The Boss's Daughter


Alistair Hart: The day had been going pretty smoothly so far. A few hours still left to go before closing time but since I had already decided to stay over time to put the finishing touches on things time seemed to lose any meaning for the moment. That was until Frank, one of the other colleagues I shared the lab, with poked his head in. He was clearly nervous and spoke in a hushed voice. "Alistair, you need to hide everything now! The boss's daughter is here and she's doing one of her 'inspections'. You remember what happened last time right? If she fiddles with your device you'll probably have to start from scratch." I took a moment to process everything. If Rachel Allen really was here than I needed to act fast. I hastily started unhooking my machine from the system and started bundling up the various wires when I heard my door swing open. I turned and gulped. Standing in the doorway was the daughter of Genesis Technology's CEO, Rachel Allen. As usual she was wearing one of her suits designed to show off her figure and throw everyone off right before she wrecked them. "Oh uh...Miss Allen. What a pleasant surprise. What...brings you here today?" Frank stood timidly beside the door, careful not to take any peeks in your direction.

Rachel Allen: It was good being the boss's daughter. I could go anywhere I wanted and do anything to anyone and nobody would dare say no to me. Casually strutting through the halls of the Genesis Technologies lab wearing a tight-fitting suit that was cut specifically to show off my awesome chest and ass, I picked a lab at random to 'inspect'. It was time to a have a little fun with some of the lesser people. I could feel the gaze of all the nerdy scientists on me as I walked in. They knew they'd be fired for sexual harassment if I actually caught any of them looking, and that just made dressing up this way even more exciting for me. One of the lab monkeys addressed me. I wasn't sure if we'd spoken before, and I didn't even bother looking to read his name tag to pretend I cared who he was. "I'm here to look at your latest project. I've been through your records and I want to see what you're wasting our R&D budget on down here."

Alistair Hart: "Oh uh...well...I..." Any argument I tried to come up with died in my throat. Resigning myself to my fate I turned back to my device and started to reconnect everything. "For the past six months I've been working on one of the applications of quantum entanglement, specifically the transfer of matter between two points via energy over large distances. Applications include a severe reduction in transportation costs and improvement in distribution networks across the globe. It's still in the development stage but is nearly ready for its first test. Once I had finished hooking the machine back up to the computers I turned back to you. I was hoping my highly technical explanation would bore you enough to search our other prey but you locked eyes with me and made it clear you had no intention of letting me off that easy. I turned back to the machine and aimed it at a nearby block of iron sitting on a table. "Normally this system would consist of two devices, one to transmit the object and another to receive. Unfortunately I only have the one so it will have to hold the stored energy then send it back out." I sat down at the workstation and began to charge up the device. "Miss Allen I want to stress again the device isn't ready for testing and I cannot guarantee it'll work." The computer read the device was ready but I didn't activate it yet in hopes I didn't have to.

Rachel Allen: I watched the little twerp hook his machine back up, the other scientists in the room all but forgotten. I could tell by his body language he was afraid, and he should be. I knew I had a reputation for ruining promising research projects to invest their money in whatever personal project I had in mind. This time it was in a penthouse apartment in LA. It would be far better spent there then on whatever this thing was supposed to do. I was snapped out of my thoughts be the man's words, and blatantly rolled my eyes. "We'll see. Just activate it already."

Alistair Hart: I quickly activated the device. Nothing happened. I hit the button again and again nothing happened. Standing up I made my way over to the circuits and started checking everything. While I was busy I failed to notice the charge for the device was still increasing. I finally found the problem, a partially disconnected wire. I hastily reconnected it and made my way back to the computer, all to the tune of your tapping high heels. I pressed the button and this time was greeted to the sound of the device preparing to fire. The beam shot out from the device and struck the block of iron. After a few moments it had completely vanished. I was about to begin the process to return the block to matter when the increased energy caused the device to shift and aim at you just as it fired. I watched in horror as the device emptied into you, knocking you to the ground. As the device powered down I rushed from the terminal help you up. "Miss Allen I am so sorry! I promise you the device can work I-" I tried to pick you up but as I put my arms under you I felt like I was lifting a large block of iron. I heard you moan slightly. "Miss Allen are you okay?"

Rachel Allen: I tapped my foot impatiently as I watched the man work, paying close attention to the sequence he pressed on the controls. It might be fun to toy around with this thing later. When the machine failed to do anything, I let out an audible sigh of annoyance and watched as the highly-paid scientist scrambled desperately looking for the problem while I watched, pretending to be uninterested. When he finally found the problem and pressed the device again, I was almost surprised when a beam of energy shot out and dematerialized the block of metal that was set up in the testing area. I took a few steps closer to the machine, and that proved to be a mistake as the beam suddenly powered up again. As it hit me, the world went white, and I woke up on the floor. I was dazed, but I realized I was moaning. Sensation returned to me a few moments later, and I realized I felt good. Better than good, really. I ignored the feeble attempts of the scientist to help and picked myself up, brushing my clothes and standing to my full height. Looking down at the man, I put on my most severe frown and put my hands on my hips. "What happened?"

Alistair Hart: I quickly scrambled back to my feet and turned back to the machine, eager to find a clue to what happened. "The uh...device experienced an overload that...caused it to...misfire..." I cringed inwardly as I said the words, knowing I was sealing my own fate. By the end of the day I'd be out of a job and most likely facing charges. I made my way to the computer and looked over the data. My face paled. "The...the iron the device absorbed isn't...stored any more... When it hit you it must have released the stored energy into you as modifier. By all intents and're body is stronger and denser. Miss Allen I promise you if you give me some time I can find a way to remove the iron from your body and return you to normal." I finally looked back at you and was a little shocked and concerned that you seemed...happy.

Rachel Allen: I listened to the man's words, my mind running wild with possibilities. "Increased density..." I took a few steps toward a nearby table and grabbed a piece of iron stock around a foot long and 3 inches thick. It was far lighter than it should have been. I casually threw it as hard as I could against a wall, and I was stunned to see it embed itself a few inches in the wall. "...Matter transference, hmm?" I turned back to the scientist and grinned. "Well, before you take it out of me, you had better test that thing on someone else. I won't have it used on me until I know it's safe. Test it on one of the other la- esteemed scientists first. Or more than one."

Alistair Hart: "But that-" I swallowed my words as my brain caught up with the fact that you just threw a stick of iron like it was nothing. "I'll...fix the machine right away and...test it on myself." Right away I started double checking every square inch of the device and fixing any potential defects. The process lasted longer that I expected but you stayed in the lab the entire time, either watching me scramble like a rat or playing with your new strength. Once I was sure the device worked I spoke up. "It's fixed." I activated the device to charge then stood in front of the laser. "When the device is ready the machine will fire and drain me of a portion of my body. Once it's done you can activate the device again and it'll return the energy to me. I can write a small program to identify the iron in your body and remove it afterwards Miss Allen." I gulped one more time and nodded my head. "Ready when you are. The device fired and I groaned in discomfort as I felt my body shrivel. My 6'1" body shrank in height until I was a foot shorter...and 3" shorter than you. I felt my limbs grow thinner and my mind grew foggy. I even felt a growing space between my legs. Finally the beam ended and I waited for my stolen body to be returned to me...except nothing ever happened. "Miss Allen?"

Rachel Allen: I amused myself playing with my newfound strength as I walked around the lab. My strength had increased significantly, and my skin really did seem to be as hard as iron. I half payed attention to the scientist as he fixed the machine, then moved over to watch him drain himself. I worked hard to suppress the elation I felt as I watched everything about him diminish, his clothes growing baggy as his arms and legs shrank. I briefly wondered what other attributes he might be losing... humming to myself, I walked over to the machine and turned the emitter toward myself, and pressed the button to activate the machine and add his attributes to my own. Even before the beam hit me, I knew I would be doing this again. Many times. I deserved to be bigger, stronger, smarter, and just plain better than everyone.

Alistair Hart: My addled brain pulled itself together enough to realize what was happening. I watched as the beam struck you and listened as you moaned out in pleasure as my drained being was added to your own. Your body quickly added the drained foot in height and rose you to an to a little taller than my old height thanks to your heels. My stolen mass distributed itself across your body in all the right places. Your arms and legs grew slightly with muscle while your breasts and ass expanded like balloons. The moaning was joined by the sound of tearing fabric as your already tight suit began to split at the seams against the all expanding flesh. As the beam faded you opened your eyes and looked at me hungrily and the gleam of my stolen mind could be seen. "Miss Allen...What have you done?" I slowly walked over to you on weakened legs and looked up at you. It was an imposing sight having your barely contained breasts sitting eye level with my face. "Miss Allen...please...please give me my body back!" I tried to stand up to you but just as I was fearful of you before I was terrified of you now."

Rachel Allen: This time as the beam struck me I was aware of every delicious second. Power filled every fiber of my being as my height and strength increased. My vision seemed sharper along with my other senses. The workings of the machine in front of me now seemed like child's play. Everything about me was greater. I let out a rich, throaty laugh as the beam stopped, drowning out the pathetic mewlings of the man who had made this all possible. I casually threw him to the floor with one arm and tore off my suit top, taking a good look at my new, more athletic core and expanded breasts. "Oh, YES! This is wonderful..." I glanced over at the scientist. "Touch the machine and I'll snap your neck. What's your name?"

Alistair Hart: I groaned as my body slid across the floor for a moment before coming to a stop. As I opened my eyes my attention was drawn to your now free breasts. It wasn't until you began walking towards me that I snapped out of it and quickly responded. "Alis...Alistair Hart..." I couldn't help but cower as you stood over me, a towering image of power, your face framed by your breasts and supported by your cobblestone six pack. You casually flexed an arm and I watched as a large bicep rose on command. My mind was torn between overwhelming fear and intense arousal.

Rachel Allen: I grinned down at you, my hands tracing their way all up and down my torso, feeling my breasts and abs as I towered over you. "I bet you never expected your little gizmo would have this effect on me. What a pathetic little spec you are. You're weaker than I was when I came in here." I leaned over and pulled the metal stock out of the wall, dropping it in front of you. "If you can pick that up over your head and hold it there for three seconds, I'll give you your body back. Otherwise..." I grinned again, then walked over to the door to take a peek at the hallway and see if any other people were around to drain. After all, one man's attributes were good, but more would be better...

Alistair Hart: I struggled to my feet. It was an agonizing ten seconds until I was somewhat comfortably leaning against a desk for support. I leaned down and wrapped my fingers around the iron bar, putting all my might into lifting it up. The fact I was at least able to pull it from the ground was good but it quickly became clear there was no way I was going to pick it up, let alone lift it over my head. My struggling was music to your ears as you watched for new prey. Most of the scientists were getting ready to pack up and leave for the day and most were giving this area of the floor a wide berth thanks to work of your presence. Finally luck paid of as a pair of scientists, Amy and Bob, walked by close enough for you to quickly reach out, grab them both, and effortlessly drag them in before anyone could see or hear them. The fact that each lab was soundproof meant that there was nobody coming to their rescue. Amy and Bob both began to freak out and struggle fruitlessly against your increased strength, though Bob's efforts quickly gave way to the sight of your larger than life breasts in his face. His pants quickly tented and you could tell the fabric was holding in a lot.

Rachel Allen: I chuckled to myself as I dragged the two hapless scientists into the room and tied their hands and feet with some spare electrical wire. I looked over each of them, practically salivating at all the potential I was about to make my own. Then I turned to look back at you, and let out a short laugh. "Couldn't do it, hmm?" I bent down and picked up the piece of iron casually with one hand, took it in both, and bent it into a V shape before letting it fall back to the ground. "Well, that's too bad. I guess I'll be keeping your body." I walked over to my two captives and hefted them both up, dragging them over in front of the laser. I groped the woman's chest a bit and put a hand on the man's package to feel what was between his legs. "Hey, here's an idea. I'll let you watch as I drain everybody in this building. How's that sound?" Walking back over to the machine, I hit a few buttons to increase the power. I would drain every drop I could from these peons and make myself that much more powerful. Laughing, I hit the switch and watched both of them deflate, eager to add more to myself.

Alistair Hart: Amy and Bob screamed in agony as the beam drained each other them completely dry. Once the beam had faded all that was left was two lifeless husks. I didn't have any time to process what had just happened as you turned the beam back on yourself and began growing once more. The entire room was filled with the sound of you moaning loudly as your entire body was rebuilt into something beyond human. The remainder of your clothing was quickly shredded as your rocketed up to 8'6" and beyond. The ceiling forced you to kneel for a moment as you continued to grow. Your arms and legs expanded even more with raw energy and your abs continued to sharpen and add more blocks to your collection, now a beyond bulletproof eight pack. Your ass similarly inflated into even more perfect spheres while your breasts lifted up in defiance of gravity and became the size of small beanbags. I could also see something strange form between your legs. As the growth continued the bulge grew out longer and thicker until a cock nearly three feet long and half a foot think hung between your legs, accompanied by two grapefruit sized balls. As the beam faded your eyes visibly shone with the captured intellect and if felt as if you were actually looking through me. Even in the few moments you were compressed in the confines of the lab your body eclipsed anyone else I knew, most likely towering to 10' or more. I instinctively began backing away from you until I was trapped in a corner but regardless my body continued to try and run away. That was until you grinned at my hungrily and I felt the room fill with a pleasant smell that removed all thoughts of escape.

Rachel Allen: The transfer of power felt 10 times better than the last had. My very essence was magnified with the full lifeforce of two healthy adult humans, making me far, far greater than any ordinary mortal. Every attribute I possessed was well beyond ordinary human limitations, from my height to my strength to the size of my cock, and to more esoteric things as well. My senses were great enough that I could hear your heartbeat loudly even from several feet away. I watched as your heart rate increased and smiled at the obvious signs of your arousal. Taking a few steps closer to you, I looked down at you. "Are you afraid, little boy? You should be..." With a casual motion I shredded your clothing, leaving you completely naked before my massive form. I smirked at the tiny thing between your legs, glancing down at my own thick, throbbing cock. "I've fully drained two people and I'm already this powerful. Just imagine what I'll be like when I've drained ten. Or a hundred."

Alistair Hart: The power of your pheromones flooding my body combined with the thought of you growing even more caused my dick to harden instantly. Of course at my new size it was only a measly couple of inches and still failed to hold a candle to the python between your legs. You laughed at the weakness of my body until you looked at the doors. Your pheromones had drifted enough out of the lab to start pulling other people towards you. The closer they got the more enthralled they became. Soon a line was formed outside the lab of nearly mindless workers, trapped by the power emanating from your body. The sight of so many sources of growth caused your cock to begin growing. All you had to do was watch as two workers stood in front of the machine and waited for you to drain them. The screams of them wasn't enough to break the spell on any of the others. Soon everyone on the floor had been turned into energy sitting inside the device. Almost all ninety workers were raw energy waiting for you.

Rachel Allen: I watched as the procession of people walked in front of the beam only to be drained into lifeless husks, slowly stroking the thick, throbbing shaft of meat between my legs. White fluid dripped from the tip onto the floor in copious amounts as I idly pleasured myself thinking about how powerful I was about to become. I occasionally spared you a glance, if only to laugh at how pathetic you were, aroused by my incredible body. Finally I stepped back in front of the machine and prepared to activate it, my supercharged heart racing. "I'm going to be a goddess when I activate this again. I will be more powerful than you can possibly comprehend. You're the last one who can possibly stop me, Alistair. You'll never do it, though. You want me to become a goddess, don't you? Watch, then, as I ascend my mortality." I activated the beam again and took those 90 souls into my own.

Alistair Hart: The device was filled to the brim and beyond with all the drained energy and as you activated the device it began to buckle wildly. Even in your new evolved form a hint of fear briefly played across your face at the unexpected turn of events. Finally the buildup was too much and the device exploded, bathing everything in light. Before my senses were overloaded I heard the sound of your laughter grow louder and louder. Outside the Genesis Technology building all was normal before the entire city block exploded in light. Onlookers everywhere watched in horror the building fell apart. Soon the sound of falling rubble was replaced with melodious laughter. From the smoke and ruin rose a woman larger than anything ever seen. Golden blonde hair cascaded down her frame and around gravity defying breasts the size of small buildings. Every square inch of your body was covered in impenetrable muscle and overflowing with raw undeniable power. Your eyes shone like miniature suns with tinges of otherworldly energy swirling inside. Hanging between your legs was a solid pillar of meat that throbbed relentlessly. As the air quieted nobody moved. They only watched as you stood unmoving, basking in your new status as a goddess. I eventually awoke at the base of your feet, somehow spared the by the destruction. As I looked up at your titanic form I reached out a hand and could barely speak the word "Goddess."

Rachel Allen: I looked around at my domain, my massive, overpowering body towering over the city. Without looking, I could see you at my feet, hear your whisper clear as day despite the distance. I could see everything now. All the people in the city. Everything for miles around, even behind me. I could hear their thoughts as they gazed up at their new goddess, and I grinned. Finally I opened my mouth to speak, my melodious voice both sweet and terrible, carrying divine authority with it. "Worship me." The command echoed for miles around, and I reinforced it with a silent telepathic command. All would know the identity of their goddess. I rose to my feet, my staggering height as tall as a skyscraper, and laughed. I wrapped a hand around my cock and started to stroke its length, fondling a breast with my other hand. "Yes! Worship me, worship your goddess!" I could feel everyone around me, feel their very souls as they dropped to their knees to praise me. And already I desired more. This power was not nearly enough. Nothing would ever be enough for me.

Alistair Hart: Everyone that heard your voice was unable to resist. Man or woman they faced you and dropped to your knees, their very being devoted to praising you. I slowly worked my way to my knees and feebly wrapped a thin hand around my minute cock and began rubbing it in service to you. As you stroked your shaft it grew in length and thickness. Soon it was a towering beacon of your might. You stroked faster ad faster until with a loud boom you released untold gallons of your seed into the sky. As it traveled upward it spread our for miles in all directions before coming down across the city. You could hear the people shouting praises as they were coated. The worships began to quiet a little until you felt more energy enter you. Across the city every person touched by your cum was slowly being drained and their power being added to yours. Hundreds turned into thousands and as your power grew so too did your mental reach. Soon you could sense everything in the state and before long the entire country was known to you. You could feel the very fabric of reality sitting before you, ready to be unlocked. The though already made you hard again. Your body lifted up into the sky as your influence continued to grow. All the while I continued to fruitlessly attempt to cum in service to you.

Rachel Allen: I ascended into the sky, my massive form floating a half mile off the ground giving me a spectacular view of the landscape around me. My incredible senses could see, hear, and even feel everything for a thousand miles, and my mind was so incredibly powerful I could telepathically sense every living being on the planet. I was a goddess in truth, now. None would ever be able to resist my power, reality was practically at my whim. But seeing how powerful I had become only made me hunger to become even more. For if growing this strong had been pleasurable, surely growing far stronger would feel even better. I desired *more*. Spreading my hands, I reached out with my mind and grasped at the essence of every living thing on the planet. And seven billion human souls and countless other creatures answered the call. I could feel their potentials burning, just waiting to make me even greater than I already was. I could even feel yours, an ember barely worthy of note, but I still released you. I was saving you for last, after all. Grinning, I took all that power and forced it into myself. "Behold my ascension!"

Alistair Hart: The very earth shook as every living thing on the planet, save for me, was consumed instantly. cracks of light formed across your body as it struggled to contained the rapid influx. Despite this all your could do was moan in delight and stroke your cock rapidly. The cracks widened and grew until your entire form was bleeding light. Just before you exploded I finally came, a tiny puddle of cum no larger than a dollar. The resulting explosion broke the earth apart and sent the shattered pieces in every direction. I would have died if not for some force protecting me. I heard your laughter all around me but no matter where I looked I couldn't see you. Eventually your body began to reform itself out of nothing. In some barely lit corner of my mind I knew what had happened. You were no longer just a goddess but the Goddess. You lifted me up on the tip of your finger until I was directly in front of you. I continued to try and cum again for you but my entire body was spent. Compared to your raging inferno I was less than a speck of light and continued to grow smaller. One by one the stars blinked out of existence as you drained them and every planet in your path. you were not an unstoppable force of hunger, constantly consuming everything for eternity to drive your power to new heights. You grinned down at me and with a simple thought I was added to the infinite power you now contained. Earlier today you were just a simple arrogant girl. Now you were an arrogant goddess of unending destruction and consumption. Everything existed to feed you.



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