Bridget's Homecoming/Karen: Fun at the DEO

(Context: Valkyries are a group of superpowered girls that have undergone an experiment that recreates what has happened to me, albeit in a safe and controlled manner. These girls are tasked with protecting the Earth from any internal and external threats. Though the Valkyries are well-known around the globe, what is kept secret is just how powerful these girls are. Much like myself, these girls are godgirls - insanely powerful beyond any measure. However, sometimes, we do have some downtime. Here are two examples of these.)

Bridget's Homecoming/Karen: Fun at the DEO


The house was quiet.  To human ears they were.  To Bridget's hyper heightened senses, the whole structure was busy.  Every movement of wood in the wind, every foot step, every breath taken was loud and clear to her.  She heard her brother still biting his teeth.

Ugh...hate that he still does that.  She thought.  

Bridget's straightened her hair out and fixed herself more out of nervous habit than necessity.  All of the girls had been recognized as being the most beautiful women in recorded history. In her nervousness, she felt her cock start to rise.

No, no.  Not now. That's too much right now.  Let them get used to it.

She took a gentle breath and rang the doorbell.

Thankfully, her cock softened as it hung in between her quads. She was wearing a pair of baggy sweatpants and was able to tuck it in time before the door opened. Bridget smiled as she looked up at her burly father and her rather tall redheadmother. Mom! Dad! Bridget cheered as she then gently floated up and hugged both of her parents.


Oh, goodness!  Her mom, Teresa, laughed, feeling that once thin and tomboyish daughter was not only superhuman in size, but superhuman in strength.  It wasn't painful, just new.
You said you were bigger,, Bridget.  You're, really something!


Bridget blushed as she looked at herself. Sure, she was a lot more muscular than ever and her breast are bigger than her own head, but she can definitely get much bigger. Well, the Valkyrie project can do that to you.


Her father, Larry, chuckled. Well, looks like you aren't your little girl anymore but I still got you beat in one area! He then hefted his beer gut, which Bridget lets out a girlish giggle.


And Andrew? Where is he? Thought I heard him upstairs…


He's...hiding.  He's still dealing with the fact that his sister is superhuman.  Let's be honest, dear. He was the athlete with the 4.0. You were a handful.  Her mom laughed. The military was a good fit for you.  Gave you structure. He needs to come down and say hello regardless.  


Her dad turned his head toward the stairs. Andrew, get your butt down here!


Bridget stood with her hands on her hips as she looked up at the stairs before looking at her parents. It's okay, I got this. Bridget then left her luggage at the door before hovering up to the awning and landed on the second floor of the massive house. She then gently walks up to Andrew's door and knocks. Andrew? It's me, Bridget...aren't you gonna greet your lil sis?


Hey, sis.  Have a nice flight home?  He replied to be cordial but didn't come to the door.. Sorry, not feeling great.  I'll come down later maybe, okay?


Oh..okay. A hint of disappointment in her voice. She could tell that he wasn't sick and that he was lying but she knew not to call him out on it. Just be down for dinner if you can. She then slowly floated down the hall and over the awning before landing in front of her parents. He'll come down later. Mmmmmph, are those chocolate chip cookies I smell?


You don't need super senses to smell those!


Here, let me help you with your bags, dear.  Her dad reached over and hefted the bags into the living room.


I also made your favorite.  Mac and cheese casserole! Her mom turned toward the kitchen.


Since you got all those muscles, I may need your help in the barn later.


You got it dad! Bridget said as she then hovered after Teresa until they were in the kitchen. She saw that Teresa was about to set out the milk and cookies. Bridget blushed. Here Mom, let me. She then became a blur and appeared at the breakfast nook with two glasses of milk and the tray of cookies out before her. She then sits down on the seat So, how is everyone doing though? She said as she took a whiff, which caused her cock to swell against her thigh. She quick crossed her leg over it to hide it. She doesn't care if she was out with an erection, but she still felt a particular way about growing hard in front of Teresa.


Whoa! Her mom felt the wind in the kitchen.. You know, I'd seen all the feats on TV.  Recorded every one and, Bridget, you've done some pretty amazing things.  But seeing it in front of something different! What I would do to have power like that!  She giggled.. Housework would sure less tedious!


Trust me Mom, it definitely feels a lot better than it looks. Bridget then blushed as she looks at Teresa for a moment before looking down at her tray. Okay, so that means you've definitely seen me with my…


Oh honey of course.  How were you going to hide it anyway.  It's practically the size of a child. Mom could see Bridget was embarrassed.. It was...strange, at first.  I wrestled with it. It seemed unnatural.  Then, watching the things you could do. I watched you fold a tank to the size of a napkin on live tv!  You smiled the whole time like it was nothing to you. Not to mention you how calm you were when it fired at you. Her mom palmed her forehead as if still processing that should be impossible.. After that I started to realize that you were more than human now and that means human norms don't apply.  I guess, in a way, it makes sense. To be perfect means to encompass the best of both worlds.


Bridget blushed as she then uncrossed her legs as she heard Teresa describe the time they were helping refugees evacuate from a war zone and they were being shot at. Her cock surged some as well as she took a bite of the cookie. Well, I'm not perfect, just a lot more than human. But thanks. I was trying to figure out a way to not freak you guys out about it. To be honest, I'm just glad I get to help people and do some good. Though, I guess looking good while doing it is a bonus. Both women giggled as Bridget took a sip and another bite. Mmmph, so good. Okay, but is Andrew okay though? You mentioned he's not taking things well…


It's just old-fashioned jealousy, dear.  Remember, he was the all-state linebacker with the 4.0.  He still is, but you've completely overshadowed him. From what I understand, you can do everything better than anyone...easily!  So, his friends only ask about you and he's got to exist in the shadow of that. She looks up stairs.. I'm sure he'll be fine.  Just give it time. Her mom fussed with a jar.. Can you please get this off?


Bridget sighed, not taking Teresa’s words lightly. She felt a bit of a sting for Andrew. When she became a Valkyrie, the last thing she imagined was putting her brother in her shadow. This wasn’t the time to fight Teresa about it. She then gently squeezes the jar lid before twisting it open and leaving the lid on the table. I better go check on Dad, make sure he doesn't do anything too crazy by the morton building. She then leans up and kisses Teresa on the cheek. Let me know when dinner is ready.


She then hovered out of the back door and floated up to the building before arriving inside. Hey Dad, need some help?


Oh, hey, sweetie.  You're just in time!  He watches Bridget floating so naturally.. Still can't believe what I'm seeing.  Ever been up there? He points up meaning space.

Bridget giggles softly and nods. Just last week! I was asked by NASA to make an emergency supply run to the ISS.  They did not have a rocket ready so I simply hauled the containers up myself. Of course, she also frequents low-orbit Earth to relieve some tension but she did not need to tell her Dad that. I'll show you guys some pictures later. Alright, what do you need?


The harvester hit a rock out in the field yesterday.  Messed up the thresher pretty bad. All bent out of shape, blades probably a mess.  Mind bringing it back? Get that rock out of the field, too. Dad didn't know that the rock was a meteor that hit his field early in the season.  Lucky he didn't touch it! It is the size of a VW Beetle.


Sure, be right back!~ Bridget said as she then flew out of the building and soared out into the field. She continued to fly out until she spotted the harvester and the rock underneath it. She then lands down and reaches underneath until she is lifting the massive harvester over her head. A faint pink glow came from the rock, causing her to look at it before placing it down to the side.

Whoa.... Bridget said as she then looked at the rock before hovering down a bit closer. Feels so warm and inviting.. The rock was now glowing brighter as she then reached out to touch it.

A massive discharge of energy slammed through Bridget. It was rush but not violently so.  Unlike a bomb, it sustained itself as if discharging like a battery. Whatever the energy was, it was vast.  Andrew looked out his window to see a distant glow on the horizon.

Bridget groaned softly as she felt her muscles starting to expand and swell, straining her tanktop. Her breasts increased and swelled while her her legs were growing more and more pumped. Her massive cock, stretched and tented her sweatpants until it ripped them at the front, tearing them to shreds. Her socks were ripping up, struggling to contain her growing calves and quads as well as her surging cock. AUUUUUGHHFUUUUUHHHHCK!~

Nipples started to spark with power as her body was glowing pink. The energy, now finding the path of least resistance in Bridget's body, unloaded into her in a waves.  It was obviously some kind of alien weapon. Nothing with that much power output was a machine with any other purpose.  Bridget hadn't known that it was a missed dud from an ancient war somewhere in the Galaxy that happened to land here. It was meant to be a weapon of mass destruction.  Andrew watched thinking that it was just another one of the goddesses moments. He turned back to his games. Her dad heard her however.


Bridget?  He looked out to see the same glow.


Bridget managed to turn her head to see her father running up to her. STHAAYYYH BAAHHHCK. TOOOH DAAAANGEROUSHHH!

Bridget groaned as she cannot hold back any longer as she erupted. Her cock fired out a massive column of cum as it stretched over her head. She then picked up the rock and started to crush it in her arms, bear hugging the machine as it poured more energy into her. Her eyes and mouth started to glow as she was naked save for her socks. Her pussy, cock and balls continued to glow as the energy continued to fill her. SOHHHH GOOOHHHHHD~


Her dad stopped short in awe as the goddess that was her daughter slowly crushed the car-sized machine smaller and smaller.  As she did, the energy from it roared louder getting more focused and intense. He had to back away from the heat. By the time it was half its original size, it seemed the energy had a mind of its own and started to attack her glowing into her body.


AUUUUUUUGHHHHFUUUUUUHHHHHHHK! Bridget groaned as her face fixed itself to a O-face. Her body was now glowing pink as her hair was floating up under its own power. Her muscles swelled to a much bigger size as her cock was well over 3 feet over her head with a massive column of cum now shooting in space. At this point, she did not care, she just wanted to have some fun. She crushed the machine smaller and smaller until it was able to fit inside her canal. Her hands continued to mold the shape slowly until it was the size of a golf ball. She then takes the ball and slowly shoved it past her thick cunt lips and into her canal. Her moans became choruses that bounced everywhere as her pussy squeezed it down further and further as the energy was inside of her. The site was surreal.  The voices were immense and lovely.  The roar of her column blasting through the sky was deafening.  Her father just barely heard his phone ring.


Teresa?  Yes, she's...she's fine.  It's amazing, honey... The flood of energy, now exploding out from inside her pussy was at a fever pitch as the last bit was squeezed from it.  It was like a supernova exploding inside her.. Baby?  Are you okay?


MOOOORHHHE THANNNN OHHHKAYYYYHHH~ Her voice bounced around the air, telling him that she is more than fine and she is still a bit embarrassed that she is cumming right in front of him. After a few more minutes of squeezing, Bridget finally felt the device give out as she then instantly stopped glowing. Her body was steaming as she hovered down. She saw her dad run up, to which she puts her hands up. Not now, I'm still a little too hot. Give me a minnnnghhh-- She came another massive spurt before sighing. Okay, good for now.


I don't understand.  What happened? Was it pain- He was interrupted by another THHOOOOOOM as Bridget's cock exploded once more.. My gosh!  He got back on the phone. Did you see that?  Yes, she's...she looks...very happy, actually.  Yes, we're headed back. Your mother is worried, we should head back.  Are you sure you're okay? That was...I don't even know the word!


Mmmph, yeah, it tends to happen a lot more than you think. No, I'm perfectly okay. Better even. Bridget said as she looked down at herself before flexing her bicep. This caused another spurt to happen before she calmed down, though her cock remained as hard as ever. Mmmmph, s-sorry. Hard to stop once it starts up. That rock that you ran over actually was some sort of weapon - probably alien. To be honest, I'm glad you weren't the one that it zapped and it did all the zapping on me. To be honest, it felt really good but I've got hit with stronger before.


He stared up as another THOOM went off slightly weaker than the last when flexed. A weapon?  That's some weapon!  Funny thing, I saw it glowing a bit, but paid no mind.  Just figured it was hot from the blades. I feel very lucky.  Heh, you just squeezed it down like it was nothing! He adjusted his cap and stood up straight.. I can't image anything stronger than that.  I guess tanning is out of question? He smiled.. Come on.  Grab up that harvester and let's get you some fresh clothes.  You won't fit in the shower like that, but the lake is 30 miles that way. He points.


Bridget nodded as she the hovered over to the harvester and picked it up, holding it over her head before hovering back up to her father. Yeah, unfortunately I'm still going to be pale with freckles but I kinda like it to be honest. And I figured, might need to set up an outdoor shower for me. Either that or I can shrink down after a few hours so I can fit in the normal shower. Bridget then bit on her lower lip So, judging from the fact you're not freaking out about your daughter having an orgasm from taking in that weapon, I take it you have been watching a few of the clips around as well?


Her dad raised an eyebrow at the fact that his daughter was holding the entire harvester up in one hand. Woo.  Yeah, about that.  Let's not use that word ‘orgasm’ and daughter in the same sentence, okay? Her father hopped back in his pick-up. Meet you back at the barn, dear.  With that he put the car in gear and drove off along the farm trail.


Bridget giggled as she then nodded Alright, still a touchy subject... She said to herself before she flew alongside him for a moment before flying higher. She landed next to the barn about 30 seconds later and she sets the harvester down inside the building and sets it down there. Her eyes glowed as she blasted her hands with heatvision to evaporate the dust as she then turns and waits outside the barn. Her cock was still at full mast and her muscles were still pumped as she was definitely taller and bigger. Except, her socked length jutted out in front of her instead as she waits patiently for her father.


A few minutes later dad rolls up and gets out.. Was thinking...  You are who are now.  If that kind of thing is part of it, then we understand.  From what I've heard on the tele, it can't be helped anyway.  Just no need to talk about it, okay? You're still my daughter.  He scratches his head for a moment sizing Bridget up. That meteor thing did a number on you.  I don't think I've ever seen you so...big.  Might as well get some use out of it! Since you're in a crushing mood, I've been meaning get rid of that old tractor in the corner.  Think you can help me out while I take a look at the thresher on the harvester?


The redhaired teen goddess blushes before nodding Alright, it'll be our pink elephant. Though, thanks for understanding Dad. I'll definitely try to keep things to a minimum if I can. It's just the way my brain is wired now. Bridget bites down on her lower lip as her cock visibly throbbed, her nipples swelled to about 7 inches long and as wide as her own palm. Yes sir!~ She then hovered over to the tractor. She would walk, but knowing herself, the ground would quake and she didn't want to freak her parents out. Of course, she is used to folding tanks to napkin thickness, this would be too easy for her! She then lands in front of the tractor and gently hoists it up with both hands before bringing them together. The tractor whined and groaned as it was folded by this teenager. Her cock throbbed and drooled cum as she continued to fold the tractor further and further. Her powerful upper body throbbed with the slight movement, though it was effortless for her. Mmmmmph, so easy~


Dad tried to ignore the sounds of metal being crushed, molded, and worked like weak play dough.  It was a quick diagnosis on the thresher and he looked over to see his daughter smiling as she worked tractor smaller and smaller.  He had the perfect tool to fix the thresher. A super strong daughter. He stopped to watch the show as the formerly large tractor was now was about the size of a hay bail.. I still can't believe how easy you make that look.  Let's how small you can get! Dad whips out his phone to record for his wife.. You're mom has to see this.


Challenge accepted! Bridget said as she then lobbed up the hay bale-sized tractor for a moment before she continued to compress it down further and further. She groans softly as her massive biceps, shoulders and lats flared as she crushed it further and further. She was still nude, save for her socks, though Bridget does not care at this point. She stopped at a certain point. I'd say it's about the size of a watermelon now. She giggled as she then pressed it down even further than that.


Her dad couldn't help but notice how her daughter's body responded so readily.  Every part of her in action was pumping up to include her already impossibly massive cock.  It was also clearly turning her on. The watermelon-sized tractor glowed slightly in her hands and it easy to forget it weighed over 8 tons as she acted liked it weighed as much as ping pong ball.  Eventually, the the fuel that dripped from it caught fire.. Bridget!  The fire!


Bridget noticed the fuel dripping from it, to which she casually pursed her breath and freezed the fuel. While she was not worried about catching on fire, the barn could. She continued to press it down, her hands glowing from the heat and friction before she then produced a tractor that's about the size of a ping-pong ball. Mmmmmph, alright, so how to finish this little guy off. By hand? In between my bicep and forearm or in between my pecs..? Why don't you decide Dad?


Finish it off?  You can get it smaller?  Her father looked at the little, superheated, 8 ton ball between her fingers.. Is that even possible? It looks hot.

Oh, one thing you should know about next anything is possible. Bridget then placed the ball in between her breast and gently grunts. Her pecs flexed and her breast bounced. A few seconds later, she wiped molten steel and rubber from her breast and smiled. Okay, so maybe I didn't think that one through as far as how messy it was going to get…


Her dad's brow furrowed wondering what her daughter was doing as the ball was completely enveloped by her breasts.  Without the use of her hands, Bridget flexes her chest causing an explosion of muscle across her upper body as her cock stretched even larger.  After a few seconds, she relaxed and wiped a couple smears from between her cleavage as it steamed. Her dad's jaw nearly hit the ground.. W-what happened to it?  Where did it go?


Gone, Dad. My chest crushed that 8 ton tractor into these smears aaaaaand... Her eyes glowed blue as she fired a pair of beams onto her cleavage and onto her hands, burning the rest off. now it's vaporized. So if you ever need to get rid of a vehicle, I'm your girl!


That's truly amazing!  I got another for ya, honey.  Come on over. Her father motioned her over to the header at the front of the combine.. Several of the forks are bent from that rock.  I'll need those straightened. Also, if you can figure out a way to sharpen the blades you'd save me some money.  Say, you're super fast right?


Bridget got to work as she started to straighten out the forks with her hands. She pulled and bent them back in shape to where they were factory new. Mmmph, yep. Though there are only four people that are faster than me. You know Karen, right? She's one of them. Once she was done, she lifted the combine up and with her fingernail, she shaved and sharpen the blades and polished them with a gentle glance of her heatvision Why'd you ask?


Well, it'd be nice to get a day off.  I'd hate to ask because you're here to visit, but if you did we could all spend the rest of the day together.  Maybe go fishing or something.


Bridget grinned and then leaned up to her father and kissed him on the cheeks. Say no more. She then sets the combine down inside before she then zipped off to the fields. Bridget then went to work, picking the fresh and ripe tomatoes off the ground and packing them along with the cucumbers and carrots. She then picked and harvested all the corn and wheat, bundling them together. She moved to where it appears she was doing all of these things at once. Once she was done, she planted new seeds and fertilized and watered them before placing all of the produce in proper storage so her father can deliver them tomorrow. She then smiled as she hovered back to her father. Alright, so looks like you got until dinner time, which is about 5 hours away. Let's go the lake!


Her dad would have watched Bridget working but could only see afterimages pop up across a thousand acres of farmland.  Within the first couple seconds he heard a familiar moan and with a THOOM a column of white blasted into the sky from across the far end.  A second later another column blasted from the ground as giggles and coos echoed across the country side. After 7 seconds, it seemed like his daughter was everywhere then suddenly several columns were going off seemingly at once as three days work was piling up done in his barn.  15 seconds passed and Bridget finally materialized over the barn and floated down steaming and smiling.. That was incredible!  Welp, you've earned it. Hitch the boat up and hop in!  


At the lake, her father stopped short.. I was afraid of that.  Lake is too high. Boat ramp is under water.  Looks like we're fishing from the pier, sweetie.


Bridget enjoyed the truck ride to the boat, though she had to sit on the bed of the truck. She did change her clothes and she was a bit smaller, but she could only squeeze into a tanktop, tube socks and a cocksock. Once they arrived, Bridget hovered off and then shook her head, chuckling. Dad, you're saying your little girl can't lift you and a boat into a lake? She said with her brow raised.


Funny enough, I hadn't thought of that.  I guess it's gonna be a bit getting used to having a super daughter.  Oh, wait! Remember this? Larry looked around at the washes of the lake until he picked up a smooth stone.  He winked at Bridget before giving the stone a toss making it skip a respectable 4 times before dropping into the calm water.. Ha!  Think all those muscles can beat that?


Bridget shook her head as she then picks up a smooth stone and lobs it. It's not just muscles, but body mechanics too. She then whipped her hand and caused it to sail above the water. The speed caused a wake to form until it reaches the other side of the empty lake and crashed into a boulder, splitting it in half. Bridget blushed and covered her mouth. Uhhhh, oops! Let's just get you into the lake. Bridget said as she then grabbed the fishing supplies and loaded it onto the boat. Once her father was on board and the boat was unhitched, she then hovers up and glides over until she was at the middle of the lake. She then sets it down gently and the hovers next to him. Unfortunately, she was still too large for the normally 4-man boat. She then hovers, lying on her back just above the water with her hands on the back of her head and her legs crossed with her cock pointing straight up. Mmmmmph, now this is awesome…


The stone was the size her palm, but it hit the boulder like a bomb.  A boulder that was the size of garage exploded from the center and Larry watched as the two halves slowly fell apart.. Geez, kid.  Use enough dynamite? He laughed.. Maybe we'll take you to the firing range tomorrow?
Larry cast out his line as his daughter floated inches above the water dipping her fingers into the cool surface.. Glad to hear it, kiddo.  You just relax a bit. I'm sure saving the world is stressful.  He sighed.. Hell, you been here an hour and not only likely saved the whole state, but you did what would take me three days in just a few seconds.


Bridget did sigh as she then looked at her father while lazily circling her big toe above the water. Her fingers dipped into the cool water. You know, I think I really forgot what that word means. Not that I mind physically and mentally, but I do enjoy a breather where I can just enjoy life and relax. She then chuckled Well Dad, not only am familiar with a gun range, I'm the best shot. Kinda had to know every gun made so I can disassemble. Not to mention, the Army did have drill with the regular recruits for live target practice.


Well, if you need your "thing", don't mind me.  Larry reeled in and cast again.. Fish ain't bitin'. Anyway, from what I've seen, you don't need any guns.  Yours are plenty.


Bridget giggled as she then idly strokes her cock for a moment before looking over and scanning the lake. Oh, ummm, try about 15 degrees to your left. And yep, I hear that a lot. Though I do like it when I get to use my main cannon to push back a fleet of tanks....mmmmph~ She then fires a spray of spunk, launching it high and sailing it some 10 miles out for now. Mmmmph, now thiiiiiis is relaxing......


Larry recasts and is almost immediately rewarded pulling back on the rod.. Hey!  You were right!  Too distracted by his catch, he doesn't notice the weak boom of Bridget's cock going off.  Excited, he recasts and gets another.. I need the take you fishing with me more often!  Guess what's for dinner! In the sky, another of the pink meteors are making their way across the horizon toward her dad.. Nice!  He pulls up in a rainbow trout not noticing.


Ugh, seriously... Bridget muttered as she then zips off, not even disturbing the air around her as her father was too busy catching rainbow trouts. She then intercepts the meteor and wraps her body around it, crushing the meteor with much more effort. The discharge caused her to godgasm again, though she did manage to contain it to just herself so her father wouldn't know. After a few more seconds of cumming high into the sky, Bridget floated back to her father. She was steaming as she saw he caught about 3 large fishes in a row. Wow, guess mom is gonna be making baked fish for a while~


Oh yeah!  He pulled a fourth from the lake and looked over at Bridget.. Everything okay?  You're steaming. Is that like a super fever, or something?


No, just...don't worry about it...Bridget said as she then started to peel off her socks and tanktop, setting them inside the boat, before diving into the lake and then coming back up, resting on the boat and ensuring her breasts are covered by the water. I'm just happy that you are happy, and you know how reactive I can be. Bridget pauses as she then looks up to her father. So, did you guys ever, like, freaked out when that Army guy came and told you everything about Valkyrie?


We were concerned, of course.  You're our daughter. But, we trusted your judgement, and at the end of day, it's ultimately your life.  Larry looked down at his daughter's wide shoulders.  As she bounced up and down in the water her breast breached surfaced like to two tanned submarines.  There was so much surface area that it took a few seconds for all of the water to drain off the top. Her cock head would peek through every now and again a testament to its immense length.. I don't think anyone, even family, could be prepared for what you've become.  After the things we've seen you do, it would test anyone's belief. There are no others like you girls.  He paused seeing for the first time since she'd arrived his daughters face and not the teenage god.. Hard to believe you're still a kid.


At the end of the day, I'm still your daughter, I'm still your kid. She floated there as she decided it would be bad form to float on the water for now. She looked down for a moment and looked back at him. Tell you the truth? I was frightened. I mean, I knew I was gifted but at the time, it was nothing like Andrew. Just a few special skills and talents I thought were quirks but it turns out that I had the genes to become like Kathy and Yu-Lin. By the way, great people, maybe one day you'll get to meet them. But, um, I was just scared and I knew that if I went through with it then things would be different forever. I now can't imagine what would've happened if I said no or if you guys did. Because what makes it all worth it is that I'm actually making a difference and changing the world for the better. Helping people out that really need it. Protecting those that can't protect themselves. Bridget sighed, which accidentally rocked the boat a bit. I'm glad that you guys are still there for me and still treat me like your youngest daughter.


Larry was rocked by his daughter's simple sigh which was more reinforcement of just how powerful she is now.. You'll always be our little girl, He looked down again.. No matter how big you get.  Alright, I think we're good for dinner.  I've got one last project that I think will bring your big brother out of hiding.  Up for it?


Bridget grinned as she nodded happily. Though Andrew and her had a bit of a rivalry before she became a Valkyrie, she did like hanging out with her older brother. She is hopeful that she can get those moments back. You bet! She then looked down at herself for a moment before realizing that her dad has seen her like this before. Ummm, if you need to look away, I kinda need to get dressed.

Uh?  Oh! Oh...uhh...yeah, no problem.  He turns around to face the port side of the boat and waits patiently.. Wait, where did you clothes go?  I'm pretty sure we didn't bring you anything to change into.  Says facing away.

Kathy Dettwiller-09/21/2017


Bridget zipped off and appeared about 10 seconds later, wearing a emerald green t-shirt that cuts off just underneath her bust, showing off her powerful arms and her ripped 8-pack as well as a pair of black workout shorts. She also wore a pair of green tube socks with white rings at the top and a matching cocksock, which was poking out of the front hole. Her ample rear and balls stretched the shorts skin-tight. Superspeed, remember? She said, her short hair in a rather messy shag. Alright, hang on tight, gonna bring you back to the truck. She then gently reaches down and scoops up the boat and hovers back to the hitch. Once the boat was back on the hitch, she lets her dad off along with his catch and secures it before looking down at herself, seeing that she was normal-sized again. Shotgun?


They ride back, Bridget in the passenger seat.  Even at her smaller size, she still more than filled the seat.  Back at the garage, Bridget unhitched the boat and put it away while Larry parked.  They met back at a shed. Larry stood in front of an object covered with a tarp.. I've been meaning to get around to building it, but I just don't have energy I used to.  I wanted to give it to your brother as a college present. He always loved this car. He pulled the tarp back to reveal a shell of an old Porsche Targa.. No rust. Just needs to be put together.  I don't know good a mechanic you are now, but I figure with your superspeed we could make some good progress before dinner?


Bridget gasped as she saw the 1973 Porsche, eyeing its many curves and classic aesthetics. She then hovered around it, looking at the vehicle's shell as she then looked at her dad and nodded. Mmmmph, I might even end up liking it as well. Yeah, let's go ahead and do it! Andy is going to love it. She then winked. Hmmm, I knew reading those mechanic's manuals for almost every make and model would come in handy. And midnight blue too, that's his favorite color.


Well, paint needs restoration.  I'm going to go take the fish in to Ma.  Tools are in the garage. Engine, tranny, are all here.  Go ahead and get started and I'll be back in a few. With that said, he makes his way to the house.


Bridget nods as she then hovers over to the engine and transmission for a moment. She looked at the engine first and looked at the missing parts lying around. She then started to work on it, adding in the missing components to ensure mechanical movement. She continued to work on the engine before she moved on to the transmission. She noticed a slight flaw in the gearbox, some are just a bit too wide out for what the engine needed. She started to tune the gears, ensuring even shifting and power based on which gear it was on. Once the transmission was completed, Bridget then mounted it to the engine and connected it together.


Larry had just hit the door by that time and had a quick few words about what happened, kissed his wife on the cheek, laid the fish on the counter, and headed back out the door toward the garage.  He heard the sounds of work being done.


Bridget grinned as she then held the engine and transmission in her hand, completely assembled. Uhh, I think it's ready to be mounted Dad. But we should probably work on the suspension and axles too, right?


He just smiled, sat in his old chair, opened his cooler, pulled out a beer and raised it.. Looks like you got then. I'll be here if you have questions.  He winks.


She shook her head as her dad took it easy, realizing that she is going to do all the work. Then again, lifting engines is nothing compared to what she lifts on a regular basis. She held the shell of the car up and then mounted the engine with the transmission onto the car. She then mounted the limited slip differential and then the shaft to power the axles. Once that was done, she then mounted the brake rotors and brake pads before installing the springs and shock absorbers. Spotting the wheels and tires, Bridget used her speed and mounted all four tires in quick succession, screwing in the bolts with her hands. Once she was done, she connects the exhaust and muffler, the gas canister and all tubes together. She adds in the liquids and then sets the car back down. So, by us working together, you meant I do the lifting and you supervise? Bridget teased as she then hovers over to him, sitting down and wiping her hands with a rag.


The redhaired teen superherm giggles before she then hears the phone ring. Bridget looks at her phone and her brow furrows when she recognizes the number. Mandler speaking.


Hey, boss!  Adrina's voice rings out from the other side.  It's otherworldly and angelic song.. How's Mr. and Mrs. Mandler?


Oh, hey Adri! Wow, you sound different? Sounds like you reached that transcended plane?  Hang on. Bridget puts the phone down as she then looks at her dad. Hey Dad, I do need to take this. Do you need me to do anything else here first?

We can get the paint done later.  You take care of your superhero business.  Larry slowly stands and turns toward the house.

STAAAUUHHP!  Bridget gears a thunderous roar over the phone for several seconds then it settles to a raging river.. Oohhhh...sorry.  I'm trying learn some control.  J-Just the sound of your voice makes hits just the right...OOOOOHHHH YESSSS...uhhmmph...give a sec... Bridget hears an angelic scream of joy for a few more seconds.. Ohh...that's better...yeah I did that days ago.  Just still riding it. Anyway, have been seeing pink meteors around your area?


Bridget hovers off until she was floating just above the barn. OHHHGAWWWD.... Bridget groans as she blasts a massive spray of her spunk for several seconds before it becomes a river as well.

You know how easy you can get me going-mmmmmmph! Your voice sounds so beautiful...MMMMMMPH…..YESSSS....mmmmmph...o-okay...ohhh..ohhhkay! Bridget moans softly for a few more seconds. Okay....that's awesome. And yeah, caused me to glow and godgasm. What's up with them?


SSSSTTTAAAAAAAAHHHPPPPPP!  The roar goes on as does the angelic chorus of cries.. SSCREEEEEEW IIIIT.  Bridget listens as Adrina manages to explain plainly through her hyper god-gasm that the meteors are pieces of a larger piece that is on a course for her area.  It isn't an attack, it was a missed attack that has been drifting through space.. TWOOO HOURRRRSSS.


As Adrina was explaining, Bridget couldn't help but groan on and on in her own godgasm. Her body started to glow a bright red as she erupts a continuous colum of cum. THANNNKS! Bridget said SEE YOUUUU LATERRRR! She hangs up the phone and puts it away before taking off into space. Her body was glowing, hair floating and she was still cumming as she flew up, going after the massive meteor. It did not take her long to find the massive rock, glowing bright pink, about the size of Rhode Island. Bridget grinned as she then poured on the speed with her fists forward and her cum spraying her spunk at it.


Larry walks back out after hearing Bridget's angelic voice to find she was gone.. Now where did that girl get off to now?  I guess I worry even if she is indestructible.

The meteor began to roll due to Bridget's cum.  Like the smaller pieces, the pink energy detected an incoming intruder and tendrils reached out to attack Bridget.  The larger size meant a far more powerful energy. This was a planet killer.


Bridget felt the tendrils reach around and attack her directly. She lets out a soundless scream of pure joy as her face twisted into a painful-looking O-face. Her cum then fired into a massive pinkish-red beam as she felt herself growing bigger and taller. Her cock now stretched way out in front, throbbing bigger and thicker and longer. Her spray was now pushing the planet-sized rock back, stopping it dead in it's path as she felt her body absorbing more and more. 'Mmmmmmmmph, more.....MORE!'


As if in answer to the teen god, the meteor fought back engulfing her in its energy entirely to pull at Bridget.  It was like a sort of tractor beam to ensure it was able hit its target once in range. The rush of power was immense as it started to reach passed Bridget toward the planet.

On the surface Larry looked up at a bright light shining like a tiny sun high in the sky.. Bridget?


'Oh no you don't!' The teen god thought as she then reached out and grabbed the tendrils as it started to reach past her. She then absorbed the energy, the flow stronger than ever. She felt it go harder and harder until she felt a dam break within. She flashed brighter, now a glowing being of pure energy as only a outline could be made out. She then started to push it back, her cum penetrating its defenses and starting to chip away. 'You messed with the wrong planet!'


Bridget pressed her own attack and the meteor pushed back.  Power unlike anything she'd ever felt before fed into her filling every cell threatening to explode every atom from the inside.  It's weight, though greatly slowed, still rolled forward making contact with the tip of Bridget's cock.


Bridget lets out a sharp gasp as felt the rock pressed on the tip of her cock. She can feel her own atoms exploding, then reforming into something greater than before. With her strength, she pushed the rock back and started to push it farther and farther away. Then, her tip drilled into it and immediately there was a deafening 'THOOM' as she came into it, a massive beam of light firing from her cock. Her cock stretched and grew, causing cracks to form deep as she sucked more and more of its energy. Then, the energy started to fade from the rock....


Her nipples gouged at the surface as Bridget's body twitched with more power than she'd ever known.  As the rock's power faded, hers grew. As her power filled its machine core, the alien metal bulged causing cracks along its outer surface.  Inside, the machine crushed in on her cock and though the collapsing gravity of its core was meant as a self destruct, it felt like Bridget was getting one of the best blow jobs she'd ever known.  She realized then that nothing in the universe was more powerful than her or her girlfriends.


Bridget saw the thing was collapsing into itself as she continued to push it further out until they were well past the solar system. Feeling the core suck her cock in caused her to cum harder and harder until she felt a massive explosion surround her. Her body absorbed all of the energy as she cums harder than ever. Once the energy and the suction began to weaken, Bridget slowly deportes until she was back to her normal, pumped form. Her body began to steam as she stroked the last few ropes out. She grinned as she then looked back, zipping off home.


Where did she get off to?  Teresa asked.

I'm not sure.  She was on the phone with someone and then when went back to check on her there was this bright light in the sky that flew off.  Maybe she's off saving the planet again.


Suddenly, there was a dull 'BOOM' as the ground shook. There was a chuckle that's came from the freshly formed crater as a figure slowly rose up. Oh wow, alright so I definitely need to recalibrate myself....Bridget said as hovers towards the house. She opens the door, going ever so gently, as she hovers in to the kitchen with her parents. She looks down and realizes that she is naked and blushes, covering one hand on her chest and the other on her length. Ummm, there was a large sentient meteor that was coming towards us and I sorta broke a previously held back power and became a glowing god. Ummm, sorry, I really need to shower... Bridget then hovers off and heads upstairs to her old shower to freshen up.


Her parents just look on at Bridget as she explains where she'd been.  Her hands were far to small to cover pretty much any part of her, especially the man-sized cock.  Her brother peered out of his door just to in time to see a flesh blur move to her sister's room, to the hall closet, back to her room, then into the bathroom all in less than a second.  A few more seconds later, he heard the water turn on as steam rolled from the bottom of the door.

What did she say?  Teresa blinked.

Our daughter is a glowing god, dear.  Larry scratched his head.


Bridget lets out a sigh of relief as she then lets the scalding hot water wash all over her body. She then lathers her hair with shampoo and conditioner before lathering her body with her favorite liquid soap - cherry blossom vanilla. She scrubbed herself and then rinsed herself down before looking at her still-throbbing cock. Bridget groaned as she gently stroked it before hovering and curling forward, sliding her cock into her mouth. She groans and pants, sucking herself without breathing as her toes curled. Soon, a voluminous roar of cum rushed out of the head, her balls swelling as she felt the water slowed to a crawl. 'No way, I can dilate time!?'


Her brother watched the space at the bottom of the door as he heard the groan that was followed immediately by a bright light leaking from the space.  The light danced in reds and blues as inside Bridget discovered light speed. As minutes goes by for her brother, years go by for Bridget.


Just then, the door opens and out steps Bridget, toweling her hair off. She wore a black Converge shirt with Jane Doe on it and a pair of denim jeans that she had to leave the fly out for her black sock covered length. Her legs had on a pair of black no-show socks as well. She looked at Andrew and grinned. Saw something cool?


Uh...what was...h-happening in there?  Do you have to recharge or something? Andy stared as if seeing her for the first time.  Seeing her on TV was one thing. Standing in front of him, she looked larger than life.  Though, she seemed slightly larger than the TV showed. Even slightly larger than when he saw her through the window on arrival.  Her eyes were still dancing with inner light and she smiled as if she had no idea. The last bit of light danced through her hair as she finished drying it off.


You could say that...Bridget grinned as she bit down on her lower lip. Actually, I just did something that all the other girls were able to do. You know how sometimes it looks like one of us is at two places at once? Well, I'm able to do that now.


Andy furrowed his brow in disbelief and shook his head.. That's...TV tricks.  It's not possible to be in two places at once.


Bridget's giggle came from behind Andy, yet she was still standing in front of her. He then felt a pair of arms wrap around and hug him before pulling herself to his view. Really now? You literally saw me flying in and you think it's TV tricks?


He did a double take looking at both of his sisters, both dressed the same, both with throbbing cocks and smiling faces.. That's not possible... He reached out to the other one swiping his hand across until it was resting on the biggest, hardest nipple he'd ever felt.  It stayed there a moment as the nipple swelled quickly and he pulled his hand as if he'd touched a hot stove.. I didn't mean...I thought...


The other one winked and faded until just one remained. Her nipples were now erect and stretching the shirt out. Don't worry, I know what you meant...I'm just teasing....Bridget then look down at her feet before looking up. Look, just because I'm different, doesn't mean I stopped being your kid sister. I'm still the same Bridge, but just a bit more. And well, I have a dick now...which still takes time to get used to.


Andy sighed and let his face soften.. I know... It's just, it's always about you now.  He couldn't help but watch her body.  Those nipples were huge even by human standards and the shirt was failing miserably at hiding anything.  Her jeans looked painted on and her thighs were filled with muscle. Lastly, she had the biggest dick he'd ever seen and it seemed to never be less than at least semi hard at all times.  Somehow, in a vulnerable moment, she still exudes power.. You're not the same Bridget, sis.  You are still my sister, though. I'm sorry I was mad at you.  He leaned in to hug Bridget.  It was awkward due to her sheer size and his not knowing how to do it without being inappropriate..


Bridget blushed and nodded. It's okay, I kinda get it. But I'm still your kid sis. Bridget then positioned herself so she can hug him without her cock brushing up on him. I get that Mom and Dad are on me, but they still love you and care about you. Besides, I have a feeling football scouts are gonna try to buy each other out after you are done at the school. Just keep on with those sacks. I heard you have the record for the state championship. Bridget then let go of the hug and grinned. Also, if you want, and if you have burning questions, we can talk afterwards. But I think Mom is about done and you know how she is.


Kids! Dinner is ready.  Wash your hands!

Andy smiled.. I suppose beating you down stairs isn't gonna happen?


Bridget grinned You could have your hand at your chair and I'll already be sitting down. But...if you wanna try your luck....


Andy takes off in a dead sprint.  His football training is apparent as he dashes down the stairs two at a time.  Looking back, he saw his sister smiling and standing where he left her.


Bridget whistles a bit as she then heard that he was by the dining room. She then blurs downstairs and slows down time to where she saw her brother reach the chair. She calmly pulls her seat and then tucks herself in before letting time go by again. She was calmly in her seat, legs crossed and ready.


Just as Andy was pulling his chair back, the empty seat that was his sister's was instantly occupied.. Mom!  She didn't wash her hands!
Bridget you know my rule.
Andy smiled in victory as he pulled his chair out to to sit.


Bridget scoffed, then furrowed her brow before hovering off to the kitchen sink and washed her hands. She then looked at Andy and grinned, winking at him, before returning to her seat. Well, looks like you can say you beat a Valkyrie in a foot race to the kitchen.


Ha!  I guess super smarts didn't come with that super body!  Andy sat at the table and placed his napkin in his lap.. It's okay, sis.  Can't win them all.

Kids, enjoy the meal.  Larry shook his head.

Wow, mom!  That's really good! Andy sighed.

Thanks!  Tried something that Kathy sent me.


Bridget grinned as she placed her napkin on her lap before digging in to her plate Mmmmph, this is delicious. Yeah, Kathy loves to cook. She and her fiance own a restaurant out by the canyons. I think Guy Fieri stopped by with his show....


Oh, I remember that!  Kathy was so eager to impress that he passed out because it was that good.  Pretty funny if you ask me. What really got the attention, though was when she had a bite of her own burger.


Larry laughed out loud.. Son, it's all over the news.  It's just who these girls are now. you do the same thing?  Andy asked Bridget.


Bridget giggled as she ate. These things are not for show, Andy. Though, I know how Mom is when she mops the floors so I'm holding back...though...Mmmmph Another bite....this mac and cheese is making really hard to.


Andy could see Bridget's cock literally stretching longer up between her her massive breasts by inches.  She, and his parents ate like nothing was out of the ordinary. They finished their meals and Andy got up.. Hey sis.  Let's go downstairs and you show me how strong you are now.


Her cock tucked itself underneath her shirt, poking through her cleavage and out of the collar of her band shirt. She finished her meal and grinned. You do know that's my favorite part about all this, right? Bridget said as she then looked around before picking up all the dirty plates in a blur. She then began to wash and dry each plate before racking them. Then, she packed the food away with the Tupperware and stocked them in the fridge. She then comes out of her blur and grins. Alright, to the gym?


Andy looked through to the kitchen and then back at the table.  It had taken less than 5 seconds.. Wow!  He noticed her sock covered sock was sticking up nearly touching her chin.. Umm...yeah, I'll meet you down there.  Just let me change.


Bridget nodded before she then decided to change. A few seconds later, she was waiting at their gym wearing a halter sports top in red and black booty shorts, and black tube socks with red stripes and a matching sock over her length. She looked around at the trophies Andy has won and medals. She then smiled as she looked at a photo of the Weddington Warriors. You know, I've never been here before...always wondered what this room looked like.


Really?  You were welcome to.  Andy had to admit to himself, despite the extra body part, his sister was achingly beautiful now.  Seeing her body more revealed, it was definitely superhuman in every way.. So, my max bench is 405.  You look pretty big, so you want to start there? It was obvious Andy was still a little clueless, or in denial, about Bridget's true power.


Ummm, sure.... Bridget said as she loaded up a barbell with plates equating to 405lbs. She then unracked it with her right dominant hand and began to curl the weight. Her biceps swelled and curled into a hard ball as her massive cock stuck out right in front of her. She used it as a point, not allowing the bar to touch her cock as she curls it. Damn, you bench this as your max? That's actually pretty impressive. No wonder you got most sacks. Her voice had zero traces of sarcasm. She was genuinely impressed with her older brother and how strong he is.


Andy's jaw hit the floor.. Sis, just how strong are you?


Bridget switched over to her left now. Umm, well, you've seen me fold a tank, right? That felt like folding cardboard but would probably feel like folding paper.


That was real?!  As if the super speed wasn't enough, it finally hit home just who his sister was.. Show me.  Show me what you can really do.  I need to see it first hand.


Bridget looked at him before setting the bar down. She found a 45lbs plate and casually lifted it with one hand before handing it to him first. Just so you know it's real. She said before taking it back. Bridget then grinned as she then brought her hands together and folded the plate into itself. The metal screeched as it was moved by the teen god's hands. She then looked to do it again but then smirked as she looked down at her crotch. Double fold or....?


Whoa that was cool!  Her fingers molded into the plate's surface like it was less than play dough.  It was clearly an accidental occurrence. Collateral damage from her casual grip.  The seam where her fingers met fused the side together. It wasn't on purpose. She was just that strong.  He saw the way her body responded. It liked using its power.. Or...what...?  I don't...


Y'know, maybe I shouldn't....but every part of me is strong. And I mean, every, part. Bridget smiles as she then sets the plate down before pointing him to the bench. She already cleared off the plates so he can work. Your turn. I'll spot you if needed.


He looks at the bench and then to Bridget..  I-I think I'd rather watch you.  I-if you don't mind...


Bridget then puts her finger on her chin. You know, I don't want to ruin your equipment. But, how about going to the old junkyard. I think I can show off more there?


Great idea!  Andy heads up stairs yelling back.. Race you there!  Dad! Where's the keys?!


Bridget blurs in front of Andy and grins with her hands on her hips. We could do that....or, how about taking a trip on Air Bridget instead?


Andy raised an eyebrow and smiled.. Now that sounds like fun!  Let me get a coat.
Larry walks over to Bridget.. Well, that's a turn around from earlier.
Andy comes back down in his letterman jacket.. All ready!


Bridget grinned at her father and nodded. We just needed a minute to talk. Don't worry though, we can finish tomorrow. She said with a wink before turning to her brother. Alright, and after, we can go to the diner! Turns to her father Alright Dad, we'll be home late, don't wait up! She then turned and hovered out the door with her brother next to her. Once they were outside... Alright, so, you can either get on my back or I can carry you up front. Up to you.


With you around, he couldn't be in better hands.  Larry smiled.. Still, be careful.  You might be invulnerable, but he isn't.

Uhh...I think riding your back would be weird.  I guess carry me?


Don't worry Dad, you can always count on me. Bridget said before turning to Andy and smiling. Alright. She then walks over and scoops him in her arms. She then cradles him, her biceps swelling slightly. Her massive breast was a bit in the way as he had no choice but to be pressed against him. Alright, just wrap your arms around my neck and hold on tight. She slowly ascends up into the sky, flying some 30 feet high into the air before flying out to the direction of the junkyard.


Andy had to reach far, but managed to get his hands around her thick, yet feminine neck.  He was surprised at how hard and dense her breasts were. Those thoughts were all gone when they alighted from the ground un-aided.. Whooaaa!  Holy crap that's awesome!  Can you go higher?


Bridget grinned as she then ascends higher, the two now at 100 feet above ground. Trust me, this never gets old for me. And well, I can go into deep space but I'd rather not with you. Bridget continues to fly at a comfortably slow 50 miles per hour. She then looks at Andy. So, you have to tell me that my big bro stud is seeing someone, right?


Woohooo!  Andy blushes.. Uhh, no girlfriend.  Actually, I have something to show you when we get to the yard. Andy changes the subject.. Deep space?  Really? How far out have you been?  How do you breathe?


Bridget gasps Whaaat? No girlfriend? Alright, so that definitely needs to change before summer ends. She grins Uhhh, funny story, I don't really need to breathe unless I'm speaking. And, well, I was just outside of the solar system this afternoon. There was this massive meteor heading straight for Earth and I had to stop it. She raises her brow Oh, and what is this thing you need to show me?


Just this afternoon?  When could have had time to...?  You act like it was just a trip to the store.  Andy looked away.  Something about what she'd said was stirring something in him.  After a few more minutes, they set down inside the junkyard.. Yeah, so I don't know why I'm showing you this, but here... Andy pulls out a rolled up stack of papers.  Opening it, Bridget saw the title. "Megan Muscles" by Moxie.. So, I've been into super girls for a long time.


Bridget then took the papers and started to read. She blurred through them in, each passing second caused her cock to grow thicker and longer as it stained the tip of her sock with precum Oh....oh wow that's hot actually. I can do a lot of these things you know. But I mean, there is that whole semi-incest thing though....I don't think that would be at all appropriate....She bit down on her lower lip as the feats caused her to throb. But if you want me to do some of those things, I definitely can.


No, no!  Of course not!  I mean, you're really, REALLY, hot.  But, we are actually brother and sister, not like the story.  Andy was visibly anxious.. So, you don't think that's weird?  I would love to see what you can do now.  Actually, we could play out the story? You know, take me outside the front gate and start there?  Andy smiled a little embarrassed.


Bridget blushed and smiled as she nodded. You know, my friend Karen is single. Well, we are all dating each other, but if you want I can definitely talk to you to her. She shook her head. Not weird at all. Let's do this. Matter of fact.... She pulls out her phone. Wanna direct?


Andy just smiled at the possibility of having a super powered girlfriend.. I kinda like Linda.  No offense to Karen, though.  That accent... He sighed dramatically for show.
Good idea!  So let's start outside the front gate.  A moment later Bridget has flown them to the gate which was locked with a large, high-security padlock that barely fit in a person's palm.. Looks like we're locked out, sis.  Andy chuckled.


Trust me, Linda's accent is the best but she is happily partnered with Caroline. Trust me, Karen is a catch and she's definitely a football and rugby kind of girl. Bridget said before flying them to the gate. She looked at the padlock and pouted playfully. Oh darn, if only we had a key. Ooh, I know...Bridget giggled as she then leaned forward and slide the lock in between her breast and waited for her brother to zoom in. Alright...and here we...mmmph...The padlock was crushed as the chain snapped around it. The rest of it was flattened by her superpowerful breasts. She then pulled it out, the padlock was as flat as a dime. Alright, shall we? She said as she pushed the gate open.


That...was...awesome!  Andy went to pick up the lock and dropped it right away finding it too hot for him to hold on to.. Ow, ow, ow!  Geez, I didn't even think about that...  He looked to see the steam still wafting from Bridget's cleavage as they walked inside.. Karen sounds like my kind of girl.  Hey, what about Kathy? She's...dreamy...


Bridget quickly cooled the metal and takes it again before flattening it so it was pocket-sized. Then, she cooled it again for him. Souvenir. Bridget then chuckled. Oh, she is. But she is happily spoken for. Remember the other guy in the Guy Fieri show, that's her hubby and also my former boss. Pretty cool guy overall actually. He really looked out and cared for us. Bridget hovered along with him as they went up to a junked SUV. Ooooh....this looks promising.


He just stared as his sister treated the now dense, but very flat padlock like it nothing more than tissue.  She seemed to actually be careful.. Oh.  Andy seemed disappointed.. I'd still love meet Karen.  Bridget blurred over to the SUV.  Andy flipped through the pages.. Yeah!  In the story, Megan picked it up between her thumb and index finger by the trailer hitch.  Despite it being his sister, he couldn't help but be a little turned on.. Think you can do that?


Alright, I'll set you up with her. Bridget said before looking at the truck. Could I? Watch this! Bridget then hovered over to the truck and gripped it by the hitch with her thumb and finger. She then gripped it and slowly lifted the truck up. Her forearm flared as well as her triceps and shoulder as she lifts it over her head. She then raises her other arm and curls it into a massive flex. Her massive cock throbbed and drooled as her legs were flexed and stretched out, pointing her socked toes to the ground. Wow, it's harder than it looks. The trick is to balance it.


Andy's eyes went wide.. Uh...that's uhh...the story only said she only lifted the rear. He stared dumbfounded as Bridget held the entire SUV aloft with two fingers no effort on her face.. You make that look so easy...


Bridget grins as she was throbbing all over, especially her cock. Mmmph, well, yeah... She sets it back down as she looks at his crotch and grins at Andy. Man, Karen is so going to love that you are pretty big. Also, don't worry about it. It tends to happen around us. Just think of it as natural.


Andy blushes.. Oh, thanks, I guess.  Not even close to you, though.  Geez, it just keeps getting bigger… Andy can't help but stare at Bridget's cock as it throbs seemingly in time with her heartbeat.  It seemed to enjoy the attention with a mind of its own as it stretched yet another few inches. It was hard to miss the rest of her, though, as her body remained slightly pumped even though lifting the SUV seemed to take no effort.  He could hear the seams of her clothes hanging on for dear life. He averted his eyes to the pages and finds the next part.. Okay, let's get you inside the car crusher.  I mean, if you think it's safe. Don't want to hurt you.


Bridget grinned as she then looked down at it. Actually, out of everyone not named Kathy, Yu-Lin and Valerie, I'm the biggest of the bunch. Bridget grinned as she flexed it, letting it throb and flare underneath the sock. I'll chalk it up to being a Mandler. She then giggled as she walked towards the car crusher. Andy, I used to take nuclear bombs for a quick sun tan. Didn't work, by the way. A little car crusher is not going to do me in. She then stands at the center and smiles, flashing her bright teeth as her glowing red eyes shined in the dark. And, just to remind you, all of us can do this...


It surged another foot as Andy stared in disbelief.  It was now long enough she could suck it without reaching.  He filmed her as she sauntered over to the machine focusing on her muscled, peach bottom.. I remember the news when you guys let North Korea use their entire arsenal on you.  I remember you really enjoyed it. At least I get my own show, then. Andy smiled getting more comfortable with their situation.. Just let me fingered this out... The machine whirred to life and Andy rushed over to stand in front of Bridget as the roof began to press down with 160 tons of force.


Bridget grinned as she looked at Andy, winking. Now you're getting it! Bridget then stood there, hands on her hips as the machine press was coming down on her. She continued to smile as her cock remained as erect as ever. Yep, I just want you to enjoy this as much as I am going to.


The anticipation was killing Andy as the press lowered and Bridget continued to smile confidently.  Standing inside the machine of death with her hands on her hips fed every Supergirl fantasy.. I've been watching you on TV, you know.  You were standing just like that when that tank fired round after round at you.  Not gonna lie, it was pretty funny watching you check your nails after the third round exploded across your chest.  Then the way you just walked toward it taking hit after hit until they gave up and you folded it to the size of a napkin.  I thought it was special effects then. Now? It's amazing to see. It checked every block in his god-girl list.  The roof was just within reach...


Mmmph, I remember. Those rounds were just gentle love taps. I love the way those shells just crashed against my chest though I was getting bored. So I decided to walk over and end it. It was rather fun seeing them scramble and then watch the tank fold in with my own hands. Though they didn't show it, those guys definite pissed themselves. The roof then came in as the sides came in as well. Bridget groaned softly as she felt the crushing press give in to her form. The powerful press was no match for the god girl as she stood calmly. She then felt it squeeze tight around her cock, causing her to groan a bit louder and shake up the area. Soon, there was a bulge at the front as it grew and grew until... 'THOOM!' Her creamy spunk blasted out and drilled a hole out as it continued to fire and dent a wall of flattened cars 20 feet out.


Andy listened intently as Bridget recounted her one-sided confrontation with the tank.  It was making her cock throb. It was hard to hear her over the squeal of steel as the roof molded around her upper body.  It gave up the goose, leaving a mood of her head and shoulders and lifted back up to let the sides finish up. They closed in slowly and Bridget turned to let the walls push from front and back.  She kept smiling as the walls made contact with her cock and back. It was a lopsided battle as the wall stretched around Bridget's length. Andy saw the other side bulge further and further as the walls closed in.  Bridget moaned and before long both walls closed in around his sister. He heard two different pings as her nipples hardened and poked palmed-sized dents into the surface of the steel wall. A rough outline of her facial features were pressed into the surface and he could see it move slightly as the ground shook under another lustful moan.  As she moaned, a bubble began to form under popping steel as it was stretched and deformed. In a deafening BANG followed by a familiar THOOM a blast of her cum exploded from the end boring a hole through a stack of cars on the other end of the yard. Every twitch of her cock enlarged the hole and molded steel around it. He could see her cheeks bulge under the steel encasing as she smiled.. Oh my god...


Bridget remained there as the press continued to try to fill in the gasps, which was widened by every twitch of her massive cock as she blasted out her cum. She brought her hands up, the steel plates gouged by her movement as Andy could now see the dentures of her hands and fingers around her breast and squeezing them. She continued this for several minutes until the machine started to pull back. She then stood there, grinning at Andy with her cock still throbbing and shooting as she looked at her handiwork. The metal plates now has a rough mold of the teen redhaired godgirl impressed on it. Of course, to avoid any trouble, Bridget then blurred off and grabbed a few chunks of metal and filled in the gaps herself. To Andy, she appeared to be in several places around the machine - fixing the holes she has made with metal and melting it with her blue heatvision before cooling it with her breath to successfully repair it. Once done, she then hovered up to Andy - since he was up top on the controls - and grinned. As fun as it would be to have car impressions made of me, I'm sure the owners wouldn't appreciate it.


As she moved inside the steel casing, Andy likened it to a blanket such was the ease with how she moved.  As her hands lifted her breasts, her nipples gouged long troughs into the steel prison. Even her balls, which throbbed as they pumped, molded the casing surrounding her.  As the walls separated, Andy noticed that some of Bridget's clothing had burned away leaving her with smoldering threads. The metal inside was glowing a dull amber. She didn't wait for the walls to return before she instantly seemed to multiply with afterimages that appeared and disappeared in several places around the machine.  It looked like a reverse time-lapse as the walls and roof straighten and reformed. Before the walls settled back, the machine looked perfectly new..  T-that was amazing, sis.  So strong. Just how fast are you?


Bridget grinned as she hovered there, smiling, though her clothes were nearly burned off, only remaining in her socks. She looked down and gasped. Oh, I guess I only put on my durable socks and not the rest of my clothes. She grins and flexed, her skin glowing slightly. She then purse her breath and blasts herself with cool air, allowing her to be at a more manageable temperature. Mmmmph, well, how about we talk about it over a cheeseburger and a shake. The local diner is still open and I'm in the mood for a milkshake with a cheese steak. My treat. And before you ask... Bridget then reached into her cocksock and pulled out a fresh set of twenty dollar bills. Valkyrie pension.


Ohh no!  Andy opens the pages and reads.. You owe me a run at top speed, a car the size of a thimble, you folded a tank so that's a freebie, aaand... He put the papers in his pocket rolled up.. ...a cool display of invulnerability. Andy smiled big..


Bridget rolls her eyes and sighs Fiiiiiine... She giggles as her cock throbs You are so lucky my dick loves all of those ideas. Ummm, alright, so top got a speed tracker on hand or maybe we can have a race? You run a mile and I run a lap around the county. First one across wins? Bridget bites down on her lower lip for a moment as her ears perked up a bit. Or...ever better...I think I hear a street race nearby. Maybe lil ol me could race them?


Nice, super hearing! I like the way you think. Andy's eyes raised at Bridget's cock throbbing happily.. And so does that, huh?  They both laugh.. You gotta promise to show off, though.  Andy considers how little Bridget was wearing and decides if she's not bothered, neither is he..  Take us there, little sis!


Bridget grinned as she then scooped him up to her arms and then soared out of the junkyard. A few moments later, they could hear the sound of two powerful engines ripping down a two lane road. The engines each had over 1000 horsepower as tires squealed from the power they exerted. Bridget landed nearby and then started to walk over to the next set of cars and grinned at the enthusiasts. Mind if I join in on this race?


Oooo...sure thing, girl! Andy found it odd that they seemed not to notice that Bridget was not only bigger than any of them, but barely dressed and sporting a cock the size of a small person..

Yo, that girl is a freak! One of them whispered.  


The host turned and smiled pretending Bridget wasn't out of the ordinary.  People gawked, but it was obvious they didn't watch the news.. But, I don't see any wheels.  How you gonna race with nothing to race in.


Bridget looked around for a moment as it suddenly dawned on her that she was not in a car. Oh man, you are so right. Looks like the only thing I have is my own two feet. Bridget then grinned as she then bounced on her socked feet as she looks at the host. But, I'll make you a wager. Ten thousand bucks says I can smoke both of these cars on foot. If I lose, I'll give each driver here ten grand, each. Bridget grinned confidently. Sounds like a easy payday, right?


Are you, like high, or sumthin'?  The small group looked at each then watched Bridget mesmerized as her tits and cock bounced and bobbed with her.  Her muscles pumped slightly in anticipation and it was making Andy very hot..

I don't know what your girlfriend-

Little sister. Andy proudly interjected. smoking, but I'm not one to turn down free money.  So, here it is. For that kind of money it's a two mile race. Straight down the old runway and back.  No rules, no handicaps, both cars in kill mode. 1500 hp, chica. You're funeral... We'll get em lined up.  I guess you need to, what? Stretch? He turned and made the crazy sign with his hand while walking away.  The cars, one a Porsche 918, the other a modified Camaro, lined up revving loudly at each other.


You're on! Bridget said as she then turned to Andy and giggled. Okay, so I guess there are other people that think that was all special effects or they haven't heard of me at all. Which is nice, and it'll make this all the more sweeter. Bridget said as her cock throbbed, still rather excited about winning a foot race against some superpowered cars. So I may not be able to do what Megan did but at least I can give you a show. *She then bent her body forward, stretching her back and then doing a perfect split, stretching out her legs. She then bent forward, her massive cock not even obstructing her ability to have her head touch her knee. Her cock rested on the ground, stretched out in front of her. She pointed her toes out, then up, as she then laid on her cock with her legs still stretched out. On the plus side, you get to find out what twenty K will look like, mmmmph! Bridget then rolled herself forward until she was doing a handstand, continuing on her splits until her socked soles were resting on her head. Man, so awesome to have a gymnast for a friend. Taught us all kinds of stretching and flexibility exercises.


In her current position, balanced on her hands, her feet resting on her head, her cock was standing straight up.  What was left of her clothes could only stretch so much which freed her nipples from the threads of her top. Andy stayed quiet as Bridget effortlessly, and with perfect precision, contorted and balanced herself in ways no human being could giggling all the while. It was sexy to Andy.  A rev of the Camaro's engine woke him from his trance.. Tell your sister to line up.  I ain't got all night!


Bridget's ears perked up as soon as she heard the host talk to Andy. She calmly sprung her arms before flipping herself in the air and softly landing on her feet again.  At this point, she ripped off her top, being practically naked save for those socks. She sauntered forward until she was standing in the middle of the Porsche and the Camaro. A quick peek inside with her vision showed just how much time and effort both owners took - high performing engine blocks with massive turbos, a hypercharger for the Camaro, thick tires and a better transmission to accommodate for all that power. She grinned, knowing that none of that will still hold up against her. She then got herself into a runner's starting position. Alright, I'm ready.


An attractive woman in tiny shorts and a tube top walked out in front of the starting line.  She eyed Bridget in clear jealousy before rolling her eyes. The engines on either side of Bridget revved in a deafening roar as turbos spool up and they settled into their transbreaks to get the best launch.  Drag cars had to go all out or they stalled so it was all or nothing. They had both laughed and called it a 10k "test and tune" run. Andy stared, as did a few others, as Bridget shook her rear getting into position.  Her legs seemed to pump and her cock throbbed in anticipation. The young woman raised her flag and then dropped it. The cars launched a hard 4 g's off the line.


Bridget's feet dug into the asphalt, causing the road to crack as her muscles tensed and jumped as she then launched herself into a sprint at a leisurely 6g's off the line. Bridget then propelled herself, taking off into a dead sprint as she pulled right in front of the cars first. Her cock throbbed and remained stiff, bobbing back and forth while her breast bounced with each step that she took. She looked at the attractive woman and winked at her as she passed her by before running down her lane, reaching 120 miles per hour in a mere 2 seconds before sprinting down even faster. The streets were well-lit, allowing the drivers and everyone else to see her peach-bottomed rear bounce along with her sock-clad muscular legs until she was at the turning point of the race. Once she did reach the turning point, Bridget decided to walk back. Except, she was going even faster as her hands were on her hips. When she met up with the two cars, Bridget grinned as she formed a time dilation while she grabbed her cock and started to suck on it. Soon, a roaring sound came from her shaft as she came down her own throat while she continued to suck, the seconds feeling like weeks to her. She groaned softly, seeing their frozen faces staring at her, as her breast massaged the sides of her cock. She then giggled and let time resume, walking the rest of the way with her cock on her lips until she reached the finish line just as the two cars reached the halfway point. She lets go of her cock and smiled at the host. I believe that's twenty thousand dollars, sir.!  Andy laughed as Bridget stood steaming with her cock standing mostly erect.  The hound woman looked up at Bridget and then up at Bridget's cockhead throbbing and twitching and steaming with a dull glow from the hard sucking..
The host looked down the long mile seeing the cars just now turning.. You cheated!  There is two of you, or your little brother tampered with the cars!
Andy retorted. Actually I'm the big brother.


Bridget scoffed at the host Really now, two of me? That is the most ridiculous idea I've heard. And my brother doesn't know anything about tuning a car. Plus, he was way over here, far away from them. You got multiple witnesses. And the flag woman over there had her eyes on me, so I couldn't have done anything. She had her hands on her hips, hovering up to be on eye level with the host. I ran those two miles...well, I walked the way back, I was getting lazy. But still, I crossed the line first and on foot. Fair and square.


Andy watched as Bridget's cock head neared the host's face.  Hers was almost as big as his now.  2 out of 3, girl.  This time, I'm watching you.  The cars came roaring by the finish line.  Andy just nodded and pulled out his camera.. I'll film everything this time.

Cameras on the cars, too!  The host insisted.  The cars got turned around and they started mounting a GoPro on the roof of each.


Bridget glared before she shook her head. Fine. Two out of three. Double or nothing.  Bridget then hovered back down and walked calmly to Andy, then whispered Looks like I might have to bruise a lot of egoes tonight. She then turned and lined up in the middle of the car. This time, she stood perfectly still with her hands on her hips and her cock jutting out several feet in front of her. She looked at the two other drivers and sighed. Hey, for this next part, nothing personal. Okay? I'm mostly going to do this because your host is an ass.


Double or...? Before the host could protest Bridget had walked away.
This is going to awesome!  Andy whispered excitedly.  Show 'em what you got, sis!
The drivers looked at Bridget, then at each other before revving up to max boost and setting the transbreaks again.  Their engines roared as Bridget stood calmly and waited for the woman to flag them. She rolled her eyes at Bridget obviously thinking the same as the host.


Bridget smirked and shook her head at the flagwoman before saw her hand go up. The flagwoman scoffed and dropped the flag. The two cars revved and launched again at 4g's while Bridget calmy started to walk again. She then had her own cockhead into her mouth as she started to suck while walking well past them at 7g's. The force caused the cars to be pushed out a bit. The drivers swerved but were able to stay in their lanes as Bridget was already several car lengths ahead of them. This time, she was going a lot slower, allowing everyone to see her ample rear walk away from the speeding cars as she sucked on her own cock. A roar of cum rushed to her mouth as she swallowed non-stop, not pulling any further ahead but not slowing down any further behind.  This time, she waited for them at the stop and waved at her brother as the cars were turning around. Once they were heading back down, Bridget then started to walk again, again, maintaining a bus length ahead of them until she crossed the line first again. She lets go of her cock as it stops gushing, her hands on her hips and as defiant as ever. There, that's two. That's forty thousand you owe me now.


Andy was laughing now as everyone's jaw dropped.  Even the woman was in shock.. That wasn't even her fastest!  Nice, sis! He high fives her as the host pulled out big roll of hundreds.. I don't know what you are, but I've never seen anything like that.  Something is up here, and I don't like it, but here is your money. Go before my mood changes.


Bridget takes the fat rolls and hands two to Andy before stuffing the rest inside her sock pockets. Next time, I'll show up in a car to make it more fair. Bridget then looks at the woman before giving her the bird, then scoops Andy up in her arms and gently ascending into the air again before disappearing into the night. As soon as they were in the clear, the two busted out laughing as they headed back to the junkyard. Oh man, I should feel bad, but those guys were assholes.


The host looks at the mile long gouge in the runway from Bridget's foot race.  It was completely torn up and would need repair if it was to used again. Everyone watched them fly away.  Andy smiled.. You should have really blown their minds...  Andy laughed with Bridget.. I have an idea.  I hear rumor that a group of "supervillains" are holed up about 10 miles from here in the mountains.  Let's shake em up? Don't hurt them, just mess with them a bit. That would check the invulnerability block.  Pleeeeease?


I mean, I wanted to but I would've gone faster than what they could've comprehend. I think beating their cars while walking and sucking my dick made my point. Bridget said. Hearing his request, she sighed and rolled her eyes. Alright, but you so owe me a double chocolate Oreo malt shake after this. But, can run by me as to what you want me to do?


I'd say.  It was...really hot.  I hope that's not weird... Andy blushed.. Hey!  It'll be fun!  And I'll get you as many shakes and burgers as you can eat!  Andy points to a spot near a house-sized boulder which to Bridget's eyes was a massive door.. Set us down there.  They set down and Andy explains.. Don't ask me how I know they are here.  We just kinda stumbled on it one drunk night.  This is the base of the Legion of Ruin. One of the low level teams, but still makes trouble.  Just let them do their worst and have fun with it! They'll get tired and give up, probably. Point is, we can get these guys off the streets for awhile, at least.


Bridget shook her head Hey, hot is hot. Plus, you've seen me bust a was like six times now so I'm cool with it. Bridget nodded to his Intel, setting him down as she then looks at him. Alright but you should stay here. I can take the camera though and film from here. As much as I know you wanna see this in person, you are not invulnerable and I don't want to see you get hurt. But, good thing you have a lot of money because Valkyries are know for their appetites! She then wraps the camera phone to the massive gland of her cock and grins as it was pointed to her face and upper torso. See you in a bit! With that, she rips out the boulder, which ended up ripping the door and triggering the alarms. She then takes Andy up to a tree and has


The magnetic locks hum loudly as she pulls the door away as if it were daisy petal.  The edges spark and explode as the steel edge of the threshold are pulled apart and 2 inch thick locking bolts are ripped apart.  If the sound of a massive vault door being torn apart didn't wake them, the alarms certainly will. Bridget had only pulled with one hand and then flicked it over her shoulder and into orbit.. Holy shit, sis!  He filmed the door disappearing into the sky before he is carried to a tree branch.. Here, use this little camera.  I'll link it so I can watch live.  She attaches it to her cock and he watches her step into the darkness.


She grins and waves at him before disappearing into the darkness. The hallways were flashing red as the klaxon alarms rang throughout. Bridget looked down at the camera and grinned at it, knowing Andy is watching from his phone. Bridget continued on, hovering silently as she waited to meet some sort of resistance to her intrusion.


Walking out of shadows a slender woman approached further up the hall brandishing long, metal nails.  She was still in her nightwear, and thong and tank top that was cut just under her breasts.. You walked into the wrong house, Missy.
Bridget recognized her as Jaguar.  Her long, dark hair and cat-like eyes were dead give away if the claws weren't already.. Jaguar!  Her claws are made of a magic metal.  Supposed to be unbreakable. She heard Andy speak from outside as he watched the feed.


A little bird told you you guys were up to no good. Bridget said as she hovered calmly over to Jaguar. She bit down on her lips, seeing her saunter over wearing just a thong and a tanktop. Though, I am sorry for waking you up from your catnap. So we can do this easy way, where you guys fork over whatever weapons you have stores and I can be on my way. Or, we can do this the hard way, where your claws will go full against my skin. Your choice.


Your little bird obviously didn't tell you that you are in way over your head.  You're big, I'll give you that, but you're only one. Jaguar raked her claws along the wall cutting slits along the steel, reinforced wall.. Let's do it the hard way.  I've never been one for easy.  Jaguar gets in an attack stance and bares her fanged teeth.


Oh man, I love it when they pick the hard choice. Bridget stood with her hands on her hips as she throbbed her cock. She idly stroked her socked cock as she grinned. Got a nice scratch post for you right here!


Oooo, good one!  Bridget heard outside.  The comment visible angered the cat girl and she lunged forward tearing and ripping with inhuman speed at the closest target, Bridget's cock.  Sparks flew off as Jaguar's claws scraped uselessly down its length. She managed 7 good hits before she stopped and stared at her hands.. That's...never happened...


Oooooh...that's the spot...Bridget groaned as spurts of cum fired out of her cock. She then smiled proudly as she hovered there with her hands on her hips. that agaiiiiin....


Jaguar stabbed at Bridget's balls only to hit what felt like impenetrable orbs, then takes up with both sets of claws along the teen god's length.  When that seemed not work, she clawed at Bridget's breasts dragging the blades across her thick nipples and then working up to scrape and rend at Bridget's smiling face before stabbing into her naked eyes.  The cat woman braced against Bridget's cock for leverage as she tried to push into the god-girl's open eyes.. Nnnnnghhh!  What are you made of?!


Bridget's massive cock continued to spurt as she was stabbed in the balls and scratched along her breast and smiling face. Apparently, something stronger than your magic claws. Which means magic can't hurt me either! Awesome! Bridget grinned as her cock throbbed along with her breast. So is that all you got? Because I think I'll move to the next person available.


Bridget allowed the angry woman to drill and push into her eyes for a few more seconds with her hands on hips.  Then, she blinked, knocking Jaguar's hands away and thus her support sending the agile woman tumbling to the floor to which she landed deftly on her feet.  Bridget looked down over the bow of her breasts at the smaller woman and giggled. Jaguar jumped to her and turned to run right into Bridget who appeared behind her.  It was like running into a wall with tits and a cock. Bridget grabbed Jaguar's wrists in one hand as the cat woman hissed and flailed trying to escape. The teen god-girl calmly took all of Jaguar's magically indestructible nails in her right hand and twisted them together in her left as the magic discharged from the metal teasing her nipples and cock making both swell.. Oh my god...that's impossible... Bridget just giggled and carried her over to a pipe rack, Jaguar kicking and hissing along the way, before she secured her safely with one of them. Don't move.  Bridget floated further into the fort.  She heard movement to the right and took two steps before noticing the open gas pipe.  A spark caught her eye and she was bathed in flame.


The flames completely engulfed her from head to toe. She lets out a groan, which sounded like a cry of pain to the overzealous ear. However, the cries became more and more pleasurable as a figure emerged from the flames, gripping a handful of breast while her other squeezed her cock tight. Her socked toes curled deep as she spurted her spunk. The volume of it douses the flames immediately as she then blew around herself to smother the rest. Mmmmmph, whoever did that is awesome! That really felt so good after the kitty scratches. Who is the wonderful person that did that?


There was silence in the darkness.  He wasn't sure if she could actually see him moving in the shadows.  Bullets streamed in from a silenced pistol peppering Bridget's tits. His aim was so good that a few struck her balls, traveled in a perfect line up her cock, then three hit her left nipple square as they traveled up to her face.  They were special made quantum rounds designed for invulnerable enemies. When each hit Bridget, the area struck rippled in small energy circles.


Bridget cooed as she felt the bullets crash against her balls, her cock and dead on her left nipple. She briefly flashed a bright red glow before steaming and spurting. She massaged and pulled on her nipple as she pretended to look around for the shooter. Then her glowing red eyes locked onto his as she flashed a smile. Her hair floated up as she flashed a smile. There you are cutie... She disappeared for a moment, vanished from his sight. She held her breath and her heartbeat slowed. Little did he know, she was standing on the ceiling right above him. However, something warm and thick drooped on his shoulder. Then another thick, massive drop, and then another rope. If he were to look up, he would see a pair of glowing red eyes staring at him.


Black Water looked about after watching Bridget literally disappear in front of his eyes after enjoying his shooting spree.. What the...  He searched about the dark with his night vision enhanced cybernetic eyes unable to find the large girl anywhere as he stalked the hall.  He fingered a quantum grenade as he reloaded his pistol. Then, he felt a heavy drop followed by a soaking that traveled down his arm. He stood deathly still until he had a grip on the grenade.  In a swift movement, he thumbed off the pin and tossed the grenade above him toward Bridget and dove for a nearby room pushing the lockdown on the way in to secure it with him inside. He saw the glow of the blast through the porthole.. That should do it...


Bridget felt the intense heat suddenly swell up and then envelop around her. She lets out a loud moan that rocked the room, causing the walls to reverberate as her body absorbed much of the kinetic energy into her teen god body.  In an instant, her body flashed and started to glow brighter than the blast. Her hair was floating up as she erupted. Her cock started to blast her superheated cum as well as her breast firing off her superheated milk. OHHHHHHFUUHHHHHHHCK!~ Then, the quantum energy was absorbed fully and silenced. The room stopped glowing for a moment, letting Black Water believe he had stopped her. Then, the door bulged forward in a phallic shape. Next, came two thick and long dents at the front before two, larger and rounder bulges formed. Then, came the facial imprint of a teenage girl, smiling. The thick steel door blasted out, revealing a glowing and hovering teen redhaired god practically unscathed. MMMMMMPH FUUHHHNN TOYYYSSSS! MOOOORRRHHHE?


Wow, sis.  You look...beautiful... She heard Andy say from outside.
Black Water felt the walls tremble under her moan as the light through porthole intensified.  He felt it quake when she spoke finally, her angelic voice shaking the whole base then all went quiet.  He waited a few seconds before he was pushed back by a phallic bulge in the door.. Jesus!  Black Water stumbled backwards Bridget's imprint became clear then she burst through the thick bulkhead door lighting the entire room.  Her voice was deafening but he addressed the question.. Fun, huh?  See if this puts a smile on your face!  He tossed two more quantum grenades her way just as he turned to hit a red button on a nearby console.  A ring at her feet brightened. The grenades went off followed by the trap. PAR LAS was on the edge. Bridget had seen it at the facility.  The most powerful energy weapon man had ever made. A particle beam, in this case, as a trap that fired upward. The old vet dived clear to watch the teen burn.

Andy suddenly received a new message from Bridget's phone that read, 'Thanks Andy. And from what I know, Karen can do the same.' Bridget saw the two grenades fly and they were seconds away from detonating. She then stretched out her hand and the two then pause in the air before she then guides them past her massive cock, her head-sized balls and then slip both of them past her thick, tight and superpowered pussy. She then looked down as a ring underneath her feet brightened before the grenades went off first. She lets out a scream before it was silenced by the PAR LAS trap. The two particle grenades went off, sending a massive blast up her pussy that rocked her to the core while the particle beams engulfed her completely. There was rumble on the ground, and suddenly, the earth quaked as a beam of reddish energy fired up, going well past the Earth's orbit and reaching into deep space. By the time the energy dissipates, the only thing that remained was a massively muscled, glowing teen god. Her cock now stretched well over her head by several feet, blocking her O-face from his view. She calmly walked forward, her red-glowing body, causing the entire facility to shake with each footstep as it cracked the PAR LAS ring and the floor as she walked to the vet. STILLL SMILINGGGG


The slumped to his rear in defeat just staring slack-jawed up at the glowing teen.  Faster than he could comprehend what happened, he found himself wrapped by his own rifles secured to the pipe next to Jaguar.  The base corridor was a giant ring to which she appeared further in on the far side. As soon as she appeared, a giant, purple hand wrapped around her from behind.. I got her, Ray!  Hit her with all you got! From the darkness of the other side, a bright golden beam fired at Bridget.  It was familiar feeling as she'd felt the sun's energy before.


Bridget still had her fixed O-face, though the camera shifted to where it was looking down at her as if it was her own selfie stick. She felt the purple hand wrap around her, though she decided not to resist for now. The feeling of it trying to crush her breasts caused her to groan as she continued on firing her beam of cum. The beam hits her directly at her balls, causing the glowing teen to groan - which ended up shaking the room. The familiar feeling of the sun's rays hitting her caused her to glow brighter. DONNNNNNNNT STAAAHHHHHPPP! Another message popped up on Andy's phone 'So I hope this proves the invulnerability test....though I don't wanna stop it just yet....I have a feeling the best is yet to come...and it feels really fucking good. You're not in any danger? I think I started to develop TK so if you need a shield just say so...'


Geez, sis.  You really are a god-girl...  The beam split as Reya separated her hands so one was aiming at Bridget's balls and one at her right breast.. Nnnngh!  Reya struggle to intensify the beam as the corridor lit up revealing Reya to be a naked being of sunlight.  The hand formed slowly into a mechanical type vice and steamed as it squeezed ten times tighter increasing to several hundreds of tons.. I think we're hurting her!  They mistakenly misunderstood "don't" and "stop" as separate words.. Keep it up!


AUGHHHHHHHHHGAWWWWWWWWWWD! Bridget's scream roared and shook the facility down to its core as she felt the beams hit her balls and her right breast. Her cock throbbed as red energy danced all around her body. She then moves her head to see the naked being of sunlight, causing her to gasp. YOUUU'RE A GLOWWWINNG GODGIIIIRLLL TOO? LETSSS SEEE WHOOO GLOWSS BRIGHTERRRR Bridget then flashed bright, her red energy shining brighter than Reya's body as the room was split between the red light and the yellow light, with the red light pushing back. The Violet Corpsman's squeeze only made her cum harder and glow brighter as her pussy was gushing and melting the ground beneath. 'I guess I am...but I'm still your kid sis though...and, having you watch me makes it all the that came out weird, it sounded better in my head.'


I-it's okay.  You seem so happy.  I can hear your voice all the way out here... Reya's body shifted from gold to blue like a star as her body split in two.  Beams were hitting both balls and both tits now hotter than the Earth's sun as her light fought back.  A purple bubble appeared around Bridget's head on the assumption that she need to breathe.. I didn't want to hurt you!  She heard Violet yell from behind as spikes protruded from the walls of the vice.


Andy saw the beam firing into space having bored through mountain top.  It made him realize that it could come crashing down on them.. Be careful, sis!


Bridget groaned softly as she then realized that her beam could cause the mountain to collapse. While she would be fine, she couldn't bear the thought of lives being lost because of her. She looked at the purple shield around her head, not wanting to break it just yet. It was then, that her cock stopped cumming and curled down until it went underneath her and then burrowed the head into her pussy. The sensation of her own cock driving into her pussy caused her to roar loudly as she cummed - millions of gallons of cum firing deep inside of her. She uses her telekinesis to move the camera from her cock and have it hover above her again. She glows brighter than ever, pushing back against the blue glow. The spikes on the vice made her cum harder than ever as she then takes the bubble and peels it off. IM NOTTT FIGHTING YOUUUUUU....

'It feels incredible, to say the least. Like, I didn't think I could ever feel this way.' >////< 'Ooops, sorry. Fixed.'


Awww...I liked it being out!  But, that makes sense, I guess.  Bridget could hear the girl behind her grunt as she effortlessly peeled away the bubble.. No way!  It popped and she yelled manifesting a microwave surrounding Bridget's head.  The vice let go to be replaced by a giant cannon that materialized and fired its own, strange energy beam at Bridget's back.  It was powerful and on par with the PAR LAS ring. Reya joined to one blue being, seemingly a final mega form and the beam widened as it fired from her whole upper body.. Too bad!  I was just getting started!  A boast as she was pushing with all she had left.  The purple microwave turned on sending massive gamma ray pulses through Bridget's head.  Combined, it was the most physical energy any of the girls besides Kathy or Yu-Lin had ever been bombarded with.

I don't think they know how good they are making you feel.  It's kind of funny, and really hot, sis!


Bridget's head was now glowing brighter than ever, along with the rest of her body. The energy blasting her was more than the meteor she went up against a few hours earlier. A small moan escaped her lips, causing the room to quake as energy sparks underneath her soles and the rest of her body. She was now glowing bright enough for her light to shine through the hole and out of the mountain hole she has created. Her cock throbbed inside of her as billions of gallons of superheated cum fire into her nonstop as her body swelled bigger and more muscular than ever, her breast enlarging as she moans

'Mmmph, it is providing me a power up for sure. I'm just gonna let them continue until they tucker themselves out. A lot easier this way.'


Violet was the first to tire.  Her belt had only a finite amount of energy and willpower took effort no matter how physically fit she was. Before she passed out, Bridget had been gamma waved, particle beam pummeled, boson particle bombarded, and gravitationally groped from every angle.  The belt's power was impressive. As a last, desperate attempt, a bubble formed in Bridget's brain and attempted to expand.. See if this...gets you off...BITCH!


OOOOOOH CREATIIIIIVE! Bridget's voice rang out in a angelic chorus as she felt her mind expand, to which she used her telekinesis to make the bubble smaller and smaller. Her already dense mind offered natural resistance and her telekinesis crushed the bubble until it was non-existent. Her brain was unscathed, still retaining all of her matter and synapses. OOOOPSS. SOOOORRRHHHHHEEEEYYYYYYY! GO TO SLEEP NOWWWW. Bridget said as she then watched Violet collapse to the ground. She used her telekinesis to remove the belt and then sent her gently onto the wall. The metal panels wrapped and bound her ankles and wrists, restraining her. She then turned her attention to Reya and smiled at her, head and body still glowing. YOUUUHH ABOUUUT DOOONNNEE?


The mountain shook with Bridget's voice and it was having an effect on Andy who felt himself get hard.  Reya had grown slightly, though not as big as Bridget. She was also channeling the energy of a collapsing star which was engulfing Andy's little sister from the thighs up.  It was roaring throughout the base. Unlike a mechanism like the belt, a star's energy was vast.. Not...even...close!  Try and get off now! Instead of a steady blast, she channeled it all in one massive strike that was the equivalent of a hypernova explosion.  If not for Bridget's TK shield, the mountain would have vaporized and collapsed in a singularity. It lasted only a few seconds then Instantly stopped.  Reya was normal and smoking on the floor. However, the blast left a massive gravitational field around Bridget that collapsed in on her


For her safety, Bridget then moved Reya up to the wall and bound her to it as well. She then looked down at the massive gravitational ball that has engulfed her from the thighs down. She slowly hovered up, the massive pull unable to hold the glowing godgirl in place as her telekinesis is holding the mountain in place from collapsing into itself. She then uncurled her cock from within. Feet after feet of her socked cock slipped out before it flopped out, fully erect and easily as big as her. She then lined her cock up and pressed it into the hole before letting out another orgasmic roar that shook the area around the mountain as the gravitational pull sucked on her cock. She unleashed another mighty orgasm into it. AWWWWWWWWW FUUUUUUUHHHHCK!!!!!!


Andy watched the feed in utter disbelief as his sister used the singularity as sex toy.  The large gravity well was compressed by an unseen force to a size just big enough for Bridget to slip her head into.  With one hand, she slowly pressed it down her length, her shaft disappearing into the glowing sphere until she had it all the way down to base of her cock.  The further it went, the more intense her O-face became. It had completely vanished into another part of space time. Leaving it there to continue sucking her, she waved at Andy through the camera punctuating that she was enjoying herself despite the star-destroying event horizon working her cock over like a sex toy.  Then, just to show off, she blasted the sphere with her eyes to feed it making it glow brighter and more powerful.. YEEEHSSSSSS. LOOVE THISSS.

What the hell is going on?!  A thunderous voice echoes from deeper into the base.


Bridget contained the singularity with her telekinesis as it continued to work on her cock as she unleashed more and more of her orgasm inside of it. Hearing that loud, thunderous voice caused an echo of giggles to escape from her contorted O-face as she started to hover down towards the source of the voice. One hand was still on the singularity as she was thrusting at hyperspeeds, becoming a red and blue blur from the waist down. 'Oh, oh man. Okay, I definitely need Adrina to make me a singularity fleshlight in the future. This feels so incredible. Mmmmmmmph!' Bridget sent as she descended further until she found a vast room and someone waiting for her in the middle


Andy remained silent as he watched in awe.  There were simply no words for what he was witnessing.  His sister was a god in his eyes.
I'm trying to sleep!  The voice boomed and echoed through the walls as Bridget floated toward the room.  Inside, a giant man standing 9' tall was sitting up from a bed made of stone. He was all muscle with a great beard and long hair.  Wearing nothing but a pair of boxer briefs, he stood to face the smaller, but equally muscular, Bridget. He cocked his head at the glowing god-girl, whose face was as frozen in orgasmic ecstasy and hair floating off her shoulders.  He took particular interest in the red and blue shifting blur of her hips that were moving too fast for even him to see.. You'd better have a damn good reason for being here.  Or, you'll answer to Titan! His thundered.


Bridget's O-face remained frozen as her hair was floating, a look of sheer, painful joy as she continued to drive her hips back and forth at hypersonic speeds until the singularity was shrinking and shrinking until it completely disappeared into itself, thanks to her telekinesis. She stopped thrusting her hips, revealing her massive and throbbing sock-covered cock - remaining erect as ever though it did stop cumming. She eyed the massively muscled man and a chorus rang through out, ranging from moans to commenting as to how big he is, even noting the massive bulge in his boxer briefs.. SORRRYYYYY! YOOUUU BAD GUYYYYSS THOUGHHHH. NEEEEED TOOOOO STOPPPP YOUUUUHHH AALLLLL.


He looked around confused by all the voices.  They all sounded like the same girl. He eyed with a grimace at Bridget's cock which was larger than his own.  His body grew slightly as his anger tightened him.. What manner of woman are you?!


The giggles echoed throughout the room, bouncing around everywhere as her own body responded by growing bigger, her cock twitching even more as she stared up at him with the same glowing smile. A VALKYRIIIEEEE! WANNA PLAYYYY?


He raised up.. A Valkyrie?!  Ha! They are no more!  I destroyed them ages ago!  No matter. What's one more to put in their place?  I'm not usually one for striking a woman; however, you are an abomination.  Titan brought arm across his body and waited looking for Bridget to cower or flinch.  When she did not, he brought the back of his hand across her face. There was a resounding CRACK!  Titan pulled his hand back nursing it as the bones healed. Aaargh!!!


The glowing teen god's face was unscathed as her face didn't even budge from the backhand slap. She hovered there with her hands on her hips, still with the same orgasmic look on her face as her cock throbbed. However, the comment about her being an abomination did draw a bit of ire. She leaned forward as she saw his hands heal. AWWWWW POOOOR BABYYYY. SOOOOOOH WEAAAAAAK!


Weak?!  He boomed.  Just as his hand healed he brought his mighty fist back.  His bicep crackled with energy down to his fist as he come over with a right hook right into Bridget's left breast.  The mountain shook with a THOOM when connected. He then dropped to a knee once again nursing his broken hand as Bridget's moans and coos echoed over the impact.. Aaaauurgh!  What are you made of?!


Bridget giggled, her voice bouncing around everywhere as she cooed softly, massaging her own left breast and squeezing them to show that they yield to her own strength. She then  saw his broken hand heal up. SOMETHIIIIING STRONGERRRR! AWWWW POOOR BABYYYY! CRANKYYY FROMMM WAKIIIING UPPP! NEEEEED A TIMEEEOUUUTTT? Bridget teased as she hovered over to him. Since she is hovering just above him, he has a clear shot of her lower extremities.


Sis, you realize Titan actually beat the Greek gods single-handedly.  Watching you taunt him is altogether sexy and funny! Andy found his words as Bridget heard him.
You mock ME?!  He took the free sucker punch with his left fist to her right ball and his healed right to her left in quick succession.  BOOMPH BOOMPH!.. What magic is this?!  Have you cursed me, you witch?!


'Nope, I didn't realize that, but I think I remember Caroline saying she and Linda beat Zeus by just having sex with each other. We have a group chat set up.' Bridget groans softly as each sucker punch caused her to erupt from her cock, launching her spunk and boring through the mountain again. OHHHHHHHH CUUUUUTE LOOOVE TAAAAPS! She giggles as she looks down at him. NOOOOPE. YOOOOOU ARE JUUUUUUST WEAAAAAAKK. LEEEEET MEEE SHOOOOWWW YOUUUUUU.... Bridget then hovered down and gently, flicked him with her  left index finger right onto his chest. The flick was restrained, but it would be enough to send the hulking Titan flying instantly to the other side of the room, embedding him into the wall


Yeah,'re on your own here.  Against someone who beat ALL of the gods alone.  Andy sounded almost reverent.
UGH!  Titan fell from the crater clutching his chest which was also healing. You bitch!  I'll show you weak!  Titan launched with a burst of blurring speed toward Bridget and unloaded a barrage of quaking blows across her chest, abs, cock, balls, and face.  He left nothing to chance landing thunderous blow after blow many times a second. Each one unleashed magical energy through her as his anger seethed.. Mmmwaaaargh!!!


The barrage of blows on her chest, abs, cock, balls and face cause her moans to echo and fill the room as she had to slip her cock into her mouth and ERUPT. Millions of gallons of her spunk fired into her mouth as she swallowed all of it, not letting a drop slip out of her lips. Each tap felt better and better to her as she rubbed her socked soles in delight. The echoes fill the room, asking him not to stop, to keep going, keep hitting. 'Mmmmmph, then I guess that means I'll have bragging rights in the group for the week!~' *Bridget texted back.*


You should!  Good thing we're getting this all on tape.  Can't wait to see the other girl's faces. Titan continued his useless barrage thought the roar of cum moving through Bridget's cock was growing out the impacts.  He added stronger kicks to her balls and shaft.

Hey!  I'm going to go ahead and place our order.  Text me what you want. Andy said.  Titan definitely had far more stamina than the other team members, and was clearly far stronger.  It was obvious why he was the leader.


'Yeah! Good thing indeed!' Bridget continued to moan, though her cum was coming out stronger as he started to kick her balls and shaft. Seeing that he was far from tiring out, Bridget moaned, asking him not to stop as she was now massaging her own breasts with her hands, rubbing the sides of her cock.

'Well, a philly cheesesteak - hold the mushrooms with fries and a double chocolate oreo shake, no cherry. Let me know when you order and I'll wrap this up. Gonna enjoy these lovetaps a bit more.'


No rush.  You look like you're having fun.  Titan stopped, fists healing and glowing red as he heaved with breath and looked into Bridget's glowing face, eyes wide in orgasmic agonizing nirvana... You like to suck cock?  Suck this!! He placed his hands, one on her left ball, the other on her shaft and sent a massive surge of magical, cosmic energy through them.  Bridget didn't know it then, but when the girls see it they'll know it was far, far more powerful than the Greek god weapons.


'Thanks Andy!~' Bridget felt that sudden rush of magical and cosmic energy flood her balls and her shaft, causing her to fire billions of gallons of magically charged cum right into her. She lets out a massive groan, shaking the entire mountainside as she thrusts up and down, throatfucking her own massive cock. Her legs were wide open as well, showing her thick and gushing pussy. The voices, all in a orgasmic and ditzy haze, begged him not to stop and for him to fuck her hard. The massive discharge was powerful, even more than the meteor she faced. She swelled bigger, her muscles growing along with her breast and balls and cock, now becoming somewhat of a titan herself.


On are you feeling?  Whoa! Andy saw how brightly Bridget was glowing as Titan was going to his knees trying to make Bridget into magical atoms.  Bridget was getting larger on par with Titan himself. However, Titan was beginning to steam, his skin turning red as his true form exposed itself.  He grew to 12' of red raging Titan with large nashing teeth.. You wanted thisss bitch!!  His voice was monstrous.


Bridget saw him grow biger and taller as his skin was turning red. She looked up and gasped, her cock falling out of her lips as she was now blasting her cum right through the hole she has created again. SOOOOOHHHH BIIIIIIIIIIIIIGHHHHH! FUUUUHHHHHCKKKK MEEEEEE! Bridget continued to swell bigger, glowing brighter than ever as she hovered there. She was just pure energy again, only an outline of her body was visible. She then spread her legs further, giving him direct access. 'Holy shit he's so big now! Might have to delay that order a bit.'


Ummm...can I watch?  Is that inappropriate? The red Titan seethed and snarled grabbing Bridget's cock in a steel melting grip which made the teen explode with bliss just missing the Titan's head.  He turn to see a gaping hole through the mountain then looked back at Bridget whose giggles echoed. Roaring, he opened his giant mouth and chomped down on her cock head chewing and gnawing it in anger.. Nnnnngghh!


AWWWWWWFUUUUUUHHHHHHHHHCK! Bridget roared as she felt his powerful jaws - enough to render steel to molten lava - chew and gnawed at her cock. She then unleashed more and more of her cum into him. She then felt the Titan's massive cock press into her lower lips. Her pussy parted and took in that shaft effortlessly before sliding herself down to the hilt as she started to knead and massage his length. Her grip was tight to where he could not move, she was moving him back and forth. The camera positioned itself so Andy was able to watch. 'Well, you've watched me cum so many times now....and if you need to relieve yourself, it's cool. It'll be our secret.'


The Titan, now trapped, fought against Bridget.  He pounded her tits and balls and each strike discharged a mass of energy through Bridget.  It wasn't focused, just ripples of cosmic energy that spread from the impact. He immediately came inside her in a flood, but only weak fraction of what she was doing as his mouth overflowed with the splattering energy discharge that Bridget spewed non stop.  Losing that battle, he leaned down to chew on her nipple with good force, but her hardening nipple still effortlessly separated his jaws. He felt her squeeze, just a twitch, and his cock was being crushed inside her. He was wild with anger. It was angry sex.
HIII ANDYYYY!  Outside, Karen appeared up the trail glowing with O-face herself.  His eyes went wide and he looked to his left to see her sitting next to him.. WHATCHAAHH WATCHIINNNG?   In a trance, staring at her, he showed the feed to Karen.. OHHH BRIDGEEHHHT.  NAAAUGHTYYY GIRRRRL. Her voice was ethereal, and on seeing Bridget, she sat upright, her body going rigid as her cock exploded with a column of white energy into space.. CAN I WAATCH TOOO? Andy just nodded his head and Karen's nipples sparkled like twin suns happy that he said yes.


Bridget lets out another loud groan that shook the mountainside as she squeezed his cock, milking him for all of his worth while her nipple blasted superheated milk, spreading his jaw apart as he could not even squeeze down on the nipple. Her cock continued to fire nonstop, becoming a pillar of energy as it fired into deep space. Her pussy then squeezed a bit once she felt his cock starting to flag, instantly massaging and working him to hardness again and again. For her, it was pleasure. For Titan, it was sheer agony and torture with no end in sight. MMMMMMMMMPHDONNNNNNNNT STOOOOOOOHHHHHHP!


'Oh, hey Karen. I see you have met Andy. Andy, this is Karen, the cute track star I was telling you about.'


HIII BRIDGEEEHHT.  Karen laid back and relaxed as she blasted into the sky endlessly.. YOU THIINNK AAHMM CUUUTE?  EEEEEE! Karen squealed with happiness like teenaged girl.  Unlike a normal teenaged girl, the god-teen's cock sparkled with energy as her balls glowed and the beam roared for a few seconds.  Andy eyes just stared in awe.. THE BEEST PART OF BEEING WITH MEEE?  THERE CAN BE SOOOHHH... Another Karen appeared on Andy's other side in the same orgasmic state....MUUUCH...Another appeared in floating in front of Andy....MOOAAR OF MEEE! Another two appeared on either side of her groping and stroking the one in the middle.  All of them with roaring cocks and glowing O-faces. The two on her sides took turns sucking the middle's cock as the two on either side sucked their own.  Andy's eyes winched at the thunderous roar of them sucking with impossible force. Her giggles and coos were making him hard as a rock.. FOR YOUU I'LL CUM FOREVERRR.


The glowing white teen god then hovered closer as she saw the obvious tent in his pants. With a quick movement, she undid his pants and underwear, showing his rather large and throbbing cock - yet it does pale in comparison to Karen's own massive member that was cumming. MMMMMPH SO BIIIIIIIG AND HARD! Karen said as she looked up to him. CAN I TOUCH? Andy quickly nodded. The teen god giggled as she hovered closer and wrapped her dainty fingers around his length. The sensation of her warm energy felt good, as if thousands of hands were on his cock. Karen smiled as she gently stroked his member while her other hand gripped and stroked her still-cumming cock, erupting to match Bridget's orgasm.

Inside the mountain, Bridget could feel the Titan starting to shrink back down as he was panting with exhaustion. Realizing that she may be doing more harm to him than good, Bridget quickly lets him go, dumping him unceremoniously as a heap on the ground. The shrinking Titan crawled back, his eyes darting in fear as he looked up to the still cumming and hovering teen. DONE ALREADYYYYYYY? I CAN GO FOREEEVERRRRRHHHHHH She roared as she blasted more cum while her hands now were all over her body - squeezing her breast, driving into her pussy, squeezing her balls and stroking her cock. The entire mountainside shook with her power. Then, in an instant, the teen stopped as she returned to normal, steam rising from her glowing body as her short hair fell back down. So, remember, that I'm not the only one like this and all of us know where you live. If you think about doing something stupid, just remember to this day and reconsider. Understood?


WAAAIIIIIT HEEEERRRRRE.  The Karen's joined to one as she floated to ground and walked toward the shaking mountain.  Her skin danced with light across her muscled back. Andy could see the flood of light from her pussy as she sauntered toward the land mass laying on the sexy thick as her cock stood up stretched above her head blasting into the atmosphere among swirling clouds.  She flipped her hair over her shoulder and turn her O-face to manage a wink before turning back. Her cock was so engorged and hard that it pressed into the granite face of the mountain like sand. As she squat down, her tits dug two throughs down toward the base as she reached low enough to get a good grip.. NEVERRR TRIIIED THIIIS BEFOOHHHRE.  Karen giggled and then stood up cracking the base of the mountain free of its foundation and lifting the 1 square mile mass up.  Then, Andy's jaw dropped as she rotated her wrists and the other end came away. Holding it at such an impossible angle seemed easy as she lifted it enough to reveal normal Bridget and a small Titan inside.. HEEEYYY SEXYYYY.  Karen removed one hand to wave.  The mountain wasn't any heavier in one hand versus two.


Seeing Karen glowing with her hair floating upwards caused Bridget to groan as she flashed into a full godgasm again. Her short red hair floated up as she was glowing red, contrasting Karen's bluish hue - her own faces contorted into an O-face. HEEEEEYYYY BABEEEEEE! ONNNNNEE SECCCCCCC Bridget then zipped off, then appearing right in front of her in a second with  the other four villains laying in a heap, still tied up. The small Titan looked at the woman currently holding the mountain up with one hand and quaked with fear as he just sat there, paralyzed. Bridget looked at him, her giggles echoing throughout the air. SEEEEEEEE? TOLLLLLD YOUUUUU THEEEERE ARRREEE MOOOORRREE! Bridget turned to Karen and grinned. YOUUUUU LIIIIIIIIKE ANNNNNDY?


SOOHHH CUUUUTE!  Karen's voice thundered as her already roaring cock focused to an intense beam of light for a few seconds shaking the ground she stood on giving clear sign that she was very excited to meet Andy.. OOOOOO...SOOHHRRRRYY.  Karen settle and stopped cumming but continued to god-gasm, her O-face still intense.. HUNGRYYY?


YEAAAAH! ANDYYYY ORDERRRRED AHEAAAAD! LEEEEETS GOOOOOHHH Bridget said as she stopped cumming as well, but still rocked through her own godgasm, her O-face intense. Bridget then floated off the ground after Karen places the mountain right back. Mmmmmmph, alright, as much fun as it is for us to talk like that while godgasming, we should probably stop for my brother's sake. And I don't mind being third wheel, I might just actually ditch you guys for a bit. But, don't tell him. He is still new to having me around now but he does like supergirls like us. Just...ummm...go gentle on him.


AMM BEIINNNG GENTLLLLE!  Karen erupted with a long, otherworldly scream of orgasmic joy and giggles looking Andy with her hands on her hips.  The clouds above swirled and stormed for a few seconds as she happily showed off for Andy.. AAAAAUGH YESSSS!  He just watched a smile on his face.  Karen then stopped.. Hehe!  He's fun.  It's nice to be able to be myself around someone.  Karen leaned over placing her hands on her knees to accentuate her cleavage as her cock head peeked through.  Her eyes flared a moment as she winked at Andy.. Hold my hand, lover boy.  He reached over and she took his hand and she floated up extending her TK so that he floated with her.. I could use a milkshake.


Bridget giggled as her own cock was throbbing hard. She was normal now, steaming body with her eyes flashing red every now and then from seing Karen show off her cleavage and her socked cockhead. Mmmph, trust me I know that feeling. Though my parents and Andy were going to be a bit more restrictive but I'm able to be me around them. Bridget said as she hovered up. Andy pulled out his phone for a moment and added a few changes to his order. Hold on.... Andy said before he confirmed another milkshake for her. Once he did, he smiled, placed the phone in his pocket. His erection was at a all-time record as he was flying next to Karen. Bridget grinned at them. Awwww, you two look so cute together.


Here!  Take Andy.  I'll be right back!  Karen released her hold on Andy and streaked into the sky with a BOOM and then disappeared.  In a few seconds she returned holding a diamond carved into a small heart.. Here!  For you. Andy took it.. I pulled it from Jupiter's core.  Cool, huh! Call it a first date present.

Andy blushed.. But I didn't get you anything.


Bridget used her telekinesis to hold on to Andy while Karen disappeared. She then looked at the heart-shaped diamond in his palm and cooed softly at its beauty. The three of them were now heading to the diner.

Don't worry about it, you treating me out to dinner is perfect enough for me. Karen said with a grin. I mean, we can do so many incredible things, so the little gestures are more than enough for us.


While they flew Karen and Andy talked and giggled.  Every now and again Karen would explode with glowing nirvana when Andy would say something particularly sweet or cute.  Karen was so smitten by the time they got there that she’d taken the diamond heart, winked at Andy, and smiled while her nipple carved their initials into the face of it.. You gonna be okay with a girl that’s more powerful than a god?


I think I can manage. It does help that said girl is beautiful and smart and amazing. Andy replied, smiling at the glowing god as she looked at the initials of KG on the diamond heart. He traced his fingers, then at her nipple that was able to carve through the stone. Bridget blushed, seeing that things are going great, shifted her telekinesis so that Karen was holding him. Umm, I think I hear a volcano erupting down in the Pacific. I'll go and take care of it. Just order mines to go. Karen, you know where Andy and I live, right?


No, but he can show me the way.  Karen let him back to his own feet and followed him into the diner.. Love this place.  I can already taste the milkshake.  Karen was wearing a white, thin crop top that left the underside of her breasts visible.  The only other things she wore were athletic thigh-high socks and a cock sleeve with the same colored stripes.  Her cock thickened and hardened by a visible foot as she took a deep breath.. I love this body so much.  Everything feels so good. I’m actually cunning right now, see?  She stared into Andy’s eyes and he stared back seeing the energy dance behind her pupils.


Andy gasped as he stared into Karen's eyes, seeing her blue energy dance behind her pupils. Man, that must be awesome to be able to do that all the time. I'm still new to all of this. Like I used to think this was all special effects but I know now that is all wrong. The waitress came by and set down the drinks before setting down Andy's sliders and milkshake and then setting down a birthday cake milkshake for Karen. It was in a large, chilled, metal cup with whipped cream and funfetti sprinkles on top. So, Bridget told me you ran track before and played rugby?


It is sooo awesome.  Probably why we all so happy all the time.  They sat outside for obvious reasons.. Thanks letting us sit out here.  Kathy’s recipe is only for us since we’re the only ones that can handle it. Andy looked at Karen confused.. Watch.  She smiled, brought the straw to her full, glossy lips and sucked up the goddess touched ice cream.  Instantly, her cock exploded firing into the sky.. MMMMMMNNN.  Her voice surrounded him in erotic warmth as he heard her everywhere commenting how good it was.  She pulled on it for a few seconds sucking down half of the Kathy special. As soon as her lips parted her hyper charged orgasm stopped.. really good.  She waves to have another sent.  She wiped some off the edge of her finger and licked it exploding again in a short burst.. OOOO...yeah...ahem, yeah track was my favorite.  I played a little soccer as well. I guess now it wouldn’t be remotely fair, huh?


Andy watched as Karen's cock fired a massive beam of cum. He can hear the whispers of how good and delicious it is, on how Kathy has made it perfect, thick and creamy. He takes his milkshake, a diluted version of a chocolate malt shake and took a sip. His eyes widened as the flavor went down his throat. He then took a bite of his slider and groaned as he felt his cock throb harder than ever. He then grunts, feeling his cock erupt and soak his pants as he unloaded the biggest seed of his life. He lasted for about 30 seconds before calming down, panting hard. Oh wow that's really good... He looked down as he noticed the large wet stain before looking back up at Karen. Oh wow...I'm so sorry....just seeing you and this milkshake sent me over.... I know you are used to people holding it better....


Oh!  Somebody accidentally ordered the “number 2”.  That one is a bit too much for regular people. OOOOHHHH.  She flashed bright again with another long sip.. The numbers 1-3 aren’t just a marketing ploy.  1 is for people like you.

Andy added.. And three is for you girls?

Karen laughed and it was perfect and beautiful.. Oh, you’re so cute.  No, sweetie. Supergirl can’t even handle ours.  MMMMMMMPPHHH! Karen finished her first one winking at Andy and cumming like a horny goddess.. Mmmmnn...fuck I love her milkshakes...  You know, if you have questions feel free!  I hear you have a thing for super girls, though.


Andy blushed and smiled as he continued to take a sip, groaning a bit though he was able to enjoy the wonderful taste. However, seeing his date cum right there after sipping her milkshake caused him to gain another erection. However, her last comment caused him to blush but then he shook his head and laughed. I guess you guys can either speak too fast for me to hear or telepathically. But yeah, back to your previous question. Well, I'd love to see you play sometime still, even if it would be a bit unfair for the opposing team. But all of you guys can fly, strong, fast? What about individual powers? Sis did tell me you were the fastest....


Both?  Telepathy is still rather new but if I want toIcann-nnn-nn-n-sss-ffa-aaa... Karen’s lips begun to blur as she told her whole life’s story from the day she born.  After a few seconds she stopped.. ...and then I became a teenaged Supergirl!  She knew Andy understood a word, but that wasn’t point.. AAAAUUGHH FUUUCKKK. Her ethereal voice cried with another sip.. I’d be happy to play for you sometime.  It’s be fun! So, yes, all of the above, and possibly more.  I just found out this morning I’m immune to even magic. It actually makes me more powerful.  Something Adrina wants to look into. Of the girls, I’m the fastest, but at this point it’s relative really.


Andy blinked and stared as her lips was moving but he was not even able to make out the words. It was just white noise to him. Though, he has a feeling she would tell him slower and in more detail. Though, imagining her in a skimpy outfit playing every position in soccer and scoring goals after goals caused his cock to throb a bit more. Then he blinked again. Wait, magic? As in the Criss Angel one or are we talking about real magic? I mean, knowing what you guys can do and then you telling me magic is real? That is incredible..... Andy took another bite of his slider but then looked at the last one before ordering another round for Karen, this time. So, what do you like most about being a Valkyrie?


Oh no, we’re talking real magic.  It’s a funny story, actually. Linda and Caroline found Poseidon’s trident, which led them to Zeus, who was a complete asshole apparently.  So, they decided showed him what real power was. Karen could read the look on Andy’s face.. Yes, we’re that powerful.  She giggles sticking out her tongue playfully before taking another long sip..  OOOOOOFUUUCK!  Karen thought about the last question.. Honestly?  The power. Zeus is a god and Caroline humiliated him like a weak little child.  Andy, they didn’t even have touch him. Talking about it was making Karen’s eyes glow.. They were cumming so hard that their power just made him crumble helplessly.  Her cock was stretched up to her face now twitching and throbbing.. Mmmmnnn.


Andy's eyes widened at the claim. Knowing that one of them took Zeus down just by simply having sex. Not to mention that Bridget herself took down Titan all by herself. Knowing that they all get a joy out of showing off just how powerful they are now - to where no force on earth can stop them. Andy was a bit frightened, realizing the massive gap between the two. Yet, knowing that the cutest and most beautiful girl of the world is sitting across from him, enjoying a milkshake, is turning him on more and more. And he can tell he was more turned on based on how her massive cock is twitching and throbbing up to her face. That is incredible. Scary for me knowing there is literally nothing on earth that can stop you guys. But knowing my sis, I know you guys have a good head on your shoulders and a good heart, so it's actually incredibly hot that you guys are that powerful. Speaking of, how was it like dealing with the extra addition there. Andy asked, blushing a bit


Most of the girls will tell you it was weird at first, but it just seemed right to me.  Karen stroked it gently and slowly.  It didn’t seem to matter this whole time that they in a public place. It’s funny you ask what it’s like “dealing” with it.  Here, let me show you how I deal with it. Karen giggled and looked at the head just below her nose.  Her lips slowly kissed it then opened to take the warm glans into her mouth.  She raised her eye brows playfully at Andy and then started suck. At first it was gentle then she suck with more and more power.  It started as nothing to Andy, then he heard a rush of her fluid which slowly became roar. His eyes went wide again and Karen giggled and turned on the power.  The gentle roar BOOMED and became so loud that the few people there couldn’t talk over it. It was like jet engine as Karen god-gasmed into her mouth without letting up.  She sucked for a couple minutes then stopped popping the glowing, steaming head from her mouth with an echo.. Let’s see any guy do THAT!


Andy stared at Karen as she stroked her socked shaft gently before he then saw her give herself a blowjob. He heard the sounds of her gently sucking, her cock pressed in between her cleavage. Then, the sucking became louder and louder as a rush of liquid flodded out of her cock and into her mouth. He then had to cover his ears when he heard the powerful 'BOOM' as it sounded like a jet engine. He then felt his shaft convulse before unloading another warm orgasm into his pants as she was coming down. That was honestly one of the hottest things I think I'll ever see in my life. Honestly, you are just perfect. Now, if you tell me that you like to listen to metal and hardcore, then I'm just gonna ask for the check and my sister's food so we can get out of here.


Did I mention I learn to play guitar yesterday?  Learned the entire Trivium library. Karen winked.. Came the whole time, too.

Andy blinked, then he looked at the waitress. Umm, let me go ahead and place that second order and check please!~


Andy nodded and ordered it just for her as well as the Orgasmic Chocolate Oreo for Bridget along with the Philly cheesesteak and fries. Once he got the order, he paid for the meals and handed Karen a large to-go cup with her shake. Well, Bridget did show off a bunch for me already but there is one thing she forgot to do. I was wondering if you want to do that....after I get a change of pants. want me to commit before I know what it is?  Karen eyed her milkshake.. Uh, walk over there.  This is a bit...intense.  As Andy walked, Karen floated off the ground and brought the straw to her lips.  Like it was any other milkshake, she took a long pull. Andy didn’t actually see Bridget when happened to her.  Karen exploded into light. Her nipples leaked energy as her cock stretched over her head by feet in seconds cumming a column of star-like energy.  The area vibrates and her voices were everywhere.. FUUUHHCKYEEEHHHSSSSS.  She finished the first half, like she always does, enjoying the hypernova god-gasm even after so many smaller ones today.. OOOHHHHMYYYGaaawd that is such a good milkshake!  She giggles coming down.. Mmmnn, thanks for buying it.  I know it’s expensive. I have one for breakfast and dinner everyday, so I know.  Back to your question. I guess I have to trust you?


Andy stepped back as she told him to. He then watched her float off the ground and then explode into a godgasm. Holy shit! He watched her hair floating and glowing under her own power as her cock stretched so far out, cumming a star-like beam. He saw her pussy gushed and burrow a molten hole while her nipples sparked. Then, seeing her come down, her hair descending into her shoulders like an angel. He chuckled at the price. Bridget schooled a bunch of Street racers for forty thousand, honestly I don't mind if I get to see that more. And well, do you have a reason not to? But take me home first so I can get changed. Plus, I do have a delivery to drop off. He held up the to-go bag of food.


Good!  Cause sometimes I don’t stop for days.  Ready to fly Karen Air? Andy feels himself lifted up under her TK power as she floats ahead of him so he can look at her booty.  During the flight, she sips on her milkshake and her shield protects him from the blast wave of her vocal, orgasmic outbursts.  By the halfway mark she finished the treat and continues to cum like a living star the rest of the trip. People below saw a tiny sun moving across the sky and heard the agonizing, erotic cries of angels as she passed.  Finally, they alighted on the ground, Karen still cumming. She turned her O-face to Andy and waved her hand at the door.. AFTERRRRR YOUUUU.


Andy grinned the entire way as he was flying behind her under her power. He was getting used to flying, but not when it seemed like nothing was holding him. Yet, at this point, he knew he was in safe hands. Seeing her ample rear and her cumming, the sounds of angels around him, he unloaded again into his pants and sighed out in orgasmic relief. Once they landed, Andy nodded before taking a daring step, planting a kiss on her cheek just as the telekinetic shield faded. He shook his head and opened the door for her. No, after you Karen. Don't worry, my parents are cool.


Karen stopped immediately.. Oh, uh, I wasn’t planning on meeting them yet.  .* She blushes and it made her face and chest steam with heat.*. Should wear something... She looks down at her nude waist and hips.. ...more?


Andy looked at her and blushed. Seeing her so powerful, yet so anxious and nervous. That combination made her more beautiful than ever. Babe, my sister is only wearing socks now at home. Plus, they love Valkyries. You're perfect just the way you are. Besides, my parents will kill me if I left a beautiful girl such as yourself out in the cold.


I can’t get cold, silly.  Karen relaxed a bit and looked toward the house.. Your dad is cute.  I see where you get it from. She signed making the wind pick up.. Okay.  Let’s do this...


Andy laced his fingers with hers, holding her hand, as he lead her inside. Mom! Dad! I'm home. And I brought someone with me. Just gonna drop something off for Bridget! He then headed to the kitchen to put her food in the fridge.


Karen waited nervously.  She wasn’t sure why she was.  They’d seen Bridget. Karen was out of ordinary but not for this family anymore.. Maybe they’re not home?  She said slightly hopeful.


Teresa was coming into the kitchen when she gasped and saw the honey-brunette haired teen god standing in her kitchen. She then looked at Andy and smiled. Honey, you didn't tell me you were with Dart! You should've called ahead....Andy sighed, smiled and shakes his head. Karen, this is my mother. Valkyrie's number one fan. Mom, this is Karen. Teresa extended her hand You can call me Teresa. Nice to meet you hun!


OhhiMrsMandlerImsooo-o-o-o-hooo In her nervousness, Karen began to talk at such speed her lips were shifting red/blue until she stopped and covered her mouth.. Oops!  I-I’m so sorry.  I get so nervous that things can go into overdrive.  She stood there eyes wide with mouth covered and said.. Hi.


Teresa blinked for a moment before laughing for a good while. She then sighed and nodded. You are as adorable as you are big. Alright, how about we just have a nice talk over some coffee. Andy smiled as he then kissed Karen on the lips. I'll be right back babe. With that, he dashed out of the kitchen and headed up to his room. He knocked on Bridget's door on the way. Food's here. Back downstairs, Teresa was serving Karen a cup of coffee and fixing it the way she likes it. So, first, how did a cute girl like you ended up with my Andy?


Karen’s eyes danced with light when they kissed.. He’s so dreamy.  She sighed with glowing eyes.. Ummm...I was listening in on Bridget and heard Andy with her.  He seemed really nice, so I came to see him. It helps he’s not intimidated by me. Karen stirred the coffee with creamer and took a sip before it had even cooled a bit..


Teresa watched her eyes light up and then watch her drink her coffee without waiting for it to cool. She took a sip herself as she smiled. He is a good kid, though I'm surprised that he is getting along with Bridget. This morning, it was rough but it seems they got time to know each other. Seems like he was never intimidated from the start. She takes another sip as she looked at her again. I honestly thought he was jealous of Bridget but I had him pegged wrong.


Oh no!  It may have appeared that way on the outside, but he loves super girls.  Before, it was only the super-heroines, but now his own sister is one. It’s got to be awkward.  Karen smiled.. Anyway, she showed him the benefit of having a sister like her...namely, she knows me.  Karen giggled.


Teresa laughed with Karen Wow! I had no idea. Well, I'd imagine it would've been awkward but I'm glad that has settled out. Teresa sighed contently I might not show it, but I am proud of him. He is about to get a full ride to UNC to play football. If he plays his cards right, he could make it to the NFL. And despite who's his sister, he made it on his own. I might be too hard on him, comparing him to Bridge. Ah, I know there are some things you can't control. But mi casa es su casa. So just be yourself and I'll always set a plate out for you if you need it.

(Hmm, could Karen's back story is that she is orphaned?)


Mrs. Mandler... Karen placed a hand on Theresa’s.. You can’t compare your two children now.  It’s not too hard on him, it’s not even remotely fair.  She, me, all of us, at the risk of sounding too prideful, are better than any human in every conceivable way.  Comparing Bridget to Andy is like comparing yourself to an amoebae. I know that sounds rude, but it’s the truth.  He is his own person just as he is. Karen smiled.


Theresa felt that gentle warmth on her hand and looked at it before she looked up at Karen. She slowly nodded, the realization coming to her. Yeah, he is and he is doing fine as is. That being said, I'm still going to whip him if he's not showing his manners! Teresa laughed as she then heard someone come in. What's all the talk. Larry said as he looked at the teen god holding his wife's hand. He smirked. Well, if you are trying to propose, I kinda beat you to it by 25 years. He laughed at his own joke and extended his hand. Larry Mandler, I take it you are Bridget's friend?

Not just that, but Andy's too. Teresa winked at him

Ohoho, is that so. Where is that guy anyways.

Hey, sorry, had to find some sweatpants. Had to hike a mountain for them. Andy said as he blushed before introducing his dad to Karen.


Karen turned toward Larry and leaned back.  Her cock flagged up blocking her face from view.  She cocked her head to one side of it and looked at Larry.. I don’t know, Larry.  She’s kinda into me. Karen winked.. Totally kidding!  Yeah, I’m her!

Karen rolled her eyes.. Next time ask.  I could have sewn you a pair for every day of the year in the time that took.  Karen giggled obviously starting to feel more comfortable.


Both Teresa and Larry laugh while Andy stood there, though he chuckled at the remark Right right, next time. Man, this means getting presents is gonna be hard. But I like challenges.

Teresa nodded. Alright, sounds like you kids are gonna go off to play. We'll probably be asleep then but you are welcome to stay for the night Karen.

She then elbowed Larry, who was too focused on that massive cock. Oh, right! There is a spare bedroom next to Andy's room. He then leaned and whispered to Andy. Though I'd imagine it would go unused.


I heard that.  Superhearing, remember?  Karen playfully stepped over Larry.  Her cock twitched and stretched higher and harder pushing up through her tits, passed her face and to the top of her head as she walked closer to shake Larry’s hand.. It was really nice meeting you Mr. Mandler.  Karen extended her hand but Larry just stared..

Whatcha lookin at, Mr. Mandler?  Karen giggled and winked at Theresa.


Theresa giggled as she then took her husband's hand and lead him away. Come on Larry, you can imagine how big that can get in bed. Larry mumbled and nodded before he was lead away, still looking at her massive cock. Andy chuckled as he looked up at it. It's taller than me....that is awesome. Alright, so I was wondering if you are familiar with Starla or Suanne by Moxie? He hands her a tablet with a PDF of both stories.


Mmmnnn... Karen playfully pressed her breasts together around the shaft making it grow above her head.  Andy couldn’t see her face anymore.. One of these times I’ll show you how big it really gets.  Starla? That’s a weird name. Can’t say I have... Karen flipped through the stories, the screens blinking by faster than he could read a single word.. Ooo...oohhh...I like this...  Karen had to read off to the side due to her cock standing straight up along her body.  Her eyes began to glow.. Let me finish in a safer place... Karen blinked outside to the backyard and read the last chapters of Suanne with an O-face and explosive god-gasm.. GOOOD STOOOHRRYYYY!  IS THERRE MOOAAARR?


Andy blinked for a moment to see her disappear but then he heard the familiar buzz outside at his backyard. He ran out the door as he watched her explode in a massive godgasm, launching another column of cum into the air and blushing. Seeing her be so expressive is....beautiful. Fraid not hun. Moxie went a bit on hiatus. He did produce one more series but that got lost on a different website that is now defunct. So you already did the mountain lift like Starla...but there are some things Suanne did that I want you to try. Though, I dunno if you happen to know a vault door we can use...


SOOHHH EXCIIITEEHHD.  Karen walked back over to Andy, each step thumping the ground as she kept cumming.  She handed over the tablet and returned to normal.. I’ll make a phone call to Adrina.  She can keep an eye out for anything involving a bank vault.  Or, I can just rob a bank for you. It’s not like I can be stopped.  Karen smiled at Andy who just looked at her.. I’m totally kidding, babe.


Andy sighed of relief before chuckling at the joke. He took back the tablet and looked at his steaming, glowing and floating goddess. His sweats were tenting at the front by his modest erection as he looked at her from the side. Babe, can I make a request with this? Think you can squeeze into a Supergirl suit?


Karen purposely placed herself in front of Andy giving him full view of a wall of tits and cock, her face hidden behind the head.  She reached down to grab his member.. I don’t know.  Do you think it would fit?  She said with sultry voice.. I think I could call in a favor...


Andy shuddered as she felt her hand gripping his member. He then placed his hands on her massive breast and attempted to squeeze, finding them to be too dense for his fingers to press down on it. Mmmph, I'm sure it would look great on you, it would make the vault scene the more believable and true to the source....


Oooohh... Despite their hardness to human hands, they were superhumanly sensitive.  The teen’s cock jumped a half in length over her head as her tits filled his hands more.. Keep that up...and it will never fit.  Or...I could make it fit...


Andy grinned as he continued to rub her breast before placing one hand on her socked length and blushing. That can always work. So, ummm, first wardrobe then? Know someone that can make a suit?


Karen’s hair started float from behind her massive shaft as it grew another six inches.. Like I said.  I’ll call in a favor.  Karen turned away and pulled out her phone.  Andy could see her cock a foot above her head from the back.  As she spoke, she reached up to idly stroke the head at blurring speed.. Kara?  Yeah, it’s Karen!  Hey sweetie! Need to ask a favor.  Can I borrow one of your old suits?  It’ boyfriend has a thing for the uniform.  Umm...just so you know, it’ll be all stretched out when you get it back.  You’re so awesome! Really? Now? Fine... Karen floats up and Andy covers his as she becomes goes god-gasm again.. THANK YOUUU SOOHH MUCH SUUPERRRRGIRRRRL.  She then sighs back to normal.. Uuuhhmmmnnn...fuck I love doing that for you.  Can’t wait for my next laser massage! Bye! Karen turns back steaming but her cock is back to only three feet.. Okay, we’re set.  Just got to go pick it up.


Andy watched as his girlfriend's hands move into a blur, stroking the massive head that is almost as big as the one on his neck. He then saw her about to go Godgasm and covered his ears as she talked to Supergirl. He then stares in shock. actually know Supergirl? Holy the Supergirl. I mean, everything you have done is a million times stronger and faster so I guess can you take me with you? Andy is not sure how he got so lucky but he is there to enjoy the ride.


Please...waaaay more than a million.  Karen wasn’t bragging.  It was a fact.. But, of course.  You don’t think the appearance of girls like us wouldn’t get some attention?  Adrina and Kumi had with them. So things are cool now. Karen thought a second.. I can!  I’ll have to arrange somewhere besides the fortress, though.  We promised to keep it a secret.


Well, yeah. I mean, and....ah Bridget will probably hear this...but I pretty much watch any YouTube videos with you guys there. And...I'm subscribed to Adrina's Twitch channel. So I definitely get it if someone like her would run into you guys. But I'm glad things are cool now. Andy nodded. Totally understandable. Ummm, well, we can meet her at her city on a rooftop, right?


Sure!  Hehe, watch this...  Karen dialed Kara’s number again and put it on speaker.  She picked up.. Hey, Karen!  What’s up? Change your mind?

Nope!  Just a change of plans.  THOOM. SCHOOL ROOFTOP.  NOOOWW.

Andy heard the squeal of a girl practically cumming and then panting.. Karen!  People are looking!  Ughh! Fuck, yes! Fine!  She hung up.

We’re all set!  Ready? Karen blinked in and out reappearing with new pants for Andy then picked him up by hand this time and stripped his sweats away.. One of the benefits of flying Karen Air are the complimentary blow jobs.  Before he could anything, she was flying and sucking on their way to meet Supergirl.


Andy couldn't help but chuckle, hearing Kara cum like that just from the sound of Karen's voice. He chalked it up to a thing only Kryptonians can hear. He then helped when he left her lift him up, now nestled in between her breasts and her massive cock. He blinked for a moment before feeling his girlfriend's mouth on his cock. He gasped, her tongue moving in ways not thought humanly possible. He was able to cum over and over again as she continued nonstop. Best. Girlfriend. Ever!


It was quick flight.  The TK bubble around Andy has been proving useful as Karen can now exceed the speed of sound.  She keeps speeds low, however, to keep him from dreaming out. Things get weird the closer to light speed she gets.  Before they arrive, Karen let’s him loose to “fly” on his own the last mile. They alight on the roof and Kara walks out of the roof access.. You’re such an ass.  Karen blinked and her cock surged a foot as her eyes flashed bright upon seeing Kara.  She was wearing a very naughty schoolgirl outfit replete with glasses and pig tails. The wind blew the skirt up giving them a clear view of blue panties with her “S” emblem over her pubic area.  She was doing it on purpose.. Oh, I’m the ass?  What’s this?

Payback!  Kara stuck out her tongue toward Karen.. You must be Andy.  Kara leaned forward giving a nice view of her braless, and still very perky, tits.  Karen rolled her glowing eyes but said nothing.


Andy whooped and hollered as he was soaring next to Karen, knowing it was her power that was doing this but the sensation was all the same. They landed on the roof, to which Kara hovered out with her school girl outfit. Andy blushed, realizing this is the Supergirl! He gulped as he saw her breast, looking at his perfect girlfriend and then back at her. Th-thank you again Supergirl for lending us your suit. I'm a huge fan. He then realized that he was not wearing pants, to which he quickly put on his sweatpants So, you go to school here? He was desperate to change the subject.


Karen chuckles at Andy’s lack of pants.  Supergirl is gracious enough to just smile and play along.. I do!  You should let me show you around sometime.  Kara teased as the wind blew up the ring of loose, plaid material she was calling a skirt.  Despite Karen being literally perfect, it was the one aspect in which they were both close. Kara was beautiful by any standard, even next to a Valkyrie..

Ahem...did you bring the suit, Kara?  She giggled watching Andy get drawn in by Supergirl’s charms.  Even she was starting to throb from the sight of her and bit her lip.


Andy blushed as he noticed the way her skirt billowed, in which he had to look away though he could barely resist. He then saw his girlfriend bite down on her lip as her cock and muscles throbbed. Th-that would be nice.... Andy said as he saw how beautiful Kara was, rivaling Karen.

Kara sighed and looked at Karen Of course I did...She then pulled something out of her bag. It was one of her spare classic suits - the blue leotard with the red skirt. She also gave her a pair of pantyhose, red thigh high socks and a red cape. Curiously there was a red cocksock as well. Adrina made it...just in case if Kumi wanted to borrow a suit.


Andy pined over Kara who was leaning in, twirling her hair, and pressing up against him.  Meanwhile, while their attention was on each other, Karen put on the suit. Before, it might have had a chance, but now powered up more, her body was stretching the supposedly indestructible material.  Certainly, it would have crushed a normal human. The material felt amazing, however. Between the fact that Karen was now so big, and so powerful, that she was overfilling the iconic Supergirl uniform, and the material touching and sliding over her skin, it was making Karen extremely horny.. OHHHH.  Karen exploded in god-gasm as she slid her DIY cock over her shaft.  It was a short outburst and she was normal again. Andy and Kara watched with awe.. AAUGGHGOD!  Karen’s cock thundered as she slid the suit up over her breasts.  It barely passed her nipples but felt wonderful sliding over them.  The top of her areola were still exposed.. MMMMNNNPHUUUCK!  She came and giggled at the same time as she slid the skirt which barely covered her ass up over her hips.  The thong was stretched so tight and deep she may as well been nude.. FUUUUHKKKYEEEHHHSSS!  She exploded again  as she slid the red cock sleeve over her length.  Everything was stretching audibly and barely fit. She giggled putting on the thigh high boots then looked at the two who just stared.  She giggled again.. What?  She stood in the classic Supergirl pose with glowing eyes.  Kara didn’t have a chance.


Andy bit down on his lower lip as she felt Supergirl leaning up on him, biting down on her lower lip. Feeling her warm, superpowered body against her caused him to be distracted until he heard the familiar orgasmic cry. Andy looked and his eyes went wide as he saw her stretching the suit, which was known for crushing a normal person like himself. Kara stopped and stared in awe...seeing her flash in a burst of light. The two gawk at the goddess as she fits more and more of the suit, stretching it already and cumming while she was doing so. Andy only had the mind to slip the hem of his sweats down and felt his cock buck before it erupted for the nth time, launching his seed across the way. Though still potent, it was nothing compared to Karen's output. Kara pressed her inner thighs together as she felt her own pussy convulse before cumming on the spot as well, biting down on her lower lip. You're perfect...Both whispered before they looked at each other and then laughed.

Umm, I guess I am new to this, but I figured that there would be a lot of sharing going around. Andy said to Kara and Karen, to which the blond supergirl giggled.

That is the understatement of the century...Kara said before cooing and rocking through another orgasm.


You know?  You’re right, Kara.  Wearing this suit makes feel so POWERRRFUUUHHLL.  Karen flexed her left arm and looked at the massive, glowing muscle with an O-face of agonizing joy and flooded with inner light.  Her cock roared and boomed for a few seconds as the skies above stormed around the column of energy firing from her cock. The wind around them was strong and Karen cooed and moaned as she pumped her arm which made her cock erupted harder and harder.  Then she stopped.. Ready to go, Andy?  Hehe.


Andy could only nod silentl as he saw Karen just flex her bicep and cum high into orbit, her cock erupting with each curl and flex. Kara stared for a moment before she shook her head, snapping out of it. Hey, I wanna come too! Kara said as she looked up to the glowing godgirl. I mean, I trust you, but it is my symbol you are wearing....Then she whispered so only Karen can hear Plus you look fucking hot....


Karen gave Kara a knowing wink. For added effect, Karen stepped over to her friends with steps that the whole building felt.  Though, she made sure there was no damage. She stretched and her body overfilled the already stretched suit making her nipples peak out for a moment before hiding behind the material again.. If you can keep up.  Andy? What’s next?


Kara grinned and disappeared before reappearing in a her current Supergirl suit - a full body, sleeveless suit with red ankle boots, gloves, and her red cape with the family crest on her chest. Andy blushed, realizing just how lucky he is. Uhhh, right. Well, we gotta wait for a bank robbery turned hostage situation. I think you were waiting for Adrina to call back if she picked up something like that, right?


This could get boring fast, sweetie.  Especially for those of us with super-fast brains.  Any suggestions to fill the time? I can always entertain myself.  Or, your wish is my command, master.


Hmm, well, we could always have you break the suit in? Hmmm, I don't suppose there is some sort of training facility we can use, right?

Kara gasped and clapped her hands. Well, we can't use the Fortress buuuuuuuuut, I did have the DEO build a gym out by the warehouse district. I know you can breeze through them Karen but at least you can have some fun?

Andy grinned. My Supergirl versus a state-of-the-art facility? Man, how did I get so lucky....


I don’t know, but sounds like fun.  Karen floats up.. I’ll meet you guys there.  Just want to take care of a couple things.  Karen then disappears.


Andy watched as Karen zipped off after floating up. He then turned to Kara and nodded. Alright, so me and you for now. How do you want to do this? Kara smiled and hovered over before scooping Andy in her arms and then slowly ascending. As my cousin would say, 'up, up, and away!' Kara soared as she streaked towards the warehouse district. She giggled as she looked at Andy. Wow, Karen has good taste, you are a cutie! Andy blushed and grinned. Th-thanks.


Karen reappears outside the Valkyrie HQ.  A column of light was blasting into the sky.  The color signified Adrina was there. Karen blurred inside to greet her.. Hey, girl!

HIIIII.  Adrina’s turned her O-face from her work to look at Karen.. SEXYYY SUUUIT.

Thanks!  It’s actually Kara’s.  I’m wearing it for Andy.  Can I use the quantum drive?  Karen assumed the answer and sat down at the specially designed console.  Twelve holo monitors came to life with six holo interfaces..

SUURRRE THIIIING.  Adrina agreed and continued to work.  Karen instantly became a blur as she got caught up on her reports, learned fluent Kryptonian,  gave a full work up on her new powers, designed blueprint ideas for the singularity sex toy, and hacked the DEO system to remove safety protocols.  Several time dilated months of self sucking went by while she did this. In less than three minutes she was done.. Get those blueprints?  She asked Adrina.


Cool!  C-ya, Adri!  Karen disappeared to appear next to Kara and Andy at the DEO.. Okay!  I’m back!


Kara and Andy descend down, arriving right in front of the building. As soon as she sets Andy down, Karen appeared right next to them, causing Andy to jump back a bit. Whoa, that was fast!

Kara breathed. Hah, I once saw her beat Flash on walking. Kara snorts. Alright lets go ahead and go in. Kara scans her hand on the scanner and the doors open.


He’s not really all that fast... Karen bragged as she followed Kara in ahead of Andy who was ever the gentleman.  Karen whistled.. Dang, Kara. This is awesome!  Adrina would be cumming so hard right now.  Mmmphh...even I’m a little turned on. Karen’s cock surged a half foot as her breasts got perkier.


Well, the DEO wanted me to be stronger ever since you guys came into the picture. Kara said as the lights came on. There were machines everywhere, ranging from a bench machine, a squat rack and a weightlifting platform. There were also a set of treadmills as well as a gravity room. In the corner, was a yellow sun room where Kara can recharge and charge up more. There was another room with a glass viewing dome - a VR Training Room. Alright hun, so, what do you wanna do first. The treadmill is designed to handle a spaceship going on a warp drive and everything is reinforced with the metals you guys have provided. So, what do you wanna do first?


Well, you look great, Kara.  You and Powergirl are both becoming impressive for being just Kryptonian.  Karen looked into the sun room window as they passed.  Her tits and cock pressed to the glass as well..

Oh, this isn’t for me.  Karen walked over to Andy and let her already large cock fill the space between them until it’s weight was pushing him back.  She giggled.. It’s for this little guy.  So, Andy. What do you want this superhuman body to do first?

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Kara blushed as she then raised an arm, bringing it to a flex. Thanks to you guys, we are the strongest in the league. Superman still leads but the other Karen and I are the heavy hitters. The glass creaked as Kara smiled. Don't worry, you guys can use it whenever.

Andy looked around and stared everything. This equipment are the stuff of dreams and he could probably not even lift a single thing here. He then snapped his attention to Karen and blushed. Ummm, well, I think any warmup starts with cardio. Plus, I do want to see...or rather...not see how fast you can go.


When you’re right, you’re right, babe.  Karen allowed her steps to thump against floor as she moved to an open area of the room.  Her cock bobbed as she walked leading the way several feet in front of her. It was all for show.. Just let me get loose while you guys fire everything up.  Karen spent the time they took to turn on the machine to bend, contort, and balance herself in ways only a few humans could and a couple no humans could.  When she was done, her feet were against the wall and instead of righting herself, she simply stood up on the surface her feet had been. She walked along the wall until she was looking inside the control horizontally.. You guys all set?


Andy had to steady himself, to which he thought he grabbed a hold of a floating Kara but he instead grabbed a hold of her breast. Oh wow I'm so sorry I-- Kara giggled and shook her head. It's okay, accidents happen. Once Karen stopped walking, the two got to work by firing up the machines. They stopped and stared when they saw Karen bend and contort herself. Andy couldn't help but sport a hard-on in his sweats and Supergirl had to rub her legs together as her lips rubbed. They looked at Karen, who was standing on the wall. All set Karen. By the way, flight or are you guys like that Spiderman in the comics?


This?  Just a trick of flight.  I’m sure you can do the same.  It’s fun to to not be constrained by gravity, though.  The treadmill was much larger than a traditional type and obviously meant to accommodate larger beings.  Karen stepped from the wall to the belt leaving her high heeled thigh highs on. She waved at Andy and blew him a kiss as she took her spot at the center.. Okay, Kara.  I’m good to go!


So gonna do that. Would definitely make my vampire costume complete for Halloween. Kara said as she started the machine, easily picking up to her jogging speed of Mach 20. The sides had a shield to prevent the Mach breaks from reverbating out, to protect Andy.


Karen’s legs were blurring as she walked with her hands on her hips.  She felt her legs get pumped stretching the seams of the boots. Her cock was standing straight up, the head tucked between her tits which barely jiggled.  She played with her hair showing off her boredom.. You know, ever since I got powered up I haven’t really pushed to see how fast I am now.


Andy gulped as he could not make out her legs, yet her upper body barely moved as her cock was nestled in her breasts. Kara groaned softly as she watched Karen walk faster than her jogging pace as she then increased the speed. Mmmmph, like I said these things can handle warp drive speeds. The speed was now at her running pace, Mach 100, and increasing.


Karen’s body pumped slightly.  The suit stretched as the tops of her nipples peeled out due to her breasts becoming more solid.  Her legs were just smears of tanned flesh and red streaks as static friction lightning danced along her movements.  Karen pulled the top down to let her breasts spill out and allow her cock to twitch and grow forcing head up between the two of the most perfect pair of tits ever set on a woman.  She cradled them and smiled looking down to admire them herself then sighed and crossed her arms making a show of yawning and checking her nails.. Kara?  Is this seriously the fastest you can run?


Kara groaned softly, seeing Karen's legs blur faster and faster as they were red-blue streaks. Andy cannot even see her legs anymore as his cock was throbbing hard. Seeing her cock in between her perfect breast while wearing the suit was almost too much for the both of them. Kara then turned it up even faster to where now she was running at warp drive speeds. That's it, this is the machine's cap.


Andy and Kara only looked down a moment, Kara to increase the speed and Andy to watch.  In their periphery, inside the chamber, a flash of light erupted. They looked up to see Karen superheated and glowing.  Her cock was two feet above her head blocking her face from view. Her nipples were shining like twin suns spurting superheated, glowing fluid.  Being stationary, but moving at impossible speed, her legs appeared to be moving in slow motion among a blur of red/blue movement. Despite the physics bending activity below the waist, her hands remained on her hips.. STILL SLOOOHHH.  They heard the happily orgasmic angels through the walls as she managed to lean her head to the side to reveal her screaming O-face.  Karen raised her left hand to gingerly wiggle her fingers to wave at the two. Then, the system went into overdrive.. FAAASSSTERRR.  Giggles echoes as the treadmill sped up faster and faster the wheels starting to smoke as the teenage god effortlessly walked into time dilated impossibility right in front of Kara and Andy.


The two stared at the god girl, currently having her legs move so fast, they appear to be moving perfectly still. Andy could not help but erupt, staining his sweatpants as he convulsed. Kara gasped as her pussy gushed as well, cumming a lot harder than Andy. The machine started to go faster and faster until it completely fell apart right underneath the teenage god, unable to maintain the speed. Kara came out of her orgasmic throes to stare at the collapsed machine, puzzled. Strange, there is a failsafe that activates when it senses any compromises into its integrity....hmmm, I don't suppose you have anything to do with it, right Karen?


Karen floated above the wreckage still a glowing, orgasmic goddess.  The treadmill collapsed beneath her feet and she still stood in the same place on a now invisible surface and walked over to the glass of the control room.  She hadn’t erupted yet to keep from damaging the building but her cock was three feet above her head. All they could see was her hair floating on either side of the shaft of which a pulse of light rushed up to the tip every second while her glowing balls throbbed in time with the pulse.. NOT MEEE.  INNOCENNNNT. HOW FAAST?


Kara hovered over to the panel and looked down before looking back up. Andy was on the ground, panting and recovering from another intense orgasm. Kara's eyes widen as her nipples were throbbing hard, her pussy gushing as she read the screen before looking back at the glowing teen good, her hair floating from her power. You might wanna start sucking your were literally WALKING at ninety percent of the speed of light!~


A series of giggles echoed again.. CANNN’T.  TOOO BIIIG. Karen slowly looked up to the head  of her cock and blasted it with heat vision making it surge another foot.. OOOOHHH.  WANT TO GOOHH FASTERRR.  Suddenly there were two Karens, then four, then eight, and she kept multiplying fuck and sucking each other other until the only room was a pile that grew and grew filling the room.  With each Karen her own chorus of angelic voices, it sounded like hundreds of her crying and mewing in agonizing, orgasmic joy. Several were pressed against the glass, tits, cocks, balls, muscles, and O-faced goddess, all of them Karen writhed in the little space they had in an time-bending orgy of red/blue shifted movement.. OOHHHHMYYYGAAAAWD!! THISS IS AAAAWESOOOHM! A singular, powerful voice rang out.


Andy looked around and saw the massive, writhing orgy of Karens filling the room more and more. It was too much for his brain to handle, causing him to pass out. His cock continued to erupt as he was out cold with a smile on his face. Kara gasped as she then peeled off her suit, hovering in the air and driving her fingers inside of her in a blur of superspeed, not even close to matching the time-bending of red/blue movement that is all over her training facility. She used her heatvision on her own nipples as she gasps on her lower lips. Sooooooooooo....hawwwwwwwwt!~


Karen instantly stopped and appeared behind Kara tapping the orgasmic Supergirl on the shoulder.. Kara!  What are you doing?!  Karen giggled.. I thought we were supposed to be testing me.  Andy? Karen looked down and to the side of her semi erect length.. Is he okay?


Kara groaned as she rode out another orgasm. Oh come on, you have this incredible body! I can at least enjoy the view. Kara then looked at Andy, noticed he was still breathing and his cock was still twitching. He's fine, you just went overboard again and overloaded his brain. Kara looks at him, using her vision He is still normal, no damage to his brain. Don't worry, I'll record everything for him. Well, let's go ahead and get you in the training room now that you are all warmed up.


Oh!  I didn’t think I was doing anything too crazy.  Karen bit her lip genuinely.. Poor little guy.  She was concerned, but the idea that she had done something that made a human mind overload turned her on, as well.  Her cock bobbed with her strong heartbeat and grew a few inches again. She looked at Kara and grinned.. It is pretty incredible, isn’t it.  I hope that’s not too pretentious. Karen sighed excitedly.. This is fun!  Okay, what’s next Supergirl?


Kara bit down on her lip. I mean, I still kinda wish I have your kind of body. I'd be sucking and stroking and cumming all the time. Kara sighed as she then looked over to Andy and then at Karen. Sure, just put Andy down on the cot over there and we can go to the training room.


You should talk to Yu-Lin.  She’s been going 24-7 for almost 3 months now.  Karen followed Kara to the next room walking behind her with more thumping steps.. Her assignment is the local Solar System, so she’s rarely ever planet-side which means she just gets to let loose.  Some of us get a little jealous sometimes, including me. Karen was walking behind Kara, but her cock was still leading the way in front.


Once Andy was placed on the cot, Kara had to hover to avoid falling off-balance from Karen's walking. She cooed, idly stroking that massive cock that was jutting out in front of Karen. Wow, I bet that is all kinds of fun. Though I didn't think that there would be something that you girls would get jealous of. Alright, well, in you go. Kara said as she opened the chamber for Karen to step in. Oh, and I so knew that you hacked into our systems....again. So I figured you want this place to give it its all. Well, I'm sure you can handle it.


Oh, not jealous that she can, just jealous that she gets to.  Though, she can hold it back much longer which, for what I’m told, makes the release more intense than what you’ve seen me do. Karen’s cock grew more talking about it and Kara’s touch as they moved through the hall didn’t help.  Shed never had to hold back before and the feeling was amazing and agonizing all at once. Karen stepped into the large chamber and waited for Kara to close the door and walk away.. Oh thank god... Instantly, Karen time dilated into a barely moving statue of living light as she sucked herself off with wide glowing eyes that screamed cosmic level orgasmic bliss.  Seconds stretched to hours as her cock thundered pumping more than she had ever before. She practically whimpered it felt so painfully good. She’d held back in the other room and the build up had been exploding inside her as they walked the hall.  What Karen didn’t know was that the event was quaking the building and a 5 mile radius of the city. The quake was gentle, but it was felt. The seconds stretched to days as Karen moved faster to feel as much as the hypernova god-gasm she could make last.


Kara grinned as she saw that the building was buckling underneath Karen's godly power as the city quaked gently. She decided to disrobe as she then hovered into her locker room before pulling out a massive dildo made of titanium. She then began to drive the thing in and out her as she watched the hypernova godgasm happe on TV. She can only see the after images of Karen sucking herself off in a time-dilated godgasm - the godgirl glowing with her hair floating above her head. Wow, she really looks like she needed that. Let's let her go on for a few before I turn on the training drones to attack her.


It was nearly eight minutes.  Over a year to Karen who had pumped up to wall of muscle, tits, and cock whimpering and giggling in disbelief at just how mind-blowing it was.  He that was her limit. Anymore and she’d lose her mind in a perpetual loop of orgasmic frenzy that would never end. She’d cum the volume of the Caspean Sea and her body had been so efficient to absorb it readily.  Though she was cumming as hard as she dared to, and could do it forever, the celestial teen had to stop. To the world around her it was nearly instant, to her it was a slow process of concentration.. ...MMMMNNYEEAAAHHHOOHHHHYEEEHSssss...oh god, oh my god that was...I never knew it could be... Karen panted and laughed with wide eyes that were now normal but her body was still extremely hot.. Ugh, oh fuck...okay, Karen...get it together.  Her cock twitched ready for more, her body ached for it.  She felt another explosive outburst coming and got her head in her mouth to catch it to keep from destroying the structure.. MMMMMMNNNNNPPPHHH.  She cried with her mouth full and a her cock pumping loader than Niagra Falls.. ...ohhhh...okay...I think that’s...I got this... A few more seconds and she caught her breath and was feeling just her normal orgasmic self.. Whooo...okay!  Ummm, Kara? Karen looked around not noticing what had happened outside the nondescript, domed chamber.  With no frame of reference, she was clueless.. Kara, I’m ready!


Kara gasped as she stroked and rammed her pussy with her dildo, curling her toes in delight as she watched the teen god go at it. She could only make out some images here and there, watching the teen god explode into a light as she was no doubt unleashing a massive orgasm within herself. Fuuuu..uuuuuck! H-how can she do th-nnnnnnnnnghhhhh~ Kara groaned as she rocked through her nth orgasm in a row, though she knew that paled in comparison to her superhung friend. She continued on until she saw her coming down, panting and giggling. Meanwhile, the entire city shook gently by Karen's orgasmic waves. Though the building had dampeners all around, her orgasmic throes was still felt throughout. There was some panic first but they realized that the city held itself together, as if some invisible force was keeping it that way. However, Kara cleaned her toy off with her heatvision and puts it away. Ohhh....r-right. Sorry, I uhhh....had to get a snack....watching you made me hungry.....alright, activating the drones! Suddenly, four robots rolled out from the walls and immediately began to fire their plasma beams right onto Karen.


You kept me waiting for a snack?  Karen still had no idea Kara knew.  One plasma beam struck Karen’s left breast and she was once again thankful for a body that couldn’t be hurt.  The price of that power was superhuman sensitivity. She could not only feel the icy hot sensations they gave her, she could feel the individual plasma ions tickling her skin and the breakdown of its atomic energy across her breast.  She bit her lip as a second hit her right ball and made her jump slightly.. sensitive still... One passed by in front of her blasting along her shaft making it stand up straight again.. Kara, I think I’m going to... The fourth passed behind her glancing her pussy and blasting the back side of her sack.. Yeeesss... Karen looked down smiling with sultry eyes as her cock once again surged up between her tits to meet her waiting lips and took it into her mouth again.


The drones continued to blast Karen, delibretely targeting her sensitive areas - her breasts, balls and cock. Kara giggled as she looked at the teen god currently pleasing herself. Mmmmph, you can definitely say was soooooooooo satisfying though....mmmmmnnnnn Kara groaned softly as she could not help but squeeze her breast while her fingers went into her pussy. She then accidentally pressed a button that activated a photon trap that immediately shot up to Karen's pussy while she watched the god girl give herself a titfuck and a blowjob at the same time. Mmmmmn, so while you guys are definitely invulnerable, it seems like you guys have a hard time being able to move if you are stimulated long as we keep it up, that is....


Karen’s body was suddenly glowing from the inside out as she surround by energized particles that bombarded her pussy.  Again, the room roared with the sound rushing cum as Karen contained the destructive power of her cock. She hugged herself, barely able to get her arms around the muscles, tit flesh and her titanium hard cock.. Mmph...MMMMMMMMNNNNPH! It was pleading sound though no one listening would have known if she was asking for it to stop, or asking for more.  She reached out with blurring speed to palm one of the spheroid drones and started crushing it to resemble a dildo that she promptly shoved inside herself to plug the discharge of energy that had started boring through the floor.


Kara knew better than to stop her once she gets going. Hearing the roaring sound of cum rushing, the entire facility shaking from such destructive power....Kara rolled her eyes and had a goofy wide-mouthed grin as she blurred her fingers faster while sending more drones in. They soon began to fire more beams at to Karen, their safeties removed meant their blasts were aiming to vaporize.


Karen felt the beams intensify and multiply over her body which pumped and grew.  Her cock pushed upward wanting to grow and her own strength was failing to stop it.  She sucked so hard her head began to glow as her hair floated up and it was deafening and thunderous.  Her head started to shove back and Karen knew she had to hold it.. MMMMPHH-MMMNNN-OOOHHHHHMYYYYFUUUUUHHCKINNGGAAAWD!  Now a being of light, her cock surged up by feet as her O-face looked up.  She was doing it! She was holding it in! The teen grabbed two of the drones and aimed them at her nipples making them incandescent.. THIISSS ISS GREAAAT!  SOOOHHH MUCH BETTERRR!


Kara looked on as she saw that massive cock throb and quake as the teen god was flashing that brilliant light. She saw how the dildo was firing into her while her nipples was glowing incandescent. And yet, that massively muscled teen goddess was not even cumming. Kara was now on her tenth orgasm and going. Kara stopped pleasing herself as she watched the god girl not spill out a single drop as she held in her orgasm. Oh my are doing it! How does it feel to be cumming and not cumming at the same time?


HUURRRTS SOOHHH WONDERRRFUULLL.  Karen’s face showed agonizing sweet bliss.  She crushed the two drones in her hands and dropped them to put her hands on her cock.  Slowly she pumped it making it stretch inch by painfully wonderful inch higher and higher until it flagged three feet over her head.  The trap exhausted it power supply and the drones were swatted off-handedly like flies leaving the girl letting off heat and energy that only a exploding star could produce.  The dampers inside the chamber were barely holding on.. NO MOOAR TOYYSSS?


The room shook every time Karen spoke, causing Kara to bite down on her lower lip. She then looked at the glowing godgirl, letting off heat and energy only she could let out. Kara then smiled as she opened a hatch door and pressed a button. Just one more. This is the Prison Sphere....A metallic sphere started to form around Karen, closing out the light until the entiere metallic sphere encapsulated within itself. So, basically, this Sphere is several feet thick and the metal is living. They are nanites that close up and push out anything it enters. Plus, it constantly shifts around, making it impossible to find a point of reference. Go ahead and see if you can get out.


OOOO FUUHHNNN- Karen was covered before she could finish as she felt the warm, snug feel of trillions of tiny nanites pressing against her skin.  The top of the sphere bulged a bit as her cock surged another foot.. <This thing feels so good.  I guess I’ll play along.>. Karen could feel them crawl down her open, O-faced mouth and she allowed it.  She moved through the dense material to reach behind so she could open her pussy.  The resistance was there but she was so much stronger. She parted her lips and the sphere rippled as she moaned letting the nanites fill her canal and squeeze her clit.  Every time she moved she felt the nanites fight back harder and harder squeezing her cock and balls and pinching her sensitive nipples. She flexed playfully feeling the sphere try and crush harder and tighter and she squealed each time her body was squeezed all over.


The nanites fill her up, their sheer volume trying to crush the god girl. The pressure around her cock, inside her pussy and on her breast was squeezing harder than the pressure in the Maniaras Trench, completely trying to smother her. Outside, Kara can see Karen's shape bulging - specifically her massive cock and breast until the nanites filled it up again - only for her to bulge against it in a constant battle. The nanites tried to push back against the god girl as she pushed forward. The sphere was rumbling and quaking with power as it continued to contain the godgirl. Kara gasped, watching the Sphere flash from the little creaks it lets through before the hole closed up again. By the way, I didn't think your super eyes could miss the fact that there are cameras in the chamber.......


Kara saw the bubble ripple again as cracks of light from Karen’s body shown through then were filled again.  A form bulged moved from the side Kara could see slowly form into Karen’s O-face followed by a massive, bulging arm bigger than Karen’s head giving a thumbs up.  The form shifted trying the fight Karen as she turned to impress her beach ball sized tits, coke can nipples, and another pair of beach balls that were topped with the biggest cock Karen had ever grown.  Her hands moved over her tits just barely able to reach her nipples. Kara heard a giggle ripple the sphere as it formed around the teen god again. A big heart formed on the surface and was filled again.


Karen groaned audibly, filling the room with her voice as she just loved the pressure it was forming around her. <I so neeeeeed this at HQ!> Karen thought as she lets out another moan, her cock throbbing as she was massive. She then lets out a spurt, causing the sphere to bulge out as it now tries to contain her orgasm. Though she held back, the volume was already taxing the nanites to their limits.


Karen decided to mess with Kara a bit.  It started with the whole sphere becoming Karen’s agonizing O-face.. THE POWERRRR... The then reformed into a massive pair of tits each the size of a car while the giant nipples glowed. ...IT’SSS EEEENDLESSS... The sphere then reformed into a giant, two story cock and balls as hands slowly moved up and down the shaft and cradled the balls.. OOHHH GAAAWD HUUG MEE TIGHTERRR...Karen giggled and the whole thing reformed into a 20 foot giant of Karen flexing truly god-sized muscles and stroking her own god-sized cock.  The reform nanites put their hands on their hips and Karen smiled.. CAN I KEEP THEEMM?  PLEEEEASE?


Kara gasped as she looked at the way each shape was reforming itself to Karen's massive proportions until she was staring at a twenty foot godgirl, stroking her own massive cock with her hands on her hips. Ohhh Raoooooooo Kara's words faded at the end as her mind short circuited from the sheer awe. Kara then fainted, hitting the buttons to deactivate the nanites and pulling the Sphere back.


OHH NOOHH YOU DON’T.  Karen, now her normal god-gasm size, with her hands still on her hips, started suck in pulling nanites back.  With perfect breath control, she gathered them a smaller sphere between her palms and started to apply her nearly endless strength happily, effortlessly, pressing the nanites smaller and smaller into a more useful and pleasing shape.  The nanite dildo continued to fight back but Karen hardly noticed. She guided the dildo to her pussy and with perfect control, pulled it inside her. She squealed and giggled as they fought back forming to sharper, deadlier shapes, attempting to expand, but Karen sighed and enjoyed it with a sultry smile.. Hope you don’t...ohhh...mind, Kara.  Mmm-yeah...feel sooohhh good!


Kara was slumped on the floor, though with a rather peaceful smile on her face. Karen looked over and shrugged before picking up the Kryptonian and placing her on the cot next to Andy. Then Karen smiled as she then hovered around while still shoving and stroking with the deadly dildo deep inside of her. She has a feeling she is going to get a lot of mileage out of this place but the fun is only just starting.











































































































































































































































































































































































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