left hand on her belly which transform into her incredible abs below her clothing
M: Nice
I unfroze time.
M: It worked
O: Ok then dear, tell us when you're ready
I closed my eyes and took a deep breath.
M: Ok, I'm ready
Everyone circled around me, even the octuplets were there stretching their arms so everyone could fit a hand on one of my sholders. Everyone except for Hanna who stood in front of me and kissed me as everyone simultaneously helped me to ascend.

Suddenly I could feel all the possibilities of the universe at my fingertips, no at my every whim. I could feel my nerves themselves and beyond them, every atom of this body and smaller. My mind was ablaze with knowledge flooding in from my senses understanding the fundamentals of reality and then from it's as I pieced together every interaction and every possibility.
With my omnipotentce and future sight I could finally see the truth, there was an omnipotence gene but it had mutated to camouflage as an innocuous gene well before it became responsible for omnipotence. The reason I had inverted powers is because mine had mutated to invert all of the instructions and Sarah had gotten here gene from mum. What causes the gene to activate remains a mystery but it can only do so if the person with it recalls at least a single moment when they felt no evil. While I can give people the omni gene and cause it to activate early they still need that moment.
B: You doing ok champ?
M: Brigette? Is that you?
B: The one and only
E: Welcome to the club
I: Omnis and house children only
O: Oh this is such a wonderful event, I should make a cake, with extra icing
M: You do that mum but first
I raised my hand and snapped my fingers as I gave everyone else my special powers.
O: Melissa dear, you spoil us
S: Mommy, when you know how to use your powers will you watch me grow up?
M: Oh, my little angel wants to be a grown up so bad
P: I think we all do auntie Mel
O: Melissa dear, would you allow me the honour of showing you the ropes?
M: Of course, anything for you mum. Just let me try a make a pocket dimension
I cleared my mind and envisioned an empty sphere with a radius of 100 lightyears, and at the centre a ball of squishy yoga mat material with a radius of 6000 km, illuminated by a star. I held mum's hand and blinked us there.
I tried to say "not bad for a first try" and realised that I had forgotten about air. I telepathically communicated with mum
M: Oops
O: It happens all the time, now I could fix it but why don't you try
With a smirk I ripped a hole in the back of my pants before letting out the biggest fart I had ever done to create an atmosphere.
My winds flew out at mach 50, swearling into hurricanes that ripped apart the surface of my planet and generating massive amounts of static electricity as lightning. Now in an atmosphere mum and I could talk again.
M: Not quite how I thought that would go
O: It's nothing to worry about, nobody got hurt after all. So you've created a squishy planet and given it an atmosphere, what's next?
M: Hmm, no clothes on my planet!
I grabbed at the neck of my shirt and attempted to rip it in half to find that I had ripped the fabric between my fingers which had turned to ash from friction.
O: That can happen, try again just a bit slower
I grabbed at the torn neck of my shirt and thought about it's structure and exactly how much force would be needed. I pulled it clean off this time in 2 clean pieces, which I then threw behind me fast enough to catch fire from air friction and disintegrate before touching the ground. I threw of my jacket and pants in a similar manner before shredding and incinerating mum's clothes.
As I pulled off her panties it became obvious that her flaccid spell this morning had ended and she was back to her normal 3 and a half feet, seeing her erection made me both happy and horny. My strapon cock was hard but I was no longer limited in how I could enhance my body. I erased my old strapon and gave myself a retractable set of cock and balls nearly identical that could disappear into a fold above my pussy. I then focused on my abs, 24 seemed like such a waist of space I could do much better. My belly twisted and contorted and my abs split and split smaller and smaller until they were each single cell of ab in my 6 billion pack.
O: I see you're getting used to your powers quickly
A drop of pre dripped from her tip
M: And I can see that you're proud of me
O: I'm always proud of you dear
M: I think we've danced around the topic enough, how do you wanna fuck?
O: It's your dimension, you make the rules
It took a moment to think of the best way to fuck my mother. I telepoted to line myself up with her dick before I slid it deep inside my pussy.
O: Going with a classic I see
M: Not exactly
I said with a second body behind her before thrusting into her pussy.
O: Oh I see where this is going
Mum and I made trillions of bodies to wrap around my planet in a continuous chain of sex. With all of our bodies in perfect synchronisation we rhythmically thrust into one another, mum's semen swelling my mand ab filled bellies to the size of dumbstrucks. My ejaculations weren't so restrained, each of my dicks unleashed enough cum to fill an Olympic swimming pool on the first thrust and I only came more and more each time. Mum soon had a black hole in each of her vaginas, which was of course no concern, she could now ignore their effects entirely now that she had control over space and time. Our global fuck fest continued as I created more bodies to suck on all of mum's nipples, she returned the favour with bodies of her own and disembodied heads sucking the dicks and eating the pussies of my nipples sucking bodies. So we continued to create extensions of our selves stimulating the erogenous zones of our existing bodies and the black holes inside of mum continued to grow reaching the same mass as super massive black holes at the centre of galaxies.

M: That was a rush, how did I compare to your count
O: You doubled it dear
M: We should probably head back shouldn't we?
O: Might be a good idea
I receated the shirt, jacket and jeans I wore when I came it and blinked home.
S: Mommy is home!
Then mum returned aswell
S: Big mommy too! Now we can all grow up together
M: I'm so glad you waited for us
Petrisha, Sarah, Nancy, Vanessa and the octuplets were all in the lounge waiting for us to get back so they could accelerate their own time scale relative to everything else.
We all circled around the kids as they all held hands.
V: You ready grandma?
B: As I'll ever be
P: 3
S: 2
N: 1
V: Here we go
For 1 minute any nompotent looking in the house would've seen it empty save for the blur of motion every few seconds but in that time the kids all went through home-schooling and over a decades worth of experiences as we move at superluminal speeds to guide them through life until they were all effectively years old due to their slightly different levels of acceleration.
O: Oh they grow up so fast
All: Really?
O: Sorry sorry I couldn't help myself. Now I would offer you the chance to be parents now but my womb is occupied and I'm a 1 womb woman.
7: I'm fine just getting to tap that
2: I concur
3: I mean, mum you look beautiful but I don't think sex is for me
1: Why not accelerate to labour?
5: Yeah let's see our younger siblings
O: Oh alright, but I may have to revise that 18th birthday gift idea
So mum accelerated her pregnancy right into labour and gave birth to 8 more sisters: 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15 and 16
4: I there any reason not to give them omnipotence right now? I mean we couldn't even think of anything to do that could cause destruction until we had thought through the macroscopic ramifications of quantum mechanics
H: I guess you do have a point, Olivia, I think if we're all in agreement, you should do the honours
Soon Brigette was filled with 27 omnis who were all 18 or older and had all fucked mum.
O: I think it's finally time for that cake
The table needed to be made much bigger but obviously not a problem in the slightest for this family
O: Alright big cake and no blindfolds
11: Honestly I don't see why were still even wearing clothes
She was then suddenly stark naked and her saggy FF cup breasts flopped onto the table
14: Well I would say there's no reason but I suppose we shouldn't have to if we don't want to
O: Look at my children, so aware of present company
Mum's clothes vanished as she began making the cake. The first layer was very large, she had to stretch her but much wider than normal, it caused her to moan excessively and even cum on the wall
B: Olivia you shouldn't have
The chocolate disk landed on a massive plate which appeared at the centre of the table, it was followed by 4 disks of decreasing size which floated above the first.
O: Now we need a lot of icing
She turned back around and became stroking her penis which seemed a bit bigger than normal. Her cum was viscous and surgery chocolate icing that covered the layers of the cake in a thick coating of itself. Next she squeezed her nipples as white ribbons of icing came out and decorated the cake. Then mum grew 27 hairs on her normally hairless crotch to pluk them out at throw at the cake where the floated in the air untilĀ  hot white molten wax dribbled from her faginal lips which floated through the air, congealing on the hairs to make candles which then sank into the cake. As a final touch mum purched her lips and breathed a line of fire that snaked through the air and around the cake lighting all of the candles.
That cake was probably the most delicious thing mum had ever made besides her dick.
M: Mum I have to ask, did you get bigger?
E: I was wondering the same thing
O: Oh well maybe just half an inch
6: Was there a reason?
O: I don't know, I guess just having a big family I felt like I should have a bigger dick
10: You can have a bigger dick, no need to be shy about it
Her dick started twitching
O: Oh you're all so wonderful to me, all this positivity is getting me so, oh oh...
Her dick started growing in spurts, 3 feet 7 inches, 7.5, 8.5, 10 and then 4 feet of sexy mommy meat.
O: Ooh yes
All: Dibs!
O: Now now there's no need to fight
Mum made 26 more bodies and telepoted behind each of us
O: There's plenty of me to go around
8: Could we still have an orgy?
O: That is an excellent idea dear

I woke up the next morning in my room like usual but unlike usual I had my dick shoved down Christine's tail pipe and my mouth around Hanna's dick/airvalve as she was currently morphed into one of Christine's tyres.
That morning we all agreed we should share the new powers I had unlocked with all of the other omnis. Most couldn't believe it when they heard the psychic message but when 2 of each of our bodies telepoted in front of them little else could explain what they were seeing.
Then all the nompotent family members of omnis were offered the chance to ascend which was graciously accepted by almost all. Next all nompotents would be offered the same opportunity which is when a secret organisation of powerful business owners made their move. They knew they wouldn't get powers even if we tried to give some, so they poored resources into finding a way to take our from us, even creating genuine looking attempts to replicate our powers to give the illusion that nobody was remotely close.
Their smart beam circumnavigated the world and hit mum completely unaware, stripped of her powers she couldn't move as she had long since shrunken her muscles to a non-functional degree and relied on her omni strength to move. We all left bodies with mum telekinetically moving the blood through her body as her tiny heart wouldn't be able to do it alone and our other bodies traced the curving beam of light to it's origin, a bunker hidden right under wall street. All 26 of us and every other omni in the world pulled their bunker to the surface and ripped it open.
Nompotents rushed in to see what all of the commotion was as we saw inside a group of people fighting over a viel of pink lightning next to a complex machine which was likely the weapon.
Business man 1: I made the vial it's mine
Business man 2: It would still be empty if I hadn't made the mothod to capture their powers
Business woman 1: Niether of you bastards would even have the chance to take those powers if I hadn't made a way to separate the powers from one of them
Business woman 2: Bitch your fancy laser would've never worked if you had to use satellites. I should get it for making the light bending technology
Business man 3: None of you would've gotten this far if I hadn't pointed out that the peasants would have snitched on us if we didn't make them seem like a threat to their way of life
The vile suddenly disappeared.
A: This doesn't belong to you
Thank goodness Aaron had taken it. Suddenly the vile exploded in his hand, clearly some anti-omni countermeasure.
E: Really that's why you did it?
Business people: huh?
E: You put as many barriers in our way at every turn as we tried to make everyone's lives, even yours, better. Do do ass little as I can as an example, by creating things who's greatest joy in life is to serve I try to say that it's ok to let other people take care of you if they want to. We could've had the poorest members of society living like royalty by now if you hadn't wanted to be tyrants.
Business man 2: So? What are you gonna do? We run the world?
Business woman 1: You kill us and our people will drag every last one of your names through so much shit you'll never be able to show your faces on the planet again
16: Your people? You mean the ones who just heard you admit that you've denied them a perfect world for decades?
The other nompotents that had crowded around were all very angry with the business people.
Business man 1: Stay out of this or your all fired!
?: I quit!
Business man 1: What!?
They all started proclaiming their resignation and charged into the bunker.

Back around mum we were all very worried, we had hoped that we could get her powers back with the vial since we didn't know if an omni gene could still work if it's powers had been stolen artificially.
We all put our hands on mum and hoped beyond hope that we could restore her stolen powers.
A light glowed from within her and her blood started flowing on it's own, she started moving her limbs and pants disappeared as her cock became errect and launched a stream of cum into the sky.

Within a few days everyone on earth was omni thanks to some time accelerated physical and mental rehabilitation for the business people, soon after that everyone was a fully grown adult and the sexual tension in the air was as dense as lead.

I'm still the black sheep of the family but now because of my muscles more than anything else.


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