Power Juice


This is just a sample of the kinds of RPs I do with one of my favorite people on f-list, Omni Girl.  I've done a ton of stuff with her, but most of it gets pretty repetitive and falls along the same lines as this story.  Like everything I've done with her, it escalates...quickly.


UberGirl: Kaylee Hines trudged wearily into the kitchen. As a competitive athlete, she had to spend a ton of time in the gym, and sometimes that time was rather earlier in the morning she would have liked. And she refused to use caffeine to help herself wake up. Usually she just bulled through. The other day, though, she had found a new brand of energy drink on sale at the store, which claimed to have no caffeine, no sugar, and no chemicals banned by any sport. "Power Juice", it was called, and its only listed ingredient was... Power Juice. Odd, but it was in the store and her competitive season was several months away, so she figured she'd try one and then get a drug test to make sure it was okay. She took one of the dozen cans from the fridge, popped the top, and took a careful sip.

She knew right away that she wouldn't be needing that drug test. The Power Juice was literally out of this world. Just that single sip had granted her supernatural power so vast that it was literally beyond her imagination.

The omnipotent ubergoddess Kaylee smiled. With the merest thought, she consumed all of the remaining Power Juice. Each minuscule droplet infinitely amplified her already infinite power. Only her own omnipotent desire allowed the cosmos around her to continue to exist. Kaylee had plans for the cosmos.

First, she'd introduce her new self to her girlfriend.

Emma was still asleep... until Kaylee allowed her PRESENCE to touch Emma's subconscious mind. She grinned as Emma snapped awake....

Rachel Allen: Emma was dreaming a pleasant dream about her girlfriend Kaylee. The two lovers had been together for a little over a year now and Emma was pretty close to proposing. They were perfect for each other. Emma loved Kaylee's muscles - she was into strong chicks, and Kaylee was in great shape. And she knew Kaylee loved her just as much. Suddenly, her dreams were blown away like smoke in a wind storm, replaced with...something. A sense of foreboding, of absolute, undeniable power. Her eyes snapped awake, her heart pounding. But not with fear. Her nipples were stiff, her face red, her pussy drenched. Whatever this...presence was, it turned her on like crazy. Breathing hard, she stumbled out of the girls' shared room, drawn toward whatever was making her feel this way. As she walked into the kitchen, her eyes beheld a sight beyond comprehension. She dropped to her knees, her body wracked with orgasm after orgasm just from the sight of this uber-being.

UberGirl: Kaylee smiled as the merest glimpse of her divinity drove Emma far beyond crazy with lust. Any other mortal would literally have died almost instantly from such intense arousal; Emma survived because and only because Kaylee wanted her to survive. She let her lover enjoy her raging ubergasm for several minutes--which felt like eternities for the blessed mortal--before her will gave Emma an ultimate climax and then let her quickly recover her energy, wits, and self-control.

Rachel Allen: Emma moaned softly, breathing heavily as she recovered from her ubergasm. Just one second of pleasure had been more intense than the entire world's population cumming at once. It should have killed her, or at least fried her brain beyond repair, but Kaylee's supreme, absolute will prevented any harm from coming to her. There was just the memory of infinite bliss that seemed to stretch out for eternity, finished up with a burst of pleasure so mind-boggling she couldn't even process it. Every fiber of her being was filled with love for Kaylee, now. After such intense pleasure, she couldn't feel any other way. Slowly, she crawled toward her girlfriend, finally picking herself up as she recovered, and finally got a good look at what the girl had become.

UberGirl: Even with her PRESENCE set to zero, Kaylee was still so spectacular that Emma almost orgasmed again. The five-foot-nothing blue-eyed blonde was flawlessly, perfectly, unsurpassably beautiful... and that was only her second-most-prominent feature. Above all, Kaylee was uber-buff: awesomely, overwhelmingly, incredibly, almost impossibly muscular. She and Emma both had always found female muscle attractive, and Kaylee had long considered taking up bodybuilding after her gymnastics career ended. Now she no longer had to wait--and nor, of course, was her physique bound by any mortal constraints. The ultimate goddess possessed ultimate muscle, packed ultimately densely into her still-five-foot-nothing frame.

Rachel Allen: Emma let out a soft moan, almost falling to her knees again. Her girlfriend - this GODDESS who looked like her girlfriend - was impossibly beautiful. And she was clearly so strong...even if she wasn't obviously omnipotent, she would have been the strongest person on Earth. As it was, Emma couldn't even begin to fathom her power. She took a step forward, shaking a bit. "Kay...? Wh-what happened? You look...incredible..."

UberGirl: "Thanks," said Kaylee. She hadn't intended to use her VOICE, but she hadn't wanted not to, either, so enough power leaked out to give Emma another screaming orgasm. Thereafter Kaylee spoke in merely mortal (though insuperably beautiful) tones. She laughed and explained, "Isn't it obvious? I've become omnipotent."

Rachel Allen: Emma slowly picked herself up, her mind-shattering orgasm driving her to collapse on the floor again, and she looked at the vision before her with a smile. "Goddess...you're a goddess...no, more than that...a GODDESS." She couldn't stop herself...she moved forward, her hands reaching out to tough the other girl's bulging muscle. Just getting close to her was like being close to a star, it filled her with warmth and pleasure, but the feeling started to get painful as she approached and she was forced to pull back. She knew she could destroy herself if she tried to get much closer. "Kaylee...I love you...you're so powerful..."

UberGirl: "I love you too, Em. More than ever, because I know you completely now. I'll even let you touch me safely--try again now." This time Emma would feel not pain but pleasure, increasing exponentially as her hand neared Kaylee's divine flesh.

Rachel Allen: Emma didn't hesitate to wrap her arms around her girlfriend's impossibly buff body, moaning as she did so. "Oh GODDESS, I love you so much!" She maintained the hug as long as she could - only a few seconds - and stumbled backward, panting. Her shorts were a mess, she'd cum so many times she should have been dead, but for some reason she felt better than ever. She smiled. "Thank you, GODDESS Kaylee."

UberGirl: Kaylee smiled lovingly. "You're welcome, LOVER Emma." Without conscious intent, her emphasis became VOICE, with the usual effect on Emma. She laughed and willed Emma's soaked clothes and body clean. "Now would you like to see what my presence can do to people I *don't* love?"

Rachel Allen: Emma panted, recovering from her latest round of uber-orgasms. "Every moment is bliss with you, GODDESS." She smiled. "I guess...now that you're all-powerful, I want to see what you do with it...you're so wonderful, whatever you do will just make me love you even more."

UberGirl: Kaylee smiled, knowing that that was literally true. "Come, then."

Suddenly, instantly, the GODDESS and her lover were standing on the sidewalk outside their building. Kaylee had wanted them to be outside, so they were. It was still barely light out, so only a few other people were outside--exactly three that Emma could see. All three, at even the most distant glimpse of Kaylee, were immediately so overcome by desire for her that they not only orgasmed, screaming, but also literally burst into flames. Fortunately for them, their hearts gave out before they felt any pain. The supernatural flames only consumed their corpses.

Rachel Allen: Emma couldn't help herself. One hand fondled one of her breasts while the other was inside her shorts. She orgasmed just from that small display of Kaylee's power, from the knowledge that she was too irresistably awesome for anyone else to even look at. "Oh, GODDESS...my Kayle...GODDESS...GODDESS..." She was completely overwhelmed by thoughts of love and worship.

UberGirl: Even Kaylee herself was turned on by the thought of her own power. Her arousal only made her more powerful, launching an endless cycle of empowerment and ecstasy. Everything around her became sizzling hot. (Save Emma, of course: nothing at all could harm Emma now; Kaylee's love made her as invulnerable as Kaylee herself.) The sidewalk began to melt. The car parked nearby began to melt. The car exploded, showering Kaylee and Emma with shrapnel that caused them not the slightest harm or bother. The molten sidewalk began to vaporize, and more distant cars began to melt and explode.

Rachel Allen: Emma laughed as her GODDESS began to destroy the surrounding area, buildings bursting into flames, sidewalk and asphalt melting into molten slag. "These mortal constructs are no match for you, GODDESS. Nothing is." Despite standing ankle-deep in lava, Emma wasn't disturbed at all. If anything, it felt good. "So...this is what it's like to be invulnerable?" She smiled and gave Kaylee the slightest kiss on the lips, triggering another ubergasm in herself. "You're so thoughtful, my love."

UberGirl: Kaylee smiled and willed her power to increase even more. A nova of heat erupted from her body, disintegrating everything for half a mile around her, leaving herself and Emma floating in the air above a humongous perfectly hemispherical crater. Beyond, the city began to burn for miles around.

UberGirl: Kaylee looked bored. "Mass destruction is too easy," she said. "Holding my power in is effortless, of course, but letting it radiate is even easier. All I have to do is relax, and...." She doesn't finish the sentence. The eruption of power more than enough punctuation. When Emma's eyes clear after the flash, there's nothing left except herself and Kaylee. Not a single star, not even a faint distant galaxy. Kaylee's power has annihilated the entire visible universe, and maybe more.

Rachel Allen: Emma looked around in awe, the two of them standing in an inky black void, devoid of even the smallest spec of matter other than the two of them. "You really are all-powerful..." She smiled. "Honestly, all this destruction is really turning me on...just seeing how incomprehensibly wonderful my loving girlfriend GODDESS is..."

UberGirl: Kaylee smiles. She allows another ultranova to radiate from her body, and the universe is immediately restored. The GODDESS and her lover are standing again outside the entrance to their apartment building. The same three passersby who died earlier are alive again. This time the sight of Kaylee doesn't kill them; it merely blows their minds, leaving them literally drooling where they stand.

Rachel Allen: Emma looked around again in shock, as just like that Kaylee had restored existence to its previous state. With a grin, she wrapped her arms around the muscular ubergoddess and gave her a passionate kiss, her body exploding in pleasure from the sensation of being that close to perfection. "I love you! I love you!" She repeated that mantra for a solid minute before finally letting go, panting heavily. She let out a sigh, and then smiled. "These displays of power get me so hot, love...I don't know what it is, just seeing you do...anything, getting a glimpse of what you're capable of...So, what happens now?"

UberGirl: She grins. "Now I destroy it all over again, of course. Just not as quickly." She looks at the nearest car and emits bright red laser beams from her eyes, so narrow Emma can barely see them. The rays pierce straight into the car's gas tank and the car explodes. Several more cars meet the same fate, and then Kaylee uses her eyebeams to slice through the base of a tall tree down the block, causing the tree to topple onto the three-story house beside it.

Rachel Allen: Emma giggled as she watched her girlfriend destroy several vehicles with just a stare. "I don't even care about anyone else anymore...what do mortals matter next to a GODDESS? So if you want to destroy everything, then that's what you should do." She smiled. "Look at all the people run away. They don't know how powerful the GODDESS truly is...don't understand that their existences could end within an instant if she willed it...and that GODDESS is my girlfriend."

UberGirl: Kaylee happily continues to blow up cars and cut down trees and set houses aflame and vaporize fleeing mortals, all with no more effort than the merest glance. Soon, Emma hears sirens as firefighters and police race to the scene.

"What do you think, love, should I let my little playthings try to fight me before I kill them?"

Emma smiled. "I want to watch you take them apart, sweetie. Let them see just how indestructible you really are." She wasn't worried about getting caught in the crossfire. She doubted Kaylee would even allow a bullet to get near her, much less actually hurt her.

UberGirl: Normally, the police would have tried to negotiate before resorting to force. Kaylee didn't want to bother with that, so as the first officers reached the scene and emerged from their cars, they opened fire right away. For a while Kaylee just ignored them, letting Emma watch the bullets spatter harmlessly against her aura--they never even reached her body--while she continued to wreak havoc. The fire crews took priority, lest they extinguish any of her work. Men ceased to exist at the merest touch of Kaylee's vermillion gaze; the big sturdy fire trucks melted in seconds. Then Kaylee took on the police. She exploded their cars, showering the men with deadly shrapnel, and then picked off the survivors one by one. All without moving from where she stood. All with merely her eyes.

Rachel Allen: Emma laughed. "Mortal weapons can't harm a GODDESS! What a bunch of idiots. They practically deserve the fate you're giving them." She smiled and moved in front of Kaylee, knowing her deadly gaze would do her no harm as long as the GODDESS willed it so. She reached down, fingers slipping into the GODDESS's divine, muscular pussy, gently teasing her invulnerable folds like she had done a hundred times before, when Kaylee was still mortal. Pleasuring her lover was better than sex...just touching her was incredible. She moaned. "Everything in existence is so lucky you allow them to exist, GODDESS!"

UberGirl: Indeed, Kaylee's eyebeams simply passed through Emma as if she weren't in the way. The incoming bullets, on the other hand, deflected away from her before they touched her, as Kaylee allowed her aura to encompass to her lover as well.

"They're lucky when I destroy them, too," Kaylee replied. She rewarded her lover's pleasant fondling by releasing a tiny burst of uber-pheromones.

Rachel Allen: Everyone for miles around instantly collapsed in the throes of ecstasy, Emma included. That tiny burst of Kaylee's pheromones was enough to drive anyone insane. Emma only kept her sanity through Kaylee's divine will, and she knew it, and that made her fall even more madly in love with her girlfriend.

The rest of the cops, and everyone within the city, and people for dozens of miles around that, collapsed to the ground, drooling, their minds literally blown by the slightest whiff of Kaylee's scent.

UberGirl: The cockpits of fighter jets are sealed and pressurized, of course, so no outside air can enter them. That didn't stop Kaylee's pheromones. The first wave of jets were within the area she had intended to affect; therefore their pilots were affected. Cum stained their flight suits and drool began to collect in their air masks, and their aircraft flew out of control across the sky. Kaylee cheerfully picked them off one by one, her eyebeams detonating fuel and munitions all at once in huge bursts of multicolored flames.

The next wave of jets she allowed to attack. Again her aura shielded her own body and Emma's from even the slightest contact, let alone harm. Rockets, missiles, bombs, and finally high-caliber bullets all were spent in utter futility, their intended mission rendered impossible by Kaylee's overwhelming omnipotent power.

Rachel Allen: Emma continued to finger her girlfriend with one hand, massaging her muscled chest with the other, laughing as explosions went off all around them but didn't bother either of them in the slightest. "When will they learn? Probably not until after you've killed them all."

UberGirl: "Yeah," said Kaylee, as she continued to destroy the warplanes one by one. "The real question is how many times I'll feel like killing them before I let them stay dead."

Rachel Allen: Emma smiled. "You can just bring them back and destroy them again instantly, can't you? An infinite number of times if you want...I wouldn't think mortals would be important enough to bother with more than once, though. Unless you like killing them. Mmm...why not start destroying bigger things?"

UberGirl: "Anything for you, my love. Any special requests?"

Rachel Allen: "I wanna see you really go wild...destroy an entire city. And the surrounding countryside! And then more!"

UberGirl: Suddenly the two girls rose into the air at incredible speed. By the time Emma blinked they were miles above the burning city. Even so, Emma felt as if she were standing on solid ground.

Kaylee looked down and unleashed her eyebeams yet again--but now they were not narrow rays but wide-spreading cones. By the time the beams reached the ground they were several miles wide, and still hot enough to turn everything they touched instantly to vapor and fine ash. Kaylee played the beams across the surface, and then she and Emma began to move again, as if carried by an invisible platform. "How's this?" the GODDESS asked, as hundreds of square miles per second were rendered blank and lifeless by the power of her gaze.

Rachel Allen: Emma chuckled. "They're like insects from up here! Just insignificant specs to be destroyed by your whim, GODDESS~." Her hands ran over Kaylee's flesh. "Your muscles are so dense and powerful...I bet you could shatter this planet in half with your pinky. Mmm..."

The military response was escalating, and soon nukes were flying at the two girls.

UberGirl: Kaylee allowed the nukes to approach her and detonate, so that Emma could admire the explosions from within.

"My pinkie?" She held up her right hand, her littlest finger extended upward. "Let's see." She twitched that finger, just enough for Emma to see the movement clearly. With a roar so loud that it alone killed every mortal left on Earth, the planet did not just crack but shattered, into pieces so fine that even the specks of ash from Kaylee's eyebeams were sundered into thousands of bits. The exploding cloud of smithereens expanded with the force of a thousand hurricanes, washing over girl and GODDESS in a seemingly endless tide. Kaylee's aura kept Emma safe as always amid the storm.

Rachel Allen: Emma moaned at the casual display of power as Kaylee casually wiped out the planet. Her thoughts flashed back to how trivially Kaylee had annihilated the universe earlier, and the thought made her shudder with pleasure. She was addicted to Kaylee's GODDESS powers, addicted to her casual displays of omnipotence. "Mmm, show me more! Show me all of your infinite power! As much as I can stand to see!"

UberGirl: Kaylee smirked, and relaxed infinitesimally more.

Before, Emma had witnessed an ultranova. Now she witnessed a superdupermegahyperultranova.

Rachel Allen: There was no sense of self, no passage of time. Everything was gone - the universe, the multiverse, beyond...even the concepts of space and time, obliterated from reality by Kaylee's power. Nothing was left, not even her. And yet somehow, she could still exist, solely due to Kaylee's absolute, omnipotent will. She had no form, no senses, no perception of time, all she knew was that Kaylee was with her...as much as she could be "with" anyone without the concept of distance. Kaylee could still read her thoughts, of course, even though such a thing should have been impossible. And all Emma could think about was how amazing this GODDESS was, how absolutely, incomprehensibly powerful she was, how nothing deserved to exist except for her, how all of reality was just her plaything, how she wanted to see more and more of the GODDESS's power.

UberGirl: Whereupon Kaylee gave her lover the ultimate gift: not just eternal ecstasy, but eternal *ever-increasing* ecstasy. With each passing moment, she allowed Emma's consciousness to expand into higher and higher infinities of awareness, so that the girl--now a goddess, soon to be a Goddess and then a GODDESS and then more and more--could perceive infinitely more of Kaylee's beyond-infinite power. Emma would never be able to perceive even the slightest hint of Kaylee's true power--even if Kaylee's power had not itself been ever growing, even faster than Emma's awareness. But the one and only LOVER would know ever more hyper-infinite bliss, for eternity and beyond.

Rachel Allen: Emma screamed as her body reformed, her own will enough to recreate the laws of existence. A few moments later, she had recreated the cosmos, only to destroy them as her power infinitely increased. She recreated the cosmos again, and destroyed it again, and so on, an infinite number of times as her power continued to grow and swell, her body turning into a perfect sculpture of female beauty and muscle, reflecting the SUPREME GODDESS Kaylee, enough to blow the mind of any mortal but still a small fraction of her true beauty and power. "YES! THIS IS WHAT I'VE ALWAYS WANTED!" Her voice shattered reality yet again, and in an instant she had recreated it. Quintillions of statues of Kaylee covered the cosmos, as Emma had willed every sentient being in the galaxy to worship her lover, as she should be worshipped. Power continued to flow from her, destroying and then recreating everything over and over again, all the time Emma knowing that all of her infinite power was but a mere fraction of a drop in the ocean that was Kaylee's omnipotence, if that ocean was infinitely larger than all of existence. Each moment she came to a new realization of just how powerful Kaylee was, and that brought her infinitely more pleasure than the moment before. The only thing that kept her sane was her new GODDESS-hood, and the fact that she was now the second-most powerful being in existence.



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