The Epic of Alika part 2


(Part 2 of the story as I felt it was too long to post in one part)

“I know you said you had a ride to where Hermes wanted us to go, but this is….”


“What too small?" Alika asked.


“Alika we changed the mast to look like you!" A sailor shouted. “Oh who’s this?”


“She’s my sister Lydia." She replied.


“Guys, Alika’s got a sister!" He announced everyone rushing to come see her.


“She’s beautiful!" Another said before they all devolved into random questions and ogling.


Lydia tried to ignore them and just get on the ship only to have a hand reach out to help her up. “Oh uh.. Thanks." She said as she got a good look at a very large breasted woman.


“I’m Mina." She proclaimed, her ears twitching as she smiled at Lydia.


“She’s the Minotaur." Alika declared, walking up and grabbing her by her right tit.


“Mooo!!!!" Mina cooed.


“I advise drinking from her twice a day. Like Father always said, “Milk helps you to grow up big and strong.”


As Lydia watched her sister molest the legendary creature she’d heard in song and tale, she couldn’t help but think Alika had had a much different experience than her.


“Lycia" Lydia mused as one of sailors, a particularly attractive one that was half naked served her a plate of fruit. The land was located south from her homeland, and she knew the rumors well. “The Chimera" She thought.


Once they hit land Lydia was all business, much to Alika’s annoyance. “Come on we can’t look around town a bit more?" Alika asked. “I found out the location of the beasts lair, there’s nothing else I need to know. Also I told you to wait on the ship since you refused to carry a weapon.”


Alika pouted, “Sister, You’re such a spoil sport”


“This is not a game Alika." Lydia replied. “This beast is feared all over the east, and may be the most dangerous mother has sent me after.”


“I still don’t understand why your…," Alika started before a roar in the distance caught her attention.


Lydia ran a short distance and hid behind a tree. “The temple must be over there." she thought.


“What was that?" Alika asked standing right behind her sister, completely exposed.


Lydia held back an angry groan, “You stay right here while I deal with that thing, under no circumstances are you to get involved.” Alika argued at first, but as her sister’s expression eventually wore her down.


The temple had been in ruins for a time, as vines were growing all along the columns. It was just one large chamber with a couple small side rooms, this made it very easy for Lydia to see the creature. The body and head of a lion, a second head which was that of a goat, and finally a tail that was the head of a viper.


She maneuvered silently across the chamber, while the beast lay still chewing on god knows what. All she knew was it was alive at one point, but not any longer. Lydia found her opening strike. She took her sword out, an enchanted sword once used by Perseus, composed of a magical metal it could cut through any surface, it cleaved through a column which came crashing down on the beast.


Lydia charged in seeking to kill the beast before it could recover, but when she went for the lion head the viper head used the creatures most deadly ability and spat flames out at her. She only just managed to dive out of the way when the creature broke free. The Chimera stood on its hind legs and changed with the goat head. She dodged to the side making it hit another pillar. The beast chased her around for several more passes. Lydia was running out of columns, and she’d prepared her final gambit and was going to collapse the building on them both and pray she made it.


“Let’s see if the fates are through with me yet." Lydia prayed, preparing her last strike as the Chimera stood in the middle of the room.


One second later Lydia watched in full on panic mode as Alika jumped on the back of the Chimera and wrestled with its tail. The beast thrashed about as Alika manhandled and pulled at it’s serpentine head. Finally it tried to slam Alika into the wall of the temple, to which Alika responded by jumping off it’s back and stomping hard into the ground. This caused the beast's momentum to throw it upwards, and unfortunately at the same time Alika grabbed its tail and tried to slam the head into the ground sending the beast through the wall and crashing into a dozen trees, knocking the Chimera out cold.


“Oh no, I’m sorry kitty-goat, I was trying to save you from the mean old snake," she shouted from the hole she’d just made.”


Lydia stood with her mouth agape, but before she could fully contemplate what she just saw a rumbling signaled the building was about to collapse. “Alika, out of the building now!!!" she ordered.




“Alika, What the hell was that?" Lydia asked.


“You mean back there, I wanted to save that cat and goat from the snake. Oh also save you." Alika replied as she walked with her arms behind her head.


“No I mean how the hell are you so strong?”


“Huh.. oh I’ve always been strong, though I do also workout a lot. Oh I know let's go to the baths before we leave, I overheard they have some hot springs from one of the sailors on the ship.” Alika said before skipping ahead.


Lydia looked closely at her sister, who showed no injury whatsoever despite the massive struggle she’d just gone through. Suddenly some of the stories she’d heard about her made more sense, with the image of the Alika she’d come to know.


Over the next several weeks Lydia became more and more amazed by her sister, but also more and more confused. One encounter with the oddities of this world after another and all of them less odd then the person she was facing them with.


When they ran into sea pirates and Lydia worked to get everyone into battle positions, Alika had jumped off the ship and already broken the hull of their ship with nothing but her bare hands. Furthermore when she got back on the ship her clothes had no water on them at all. This along with the fact that they had grown to contain her sister’s body which now stood 144cm tall and had breast twice the size of when she met her, led to Lydia assuming they were enchanted somehow.


When they got to Egypt they ran into the legendary sphinx and were forced to answer it’s riddle. Or should Lydia say riddles, as Alika insisted on more and more, and yet had never missed a single one. Finally she asked the sphinx on her own. “Beyond the horizon no light can escape me, what am I?" she asked.


The sphinx never answered her question correctly according to her, and when Lydia and her had left it was slowly losing its mind. “What was the answer by the way?" Lydia asked back on the ship. “A Black hole." Alika stated, looking off in the distance, leaving Lydia wondering what that was, and only receiving an “I'll explain it to you later” in response.


All these events made her question if Lydia was truly related to Alika. However when they got blown off course an event happened that made her question whether she was even human. She’d heard the stories about them, beautiful temptresses whose songs sent sailors to an early grave. However no story could have prepared her for the sirens song.


At first it was a soft tune on the wind, a faint noise that caught the crew and Lydia’s attention. Then as they drew closer it became an invitation to satiate all curiosity. Lydia tried desperately to plug her ears at this point and calm the crew down. Upon getting close enough she could glance at the forms of the enchanting beauty of these maidens, Lydia was losing the will to even try to save everyone. A watery grave would await them, but she almost began to dream of it with real desire.


However just when Lydia thought she’d give in a new song rose from the mast of the ship. A haunting soprano that pulled at her very soul, and as she saw the crew’s souls as well. She turned and looked up to see the visage of someone she thought she knew. For the first time she took notice of her sister as more than just that. Alika as she stood there arms raised and eyes closed singing a note so powerful that even the sirens themselves fell over themselves to get closer to hear. Her sister was like beauty incarnate to her, everyone present went into fits of ecstasy at her call. “Is Alika a Goddess?" Lydia asked as she watched the men beg forgiveness for daring to look at another with the same lusting eyes, before looking lovely at her before passing out of sheer overstimulation.




Seeing Alika from a new point of view was a difficult thing for Lydia to muster. A girl so short and yet which always had an aura of a colossus of pure desire. Having only viewed her before as her overly curious trouble-maker of a half-sibling, it was difficult to square in her mind. At least she thought it was going to be, till they arrived on the Isle of Lesbos.


“What do you mean all those other tasks weren’t given by mother?" Lydia screeched at the top of her lungs.


“Well Hermes told me this is where Mother ordered us to go after the dragon, but I wanted to see some places the guys mentioned, and going to Egypt with my sister sounded fun so I thought we’d make a trip out of it all." Alika announced laying on the railing of the deck where even a minor gust of wind could have knocked her over.


“How in Hades name did I let you get away with that, I knew better. I knew it was odd that Hermes only talked to you, but lying to me!" Lydia continued as she had for over an hour talking in circles as she laid it into her sister.


Finally after offering no response for the whole entire argument Alika looked back to face her sister. “Oh now you want to talk!" Lydia chuckled to herself, finally thinking she’d penetrated her sister’s thick skull.


“Sister, please stay perfectly still." Alika begged, her face completely serious for the first time since she’d met her.


“Hey… back off this might work on Mina but…" Lydia said as Alika reached toward her shoulder and backed her into a tree.


“Look I’m not really that mad okay, it was kind of fun. I just…" Lydia looked into Alika’s eyes and saw movement. Specifically a large tail that was just above her.


“Get down." Alika said, pushing her sister to the ground before jumping up and grabbing the tail.


Lydia turned to just Alika twirling a creature with the body of a snake and the face and torso of a woman, before she rushed to close her eyes. “Alika it’s a gorgon don’t look at it or you’ll turn too…" She yelled before her sister interrupted.


“I DON’T LIKE SNAKES!!!" Alika yelled before the creature went flying over the treeline.


Lydia pulled out her sword and used it’s reflection to see behind her. “Alika now’s not the time, that was a gorgon and…," she said before noticing her sister in distress.


“Look Alika I get it, but we seriously need too..." she started before her sister moved in to hug her. Lydia struggled to drop her guard, but finally realized she’d never seen her sister like this. “It’s okay Alika I’m here, you saved me from the snake okay" she said patting her on the head and moving the hair out of her eyes.


“I’ve never heard of you disliking an animal or person before," Lydia stated, remembering the stories the crew and Alika had told her. “Why don’t you like snakes?" she asked.


“I.. I…" Alika pulled back with an inquisitive expression on her face. “Huh... you know I never stopped to think about it." Alika said.


Lydia wasn’t the caring type and hearing this come out of Alika’s mouth was making it more difficult. “Have you ever even spent any time with one or..?" Lydia asked without thinking before realizing how crazy that sounded.


“You know what you’re right!" Alika exclaimed.


“Yeah I know it was a dumb suggest… wait what?" Lydia asked.


“I’ve always thrown them before I got to know one, I’ll be back in a bit." Alika announced before running off into the woods faster than Lydia could track.




Euryale lay on the ground trying to process the situation. She’d finally tracked down the one that carried the blade that had taken her sister’s head and was about to get revenge when out of nowhere she’d been flung across the island.


She broke down, “No all I want is for things to go back to the way they were," she realized.


“You want to talk about it," Alika said, sitting on a large rock looking down at Euryale.


Euryale starred up waiting for the curse to run its course and for the girl that was in her way to be turned to stone, letting out a wail as she did.


“You know I don’t dislike you actually." Alika said, giving a gentle smile not even registering the curse’s existence.


“Who.. who are you?" Euryale asked. The snakes that made up her hair cowered in fear.


“I’m Alika and you’re actually very pretty." she purred.


Euryale almost broke down into tears. “She’s the first one to tell me that since… since my sister." she blushed as Alika observed her more closely.


“Hey.. I just want you to know, my sister isn’t the one you’re looking for, in fact I’m afraid he’s been gone awhile." Alika stated.


“I… I know.” Euryale replied. Alika was reading her like a book and though she didn’t know how she was too captivated to care.


Alika brushed her hand along Euryale's shoulder. “Hey I was thinking about how we spend the evening together." She said in a sultry tone.


“You… spending time with… me!" Euryale stammered, getting lost in Alika’s eyes as she brushed back her red hair. Euryale looked upon her more and more and weeped with glee. The warm smile, the curves of her body, the certainty in her voice. It was impossible for her to say no, these were the greatest moments of her life. She had felt lost for so long, but now she’d found enough happiness that she could live the rest of her life with no sorrow. As Alika exposed her huge breasts, Euryale saw paradise and couldn’t believe she’d get to spend a whole evening there.


“What the hell were you doing out there all night?" Lydia asked upon Alika’s return the next morning. “We heard moaning all the way to the shore.”


Alika just gave a proud smile. “I actually like snakes now." Alika said, her hips shaking left and right as she walked to the ship.


Lydia looked back to the woods and shook her head. “Whatever happened on Lesbos, stays on Lesbos." she agreed before heading back to the ship. “I guess she is human after all.”




“Why won’t she just die?!!!!!!!!!!" Callianassa asked in the middle of a council room.


“My queen, she's very popular, maybe you should just…" a god said.


“Too Tartarus with you!" Callianassa ordered. His screams heard in the distance for several moments as two other gods carried him away. “Hermes send word to Alika that she is to go to see Midas.”


“At once my…," Hermes replied.


“Oh and another thing I know you told my other mistake about her. For that I order your silence to Lydia, and furthermore I order you to send her to Marathon. The Persians are invading and I’m sure they’ll never notice her amongst the dead." She said a green aura enveloping her that Hermes knew meant he was one step away from eternal punishment.


“Hermes, you can’t be serious!" Lydia exclaimed.


“I can’t say more as your mother ordered me to silence." Hermes replied.


“What about Alika?" Lydia asked.


“She’s going on another task, again I can’t say more.” His face showed genuine concern. “March off to Marathon with the soldiers, you will be forced to take part, and fate willing you’ll be here when I return in a few weeks time. I would check after the battle but your mother…" he was cut off as Lydia hugged him.


“I’ll be back, I’ve got a little sister that would drive everyone mad if I didn’t." she replied.




“Just one touch and Callianassa will free me from this damnable curse and bring my daughter back to life." Midas thought as he saw Alika’s ship come to shore. Even in death he wasn’t free of his curse, but worst of all his daughter couldn’t even die properly stuck in a state of complete Limbo as a statue long lost to time.


“Just one touch and….” He looked over to see Alika pull a hundred year old tree out of the ground and carry it on her shoulder. “It.. It doesn’t matter one touch." he said committing to his task.


“Watch your step sir, I don’t want to knock you over." Alika said without even looking back. Midas was so shocked he accidentally touched the tree turning it into solid gold. “Oh pretty, I hadn’t thought of that." she declared.


Midas took his opening and grabbed her by the hand and prepared to receive good word from Callianassa. “If you wanted to hold hands or cuddle you could have just said so." Alika said, giving him a hug that calmed all the worries in his mind.


“How are you alive?" he asked her, smiling face proof his curse didn’t affect her.


“Oh the curse wouldn’t work on me, also took your curse away.” “Thanks for the idea by the way." Alika said, walking over to another tree and turning it into solid ruby. “I’ve been thinking about paying back all the people that have helped me, and this is a great way to do it.”


“Oh wait, but you don’t want stuff like this." Alika said Grabbing a patch of leaves before throwing them into the sea, them turning into a net in midair. As she pulled in the net Midas wept as he saw his daughter’s form again. As with her father Alika placed her hands upon her and she was alive once more as if nothing had happened.


“There you go. I’m glad you learned what real treasure is all on your own." Alika said, taking her riches and heading out to sea.




“Damn it!" Callianassa screeched. “If she likes people so much, I’ll give her an impossible solution that everyone will ridicule her for!" she laughed.


Alika looked on at the obstacle set before her. Scylla: a six-headed sea monster that was said to eat six men whenever a ship passed it’s way and Charybdis: a whirlpool that threatens to swallow her ship whole.


The sailors of the ship called to Alika. “We are prepared to do whatever you order.”


“Oh guys I always knew you wanted to be between a cock and a hard place with m.," She winked as she stood on the railing. “My choice is for everyone to hold on tight.”


With that Alika jumped into the water and quickly swam to the back of the ship. “Up we go!" she said as she lifted the entire ship up and held it above her casually on the tips on her fingers of her right hand. She pushed with her left hand on the surface of the water and stood to her feet, literally walking on the water. Finally she threw the ship into the air and over the obstacles in its way, only to catch it on the other side of the throw and set it down gently without a scratch on it.


“Now that that’s settled I can finally get you boys home." She announced to the sadness of her most loyal fans. “But for tonight..." She purred, “ We celebrate like there’s not tomorrow!”


Her fun was briefly interrupted by a giant wave Callianassa had ordered sent her way should she choose Scylla and survive, in order to sink the ship anyway. All it really did was cause Alika to stop making out with some of her toys for a moment in order to pick up a wooden spoon and swing it casually. The wind pressure alone caused the wave to split in two, sparing the ship.


“Now where’s Mina, Alika’s thirsty." She announced in a sultry tone.




“Send an assassin after her then!" Callianassa ordered, unable to believe her daughter was still alive.


King Lycaon was the first werewolf and jumped at the chance to face a prey that Callianassa herself had so far failed to kill. He stumbled upon her sleeping in camp with Mina at her side. There was no honor in it, but all that mattered to him was his prey. As Alika rose from her sleep she was bitten on the shoulder.


“Ah who's a good doggie." she said, petting him much to King Lycaon’s annoyance. “Let’s get you out of there." She said as she placed a hand on each arm of the monster. She pulled each direction with her hands and on her right was nothing but an ordinary man, and on her left was a majestic wolf.


She petted the wolf and shook it’s paw. “Now I know you don’t want to, but let him live okay, he’s got to properly learn his lesson." She ordered before grabbing Mina and leaving the man to his punishment for his crimes against the animals Alika loved unconditionally.


For it’s part the wolf left no permanent damage, showing more restraint than Lycaon ever had.



“That does it!" Callianassa yelled. “Blow the volcano in the next city she arrives in if it costs that I’m willing to pay it.”


As the top blew off and lava began to pour down the side of the mountain, Alika thought of the people, the plants, and the animals her mother was seeking to uproot and knew she had to save them.


She picked up Mina and raced up the top of the mountain. She groped Mina tightly, her moooans of ecstasy echoing in the distance, until finally Alika caused her to squirt milk out. But unlike other times, the force of her lactation was so great it covered the whole mountain and stopped the lava before it could reach the city. Alika was once again the hero, the town was safe, and Mina was in a state of bliss that would last a full week for her to recover from, all in all a good day in Alika’s book.




The attempts on Alika’s life continued on for several weeks, Callianassa trying desperately to do anything to kill her daughter, or at the very least make her be viewed as a monster among the people she ruled. On every account she failed and only succeeded in making her daughter more famous and more loved. However her own hubris had made her blind to everything.


“The lotus eaters?" Callianassa asked.


“Failed to stop her," Hermes replied, reading off a list.


“Argus the 100-eyed immortal giant?”


“Couldn’t see her and was forced to yield when she got him off the ground.”


“What about the Goddess of sex, did she embarrass her at least?”


“Well Alika she… ah hmmm… " Hermes tried to respond but the goddess in the room fell over in a fit of ecstasy at the mere mention of Alika’s name. “She’s yet to recover from that encounter.”


“AAAAAAA, just tell her to go to hades!!!!" Callianassa screeched hoping that would be the final word on the matter.


“You told her that last week and she came back from that as well, in fact she really seemed to have enjoyed the experience." Hermes said accidentally letting his contentment with affairs shine through. It wasn’t just him however all the gods were fairly happy with the state of affairs. Mostly because Callianassa was so distracted she failed to inspire dread in everyone.


Callianassa’s rage was so complete she would have threatened to wipe everyone out in the room, had it not been for a god changing the subject. “Ah hmm might I be so bold as to suggest we return to the matter with the Persians.”


“Speak" Callianassa said, remembering that the fates couldn’t help either because Alika had no thread and when they looked into her future Alika winked at them.


“Well as you know the battle has been over and the Persians have retreated seemingly content for now with the islands in the east.”


“Anything new to report." Callianassa interrupted, waving her hand to encourage the man to skip ahead to his point.


“Well it would seem Lydia survived." He announced to some cheers. Though they were quickly interrupted by Callianassa smashing part of the table in front of her.


“One death, I wanted just one death and I can’t have either of them. Every Time those damn bastards survive to another day." She declared before an evil grin came across her face. “Hermes... I have an order for you." she cackled.




“Another for the lass that gave them bastards the what fer..." a soldier called clearly having drunk a few to many already.


“I told you I stopped drinking them after you bought the second one, you drunken fool." Lydia said snarky handing the drink off to another person as she had for several dozen minutes now.


“I don’t not like the attention." Lydia thought to herself before realizing the truth. “I’ve been waiting for Hermes to give me the word on Alika for awhile now and taking out a couple Persian ships is nothing compared to what mother sent her way.”


As she finished her thought a wind blew through the door of the bar and sent some people and tables flying. Lydia turned to see it’s source and she froze in fear.


“Beloved daughter of mine, great hero Lydia Astraea, I have a task for you." Callianassa stated as people ran in fear of the large woman with lightning coming off her body.


Lydia could tell everything was off. Her mother never came to her, and the look on her face was one of pure madness. Most off putting was that she said her name without a hint of anger in her voice. “What do you want, Mother?" she asked, holding tightly to the hilt of her sword.


“I know you’ve met that ingrate that doesn’t know her place." Callianassa stated.


“Alika!" Lydia thought. “What have you done to her?” she asked, pulling her blade out.


“Done to her, done to her!!!" she wailed. “It’s what she’s done to me, driving me mad thinking she’s special. Making everyone think she’s special and when I try to fix the situation she keeps coming out alive.” She started laughing in an unhinged manner. “No this isn’t about what I’ve done to her, it’s about what you’re going to do to her”


Lydia watched her mother reach for something in her sleeve and in that instant did something out of character for her. She was reckless and charged at her mother swinging her sword aiming to strike her down and end the madness. Unfortunately for her Callianassa managed to evade most of the strike only receiving a minor cut and in return forcing her back.


“You ungrateful little brat!" she declared as she produced a green orb with energy swirling inside. “This is the power of the primordial that spawned us all, Chaos!" She declared. “The power I discovered that won me Olympus all those years ago” Lydia lost control of her body and her sword arm moved on its own.


“You’re lucky I have need of you alive, or else I’d end you for that outburst." She mused staring into the orb. “As punishment though I will take the thing you hold most dear." Lydia’s other arm grabbed the back of her hair. Her proof to the world that she still remembered her father after all this time, and Callianassa stripped it from her in an instant.




Alika was moving a cart down the road and noticed Athans in the distance. In the back was Mina who was laying in the back using her breasts as a pillow, as well as a few odds and ends she’d saved to show her sister. She was ecstatic for the first time she could recall she was heading to a location she’d already visited with no goals in mind. She was going to visit her sister and do whatever came to mind, the true freedom of adventuring she loved, and she’d do it with her most favorite person in the world.


As Alika pulled into the stable she couldn’t bear to wake up Mina. She was just too cute. The thought of disturbing her when she was like that was too much even for her. “I’ll go find Lydia and then we'll all be one happy family." she whispered to the dreaming Mina. She walked over the stable master's dog and told him to make sure no one bothered Mina, and after the dog told her he had it covered she went into town.


“Alika kókkinos?" a voice in the crowd whispered.


“The Alika!" another said.


“Kókkinos, really in this city? Yet another said.


“She’s certainly short enough to be her”


Before she knew it a large crowd had gathered. Alika ignored them and kept walking forward. The crowd bewildered as when she was about to walk into one of them she seemed to just pass through, people disappearing and reappearing as she passed. She’d been traveling to many cities for some time and it was the same everywhere she went, people in awe of her, people that even feared her, but all respected her. In all the Greek world few could say they brought people together in a way that transcended city-state or polis. So when Alika arrived at the assembly they began asking for help on matters of state, and asking if she was going to deal with monsters in the area. They were more than a little surprised when she told them she wasn’t here for anything like that.


“I’m looking for Lydia Astraea, my sister. Would you kindly point me in her direction?” She asked, giving a heart melting smile. Upon receiving her answer an orgy broke out as Athan’s leading men and women got a whiff of Alika’s pheromones she’d released, a gift for receiving their help. She would have joined in but she hadn’t seen her sister for some time, and it wouldn’t have been proper.


Upon a hill outside the city Alika looked up to see a woman standing outside a temple. She recognized her silver hair, and sword from afar, but walked forward in confusion. Lydia tried with all her might but was forced to call to her sister holding her sword by her side waiting to raise it to strike her sister when she got close. Alika approached in her typical manner with her arms behind her back, a wide smile on her face, and a pep in her step.


As Alika got within striking distance Lydia’s sword arm swung with an overhand striker, but just as soon as Lydia’s tears came from her eyes thinking she’d ended her sister’s life, Alika had suddenly vanished. Instead of standing in front of Lydia she was hugging her with her head buried in her chest.


“Sister, I've missed you." Alika said, her deep blue eyes looking into Lydia’s. All the force that had been bewitching Lydia’s body was gone and she dropped her sword and held her sister close. Lydia broke down completely and she lifted her sister up, unable to express herself, but feeling in that moment everything was going to be alright.


Alika raised her hand and moved a piece of Lydia’s shorter hair out of her eyes, it suddenly turned red, and the rest of her hair returned to the state it was.

“I’m sorry she would do something like that to you, but I’m going to protect you." Alika said as she stared into the temple.


“You absolute useless gnat!!!!" Callianassa’s voice rang out as lightning burst from the temple and a giant Callianassa standing over a hundred feet in height, burst out holding the orb in the palm of her left hand.


Lydia blinked and they were suddenly a few hundred yards back as Alika had moved them out of her mother's way. Alika hopped out of her sister’s arms and took two steps forward before looking back. “I remember you telling me mother wouldn’t change." she said before looking at her mother who took up Lydia’s sword which grew to match her size. “I see you were right, in the immediate sense, but it’s okay she’ll have plenty of time to change when we’re done here.”


Callianassa swung the sword with all her might, a blade that could cut anything, and had even damaged herself earlier and now infused with all the power of chaos itself. “That damn priestess thought you would be greater than me, I’ll show her and everyone that you are nothing!!!!!!!!”


Her scream was overshadowed and silenced by the sound of snapping metal which could be heard several polis over. Alika had taken the attack head on and showed that an unstoppable force was nothing to her. She slowly raised up into the sky floating towards her mother. Callianassa panicked as Alika moved closer to her and summoned the force of chaos creating a shield around her enchanted to never break. Alika touched it with her finger and instantly it smashed into a million tiny pieces.


Callianassa took a step back and raised the orb preparing to fire all its power at Alika. “I am Callianassa Queen of the gods, the most powerful person in the universe. What are you to a being like me!" She declared firing a beam that threatened to unmake the very planet itself.


Alika raised her right hand and brought her pointer finger and thumb in front of her eyes, making it seem like the orb was between them and pinched them together. In an instant Callianassa was shrinking all the power leaving her body, and looking to see her daughter rubbing dust off her fingers.


“I am the daughter of a fisherman and Lydia’s sister.” Alika replied, her mother disappearing in an instant.


Alika turned too and headed toward her sister who was failing to comprehend what she had just witnessed. “Alika how did you…?”


“Apparently I’m a super goddess," Alika replied, producing a golden hook earring with a red jewel in the shape of a ball. “I got you a present!”, all seriousness leaving her for the more laid back attitude Lydia was familiar with.


“Super goddess?" Lydia asked as she grabbed the earring instantly realizing what it was, though she didn’t know how. “You imprisoned Mother into an earring?" she asked.


“Could you explain please?" Alika asked as a woman in flowing white robes appeared, across from Lydia.


“Super goddesses are what we call ourselves as a whole, though you can call me Ha-neul." the woman said as she pulled down her hood. Her face elicited the same reaction out of Lydia that Alika’s did and the sight of two figures like that existing made Lydia lose all grasp of her sense of self.


“Since you're a special case this is going to be a bit difficult to fully explain, but I’m from another universe where there’s a good few more people like us." Ha-neul said.


Lydia almost came at such a thought, the idea that there were more beings so perfect did things to her that she wasn’t comfortable with. All she knew was that if she asked Lydia would certainly sleep with this woman.


“I’m flattered, and would jump at the chance to add you to my harem, but that’s up to Alika over here." Ha-neul winked, explaining that she could read her thoughts and emotions. “In short you’re the first one we found from another universe, and given that my universe is about 2600 years ahead of your's timewise, we decided to keep an eye on you and wait till you had fully ascended to give you all the details.


Alika was smiling wider than she ever had before. “More universes that means more places I haven’t experienced." She said giddily.


Ha-neul chuckled. “Ah you’re encourageable. Just follow me once you’re ready to learn more, I’m gonna get some popcorn and watch you wreck your mother a few million more times. Oh and go easy on your sister for me." she teased.


“What did she mean by that?" Lydia asked before turning to see her sister’s face inches from hers. Alika kissed her forcefully, and though Lydia resisted for a moment; she returned the kiss in kind as her feelings for Alika all rose to the surface.


“Sorry I just wanted to make this more personal," Alika said before holding her sister tightly. Lydia felt energy welling up inside her, a power she couldn’t comprehend, much less control, or so she thought. Alika’s kind voice guided her through the storm and she felt herself coming out a better individual for it. It permeated her being from the inside of her heart down the each strand of her hair.


“You’re now what Ha-neul called an enhanced, I gave you power, because I know better than anyone that you won’t be like our mother." Alika declared.


A crowd began to form, and in the first display of her new power Lydia lengthened her hair providing them a private tent so no one could disrupt them. Her hair was indestructible so that it would never be cut again, a gift from her sister to show how much she cared for her.


“What now?” Lydia asked, feeling freedom for the first time in her life.


“We finish up here of course." Alika purred. Then I say we grab Mina and I show you guys my home. I’ve got a lot of stories to tell father”


“And then a new adventure begins!" Alika declared.



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