In the year 2019, a radioactive meteor crashed into the Pacific Ocean. Shortly thereafter, people started being born with superpowers. Not all people, only women, and not all women, only about three percent of them. It was always obvious when a girl was born with superpowers because all girls born with superpowers were also born with something else: a dick. Endowed with two sets of functioning genitalia, the world called these super-powered hermaphrodites “futanari” or “futas” for short.

The size of a futa’s penis corresponded to her level of power. A futa with even a one-inch penis would manifest an athletic ability comparable to that of an Olympic athlete, and an intellect that would humble most PHDs. For every added inch of length after five inches, a futa gained new abilities in addition to those already granted by smaller sizes:


Six inches: super strength

Seven Inches: damage resistance

Eight inches: super healing

Nine inches: super speed

Ten inches: flight

Eleven Inches: super senses (superior hearing, visual acuity, balance etc…)

Twelve inches: telekinesis

Thirteen Inches: energy beams

Fourteen inches: force fields

Fifteen inches: telepathy

Sixteen inches: teleportation

Seventeen inches and above: ??? (No recorded examples)


The intensity of a futa’s powers scaled exponentially with the total volume of her cock. A futa with a six inch penis might be able to effortlessly bench press five hundred pounds, whereas a futa with a ten inch penis could toss a city bus around with ease. Likewise a futa with a seven inch dick could probably shrug off the punch from a heavyweight boxer, but a futa with a twelve inch dick would shed artillery fire like water of a duck’s back.

The rules applied to flaccid and erect sizes as well. A futa with a flaccid size of six inches would manifest super strength, but if she had a nine inch erection, she would possess super speed for as long as she could stay hard.

The average erect penis size for futas was seven and a half inches.

How did the world respond to the sudden appearance of super-powered, nigh-indestructible supergeniuses? By getting out of their way of course.

Like they had a choice…



“Wow, Max, you totally blew away yesterday’s Nth-dimensional geometry exam!” exclaimed Katie, her eyes boggling at the outstanding score written across the top of Maxine’s test paper.

“1000%! I am moved to tears by your brilliance!” declared the teacher’s bold handwriting, accompanied by a whole sticker sheet’s worth of gold stars.

Maxine shrugged and tried to hide her beaming smile behind the door of her locker. “I spent all night studying for it, and I still had to invent a whole new discipline of mathematics to answer question four!”

“I was wondering why the Nobel Prize committee was here!” said Katie, fumbling with her locker combination.

Max rolled her eyes. “It’s actually just a Fields Medal,” she said, unhooking the heavy, solid gold medallion from around her neck and stowing it in her locker next to her advanced biochemistry textbook. It clinked against her Pulitzer and her Palme d’Or. “Besides, now that I think about it, that probably wasn’t the answer the teacher intended when he wrote the test…”

“Well it’s still pretty impressive!” said Katie, her enthusiasm unflagged. “I know us futas are supposed to be super-geniuses and all, but I don’t have a head for any of this stuff! Heck, I can’t even get my locker combo right!”

“It’s twenty three left,” Max offered, helpfully. “Besides, Everyone has their own strengths! You’re the most amazing poet I know! Your Ode to a Lost Leaf brought me to tears! So what if you can’t… map the surface of a twelve-dimensional cube to a nineteen dimensional Oberhart-VonErnst structure! You should really try publishing some of your work!”

Katie blushed. Now it was her turn to hide her face. Lucky she got her combo right in time.

“Aw, that stuff not for sharing,” she demurred, voice echoing slightly from inside her locker. “Besides you’re good at math and you’re a genius author! Didn’t the novel you wrote in fourth grade win a Newberry?”

Max blew a dismissive raspberry. “Winning a Newberry is easy; you just have to make the main character’s dog die at the end,” she said.

“I guess…” Katie was reluctant to let Maxine escape her admiration, but she knew the bashful supergenius didn’t know how to deal with praise.

“Come on, we’ve got the rest of the day off since Nth-Dimensional geometry is cancelled until they can integrate my equations into a teachable framework,” said Max, taking Katie’s hand. “Let’s grab pizza in town.”

“I dunno, I should probably stay behind and study for tomorrow’s Cantonese exam,” said Katie. “I still keep getting the tonal variations mixed up with Mandarin!”

“There’s an easy trick to it,” smiled Max. “I can teach you over pizza. Come on!”

Max’s hair rippled as if underwater and she lifted up off the ground, along with her backpack and jacket, which obediently tagged along behind her as she sailed off toward the main entrance.

“No flying in the halls!” barked the hall monitor.

“Sorry! Sorry!” Max’s tennies squeaked as she made a running landing on the linoleum and speedwalked the remaining thirty feet to the front doors, her backpack slipping itself over her shoulders. Katie waved cheerfully to the hall monitor as she followed her friend outside.

Katie shielded her eyes from the glare as she stepped out into the sunlight. She’d barely taken two steps before she felt herself yanked three feet to the right!

“Gah!” Katie yelled, almost falling over but finding herself steadied by a transparent cushion.

A half-second later, a pair of girls landed on the exact spot Katie had been standing.

“You okay?” asked Max, rushing over to unruffle her friend. “You almost got a sneaker to the face!”

Max adjusted her glasses. “Yeah I’m fine, thanks to your quick telekinesis.”

“Watch where you’re going, spaz!” Sneered one of the girls who’d almost landed on Katie.

“Why don’t you watch where you’re going, Tiffany!” Max shot back, leaning around Katie to make eye contact with the offending girl.

<<Or I’ll tell everyone it’s you who’s been slipping those creepy stalker notes into Ms. Hartwell’s desk!>>

Tiffany’s sneer vanished like a puff of smoke and her face went pale as a sheet. Maxine’s telepathic message had been spoken directly into Tiffany’s mind, so her friend hadn’t heard.

“Um, exqueeze me?” said the other girl, taking a step forward and brandishing a sassy finger.

“J-just forget it, Aven,” Tiffany stuttered, “We’re gonna be late.”

Without even a glance back at Maxine, Tiffany hurried her friend inside.

“I don’t even know why Maxine hangs out with that dweeb,” Maxine overheard Aven’s voice after the doors closed. Katie probably hadn’t heard, but Maxine wouldn’t be able to tell for sure without peeking into her mind, and that was a line Maxine was staunchly unwilling to cross.

It had been impossible for Max to totally resist using her telepathy to read people’s minds since acquiring the ability last month. She often caught herself doing it without even realizing, casually perusing the minds of her classmates, teachers and passersby on the street outside in moments of boredom as one might scroll through one’s smartphone to check social media. It was during one of those casual browsing sessions that she learned Tiffany’s secret. But whenever she caught herself looking into other people’s heads in this way, she immediately closed off her mind. It made her uncomfortable to learn someone else’s inmost thoughts and desires without their permission. To peek into the mind of her best friend seemed like a violation that was inappropriate in the extreme.

“They should know there’s a designated zone for takeoffs and landings,” said Max, huffily.

“Says the girl who was just told off for flying in the halls,” teased Katie.

“Yeah, well at least I know how to watch where I’m going. C’mon.” Max strode off in the direction of the launch area. A couple of other girls were already there. One of them, a short-but-curvaceous Indian girl with a long braid of ink black hair that extended to the small of her back, waved cordially at Max and Katie as they approached.

“Oi, Katie! Max! Good on you for getting us out of Nth-dimensional geometry for the rest of the month!” she yelled. Dezerea’s family had moved to America from the UK, so she spoke in a distinct Scottish accent.

“We’ll see if you’re still thanking me when you have to re-learn everything you know about hyperbolic topology next semester,” said Maxine, returning the warm smile.

“Hey, Dezerea,” said Katie.

“Well, if I keep growing at the rate I’ve been these past few weeks, by next semester I’ll be giving you a lesson in hyperspatial sphere mapping,” bragged Dezerea, reaching down to grab a handful of her lengthy cock through her sweatpants. The half turgid behemoth was nearly the length of her forearm and easily as thick.

“I don’t doubt it!” said Maxine, impressed. “Does this mean you finally broke fourteen?”

“Aye, fourteen and a half,” said Dez, proudly. “Only when I’m hard, though. It works out great when I’m tossing off because I can just put up a force field and I know I won’t be interrupted.”

“I just lock the door,” said Katie.

“Yeah but sometimes a lock isn’t enough when you want to really cut loose, right Max?” Dez winked.

Max played nonchalantly with her hair and pretended she hadn’t heard the question.

“C’mon, Dez!” a girl called impatiently.

“Keep your knickers on!” Dez yelled over her shoulder. She turned back to Max and Katie. “Jane and I are flying over to the mall to catch the Avatar remake. It’s supposed to look amazing. Wanna come with?”

Max looked tempted. She loved sci-fi, but she really wanted to spend some alone time with Katie…

“I forgot that was out today!” Katie piped up. She loved sci fi even more than Maxine did. Who do you think turned Max on to all the best stuff?

“Maybe next time. I’m sure you’ll want to see it again,” said Max, putting a hand on Katie’s shoulder.

Dezerea only missed half a beat before putting on her warm smile again. “You bet; Jamie Trompkins is a mega hunk! I’ll be seeing him again and again in my dreams tonight! Rawr! Later then!”

The shapely Indian girl jogged off to join her friend, kicking off mid step and meeting her in midair. Max and Katie watched them until they disappeared behind the treetops.

Katie elbowed Max.

“Ow! What was that for?” grumbled Max, rubbing the sore spot on her arm. Hypothetically, the megagenius futa could shrug off a direct hit from an Abrams tank, but for some reason human-level contact came through loud and clear. It probably helped that Katie had put a little of her own super strength into the elbow as well…

“You know I’ve been waiting to see Avatar!” accused Katie. “Why did you tell her no?”

I knowww. Sorry,” said Max, gritting her teeth awkwardly. “It’s just… I have something to show you and I can’t wait!”

“What? What is it?” asked Katie.

“Not here, come on!”

Max dropped down into a deep squat and in a blur of lightning speed, launched herself into the air with enough force to crack the asphalt beneath her (the launch area was dotted by several patches marking Max’s previous overeager takeoffs). In the blink of an eye she looked no bigger than a sesame seed vanishing into the cloud layer.

Katie grumbled and set her bag down on the ground while she thumbed open the buttons on her fly. Whipping out her cock, she started stroking furiously, glancing up impatiently at the patch of sky Maxine had occupied last.

“You coming?” Maxine called from a hundred feet overhead.

“Hold your horses! You know I have to get hard before I can fly!” Katie huffed, stroking harder.

Max descended until she was hovering just over Katie’s head, giving Katie an unobstructed view up the mega-hung futa’s skirt. The sight of Maxine’s swinging, salami-dwarfing cock and her pendulous, cantaloupe-sized balls was more than the visual stimulation Katie needed to get her hard as a rock. She rose up into the air without meaning to and had to twist awkwardly to scoop up her bag before floating up until she was level with Max.

“You finally ready? Let’s go!” urged Max, aiming herself in the direction of town and arcing off like an arrow shot from a bow.

Keeping one hand on her dick, Katie sailed off after her.

“Slow down!” Katie called. The rushing wind filled her cheeks and made her eyes water.

“Come on, slowpoke!” Max teased, dropping back until she was level with Katie and doing lazy loop de loops around her.

“I swear you’re getting faster,” puffed Katie.

Max laughed manically by way of answer and rocketed forward once again. Far ahead, Katie saw a puff of white followed by the time-delayed shockwave of a sonic boom as her friend passed into Mach-scale speeds and soared up into the Jetstream.

“Showoff,” said Katie when Max came back around.

“I gotta do something to keep amused while I wait for you to catch up,” said Max, lazily drifting on her back with one leg crossed casually over the other, her lenghy cock flapped beneath her like a fat, olive-brown tail. Maxine’s half-Mexican heritage granted her a permanent deep tan, but her cock had always been several shades darker than the rest of her body.

Katie could have flown faster, but the chilly, high speed winds were a real boner-killer, and she had to stay hard if she wanted to stay aloft. It took a lot of concentration to keep herself on the edge. If she let herself ejaculate she’d gain a burst of speed, but only in the downward direction.

Max was snapped out of her lazy flight posture by the sight of a sudden commotion down below.

“Uh oh, looks like trouble brewing,” said Max.

“Just let the authorities handle it!” yelled Katie, exasperatedly, but her words were drowned out by the sudden roar of Max’s sonic boom as she shot down toward the town below.



The sudden appearance of futanari wasn’t the only change the meteor had brought to Earth. Along with superpowered dickgirls, the meteor’s radiation sometimes caused people or animals to spontaneously mutate into dangerous monsters. No pattern had yet been established for what caused certain animals to grow to giant-sized savage killing machines, but in the case of humans, the mutations seemed to be linked to strong, sustained negative emotions and the will to do harm.

Luckily, monster attacks were relatively rare. This was the first one to hit San Futas in almost a year.

The Monster Control Squad was already on the scene. The neighborhood had been cordoned off and news vans were swarming all around, pressing as close to the police tape as possible.

Janet Blaze, award-winning futa reporter was first on the scene. Her expertly coiffured brown hair blowing lightly in the wind.

“Just fifteen minutes ago a dangerous monster exploded out of the suburban home you see behind me, wreaking terror and devastation in its wake. Experts assess based on its intelligent behavior that the monster is a human who has succumbed to mutation. Monster Control Squad first responders are already on the scene and as you can see—” Janet’s audio dissolved in a hash of static as the wind from and explosion nearly bowled her over. Behind her, the tiny figures of the MCS flitted and dove around the monster’s head, peppering it with energy beams.

“Lead him over here!” called Hawk, gesturing to her team to herd the monster into her line of fire.

“Beams out!” shouted Ace. Twin beams of blue energy arced from her closed fists, striking the monster on the shoulder in an explosion of sparks.

RAAARGH! Roared the creature, some kind of cross between a man and a horned toad, blown up to be sixteen feet tall and whipped into a murderous frenzy. It lashed out at Ace with its fifty foot long tongue, the slimy whip missing her by inches.

Hawk’s green energy beams struck the beast from behind, but the powerful blasts deflected harmlessly off its thick hide.

MURGH! The creature picked up a nearby car and heaved it at Hawk, who didn’t dodge in time and was knocked through a nearby house by the impact.

“This thing’s tough!” said Ace. “I dunno if we’re packing enough firepower to stop it!”

“We can at least hold it off until reinforcements arrive,” said Powell.

The monster, satisfied that Hawk wasn’t getting up anytime soon, turned its attention to the other two puny creatures in its line of sight.

RAAAAAAAAAAGH! It bellowed, shaking its slimy, flippery fists in the air.

Ace and Powell struck combat poses, bracing themselves for the monster’s next onslaught.

BOOM! The sudden explosion of sound from overhead stopped the monster in its tracks. It barely had time to turn its head before it got its head smashed by a sneaker to the face! POW!

The impact of Maxine’s arrival shook the entire neighborhood, setting off car alarms for miles around and throwing up a huge cloud of dust.

“Oops, I hope I didn’t hit him too hard,” said Maxine, coughing a little as she used her telekinetic waves to clear the dust. She’d driven the monster’s head clear through the pavement, the imprint of her size-eleven sneaker sunk several inches into its warty face.

Janet Blaze was leaning over the caution tape, the camera trying to focus through the wreckage on the sudden new development.

“I’m not sure what I’m seeing but what looks like a high-school student just dropped out of the sky onto the monster!”

Ace dropped her combat stance and slapped her forehead.

“Maxine, what did we tell you about interfering with Monster Control?”

Maxine floated up out of the crater she’d made and landed in front of Ace, avoiding the muscular futa’s stern gaze.

The MCS was the closest thing the real world had to superheroes. They got to wear skintight clothes and had cool codenames like “Hawk” and “Ace.” Naturally they were all hugely endowed futas. Most members of the MCS wore special cockrings that kept them erect for extended periods of time to maximize their power, and they regularly pumped to increase their penis size. Ace was one of the biggest; her barrel-like shaft was almost as thick as one of her ankles. Fully erect, her cock was just over fourteen inches long, and its girth meant her powers were extremely potent. But even rock hard it still didn’t hold a candle to Maxine’s member at its most flaccid, a fact of which both futas were acutely aware.

When it became apparent Max wasn’t going to talk, Ace opened her mouth to speak.

Maxine interrupted, sighing. “’Let the professionals handle it.’ I know.”

Ace held her stern expression.

“That monster you killed used to be a person. If we could have taken him alive then we could have de-monsterized him and returned him to society,” she lectured.

There was a groan and a creak of metal as Hawk extricated herself from the twisted wreckage of the Toyota the monster had flung at her.

“Normally I’d agree with you, Ace, but after almost getting crushed by a compact car…” Hawk paused to grip the car door impaled on her cock and yanked it loose with a grunt. She tossed it aside and dusted off her hands as she floated over to where Maxine, Ace and Powell were gathered.

“I think I’m gonna take the girl’s side with this one,” she finished.

Maxine was looking shaken. “I didn’t know it was a person… I thought it was one of the animal ones…”

Ace raised a finger to lecture her again when she was interrupted by a feeble groan from inside the crater. Maxine’s face lit up.

“See! I didn’t kill him!”

“Be that as it may!” said Ace, “You got lucky this time, but you might have ended up hurting someone for real!”

Maxine shuffled her feet, looking contrite. Ace’s expression softened. She put a hand on Max’s shoulder.

“Look, I know you want to help, but just being strong isn’t all it takes to protect people. Fighting monsters is our job. Yours is going to school. Understand?”

Max nodded.

“As for you!” Ace suddenly pointed up at the air.

“Eep!” Katie cringed, looking around for somewhere to hide in the middle of a clear sky.

“You’re supposed to look out for your friend and remind her not to act recklessly!” said Ace.

“Yes’m!” squeaked Katie.

“Now both of you fly on home or to the mall or wherever,” said Ace, turning her back and raising her wrist communicator to her lips. “MCS HQ we’ve got the bogey in the bag, requesting cleanup.”

“Roger,” squawked the wristphone.

Seeing that the danger was apparently over, the press was swarming in, heedless of the caution tape.

“Better get going fast unless you want your face all over the evening news, kid,” Hawk told Max.

Max nodded and blasted up into the sky.

Down below, the MCS was mobbed from all sides by reporters.

“Who is the mysterious high-schooler that did your job for you?”

“Is she part of a junior-MCS program?”

“Is she below the age limit for MCS recruitment?”

The snatches of the reporters’ shouted questions faded away on the wind as Max and Katie beat a hasty retreat.

Katie looked at Max, her expression stony.

Max prepared her apology. “Katie, I—”

Katie held up a finger.

“That was…”

Max gulped.

“Totally awesome!” Katie cheered, unable to hold back the grin exploding out from inside her. She threw out her arms and did a loop de loop, almost dropping out of the sky as her boner began to soften, but catching herself just in time.

Woohoo!” yelled Max as the pair flew off to grab a slice of Pizza.

End of Chapter One


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