Alice's Dominant Whim


Alice laid across the air, floating idly in the middle of her bedroom. Long red locks drifted down behind her. Thousands of individual strands swayed majestically, four feet of luxurious hair hanging just shy of her carpet. The fiery red glow bathed her room, shadows dancing across the walls as the strands moved in slow, billowing motions.

Alice was bored.

She had spent the last eternity of her unending existence basking in the might of others, random individuals finding themselves the proud owners of a meagre fraction of omnipotent power. Powerful, dominating men and women would tweak her infinite desire to be trampled on and tortured, flaunting their strength by fucking her senseless, breaking her pathetic, skinny body, commanding her beyond her capabilities just so they could punish her. She was a submissive freak for much of her time as the deity of this reality. Eventually she had felt satisfied, and for a few brief millennia, she allowed humanity to revert and develop how they should. But as time wore on, a new lustful thought crept into her mind, a rare, dominant desire beckoned her.

“The world is my carpet.”

In that instant, the planet went into chaos. Earthquakes shook throughout the planet’s mass as tremendous valleys formed across its surface, deep fissures ripping the world apart. Mountains across its surface shuddered and tipped, vast spires of rock collapsed in majestic plumes of snowy, rocky dust, local towns eradicated in an instant beneath the rubble.

Throughout the nightmare humanity suffered, Alice was above it all. Her omniscient eyes took in the entirety of her power, a mere whim tormenting her planet’s populace. Whole countries were thrown around by immense shifts of landmass and powerful winds rolling through the atmosphere. Oceans swelled and erupted in violent tsunamis across the ‘globe’, whole cities lost in the largest waves ever seen by mankind, while others were unceremoniously vanished amidst the chaotic reformation of tectonic plates, uncurling from their spherical shape to flat plains that spread to form little more than a rug in a pale, skinny woman’s bedroom.

Despite the wide variety of personalities and shapes dotted around civilisation, unbeknownst to them, every mortal was an eye into their world to their deity. Every glorious sight, every deafening noise, the intense pleasure and pain signals running through their bodies, they were Hers to experience. She felt herself tremble beneath the sheer magnificence of her own might, the vast visage of herself glowing red in heat and lust.

Her body tipped back, slender legs bending down and bringing slim, dainty soles down upon England. Entire buildings were swallowed up beneath the vast hills and crevices of her skin. Entire pockets of life were exterminated by her flawless soles, soft flesh squished and settled deep into the thin, crunchy layer of Earth’s crust. Her home country had almost entirely perished in that first contact. The sheer might of her tremendous weight projected violent quakes through the ground, deadly ripples emanating from the sides of her feet.

“You have to admit, it’s much better to live in a world where you can always see me coming,” she utters with a sly smirk, twisting her foot into the crust, a pool of magma beneath erupting from the sides of her sole and spraying over nearby landmass, reducing any life to nothing in rolling waves of super-hot rock.

“Compared to always wondering if I’ll ever turn up again after I’ve snuffed half of you out.”

Her other short, slender leg swung forward in a single, soaring clear of the Channel, winds roaring across the ocean. Freight ships were thrown around in powerful waves, easily toppled and sunk by the mere reaction of her foot passing overhead. A more careless, heavy stomp of her foot blotted out a good portion of France, countless lives flattened beneath the flawless sole. Millions of helpless souls vanishing all at once sent a pleasant tingle across Alice’s foot, toes settling, then flexing in place. Her movements cast small ripples across the landscape. Every minute twitch of her body effortlessly snuffed out another pocket of humans, miraculous survivals of the initial step shaken apart by the tremors.

“Now, I’ll always be here. For the rest of your lives.”

Time for the unwrapped planet suddenly began to speed up, the impossible visage of their tormentor slowing right down. She watched as humanity attempted to develop and assault her, bigger, stronger weapons unleashed across her toes and ankles as they desperately tried to end her rampage. Civilisation went on, more lives were born, grew up beneath her oppressive, almost static gaze. Several centuries passed for them. The history of her original appearance was lost to stories and myths, only the stoic glare of her divine gaze remaining true throughout the years. Then, just as suddenly, she came back to life, the speed of civilisation slowing back to her scale, one leg striding forward and planting down on a redeveloped nation.

“And the lives of your descendants.”

Once more time sped along, countless more centuries passing as Earth suffered beneath her. Every few hundred years she would awaken, her constant, careless smile shifting slightly, a soft laugh or a lusty moan escaping her as she takes another cataclysmic step upon humanity, tens of millions of lives snuffed out in an instant. Then she went still, just a terrifying statue of sheer, unfettered, cruel power looming across all of Earth’s miniature expanse.

“For the total span of the universe and all existence.”

As time went on, Earth’s resources dwindled. Attempts to leave the bedroom were thwarted by simple, mysterious disappearances, anything that left never heard from again. Civilisation was starting to wane, unable to sustain the constant, rhythmic assault spanning lifetimes. Whole existences lived merely in her presence, while others were able to witness the catastrophic footfalls of their cruel divinity, while stories of survivors spread slowly throughout the rest of civilisation until they became myths and legends of the past. Until she would once again begin to move, taking another step, such a tiny act from her sending ripples and cracks throughout human civilisation.

“I will exist.”

Pockets of life were reducing to individuals, hopeless, tormented minds having endured through the final moments of survival, meagre scraps all that remained to feed on. So little of human civilisation remained, barely any wildlife had survived her relentless, age-long rampage. Her movements became more frequent as she whittled humanity down to its dregs, having to keep up with their increasing fragility as what little remained struggled to let humanity continue. Hopelessness befell them. They truly were nothing before this woman.

“I will own you.”

One final step, her perfect sole stretching across the last survivor’s eyes, unable to move from her position out of sheer exhaustion. Every little wrinkle and fold of her skin as she bent her toes looked crafted, to the final man eyes nothing less than absolute perfection hanging over his head, slowly covering the dozens of square miles she was poised above. Minutes passed as the sole just grew larger and more smothering, blocking out the entire sky. Distant mountains that dared to still stand finally crumbled beneath her. And finally, in one planet-rending crash of weight, the entire landmass was smothered beneath the pale sole of the goddess, every last scrap wedged deep into the folds and grooves of her skin, densely packed and flattened into a perfect footprint.

“I will destroy you.”

A single blink. All it took for Alice to make the Earth return in its entirety, right back to where she had started. Every single person halted for a moment, the lingering memories of what just occurred swimming through their combined minds as she willed it. The planet erupted in screams, people broke down in abject sorrow for themselves and their future loved ones. Alice arched her back as she felt the sheer dread of humanity burst back to life, her stint of dominance over her home finally bringing her to completion. The planet shuddered beneath her throes of ecstasy, tremors emanating from her home to give one final, cleansing shake through everyone as pleasure erupted through her body, intense moans projected and echoed across the atmosphere.

And then they all forgot. People wondered why they were crying, wondered why their hearts were racing. Everything that occurred became a single event, where all of humanity felt a simultaneous flood of emotion that no scientist would ever be able to explain. A few blissful moments of afterglow soon left the naked goddess as she floated up, bored once again, her dominant streak ended. With a soft whoosh, her body vanished from her home, her naked figure floating around Earth looking for someone to gift some power to, desiring nothing more than to be dominated by one of these adorable mortals once again.



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