Chaos Eternal


This is a commission for Giza White Mage (DeviantArt)

Warning: This story contains apotheosis, vore (soft), growth, macro, mega macro, giga macro, tera macro, etc., breast expansion, muscle growth and severe (yet sexy) destruction.

Stormy the wolf belongs to her player.


Chaos Eternal, by DragonMasterX.

“Is it a proper fit, S-04?”

Stormy couldn’t say she enjoyed designations; they reminded her of soulless job positions with equally soulless coworkers. The wolfess looked away from the scientist stepping away from her and glanced over her body, lifting her arms to get a better view of herself.

“Mirror over there, S-04.” Stormy was reminded of the body-sized mirror on the corner of the white room opposite to where she was. Taking a few steps, she felt discomfort as the snug outfit hugging her rump wedged in. She pulled on the neoprene fabric and was surprised with how adaptive it was.  After a light adjustment, she continued over to the mirror. As she checked herself out, Stormy reviewed last month’s events.

Synchemic was a relatively new, up and coming pharmaceutical giant whose influence had grown over the last three years. One of its main laboratories, located in the city of Newbol, had recently started an experimental program to test out the effects of a nutritional supplement. Stormy had seen their advertisement while surfing the web three weeks ago, and was surprised when she actually got a reply on her inquiry about joining the program.

Two weeks ago and after preliminary tests and medical checkups which determined her eligibility for the program, Stormy was allowed to further ask about the “strength booster drug” she had heard about. Immediately she was corrected and told the supplement was an enriched vitamin cocktail mixed with new protein chains designed for more efficient nutrient distribution. After the first few minutes of feeling her head spin from the explanation she had decided she wanted to try it out. The pay was good and she certainly was looking forwards to feeling more energetic and stronger.

Bringing her arms up once again, Stormy shyly curled at the elbow, attempting to flex. Halfway through she was reminded of the Synchemic scientist nearby and instead brought her hands to her shoulders, blushing. She didn’t want to embarrass herself since she had nothing to show off. For a wolfess, Stormy had never been quite as tall or as endowed as her peers, always stuck with a lithe build that was androgynous at best.

The neoprene suit was a tight fit, but also elastic. Its primary black color was highlighted with thick blue vertical stripes over the thighs, forearms, chest and back. The sleeves went up to the wrists and the legs stopped just above the ankles, like a diver’s suit. Bending her knees and crouching as if she was testing out a new pair of jeans, Stormy let out a sigh and offered a thumbs up at her handler. “It’s a proper fit. Uhh, sorry, am I going diving or something…? I still don’t see why I have to wear…”

“The N2 series monitoring suit incorporates some of Synchemic partner company’s state-of-the-art nanotechnology for immediate hypodermic scanning. Between nerve ending impulse readings and collecting circulatory system information, the suit will give us real time data on your biological changes as we stress test the potency of the S1N serum.”

Between the monotonous tone of the bespectacled hyena and his clear disinterest for simplifying explanations, Stormy decided to sum it all up to a “diving-suit-shaped-workout-smart-band”, in her mind. And in her mind that thought remained, as she didn’t want to get another long-winded correction.

“In any case, you seem fine with the suit, S-04. I’m afraid we’re running late, so let’s go to the testing area now. This is your first day, so follow me. I’ll accompany you.”

“Lucky me…” Stormy muttered under her breath while nervously smiling. The hyena stood by the exit to the white room, the door sliding into the wall to the right. She followed him out, her tail anxiously swishing behind her. “Can’t believe I’m actually here. I’ve never done anything like this before… Never thought I’d work as a guinea pig!” her mind raced as her eyes wandered to the broad hallways packed with people in white lab coats and hazard suits. Some of the casually dressed ones struck Stormy out as fellow test subjects, not all of them guided by scientists like she was. The wolfess wondered if they were also employees. “Are those all part of the program?” she asked her handler.

The hyena shook his head without turning around. He hastened his pace, forcing Stormy to put pep in her step to be able to keep up. “Synchemic has several parallel programs, S-04…”

“Um, my name’s Stormy?” the wolfess was frowning as she spoke up, but her voice cracked as she became agitated with the faster pace. She was forced to clear her throat to continue: “C-could I ask your name? I just don’t…”

The scientist stopped at an intersection, making Stormy end her sentence abruptly as she skidded to a halt in an attempt to avoid crashing into him. He seemed to ignore Stormy completely as he looked over his chart and checked something on his phone. “Names are irrelevant, as are unnecessary pleasantries,” he continued, turning at the corner without waiting for the wolfess. “S-04, proceed down this corridor and enter the second room to your right. I must attend to something else. I trust you can follow those directions?”

Huffing, the humiliated Stormy imagined herself punching the glasses off that stuffy hyena. Knowing her bank account would never forgive her for acting upon that fantasy however, she forced her biggest smile and offered her handler a quick nod.

“Then this is where we part ways. Again, because this is your first day,” he turned to Stormy, giving her one last look, “Listen to what the research team and their assistants tell you. You’re here to follow instructions. Behave yourself and it’ll all go well.”

“And where’s the Personality kill switch at?” Stormy wanted to ask, but she just grinned at the hyena instead, once again nodding. Even though she was now left alone in a place she could categorize as a labyrinth, she felt glad that guy had gone. She turned to the corridor, gulping. “Down the corridor… second room to the… right,” she repeated, “Right.”


As Stormy opened the door to the laboratory, she was blinded by light. Her face scrunched a little in response to her eyes clenching shut from the irritability. Once her vision became adjusted, she lowered the hand she had put in front of her and looked at the familiarly white room in front of her.

The first thing she noticed about this new white room as how enormous it was. The surfaces were uniform and would normally give the impression it was all empty space, but with fixtures like mirrors and in this room’s case workout equipment of various levels, Stormy could tell this was some sort of gymnasium.

After that first impression, she immediately took notice of little over a dozen people scattered about the facility. There were several scientists in lab coats like the hyena from earlier and others wearing the same style of neoprene suit Stormy was dressed in. Other applicants, she thought. “S-04 has to mean I’m the fourth participant? If this is my first day, that doesn’t mean there are many participants,” she surmised, finally closing the door behind her.

As she waited quietly at the entrance, Stormy glanced about, looking at the other participants. There was a well-endowed tigress with an athletic build running on a treadmill with two scientists taking notes while observing her. The second participant she saw was tall husky with really long limbs that made him look even taller than he was. He seemed lanky yet sturdy, and Stormy wanted to say he was a basketball player because of his height and build; but he looked sickly and tired. The three scientists around him were having him curl dumbbells.

Stormy saw another tiger; this one male, playing what seemed to be a featureless, bland version of whack-a-mole. He had no outstanding features himself, but the scientists seemed very interested in his ever-increasing high-score. She briefly entertained the idea of playing games, herself, and grinned a little. “Maybe this isn’t all serious stuff! That looks fun… oh God.”

When Stormy moved to the fourth participant, her heart skipped a beat. She hadn’t measured them properly because they had been lying down on a bench pushing a barbell up and down. She hadn’t even been able to see their face because of the sheer thickness of the weight plates hanging from that barbell. Most of the scientists were gathered around the final participant, who when standing up towered over even the sickly husky. “She-she’s huge…” the wolfess felt her throat twisting into a knot as the large reptile stomped off towards a counter to seize a water bottle. From what Stormy could tell, she was an iguana but she had never seen an 8ft. tall iguana before in her life! She was humongous and muscle-bound. Her breasts were so huge they made the tigress’ bouncing jugs look tiny in comparison; the neoprene tightness only made them stick out more prominently. Suddenly, Stormy felt entirely inadequate and equally intimidated. The iguana gal looked like she was rough around the edges, and the scientists seemed to follow her around like feral dogs on a leash rather than the other way around.

“Is this the result of the supplement…?” Stormy thought. There were some impressive people in this lab. The wolfess started to wonder if she should just leave. For the five minutes she had been standing at the entrance after closing the door, nobody seemed to have noticed her existence. Part of the reason she was there was to bulk up and become more noticeable. Lethargy and lack of strength aside, her small size and unremarkable appearance made Stormy feel unworthy of attention and she wanted to change that. She wondered if she could get as big as that sexy, Herculean iguana lady. She had to give herself a chance!

“What are you looking at, you runt?” a husky, unexpectedly deep voice made Stormy reach for the door knob behind her on reflex. The amazon was looking right at her.

“S-so much for being invisible…” Stormy couldn’t stop her legs from shaking. She could see several scientists turning to look at her finally. Even the tigress had given her a sideway glance from the treadmill. “Ahh- no, I… uh… You see, I couldn’t help but notice how uhh…”

“I’m crushing these tests, yeah,” the iguana grinned, flexing an arm to expose more meat in her spherical bicep than Stormy thought she knew could be present. “You new? Don’t look like much to me. They just picking anyone off the street now?” she turned to one of the scientists as if demanding an answer.

“Ah, S-03, please do not antagonize other participants. Your next test is ready. If you would…”

“I would,” the muscular woman shrugged her huge shoulders, sighing, “But be sure to keep the runt away from me. Y’know what happened to Slick over there when I got bored of spotting him last week.”

The dejected Stormy looked between the iguana and the husky she was pointing at. She was speechless in grand part because she wanted to avoid saying anything that could upset that behemoth of a woman; Stormy wasn’t looking forwards to get back home in little pieces.

“S-04, I was told of your arrival,” a donkey with three pens on his coat pocket snapped Stormy back to reality. However, she could still hear the loud stomp of S-03’s hefty footfalls as she moved over to the pulleys. “I will be in charge of administering your dose of the supplement. Please have a seat.”

“O-oh hi…” the rattled Stormy suddenly couldn’t keep up with everything that was going on. She caught herself too late greeting her new handler, and what truly centered her thoughts after seeing that arrogant beefcake just throw her weight around was the sight of a big, square-shaped gun in the scientist’s hand. “Whu-what is…?”

The donkey smiled, “This device functions like a quick-administration plunger. Your dose is here,” he put a finger to the injector’s outstanding lite-blue gauge, which sloshed as the scientist gave it a little shake. “The injection will happen on your neck. It will be painless for the most part. You do not need to sit down, but I can have a chair arranged over here if you require it.”

“Ahh, th-thanks!” Stormy was shaking at the idea of that futuristic syringe stabbing at her neck. She hadn’t been told it was going in the neck. She suddenly felt nauseous and anxious. “C’mon, quit stammering and shaking! It’s a one time thing isn’t it?” she thought, biting her lips.

“Are you ready for administration, S-04?” the donkey asked for confirmation. At the very least, he seemed a lot more affable than the hyena. She still didn’t like the fact they weren’t using their names.

Closing her eyes and tensing up, Stormy rapidly nodded. She clutched her fingers and balled her hands into fists, expecting the pain of her life.


“Huh?” Stormy opened one eye and confusedly stared at the scientist, who was putting away the plunger on a tray already. The gauge on it was transparent; empty. “Is it…?”

“Yes. It was over in a flash, correct?” the handler offered a smile, “This model is blinding fast with injection, and applies analgesic gel over the puncture right after; further numbing any pain. Rest assured: S1N is now coursing through your system. Now,” the donkey, gestured to the side, “Please have a snack, grab a water bottle, and let’s get going. We are behind schedule and we’d like to begin with tests already.”

The food wasn’t especially great, but Stormy felt a lot perkier with a fuller stomach. She was marveled at how the injection hadn’t hurt at all, but now it was truly all business. With water bottle on hand, she was brought over to the treadmills the tigress was stepping down from at that time.

“Don’t listen to the meathead,” the tigress growled without looking at a confused Stormy, “Thinks she’s better than everybody ‘cause her body reacted to her first dose stronger and faster than all of us.”

“R-right…” Stormy nodded, but wasn’t sure what to say. The tigress clearly looked irritable and short-spoken. As she walked away, Stormy started to wonder if she should even be trying to make friends with her fellow participants. They were all either quiet or in a foul mood.

For the next two hours, the wolfess was put through more physical exertion than she had throughout her years in high-school P.E. From cardio to aerobics, to strength and endurance training, to reflexes and coordination; the donkey instructed his assistants to take notes on everything Stormy did and failed to do.

After the serum dosage, Stormy had been expecting a burst of energy or something similar. Perhaps a need to exercise after eating that bland, nutrient packed food they had her snack on. But all in all, the wolfess only ended more exhausted than she had been feeling with the relentless routines.

“This is crazy… I can’t…” she panted, failing to do her third push-up over and over. She was drenched in sweat, unable to even properly voice her complaints. The sound of PDAs being tapped onto and notes being taken near her was starting to get on her nerves. Her ears burned whenever she heard the aides mutter any variation of: “Unsuccessful, inadequate, debilitated” and so forth.

Collapsing on her mat, the exhausted Stormy looked out between an aide and the donkey handler. There was somebody new in the distance and they were dressed in that neoprene suit. A new participant she had not seen come in thanks to the relentless exercising. She shakily put her palms down, using what little strength she had left to push herself back up in one last attempt as she checked the other test subject out.

They couldn’t have been any taller than her. It was a guy, some sort of avian. Their red plumage stuck out thanks to the clashing black and blue from the neoprene suit. A cardinal, perhaps. Stormy could see him finishing a quick bite and drink while his handler put away their injector; he’d received his shot already. And then, as soon as the cardinal had finished his last drop, something happened that made Stormy’s eyes widen and her arm strength fail.

The bird bulked up. His suit tightened around his swelling muscles and even though Stormy couldn’t see his front, she could easily see how his deltoids and laterals went from being hidden under his plumage to pressing out against the fabric of his suit. His bulk became taut and notable over the course of a few seconds, and by the time a minute went by that newcomer had practically gone from a lithe little bird to a toned hunk. His handler seemed pleased. Stormy heard him being referred to as “S-05”.

With her chin on the mat, a dejected Stormy couldn’t help but glare in the direction of that buff bird. “How come he got bigger and I didn’t?!” she mentally cussed herself out for a moment, mad at her own body. Then she thought: “Did I really get injected? Did I get a… a placebo?! Are they making fun out of me? Am I the… joke participant?”

As anxiety grew in the wolfess’ heart, anger began to take dominance in her mind. She needed to voice her frustration out or else she was about to explode. But before she could, the donkey’s gentle words hit her: “Pay no mind to S-05, S-04. S-00 and S-01 took a week to manifest significant S1N effects after two dosages. S-02 still hasn’t. And as S-01 told you…” he paused with a smirk, looking out towards the tigress drinking from her water bottle before he directed his attention back to Stormy. “S-03, just like S-05 over there, are early bloomers.”

The wolfess, now calmed down, still huffed. “Why did you have me work out like that then?”

“Your suit is feeding us a great deal of physiological information we will no doubt use in the next trials,” the handler replied. “It appears though that you’re at your limit. Perhaps we’re better off letting you go back home early, for today. It is your first day, after all…”

With wounded pride and feeling swelling envy in her heart at watching that newcomer cardinal just killing it at his own workouts, Stormy was about to tell her handler to give her even more intense tests. She had already lost the attentions of the aides to the cardinal, and she felt like she was just taking space in the lab. However, her extremities made out of jello disagreed. “Thu-thanks…” she stammered. The donkey offered her a quiet smile and nod. He was being polite, but the disappointment in his cold gaze was disheartening to the wolfess. “I just came here to get made fun out of…” she bit her lips as impotence gripped her. Her handler had already turned around and gotten into a call before she could ask for a helping hand, so she had to struggle getting back up to her feet.

“Be sure to rest well,” he paused his call to tell Stormy, who was already limping towards the exit. Her ears flattened against her skull, so she didn’t properly hear him say anything else. Something about eating food? Why wouldn’t she eat food? She didn’t bother to ask for clarification.

It took Stormy some asking directions, but she eventually found her way around the Synchemic labyrinth. One of the scientists led her the lockers she had been asked to leave her clothes at before she was taken to get dressed in the neoprene suit, which she had to return.

Soon, she was outside of Synchemic.


The trip back home felt as defeating as the whole lab experience. Every step upstairs was murder on her back. Stormy barely mustered enough willpower to take a shower and then collapse in her couch. Once her body began to relax though, her stomach started growling. “Darn…” she clenched her eyes shut. She’d forgotten to fix herself up with a snack. She had no energy left. On the other hand, the phone in her pocket did. “I worked out for an entire month today. I deserve some comfort food!” With the decision made, Stormy treated herself to a nice pizza that night.

Food delivery was a fierce competition in Newbol city, with many options to choose from, but Stormy had found the pizzeria with fastest delivery and great products. It was a little costlier than the other places she knew, but she was treating herself. The extra was worth a fast meal; she just wanted to eat and lie in her bed.

Eight slices of double-cheese meat lovers disappeared in a flash. Stormy surprised herself with her appetite, and was soon walking around the house with a peppy step and a happy belly. Her mood had improved significantly. “Happy calories…” she joked, patting her stomach and giggling nervously. She’d seen so many six-packs that day. She just hoped she wouldn’t wake up all swollen from all the pizza she’d eaten.

The day’s events had been taxing to say the least and a bed-ridden Stormy briefly entertained the idea of ruminating about whether or not to go back to that laboratory. Everyone had been either indifferent or cold with her there, and then there was the fact so far she was an uninteresting participant so far. Her sore muscles weren’t helping her shattered resolve either. “Go away, bad thoughts…” Stormy shooed the negativity with light meditation. She couldn’t keep it up for long, however, as her consciousness began to fade. Before she knew it, she was deeply slumbering.

It wasn’t until noon the next day that Stormy woke up. “Oh no. Why didn’t I hear my alarm?!” Panicking she sat up and reached for her night table, pawing around for her phone. She quickly tapped on it to look at the time and her heart skipped a beat, “…it’s Saturday…” she sighed and let herself collapse back into the bed, but hit the back of her head on the headrest on the way down. “Oww! Sonuva…!”

She rubbed the bump on her head, carefully sitting up this time. Stormy felt the covers falling off her body as her left foot kicked them off. Something felt odd. Her position on the mattress and the blow against the back of her head indicated she’d been scooted up the bed but her feet were actually still close to the edge of the bed. Hopping off, Stormy wobbled to her feet until she could firmly plant them down on the floor. She held her head as her sense of balance returned. “What’s going on? I felt a little light-headed there, but I’m fine now…? Ugh, must’ve been the pizza...”

Thinking she was just fighting drowsiness, Stormy thought the best would be to splash her face with cold water. However, she was left with her jaw hanging as she came across her own reflection when she stepped inside the bathroom.

Tightness. Her pajamas were tight around her. Her body looked taut, toned and certainly more muscular than she recalled. “It worked…?” the wolfess thought, shyly bringing her right arm up in a curl as she used her left claw to feel around her bicep. It pushed back against her fingers in a swell, making the lupine’s heart dance with joy. “It worked. Oh my God it did…!” she grinned.

Immediately, Stormy threw her clothes off and started posing in front of the mirror. She struck every position she could remember from those magazines she liked to read, checking herself out. “I didn’t have to wait a week like that dude said. Awesome! Just look at me! I’m… I’m not as big as that other guy got but still!” Even comparing herself to the other participants couldn’t bring her bursting ego down. Stormy felt renewed and refreshed, as if all was suddenly right in the universe.

She even found out she’d grown taller, and got a measuring tape to verify that she had, indeed, grown to six foot two from just over five foot six. No wonder she’d hit her head on the headrest earlier! Elated, Stormy hurried to check her phone for the next test day at Synchemic. It was soon; Tuesday of next week. She was going back there. “If I got this big after one dose…” she bit her lips, giddy with anticipation. But for now, she had time to kill.

Moving things around the apartment was the first thing Stormy tried out to occupy her time with her newfound strength. She wasn’t hugely developed as she would’ve liked, but she could certainly feel the difference in how she could get chairs up the tables with just one arm now. She hardly felt tired even after sweeping the entire apartment clean. Her stamina had also improved!

Everything seemed more convenient to Stormy now, except for clothing which had become an issue. Her usual wardrobe was a bit too tight of a fit. However, she recalled she’d kept aside an outfit a size too large she’d received through a Secret Santa a long time ago. With her extra half foot of height, the once loose shirt and shorts had become a perfect fit. “I guess this’ll do until I go buy some new clothes. Can’t show up to the office two mornings in a row, hehe!”

Strutting about town with confidence, Stormy felt like a completely new person. Just knowing she’d completely cleaned out her apartment in only a fraction of the time she used to and set everything back in place without breaking a sweat filled her chest with pride. As she looked at the merchandise of her favorite clothes’ shop and glanced back to her bumpy bosom though, she concluded: “My chest’s filled with something else now.” She was grinning ear to ear, hands rested on her hips as she happily began to realize her breasts had filled out in a similar way as the rest of her body had. It wasn’t especially eye-catching, but for a girl who’d been flat as a board for most of her life, Stormy was ready to graduate to a high-end B-cup!

With all purchases quickly taken care of and her schedule for  Monday and Tuesday mornings set, Stormy decided to take the rest of Saturday and Sunday off. However, she wasted no opportunities to test out her newfound strength. From rearranging the furniture to packing her old clothes and stashing them away, she kept herself busy for hours. And all the while she thought about the faces of the Synchemic scientists and the other trial participants were going to make when they saw her. She couldn’t wait.

Tuesday arrived faster than Stormy expected. Her formal office clothes did cover up most of her newly acquired bulk, so she didn’t get as much attention as she’d hoped. However, she’d caught more than one pair of eyes being drawn to her curiously lifted up bust, which had served to feed her once damaged self-confidence. “I’ll get there…” she told herself as her eyes bounced from wall clock to her phone, and to the clock on her workstation. The next Synchemic trial was almost here and unlike at the end of her very first day as a test subject, she was much more eager for more.


“Is it a proper fit, S-04?”

Stormy couldn’t believe it. It was the same white room and she was wearing the same special neoprene suit. She hadn’t gotten the hyena or the donkey handlers again; they seemed to rotate the employees out. Disappointment was all she could feel when her new handler was barely even reacting to her. The ring-tailed lemur didn’t at all seem impressed with her new muscle tonality even though she had tried talking her ears off about how great she felt and how each and every physical task was much easier to handle.

“…well?” the lemur tapped on her paper holder, lifting her eyes off its pages to glance over the despondent Stormy.

“Y-yeah.” The wolfess gave herself one last look in the mirror. Upon retrospect, she had to admit her most notable change had been the increase to her height. She had enjoyed the brief and amusing moments of shock she’d gotten out of her co-workers on the previous day, but this lemur gal didn’t know her. With how big Synchemic labs were, Stormy figured this was the first time they’d seen each other.

“Excellent. Today is your second appointment, correct? You’re cleared for a second shot. Maintenance. Do strive to produce better results this time around.” Stormy winced to the jab, wondering if the lemur was actually trying to be encouraging. After a little pause, the scientist added: “Do you need me to show you the way, S-04?”

“N-no, I can get there by myself. I think…” Stormy muttered the last part. “Great. Where’d all that confidence go? I’m bigger, stronger! Why do I feel even more pathetic than before?” she thought, tightening her grip until she was all tense. The suit clung to her swelling bulk, her biceps becoming exposed against the sleeves while her thighs made the leggings stretch. But she calmed down in the end, relaxing and distending her muscles. She didn’t need to get so upset.

“Maintenance…” she repeated in her head as she made her way down the corridors on her own, “Does this mean this is as big as I get?” Looking over her open palms in contemplation, Stormy briefly thought if the shot was going to allow her to remain this way instead of helping her get as big as S-03, the iguana girl. S-01, the tigress, had told her she’d reacted immediately like the bird boy last week had; but she’d gotten a huge boost.

As she stood before the familiar lab entrance, Stormy decided to steel herself. She was about to meet everyone in the testing lab again after all. She had to make a much better impression this time around.

Of course, the nature of the project had left the scientists in charge sufficiently exposed to make Stormy’s overnight transformation appear meaningless. Her preliminary report lifted by the lemur handler had reached the team already; they knew to expect a 6 inches taller, slightly more muscular S-04 and that’s all they needed to know. She huffed. S-03 was already sneering at her from the other side of the lab as she flexed her thick, burly arm after getting her maintenance shot. She barely got a hello from the others. S-01 was pretty yet grumpy as always; heading straight for the treadmill after her own shot. Even S-05, the red cardinal, appeared much smugger than Stormy recalled. All that muscle appeared to have gone to his head.

“S-04, glad you could join us. On time, this occasion,” a familiar voice made Stormy’s ears perk up. She had to slightly inch herself forwards to see the donkey from last week standing in front of her. It surprised her because last week she was very much having eye to eyes with the guy. Although his height made him a lot less intimidating now, his presence continued to impose on the wolfess.

“Yeah,” Stormy was done stuttering. She didn’t want to show weakness now that everyone knew she was there. This was going miles better than last week; at the very least she had been able to exchange greetings instead of being passed by as some wall flower. “I’m ready for more.”

“Excellent. I have your dose right here. As you might’ve heard, S1N is an experimental supplement meant to be incorporated to a person’s system via regular doses,” he explained while uncapping the injector, giving it a once over as if making extra sure the device was up to standards. A thorough man, Stormy thought. He continued: “From now on, you will receive what we in the program denominate maintenance. As your body harmonizes with or resists the supplement, it will eventually stop needing this upkeep.”

“Wait, what do you mean ‘resist’?”

“Like most foreign matter introduced into our bodies, natural immunity attempts to drive it out; eliminate it. S1N is no different, S-04,” the donkey explained. “What we are trying to ascertain with this experiment is just how tolerance to the serum builds up in each participant.”

“So… is it possible this shot won’t do anything for me?” the wolfess asked as the donkey approached her with injector prepped in hand. The scientist cocked an eyebrow.

“S1N already is in your system. It already has done its job. Your body simply needs this maintenance injection to ensure it does not collapse under your already altered biology.”

“That’s… not exactly reassuring…” Stormy was already losing track of the technical terms. “So this is it?” she huffed again, glancing away at the beefy iguana showing up the other participants with her incredible strength. She wanted more.

The second dose was injected with Stormy hardly noticing it, again. By the time she looked back down, the donkey was already polishing his injector and setting it aside on a tray with several others. “That’s a good girl. Now, please go and have a snack. I’ll have my aides supervise your training in a moment. We must continue to collect data, like the precious amount S-03 is generating on her own! If you’ll excuse me…”

After the handler left Stormy alone, she felt her toes curling against the white tiled floor. Jealousy took hold of her. She was still being passed over even though she’d grown larger. They were hardly giving her the time of day even though she had reacted faster than normal! She felt insulted. “Stupid serum. Stupid body not reacting to it like it should be…” she glared down at the tray where her empty injector was. She was about to let loose with her arm but stopped once she noticed a sealed plastic bag by the tray with used injectors. A pristine, loaded plunger was sitting there. “Why is there one more? Did somebody not get a shot?” she asked herself.

Stormy looked around once again. Tiger, tigress, iguana bitch, cocky bird… “The husky. Was he… S-02? Ugh, I’m thinking like them now…” she silently retched in disgust. “He actually didn’t come today. Wonder if he quit…” Thinking back to the science lesson, the wolfess considered about what would happen if she got a double dose. “Body’s trying to get used to it. But if it gets too used to it, I won’t need more injections. However, if I get resistant… ugh, this is making my head hurt!” Stormy could see the handle, the trigger and the cap on the device. “How hard can it be to use?” she asked herself, letting her eyes wander around the room once more. Everybody was so busy they weren’t paying attention to her.

“Double the dose…” she began to do the maths. She didn’t need to think about strange, weird and complicated things. It was simple math. She had gotten those sweet girl-abs from a single dose. She didn’t want to settle with a useless maintenance shot or upkeep or whatever they wanted to call it. Carefully, she unwrapped the injector and took it firmly in her grasp. The grip felt comfortable and she could feel the trigger. The cap over the syringe wasn’t difficult to remove, getting screwed off in an instant. Pressing the head of the device to her neck where she’d been injected before, Stormy licked her lips in anticipation and pulled the trigger. This time, she felt a little prick on her fluffy skin. The liquid in the injector emptied out in a second. With the automatic analgesic applied, Stormy didn’t even hiss as she removed the plunger from her neck. She set the object aside before anyone else saw.

Before Stormy could go to the snack bar for that horribly tasteless food however, she stopped. Her feet skidded along the floor, her fingers starting to twitch as her whole body seized up. “Was that…” she began to think back about what she had done in a moment of anger and haste. She could feel her heart beating faster. Her mind raced with fearful thoughts. “…a good idea…?”

Having lost control of her body, Stormy had to summon an incredible amount of willpower to even be able to crane her neck and bow her head down. She looked at her upwards, standing, yet very much paralyzed body. She couldn’t even breathe properly. “What did I do? What is this going to…?” her anxiety spiked and her breathing became even more labored. Her nostrils flared and her teeth clicked together, unable to keep up drawing in the amount of air her lungs were demanding of her. “I feel so weird! I can hear my own heartbeat; it’s crystal clear. I’m on edge and yet… I feel surprisingly calm! It’s… it’s so warm… So warm inside. So warm it’s… it’s actually hot. I’m burning up! Have to reach the counter, get water, maybe it’ll…”

One step was all Stormy managed as she attempted to pull all of her weight forwards with the strength of her own will. She was fighting to regain control of her unresponsive body. “This has to be that second dosage’s doing. What was I thinking…?” Her mind focused on what she had actually been thinking. Stormy had been thinking about how jealous she was of all the attention that amazon was getting. She had been thinking about how she couldn’t get that attention. She had been thinking about how much she wanted to be even stronger, even bigger. That was all she had been fantasizing about until now!

And as if by miracle, the more she thought about it, the easier it became to move her body. As feeling returned to her limbs, an odd tingling spread from each joint to the rest of her. Stormy could feel her sluggish movements getting better and better as if she was getting a strange burst of energy. And when she finally could easily feel the muscles in her face, she began to turn her head to look at her swelling arms. Stormy wasn’t even trying to flex; her biceps were starting to push out against her neoprene sleeves on their own.

“Sir!” Stormy heard one of the aides shouting. His PDA was beeping in alert. “S-04 is suddenly reporting a massive spike in cardiovascular activity, and these synaptic readings are…”

“Quiet.” The donkey handler was coming back. Stormy saw him approach her with an arm over his chest, cradling the other’s elbow as he scratched his chin in deep-thought. “I can see it with my own eyes.”

For once, all eyes in the lab were on Stormy. When she felt confident enough to use her legs again, she stomped down to reassert her balance. She could feel the tiled floor protest under her soles as her weight began to increase with her muscle size. Her calves bulked up, making the end of her leggings ride above her ankles. Increasingly defined muscle popped over her thickening quads, also supplying her rump with additional, sturdy padding. At her waist, Stormy’s notably marked abs became even more solid as they settled with additional mass to finish a proper six-pack. Her breasts pushed out prominently as they developed with more flesh at the same time as the pectoral muscles below them. Her biceps and triceps didn’t need to be flexed anymore for them to be noticeable now. Stormy’s deltoids went down the same route, widening her shoulders as muscle grew along her once slender neck. Her lats and other back muscles grew in accordance to the new available space, giving her a thick and powerful, yet no less curvy frame.

But that wasn’t all. The neoprene continued to stretch throughout the process not only because of muscle growth. Stormy could listen to the sound of her skin stretching as she became more muscular, but she could feel her body in its entirety expanding upwards. At first, she was so serendipitously distracted by her bulking up that the first few extra inches that put her beyond the tallest male she knew went ignored. But once she had settled in to the sensation of her stronger looking body, Stormy became hooked to the newly acquired taste of enlargement.

Everybody in that lab was used to watching somebody grow a bit taller, or in S-03’s case, a lot taller after a shot, but it only happened the one time. Whether there or at home, a participant was never meant to react again in the same way as the first even after follow-up doses. But none of them had ever heard of any participant until now having a second growth spurt.

Stormy could see it in their eyes. They were mesmerized by her. She had finally caught their attention in a way she deserved it. She was almost 7ft. tall, and she was growing even bigger! Unable to resist flexing for them, her suit clung to her beef tightly and added to the unnatural sound of growth. She was becoming an Amazonian wolf, her tail wagging up a storm as she bulged and ascended, inch after inch, gaining on that towering iguana until she wasn’t towering anymore.

And soon enough, it stopped. More than one of the aides let out a sigh of relief, indicating that while they had been prepared to deal with people growing larger on-site, S-03 truly had been one among very few with such strong results.

“Remarkable…” the donkey spoke, sizing up the panting Stormy. She didn’t seem as exhausted as she looked excited. With a smirk, the handler waved a hand to his aides, “Measure her.”

“8 feet… 2 inches, sir,” the aide with the measuring tape responded. Shakily, he stepped away from Stormy who was smirking down at him with a curious yet intimidating glint in her eye.

The sheer presence she projected in that lab made Stormy realize what a good idea she’d had, after all. Beyond everything her brain was processing right now, from the others’ gazes to her sweet, new and better than ever physique, the wolfess was still hanging on to that delicious new experience. She realized that having gone through her very first changes overnight, Stormy had missed out on actually feeling the process. She had never felt pleasure quite like it. The initial seizure had melted away from her short-term memory, absolutely weighed down by the incalculable bliss she had been exposed to. And now that she was the towering, muscular beauty she had always wanted to be; Stormy couldn’t help but shoot a big toothy grin towards S-03.

The iguana scoffed, “I’m 8’3”, puppy. Don’t get so excited. Who cares if you’re a late bloomer?”

“I’m more than a late bloomer!” Stormy insisted, suddenly feeling like her confidence was matching her exuberance, “But I have a feeling you’d rather I show you.”

“Bring it on, you puny little mutt!” S-03 growled, stomping and posing with her arms curled inwards. Her biceps popped out menacingly at the wolfess, who returned the favor by bringing her own arms up in a double bicep pose; her favorite one from the mags she liked.

“Too much talk,” Stormy smiled, kissing one of her swollen biceps. “Although I’d love to stand here smooching my new muscles; I actually want to test them out!”

“…sir?” one of the aides meekly popped up to the side of the observing donkey. The lead scientist was looking at the heated exchange with great interest, both of his arms at his back.

“This will provide us with good data. Be sure their sensors are properly calibrated and ah…” he sidestepped just in time as the two amazons stomped past him towards the gym equipment. Stormy had been just an inch off the mark from elbowing his head off, “…do try to stay out of their way. The ladies seem… agitated.”

Agitation was the least proper way to describe what was going on. The lab was soon turned into a proving ground by the enhanced iguana and wolf girls. The sound of metal clanking as machines and other equipment were pushed to their limit became deafening. Grunts and growls of exertion accompanied the competitive pair as they showed off to each other. From bench-pressing to deadlifting competitions to overhead and leg pulleys, the muscle bound titanesses toured the entire facility.

Minutes turned to hours and it seemed there was no end to those huge women’s energy. Stormy felt amazing. Now that she could handle all the equipment with ease, matching S-03 rep for rep was nothing short of a mimicry contest she was getting no end of amusement from. She adventurously pushed herself, edging all of her limits at once, caring not for the idea of restraint when it came to her new body. With every choice she had, the wolfess added five more pounds to what her opponent did. Then ten extra pounds; and then fifteen. The difference between them was that the iguana was getting tired whereas Stormy was only getting started.

While outright holding the entire weight rack over her head and looming over a crouching S-03, Stormy beamed down wickedly at the once mighty queen of the lab, giving her a cocky, almost arrogant stare of: “Everything you can do, I can do better.”

“Why, you little…” S-03 angrily seized a water bottle offered by one of the nearby aides, staring daggers at Stormy as she set the weight rack back down on the floor. The metal seemed to sag under all that weight; it was overloaded. S-03 nearly choked with her water.

“What’s next?!” Stormy boomed with laughter, bringing her arms together to make her thick pectorals stick out, her breasts jiggling within the snug neoprene.

“Ahem! Ladies… I believe that will be enough for tonight. This has been a wonderful learning opportunity,” the lead scientist came forth, offering a golf clap that his aides immediately replicated.

“Night?” Stormy repeated. She had lost all track of time throughout the competition.

“Oh yes. I believe you’ll miss the last bus downtown if you don’t hurry, S-04. You have no car, do you, my dear?” the donkey laughed, “There will be more tests in three days when you come back for the next session. But I can’t keep you or anybody else around for any longer than I already have. After all,” he waved a hand dismissively, chuckling, “…you’re not hourly. None of you are, incidentally. So please, do clear out, mm?”

“Hmph…” Stormy frowned. She still wanted to test how heavy the entire pulley machine set was. Her burly arms ached not with muscular exhaustion, but with the need for more. In fact, she felt like she’d drunk a gallon of espresso and she still had the energy to run a marathon! “Think I’ll skip the bus for tonight. I’m gonna have to start to watch my new figure.”

“Splendid!” the donkey smiled, walking away and past the counter with the tray with the injectors. Stormy’s heart skipped a beat for a moment, but fortunately for her, the used injectors all seemed to blend together. “S-03, do strive to be a little more entertaining next time, yes?”

The exhausted iguana growled. She hissed at the giggling Stormy, who gave her a condescendingly playful good-bye wave without saying another word. “I’m gonna beat that pup into a pulp if I see her again.”

“Tch…” S-01 shrugged. The tigress had witnessed it all. “Another bitch. Looks like this thing only brings out the worst in us…” she held one of her arms.

At the lockers, Stormy got changed after returning her suit. She was surprised at how elastic the material was, but she was even more surprised it had survived the bulking up her body had grown to. She was simply huge! There was no way she was going to properly fit in her bed now. Every time she saw her body from a different angle, she became more and more enchanted with how thick and powerful she looked like. Her muscles stood out no matter whether she was flexing or relaxed. She adored the new jiggle of her chest; she had never thought she’d be considering shopping for bigger bras! “Mmm, I’m probably even bigger than the cheerleaders back at high-school now that I’m this tall!” she giggled to herself, hugging her arms around her big chest to squeeze her breasts out. Her sexy reflection made the wolfess narrow her eyes, cooing in delight.

It was fortunate for her that the company had a surplus of clothes for cases such as these. The lady who handed Stormy a hooded top and loose jogging pants remarked on how lucky she was that she’d kept an extra outfit after the iguana weeks before took the last one on the day she’d grown from her first S1N injection.

Stormy didn’t bother with the bus. Her legs felt like they had been engulfed with lightning swirling around them. She had never run track in her life, and she suddenly felt confident she could outrun a cheetah. And eager to test herself, decided to jog from the industrial sector all the way back home downtown.

The wolfess wasn’t able to contain her desire. The jog turned into a sprint, and soon she was running down every block in under thirty seconds. Then under fifteen. It took her less than five minutes to make her way outside the port area and into the city proper. At 10pm, not many pedestrians were around, but those that were out walking were instantly shocked to see a massive blur bolting past them.

Stormy wasn’t merely making better time than the bus. She was convinced her legs were carrying her even faster than any city car could! And before she could even think about it, the wolfess had ended up in the park six blocks past her destination. “Heh…” she chuckled to herself as she finally came to a stop. Her two mile trip had been over in less than ten minutes, and she had run six extra blocks to boot!

“The night’s still young. I could go for another run,” the wolfess stretched, fighting the instinctual itch to howl at the moon. “Buuuut I’m starving,” she recalled she’d ignored the food back at Synchemic. “And I bet one pizza won’t be enough. Good thing I hardly touch my splurge account!” she sang out, ready to treat her belly with all the tasty food she could find that night. After all, working out wasn’t going to be an issue for her anymore.


Stormy woke up the next morning with her feet not only dangling over her bed, but with her toenails practically scratching the floor. The wolfess had eaten herself into a food coma; no less than five pizza boxes and several dozen hamburger wrappers strewn across her apartment. “Glorious cheeeeese…!” she mumbled, smacking her lips while stretching her muscular arms up. She could still taste that monstrous meal from the previous night.

When she finally got off the bed her feet heavily planted down, shaking the entire apartment. Stormy stopped as she stood up to her full height, a certain amount of vertigo passing through her for a moment. She breathed out deeply, her groggy vision adjusting as she realized the bed was even further away than she remembered. “Whoa… hold on.”

Stormy looked down, noticing her naked bust was rocking from side to side, her head-sized mounds jiggling over her chest. She felt the fresh midday breeze entering through a window she’d forgotten to close, wafting between her legs and caressing her exposed hips. A cursory glance revealed tattered bits of her lent clothes had been left on the bed. Reaching around to her back, Stormy managed to peel away the rest of the fabric which slid off her meaty fingers. With a nervous chuckle, she began to ask herself: “Did I grow again? …again?!”

Entering the bathroom became a small ordeal for Stormy. She had to bend over to squeeze through and she couldn’t catch most of her reflection on the mirror. Her fluffy tail wagged behind her. Part of Stormy was concerned, but another part was relishing the idea of being an almost 10ft. tall amazon. She was looking great! Her breasts were sticking out further thanks to her even bigger pectorals, the spheres of fluff and fat practically defying gravity with almost unnatural firmness. Her arms were now even bigger than before, with biceps as big as a regular person’s head. The six-pack at Stormy’s front looked like it could be used to stop blades, and one had to wonder what her beefy thighs could do to a steel rod if she squeezed hard enough. The wolfess was built like a curvy tank now.

“I couldn’t feel this… pity! But I can’t complain with the results.” Stormy flexed for pleasure, moaning in delight. She was so consumed with her show of strength that time flew by. When she was finally tired of showing off to herself, she got ready to start her day. Amused by her tiny toothbrush, Stormy still tried to practice good oral hygiene, but was stopped when she heard a crunching noise mid-brush.

She had to spit out plastic and bristles among paste down the drain. The wolfess rubbed her maw against her forearm, widening eyes in surprise at the mirror when she realized what big teeth she had. Stormy clicked her fangs, each tooth sharper than ever, but also bigger, thicker; almost as if she had wide daggers in place of the usual dental rows. “Check these out!” she beamed at herself, adoring her new, more feral look. “I’ll have to get myself titanium brushes from now on! Haha!”

After realizing it was almost 1pm and that she’d slept through most of work, Stormy decided to play hooky. Her phone had missed calls and texts, but she didn’t feel any urgency to pay attention to her boring, mundane life anymore. Her body was bursting with energy! She had to go out and work out. “Who needs a boring office job anyway? With a body like this, I’ll be raking money in by just humiliating Mr. Universes!” Stormy could see herself already in a podium, in a sexy bikini, lifting the strongest males out there holding her very own trophies. She drooled at the mental image of camera flashes and the adoration of the public and decided she’d put on a show for her future adoring public.

The first thing Stormy did however was try to find a way to cover her immense body with anything that could be used even remotely as clothing. “Don’t want the police arresting me for streaking or something silly like that…” she thought as she rummaged through her things while cleaning the mess she had made the previous night. “Can’t believe how much I ate like it was nothing. The old me would’ve gotten sick from just having two pizzas in one night. Muscles really take a lot to maintain,” she remarked, tensing her biceps playfully every now and then to remind herself of her beautiful strength.

Even the few new outfits she had gotten last week now barely fit her. With her huge rack, Stormy wasn’t going to be wearing a bra anytime soon. In the end, the wolfess was having so much trouble finding clothes that fit that she decided to be resourceful. Taking the curtains down and struggling to use a stapler, she fashioned herself quite the featureless, makeshift robes that made her look like a powerful Greek statue in a discounted toga. “This should be enough. Keeps the girls out of sight...!” she sang out, shaking her bosom with a giggle, “Oh, if the cheerleader squad from high-school could see me. Who’s the wall flower now?!”

Getting ready to leave, Stormy reached for the door, already bending down to be able to pass through. She squeezed herself out easier now that she knew what to expect and was about to make her way downstairs when she heard a loud rattle beside her. The sound of wood slapping against concrete made her ears lie flat. “What the hell, did I hit something…?” she trailed off to dead silence as she looked at the right hand. In her excitement, she had opened the door so swiftly she had torn it off its hinges and had walked right out with the door in tow. “Oh uhh, heh heh…!”

One replaced door later, Stormy was on her way outside. She was more surprised with how little it mattered to her that her repurposed curtain was doing little in the way to keep her perfectly decent. She would’ve died of embarrassment to the thought of going out in such crude clothing as that little, featureless wolfess from a week ago. Now all the eyes she captured only served to further feed her need to show off and brag.

Stormy found that she absolutely loved towering over people. She had gotten quite the high when she had put S-03 to shame back in the lab, but only now she could truly appreciate how small everyone else looked. Most guys barely reached past her navel now! And if anybody happened to walk underneath her, they usually disappeared under her massive bosom unless she leaned forwards.

“She’s massive…”

“Look at those puppies…!”

“Wolves don’t get this big, it must be some publicity stunt!”

It all was very amusing to the wolfess.

After three blocks of sumptuously parading herself like a walkway goddess, Stormy finally felt like she wanted to exercise. She decided to start with her legs, going for a run. First, she made sure to tie the bottom part of her robe into a knot that would ensure she wouldn’t suffer any unexpected wardrobe malfunction. “I should keep an eye out for XXXXL clothes stores while I’m out and about…” she briefly pondered before she got into position. Stormy smiled as she wiggled her butt and pressed her fingers down on the walkway, enjoying all the attention her Amazonian body was garnering. When she broke out into a dash, people yelped and squeaked in shock. Her paw prints had left a huge depression on the concrete.

The need to exercise and burn off that overwhelming amount of excess energy was ever present. Stormy felt the neural secretions beginning to work after the first ten minutes, releasing pleasure chemicals rewarding her for putting those new leg muscles to good use. She surprised people everywhere as she cleared miles in what seemed like instants.

“Whoa!” she inevitably skidded to a halt at an intersection when she saw a car speeding along. Stormy could see the dust kicking up beside her from all that friction. She would’ve crashed into the vehicle had it not been for her powerful legs allowing her to propel herself into the air, jumping over the obstacle and landing at the corner of the next street. “Haha, sorry about that!” she waved back at the honking traffic, continuing her run unabated. “Man, I can jump so high and so far now! Eat your heart out, Neo!”

The afternoon went by with Stormy running the entire back and forth trip worth of distance for a daily bus in the large city. She couldn’t stop herself. She didn’t want to. Her body was screaming for those endorphins and she was only getting better. And as Stormy pushed herself to be faster, to jump over obstacles like the Hulk rooftop hops in the movies, she quickly became quite the sensation for the pedestrians.

Soon, social media was exploding with the quirky massive wolfess dashing around town in a bathrobe. Stormy was seeing people cheering her up at the intersections, shouting at her to jump even higher, to jump over trees in the park, to simply show off all that raw muscular strength of hers! “Maybe I won’t have to wait for my great debut after all!” the wolfess thought with a giddy grin as she finally stopped at a red light, standing safely at a street corner full of people.

There, it seemed Stormy had found her calling. People wanted to see her flexing, showing off what made her so great. She wanted nothing more than their admiration. She wanted to hear how amazing she was from their lips, and she was more than convinced that she would be doing this every day.

On the next day, Stormy decided to truly test her strength. Jumping and running were a fine distraction, but her new fans needed something meatier. She decided to go to a gym, freaking bodybuilders left and right as she entered bending under the doorway.

Pumping iron had never been a phrase Stormy had identified herself with, but now that shows of strength were her favorite, iron was one of her favorite materials. Many toys lay strewn about the gym for her to pick up. Whether it was a prebuilt 20lbs. dumbbell or a 300lbs. barbell sagging under the weight of its metallic additions, she used them to show the onlookers how it was done.

“How is she doing that?”

“She’s huge!”

The disbelief in people’s voices was the sweetest of dulcet tones for Stormy. She could feel her ego swelling ever bigger as she happily demonstrated how the equipment weight was beneath her. “This stuff isn’t half as heavy as the things back at the lab!” Stormy laughed to herself, already starting to enjoy basking in the camera flashes again. Once again, she found herself lifting entire weight racks without bothering to assemble barbells. The gym staff had to plead for her to quit tearing pulley machines with all their weight off the ground! “Relax!” she said, “Think of the publicity!”

But it wasn’t enough. Her arms were eager for bigger, heavier things to lift that simply weren’t found inside a gymnasium so she decided to go back outside. Bending under the exit, Stormy had a thought once she saw the parked cars outside. “I can do this…” she licked her chops. Ready to show off more, Stormy went down to the middle of the street, dusting her hands as she looked at the variety of models for her to use. But before she could even decide which of the vehicles to turn into part of her new training regime, Stormy heard a loud scream.


“Ahhh! That driver’s lost control!”

“Lady, you have to MOVE…!”

By the time she turned around, all Stormy could see was a hulking piece of metal screeching along the asphalt and quickly approaching her. Metric tons of payload dragged behind the truck, decimating the streets and the smaller vehicles. Her eyes shone back against the collapsed 18-wheeler’s lights.

There was an impact followed by an explosion when the truck’s engine exploded. By sheer miracle, none of the bystanders were hurt.

“Where’s that wolf? Anyone seen her?!”

“She was in the middle of the road, she got run over!”

Clumsily running towards the scene, the driver bull who had been able to jump out of his truck at the last second stopped to catch his breath. “Oh no… Please tell me no one got hurt!”


As the smoke cleared from the point of impact, people began to see wiggling ears and exposed fluff. Stormy’s right arm was outstretched, her immensely beefy biceps starting to distend as she relaxed. The vehicle was totaled, compressed like an accordion against her hand. Other than being covered in soot, she looked alright. Even though her “robes” had burnt up in the explosion, not a single strand of fur on the wolfess had been harmed.

Thud. The destroyed vehicle was dropped by the amazon. She looked down, realizing the tip of her toes were barely where the balls of her feet had been before the impact. She had been budged by merely inches.

The audience was speechless. That enormous wolfess had not only survived an exploding truck, she had also destroyed it with just one arm. People were in such shock that their eyes were bulging out comically, jaws almost hitting the floor. The spectacle had been so mind-numbingly amazing that nobody seemed to mind she was butt naked. And, noticing the quietude, Stormy began to frown.

“Alright, you just stopped a truck with one hand. I did that without thinking…” she took a deep breath, “Play it cool. Play it cool…” Stormy put on her biggest smirk once she noticed the driver nearby. “Hey, shrimp.”

“Muh-me…?!” the bull perked up. He was a large fellow, but completely dwarfed by Stormy, who drove the point home by sauntering towards him. Her shadow soon covered him and had she not leaned forwards, all he would’ve been talking to would’ve been those huge breasts.

Grinning, Stormy delighted herself with the high-pitched whimper escaping the driver when he saw her enormous, bared fangs. “You got to be more careful, man. You almost wrecked the place! I was gonna use these for my workout!” she pulled back, gesturing with both of her huge arms at the vehicles nearby.

“Y-yuh-yes, ma’am…! Whatever you say, ma’am!” the bull had been knocked down on his butt. His legs were shaking and he was drenched in sweat. Stormy curiously raised an eyebrow. She had not been seriously trying to scare the guy; she even thought she’d been playful about it. And although her intention had not been to intimidate him so thoroughly, she got excited; aroused, even.

Overcome with a new rising feeling of self-importance and pride, the wolf girl adapted a stronger pose. Stomping her feet down, she giggled to herself as she heard the driver whimper again. After separating her legs a good distance from each other, she rested her claws on her hips and fully exposed her muscle-bound body to the frightened bovine. “RAWR!”

The growl made the man yelp and scream, covering his head and curling up into a shaking ball of nerves. “Ahhh! Please don’t hurt me! I was just…! I was just trying to make good time, I haven’t been sleeping well. I won’t do it again, I promise…!”

“Muh-mommy…? What’s that big lady doing?”

Stormy’s ears twitched to a conversation unfolding nearby.

“She’s bullying him… don’t look, sweetie. Let’s go back home.”

Her joy began to dwindle as the cheering and adulation the wolfess had become used to in the past twenty four hours had transformed into doubtful murmurs. Stormy began to growl as she heard the questioning sentences.

“…isn’t that enough?”

“Yeah, she’s taking it too far. What a bitch…”

“And she’s acting like she owns the place. What the heck?”

“What are they talking about?” Stormy gripped her hips harder, sinking her fingers into her flesh as she held a swelling, murderous intent back. “I own the place. They couldn’t stop me if they tried. Why aren’t they thanking me for stopping that dumb truck? Ugh, fans. Who understands them? Who needs them?”

With a sigh, the wolfess decided to leave the scene. She didn’t intend her exit to be spectacular, but wanting to get out of the way fast, she cleared thirty feet in one long jump, leaving behind the mess of that traffic accident.

That night, Stormy reviewed the day’s events while sitting at a penthouse she had easily climbed upon. “I’m so strong,” she brought an arm up, gripped her hand and felt the power traverse every vascular vein on her furry body. She thought about the rush of adrenaline she felt in the instant she stopped the truck. The happiness soaring through her heart as the vehicle exploded and the metal became crushed in her steely grip. The unbelievable euphoria she felt when everybody didn’t know what to say about her incredible deed. The arousal tickling her loins once she reduced that driver to a sniveling mess.

That little kid’s mother had called Stormy a bully. “Yes.” She stroked a hand through her head, starting to smile as her eyes shone with desire, “I suppose I am a bully.” She paused, looking up at the bright moonlit sky. Stormy felt giddy, eager and anxious. Emotion surged from within and she inevitably let out a mighty, sustained howl lasting ten whole seconds.

Windows on the apartment she had climbed lit up all over. People started complaining about the loud noise. Anthropomorphic wolves just didn’t howl at the moon anymore. But anthropomorphic wolves didn’t stop careening 18-wheelers with one hand or grew 10ft. tall. Stormy was something beyond any wolf now. And it was all thanks to the Synchemic supplement.

And she realized she did not have enough.

“I want more.”


Stormy made it to Synchemic quite early on the day of her next trial. When she entered the facilities, her powerful rumbling and heavy stomping ensured everybody knew subject S-04 was in. She didn’t even want to bother going to the lockers, but the nostalgic idea of that tight neoprene suit she’d gotten used to in the last week brought an amused grin to her face. She forwent the idea of asking for her keys, choosing to rip the door to her personal locker apart. To her surprise, the suit stretched over her beefy body, even so much the fabric held her massive new breasts in place without difficulty. “Can’t believe they’re paying me for this.” Stormy smirked to her own reflection as she struck a quick pose.

“Es… Ess-oh-f-fuh-four!” Stormy could hear the pathetic stammering coming from below, but she was absolutely absorbed into her flexing. Her gorgeous reflection was everything the wolfess had ever admired in life. But her appearance was merely a start. Although she didn’t know any 10ft. tall giant like herself, Stormy knew there were guys that looked even more intimidating than her. She didn’t want to be second to anyone on any level; not when she knew exactly what was going to make all of her wishes come true.

“One dose in one day made me a little big. Two doses in one day made me a whole lot bigger…” she reasoned in her mind, completely ignoring the bespectacled hyena below. Her first handler was trying to call her attention but he was too intimidated by her. “And I’m early today. So I think I’ll be taking all the other doses for myself. Hmm, though how will I know they’ll be there…?” Finally, she craned her neck down as she turned around.

Her bulk absolutely loomed on the hyena, who seized up the second he saw Stormy’s dangerously large fangs bare down at him with the world’s wickedest grin. “Uhm… meep…?”

“Don’t worry,” she cooed in a husky tone, narrowing her eyes sensually at the shaking scientist. “I know my way around.”


Every staffer who got too stunned by the sight of Stormy’s massive body to get out of the way was simply bowled through. With the hyena huddled under her arm like a football, Stormy made her way down to the S1N trial labs. “You said the serum’s in one of the freezers, right?”

“The containers, yes! But please!” the scientist pleaded, “Even if I have access, we need directorial permission. I could get fired over this…!”

“You could get flattened into a very messy pancake if you don’t get me what I want.”

The hyena gulped. He was sure he had alerted security already. Where were they?

“Are you trying to stall?” Stormy pouted, starting to look bored. “Did you push a button you shouldn’t have, little bug…?” A devilish smile appeared on the wolfess’ face. The hyena squeaked in fear. “You should know I punched the ever living lights out of every guard at the entrance. Rude jerks didn’t want to let me in because I wasn’t wearing clothes. Maybe I should’ve told them that’s what I was here for in the first place.” She grinned, posing in her suit. “I don’t suppose I knocked out anyone important back there. Maybe the one in charge of security?”

“Puh-please!” the weak scientist held onto Stormy’s arm as she pulled him out, suspending him with the tip of his toes four feet above the floor, “S-04, you must reconsider! This could be harmful to you! You could die…!”

“I could’ve died already,” Stormy said, “Aww. Your concern is touching but…” she reared the hyena back, hurling him across the tiled floor like a skipping rock, “I WANT MY GODDAMN SERUM ALREADY!”

“Ugh…!” sputtered the bruised scientist as his back impacted against one of the container tanks. He weakly got up to his knees. “Please don’t make me do this…”

“Get to it. I swear you’re like an insignificant little flea just insisting on getting on my bad side. Do you want a broken arm?” Stormy threatened, cracking the tiled floor under her feet as she heavily stomped towards the hyena. Sufficiently intimidated, Stormy’s old handler reached over the biometric scanner, getting approved access for the reserved doses of the S1N serum.

Stormy’s eyes glowed with delight and she licked her chops as if she was a predator looking over a buffet of fresh meat. Six injectors. One for each of the remaining participants… plus one. Stormy recalled S-02 seemingly had quit. “Do we have a new recruit coming today?” she giggled, “They won’t get their chance, I’m afraid…”

“It’s too much at once. You can’t possibly be thinking of injecting that much… waauugh…!”  the hyena didn’t get very far in his warning before Stormy send him flying with a swing of her arm. She took all nicely preserved injectors out, already trembling with excitement. For once since the time she’d first acquired all this monstrous strength, she was careful of handling that precious tech. Her fingers were too meaty and thick for a gun, but the trigger switch on the injectors wasn’t guarded. Her nails allowed her an easy way of uncapping each syringe. And with the size of her hands, she had an easy time just bringing all six needles to her burly neck.

“S-04, stop…!” the cavalry had arrived too late. The donkey lead-scientist barged in with a security team as well as all the other participants and aides that were meant to run tests that day.

“Make me more,” she murmured, toes curling with pleasure as she felt six simultaneous stabs. The others didn’t even register in her radar. “Much… nnnghh… more…!”

S-03 had a rough time coming to terms with the fact she was now as comparable to Stormy as everyone else in the experiment was to her burly iguana body. But when she saw those six injectors fall to the ground around the wolfess’ huge feet, she truly started fearing for her safety. “Whu-whoa… thu-that’s not cool, man. What the heck? Why is she so big?!”

“These are all maintenance shots, director, sir!” one of the aides chirped from behind. The donkey was supervising the scene with great detail, frowning now that he realized he’d failed to stop Stormy.

“Her biology is unique,” the director explained to the confused group. As Stormy laughed and thrashed in place from the overdose, he began to wince. “Her immune system never tried to resist S1N. Her body didn’t harmonize with it either. It assimilated its effects.”

“Assimi- do you mean absorbed?! Isn’t that what our bodies do with this stuff anyway?” S-03 impatiently inquired, unable to tear her eyes off the hysterical wolfess.

“No. I confirmed it earlier today after reviewing all the data thus far. Exposed to the serum, S-04’s cells have ‘acquired’ the blueprint to fabricate S1N naturally. She must have been ingesting large quantities of highly-caloric food to cater to the rapid transformation…”

“Sir?!” one of the aides called out incredulously, “Are you saying S-04 is now making S1N by herself as we speak?”

The director bit his lips, “…and further fueled by such a large and sudden intake…” he held his head as the calculations overwhelmed his brain. “Oh dear.”

“What’s gonna happen to her…?” S-01 was the first one to ask. The tigress’ usually bored expression was full of questions now.

Stormy had no idea what her body was doing at the cellular level. She was pulsing, positively ravaged by the pleasure of impending growth. The ground was quaking. She was beginning to ascend. Her muscles exploded with size, growing so much more massive the sleeves of her elastic neoprene suit were torn down the middle by head-sized biceps and tree-trunk legs. The wolfess cried out in delight, throwing her head back and panting as she grabbed her swelling breasts and gave them a quick fondle before she began to rip out of the outfit.

But as tatters of incredibly expensive experimental wear gathered at Stormy’s feet, one of the aides who had been holding his PDA saw the data being streamed by the wolfess’ sensors. “This can’t be…” He had expected the feedback to fail, but all sensors that remained on Stormy’s person were properly transmitting data even now. Every single parameter, however, was overflowing. “She’s overloading it…! She’s too much for the…! Agh!”

The smoking PDA’s screen cracked as it struck the ground. As processing power became exceeded and the device’s temperature rose, the aide had dropped it.

“Sir!” one of the security guards called out, although his hands were making his rifle shake. “Do we open fire on subject S-04? She’s out of control…!”

“She’s…” the donkey was utterly mesmerized as Stormy grew and grew. She was steadily getting closer to the ceiling, even more muscular, even bustier, ever taller! And she wasn’t stopping. “She’s extraordinary.”

“Nnngh… this feels so good…!” Stormy panted happily, her tongue lolling out as she stretched and flexed, digging her hands into the ceiling and ripping out the tiled surface alongside the concrete below. “Watch me! Watch me get even more powerful! Bigger! Bigger and more powerful, hahaha!”

“Light the bitch up already!” S-03 demanded.

“She’s turning into a monster!” S-05 squawked.

As concrete began to rain down from the damage the 15ft. tall Stormy was causing, the security guard in the lead decided he had had enough. “Sorry, Mr. Director, but it’s my job to protect you all. Open fire!” he barked out the order, aiming his own rifle at the enlarging lupine, “I repeat, open fire!”

Bullets hailed and people went down prone, covering their ears. They could not, however, tear their eyes off the spectacle. Stormy’s muscles had hardened so much the bullets simply ricocheted off her bulk. Enough lead to put down an elephant was shot, and yet all they got for their reward was watching Stormy swell ever greater, her head already disappearing into the next floor.

“What the heck?! A giant wolf?!” came the startled voices from above as that 20ft. tall giantess continued her ascent into the second floor offices. What followed was Stormy’s booming laughter.

They had shot her. Amidst the pleasure clouding her ability to think, Stormy came to the realization those pathetic little creatures below her had decided to shoot her. She had felt every one of those projectiles strike her impervious skin, doing little more than tickle her as nuisances. It was all very amusing to the expanding wolfess, which was why when her gigantic snout tore into the second floor she blew all scientists away by laughing out loud.

“Ahhhh! RUN! Run for your lives…!”

With Stormy’s feet sliding across the lab in the direction of the group below, the security team leader put a hand on the directory’s shoulder and tugged him along. “Sir, we must leave…”

“She’s… I had no idea,” the donkey fell to his knees, “I had no idea this was a possibility. Her wonderful body is…”

“It’s no time for being an old pervert, Mr. Director!” the team leader yelled, but was shocked when the donkey jumped up and grabbed him by the scruff of his neck.

“Don’t you see?!” the donkey screamed, but he didn’t have an angry expression. His was the face of a madman whose mind had touched upon forbidden knowledge. “It’s all over. It doesn’t matter what we do. We… we’re insignificant. No, we will soon be infinitesimal to her.”

“…what are you talking about?” the confused team leader grunted, surprised the director had such a strong grip for a pencil pusher. “She’ll quit growing when that thing wears out.  And when she does, we’ll find a weapon big enough to stop…”

“No! You don’t understand!” the director shouted, laughing, “That’s just the thing. This will not stop. She… had we been able to stop her earlier, maybe… but now? We’re witnessing the birth of something unstoppable. Her body is rapidly changing. Can’t you feel it…? She’s… evolving.”

Giant foot paws were soon filling the S1N testing grounds. Stormy’s growth spurt was accelerating to unprecedented speed. The offices in the second floor got decimated once her shoulders began to push through; she was growing into more and more spaces.

Startled scientists ran away from those bestial fangs. Stormy couldn’t help laughing as joy burst forth from her heart. Every single one of those people that always looked so serious and self-important now couldn’t keep their cool with her around. The swelling sensation inched her closer to orgasmic bliss as she brought her muscle bound arms up to the second floor with her. With a thorough sweep, she knocked down walls and cubicles, smashing it all together with a powerful clap. It was an unbearable high: she simply had to flex and destroy!

Very rapidly though Stormy realized she didn’t even have to make a conscious effort to be destructive. Her body was already three stories high and, stretching all over in her continuous enlargement, the wolfess starting to outgrow the building itself.

Newbol’s branch of Synchemic Labs was housed in a complex spanning two entire blocks. The building’s uniform and rectangular design was quite the touristic attraction even with its bland white and grey color combination. Its picture-worthy facade, however, seemed to be falling apart.

Hundreds of people even spread between employees and their test subjects poured out of several outfits. Lights flickered as the giantess inside crashed past the infrastructure and wreaked havoc with the power. Explosions thanks to disturbed chemical elements made people duck out and keep their distance, desperate to survive the out-of-control experiment within the complex.

The more Stormy grew, the more the edification shuddered, almost as if it was sentient and was telegraphing its impending demise. From the third floor, windows exploded and crystals rained down as gigantic fists crashed through. As fingers unfurled, people saw not nails, but threatening claws from a feral beast. Those fearsome, sharpened claws looked as though they could rend through metal, and yet what the witnesses saw was them holding the building tightly with a death grip. Concrete fissured all over around the clasp of the giant fingers. The labs were going down.

“We need backup! We need backup…!” the radios barked all around the complex. Synchemic authorities had no choice but to contact local law enforcement; as a good chunk of their private security was knocked out cold. Weapons were being held up with unease. Professionals trained for years to respond to any and all situations had been woefully unprepared for what was coming.

“I want out!” Stormy roared from within the rapidly crumbling building sector she was at. Her voice was so loud and powerful it blew out the windows from the fourth floor where her head had most recently invaded. She had started loathing the feeling of being constrained. Held back by the lack of space had felt novel at first, but Stormy wanted to feel her growth without clumsily bumping into things. She could feel the first and second floors sagging around her knees and legs, about to collapse. It was difficult for her to find her footing in all the mess without being able to see, but soon, she stopped needing the help. The last ceiling her head went through put her out in broad daylight.

The brisk outside air felt incredible against her fur. “This cramped space is driving me nuts!” she roared again, making the surrounding area vibrate ominously. “Just gotta…” she gripped her claws and slammed her equally clawed feet down for leverage, “Use… my… muscles!”

Metal, concrete, glass, plaster; all of it went flying like guts from a carcass being split-open. With bare hands, Stormy ripped the west side of the complex off to the sides as if she was pulling twin curtains away from each other. At the same time, she took a mighty step forwards and her prodigious chest followed by her neck absolutely destroyed the façade of the fourth floor.

And there she was: A divinely oversized 40ft. tall wolfess with a body to shame both a supermodel and a bodybuilder. Her malignant eyes locked onto her small audience below with an underwhelmed, bored stare. Even though she had been desperate to make her exit, Stormy stepped down with the tip of her feet followed by the heel, emphasizing her steps into an almost exaggerate sway of hips. She was emerging out of those ruins like a goddess stepping out of the shower.

“Holy… crud… I’m not paid enough for this…!” the first of many security guards just dropped his rifle, badge and turned tail to run from the job. Of the few that remained, they constantly kept putting distance between them and Stormy while urging the civilians to vacate the premises. Some agreed, others needed rude convincing, and the rest were simply as mesmerized as the project director watching that towering monster.

“Boys… boys!” Stormy teasingly spoke down to the security team pointing their guns at her. She stretched before brushing the dust and debris off her pelt. “Don’t you have better ideas? Bullets bounced off me when I was closer to the ground. What do you think they’ll do to me now?”

With their masks on, Stormy was sad that most of the guards weren’t revealing their expressions to her. But she could nuance the terror they were feeling. Yes; this had stepped up from typical intimidation. Stormy was terrorizing them. And that realization was only making her feel stronger.

“And I’m still growing!” she reminded them, putting forth another arrogant arm-flexing pose for them to see her expand while showing off. “Do you need a demonstration of what I can do? Are you still not convinced what kind of force of nature I now am?” she laughed at the tiny, scared people below. Stormy was well aware they couldn’t talk back, deafened by her booming voice. They couldn’t move because their legs were paralyzed with their own fear as they all collectively were reminded of their mortality. And yet she relished the idea of verbally abusing them. But that wasn’t enough for her; she wanted them to feel true despair.

Now a 50ft. tall beast, Stormy cleared the tall gates of Synchemic without any issues on her way to a nearby factory. “Look at these smokestacks!” she said to the security team below. “Too bad this place closed weeks ago. Not very smoky for gigantic chimneys anymore, huh?” Gyrating her hips in a way that would’ve been tantalizing had that woman not been so terrifyingly large, Stormy smashed her ass onto closest smokestack of the available three. She leaned into it, making it crumble under her massive weight.

“I could’ve destroyed all the equipment inside the labs without even having to grow!” Stormy remarked, further leaning towards the other two smokestacks which she grabbed with her claws, one for each. “But now I destroy buildings.” With a clean pull, the giantess ripped the enormous chimneys right off before smashing the factory below with them. “And that didn’t even make my biceps pop out! What do you think those peashooters can do to me?!” Her booming laughter was soul-draining for the security team down below.

“She brought that factory down in seconds… she’s right!” one of the veterans that had initially stayed behind slammed his rifle down like a dull sword. He threw his mask off and rushed to the factory next door. “Please! Spare me! I will do whatever you say…!”

Stormy swished her massive fluffy tail behind her. With both eyes raised, she curiously watched more and more men coming to her only to fall down to their knees and appeal to her. She counted four of them all gathered before her as if she were some wrathful deity being appeased. Their groveling, however, seemed to be pissing her off. “Worthless…” she murmured as she stood up straight, her impressive visage reaching sixty feet tall already.

“Our lives are yours. We’re weak, you’re strong, we’ll obey…!” the more the turned-over security team begged Stormy, the least she seemed to like them. Their voices were as if tiny ants were trying to vie for her mercy after she had destroyed their anthill. “We’ll do anything for you…! Ahhhh!”

The sound of their voices went out all at once as Stormy’s foot came down on them. “I hate men that beg like that.” She said, walking off of the destroyed factory with only a handful of survivors at Synchemic left behind. Part of Stormy had thoroughly enjoyed that short-lived worship she had been receiving, but she had no plans of being a benevolent giant. Power was meant to be flaunted. She wasn’t going to hold herself back, especially if those ants begged her to. She was going to show everyone in Newbol city what her two newest pleasures in life now were: Growth and destruction.

As she made her way out of the industrial area, Stormy caught the sight of blue and red lights approaching from the side of the road. With warehouses and more factories smashed under her constantly growing feet, she couldn’t help grinning to herself as she saw police cars pulling over to witness the stomping. She decided to take a quick side-trip, jumping onto the road so suddenly several peacekeepers were bounced into the air at once, crashing down just in time for Stormy to stomp down on them.

Like the security guards, the police’s first instinct was to shoot their weapons. But not even the heavier armed cops wielding shotguns could hope to penetrate her thick muscles. She kicked them some of them away and buried the rest under her soles. “Tiny, squishy little bugs!” Stormy giggled to herself as if she was a little girl toying with a diorama and little dolls. “Keep fighting! Keep shooting! Realize you can’t do anything against me!”

All six cars had been reduced to rubble. Not one cop had survived; they were simply unprepared. With the police force decimated, Stormy set her sights back on the city.

Chaos soon gripped downtown. News of the violent attacks by the 75ft. tall giant had been circulating ever since she started stomping the industrial sector down. Newbol citizens fled into the streets, group-stampeding in the opposite direction where Stormy had been filmed coming from. She was so massive that after the first chopper went down to the wind caused by her swishing tail, brave and stupid reporters had to get their footage from the tallest skyscrapers.

From there, images of the wolfess giant decimating the roads were taken from multiple angles. It didn’t matter from where one looked at it though: She was flattening cars, kicking trucks like empty cans on the side of the street, and she took every opportunity to punch clean holes through every other building she came across.

Stormy was having the time of her life. The smaller the city became in her eyes, the easier it became to decimate, and thus the better she felt. If she didn’t crush the buildings with her bare hands, she smashed into them and even her squishy chest was firm enough to crash through them like a pair of fluffy wrecking balls.

Bigger and bigger the wolf menace grew, both literally and figurative. Stormy could feel her size gain accelerating with her excitement. She was breaking into the hundreds of feet tall now. Her feet easily ran out of space on the streets, and her toes were often halfway into buildings whenever she shuffled about.

Convinced of their powerlessness after a report from the industrial sector incident, the police decided to leave this issue in the hands of national security. All their efforts were funneled through the rescue and evacuation of civilians caught in this disaster. Their jobs were being constantly made harder with Stormy growing even faster than before. It didn’t take too long before she had doubled her size already. The looming threat of that wolfess was becoming an all-encompassing dread as her advancing shadow darkened the city.

It seemed like no matter what the little citizens tried, they had no easy way out. Just because she was growing ever more humongous, that didn’t stop the cruel wolfess from clearing dozens of blocks in an instant. Stormy jumped whenever she got too bored of a spot she had already destroyed, randomly choosing more places for her to let loose with all that pent up energy.

In the last week, Stormy had lifted weights that seemed physically impossible to manipulate; she had gotten to run as fast as a car; and she had even survived a traffic accident without a single scratch. And yet none of the energy she had spent during those ventures compared to the infinite well of power stemming from her core. Stormy felt boundless, like an ever expanding sea threatening to swallow it all. And the more she wanted to feel like that, the more intensely her growing body responded to her wishes.

With a rumble that sent vibrations across the ground floor under her powerful feet claws, Stormy felt a big growth spurt coming. She braced for it, aiming to savor every last bulging sensation that would wash over her. She gripped her fists tightly, clenching her enormous fangs and arching her back as she rapidly ascended in size. Stretching ever taller, Stormy was soon towering over skyscrapers at an utterly colossal 500ft. tall. She could see the reflection of her mammoth breasts on the mirrored windows of the tall apartment building in front of her.

Amused, Stormy approached the skyscraper that she was a good head taller than. She pushed a finger against it, rocking the building like a precarious game of Jenga. Pulling back, she went in to push it to the other side, laughing as the damaged skyscraper cracked all over and leaned like the tower of Pisa. Inevitably, the mismatched weight began to collapse the structure but before it could fall apart, Stormy brought both claws into a clap.

The sheer power of her enormously beefy arms translated into such a powerful impact the skyscraper didn’t merely crumble; it was blown apart into a rain of debris that Stormy celebrated with joyous laughter and an Earthquake courtesy of her victorious dancing.

One by one, every last skyscraper in the city fell; the only structures in the city capable of beginning to compare to her magnificent size. On the way to each target, Stormy razed the buildings she had been beating up and crushing earlier with just her legs now. Entire patches of city were turned into dirty, upheaved, debris coated messes in mere moments.

Stormy was having so much fun growing and rampaging that she lost track of time. The afternoon went by. And by the time the moon starting to rise, Newbol had been reduced to a smoking pit just as depressing as the setting of any post-apocalyptic videogame.

Unbeknownst to Stormy, tanks had begun to roll in by the dozens. The military had taken all the time the wolfess had been toying with the little people’s lives and livelihoods to ensemble an all-out attack on a scale never before seen in that part of the state.

Never the wiser, Stormy glanced up at the darkening sky with glee. She was feeling further energized even though she had been at it for hours now. Her body was closing in to a thousand feet tall and her body could feel bigger changes readying up for blooming.

No less than 30 tank cannons had become trained on her person; all loaded with the highest caliber ballistics available. Armor-Piercing shells were ready to go on command. The order was given; that monster had to be taken down. Boom! Cannons exploded with flashy blasts as they unleashed destruction upon Stormy.

But then Stormy howled at the moon. She howled so loudly that her voice, magnified by her extremely enhanced larynx, turned the sound waves of her voice into tremendous shockwaves that lashed out in every direction. Miraculously intact windows shattered miles away from the deep, powerful noise. That hadn’t been the howl of a wolf. She was a beast unlike any other now.

The shells flying towards her were curved by the sheer weight of those gusts coming from their target. They tilted, lost speed, and eventually were sent hurtling aimlessly into the sky. The military was forced to watch their most potent attempt being dismissed with such little effort that the tank pilots were glad to be instantly wiped out when those shells inevitably landed back into the destroyed city, causing explosions and even more widespread cataclysm.

Panting and with her tongue lolling out, Stormy grabbed her head. In her mind, she was celebrating the pleasure she was used to. The pleasure of growth she had come to love was ever present, and the high from exposing Newbol to her true power was as intoxicating as ever, but there was something else going on. She couldn’t stop it, a crawling in her skin just under her scapula. And yet after the tiniest of seconds worrying about it, the wolfess decided she wanted to let it happen.

The cause of that ticklishness was due to a growing pair of mounds under Stormy’s shoulders. Each mound of bulging flesh spread over her back like balloons filling with water. With a grotesque slosh and a moan from Stormy, the sacs burst with conical shapes drilling forth. Each appendage grew longer as it split upwards into several bone-like joints connected by a thick, leathery membrane.

The upsetting squishy sounds coming from behind them were enough to make the giantess squeamish at first. She held her stomach with both arms under her massive bust while doubling over. She had been expecting pain and the mere thought, for a moment, made her lose her cool. However, she soon realized she could feel those new extremities and all the growth they were going through. Their rapid emergence had put her in a vulnerable spot, but now that she had processed those things at her back were extensions of herself, Stormy quickly came to love them just as much as the rest of her growing self.

As the new limbs continued to unfurl and widen, Stormy peeked above. Each one of those conical tips was no less than three heads above her own. She could see the thick membrane hardly allowing any moonlight pass through. Curious about it, the wolfess reached around with a claw to feel the smooth texture of that light-absorbing skin. It felt smooth to the touch, with the barest hint of granularity on its surface. She could feel her own touch on that area the same as if she had been pressing her palm down on a thigh or her own wrist.

Considerably more confident with her transformation, Stormy raised to her now half mile high height. “I just grew wings. The fangs and the claws were one thing but…” she thought to herself full of glee, commanding her gorgeously gigantic wings to fully spread. The city fell under the darkness of that organic curtain, and she finally realized how absolutely minuscule everything truly was. “And I just won’t quit growing…!” she boomed out loud, surprising herself. “Huh?”

With every word she actually spoke out, Stormy could feel the weight of her voice. The ground below her feet used to only tremble when she stepped down or jumped; but not it was vibrating to the sound of her voice. She was making the foundations of Newbol quake under pressure. But most of all, Stormy realized she had a much deeper, lower-pitched tone. Each word she spoke boomed out with destructive force, echoing for miles and further devastating the city. The voice of that uninteresting wallflower was gone; in its place, a monstrous baritone that could level an entire city was now loaded in her voice box. And Stormy couldn’t have felt any happier.

“Hahaha…!” her laughter kicked up explosive bursts louder than any thunderstorm. Whirlwinds were let loose by her rapidly wagging tail. “Passed over by everybody else. Ignored. Depreciated…” she thought of her life until just ten days ago. Then she grinned and set forth another catastrophic earthquake by howling. “You can’t ignore a goddess!” she shouted with all of her might.

People from neighboring cities could feel the pressure from Stormy’s mighty bellows. The beast was growing so powerful the repercussions of her unbridled might now reached far and wide. But she didn’t have enough; she wasn’t content with her voice only reaching the three cities near Newbol’s area and all of the country surrounding it. She needed a way to get to everybody, to let them know she was going to give them the best, and last, show of their lives.

Looking back at her new wings once more, Stormy gave them an experimental flap. She could feel the dashed ground underneath her soles further becoming pulverized under her sliding, growing foot claws. “This is perfect.”  She was still growing past a full mile and wasn’t showing signs of decelerating. But she still wanted to be at an even greater height. Again, she flapped her wings. Again and again until she felt comfortable with them. With each flap, cutting wind blades rocketed forth and below, kicking up great dust clouds as the impacts left monstrous gashes across the city.

Finally, Stormy felt ready to try out those new wings of hers. She furled them up around her as she crouched, gathering her strength for a big jump. With the explosive leg power of those enormously muscular calves and quads, Stormy propelled several dozen miles up into the air. Her jump applied such pressure on the city below her that once the dust cleared all that remained of the once proud metropolis was now a caved down dustbowl which had been hit by a force comparable to a small asteroid.

Fighting the gravitational force with unbelievable ease, Stormy felt herself float in mid-air for a few moments. At that height she could easily see beyond the stratosphere, and was briefly struck blind by the gorgeous sight that lay before her eyes. For the first time since she had started walking down this destructively hedonist path, Stormy had not once thought of anything beyond planet Earth. That moment of realization- of remembrance that there was more than a world out there put a big, evil grin on her face.

But even if she was suddenly bored of her home world, even if she was suddenly feeling constrained by Earth and its limits, she still had promised all those germs below a show. As gravity finally reasserted itself and attempted to pull Stormy back down, she finally spread her wings once again, beating them with furious might. Clouds parted from the skies in every city for hundreds of miles. She could see lights below her as her wings kept her aloft. She was beyond all of that dirt and rubble. Stormy was beginning to forget the faces of people she had met in the last few days. Their worries, their screams, their hopes; she was going to silence them all in one fell swoop.

“Bigger…” the wolfess murmured, clenching her fists. “Bigger.” She curled her clawed toes, biting her lips. “Bigger!” she was ordering her body. The command was as effective as a magic spell. Her power rose and her size multiplied. Stormy flapped her wings to tear herself away from the gravitational pull as she grew closer and closer to the ground thanks to her rapidly swelling form. If she had been growing fast before, she was now flaring beyond tens of miles with barely any effort. The wing-based eclipse was beginning to hit every city in the state now.

At hundreds of miles tall, Stormy’s strength grew inevitably great that not only did she finally break herself free from Earth’s attraction, but her monstrous wing beat propelled her right through the planet’s atmosphere. The sudden lift-off left the entire state in ruins, all that pressure having done to it the same Stormy’s ascent had done to Newbol.

Floating with all liberty now, the gargantuan wolfess soared through Earth’s outer space like the world’s first space-faring, lupine craft. She flew around the world countless times, looking at the different landscapes with increasing boredom. Stormy was, after all, sick of her planet when there was so much to play with out there.

Apocalyptic devastation occurred worldwide without Stormy needing to make much effort. The weight of her wings beating so close to the land was enough to upheave entire cities all at once. The violent air currents uprooted and blew away whole forests, mountains got dashed out of existence by the pressure, oceans raged and flooded the continents. Stormy was destroying the world simply by flying too close to it.

And then she stopped. Right when the world looked like it had every problem across the board plus one, Stormy stopped her test flight and was simply content with levitating over the damaged world below her. She had grown tens of hundreds of miles tall now and could see over the horizon, nearly every continent lying there for her to see.

Wildfires, tremors, floods and storms. The elements were in full disarray all because of her. “More,” she said, shaking the entire planet with her voice now. “More!”

And more she grew. Stormy landed on a completely destroyed Asia, wanting to feel that sinking feeling of her own weight pushing something down underfoot again. She saw the enraged oceans splashing the sagging continent from the sides, and from her vantage point she could see all the rest of the chaos unfurling across the rest of the world as she swelled.

“Mmm! This… feels… so… good!” the wolfess screamed out in pleasure, her voice so powerful rang out into space. Her bestial voice cracked open a fissure across the whole world as she grew to a quarter of its size. Stormy leaned down and sank her claws into Europe, snapping it away from Asia before drowning it into the ocean. At over half the size of the Earth, Stormy began to extend her arms, reaching for the Americas. She pulled them together into Asia, making them crash together. She could feel the continents snapping and crumbling away like bits of mud on a puddle, so what she brought together was little more than a bunch of misshapen pieces.

Finally swelling to the size of the Earth, Stormy could throw her arms around the entire world. Her breasts mashed into the celestial body and she grinned down. “Puny, insignificant world,” she spoke loud and clear, feeling the planet in her embrace shuddering to her mighty voice. Stormy hugged the Earth tighter and tighter the bigger she got. When she inevitably grew more than double its size, Earth ended lodging in-between the wolfess’ giant knockers. “A planet full of perverted, pathetic microbes. What a fitting end!”

Snap. Stormy brought divine judgment to what remained of Earth by grabbing her breasts and squeezing them together. She didn’t even bother to check the aftermath; as the satisfying crunch between her soft boobs had been more than enough pleasure for her.

The space-faring giantess’ tail pulled up, bringing her the tiniest of marbles to her fingertips. The moon she had been howling at looked so minuscule now; barely worth her attention. But she still felt a certain, instinctual fondness to it. With a smile, she popped it into her maw and crunched it down to cosmic dust. “Nothing smaller than me deserves my attention, much less bland tasting rock candy.”

Final frontier had always come off as a cool phrase to Stormy. Space was truly beautiful. The distant sparkles, planets and stars; all of it more than enough to conquer a girl’s heart. But Stormy wasn’t a girl anymore. She wasn’t even mortal anymore. Her body was invulnerable, unimaginably powerful and unbelievably big; she felt invincible. Depressurization and lack of oxygen meant nothing to a goddess. She could violate every law of physics through sheer brute force. And brute force was her favorite. The Solar System became her playground.

Swimming towards Mars, Stormy slapped the red planet up and down on her palm, resting a claw on her wide hips as she looked on ahead. She was still not big enough to play with the gas giant ahead of her, but she saw a chance for sport several astronomical units ahead. At the rate she continued to grow, Mars was little more than a baseball in her grip, but that was enough for her. Her eyes were right on the money: Saturn’s rings. She reared her arm back, assuming a popular baseball pitcher stance and let loose with so much force that Mars immediately blew into several tiny chunks a mere distance from her palm.

“Well dang. Went a little too hard with that one,” Stormy huffed, looking at the red dust in her palm. After dusting her palms off, the wolfess set her sights on Jupiter. “But that’s what I’m here for, isn’t it?” she grinned, already focusing in her power to accelerate her own growth. Making good pace, she was soon competing with Jupiter for size, stretching bigger and bigger until the gas giant was only half her size. “Biggest planet in our Solar System,” she began to cackle and grin. Stormy felt insulted she had even felt threatened by its size once. Her maw began to light up, and once she opened it to roar, a beam of pure, condensed energy projected out. The laser sliced through Jupiter, igniting its various gases and making it light up like a Christmas tree. Stormy saw the planet detonate right in front of her very eyes, wiping out Saturn behind it even at the distance they were at.

Blinking her eyes rapidly in visible confusion, Stormy became surprised as she saw smoke trailing out from the edges of her maw. “Did I just spit out fire? A laser? I got laser beams?!” she roared with delight, “Godzilla’s got nothing on me! Man, what were those guys at Synchemic doing with this stuff? I thought it was meant to be just a supplement for rapid muscle gain!”

Like a child with a new toy, Stormy flew across the solar system, continuing in her huge quest for even more size while filling the cosmos with more mouth lasers. She carved entire asteroid belts, melting them away with the heat from her super powered breath. She practiced her aim by shooting down the remaining planets, now completely dwarfed by her ever increasing bulk. Stormy had to give up with finding Pluto, however.

When no celestial body worth her time had been left, the wolf goddess found herself in front of the single biggest object in the solar system; the titular Sol. The Sun was an impressive giant, more humongous than Stormy herself. Its very presence made her feel attracted to it. As if drawn to it like a moth to the flame, the cosmic lupine put her hands forth. Soft warmth turned to searing heat, but she wasn’t concerned. Stormy wanted to feel that heat in its entirety, and she was certainly not being burnt; her body far too developed in its tolerances to pain and exceptionally resistant to harmful effects.

The gorgeous prominences in the surface of the Sun looked like sea serpents greeting her from by emerging from their orange ocean. Stormy couldn’t stop herself. She wanted to feel the Sun all around her, so she dipped like a swimmer hopping into a pool, disappearing into the solar mass.

As she “swam” through the star, Stormy actually felt less hot than she had right outside. She relaxed, feeling herself irradiated and bathed in the energies of a being of pure light. Growing while floating inside, Stormy came to be adrift, lost in a maze of pure bliss. Her body was absorbing the heat of the Sun, further energizing every last cell in her body with an overabundance of nutrients. This caused a new hunger to develop in Stormy, who instinctively opened her mouth and began to inhale.

The Sun began to shrink, its mass being pulled into the hungry wolfess’ maw. She consumed it ravenously, each and every prominence blasting off the star only to be caught and slurped in like an orange gummy worm. And as she and the Sun became one, Stormy’s growth exploded in intensity. It took her mere minutes to multiply her size by a factor of a thousand, and from there, only seconds to completely and utterly dwarf the Sun as she finished snacking on it.

Glowing a fiery red, Stormy’s fur seemed to be lit, billowing like the flames of Hell itself. When she next opened her eyes, her sclera had turned completely black, her pupils had turned a deep pink and her irises were now an eerie yellow. The goddess had destroyed and consumed all there was to destroy and consume inside of the solar system. But now that she had tasted her first star, now that she had felt the entirety of Sol nourish her evolution to its next stage, Stormy had become hooked.

Glancing to the side, she focused on the very first sparkle in the distance she saw. In moments, she was gone from the solar system, reappearing inside of another, larger sun. She had transported her bulky body across the galaxy, innumerable light years away, in a mere handful of moments.

And just like with her first victim, Stormy started to inhale. She drank the supergiant star Sirius like space Capri sun, further endowing herself with more and more size and power. And like this, she took over neighboring solar systems, uncaring of their celestial bodies, now exclusively hunting for nuclear power. The suns were starting to get smaller as she got even bigger, to the point some became the size of dews she suckled from the very tip of her finger in order to absorb their power. She had become an unstoppable devourer of stars.

Days went by and the hunt continued. Once she was sufficiently loaded and large enough, Stormy stopped needing to teleport. Bigger than many solar systems put together now, all she needed was her willpower alone. Using an improved detection ability to find her prey, she pulled suns from every corner of the galaxy, making them orbit her eight-pack as they awaited consumption. Not even hypergiants were safe from her unending hunger; and solar-system-sized stars such as VY Canis Majoris were brought before her like coconuts full of tasty nectar to sip from. Stormy willed the smaller stars to fly into her mouth where one by one she wolfed all of them down. After stripping the galaxy bare of light, Stormy was the single most brilliant entity to ever exist in that part of the cosmos.

And yet even though the absence of light was making it impossible for untrained eyes to see anything, Stormy could see and feel a source of heat in the most unexpected place: The darkest spot in the Milky Way. The black hole at the center of the galaxy; a core of great density and mass; the greatest collapsed star that she had yet to consume. And with her sights set upon the core of the Milky Way, Stormy knew what her new type of favorite snack was going to be.

But before she could make the instantaneous journey to the center of the galaxy, the titan felt her movement restricted. She noticed a tight grip pulling on her wrist, which prompted her to look down. “What is this…?” she gasped, realizing too late a fist was coming her way. It socked her right in her left cheek, sending her hurtling thousands of light years through the emptied out galaxy.

“Enough!” a reverberating voice rang across the Milky Way, making Stormy stop herself in mid-space. A voice different than her own? She didn’t believe it at first, but the evidence had quite literally slapped her across the face. Focusing on what was ahead of her, the wolfess saw him.

A being just as unbelievably large as her floated in that empty void. Her brightness gave Stormy a good look at the clearly male features. Dressed in what seemed to be long dark purple tassels hanging from his arms and back, and a loincloth of the same color, the otherwise exposed being was covered in smooth, scarlet scales with alabaster snout, chest, belly and underbelly. The most striking details Stormy picked up on, however, were that the clearly reptilian creature had four arms instead of just two, and instead of legs his tail spanned the length of two more bodies. The wolfess had never expected to run into a four armed Naga in deep space.

He had a regal appearance, with a piercing amethyst gaze and a slithering tongue that was making Stormy uneasy each it time he hissed with it. His body was burly, with clearly defined, bulky biceps that could compete with her own. Golden rings adorning his upper arms were kept pushed up by the swell of those mounds of power alone. Had he not punched her in the face, Stormy would’ve considered dating him, maybe.

“And who the hell are you?” The wolfess grunted, rubbing the orange blood off her snout. The wound seemed to regenerate almost instantly, but Stormy had clearly felt that blow.

“Impertinent wretch! Mind your tongue. You’re speaking with your creator, Aorgoth the Eternal!” for being a snake, Stormy was surprised his ss weren’t being as pronounced as she had been expecting. Good, she thought, the less of that slithering tongue she saw, the better.

“Yeah? Well, my name’s Stormy, and I’m in the middle… oof!” a blow to her stomach knocked the wind out of her. Before Stormy could see him, Aorgoth had appeared in front of her. Without having the time to react, she ended being lifted off her axis by that one punch and sent flying away again. This time however, before she got a chance to stabilize, the Eternal followed up by slamming both of his upper fists down on her back, having appeared right at the apex of her flight to strike her again. Stormy had completely forgotten what pain was like. Her body which had extinguished all life in the galaxy was being treated like little more than a ragdoll by that Herculean reptile.

Catching Stormy by the tip of her left wing, she was held up like a beaten up hunting trophy. “Speak only when spoken to, Earthling wretch. Or should I continue beating respect out of you?”

Spitting out more of that lava-like blood, Stormy healed and raised her head to meet with the Naga’s amethyst eyes. She was staring daggers into Aorgoth.

“You are a defiant little wolf. Or are you a greedy little dragon now? Consuming the cosmos as you please, throwing the galaxy in chaos to satisfy your ravenous hunger for destruction?” the Eternal fumed through his nostrils. Stormy clearly could glean how upset this guy was, and as the pain numbed thanks to the way her body now worked, she found herself matching his irate gaze. In return, Aorgoth shoved his open upper right claw and seized Stormy by the neck, digging his claws into her flesh. “You were not meant to be, wretch. You, who will stop at nothing to destroy all I have created in your insane lust for power. You must be stricken down and I must begin anew. Have you anything to say for yourself?”

“You say you created me? Everything?” Stormy felt surprisingly calm even though she was being held up by the neck. Her lungs could still generate air and push it out through her windpipe even if her body did not need regularly oxygenated blood. Where she should be feeling strangulated, she only felt inconvenienced at best.

“Eternals have been around for longer than your Solar System. We owe our existence to the birth of only the biggest and most powerful stars in the cosmos. We precede your Sun,” the giant space Naga explained, “Your Sun was created by beings such as I. And this galaxy, the Milky Way as you know it, belongs to me. You have been trashing the work of eons, child.”

“So you’re… God, huh…?” Stormy grunted out, her fists starting to ball up. Her eyes blinked once and when they reopened they were aflame. She opened her maw, ready to blast Aorgoth with laser breath before she got slapped across the face. The redirected beam cut through millions of light-years in a different direction, making Aorgoth’s eyebrow twitch slightly.

“The species on your Solar System were meant to thrive and reach enlightenment by traveling to the stars and meeting other advanced races. They were meant to join every other solar system in the worship of my Eternal beauty and wisdom. But this current iteration has been terminated. You have doomed this galaxy to emptiness.”

“Who’d want to worship you?” Stormy chuckled, getting smacked again and again in return. She took the brunt of those blows, sputtering and coughing, but remaining limp and docile all the while. “Wanna know something? Your pet project was delicious. Every. Last. Bite!”

“Your list of sins grows ever heavier and imperdonable, child!” Aorgoth threatened, letting her go only to wrap his seemingly infinite tail all around Stormy. He squeezed her down, making her disappear in his coils. “Just look at you. Conceited, arrogant. Your demonic appearance tells me everything I need to know. You will not be satisfied even by devouring all there is. I curse you with the name of Daemon! And just as the duty of a God, I shall smite you here and now!”

The pain returned. Stormy could feel it all over her body now. Those coils were squeezing down on her. Had she not been feeding on solar nectar as she was, she imagined she would be asleep by now. She couldn’t give up. Punished by a self-serving God? This wasn’t how she wanted her story to end.

She summoned her strength, making it impossible to squeeze her down by enlarging her body further. Aorgoth’s tail was pushed away before he started booming with all-encompassing laughter. “Fool! You think you can outgrow me? I am an Eternal!” he triumphantly swelled to compensate Stormy’s increasing size, ensuring his coils were inescapable and their grip unbreakable.

“That would’ve been too easy…” Stormy grunted to herself as she resisted the coils. She had already forgotten what it was like to put serious effort into exerting her muscles! But Aorgoth was making it especially hard to pry herself free. And that was when she got another idea.

The God was surprised when he realized the struggle had ceased. He began to lean towards his own coils with narrowed, suspicious eyes and made sure to avoid releasing his deathly grip. A bright spot appeared on his coils, making him pull back just in the nick of time as his coils were forced apart by another beam of light. Stormy took the opportunity Aorgoth gave her by becoming lax with her imprisonment to finally put those huge arms of her to work.

She pried herself out and created distance between herself and Aorgoth by flying backwards. This time, she saw him appearing in front of her to deliver another punishing haymaker. She couldn’t avoid it as she wasn’t completely used to his speed yet, but this time she managed to bring her arms up to block the blow. The impact created friction at such level it ended in an explosion that separated them again. But he followed after her. “Persistent bastard…!” Stormy thought. “I don’t like clingy guys, just so you know!”

“You waste the time of your betters with this futile resistance and your inane quipping, girl!” Aorgoth smirked, overwhelming Stormy with a flurry of punches even a boxing master would be unable to follow. Many blows slipped past the wolfess’ defenses, striking her chin, cheeks and the side of her head. Stormy wondered if she should even still be alive after any one of those hits. It was hard to get a counter attack. She figured her laser breath wasn’t going to work twice on this guy.

Using her wings to add another layer of defense, she bought herself some time to think as the onslaught continued. Stormy didn’t want to find out the hard way if she truly was immortal or if she just really had a good healing factor now. She had to think up a strategy! “If only there was a way for me to become way more powerful than this guy and…” And then something came to mind. “Why did he wince when my first laser missed? It didn’t hit him, it hit… it went towards…”

“I must admit,” Aorgoth laughed as he continued beating Stormy’s wings up, “This is the first time in eons I’ve had a good scrap. It will almost be a shame to get rid of you. Perhaps I can string you up as my personal punching bag when I’m done beating you into submission as you deserve, hahaha!”

Stormy looked back through her wings. Using her ability to sense a star’s warmth, she found out where the galaxy’s core was. “Is there really power left in there? That’s it! He doesn’t want it destroyed because he was born from it! Now I have to have it.”

“Give up yet, you foolish child?” the snake God Aorgoth was wearing Stormy down and no mistake. She was starting to feel fatigue even with the shielding provided by her massive wings. At once and without missing a beat, she decided to enact her plan. “What?” the Eternal flinched as those wings unfurled with enough might to beat him back for a moment. That moment was all Stormy needed to transport herself onto the surface of the Milky Way’s core. “No. Come back here!”

Standing atop a black hole several magnitudes greater than herself had not exactly been the brightest idea in Stormy’s repertoire, but her star sensor had convinced her mind that the final source of power in the galaxy belonged to that astronomical nucleus. The pressure exerted by the black hole was making Stormy sag and bend over, “The pressure’s too great! I feel like I’m gonna collapse at any second. This better be worth it…!”

“Away, defiler!” Aorgoth crashed into the black hole’s surface with a quaking punch. Stormy had only just managed to avoid the blow even with her sluggish reaction time. She assumed the collapsed star’s ultra density was affecting him just as much as herself.

“What?” Stormy managed a weak grin. At their size, they were only a fraction of the size of the core. He was affected by the gravitational anomaly without a doubt, but nowhere near like herself. She still managed to keep her tough façade up. Her wicked grin was starting to light up. “Did I just crash your place?!” She prepared to open her mouth wide, but put her arms up at the last second to stop the God from punching her again. Immediately she countered by shoving him back, directly hitting him with her laser breath.

“Curse you, Daemon!” Aorgoth yelled as he held a hand over his wounded chest, but before he could retaliate, Stormy dashed forwards to capture the deity in a bear hug. Between the pressure of her immense muscles, solar powered strength and the gravity well pulling on them, Aorgoth was trapped.

“You’re… warm.” Stormy realized as she held Aorgoth in that forceful embrace. It made her begin to ponder, looking between the God and his birthplace below her feet. She realized she’d been wrong about this all. The warmth she had been feeling wasn’t coming from the galaxy’s core at all, but the link between it and the Eternal! “You said you were born out of this thing trying to crush us,” she began to grin, “You… are… literally… a son of this dead Sun.”

“Unhand me, wench!” Aorgoth struggled, but even his tail was useless when Stormy was stomping down on it. The gravity of that black hole was making it impossible for him to effectively fight back. “I will make you feel unimaginable pain. You will only know torture! When I remake this galaxy from the ground up, the legend of your humiliation will be sung like…” his rage was forced to pause as he felt a strange dwindling sensation, “…like…” Aorgoth found himself stammering. The black hole had him feeling weak, but all of a sudden he felt his seemingly inexhaustible stamina just fading away. He was having trouble speaking. “What is this…?” he panted, “What are you doing…?! What have you done?!”

Stormy smirked down at her prey. Her maw opened as she inhaled in the same way as she had learned to suck up the cosmic radiation from the stars she had eaten. The wolfess’ evil eyes began to glow with power as she started swelling larger and larger. But Aorgoth couldn’t match her size this time. In fact, she was looking to be expanding far faster than she actually was because he didn’t realize, at first, that he was slowly shrinking. His struggling amused Stormy, who didn’t stop consuming the solar energy the Eternal was composed off. She was draining him and becoming even greater as a result.

It didn’t take long for Stormy’s size to become great enough to not only survive the intense pressure in the black hole, but actually thrive in it. The more she savored Aorgoth’s essence, the easier it became to take it from him. She even was able to tap into the link between him and the Milky Way’s core, sapping even more power out of that condensed cosmic mass.

“Stop…! Stop, you’re taking it all!” Aorgoth felt his strength vanishing. He was soon barely half Stormy’s size and she continued to elevate, ascending beyond even his reckoning. “This can’t be. You’re a simple, carbon-based life form with no complexity whatsoever! I am an Eternal! The Star Carrier, the Creator! You’re nothing…! You can’t…!”

But Stormy could, and did. She endeavored to strip every last piece of her meal, the black hole beginning to dissipate underneath her before she was even able to outgrow it. Soon enough, all that remained in the galaxy was a brightly lit goddess of a wolf holding a snake barely the size of her thumb in a hand. Closing her mouth into a cocksure smile, Stormy bedazzled Aorgoth with her eyes which now appeared to be made out of pure light. Her voice rang out like an omnipresent force, warped beyond recognition and yet no less powerful. “You have been the most delicious of all morsels, little snake.”

“Y-you…” Stormy looked down at the shaking, fearful God in her grasp. He had been reduced to a pathetic size while she had grown bigger than even the dead star which had brought him forth. He tried to blink himself away, but Stormy willed him back to the top of her palm. “Y-you can’t do this to me…” Aorgoth pleaded, “Please…! Spare me! I take it back! I take it all back…!” he shouted out as he fully began to curl up and bawl, “Whu-what’s the title of Creator? You may have it! Please take it, I’ll give you anything you want. Just don’t… don’t… please stop this. You’ve had enough, haven’t you? Having a God at your beck and call sounds good, doesn’t it? I can… we could…! Aaiiiiee…!”


Stormy didn’t even bother to chew, slurping that snake past her lips like a particularly thick noodle. With a gulp, she let out a disappointed sigh and a sassy, dismissive wave of the hand. “I hate men that beg like that.”

The last obstacle in the galaxy was gone, and Stormy had officially stripped it bare. And now that the energies of a true God coursed through her veins, her power to grow had become magnified past any old limit. She instantly put it to work, moaning at the surge in pleasure she felt as her body was put through the motions once more. The wolfess grew bigger and bigger, pushing out of the boundaries of the Milky Way and into the neighboring galaxies.

The faint heat signature of those delicious stars was calling Stormy from everywhere all of a sudden. It was near enough to overload her brain. Her hunger, however, could not be abated merely by a handful of stars. She wanted to munch on every galaxy the same way she had devoured her own. And so she set out to do just that.

It occurred to her that the Eternal she had devoured had been one out of potentially thousands. If each galaxy had a core, it had produced a God or Goddess like Aorgoth back in the Milky Way. Her tongue licked her chops to the prospect of assimilating more divine essence. And thanks to the suddenness of her ascension, they didn’t stand a chance.

One by one, every galaxy in the universe disappeared into Stormy’s gaping maw. She floated between them, sucking each galaxy, its suns and its Eternal like boats pulled in by an insatiable whirlpool at sea. And with every meal, her body further exploded in size. Her muscles continued to develop, making her look like a Herculean monster of pulsing, raw physical power. Her breasts hung over her chest above gorgeous 10-pack abdominal mounds that could redefine athleticism on their own. Her wings doubled in size, spanning several galaxies’ width. Everything belonged to her. It all deserved to be extinguished in favor of her ever expanding greatness.

Stormy’s sense of time became as distorted as her divinely ringing voice. She couldn’t tell anymore just for how long she’d kept her mouth open, or how many thousands, if not tens of thousands of Eternals she had devoured alongside their home galaxies. All she knew was that once the food finally ran out, so had the room in the universe.

“I thought this was supposed to be infinite…?” Stormy had a pondering moment, “No wait. It’s constantly expanding. But I am constantly expanding. Much faster, it seems!” she giggled to herself at the realization, feeling further constrained, as if she was getting covered in plastic wrapping. “Nnghh… but this is getting old even faster.” She grumbled, starting to grow anxious and enraged. Stormy didn’t know why, but she thought way back to the moment she was having difficulties escaping the Synchemic labs for the first time back on Earth. That similar sensation was enough to put in her a bad mood. So she worked against it. Even without food, she put forth all of her willpower into ordering her body to outgrow the universe attempting to contain her.

With a growl, Stormy struggled and pulsed. Her body swelled several times bigger before the membrane of the universe tightly forced her back down. The tug ‘o war continued for what seemed to be an eternity. The cosmic will of the universe had not yet decided the Big Bang had to recede. Time and time again, Stormy had shown her disregard for the rules and others’ wills. This time was no different. Her brute strength came through and soon, the universe stretched one last time before it began to tear. Before that hole could patch itself, Stormy gripped it tightly with one of her claws, and then added a second. She forced herself to grow as incalculably big as she could and put all of her being into ripping the limits of the universe away from her.

Finally, with a snap that shook all of space-time itself, our universe came undone by the infinite wolfess. Stormy was left panting in exhaustion. “I can’t believe… my toughest opponent was some sort of boundary…” she sighed in relief, looking ahead to what seemed to be vast emptiness. Had she truly eaten, destroyed it all…?

For what seemed to be eons, a satisfied Stormy floated amidst nothingness. It seemed like she had enforced eternal peace and quiet for herself. But then, just as the hunger for more returned to her, her ears perked up to the sound of familiar howling.

The howling came from many directions at the same time. Stormy wasn’t sure what was causing the noise, but she knew it was coming from multiple sources; far too many to count. Her heart began to race and she couldn’t help herself from thinking: “What’s one universe?”

She howled loudly back at the Multiverse. The Daemon’s journey was only getting started.

To Be Continued…?



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