Meetings, Part 1: Aftermath

By yearends

For Nikki

With contributions from DragoTime


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Nikki, Kinki, and Rin were sitting around their kitchen table, feeling flushed but invigorated by the furious, quadrillion-year-long sex session they'd just enjoyed with Kathy, who had since slipped back to her own universe, after giving Kinki a permanent existence, Nikki again having to pause time so that they could take the edge off their constant arousal. Or, at least, Nikki, Kinki, and Kathy had had furious sex. Rin had certainly not minded being in the middle of three other incredibly sexy, omnipotent women who were willing to do essentially anything when it came to fucking, but, no longer overwhelmed by the pheromones of two omnipotent beings and with her mind largely committed to other matters, such as absorbing as much detail about the universe as she could now that she had ascended to be nearly as powerful as her daughter, she generally kept to pleasuring whatever ended up in the vicinity of her mouth or hands.

Rin waved her hand at the table to create a perfect brunch while Nikki grew out a third breast, created three mugs underneath her nipples, and let her own milk flow.

"Is that actually milk?" asked Kinki, a bit perturbed that she knew that when she had last existed, she had all of Nikki's, Kathy's, and Rin's memories, but in her new, permanent state many of those seemed to have been withheld from her. Not only that, but her otherwise-irresistible telepathy found Nikki's and Rin's minds utterly inaccessible.

"No," said Nikki, finishing filling the mugs and floating them onto the table but keeping the third boob because she decided she liked the feel of it, "it's ambrosia."

"One sip and you're a god?" asked Kinki.

"Hardly," said Rin. "It had no effect on me. But if we gave even a millilitre to someone out there, they'd instantly become a trillionth as powerful as my earliest empowered ancestor."

Kinki shuddered. While she didn't possess any of Rin's or Nikki's personal memories, she had a thorough knowledge of history, and that was far more than enough power to rearrange all the matter and energy in the universe with a mere thought.

"So what happened, exactly?" the white-haired, newly-created being who was nonetheless older than anyone in the universe save only her two companions asked.

"Well," said Nikki, "I'd been trying almost since I was conceived to make Rin as powerful as I was. I desperately wanted an equal, not just someone who had enough power that I didn't have to hold back too much when having sex."

"So then why didn't that work?" asked Rin. "I mean, we knew you were absolutely omnipotent. What stopped you?"

"Because I didn't realize that I am, by definition, the most powerful being that can exist, at least in this universe, and what's more, nobody in any other universe can surpass me in power--though they can be my equal, being from a different universe. So I couldn't make you my equal, since you're also from this universe, and it took me losing control as I did to finally let my instincts take over and make you as powerful as you can be."

"And what about me?" asked Kinki. "How powerful was I when you were fully part of me--and why can't I remember what I knew?"

"I'm not sure how powerful you were," admitted Nikki, "but I wouldn't be surprised if, while I only existed as part of you, as did Kathy and your grandmother, you were at least as powerful as I was, and quite possibly more. That, of course, created a logical contradiction, incompatible with the fundamental nature of this universe, and while you were able to subconsciously hold the universe together anyway for a time, the moment your control slipped I was able to reassert myself and split you apart again to avoid the dissolution of my universe. As for why you can't remember, that's because I deliberately withheld all those memories from you so that you'd have the fun of gaining all your own, and you can't sift through your grandmother's mind for them since I depowered you ever so slightly to make the two of you exactly equal in power."

Kinki took a sip of her ambrosia, feeling the warmth as it flowed down her throat, detecting the magical compounds in it that would grant amazing power to anyone who didn't already have that. Her huge cock--which she couldn't bear to get rid of for some reason--twitched inside its comfortable yellow, blue, and red sock at the reminder of how powerful she was anyway.

"So what are we going to do for the rest of today?" Kinki asked. Rin chuckled just a little--for them, what ordinary mortals might have thought of as "today" was technically a quadrillion years ago, after all.

"I thought we'd pay a visit to a few old friends of mine," said Nikki, polishing off the last of her sumptuous meal. She looked down through the table to where Kinki's dick jutted straight out from her crotch. "And you need to put that thing away for now, okay?"

"What? I like my cock! And anyway will anybody care?" A thought struck her. "Unless they could where we're going, I guess."

"Nah, they won't care, but if you go about flaunting it everyone'll want one." She paused. "Well, maybe not everyone."

Kinki tried to think of her crotch without her penis and quite simply found it impossible to visualize not having it. She lowered her mental barriers, inviting Nikki and Rin to examine her mind to see where her block might be.

Rin found the problem first.

"Kathy's influence," she sighed.

"Of course," sighed Nikki in reply. "I think you can't help but have a cock, Kinki, so here's what I'm going to do: I'm going to put a block in your mind on your ability even to have a dick. Whenever I lift it, you're just going to grow one, and you can have more if you want. But unless I psychically stop you from having one in the first place, you're just not going to be able to keep from having one."

"And if you don't put the block in?"

"Then I'd have to keep you here for the rest of time--or until you consent to the cock block--since I'm not going to have my mind overwhelmed by the thoughts of women who want nothing more than to have a dick like yours. Maybe we can practice and help you get the pheromones under control, but until then you've got to pick which you want."

Kinki sighed. It was a tough decision--on the one hand, she knew she would feel somehow lesser without at least the one penis, but she also wanted to explore not only this universe, but all the others to which Nikki could introduce her. Still, maybe if she got some experience just being out in the world, that would help her keep herself under control enough when it came time for her to learn responsible cock management.

"Fine," she said resignedly. "No cock."

It was obvious to everyone from Nikki's expression that she didn't much like the notion either, but Kinki felt something tweak in her mind, and then, in an instant, her crotch changed. No more cock, and the sock lay on the floor, shapeless without the rigidity that had once filled it. Kinki levitated it up to her face, gazing at it as an instant reminder of what she had just given up.

"You could still wear that, you know," said Rin. "Maybe as a scrunchie? Or stockings?"

The white-haired girl thought for a moment, then twitched a finger at her cocksock. Instantly it split in two and the pieces wrapped themselves around her hands, forming fingerless gloves that only just covered her wrists. She wore nothing else aside from a pair of transparent heels she materialized on her feet.

"Keep showing that much elbow and knee and you'll give me the vapours!" laughed Rin.

"There'll be time enough for that later," said Nikki. "Shall we go?"

Nikki stepped out of her universe, followed immediately after by Kinki and Rin when they knew the destination.

A moment later, four other figures stepped into the kitchen from seemingly nowhere, a young man and three young women who nonetheless had the air of incredible age about them.

"Missed them again," sighed the man.

"We'll catch them one of these days," said the young woman with whom he was holding hands.

"Well, shall we pay another visit to Uxarieus?"

"Whatever you think best, Master," said another of the women, this one standing on the other side of the young man and ever so slightly behind.

All three looked at their fourth companion.

"Sounds great. I'm just glad this thing works across universes." She tapped away on her phone and smiled as she jabbed a "Send" button.

"Care to do the honours?" the young man asked the woman who had called him "Master".

"If you wish, Master."

"How many times--" the young man began, but nobody in that universe would ever know how he finished that sentence.


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