And The Prom's Tomorrow!

AN: An old story from around 2018 or so, moved here with very little editing in light of Pastebin's new NSFW bans. 

Chloe needs a date to the prom, and she knows just the guy! But finding love isn't easy when you're an all powerful abomination of nature dangling the universe by your fingers. 



"If you do the right thing for the wrong reasons, the work becomes corrupted, impure, and ultimately self-destructive." Note: Extreme content. See Author's Note and content warnings inside. Read at your own risk.

5 Short Stories by Mr. GreyMan

Author's Note: It is unlikely that all of the following stories are of your taste. Yet--if you are reading this--I would strongly suspect some are. If you find yourself reading something you don't find enjoyable, my suggestion would be to simply stop and quickly move on to the next. Since--if you continue--the distaste will -likely- only grow. The delineation between the stories are clearly marked for this reason. If you start to grow uneasy with the images being called forth, just move on to the next story. Oh, and you do have my permission to write sequels or prequels to any one of these stories or to create other art inspired by them. In fact, I would be most appreciative if you did.