Goddess of Doomsday

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Star Trek is owned by CBS and created by Gene Roddenberry. I offer my most sincere apologies to them both.

Nikki and Rin are original characters by Lenni543210 on DeviantArt.

Kathy Dettwiller is an original character by kathydettwiller on Fur Affinity.

Kinki is an original character by yearends on Omnitopia and myself.

Thanks to Akane on SuperWomenMania and Omnitopia, Bloom, Lenni543210, and ZacharyXNYC on DeviantArt for beta reading.

Note: This story is only a fanfiction which loosely ties the original character Nikki and the Star Trek universe together. It is not intended to serve as any degree of backstory for her.


Nikki, the omnipotent Goddess of Gods, lay naked on a bed in her minimalistic, warm-colored personal realm. She was, quite frankly, bored. No matter how many times she rolled over, no good ideas for something to do came to her. Omnipotent or no, sometimes having too many choices was simply paralyzing... not that that ever became a problem for her in the long run, given her absolute immortality.

Her mother, Rin, was out on business in another universe, taking full advantage of the omnipotence she and Kathy accidentally granted her some time ago. Something about a universe populated entirely by futanari where time had inexplicably come to a stop...? Meanwhile, Kathy was in her native universe, cosplaying as a certain comic book heroine--one who was, naturally, infinitely less powerful than her. Kinki, Nikki sensed, was in a few quintillion universes simultaneously, no doubt reveling in her endless power with equally endless cocks. It seemed that, after duplicating herself enough times to realize the kinkiest sexual fantasies of each and every adult on Earth simultaneously and reveling in the cumulative waves of billions of simultaneous orgasms (which ultimately led to the sexual liberation of the human race), she had grown to like being everywhere at once.  Nikki didn't have the chance to tell her there was no upper limit to how many iterations of herself she could make before she left, but she would certainly figure that out for herself.

She considered revisiting the little big city, where she went for a jog some time ago, and let off some steam by knocking over buildings like dominos...

No, I want to do something on a larger scale. Air hockey with continents? No... Take the continents, roll them into a ball, and play beach volleyball? No... I want something... something cosmic. Something like... that one TV episode I saw! There was this cone thing, and it shot laser beams at a spaceship, and... it's dawning on me that I really have no idea what that show was or what was going on there. Well, it seemed fun and exciting. The guys on the spaceship were rather distraught by the cone thing chasing after them--not unlike how my victims react when I'm in a violent mood! Well, let's get to work!

She created a new universe, using her recollections of that episode as a template and allowing the show's already-established lore to fill in the blanks she wasn't aware of. She stepped inside and found herself floating in space. She felt a bit naked, so she materialized a pair of long latex gloves and thigh high boots on herself.

She then reached out, to learn about the fundamental tenets of this universe. It was not unlike the one she was born in--or rather, that she created to ensure her birth. The laws of physics were mostly the same--she figured she'd have no trouble here.

It was 250 years in the future--humanity was still essentially the same as she was used to, if somewhat more enlightened on a moral and philosophical level. They had taken to the stars as part of a peaceful interstellar alliance with several alien races: the United Federation of Planets.

She reached out further, taking in every detail of this universe, no matter how minute: unstable Omega molecules culminating in the Big Bang, the rise and fall of the Q, the Preservers, Nacene, Borg, Undine, Changelings, Metrons, Thasians, Kelvans, El-Aurians, Andorians, Vulcans, Romulans, Trill, Klingons, Tellarites, Ocampa, Bajorans, Betazoids, Ithenites, Xindi, Eminians, Vendikans, Humans, Kzinti, Kyrians--every species, every individual, every contribution of note, and every natural occurrence. She learned all 70-odd trillion years of universal history--beginning to end--instantaneously. After all, she entered this universe to have fun, not to live through ages of history just to get to something interesting. As intended, she was already at an interesting point in time.

Apparently, a planet killer of Preserver origin from an ancient war against the Borg in another galaxy had found its way into the Milky Way's Beta Quadrant, specifically system L-370.

What a boring name, Nikki thought. Well, I suppose they can't all have cool names... and/or perhaps not all astronomers are born equally creative.

The planet killer killed all the planets in this system (naturally) and moved on to adjacent systems (to kill more planets, no doubt). It started towards the heavily populated Rigel system, but the USS Enterprise just barely managed to destroy it by sending its critically damaged sister ship, the USS Constellation, down its throat while its impulse engines were set to overload.

Nikki thought it would be fun to take the place of this planet killer, so she sent the tin foil-wrapped horn into the Andromeda Galaxy and took its place, planning to act more or less as it would. She produced a cock on her body and increased her size exponentially. She now stood about six kilometers tall, with a cock half that length and abundantly thick. Her urethral opening was large enough to fit several Constitution-class starships with ease.

Yeah! This'll do great! I'd make a great planet killer! Maybe I should talk to the Preservers and see-- ah. It would seem they're long dead now. I'll stay in this time for now, but I'll keep them in mind for another time.

It occurred to Nikki that, if she was totally omnipotent and completely unstoppable like usual, then the imminent conflict with the Enterprise and Constellation would be over before it could even begin--she would simply retroactively will the ships out of existence by changing the past so Zephram Cochrane's warp ship wasn't seen by the Vulcans, thus preventing the Federation from ever coming into existence. Put bluntly, no Federation meant no Starfleet meant no USS Enterprise or USS Constellation meant no fun for Nikki.

As such, she decided to limit herself substantially. For the first time in her eternal life, she actually felt vulnerable. While the sensation was fascinating, it unnerved her to some small degree, even though she knew quite well she was still more powerful than anything this universe could throw at her.

Since she wasn't totally unstoppable anymore, she needed some way to reward herself for the destruction she was about to wreak. Simply annihilating planets was fun and all, but it was nothing she hadn't done literally countless times before. She put a concept she had in mind for a while now to action: she modified her cum to absorb any energy it touches and feed it into her. Matter subjected to her cum would corrode away and be converted into energy, at which point it was absorbed into her all the same.

The USS Constellation was on a routine patrol, updating year-old star charts... which meant it was time for Nikki to get into character. Rendering her cock erect, she approached the outermost planet of system L-370. Compared to it, she was, frankly, puny. That wasn't nearly enough to deter her, though.

As a great man from this universe once said, 'Size matters not. Look at me. Judge me by my size, do you?'

She unleashed a milky white hell upon the planet, trillions of gallons strong. While she was perfectly capable of manually stimulating herself to climax conventionally, she opted instead to go straight to the fun part.

The planet actually held up against her torrent for the first few seconds. The corrosive effect needed a little bit to start digging into the planet and converting it into energy. Wisps of sapphire light flew from the devastation into her body, empowering her. Her prolonged climax felt wonderful, but the energy suffusing her body was on an entirely different level. She was not only more powerful, but also more horny--both of which caused her to expedite the planet's destruction. She let out one last explosive burst of cum, which vaporized the last remnants of the planet and sent a tidal wave of power into her.

Ah, wait, Nikki giggled to herself while reveling in the pairing of orgasmic afterglow and exponentially more orgasmic power surges. Wrong universe. I think, once I'm done here, I may pay that one a visit. They have superweapons aplenty there, too.

She moved onto the new outermost planet and went to town on it. The first planet took twenty seconds for her to destroy, but this one took just over two seconds. Her increases in power were more dramatic than she initially thought, which simply delighted her.

She tried eating a few of the bits of planet flotsam that happened to be close to her mouth. The taste wasn't exactly thrilling, so she didn't pursue it further. A tiny annoyance in her mouth was certainly not enough to affect her ability to enjoy the orgasmic power surging into her, so she didn't particularly care about it, either.

The next five planets in the system evaporated in a rapidly-expanding sea of cum a few picoseconds after Nikki unleashed it. She proceeded onto the adjacent systems, also given the extremely distinctive and unique names L-371, L-372, and L-373.

She was enjoying herself now, though she found the total lack of resistance a little disappointing. She started towards L-374 and only had time to destroy the fourth planet when, right on cue, a starship came in on an intercept course towards her, weapons armed. It was the USS Constellation, commanded by Commodore Matthew Decker.

It was a Constitution-class ship, so it carried a complement of twelve phaser banks and four hundred photon torpedoes. The former were powered by rechargeable batteries, while the latter drew their destructive energies from the reaction of 1.5 kilograms of matter and antimatter. The resulting explosion of just one would be like half a million cobalt bombs. Having experienced the thrill of absorbing that kind of power before, she was very interested in what a full spread would feel like.

The first instant she entered its weapons range, they opened fire on her with their phaser banks. The energy of the nadion particle beams dissipated considerably as it stretched further and further out, so she barely even felt its effects. More annoyed than excited, she massaged her huge cock and brought herself to an orgasm manually. It would take the Constellation a while to get closer, so she took her time. She also made a point of removing the matter-corroding effect for this shot, so the yet-to-arrive Enterprise would have a second ship to work with later on.

The Constellation suffered a direct hit from her cum. While it didn't inflict much physical damage to the ship, its energy reserves wound up mostly depleted. They could maintain low life support for a while and not a whole lot else.

Not long after, Nikki perceived a power surge within the ship--controlled but substantial. Huge amounts of energy were being accumulated and sent down to the third planet of the system. She examined the energy more closely and found it was the ship's crew. The ship's commanding officer was apparently pushing the transporters to their limits, beaming the entire crew of 400 to the third planet of the system, without even having any of them on the transporter pad. Nikki unleashed her cum on the third planet, annihilating it, while Decker watched helplessly, unable to respond to his crew's pleas.

Some time later, the USS Enterprise moved in to investigate the Constellation's disappearance and the distress calls it picked up. Nikki was already familiar with the vessel after learning about her new playground earlier. The ship was commanded by a James T. Kirk: a lad who made quite a name for himself after over a year on this ever-so-important mission of his. He would become arguably one of the most famous starship captains in all of Starfleet history.

A... well, I was going to say 'formidable man', but I don't think that will continue to be the case when he sees me! I think I'll pay this Enterprise a visit. I get the feeling it will prove more entertaining than the Constellation.

She perceived the Enterprise approaching its sister ship, the Constellation, presently a dead hulk. Kirk quickly (and accurately) deemed it as having been attacked and brought his ship to red alert. The communications officer was still unable to reach anyone aboard, courtesy of Nikki. She made her presence alone cause exceptionally heavy subspace interference, which prevented any subspace transmission from being sent out. She stayed well out of their sensor range, letting her presence be known only by the interference for now.

Kirk took a landing party to the ruined ship, no doubt to look for survivors. Nikki supposed she couldn't blame them; mortals like them had the natural instinct to care for their peers--empathy, in other words. This Federation of theirs was built on the tenets of maintaining peace and equality, so having those concepts beaten into their heads basically from birth only made that instinct stronger.

They split into two parties--one down to main engineering to do a full damage check, and the other to look for survivors. Afterwards, when the two parties met up to report, Nikki subtly persuaded the chief engineer--a Scottish man named Scotty, absurdly enough--to suggest they head to the auxiliary control room to listen to the duplicate captain's log entries. That was also where she knew sat the lone survivor of her attack, and a key person in this story: one Commodore Matt Decker.

The man was in a fugue state, but thanks to some narcotics (or whatever they used in those hyposprays--Nikki didn't know or particularly care), he would eventually become capable of spouting off pertinent information to keep things moving along. His log entries recounting his encounter with her--as well as his own firsthand account--proved insightful as well. Nikki found his description of her in particular both entertaining and accurate.

"They say there's no devil, Jim... but there is. Right out of hell, I saw her!"


"I-I don't know, she..." Decker stammered. "Well, she looked like..." He sighed. "To be perfectly frank, Jim, it looked like a penis."

"A..." Kirk resisted the urge to chuckle. "A penis. On a... she?"

"Yes! I admit, we only had her full body on the viewscreen for mere moments before she attacked us, but she was distinctly feminine! Her cock was miles long, with a maw that could swallow a dozen starships! It was somehow capable of ejaculating semen at such intensity and force that it was able to slice out chunks of a planet like a knife through cheese! The only equivalent to that kind of power I can think of is an absolutely pure antiproton beam!"

Kirk's first officer, the only non-Human involved here, (and even then, he was half-Human. Nikki suspected some degree of Human supremacy within the Federation) extrapolated from all the available data and accurately determined that she came from beyond this galaxy and was heading for the most populated region of Federation space. She wasn't exactly sure how the half-Vulcan came to that conclusion, but it was accurate, so she didn't complain.

As this exposition took place, Nikki decided to make her move. She moved in slowly (for her, anyway) behind the Enterprise, veiling any indication of her approach with increasingly intense subspace interference.

The Enterprise took the Constellation in tow with a tractor beam while Dr. McCoy and Decker headed back to the Enterprise. Nikki found the technology used somewhat intriguing. She was capable of teleporting herself or others to literally any destination instantaneously, which was effectively a perfected version of what this technology attempted.

Once back on the bridge, Decker was greeted another look down her leviathan cock through the viewscreen, which they had only caught on visual sensors moments after the two transported. The Enterprise sounded general quarters and initiated evasive maneuvers, but was unable to shake her. They were preparing to beam the remaining Enterprise crew back from the Constellation, but needed to lower their shields to do so--a design flaw she imagined they would fix for the next class of starship.

In the instant they were dropped, she let a blast of cum hit the Enterprise, causing it to shoot off in one direction. The tractor beam automatically disabled as a safety feature to avoid subjecting the Constellation to violent shearing forces. Moreover, their local communications system was damaged. Her cumshot wasn't nearly enough to destroy either ship--she simply didn't want to make things easy for these people. Kirk was separated in every sense from his ship, and unstable Decker was the ranking officer aboard the Enterprise, which would no doubt lead to some interesting interpersonal situations.

She allowed the Enterprise to believe they managed to outrun her out of sheer luck. Chuckling to herself at their naivete, she headed off in another direction. She sensed an interesting interpersonal situation already unfolding, as Decker quickly removed Spock from command, ambiguously citing "regulations", and opted to attack her despite Spock repeatedly pointing out the futility of such an act. McCoy was immediately outraged at this, but the lieutenant commander had little means of defense against a commodore.

With that settled, Decker order the ship to pursue her, with shields and weapons at full power. Nikki began idly stroking her cock, taunting the vessel's acting captain.

She let off another blast of cum, which hit the Enterprise more directly than last time. Their shields withstood the brunt of the attack, but they wouldn't for long. Once they were within weapons range, the Enterprise shot their phasers repeatedly across her body, focusing on her cock. It throbbed with each phaser blast. They were scoring direct hits, but inflicting no damage. On the contrary, Nikki was enjoying the sensation very much.

Oooh! That's quite nice. Seems I was underestimating how good these phaser things would feel.

It was quite obvious the phasers were ineffective, but Decker refused to acknowledge that. At this rate, she figured, she'd never get to feel a full spread of photon torpedoes exploding all around her cock. So she influenced Decker's mind a little--persuaded him to make a second run up her shaft, this time shooting her with photon torpedoes. As they exploded, she absorbed all their energy and let off several more bursts of cum--this time through sheer pleasure instead of at will. The explosions collapsed on themselves as they expanded and soaked into her skin. There was no sound in space, but her ecstatic moaning would have rattled the Enterprise's bulkheads if there was.

She turned around with speed that the Enterprise crew clearly didn't expect, as it bounced off the side of her cock, thus sending a few torpedoes off into space. Not wanting them to go to waste, she redirected them to her cock and enjoyed the explosions, climaxing three more times. After that, she held the starship in place telekinetically. It attempted to pull away, but her hold on it was too strong. She started moving it ever so slowly towards her massive urethra. For effect, she made the inside start glowing like the fiery depths of Hell--mostly to taunt the largely atheist crew of the ship.

Meanwhile, she noticed the Constellation suddenly lurching forward with power she thought it didn't have. It was moving, but far too sluggishly to be a real threat. It fired a single phaser bank at the side of her cock. While it felt nice, she could sense Kirk's pride at accomplishing that simple task, so she decided to turn his way, just to enjoy perceiving his pride fizzle away into distress.

The Enterprise took advantage of what it perceived to be Nikki becoming distracted by the Constellation and continued firing its phasers at her, before moving outside her immediate range. She turned back towards it, but proceeded at a leisurely pace, focusing more on converting the larger pieces of space rubble into energy and absorbing it. While she worked on that, she sensed that the Enterprise managed to re-establish ship-to-ship communications, which led to more entertaining interpersonal situations.

Kirk was immediately livid that Decker put his ship in danger and ordered his first officer to relieve Decker and re-take command. Decker reminded her of a child, or a politician--endlessly defiant and very rarely actually thinking. Surprisingly enough, though, he actually complied with the order in the end, only one step away from being arrested. Spock told one of the security officers guarding the bridge to escort Decker to sickbay for a scheduled medical examination.

As the turbolift arrived at deck 5, near sickbay, Decker faked a cough, proceeded to beat up his escort, and stash his unconscious body in a side room. Nikki was barely surprised that the security guy was taken down by an old man like that, seeing as how dismally low the requirements seemed to be for a job wearing one of those red shirts.

While the Enterprise laid in an evasive course back to the Constellation to pick up Kirk, Scotty, and the others, Decker snuck through several Jefferies tubes to deck 19, where the shuttlecraft hangar deck was. He had served aboard a ship of identical design for more than a decade, so he knew the layout like the back of his hand.

He hopped aboard the shuttle Einstein, used a command override to open the bay doors from within the shuttle, and took off without missing a beat. As he had planned, the Enterprise crew had no idea who launched the shuttle or who was piloting it until he answered the repeated hails. They urged him to reconsider his plan of ramming the shuttle straight into Nikki's urethra, but he closed the channel, ignoring them. He was committed now, and could only stare in increasing horror at the fires of Hell burning away at his shuttle and ultimately extinguishing his life.

Sulu at the helm picked up a definite drop in her power readings, but it was of little consequence, since they were still being chased by it and would eventually run out of power themselves and be destroyed. Kirk, formulating a plan, opted against coming back to the Enterprise at the first opportunity. He intended to ram the Constellation down her urethra, just as Decker did, but also while the impulse engines were overloaded, thus producing an explosion of nearly 100 megatons, which he was gambling would be enough to destroy her. He planned on beaming back to the Enterprise within thirty seconds prior to the engines overloading.

Now that is something I never even considered! Nikki thought excitedly. I'm gonna let them do it. That's gonna feel amazing!

As Scotty beamed back to the Enterprise, Nikki made their transporter malfunction just as he rematerialized. She could still enjoy the tension, even if it didn't directly affect her. Scotty immediately headed into a Jefferies tube to put together a workaround long enough to get through the current fiasco.

Once he had the ship's course down her urethra laid in, Kirk flipped the self-destruct switch and immediately requested a beam-up. Nikki decided to make one of the pads produce a puff of smoke instead. Mumbling profanity under his breath, Scotty hopped back into the Jefferies tube and continued working on it. The countdown to detonation was getting very low, just as the Constellation got very close to entering her colossal urethra. As the countdown reached zero and the ship continued several hectometers into her urethra, it detonated with such tremendous force that she came a huge beam of brilliant blue energy before the Constellation's impulse engines detonated, rendering her seemingly unconscious.

She wasn't really unconscious per se, but the ecstasy she felt from the explosion was undeniably intense.

The Enterprise transporter chief took his sweet time rematerializing his captain, largely for dramatic effect. Once that was accomplished, he announced the good news to the bridge. Kirk headed to the nearest turbolift, after neglecting to thank the chief for literally saving his life.

Once on the bridge, he got a good look at Nikki's gigantic, seemingly lifeless body. The ship's sensors read no energy output and normal radiation levels, but only because she wanted them to say that.

Spock was about to declare her "quite dead" when Nikki's eyes abruptly opened. Adjusting herself momentarily so her face filled the viewscreen, she smirked, licked her lips, and blew out her mouth. Instead of carbon dioxide, she emitted a powerful telekinetic force, which sent the Enterprise hurtling away, back into the heart of Federation space. Since its warp engines were out of commission for the next day, it couldn't have formed a warp field at all, so it was essentially hurtling out of control indefinitely until it smashed into something, probably destroying both it and itself in the process.

Despite that, the ship eventually slowed to a stop within the Sol system, managing to do so without hitting anything at all. A good 870 lightyears, traversed in only a minute. That was nothing to Nikki, but to the Enterprise crew, it was downright obscene. Technically speaking, the Enterprise traveled at warp 771 for the duration of that trip--nearly a hundred times the speed ships of that class were capable of traveling at under normal circumstances.

More than a little distraught at what just happened, Kirk immediately ordered the Enterprise to dock, both to effect repairs and give his report to the admiralty in person. If hostile beings like that existed in the universe and were capable of taking 100 megatons of explosive force like it was nothing, they needed desperately to prepare for the next time a being like her--a goddess, for lack of a better term--was in a destructive mood.

Meanwhile, Nikki stretched her arms and legs, satisfied at how things transpired. She could come back tomorrow or in a million years. No matter how much time they're given to develop more advanced weapons and technology, it would never be enough to defeat the omnipotent Goddess of Gods.


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