Futa Super Goddess RP Log - Kathy Dettwiller (as herself) and Akane (Jennifer Martinette)

Kathy ^


AKANE It was 4 PM and the local Super Goddess Jennifer Martinette was reading some poetry anthologies in a quiet pub in the outskirts of the city, as expected everyone around her was fucking each other, totally intoxicated by her powerful pheromones. She took one of her hazelnut locks in her hand and played with it, enjoying how the words in her book danced as if they were alive. Jennifer noticed something wasn't right with the crowd and raised her golden beautiful eyes to admire her new guest. A fit, almost amazonian blonde goddess. "Do we know each other? ❤" She asked tenderly in a sweet and polite tone after sipping from her tea.

KATHY Katherine Dettwiller, an American Super Goddess, smiled at the Canadian Super Goddess. Her flowing long golden hair reached down to her midback as her glowing blue eyes looked at the famous Jennifer Martinette. She was wearing a grey cable knit sweater that had showed off her capped shoulders and part of her toned upper arms and denim shorts that fails to hide an immense soft bulge at the front - clinging on to her round, perfect rear. A pair of black thigh high socks completes her look, though, she was not wearing any shoes whatsoever. "Not yet love, but I have a feeling we will soon." Kathy said as she looked around before giggling. "My, seems like everyone is having a good time here? Your doing, I assume."

AKANE "Mmmm ❤" Jennifer got up and from the start it was obvious that she was several inches shorter than this amazonian masterpiece of a woman, her muscles radiating with power, combined with that sexy way of dressing. Yet she was her sister, a Super Goddess. "Yes, but I don't care about them my love, you have come to have some fun and it wouldn't polite of me to deny it. After all, it took you a microsecond to go from New York to Toronto." She seemed to know these things instantly, or perhaps she had just deduced it in a whim.  The smaller, big breasted cutie approached Kathy's mammoth bulge and blushed instantly after smelling it cautiously. "Oh my, it looks like It's about to burst at any moment dear, are you THAT happy to see me?" The canadian omnipotent caressed her american counterpart's monster dick. She was drooling in anticipation to get a piece of the pie.

KATHY "Mmph~" Kathy cooed as she eyed the Canadian Super Goddess lovingly, taking in all of her curves. She can tell that Jennifer is just as powerful as herself. After all, they are sisters of the same kind. "That is all correct, and I do appreciate you being such a gracious host." Kathy smiled as she then saw her smell and then pat her monstrous bulge, far bigger than any one in this pub and perfect for a Super Goddess. "Mmmph, but of course. Though..." Kathy reached down and squeezed the hefty and equally impressive bulge that is housed in her panties. "...I could definitely say the same for you."

AKANE Jennifer instinctively embraced her taller sister's body and seductively kissed her mighty breasts like she couldn't help herself. "Indeed, I'm so horny..." She licked her lips and rubbed her gigantic semi erect dick against her sister's. The mood could only be considered magical at this point and the artist was panting in heat. "You made me grow a cock, I don't usually do this, but I know you love it dear... ❤" Jennifer kept caressing Kathy's body, admiring her muscles and curves, and of course rubbing her dick against hers, the smell coming from this flooding the whole city and causing a massive million people orgy. "You are such a she-stud, I want you to fuck me Kathy, where can we go not to destroy everything?"

KATHY Kathy smiled  as she removed her sweatshirt to give Jennifer better access to her breasts. With her telekinetic touch, Kathy undid her zipper and allowed her sock-covered cock out in the open while Jennifer continued to rub their cocks together. With a thought, Kathy gave Jennifer a cocksock in her favorite color while she smiled at her. "Mmmmph, I know a very quiet place tucked away out in the universe. Completely devoid of life but plenty of planets for us to play with while we're fucking." She then flashed an image of it to Jen's mind as well as the coordinates. "Alright, ready to go?"

AKANE Jennifer's golden eyes shone like a star in the middle of the night and after hearing that offer she jumped over Kathy's giant cock. Kathy's infinite strength could support the weight of the petite bombshell without problems, and that strength extended to her dick. Before parting Jennifer held on to her muscular companion, her own dick completely erected now, reaching almost her pretty lips. Jennifer gave a kiss to her own sock covered dick to make Kathy hornier and to display her dicksucking abilities. "I'm ready my love... ❤"

KATHY Kathy's massive cock immediately grew to full mast, stretching the sock over it as it supported Jennifer's weight without any issues. Seeing her kissing her sock-covered cock made her much hornier as her balls were swelling in response. "Let's go then~" In a fraction of a second, Kathy disappeared and reappeared floating in the middle of the solar system. She was still wearing the same clothes as before, but her cock remained rock hard at 24 inches long and six inches in thickness. "Mmmmmph, let's just wear the essentials..." Kathy's sweater and shorts disappeared, leaving the fit amazon in just her socks and nothing else. Her cantaloupe-sized testicles were tight without any wrinkles, full to the brim with her infinite amount of cum.

AKANE Both goddesses were completely unaffected by the harshness of space and could breathe perfectly. Jennifer observed Kathy's perfect nude body and her clothes melted away, she was so horny her body temperature raised to millions of degrees, now she was completely naked except for her black pantyhose that was half broken by her new 20 inch dick, fully erect. Her balls, now bigger than her godly tits were producing semen at speeds that the Universe couldn't handle. Kathy enjoyed how Jennifer's cum crashed against the walls of her balls like waves on a shore, but in a limitless quantity that made the universe tremble because of its impossibility. "Kathy, you are such a shebull. Oh my! I need you... ❤" Jennifer said, now behind the american Super Goddess, kissing her neck and rubbing dicks from behind, stimulating Kathy's. "I want you to show me what your super dick can do... ❤" Each of Jennifer's kisses left a magical pink trail in Kathy's skin which was turning into Jennifer's canvas. "The Universe is our playground."

KATHY Kathy's own body flared up to millions of degrees as she reached back and ran her fingers through Jennifer's silver hair. Her own massive balls were bigger than her own breasts while producing semen that the Universe could not even handle. She groaned softly as she felt Jennifer's socked cock stimulate her own while her kisses were on her skin - her blank canvas. Kathy then turned around and pressed the head of her cock against Jennifer's wanting and throbbing pussy. She then slid her cock deep inside of Jennifer and groaned. "Mmmmmph, fuck you feel fantastic...." Kathy gasped as the first one sent a shockwave that rocked the entire solar system.

AKANE "A-ahhhhhhhhhhhhh! ❤" Jennifer's moans were precious, she was blushing and panting as Kathy's mighty dick was piercing her pussy which accepted her length magically. It felt so warm and good that Jennifer couldn't help but to close her eyes and bite Kathy's breasts. She started sucking her nipples while Kathy's dick was rocking her world, despite her brain being infinitely powerful now it was full of shemale cock and she couldn't think straight. "D-dick, I-I want Kathy's dick, I have been a naughty Goddess and you have to punish my womb! ❤" Jennifer lost her restraint, she didn't care anymore. Her stimulated dick shot a giant blob of jizz after her softball sized balls roared. That must have flooded at least a few galaxies like nothing and she wasn't even starting.

KATHY Kathy moaned along with Jennifer as her massive cock was now all the way inside Jennifer. Her thrusts echoed throughout galaxies as she screamed when Jennifer bit down on her breast and sucked on her powerful, hard nipples. "Punish I shall! Your womb is going to be full of my...nnngh....spunk!~" Kathy lost restraint as she shot a massive spray of spunk with enough cum to flood several galaxies, yet contained in Jennifer's womb. Kathy rewarded Jennifer by blasting her with her superheated milk. Yet, she lowered her head and started to suck on her cock harder than several supermassive black holes, containing all of that cum inside of her as well.

AKANE Two pink hearts appeared in Jennifer's eyes when Kathy filled her with dickmilk, millions of tons of it that somehow her uterus could contain. This feeling was the best in the world. No mortal could give her the pleasure she needed, that's why she enhanced people all the time, but Kathy made her cum a lot more. The mayonnaise textured semen blobs that she was shooting casually filled most of the known universe and flooded black holes, yes, black holes. "M-more... ❤" Jennifer started riding Kathy's cock like a cowgirl and trying not to let out the slightest bit of her shebull cum. After drinking a bit of Kathy's infinite milk and compressing it in her bombshell body, her own tits grew in size and lactated too. "I love your dick baby... ❤" Jennifer kissed Kathy's lips passionately while her body convulsed with each million of liters of cum that entered her womb.

KATHY Kathy groaned softly as she heard her cries for more. By now, the solar system they were on was completely devastated. The celestial bodies in the immediate vicinity were blown away and crashing into each other. All because the two super goddesses were having a casual sexual romp to satisfy their urges. Kathy was cumming harder than ever while her hips were moving in a hyper goddess blur to the point where she was going a fourth of the speed of light and going faster than ever. "I love your pussy babe..." Kathy kissed Jennifer's lips while she wrapped her massive arms around.

AKANE After some point there was no Universe left, they went to a place far from Earth to protect it but it was useless. There were no mortals left after their lightspeed ultraheated casual sex turned  existence into a vacuum. Jennifer was panting and sweating, she whispered in Kathy's ear. "I think I'm pregnant baby..." A butterfly earring similar to Jennifer's appeared in Kathy's ear, symbolizing she was the parent.

KATHY "Oh yeah?" Kathy cooed before she nibbled at her ear and kissed her chin. "I guess we gotta bring the most adorable goddess into this Universe..." Kathy looked around and saw that there was nothing left save for the other Superherm Goddesses. "Oh damn, well I guess we gotta make a new Universe first. Hmmm, wanna do the usual or....well, I'm still cumming..." Kathy said with a wink. "I think all of us can bring a new one to existence by letting our cum out."

AKANE The Goddesses coming at the same time generated a power so great that time went back, restoring the Universe to its original state, however Jennifer was still pregnant with Kathy's baby. "Yeah, it couldn't be other than you my love... ❤" Jennifer winked and her earring emmited a magical shining. She felt pleased, for now.

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