In order to keep things somewhat clean I'd like to create a restricted set of tags that users can't add to normally, to avoid having 40 different tags describing the same thing.  Feel free to suggest new tags here, because this list is far from comprehensive.

Current tags:

Ascension, Attribute Theft, Beautification, Breast Growth, Cock Growth, Female Dominant, Female Empowerment, Female Muscle, Female Submissive, Futa, Giantess, Hyper, Intelligence Gain, Male Dominant, Male Empowerment, Male Muscle, Male Submissive, Mind Control, Shrinking, Vore, Weight Gain

Oh, I come here AFTER sending you all those messages and read we are on the same page. I would recommend getting rid of "RP Log" as that's a style of story, not a kind of kink, and I think it should be only kinds of kinks, unless it's SciFi/Mystical/Magic.

I would also think "Macro" should be covered under giantess/growth and "micro" should be "shrinking." I think "hyper" should be its own tag and so things like "hyper fat" should just be "fat" (or, I would say 'BBW'). Muscle should be "Male Muscle" and "Female Muscle." I would recommended using some of the same tags as this site. So "dick growth," or maybe even "Male: Dick growth" and "Futa: Dick growth."  I feel there should be a ["femdom" or "AlphaFemale"] and "[maledom" or "AlphaMale"] tag too. (If we're going to be including "maledom." We should probably talk right at the start if we'd be allowing male ascension and homosexual stories. I will support your choice. But I would push for more inclusivity, while using tags and subforums to sequester groups.) Also, some kind of place to have longer definitions for the tags would be good. Like an FAQ or wiki.

I would also push for a "FemmeFatale/naughty" and "MPDG/nice" (or similar) tag.

Maybe just like "hyper" we should just have a "male growth" tag, and that way we don't need to have like "Male: Dick growth" and "Male Muscle" and so on.  Just have one tag to indicate "male ascension" and just the genderless growth terms. Likewise, just one tag for "hyper" to indicate whatever is happening is happening on an extra exaggerated scale in that story.

"Cock Growth" really should be "Dick growth," since that's what the image site I linked uses. I know that's a super-nit-picky-who-cares thing. But, that's what I'm talking about. Search engines don't always know that "cock" and "dick" are synonyms. We have to homogenize our terms. 

I think I should write a rough brub for each term. It might help solidify what we have.

Ascension- Mortal to immortal. Left vague on purpose, but is roughly when a human gains the power of a god. What "a god" means is left open to interpretation.

Attribute Theft -  When a person takes some physical (or meta-physical) characteristic from another and adds it to their own. This could also include absorbing the person completely, and would then include the Vore tag. It is different than vore in that the person doesn't simply add calories, but also positive characteristics.

Beautification- When a person's personal charisma is enhanced. This term is left vague on purpose as well, since what is "beauty" is open to interpretation. Might include bimbofication.

Breast Growth- The person's breasts increase in size.

Cock Growth (suggestion: Replace with "Dick Growth")- The person's dick increases in length and/or girth.

Female Dominant- A female mentally and/or physically dominates another person. Could be with cruel intent or not.

Female Empowerment - A female gains in power. This is left vague since "power" is open to interpretation. Its spans from becoming a CEO to being able to shoot beams of energy.

Female Muscle (suggestion: Replace with "Muscle Growth")- There is an emphasis on describing muscles and their growth. Could be slow and natural or fast and due to something supernatural or super-science. 

Female Submissive -A female is mentally and/or physically dominates by another person. 

Futa -  A person with secondary female characteristics (breasts and hips) but a penis. Might also have balls and/or a vagina.

Giantess - A female typically larger than 10 feet in height.

Hyper -  Extreme physical characteristics. Breasts so large the person can't move; a dick bigger than the person's body; etc. Or, body parts bigger than cities or planets even if proportional to the person they're attached to. 

Intelligence Gain - When a persons IQ or intelligence is significantly increased.

Male Dominant - A male mentally and/or physically dominates another person. Could be with cruel intent or not.

Male Empowerment - A male gains in power. This is left vague since "power" is open to interpretation. Its spans from becoming a CEO to being able to shoot beams of energy to 

Male Muscle (suggestion: Replace with "Muscle Growth") - Same as above. 

Male Submissive - A male is mentally and/or physically dominates by another person. 

Mind Control -  A persons free will is subverted by the will of another. Normally through the use of psychic powers, hypnosis, pheromones, or some other mind control device. 

Shrinking - A person loses height, or some other body part is made smaller. Can be coupled with "Attribute Theft" if what is being stole is physical.

Vore - One person eats or fully absorbs another.

Weight Gain - A person increase in weight. Could be slow and natural or fast and due to something supernatural or super-science. 


Suggested new tags:

Male  -  A male is the subject of increased power/ability/etc, could also have females doing the same.
(This would allow some of the terms to be changed to be more generic, but I think we should still include "Male Dominant," "Male Submissive," "Female Dominant" and "Female Submissive" since those can happen regardless of who is gaining in power.)

Financial Domination - Someone gains in wealth, normally at another's expense.

Magic - Story includes elements of magic or some other obviously supernatural force. Fantasy.

M/M - Story includes male homosexality. 

Super science- Uses science well beyond what we are capable of today. Science Fiction.

The descriptions are a good idea, and something I thought about doing when I first made the tags.  I decided against it simply for expediency's sake.  I'll add those and the new tags as well some time over the next few days; there are a few other issues with the site I want to fix first.

I'm not sure I like the Super Science tag, though.  I get what you're going for but I feel like it doesn't flow well.  It  also gave me the idea to add Science Fiction, Fantasy, and Contemporary (and maybe Fantasy Contemporary) tags.  Actually, I can think of a whole host of setting and plot structure related tags.  I should quit before I end up making a ton of work for myself.

I added the magic and super-science tag because I know some people like Fantasy but don't like Science Fiction, and vice versa. Personally, I think such distinction is meaningless anyway. Magic and impossible science really is only thematically different IMO. So, I've got no problem with not having tags like that. 

There need to be a lot more tags, but I understand why they're currently restricted as we don't want multiple tags for the same thing. I'd suggest the addition of tags for genre (fantasy, sci-fi etc.), because there don't seem to be many of them, and genre can affect whether someone clicks into a story or not. Setting might be interesting, but it isn't as important.

Over time, the amount of tags should be gradually and naturally getting bigger and bigger, it doesn't have to suddenly increase by dozens in the one go. Eventually, I imagine there being tens more tags, like how many macrophilia sites I've seen have tags for almost anything. It'll just mean people get a better idea as to what to expect before clicking into a story, and people could search for more specific story elements and have a better experience on the site :)

I might also suggest a dedicated suggestion page or post where people can gather and offer their thoughts about what should be added or changed. I'm new to the place, but am already enjoying myself here and see lots of opportunities for it to grow :D