Rachel's Ascension


Goddess Rachel sat in a custom-made leather office chair behind her grand hardwood desk. Its contents were organized immaculately, various papers sorted into neat piles with her office supplies in easy reach. The floor below her perfect feet was made of polished granite, the walls of her office a contrasting white marble, although most of that was covered with a variety of paintings and a few statues, some of which she'd made herself. She was dressed in a tight tube top that hugged her flawless breasts and put her rock-hard arms and chiseled abs on full display, along with a pair of leather shorts that hugged her muscular butt perfectly and still showed almost every inch of her powerful legs. She sighed as she looked out at the opulence of her office. She didn't think it was possible, but she had grown bored with herself. All her life things had come effortlessly to her, so exploring her ever-expanding limitations had always been fun. But of late she'd started to see some peaks to her ability. She knew her intelligence was increasing every year just based on reading some of her old college papers, but she wanted more. She could grow her muscles, sure, but it was hard to find exercise equipment that could challenge her, and improvement would never come fast enough. She was the most beautiful woman on the planet, but she wanted to be even prettier. As magnificent as she was, she wanted more. She started to think of her current form as...mundane. Unworthy of what she could be. Crossing her legs, she idly examined the latest report from her company. Its value had doubled again this year, just like last year. Predictable as the day was long. She desperately craved some excitement, something to make her feel like she did back when she was continuously testing her limits and surpassing them.

Primaea had searched countless worlds, countless facets of existence, and finally found a charge worthy of her gifts. One particular woman, named Rachel Victoria. Nearly at the very peak of humanity, this woman would be a perfect vessel for all the avatar of want could provide. Goddesshood and beyond. Already, it seemed that reality itself was tantalizingly bias in favor of Rachel. But why need things stop there? No, Primaea would set the wheels of fate in motion, as they were preordained.

And in a brilliant flash of light within Rachel's office, it began. There stood before Rachel, was the most beautiful woman she had ever laid eyes on. Even more beautiful than herself, to her shock. Golden blonde locks cascading down her delicate shoulders. Her enormous breasts contained without a white, tightly cinched robe around her tiny waist. Incredibly wide, sashaying hips ending in the longest most perfect legs. If Rachel was not shocked before, she was doubly so now that she fully took in this woman's goddess-like beauty.

"Rachel Victoria." the woman chimed in the most heavenly voice. "I come to you, to fulfill your desires. I, am Primaea, the avatar of want. I have come, because of all the beings in the multiverse, I deemed you most deserving of ascension. Absolutely, ascension. Merely ask it, and I shall grant you your deepest desires, and more. Far, more. Infinite power and beyond shall be at your beck and call. And nothing...is beyond my ability to grant."

Goddess Rachel , to her credit, barely registered any hint of surprise as the gorgeous woman appeared before her. Her mouth was open for a moment, her eyebrows raised, and then a few moments later her placid expression returned. She examined the woman from head to toe, noting everything about her that made her more beautiful than Rachel herself. Her mind raced, contemplating what this might mean. She briefly considered that she might be hallucinating, but dismissed that out of hand. She was perfect, and thus her mind was perfectly healthy. That left the options that someone was trying to trick her, or that this woman really was some kind of goddess. Finally, she spoke in the most regal tone she could manage. "Infinite power and beyond? I accept."

Primaea gave a soft smile. "You require proof. You have doubts. I understand. But this is not some charade. I shall provide you...with ample evidence."

Primaea outstretched a single, perfect, delicate hand, towards Rachel. A stream of light gentled drifted from her hand, squarely into Rachel's powerful chest. The feeling was unlike anything she had ever experienced, and it slowly soaked into her entire body. It was like a great weight was filling her, but then dissipating into a feeling of enormous, bountiful energy. It soaked into her limbs, into her mind. Into her entire being. The pleasure was such that Rachel actually felt herself quietly moan. And within moments, her entire frame grew slightly larger, her muscles added on corded mass. Her incredibly beauty, heightening ever so slightly more. Her vast intellect increasing further still. Her strength, stamina. Ever attribute and facet of herself was simply...better. Greater.

"I have endowed you with a mere taste of what is to come." Primaea stately flatly. "And more. You now have the power, to merely take what you desire from others, and give it to yourself. Permanently. I trust you will find such an ability...agreeable?"

Goddess Rachel shakily stood, looking down at herself, feeling her expanded muscles. Her clothes strained to contain her swollen bulk. Flexing, she shredded the sleeves of her tank top, and she grinned as she looked over at herself in a nearby mirror. "Primaea, was it?" She walked over to the enigmatic goddess, smiling. "I accept your gift gladly. You chose well, no one deserves more power as much as I do." She clenched a fist, reveling at the increased power she could feel in her hand. She couldn't wait to see how strong she was. "I can take what I desire from others, you say? What's to stop me from taking it from you?"

Primaea: Primaea crossed her arms under her bust. "You could not possibly comprehend even the tiniest fraction of my power in your current state such as it is. And so you would find such a thing, quite impossible.But it matters not. I believe you have access to many whom would serve this purpose, yes?"

Primaea, was referring to the many students who attended the prestigious Victoria University, founded by her family long ago.Victoria university, was unlike any other on earth. It was a campus where only the fittest and most perfect human specimens resided. The smartest, the strongest, the best of the best. Indeed, while none could truly be said to be Rachel's peers in any one area, all of the students at Victoria U, were exceptional to the point of almost super-human specification..many of the more intelligent students even inventing ways to enhance themselves beyond their natural limits. The perfect subjects to add to Rachel's power. To take from them, whatever she desired, and make herself even greater, while making them even lesser compared to her.

Goddess Rachel nodded, her superior mind immediately making the connection. "I suppose you're probably right. I am unused to being inferior to anyone in any sense." She takes a step closer, pushing her body up against the blonde's, and brushes her hand down the woman's cheek. "I'll just have to correct that. No one should be more powerful than me."

Stepping away, she considered. It was a school day, so the building would be heavily occupied, and she wanted to gain more power right away. Luckily the campus was directly accessible from her lavish mansion. Walking toward the door to her office, she turned back to the other woman. "Are you coming with me? I admit, it might be fun to have an audience." Not waiting for an answer, she made her way out into the hallway, down the stairs, and outside. It was only a half-mile walk to the university, and she decided to jog the whole way. She found it even easier than she recalled, and made the trip in under two minutes.

Smiling, walked across the campus quad, enjoying the envious looks she got from the many near-perfect students that attended her school. Finally, she came to the building she was looking for. While most of the campus was built of brownstone with elaborate carvings, this building was more modern, made of metal and plastic and glass. The gym was completely full of state of the art exercise equipment, most of it designed by Rachel herself. She stepped inside and looked around.

Primaea Primaea pursued Rachel as her lovely assistant, Primrose Priselia. Or simply Prim, for short. Primaea's neigh infinite power insured this detail fit into reality seamlessly. Prim had simply always been Rachel's lovely, envy-inspiring assistant, with beauty unmatched save by Rachel herself. Primaea's enormous breasts were currently pertly stretching out a lovely set of buisness attire with a generous neckline displaying unbelievably deep cleavage, and a tiny skirt emphasizing her unbelievable curves. Rachel noted Primaea's appearance, and it was immediately obvious to her vast intelligence what Primaea had done. She gave Primaea a sly smirk. It was a clever solution.

As Rachel scanned her surroundings, she noted one particular individual. Sarah Goldwater. Sarah was a prodigy even at a school filled with them. She was currently bench-pressing over 500 pounds, her thick, sculpted muscles bulging on her hourglass frame with each lift. Rachel knew this one well. She was something of a rival, or at least, as close as one could get. In reality, Sarah was like a little jealous kitten that followed Rachel around, constantly attempting to compare herself to Rachel. But never quite coming close enough. Sarah was heir to the Goldwater fortune, and a genius in her own right, as well as a physical marvel. But, in the end, she was always Rachel's inferior in every way. All through the years Rachel would remember Sarahs endless, frustrated quests to compare herself to Rachel. But it was useless. Rachel was the ever popular, ever famous, beautiful, and perfect heir to the Victoria family throne. Rachel was smarter. Rachel was stronger. Prettier. Smarter. Better in seemingly every measurable way. But as Rachel stared at the gorgeous brunette ferociously pumping weights while listening to recordings various scientific abstracts with a pair of headphones, in her endless quest to catch up to Rachel's greatness...Rachel knew, she would serve as the perfect first donor towards her own ever increasing greatness.

Goddess Rachel glided gracefully across the floor of the gym, up to the machine Sarah was working at. She watched the girl pump the weights up and down for a few moments, judging the inferior girl's abilities compared to her own, before she took a step forward and grabbed the bar the brunette was lifting with one hand, pulling it out of her grip. "Sarah, my dear. How lovely to see you at the gym today." She loomed over the smaller girl, reveling in how much better the small increase in power Primaea had given her made her feel. She was even more superior to the other girl than she had ever been. Setting the weight down, she ignored any complaints or glares from the other girl and simply placed a hand on her forehead, not entirely sure how this was supposed to work. Focusing her immense willpower, she simply silently commanded the other girl's muscles, intelligence, and beauty to flow into her.

Primaea watched the process unfold exactly as she expected. Sarah stared up at Rachel. "W-what the hell are you doing?! Get your hands off of me!!" Sarah shouted, her teeth clenched angrily. But Rachel paid her no mind, just as she always did. Sarah was always her inferior, and now...would be more so than ever. Rachel was concerned at first that she did not understand how her ability worked, but that soon evaporated as she could feel something welling up within Sarah.She felt it as some sort of well of great energy somewhere deep inside Sarah. And Rachel's greed rose within her. A great, selfish hunger to take from Sarah. Take everything. And become...more. And so, it began. A flow of power entered Rachel from her thick arm connecting her with Sarah. The girl attempted to struggle, but found herself utterly paralyzed, unable to act. And soon, the connection was truly complete, and Rachel moaned aloud as she drank of Sarah's best qualities. Rachel's enormous, thickly muscled body began to swell even larger. Her biceps bulged meancingly past their already enormous size. Her shoulders thickened, widened, added even more muscular bulk as her entire torso grew wider, lats flaring. All while Sarah slowly grew thinner, and thinner. Every ounce of that power, flowing directly into Rachel and enhancing her ever further. Rachel's immense intellect soared even higher. Her 180 IQ swelling past 200, 220, as she absorbed the countless hours Sarah spent studying and bettering herself. Her talents, abilities, and even her past thoughts, all flowed into Rachel and became her own. Little did Rachel know, even Sarah's past achievements, flowed into Rachel seamlessly...reality itself bending to take from Sarah and give to Rachel. Every trophy Sarah had once earned, was now Rachel's...every accolade, achievement, and award...all were Rachels. Even the vast fortune of the Goldwater family diminished every bit as quickly as Sarah's body shrank, and withered, while Rachel's own already vast fortune increased to even more lavish levels. Her mansion growing even large behind her as Rachels' towering body grew more and more mighty, her muscular bulk adding pound after pound of rippling muscle to her enormous, perfect form. Her intellect soared even higher, her beauty becoming even greater, the envy of the world. Sarah was little more than a skinny waif, a pathetic shell of her former self...yet the greed in Rachel remained, and she could sense yet more left in Sarah...and her very life-force itself. So, very, tantalizing..."

Goddess Rachel moaned, her whole body flush with arousal, even her iron will unable to suppress the pleasure she felt as she drained everything the girl in front of her had. Between her legs she could feel her cock start to stiffen, the man-shaming endowment she'd been born with pressing against her tight shorts and creating a sizable bulge as it strained against the fabric. Smiling as she reduced who might have once been the second most powerful person on the planet to less than nothing, a stick of a girl without a penny to her name, she laughed. Her voice carried throughout the gym, turning heads toward her. All around the building, people stopped what they were doing to listen to Rachel's throaty, melodious laughter. She reached up with one arm to feel the other, tracing her hands across her expanded muscles, reveling in the power she now possessed. Reaching down, she picked up the 500 pound weight and flexed it a few times, finding it trivial to curl even with one arm. "Thank you for your generous donation, Sarah. But I feel like you could give me more. After all, there's still some of you left to sacrifice to my greatness." Grinning, she turned to the blonde woman. "What do you think, Prim? I deserve everything she has to give me, do I not?"

Primaea straightened the fashionable glasses that sat upon her delicate nose, and nodded. "Of course, Ms. Victoria. Everything you want, as always. Clearly this one still has more to give."

It was almost an absurd thought. Rachel towered over this pathetic girl. The comparison could not possibly be any more stark. Rachel was amazon of a woman, brimming with muscle, health, and power beyond what any human had been capable of ever before. And a super genius without peer now that she had added Sarah's substantial intellect to her own. But Rachel's greed was truly deeper than ever, and now she could feel more mastery over her new ability. She again placed her hand on Sarah's forehead, determined to take even *MORE* from this pathetic shell of a girl. The process began anew, and as Sarah hoarsely gasped for breath, Sarah groaned in pleasure. "Oh, YES". Against seemingly logic or reason, Rachel managed to find more tantalizing scraps of power within Sarah, as the girl's skinny body withered even further, any pitiful musculature left in her body, Rachel's hulking form greedily sipped up. Sarah's dim mind becoming even dumber still as Rachel's genius still increased further, her brain having quite literally swelled slightly in size and density just to contain her unreal intellect. Soon all that was left was Rachel's very life force, which Rachel sipped at piece by piece, every aspect of herself growing in power and greatness, as she laughed, one-arm curling the entire weight set for her amusement with her free hand. Finally, Rachel released her grip. Sarah's frail body stumbled onto the floor. Only the merest fragment of herself remained within her withered, rail-thin body, plain, homely face, and utterly dimwitted, airheaded mind. The plainest, most pathetic girl who had perhaps ever lived, with her choice of breakfast cereal that morning being as equal an accomplishment as any other in her life. Rachel found this form, fitting for the one whom had only ever been a envious, spite-filled inferior. Now, she inhabited her proper place.

Primaea smiled dryly at this development. "Impressive. You have a good command of your ability. This one will serve you now. We can't have her simply being idle, can we? She will suffice as a simple house servant for you. That way, she can even still continue to contribute to your greatness, even if only in a small way. And yet perhaps...you will still not be done with her, once you have mastered your ability further. But, I digress. Lady Rachel...did you enjoy your first...experience?"

Goddess Rachel ran her hands all over her gorgeous body, feeling her swollen, powerful muscles. She ran a hand down to her crotch and rubbed against her stiffening cock, moaning from the touch. She flexed both arms, causing her huge muscles to swell up even further, and grinned at her assistant. "I can honestly say that was the greatest feeling of my entire life. To take everything she had and make it my own..." She licked her lips. "I need *more*." She looked down at the spec of a girl who now sat on the bench. "You heard Miss Priselia. Find your way to my mansion and find something to do. If you aren't busy by the time I get back I'll drain whatever scraps of essence you have left."

The insignificant thing forgotten, she looked around at the others in the gym. She eyed them all one at a time, sizing up their various abilities. She realized she wasn't viewing them as people, but as food. They were just fuel to make herself even better. She grinned, flashing her perfect white teeth, and mentally made a list of her next victims.

Primaea Primaea watched wordlessly. There was one other little thing left that Primaea felt was best left as a surprise. It would occur any moment now, regardless. Before Rachel could take another step, her entire body filled with pleasure once more. Her enormous cock stiffened, and she had to steady herself against a weight rack to retain her composure, her hands gripping the steel with such force, it actualy bent under her titanic arms. "O-oh...FUCK!!!" Sarah moaned, as she felt her entire body quake. in mere moments, she suddenly grew several inches taller still. Her body packed on another forty pounds of hulking muscle as her entire frame widened once again, her tree-trunk legs swelling with even more power. Rachel's mind raced, even more mental power entered her, as her mind grew so powerful, she found herself wistfully calculating several grand physics problems in her mind at once, while calculating at least a dozen avenues for her to peruse to increase her wealth, fame, and prestige. And that was merely the tip of the iceburg. And not to be forgotten, Rachel's already enormous 20 inch cock swelled larger still. Longer and thicker her gigantic python of a cock grew, swelling past 28 inches of man-shaming, pussy destroying monster cock, her enormous smooth balls the size of small melons underneath.

Primaea smiled once again. "Having a bit of a growth spurt, are we? To be expected. After all, you did not simply absorb even her past, but also her potential as well. Her very future, if you will. I suspect you will be experiencing these growth spurts quite often, now that your own natural growth and improvement rates have increased quite significantly...."

Goddess Rachel panted as she braced herself against the bent weight rack, her whole body throbbing with pleasure. With a grunt, she flexed, and her top and pants exploded as her muscles swelled up to even larger sizes, putting her perfect body on full display to everyone in the gym. Standing up, she looked down at her cock hungrily, seeing it throb and twitch before her, the mighty masculine scepter a stark contrast to the rest of her femininity. She looked at Primaea hungrily, tempted to pounce on the beautiful goddess then and there, but she tempered those thoughts and took a seat on the workout bench the insignificant Sarah had been using.

Her face flush, she still managed to keep a steady tone as she looked over at her assistant. "You're just full of surprises. I admit it occurred to me I might steal her potential as well, but I thought that would be part of my previous transformation."

She looked out at the gym, at the stunned faces of all those who had come there to work out. In her most commanding voice, she spoke loud enough for the whole building to hear. "I require assistance with my workout. Are there any volunteers?"

Primaea waved her hand, and two beautiful, muscular and particularly sensual looking twins peaked over their shoulder to see Rachel Victoria herself laying on the free weight bench. Both girls were of course, instantly enamored, as there was essentially no one on Campus whom did not want a piece of Rachel Victoria herself, the greatest, sexiest person whom ever lived. both girls have massively muscled bodies. While not quite a match for Sarah, these girls would easily put any typical female body builder to shame, and their curves were no slouch either. Huge, gravity defying breasts, full round hips, all utterly packed with youthful, oiled, powerful muscle that rippled with each step. Both girls were completely identical twins, one sporting a long pony tail, the other sporting twin tails. These were the infamous Yamada sisters. Kimiko, and Reiko. Half Japanese, with beauty to shame even super models. And as they sashayed towards Rachel, their other infamous feature made themselves known.

Their immense cocks. Short of Rachel herself, the Yamada sisters had some of the most massive, pants splitting monster cocks around. Each was an 18 inch long short-straining beast, and as they hardened, they grew closer and closer to springing from their barely containing cotton prison. Their enormous balls bobbed as they finally came to Rachel, gasping as the massive ultra-genius herself pumped the most enormous weights either girl had ever seen.

"OH my GOD Reiko, can you believe it's ACTUALLY RACHEL?!"

"Oh my god no. M-Miss Victoria, you are SO AMAZING!! W-we're you're BIGGEST fans!!"

Rachel herself said nothing, as she pumped an enormously overloaded bar, one designed specifically for Rachel Victoria's use only, and currently loaded with 1600 pounds of weight which she benched with relatively little excursion.

"D-did you w-want our help, Miss Victoria?" Kimiko asked, with a wavering voice, her gigantic cock having since escaped her strained shorts, as she stared at Rachel's unbelievable, goddess-like body.

Goddess Rachel smiled as she watched the two futa twins walk toward her as she lifted nearly a ton of weight with fairly little effort. She knew she was nowhere near her maximum, and did some quick calculation to estimate how much more weight the bar could take before it would give out entirely. It barely took any time at all, and didn't interrupt the multiple things she was working on with her incredible mind. She ignored the twins and looked up at her assistant. "Prim, load another 200 pounds onto the bar, if you would." She racked the weight while she waited for the other woman to comply and sat up, subtly showing off her incredibly large and powerful muscles for the two girls.

Looking at the girl's faces, their names, medical information, and life histories came to mind, and she considered their best qualities. Those cocks, of course. They were both strong, as well, and their high grades suggested they had brilliant minds, as well. Nowhere near even Rachel's original intellect, but still enough to be worth draining. She licked her lips as she thought about how good it would feel to drain them, but first things first...

"Kimiko and Reiko, correct?" She smiled as she watched her voice turn the two of them on even more. She pointed down at her crotch, her 28 inch, arm-thick cock throbbing with need in front of her. "Yes, the two of you will assist me by pleasuring me while I work out." She laid back down, leaving her erect cock pointing up in the air, and lifted the weight off the rack again, knowing even as she did so that the newly added weight still wouldn't cause her to strain much. "Well, what are you waiting for? Get to work!"

Primaea did as instructed. The thick bar groaned trying to hold such titantic weight, yet Rachel continued lifting it all with relative ease. This sheer show of power caused the two futa twins cocks to twitch. As soon as they had been commanded, both girls dropped to their knees near Rachel's gigantic tool, both endowed sisters staring at it with awe. They wasted no time getting to work as Rachel continued to pump the colossal 1800 pound weight. With Reiko on the right and Kimiko on the left, both girls docked their enormous, pert breasts around Rachels towering behemoth of a dick, and got to work licking and sucking at Rachel's taunt, hard cock flesh. It was all pure pleasure for Rachel. As usual, she always got what she wanted. Any partner, any time. It was all hers at the snap of her finger, and these two were no expection. She could easily have two dozen girls working her in one night.After all, since her most recent changes, the past itself had been subtly altered so that now, Victoria University existed primarily for Rachel's own improvement, with nearly every facet of it's research devoted to making her stronger, smarter, faster, sexier, taller, richer, and more hung. Little did anyone know just how literal that was, especially not these two who continued to lick and service every last inch of Rachel's arm-sized tool, both girls seemingly competing for Rachel's pleasure and attention.

Goddess Rachel pumped the heavy weight repeatedly, her amazing body showing no sign of strain or fatigue even as she lifted the incredibly heavy weight. She made a mental note to develop something heavier, maybe using magnets, and a new thought process devoted itself to designing such a device. She focused her attention back on the futa sluts working on her shaft, and enjoyed their attentions while precum started to leak from the tip of her cock like a faucet. She could feel the essence of the two girls calling out to her, and started to reach out, caressing a bit of the power each girl contained within them, just teasing it with her mind as they worked her shaft. She would drain them slowly and enjoy every second of it.

She growled and racked the weight bar again. "I need something heavier! Prim, just bring me the heaviest weights in the gym." Experimentally, she tried lifting the bar one-handed, but found that to be a bit too much. Frustrated, she went back to benching the bar at a faster pace, making it look like a blur of metal to any onlookers. Then, she started to drain the two girls. She took her time, letting them worship her cock, planning to cum just as she finished taking every bit of their essence.

Primaea nodded, and did as she was commanded. Rachel's enormous bar bell became stacked with the biggest weights in the entire gym. at 2400 pounds of menacing, impossible weight the immensely thick bar made out of the strongest alloy Rachel had yet devised, barely held under the strain. Rachel herself was finally tested by this unbelievable weight. Her enormous muscled redoubled their efforts, swelling slightly as a real pump came on, Rachel clenching her teeth as she worked through the weight, her unrivaled muscles benching world record shattering weight rep after rep. The twin futa sluts meanwhile moaned from their hot, horny arousal as they licked and sucked ever more devotedly...even as their bodies began to slowly shrink and wither away. Rachel's grew ever stronger still. Her thick shoulders widened, her pecks pushed out her enormous bust-shelf. Her biceps swelled past the size of basketballs as more of the twins power flowed into her. And little by little, as their cocks shrunk, Rachel's behemoth grew ever larger, towering over the two worshipful girls as Rache's balls sweller larger, and larger as well. 29 inches. 30. 32. 34. Bigger and bigger Rachel's titanic dick swelled, as both the futa twins dwindled ever more. Shorter, as Rachel grew taller. Dumber, as their brilliant minds slowly dulled, and Rachel's world-famous intellect grew even more extreme. Rachel Victoria, holder of every Olympic world record. Rachel Victoria, chess grand master champion since she was 6 years old. Rachel Victoria, inventor of the micro-scale fusion reactor. Rachel Victoria, perfectly fluent in every language ever spoken. Rachel victoria, holder of 15...18...22 PHDs. IQ of....430...470..510......35 inches...36 inches. The weight became lighter and lighter. Rachel grew taller, and taller. The sisters continued, to wither away. The power, the perfection. Glory, endless awards. More and more. Bigger and bigger. It was so intoxicating. Rachel's cock flowed forth with even more pre-cum. It was simply too perfect. More. More.

Goddess Rachel laughed as she continued to pump over a ton of weight, the bar getting lighter and lighter with each rep, and soon she was barely struggling to lift it at all. She cataloged her growing intellect, taking note of the changes to herself as she drained the two girls down to nothing. Soon she could barely feel their efforts on her cock as it too continued to get bigger and stronger, and yet the sensation of becoming more was so intoxicating, so pleasurable that her arousal continued to build. With one final pump, she snapped the bar of weights in two with a mighty flex, and she came, her hot seed erupting all over the two diminished girls. More and more of the sticky, thick white liquid sprayed from her massive cock, spurting so high some of it hit the ceiling. Her orgasm went on for nearly a minute before it started to diminish, going from huge globs of cum to mere jet bursts, to a small trickle as her cock softened from its grandiose length of three feet to a mere 18 inches.

Laughing, she stood up off the bench and picked up one of the broken halves of the dense metal bar. She grabbed it in both hands and bent it at a 90 degree angle, then let it fall back to the ground with a loud thud. "I just keep getting better and better. I never dreamed I could be this strong. But this still isn't enough, I need more."

Primaea spoke into Rachel's mind directly. "Lady Victoria, if I may... your power has grown greatly since just this very morning. I do believe your ability as reached a new peak, thanks to your far larger and more powerful body, as well as your three fold improved mind. I believe now you are ready to further tease out it's potential. You need not touch your...benefactors, any longer. I believe through mere force of will, you could drain all within this entire facility. The absorption may be less....efficient, but the sheer quantity should more than make up for that temporary weakness."

Goddess Rachel stood, towering over the other members of the gym in every way. Her height and muscles made her stand out in any crowd, and massive cock dwarfed any other in the world. Her beauty was such that all who looked on her fell in love with her instantly, and her towering intellect would be utterly dizzying to any who she unleashed it upon. Even now, as she contemplated how amazing it would feel to drain the remaining people in the room, her mind was focused on other things. A denser, stronger alloy for her weights. A magnetic weight machine. More and more ways to make herself better. She walked to the middle of the gym and looked around, reaching out with her mind like she had done when she first drained Sarah, searching for the pulsing essences of everyone in the building. They were there, fainter than they had been with direct contact, but there all the same. She thought about how much more power this would bring her, and her cock twitched. "You should all feel proud! Your attributes, your very beings, will further fuel my own greatness! After all, who else deserves all the strength and beauty you all possess more than me?" With that, she willed their essences into herself.

Primaea watched once more as the essences more than a dozen people flowed into Rachel. The drain was more...visceral than before. Greedier. Hungrier. And more rapid. It was clearly less efficient, but it hardly seemed to matter with this many contributors. If anything, it felt better than every before. Rachels cock immediately sprang to it's 3 foot hardness, and her thoughts of self-worship grew stronger than ever before. It was delicious. Ecstatic. Amazing. Inch by inch Rachel grew taller still, past 7 and a half feet, her muscles swelling once more. She was a true juggernaut of a woman now with the face of an angel that only grew even more beautiful. As always, reality shifted to match. Rachel was on every magazine cover, nearly every facet of media. A world wide absolute obsession with the most beautiful, powerful, successful, ultra intelligent girl who ever existed. Rachel's god-like monster of a cock swelled past 45 inches of pure, beastly dick. Forget shaming other men's manhoods...Rachel's cock was easily as thick as their entire legs, and much longer, as her gigantic, overdeveloped python of a cock grew even larger. Her merest steps now shook the entire building, as her beauty and strength continued to soar higher, her massive, almost incomprehensible IQ surpassing 700. Rachel found her mind quickly becoming multi-faceted, able to think and analyze dozens of complex situations, problems, and extremely advanced scientific principles at once, subconsciously, without even slightly distracting her conscious mind. A conscious mind which was truly frightening in it's sheer mental power. It was one thing to be all brawn, but Rachel was now not only the strongest living thing on the planet, but also smarter than most of the worlds top geniuses combined. By the time the drain finished, and the withered, barely moving forms of the former all-star gym goers stumbled about pathetically...Rachel had become better and more powerful than she had previously dared to imagine. She as none other than Rachel Victoria. Heir to a fortune which comprised of 60% of the wealth on the planet. And her former mansion, which was now and enormous 15 story palace that took up half the campus, was testament to that. A campus, which now served absolutely no other purpose than to make Rachel even MORE powerful, in every single way.

Goddess Rachel flexed her monstrous arms, feeling the powerful, corded muscles under her flawless alabaster skin swell up, knowing she was strong enough to bend steel bars or pick up and throw a car. Her incredible mind brought her conclusions almost before she even realized she had a question about something, her new life history unfolding before her like a map as she slowly walked outside the building, completely naked and uncaring as her rock-hard gargantuan cock swayed before her. Her footfalls shook the ground beneath her, causing small tremors that would put any who approached her ill at ease. Experimentally, she stopped outside the gym and grabbed a metal statue of herself, ripping it out of the ground with a grunt and lifting it into the air. Her mind calculated that it weighed over 4 tons, and she still found it fairly easy to hold in the air.

She dropped the now-ruined statue without concern for the damage she was doing - such things were her worshipers' problem, not her own, and she walked casually across the grounds of the campus towards the science building. As she did, she glanced at her expanded mansion, taking in the opulent sight of the building. It was all white marble and platinum and white gold trim, designed by a group of the best architects and artists in the world, led by Rachel herself as a little side project when she was 12 years old. She scowled as her lightning-fast mind noted a few thousand ways the building could be improved. She had come a long way since she was 12.

Not even bothering to look to see if her assistant was following her, she spoke. "You were right about absorbing people without touching them, but I feel like I left so much behind that way. When I drain someone, I want to drain *all* of them."

Primaea adjusted her glasses and followed Rachel in her usual sexy sashay. Tall a woman as Primaea was, Rachel towered over her now, slightly over eight feet tall, the ground shaking with every monumental step she took. "Yes, of course my lady. That shall come with time. But perhaps for now, you should focus on physical contact with fewer subjects at once. With more time, and more...enhancements, you may soon find your ability to become perfect, and lose with one weakness entirely....as well as every other weakness you possess, for that matter. Now, Miss Victoria...What do you plan next?"

Primaea walked with Rachel, and immediately noted they were headed towards the science facility. An enormous state of the art building, designed entirely by Rachel herself with technology literally hundreds of years ahead of the most advanced nations on earth. And it was packed with the next most powerful minds and talents on the planet. All of whom worked with only one goal: To make Rachel even more powerful and perfect by every single means available, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Goddess Rachel led the two of them into the science building, picking a lab to head toward at random. "Any weakness in any of my abilities is unacceptable. If I cannot perfectly control it yet, then I'll simply take the minds of others until I can." She lead the pair into one of the several massive labs in the building. This one was dedicated to studying nanotechnology, and as such had physicists, engineers, and biologists on staff as they worked together to create the means to improve Rachel's already impossibly perfect body. She seized one of the interns, lifting the poor girl into the air. "Gather your entire team, now. I want to speak with them." She set the girl back down a bit roughly, making her stumble back and brace against a table to keep her balance, but Rachel's attention was already elsewhere as she considered the machinery in the lab. Walking over to a nearby computer, she used her access to pull up information on the project, and quickly speed-read through all the lab reports the team had assembled. The reports seemed to blur by on the screen as she read entire pages in less than a second. The whole process took only a few minutes. "Hmm. Their idea is an interesting one, but I see several fundamental flaws in their methodology. The nanomachines won't work even if they're allowed to complete them. And since they can't improve me any other way, it's only right that I take their very attributes for my own instead."

Primaea Primaea stood quietly by the door of the boardroom, as Rachel had gathered all of the scientists and techs of the Nanite division into a single room. These were some of the most brilliant minds on the planet. While they were no where near on par with Rachel herself, these were still nothing less than super geniuses. Several of them, were even quite beautiful women. Nothing but the best for Rachel Victoria of the massive Victoria Enterprises. And so, as Rachel paced the room, discussing her plans for the Nanite devices at a ludicrously fast pace that left these so-called super geniuses utterly confused, she placed a ridiculously strong hand on each of their shoulders, one by one. And each time...she drained the, this time more savagely than ever before.

Goddess Rachel was coming closer to mastering her ability, finding it far easier to grab at someone's essence when she had contact with them. Already she could feel their potentials as they walked into the room, all that intellect, a lifetime of education from each one of them waiting for her. She gracefully glided through the room, starting at the far end and working her way forward, draining the essence from each of them.

The amount of power she absorbed from them was staggering, making her erection leak precum as the indescribable pleasure of becoming more flooded through her. Her mind expanded, each scientist she absorbed added a few hundred points to her IQ. Their educations became hers as well, a lifetime of achievements and research in their various fields just another set of accolades for Rachel. In seconds she had mastered nearly every field of science and engineering on Earth, and her hyper-intelligent brain had led her to create several new ones that only she could understand. The strength and stamina of the scientists, what little there was, empowered Rachel still further, although there was very little obvious change compared to the gym-goers she'd previously drained. She took everything from them, their willpower and determination, their beauty and sexual prowess, anything and everything she could, until all of them were reduced to pathetic waifs similar to what Sarah had become.

Her expanding intellect continued to grow as her body processed the power she had obtained. Her IQ reached quadruple digits as her unfathomable mind continued to grow more potent. She found she could effortlessly devote her full attention to multiple things at once, now. Her brain was more powerful than a supercomputer, and she found herself devoting attention to a simulation of how the nanomachines she had been describing would function while at the same time mentally cataloging an entirely new branch of mathematics to describe the nanomachines' interactions.

Primaea Primaea watched with a wry smile. She could sense every single change occuring to Rachel in real time. It was quite exciting. But not as exciting as it was for Rachel herself. Her intellect was growing at a frantic pace as she continues to process all the information, memories, and stimuli she had received. Every last ounce of it. It was so potent, that Rachel's brain had quite literally grown inside her head just to contain it all. It now nicely filled her cranium, and was denser and more powerful than any super computer on earth. As Rachel surpassed an IQ of 3000, a mere fractal of her mind could surpass every member of her science team put together...their former selves, anyway. Experiencing nothing less than an absolute power-trip from her still increasing genius, Rachel opened up the archives of the science lab...and quite literally began speed-reading through the sum of all their acquired knowledge. She desired more. And more. She read through entire multi-novel length reports on quantum entanglement, fundamental forces, and more, in mere seconds. Still Rachel's intellect grew, and with it, her overwhelming sense of superiority. and IQ of 5000..soon, 6000. more and more knowledge filled her mind. A perfect photographic memory. Remembrance of every word she had ever read or heard. She had earned every PHD on ever invented by the time she was 12...10.....8. She was the foremost expert in every field of academics. More and more. Greater and greater Rachel became. The greatest musician who ever lived, the greatest mathematician, the greatest doctor, the greatest chef, pilot, strategist, writer. Hundreds of awards. Thousands. Millions. Her fractal minds caculated a dozen ways to improve herself a minute, a dozen ways to make herself richer and even more powerful. Her past grew ever more glorious. Her palace grew larger and more magnificent, towering higher and higher until it cast a shadow on the campus, then the entire city it inhabited.

But it still...was not enough. Rachel deserved more. Much more. The sum of all human knowledge. Then more. More.

Goddess Rachel stared seemingly into the distance, not seeing the same thing the others in the room were seeing. Her nigh-omnipotent mind was replaying the changes she had undergone in her head, bringing herself more pleasure than mere sex could ever give. Her throbbing, swollen shaft leaked a steady stream of precum onto the floor as she mentally stimulated herself just by reliving the memories of her ascension.

At the same time, her mind was devoted to other tasks. She cataloged her achievements, and the remaining areas where she wasn't already the absolute, undisputed master. There were several gaps in her knowledge of everything. The thought that there were people out there who possessed knowledge or skills that she did not angered her, and while she could effortlessly learn any and all of those things given enough time, she wanted them *now*.

Her mind effortlessly was able to read the slow, dull brains of the former scientists in front of her, and while she thought about how much she had left to gain from humanity she began extending her mental influence, probing about the building and surrounding campus to find just how many people were nearby. She needed more fuel, more potential to turn into power. Wordlessly, she sent her thoughts to Primaea. "How far do you think the range on my ability to drain people has grown? Perhaps I should test that." Reaching out, she felt for all the essence she could, as far as she could, intending to absorb everyone within range.

Primaea said nothing, and allowed Rachel to answer her own question. And indeed, she did. Rachel could feel it now. Her power had become perfected. The entire campus now was under the purview of her ability. The pleasure this time was so intense, Rachel's cock grew several inches large *before the draining phase had even begun* due to it's sheer hardness, her unthinkable sexual arousal. It felt like ascending towards godhood. Several thousand individuals talents, intellects, memories, achievements, strength, size, and more, all funneled into Rachel. "YES, YEEESS" she screamed in pure, practically orgasmic bliss. Her beauty ascended beyond any other. Beyond a thousand helen of Troys. And further still. Her muscles swelled to their ultimate size, her titantic frame nearly 6 feet wide, her body towering ten and a half feet tall. Her monolithic cock swelled past a truly frightening, pussy-annihilating 72 inches, as thick as a oak tree trunk. Every muscle fiber harden, becoming denser and denser until she felt truly invincible, unstoppable by human means. And this was not even to speak of her IQ, which had exploded into the quintuple digits. Rachel's telepathic power was now so mighty, she could sense the attributes and position of objects on the atomic level...analyze thought patterns, and know what someone *would think in the future before they even thought it*. This of course, led to Rachel's absolute domination of the entire planet. Of all civilization. Rachel was now not just the richest woman on earth...she was empress of the entire planet. Owner not just of the most wealth...but ALL, the wealth. Rachel not only owned every single piece of property on earth...but all of civilizations only goal, was to further Rachel's greatness. Increase her wealth. Her towering, thousand story palace which stretched far beyond the clouds, was representative of her absolute dominance of all humanity. It's base, larger than a city, casting a shadow for a hundred, hundred miles, and filled with the symbols and piles of Rachel's ever increasing wealth. Rachel, who had won every award ever contested since she was 5 years old. Rachel, who had every city, and every town, and every road, named after her. And every person who lived...worked tirelessly, endless hours for only her benefit and her benefit alone. Always more. More.

Goddess Rachel stood there, reveling in the power she possessed, while her cock spurted with a monumental orgasm. The force of her cum knocked down the wall adjacent to her and started flooding the next room as her massive member pumped thousands of gallons of seed out its tip each second. The sensation was pleasurable enough to fry the mind of a mere mortal, but Rachel was no mere mortal anymore.

She began making her way out of the lab and to her lavish palace, the structure a miracle of engineering and technology only achievable by her genius. It was the sad paradox of humanity that their only purpose was to further improve her, but they were so vastly inferior to her that none of them really stood a chance at succeeding. Chuckling to herself at the paradox, she walked across what remained of the campus and toward her palace, her footfalls causing tremors as cracks appeared in the pavement where she stepped. Passers-by lost themselves in spontaneous orgasms as Rachel fed their minds a tiny fraction of the pleasure she was feeling, enjoying their spasms at the sight of her.

Finally the two arrived at Rachel's palace. A fitting monument to her greatness, she thought. But like everything else, it could be so much more. Her orgasm finished, her cock had deflated and was now merely oozing a trail of thick cum behind her as she walked. Servants raced to clean the substance with their mouths, so delicious and addictive was her cum that they would do it gladly even if they weren't her personal slaves.

She arrived in her grand throne room, a massive chamber 50 stories high and a mile wide, with room for hundreds of thousands to gather and worship their living goddess. The entire chamber was made of gold, in fact nearly all the world's gold reserves were devoted to decorating this room alone. She climbed the dais to her magnificent throne, a work of art and technology itself that allowed her to interface with the mansion's technology and access the internet with her telepathic abilities alone. Taking a seat and making herself comfortable, she spoke a simple command that echoed through the room. "Worship me."

Primaea As if Rachel's command was by force of will, every single attendant to the Victoria religion, kneeled down to worship their goddess. And in this act, Rachel found her new, god-like power to be every bit what she expected. Her worshipers not only empowered her with their worship, but like a greedy, hungry beast, she burrowed into each and every one of them, and began absorbing their very essence. Now, much more powerfully than before. The pathetic, withered, toiling slaves that Rachel owned, withered *even FURTHER still*. Rachel moaned loud enough to shake her entire mile long chamber as she felt the orgasmic bliss of hundreds of millions giving her every scrap of what remained of their pathetic beings. Every drop made Rachel mightier, more invincible, more powerful. The strength to quake the earth, to toss hurricanes around like toys with her mind, and more. And endless list of new powers, new abilities, as her pitifully frail followers grew more and more frail still, Rachel greedily sucking and sucking, like a vaccum cleaner savagely consuming them from the inside out. But Rachel cared not in the slightest. Indeed, she loved every single moment as she screamed in delight. "YES. YEEEESSS. MORE. MOOORE. BECOME NOTHING. MAKE ME...EVERYTHING". Rachel's intellect grew to such staggering power, she could feel and control every thought of every mind on earth. she was, for the purposes of humanity, an all powerful goddess...and becoming even more powerful by the moment.

Goddess Rachel might have been all powerful to mere mortals, but she knew there was still far more power out there waiting for her. She flashed a smile at Primaea, her words echoing through the chamber and making the walls shudder once again. "This is bliss. Gaining true power, becoming more and more with each passing moment. But it's not enough. Not nearly enough. I need *MORE*. What I am now is the merest shadow of what I should be. What I *will* be." She reached out with her mind and felt the thoughts of every one of her billions of worshipers. She sent them an image of her incredible body, and they all collapsed in ecstasy. She reveled in the sensation even as she extended her absorption ability to encompass the entire planet, gently caressing all the souls that would soon be hers. "If absorbing a few hundred thousand people made me this great, I can scarcely fathom how great absorbing the rest of humanity will make me. But I need to find out." She laughed. "The human race has served their purpose. They gave birth to me. And now they'll fuel my ascension." With that, she took the essence of the entire human race into herself.

Primaea Primaea watched with delight as Rachel fulfilled the first, true step to her ascension as the ultimate being. The pleasure was so intense this time. Rachel had to close her eyes tight as she screamed to ecstasy. She gripped her throne so tightly, even it's nanite constructed, perfect frame buckled under her grip. She clenched her teeth, as a titantic orgasm ripped through her nearly ten foot foot, her hulking balls pumping tens of thousands of gallons of the thickest cum imaginable into the opposing wall of her palace with such force, even it's double thick, seemingly invincible walls were pieces by Rachel's epic cumshot. This, was true godhood. Billions of souls funneling into her, as every memory, every positive attribute flowed into her Her hulking form towered higher still, her muscles growing ever so slightly larger as even their ultimate form wasn't enough to fully contain the raw might funneling into her. The strength to rip continents from their foundations with one hand. And endless list of meta human abilities. A mind so vast and powerful A billion of Rachel's meta-selves could work through every thought any human had ever had, and still have room left over to simply amuse herself with thoughts of her own greatness, and alternate replayings of every event in her life. And still the list of Rachel's powers grew. True invulnerability, instantaneous reflexes, energy blasts to rival fusion reactors, invisibility, absolute telepathic dominance, teleportation...and this was not even getting started on her intellect which had grown so vast, her IQ would rank in the billions. All completed with beauty that no human could possibly ever look upon...not that it entirely mattered anymore, as they were now nothing more than hollow, automaton slaves which Rachel could use for her own amusement. After all, nothing was to go to waste in Rachel's new empire. Everything was for her pleasure and benefit.

Goddess Rachel could see for miles around her, and even behind her, with ease. She could hear sounds a continent away, could feel the very ridges in the texture of her once-immaculate throne. Her power was unfathomable. The being she had been just a moment before utterly paled in comparison to what she had become. With the slightest exertion of her power, she suddenly flew up into the air miles above the planet and looked down, able to make out billions of slaves working on tasks to please her. She directed them with her mind, she realized, her omniscient brain commanding seven billion slave minds with no effort. Even her subconscious thoughts commanded more of her brainpower. Hovering over the planet, she marveled at how small everything looked. How insignificant those beings below her had become.

"I need more, though. This is nowhere near enough, do you hear me? MORE!" Her voice was loud enough to be heard halfway around the planet. She set her mind to work, looking for new ways to fuel her ascension, and using her nigh limitless abilities, set to work building a device to do just that. She spoke, knowing Primaea was listening. "Beyond infinite power, you said. This is nowhere close to that. More! I must have more, be more! My power should expand without limit, constantly increasing!"

Primaea floated to Rachel in her original form, her alter ego of Prim, now truly irrelevant...even as the amusing and pointless facade it was originally. "Then, oh great goddess of humanity...might I suggest, you make slaves of gods? Surely, your enormous intellect must already realize there are others like yourself. And adding their might to your own, will grant you true, omnipotence...and then...beyond. Allow me, to expedite this most important endeavor.

Primaea merely waved her hand, and immediately, Rachel's enormous device was complete before her very eyes. To the former humanity, it would have been a device so technical as to seem like magic from a god. To Rachel, it was practically child-like in simplicity. A device, which would funnel dark matter, and dark energy into her form, ascending her to a level at which she could penetrate into the plane of the gods...and bring with her, her all consuming greed.

Primaea, bowed before Rachel. Another delicious tick to her ego. "Rachel, you are truly destined to be the greatest being of all. Greater than any. Greater than even the greatest gods could comprehend...perhaps greater, than even I could. Step into your machine as you wish. Take whatever you desire. Feed, your own absolute self-love and desires. All, and more, shall be yours."

Goddess Rachel smiled down at Primaea as the goddess completed the device Rachel herself was building. Soon it would fuel her ascension even further. She stepped inside it slowly, and ran a hand over its insides almost lovingly. If Rachel could love anything besides herself, it was the means to empower herself even more.

"To absorb the power from the gods..." Her cock twitched, causing it to spray her divine seed all over the room. "Why not? Who is more deserving of such power than myself? Now...make me *more*!" With that, she activated the controls, turning on the device, and the power of the universe itself flowed into her.

Primaea Primaea watched from a distant world, as Rachel's apocalyptic orgasm ripped a massive whole in earth. Her cum volley was of such magnitude and power, it ripped a whole through the entire planet, as Rachel screamed with pleasure, that against all logic, shook the entire solar system. "OH YES...YES...IT'S EVEN BETTER THAT I COULD IMAGINE" she screamed. "MAKE ME...INTO....A TRUE....GOD!!!". The entire civilizations of a billion, billion worlds flowed their essences into Rachel. The experiences and memories and brain power and might of alien worlds both primitive, and far more advanced than humanity had ever attained, flowed into Rachel. PLanets them selves, and soon stars collapsed under the straight of her infinite greed. Her mental might becoming so unquestionably overpowered, that subconsciously, a tiny, tiny fraction of her mind began to literally force the entire universe, to revolve around Rachel. Such was her intellect, her mental might, that all matter in the universe was hers to command. hers to control down to the most fundamental particle. Rachel had become so powerful, so utterly mighty, every single atomic particle in the universe, could be simultaneously controlled by her mind. The pleasure, of knowing that, NOTHING escaped her dominance, her will, was so great...that another orgasm rocked through her, and annihilated an entire super-cluster of galaxies in an instant.

but it was no matter....for the machine had only completed it warm up phase. Rachel, *grew even MORE POWERFUL still*. Every moment of simply being rachel was now pure pleasure. But not pleasure that could ever distract her from quite literally anything. On a whim, Rachel could remake the entire universe. She would allow inferior beings to exist for her amusement. Humans and the like. But now, every achievement, every event that would ever occur in the history of not only earth, but all worlds...would be related to Rachel and Rachel alone. Endless clone facets of herself existed on every world, to simply increase her own glory endlessly. All achieves were hers. Every success was hers alone, as well as every pleasure. and all of it, was under her control down to the most fundamental level at all times.There was no will other than her own, and all now truly only existed, to please and improve Rachel. She was now, truly, a god...THE, god, of the universe. And now...the other gods...would be hers. Their realm, was a mere step away which she could reach with the merest, casual stride...if she did not first wish to soak in all that she was and had accomplished in such a brief time.

Goddess Rachel chuckled, causing the walls of reality to shake. Her eyes glowed with divine light as a palpable aura of power extended from her form. She stood in the void at the center of the universe, her incredible power having casually annihilated everything around her. With a thought, she recreated the Earth, and repopulated it as it had been before she destroyed it. She created billions of similar worlds throughout the universe, each containing billions of people dedicated to worshiping her. An endless number of her avatars spanned the cosmos, fucking each other, destroying stars, casually tearing planets in half, and every one of those sensations was given back to her. Every moment of her existence truly was bliss, with the entire universe existing for no other reason than to give her pleasure. But it wasn't enough. Nothing would ever be enough for her.

She wanted more. More worshipers sprung up across the universe, doing more and more to try and please her each moment. She stroked her mighty, massive cock idly with one hand as her will pressed against the boundary of the universe. She had to have what was on the other side. Even more power, power that should be hers. She clenched a fist, summoning her apocalyptic strength into one hand, and punched reality itself. The strength of the blow was powerful enough that it created a shockwave which destroyed all matter in the universe. Rachel recreated it all with just a thought, and stepped through to the realm of the gods. "I have been a lesser being too long. I will not wait any longer to have the power that should be mine!"



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