Ultra Super Maid - Chapter 2

You wake up next morning, into the momentary unpleasant state in which you cannot remember the events of yesterday. But as you slowly open your eyes and see that you were sleeping on a king-sized bed in a poshly decorated room, you remember.


As per habit, Lisa appears in an instant, this time dressed in an elaborate black lingerie, and carrying a tray with breakfast. You’d never be caught off guard saying that Lisa’s maid outfit from yesterday was nothing short of pure sex, but this is something else. It transcends the concept of sexiness. It is a wall of pure uninhibited lust. If your crotch weren’t already made of spring-steel, you’d get erect before managing to say ’wow’.

”Good morning! I can see that Master is very happy to see me.”

”I am, Lisa. But for goodness sake, tone it down a bit! I can’t possibly contain myself seeing you like that all the time.”

You realize that before now, you hadn’t even seen her bare hands or feet.

”Yes Master, but I must perform one task before that.”

Lisa chucks the tray from her hands into the air. The contents spill out and scatter about, only to slowly die down, and finally stop completely in mid-air. As you stare this oddity, Lisa boldly waltzes over onto your bedside and jumps in. She sways over you on her knees, cooing and gasping, biting her lips, flicking her hair, gyrating and gently fondling her breasts as well as her cameltoe. You nut like a water gun filled with milk, splattering your own face.

Lisa bends down and casually holds your arms in place while licking the sperm from your face with an open mouth. You cum at least five more times in the process. Finally, you’ve run completely dry. For good measure, Lisa laps up the last of your liquids, finishing with your rock-hard tip that still valiantly tries to eject itself. You finally soften, your breath levels to normal and you calm down.

”Master had a hard-on all throughout the night! That isn’t healthy even with the most potent of sexual magics. I would have wanted to do this earlier, but then I would have had to wake up Master...”

”T-thank you, Lisa. I don’t mean to sound insensitive, but please: change back into your Maid uniform before I ’regroup’.”

”Yes, Master!”

Lisa’s outfit spontaneously changes back to the way it was yesterday. It doesn’t even have the damage sustained from your sessions last evening. You are comfortable enough with her powers as to not question it.

Lisa gathers the food items, still hanging in mid-air, and places them back on her tray, as if nothing had happened. She then comes back to your bedside to present your breakfast.

”Master must be famished after ignoring dinner yesterday. Worry not, I’ve brought you a little something to eat.”

Lisa sets the humongous tray onto your lap.

”It’s a full English breakfast, featuring applewood-smoked dry-cured bacon from a Cumberland pig, free-range quail egg omelette, grilled Campari tomatoes, fried white truffles, Manglitsa pork and Stilton cheese sausages, Norwegian river Salmon, genuine Russian caviar, hash browns made from La Bonnette potatoes, and a cup of tea.”

”My oh my. Have… have you eaten anything yourself?”

”Master, it is adorable how you wish to take care of me, but I have no need for nourishment. I require nothing but my Master’s happiness. But since I can see how important this is for Master, I will have breakfast.”

”Please do. You can cook whatever you want for yourself.”

”Yes, Master.”

Lisa makes herself a croissant, a smoked salmon salad, a cup of tea and an ice cream cone. She invites herself to sit cross-legged at the foot of your bed, which you gladly allow. And by golly if she isn’t the most alluring thing even when eating. You guess that she might’ve had that ice cream only so that she could lick it seductively in front of you.

You finish eating, and have Lisa teleport the plates into the kitchen.

”Are you ready for the day ahead of us, Lisa?”

”I am, Master.”

”First of business, we need to talk money. I think that stealing money from banks and substituting them with counterfeit bills may have been an oversight on my part. That is, I expect that it will have unforeseen consequences on the economy.”

”I see. Does Master wish for me to return the money?”

”Please do.”

”Yes, Master.”

Lisa disappears and reappears for a second, only to indicate that the deed is done.

”We need to be more cunning in this prospect.”

”Master will not worry about money. I have a retroactive plan all ready. Would you like me to execute this plan?”

”Do so.”

”Yes, Master.”

Gone and returned in an instant, Lisa appears back onto your bed after having traveled through time.

”Master is now the richest man on Earth.”

”Well, that was effective. How exactly did you accomplish this?”

”Long story short, I own a majority of the world’s banks now, under several fake names and appearances, of course. A superintelligent time traveler like me tends to have an unfair edge on the stock market.”

”And who runs all of these banks?”

”I do, Master. I can use an infinitesimal fraction of my calculative power to handle every trade and transfer happening within Master’s corporate empire. As a fun tidbit, I also own the entirety of Mastercard.”

You cannot help but laugh at the act of buying a multi-billion dollar corporation for the punchline of a joke. And though Lisa has managed to give you an orgasm dozens of times already, you are mighty impressed that she, a machine, was able to make you laugh.

”So tell me, what am I worth?”

”Approximately 60 trillion dollars.”

You have to pause for a second, and blink a few times. You didn’t even know there was that much money in circulation. Most of it is probably only in digital form, but still…

”Sixty… trillion? With a ’T’?”

”Yes. Imagine, Master: that’s sixty-thousand times more than those measly hay bales of yours. At the current market price, you could buy 48 billion 191 million 609 thousand and 840 pounds of gold, or 281 times more gold than has ever been excavated.”

”I’m feeling slightly light-headed all of a sudden.”

”That’s okay, Master. Please take your time to come to terms with the thought.”

”Can… can we visit the vault?”

”Oh, absolutely, Master!”

With a snap of her fingers, the two of you, bed and all, are in front of the vault door. Lisa eagerly jumps out and eyes up the massive, imposing door.

”Awaiting your mark, Master.”

”Open the vault!”

Yes, Master!”

You enjoy watching her exert her godlike strength, and she enjoys you watching her. You expect visits to the vault being frequent.

Lisa draws a line onto the surface of the near-indestructible door with a single finger, top down, clear in the middle. Then, another line from left to right, making a perfect cross. By pressing against the middle of the cross with her hand, Lisa causes the four thick, massive sections of the door to bend inwards, eventually creating a hole to walk through.

As you approach, you begin to fully realize the situation. The vault has a cubic hectare of space, and Lisa has stacked every available space in it with 100 dollar bills. Only a few narrow walkways are left for you two to traverse the bottom of this valley of money.

”This is about half of Master’s total worth in cash. 30 trillion dollars exactly, not a cent more or less. The rest is naturally stored as assets, stocks, loans and digital currency.”

”Oh… my… That is some play money.”

”Is Master satisfied?”

”’Satisfied’ might not be the word for it. ’Flabbergasted’ is more in the ballpark. I’ll never be able to spend this much money!”

”Master needn’t worry about money, as promised.”

”Well that’s true. But I can think of better uses for this space. I order you to store this money somewhere else in some more practical form.”

”Yes, Master.”

In an instant, emptiness envelopes the vault. You and Lisa are left standing in the eerie incandescent light of the cold room. And while you already have everything you could ever want right next to you, it’s clear that you and Lisa enjoy opening that vault door too much to leave it vacant.

”Now we only need some reason to keep coming back here.”

”Does Master want me to think of that reason?”

”I believe I have the answer already, Lisa. I order you to fill this room with a gargantuan amount of interesting things for us to explore and interact with!”

”Yes, Master. An excellent solution!”

At that moment, the metallic shelves of the vault are bursting with millions of different colourful items and contraptions. Books, costumes, relics, foreign artifacts, mementos, collections, electronics, robots, alien technology. Magical items. Items plundered from the ruins of hyper advanced civilizations yet to even rise. Evidence of strange and distant alternative universes.

”Is Master pleased?”

”Master is pleased. Wow...”

The skyscrapers made of money seemed entirely too banal and cold to you. The mere thought of it was so exhausting and consuming that you felt disillusioned. Now the room invites adventure and bedazzlement.

”You must already know everything about these items, so it probably won’t be as much fun for you to explore...”

”Master would be incorrect. I have no knowledge about any of these items. I will gather them in the distant future and transport them back to this time.”

”That… Oh.”

”Thus, Master and I can share the joy of discovery!”

”You are just too smart, Lisa.”

You barely know where to look at, as puzzles, secrets and enigmas layer every nook of your vision. The next hours you spend rummaging around the endless shelves, finding everything from skulls of alien cyborgic giants to books written by an alternate version of Adolf Hitler who became a painter.

Lunch is had right inside the vault. After another hour or so, you decide that some fresh air is in order, and embark on a walk outside.

”Does Master wish for me to follow?”

”Please do. But I would rather have you shapeshift into someone or something less… eye-catching.”

”Yes, Master.”

Lisa begins altering her form. By folding onto herself she quickly shrinks down into the form of a small white ring, now laying on the floor. Despite this dramatic change, she seems capable of speaking to you.

”Master, please wear me on your finger! This way I can be at your side, protecting you from any and all possible danger.”

”Very well, then.”

You pick up the unassuming ring, containing in it absolutely vast amounts of power. You slide it gently onto your left ring finger. This is met by a delighted squeal from Lisa.

”Oh, Master! Your finger feels so good...”

”Is… the… was that some, eh… indecent place I just poked you in?”

”No part of my body is too naughty for Master to lay his fingers on… But answering Master’s question: this isn’t any specific part of me, it really is all of me at once.”

”I see. Then, why am I not experiencing the same magically connected stimuli as yesterday?”

”Would Master want to?”

You think about that for a moment.

”Perhaps you’re right, that would be rigorous public indecency.”

”Oh, yes it would. Now, Master should know that while wearing me as a ring, Master can use all of my powers.”

”How do I use them?”

”Master will simply think about what he wants to do, and I’ll perform it.”

”I see.”

You think about the place that you want to go and have a walk in. The first thing that comes to mind is the tropical warmth of Rio de Janeiro. You reconsider going there however, as too many people might see you. Instead, you decide on going to a jungle in the Chinese countryside. You raise your hand up and… And you’re already there. That required significantly less effort than you thought.

It is technically winter time, but in Southern China that is still a vast contrast to the cool and murky air of your vault. A forest of bamboo and ferns envelope the world around you in lush greenery. You are standing on a nature trail. As expected, nobody was around to see you transport here.

”If I understood correctly, I can also fly?”

”Master is right. If Master wants to remain away from prying eyes, I would suggest that you turn invisible while flying.”

”I didn’t know you could do that.”

”It is only a logical extension to my powerful telekinesis. I’m able to bend light particles to go around me.”

”Then, wouldn’t that also make us blind?”

”That isn’t an issue. You’ll see.”

Lisa turns you invisible. At first the world seems to go blank around you, but your brain is soon bombarded with an immense amount of sensory input. Lisa’s super intelligence takes hold of you, and allows you to know your surroundings perfectly well without visual input. It almost feels like you’ve stumbled upon an entirely new level of sentience.

You slowly rise up above the treeline. Your personal event horizon broadens exponentially, thousands of miles in every direction. Soon enough, your awareness allows you to know everything happening on Earth at once. You can count the grains of sand in the Sahara desert, the molecules of water in the Pacific Ocean, the amount of collective electricity in the brains of all living things. Strangely, you can also recognize several other versions of yourself, and correctly guess that this is the result of your own time travel in the future.

”Lisa, this is phenomenal! Is this how you see the world all the time?”

Yes! Although I’ve had much more time to process the information and broaden my horizons, so to speak.”

You accelerate into thousands of miles an hour. Then, thousands of miles in a minute, and finally, in seconds. You reach the other side of China in a literal jiffy. Not wanting to stop there, you decide to test out what traveling at light speed feels like.

You can’t really feel the difference in acceleration at this point. The one thing that you do notice however, is that your mental and physical faculties still function at superhuman speeds, which seems like a flagrant violation of the laws of physics. But you suppose that so is flying, teleportation and time travel. Funny how magic works.

Now we get into interesting matters. You surpass the speed of light. At this point, the laws of physics don’t apply anymore. The world has come to a complete halt.

You decide to land in the middle of Paris. There are no external sounds at all, only your own heartbeats and breathing. People are completely immobile, though seem to convey an illusion of movement from their positions. Cars are halted, plants don’t grow, dust doesn’t blow, the clouds don’t move, and even light itself stays put, rendering the world in a state of total darkness, through which only your newfound near-omniscience can pierce.

Everything is at a terrifying standstill. You no longer feel like the two of you are moving at any superhuman speed. It’s more like you’ve entered some state where time no longer exists. You decide to ease the creeping feelings of madness by playing around. First of all, you haven’t yet tested your super strength.

”Tell me Lisa, if I were to compress a steel girder into the size of a thumb tack, could I then somehow return it back to normal?”

”Yes you can, Master. You can use my telekinesis to do exactly that. Master can consider any physical damage to be reversible with my powers.”

”Very well, then. How about we try out some new designs for the Eiffel Tower?”

”Wonderful idea, Master!”

You hover over to the root of the Eiffel Tower. You’ve seen it thousands of times over in magazines, TV shows, books and many other media. Never before just a few seconds ago from your perspective have you ever been in France. And yet, now those 10 thousand tons of wrought iron stand before you, in all of its style and magnificence.

Time to rob this historical monument of its elegance.


You raise an arm overhead and imagine being a giant, and simply twisting the tower on its axis. This image is brought to reality by the enormous power of your ring. The bottoms of the fours struts stay put, while everything else begins to turn progressively faster, culminating with the antenna, which makes a full 360 degree turn. Smoothly, evenly and gracefully as if made from soft clay, the steel structure bends to your whim.

...la révolucion.”

I am impressed, Master. You’re almost as clever as myself even without near-omniscience.”

”Oh please Lisa, don’t sell yourself short.”

”Is that an order?”

”Uhmm… No. If you don’t wish to elevate yourself too much, I will allow you to be humble.”

”Thank you, Master. Should we continue, then?”

”By all means. Observe!”

You raise a fist up towards the tower, and quickly open your hand. The Eiffel Tower explodes into millions of tiny models that rain down all over. You pick up a single tower from the ground. It still has the twisted appearance.

”This will make a great souvenir. Place this on the mantle of my fireplace, Lisa.”

”Yes, Master.

Lisa doesn’t even bother to de- and reappear anymore, instead opting to simply make the object vanish.


You shake your hands like an orchestra conductor, and witness how indeed every one of the small Eiffel Towers gets up, and begins to walk. They form a 100 000 strong battalion and gather in an organized manner around you.

”Hah okay, I didn’t even expect that to work! How did you do that, Lisa?”

”Plain telekinesis.”

”Huh. I almost thought you had the ability to bring inanimate objects to life.”

”I apologize, but I don’t. Would Master like me to?”

You turn your head back to Lisa in a confused manner.

”Want what? For you to be able to do that?”


Are you telling me that you can give yourself new powers?”

”Why, I already told Master that I’m willing to improve myself to just about any extent!”

Well well, you’ve done it again Lisa. You’ve gone and blew my mind.”

Lisa returns this praise with a heart-melting smile.

”Tell me then, Lisa: could you, for example, make yourself stronger?”

I could. As Master knows I am a cyborgic construct. Unlike machines, my powers grow the more I use them. Hypothetically I could, say… travel to a supermassive black hole to work out for a few thousand years, and return back to this time a few decillion times stronger.”

This revelation makes you light-headed. Lisa’s already strong enough to lift the Earth. A decillion times more than that would probably be enough to lift the Milky Way Galaxy, if such a thing were possible. There’s never going to be a situation where that could be useful, or where such strength could even be potentially demonstrated.

”I think that’s unnecessary, to be honest.”

”Very well. Master is right, there’s functionally nothing I couldn’t do with the powers I have now. Does Master have a plan for his loyal metallic minions?”

”As a matter of fact I do! I call it my… Master plan.”

”Master has to admit that that wasn’t as clever of a joke.”

”I hate to admit it yes, but you’ve never erred before Lisa… Now, may I address my troops?”

”Go on ahead.”

You take a very leader-like pose to give a rousing speech.

”Soldiers! Your Master requires your absolute loyalty on this dark day. Our enemy is overpowered, and they can strike from any direction at any time, and take the souls of each and every one of us. But we must not fear! I, your Master, and my General, Lisa the sexiest person in the universe, will lead you into this battle - a battle… against boredom!”

A choir of excited clankering fills the streets of Paris, as a hundred thousand metallic feet stomp around.

”Follow me, to victory!”

You drag with you a horde of bent miniature Eiffel towers as you waltz along the streets of Paris. Not something you would’ve thought about doing today. You visit the Louvre at first, but notice how there’s way too much walking, and though time is stopped, the place is still crowded.

”Lisa, is there a way for me to have the Mona Lisa in my mansion without actually stealing it from here?”

”There are quite a multitude of ways to do that. I can, for example, create an atom-for-atom copy of the painting.”

”Please do.”

”Where would Master like it?”

”Oh let’s see… Say, did the mansion have an art gallery, perchance?”

”It was one of the retroactive additions, so yes. The copy will be waiting there once we return.”


”Would Master like some other works on display there? It’s not much of an art gallery with only a single portrait, no matter how famous.”

”Surprise me.”

”Yes, Master.”

You release your ’troops’ to wander around the city. You suppose that even the Eiffel Tower should be allowed to have fun every now and then. Otherwise you have a decent time, but soon find it boring to wander a dead city.

”Lisa, let’s return Paris back the way it was.”

”Yes, Master. I assume that you want the Eiffel Tower back on its place as well?”

”Oh my, yes. Almost forgot about that.”

The Eiffel Tower is returned back to normal, effortlessly and in an instant, as per Lisa’s standards. You hunker down in a deserted alleyway as Lisa begins to roll the time forwards, so as not to seem like you appeared from out of nowhere. In only a few seconds, you can once again see people walking around normally, and the noises of a traffic jam fill the air.

”Lisa, please turn back into a ring.”

”Yes, Master.”

Lisa complies, and soon is merely a white strand on your finger. Using the incredible intellect granted by it, you teach yourself French in a matter of seconds. You also tailor yourself a very fine suit, and teleport your wallet, along with an ’Ultra Super Mastercard’, a unique card designed by Lisa that allows for unlimited purchases. Now you’re ready for Paris.

First things first, you enter a high-end café and have a snack – it’s been an hour from lunch. You settle into a table near the window, and sip your overpriced coffee. Or not overpriced, no. You’re a trillionaire, wouldn’t matter if the thing cost a million dollars.

There, eyeing up the busy street, you see someone. A beautiful woman in a stylish skirt and black leggins, and a light brown jacket. In a stray thought, you lust for her. This makes you slightly uncomfortable, however. Lisa is fully loyal to you, but are you supposed to be loyal to her? You commune with Lisa telepathically.

”Lisa, I believe you don’t need to read my mind to know what I’m going to ask now.”

”You’d be right, Master. Worry not, I’m not jealous.”

”Really? Isn’t it sort of unflattering that I’d covet someone other than you, the most alluring, caring and capable person in the universe?”

”Genuine adverse feelings are something that I do not experience. I am to fulfill any and all of Master’s desires, and that includes womanizing. Consider me nothing more than a tool.”

”I could never consider that, Lisa. I love you!”

”But you also have feelings for that French woman. Who, in my opinion, is pretty hawt looking. And she’s single. And I can tell that she’s clearly your type, Master. Go for it.”


You head off to catch up with the woman. You see that she’s going to her apartment, and can’t follow her anymore. Well, of course you could follow her, but teleporting is not exactly a commonplace thing, and obviously she might be freaked out.

”Master, you need to be more cunning with her.”

”True. Please don’t spoil anything, I wish to find a way myself.”

You have an absolute arsenal of powers at your disposal. And first and foremost: near-limitless intelligence to come up with suitable scenarios to woo this woman. You decide on a relatively straightforward approach.

Step one: you teleport inside of her apartment building, and transform yourself into a delivery man, complete with a suitable outfit. You leave flowers with a card on her doorstep. Then you ring the doorbell and vanish.

Step two: The woman, whose name you have deducted using your near-omniscience to be Adeline, opens the door and picks up the flowers. She sees a card, and reads it. It says, in French:

”To Adeline Cosette Richelieu . If you believe in miracles, say the word ’Master’ quietly to yourself three times.”

Intrigued but skeptic, Adeline takes the flowers and goes back inside. She says the words to herself quietly, as requested.

Step three: You address Adeline using telepathy, naturally in French, and with a deeper, softer voice than your natural one.


”Who’s there?”

”I am Master. You have called me.”

Adeline looks around nervously.

”W-where are you, I can’t see anyone?”

”Forgive me for this intrusion. I speak to you telepathically.”


”I am a powerful magician. Earthly matters such as the laws of physics do not concern me.”

”Are you sure you haven’t just placed a mic in these flowers?”

You use telekinesis to levitate all objects in her house, including the carpet she is standing on. Adeline is frightened, but convinced.

”Alright, I believe you. Why did you contact me, then?”

”Adeline, I think you are beautiful. I will do nothing to force you, but I would be honored to have you tonight.”

”Have me? You mean in… a sexual way?”


”Ehh… I don’t know. Maybe I should get to know you a little better first? Like maybe see your face?”

”Why, of course! Where are my manners?”

You slowly materialize in front of her, surrounded by a sizzling puff of vapor. You’ve transformed yourself into a ferociously muscular, and stunningly handsome man wearing only white shorts. Adeline is awestruck, and practically salivating. You could have her there and then if you asked, but want to toy around slightly.

”My dear, if you still hesitate, I can offer you a favour. You may present me with a single wish, and I will make it reality. Anything that you could ever dream of!”

”Well then, I might consider then...”

”You are still unsure? Very well, how about three wishes, and you will have absolute control when, where and how we will make love.”

”Oh my god, yes! Yes, I will.”

”Marvelous. What are your three wishes, then?”

”Let’s make one thing clear first: I can wish for absolutely anything, and there won’t be any genie-like double entendre funny business, correct?”

”You may not wish for more wishes. Other than that, yes.”

”Very well. I wish that I knew exactly what to use my two remaining wishes for.”

”Ah, clever! Very well. I will reveal one of your wishes now, and the second one after our lovemaking. You should first of all wish to be the most beautiful woman on Earth. A rightful sex goddess, the epitome of feminine beauty, and a source of envy, admirance and lust from both sexes alike.”

”Well… I guess I’ll have to trust you on this.”

”Close your eyes and count to three. Then your wish will be granted.”

Adeline closes her eyes.

”One, two, three.”

Opening her eyes, she takes a look down on herself. Unsurprisingly to you, there isn’t any difference in her appearance.

”You didn’t grant my wish. What gives?”

”Oh but I did. Do you not see?”

”No, not really. I’m still myself. I… *gasp* You made this into some lame Aesop about liking me for myself!”

”I did, yes. And I do apologize, but I promise that your last wish will be worth it, and not just some blatant jackassery under the guise of wisdom.”

”Alright then. Now, you said that you’ll tell me what my last wish should be after the… Ehm...”

”After painting the sheets with our liquids?”

”That is such a Deity thing to say. So if I chose, I could schedule our little session, say… three years from now?”

”That is absolutely right. But then you obviously wouldn’t know your last wish until after three years.”

”In that case, we will begin very shortly. As final proof of your status as a God, I request that we have sex on a foreign planet, somewhere in the Andromeda galaxy.”

”Will do.”

You don’t know any habitable planets in the Andromeda galaxy, since you’ve incidentally never been there. You now need some assistance from Lisa. You speak with her telepathically.

”Lisa, care to transport us to a suitable location?”

”Of course! Would Master be surprised to hear that I have personally catalogued every single planet and asteroid in the nearest hundred galaxies?”

”...A little, yes. Wow. Just mapping a single galaxy seems like a rather time-consuming task.”

”A ’little’ is correct: I performed the entirety of this task during the pause between my two previous sentences, through the use of time travel.”

”You just have a penchant to overdo, don’t you?”

”Just the way my Master likes.”

Lisa performs a transport spell onto the surface of another blue planet in a double star system on the edge of the Andromeda galaxy. The atmosphere is nearly identical to that of Earth’s, and at this time of year in this particular place, the air is hot and humid. Strange bird-like creatures glide about in nearby trees and create a joyous soundscape. During the next twenty minutes, there will be a monumentous double sunset, only seen once every three Earth years.

”How does this fare?”


Adeline spins around in amazement, taking in the alien landscape. She somewhat expected to find herself underneath a glass dome breathing canned air on some tactless, inhospitable rock. Nuts to that – penguins give rocks to their partners. You’ve found her an entire planet, full of life and wonder!

Adeline’s bewilderment soon turns her throbbing heart towards you. You – a tall, powerful sexy beast in loose white pants, which seem to be getting tighter by the moment. Adeline walks closer to you and clenches her hand in and out of a fist, as if wanting to touch you.

”Go on ahead. I’m all yours.”

Adeline carefully sets her hand upon your warm chest. The touch of a genuine woman – a rare commodity these days, though Lisa would be an indistinguishable replacement. But you guess that you can get just about any woman you like now, can you not?

The sultry French woman is slowly easing up, seeing you as non-threatening. Just as discussed: she’ll be pulling the ropes here. She slides her hand around all over you, on your shoulders, up and down your cheeks, through your hair. Using both hands now, she slithers her fingers down your sides, all the way to the waist of your shorts. You remain stoic and downright passive, and it begins to irk Adeline.

”God, it’s like you’re a mannequin. I need some reciprocation from you, Master!”

”How’s this?”

You force yourself erect in a fraction of a second, exploding the fabric onto Adeline. Bits and pieces of white cloth rain down on her. She gazes at the snow-like downpour with awestruck admirance.

”Want to make it rain something else, my love?”

”O-ho-hoo, a feisty deity you are! Very well, lie down.”

You fall backwards in a comfortable leaning position, the massive girth of your muscles creating a sizeable *thump*. What could’ve feasibly broken a bone for a normal human did not hurt even the slightest bit. Those nanobots are doing a pack-up job.

Adeline walks around over to your head, allowing you to get a decent shot of her underwear. Seeing you watch her makes Adeline blush cutely, but she’s gained considerable confidence in a short time period. You’re eager to see her develop further. Mostly unfazed, she quips:

”Let’s see how you like it close by.”

Adeline kneels over your head, with her panties right up against your face. Sopping wet, and fragrant. The heat of her body, the smooth and sweaty surface of her skin is exhilarating. What’s more, her confidence incites your arousal even further. You’d imagine the feeling is mutual.

Despite having transformed yourself into a god in both powers and physique, you somehow feel inadequate in the face of this plainly ordinary woman. Perhaps you’ve stricken the root of an unexplored confidence issue, or perhaps you simply adore women that much? In any case, it’s time to show off some of that adoration.

Your first target is her panties, which you deftly tear in two, and shred into dust via single thought. You pull her legs down to smoosh her against your face, and begin to work magic with your tongue. Adeline shivers and squeals with delight as you utilize those dandy shapeshifting powers to split your tongue into a fork. This dexterous tonguework of course won’t be a hinderance to the confabulatory abilities of a telepathist such as yourself.

”Is this satisfactory?”

”UuUuh... OH! Yes, that’s really good, Master! Ah- ah!

Desperately gasping for breath between her joyous exclamations, Adeline shuts her eyes and throws her head back. Nevertheless, she senses that jutting right ahead of her is your tantalizing member, radiating heat, simply aching to be serviced. You feel her pained attempt at slouching forwards to reach it. But even a slight move forwards would deprive her from the full pleasure of your ravenous tongues diligently caressing her depths. Instead, you aid her by slowly, teasingly growing your erection towards her, letting her lips nibble at your tip like a dog yanking on a chain.

”Euuuugh…! Just… a little closer...”

Finally you let Adeline sample your precum and slather her saliva all over your glans. The feeling is magnificent! There was an ounce of fear in you that after Lisa, you could never hope to achieve such orgasmic bliss with a mortal woman. This proves your fears wrong – in fact you might even enjoy this more on some level: after all, you’re pleasing a real human. That is, someone not predisposed to adore your every move.

Your still stretching shaft soon slips past her lips. She savours this divine delicacy by suckling it like the sweetest of lollipops. Adeline just can’t get enough of you, can she? Time to give yourself to her in troves!

Adeline begins to feel a certain stuffiness in her genitalia. As if your serpentine tongue were expanding into a full-blown hydra. Soon, the revelation strikes her – quite literally, as you begin to pump with all three of your newly-formed tongue-members with neatly even intervals. Like the pistons in an engine, but with great care and fondness, you practically turn her insides out by swiftly rotating the three rods both around their collective midpoint, and also around each of their separate axes.

Adeline wails like a wolf in rabid heat. Her body language speaks of nothing but enjoyment for the adrenaline-soaked adventure of this rollercoaster ride that is you. Disregarding any notion of ’too much of a good thing’, you decide to give her jaws a stretch by summoning two more fleshy tree trunks from your abdomen. Contorting them around like limbs, you caress her face, leaving dabs of precum scattered every which way.

Already sporting in total around two meters of thick, veiny love muscle, you amp things up by extending all three organs: the two new ones deep into her mouth, and the primary one straight down her throat. Thankfully, Adeline does not appear to have any notion of a gag reflex. You’re not sure you could’ve found a way around this problem otherwise.

Surrounded on both sides by dick, Adeline is in total bliss. ’Total bliss’ however, just doesn’t cut it when dealing with Gods. You decide to give a strike of mercy and begin to incessantly vibrate all six of your rods.

Orgasms. Orgasms everywhere. Adeline clenches the walls of her vagina and esophagus with all her might, finding herself against the immovable, undentable muscle of God himself. The sounds she produces make it seem like she’s trying to desperately cum with all muscles in her body, and succeeding. The totality of her body writhing with convulsions seems to corroborate this.

After no less than ten minutes of this, you finally begin to go flaccid, and release Adeline. She slumps down onto your lap like a ragdoll, your genitals rubbing against each others respective faces. Adeline shivers as if having just risen from a warm pool into cold air – no different from her current situation, to be honest.

Letting her breath settle for another few minutes first, she reaches over to kiss your shaft, prompting a near-audible ting as it momentarily hardens once more.

”I think I’m in love, Master...”

”I could’ve said the same thing as soon as I saw you, Adeline.”

Another loving kiss leaves you sprung and hung like no one else. Then, as if awakening from a daydream, Adeline perks up. Inquiringly, she looks back at you with wide open eyes.

”Master… what about my third wish?”

”Why, of course. I understand that your previous two wishes might’ve been sub-standard to say the least, and there’s a reason for that. Your third wish will more than make up for anything that you could’ve used those measly three wishes for!”


”Yes. It’s simple really. You can wish for anything. So why not wish to attain the source of my power?”

”...You mean that you could make me into a powerful magician such as yourself?”

”Not exactly. Allow me to explain. I haven’t been absolutely truthful with you, Adeline. I am not a magician by birth or by skill. In fact, I am a normal human just like you. Another entity granted me these powers. Lisa, would you kindly appear?”

Your personal goddess slowly materializes at your side so as not to startle Adeline.


You introduce Lisa to Adeline, and expertly list off her amazing capabilities. Adeline is intrigued to say the least, and by the time her shapeshifting powers carve out of herself a manly, chiseled Super Ultra Butler, Adeline looks exactly as slack-jawed as you must’ve done when first going through these motions.

”So you’re telling me I can just… have her...? Or him?”

”There’s only a small catch. The Super Ultra Maid is sort of a by-attribution shareware. You must first read a book compiled by its creator. Lisa, would you retrieve a copy of it?”

”Yes, Master.”

With a puff of smoke emanating from her single gloved hand, a familiar looking book is summoned. The word here is ’looking’, as this seems to be a slightly different book. Entitled ”Super Boys”, it deals with young men endowed with God-like attributes and abilities.

”I didn’t know there was a gender-swapped version for this. Makes sense, since you can apparently turn into a male.”

”Of course! My Creator would be foolish if he were not to cater to a larger audience. There are also many translations for both versions of these books, all written by yours truly.”

”Huh. The guy just straight up used you for translation services and doesn’t even give attribution to you?”

”I pay no mind to it. I am simply a constantly self-improving robot programmed by my Creator. I am to be considered a tool. If Master so wishes, he can have me write whatever Master wants, and take all credit for himself.”

The allure of circumventing copyright laws with technicalities. Then again, you can have all the written pornography you could ever hope for. All the pornographic images too. All the pornographic movies! Hell, screw pornography: you could have Lisa make any fictitious work of any type, of any length, instantly! Boy, this whole Super Ultra Maid-deal is constantly revealing itself to be sweeter than you thought to imagine.

Adeline has already immersed herself into the book, salivating at the thought of having a God to cater to her every whim. You can sort of understand her excitement.

As the two suns set, the three of you relax underneath a peaceful foreign sky. Adeline reads out loud excerpts from the book and Lisa is happy to waiter drinks and snacks. The reading session takes considerably longer than it did for you, as you often times take to acting out some scenes from the book, much to Adeline’s delight.

After finally setting the last page aside, a time travel copy of Lisa appears, in the form of André, a Super Ultra Butler. With gleamy eyes, Adeline looks to you.

”Thank you, Master.”

”Same goes for you, Adeline. Have fun now!”

Adeline departs back to Earth by means of André’s teleportation. You decide to follow suit.

”Heads up, Lisa!”

You spread your hands out to your sides and fall backwards on your heels. Lisa, sensing what you intend to do, teleports both of your straight back to one of your bedrooms, allowing you to land on your bed.

This is a different bedroom than last night. How unbefitting of your status it would be to sleep in the same room twice in a row! The floors, walls and ceiling are decorated with extremely intricate carvings, and appear to consist mainly of solid gold, rubies, emeralds and topaz. The bed, seemingly almost form-fitting to your preferred sleeping position, feels like laying on top of rays of starshine. However, the experience feels slightly incomplete.

”Would you care to join me, Lisa?”

”Of course, Master.”

Lisa changes her outfit to a set of loose pajamas. Apparently made for someone four sizes larger, her shirt is stretched out thin over her magnificent mammaries, while the helms dangle out from her waist far enough to crawl through. Lisa truly lives up to her namesake.

Lisa assumes the role of a warm, gently heaving body pillow. Not even the thinnest strips of starlight that these sheets are made of could compare to the airy softness of her bosom. Despite the excitement of today and your eagerness to explore Lisa and her abilities, her soothing presence lets you fall asleep in minutes.

Dream of tomorrow. Dream all you feel. Your dreams can become real.


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