• Student's Pets


    Student’s Pets

    (2021) (9,077 words)

    (Omnipotence, maledom, cuckolding, mind control, excessive come, various other stuff)


    The alarm rang. I groaned and clumsily flopped my arm over to turn it off.

    “Mmph,” came Norah’s voice from the pillow next to me. “No.”

  • Consequences


    Allura sat on the edge of a telekinetic platform staring at the ripples in the lake below her as she swung her toes through the water. The past few days had been wild and the quiet was nice. She probably had about twenty minutes before they found her.

  • And The Prom's Tomorrow!

    AN: An old story from around 2018 or so, moved here with very little editing in light of Pastebin's new NSFW bans. 

    Chloe needs a date to the prom, and she knows just the guy! But finding love isn't easy when you're an all powerful abomination of nature dangling the universe by your fingers. 


  • Letter from Sami


    Dear David,

    You’re probably wondering why you woke up alone this morning, instead of next to me. The short answer is that I am no longer the person who you fell for, and we should no longer associate with each other. Yes, that means I’m breaking up with you. I know this will be hard for you to take, but try not to feel bad about it. You were not a bad boyfriend, as far as boyfriends go.

  • Amaryllis' first victim


    Amaryllis is at the library surfing through the herb books. Glasses fall on the tip of her nose as she opens and quickly reads through everything, not getting the results she wants. *Darn it! I already know these things! I want something I'm not familiar with! My dick expansion needs to be perfect!* She curses in her mind.

  • Selfcest to Excess


    Starting college, a normal part of a lot of people's lives. Well it’s a bit less normal to be going to a world class college, especially having received a nearly unheard of perfect score on the entrance exam. Also less normal to be going to that college with your twin sister who did the same. It’s also not normal to have both sets of genitalia. Well yeah that kinda tears it nothing about me is normal, but it gets a lot more complicated than that.