WARNING: This story contains...i don't even know man just read it if you into weird shit.

Jodie wasn’t a huge fan of her mom.

She loved her of course, but having her be a part of your life is also very frustrating. Jodie didn’t exactly know WHAT her mother was, or anyone for that matter, all she knew though was that she was pretty fucking weird. In fact that’s what they called her, Mrs.Weird.

Jodie rose from her bed and a mighty yawn left her mouth. The yawn echoed on the grand halls of her bedroom. Her room was about the size of most people’s homes, it was practically a home itself. There was a kitchen, a bathroom, a home theater, and a mini bowling alley. Her mother always said go big or go home, which was her exactly philosophy when she built Jodie’s bedroom. It only took her about an hour to complete it, as well as fill it with various pieces of iconic sculptures and artwork (all that her mother had imitated to the stroke). She hopped off of her triple-King sized, pure gold-framed bed, and made a trek to the bathroom to get ready for her day.

Jodie often dreaded this part of her routine. It was a chore to get any clothes on her incredibly thick body. Her mother had partially endowed her with her incredible anatomy. At 16 years old, she had a pair of EE-cups, which lactated occasionally throughout the day. Her thick thighs and huge butt led people to think that she was a mother herself from behind. The only indicator that she was a teenager was her round, cute face. She hated her body, it gave her so much attention. The worst part of it was that she couldn’t change it. The DNA she had gotten from her mother made it impossible for her to gain or lose any weight, leaving her with a perpetually curvaceous body with a tight, chiseled stomach. She was also a bit muscular as well, despite not spending a second at a gym in her life. While she tried to enjoy the fact that her body was much more mature than any girl her age, for most people she was just a reminder of the incredible beauty of her mother.

Her mom’s beauty put her to absolute shame. Mrs. Weird was in her 60s, but she has the appearance of a woman in her 20s. Her body was much like Jodie’s except for the fact that she was a foot taller and about 3 sizes bigger in the places that mattered. Not only that, but she sported a pair of muscular arms that look like they belonged on a male bodybuilder. Most people would assume that she’s had hundreds of men knocking at her doorstep, but that was not the case in fact. Mrs.Weird found sexual attraction in everything really, no real preference at all, but her children weren’t the product of other men. 

Mrs.Weird has 23 children, Jodie and her 22 sisters. They were all conceived through her fucking and impregnating herself by growing a cock right under her vagina. Jodie loved her sisters, but they aren’t exactly a picture perfect family. Due to her mother’s “diverse” DNA, all of her sisters were somehow different in their own ways. Jodie was one of the NORMAL ones, as she was born a young baby and grew up like a regular girl, relatively speaking. Some of her sisters however, were a bit on the weird side. Jodie has sisters who have both a penis and a vagina, one that’s a straight up shemale. Some of her sisters have bodies made entirely of rubber, some who has extra limbs, and some with super intelligence. One of her sisters even gained a little bit of her mother’s abilities. Anatomy wasn’t the only different however, Jodie grew up to be the age she is today, but some of her sisters were much different. A few are born 40 year old milfs, some toddlers, some young women, and even a GILF in there. 

Jodie got dressed in a pink T-shirt and a pair of blue jeans, a bit of sweat dripping from her forehead. Her mother had offered her several times to tailor some clothes for her body specifically herself, but Jodie would rather struggle a bit to get dressed than to let her mother in on another part of her life. In the corner of her room there is a door. When she left the door, she entered a hallway that looked like it belonged in a much smaller house. The walls were lined up with dozens and dozens of doors, one for her of her sisters, and one door at the end of the hallway, specifically for her mother. Her room has been a bit of a myth between the sisters, only one or two ever claiming to go in there and come out alive. One of them claimed that her room was actually an entire universe that she created herself. The other claimed that her room was surprising just a regular bedroom. 

At the other end of the hallway was an elevator. Jodie strolled down to it and entered. Inside she saw her sister, Natalie. Natalie, despite having the body of a curvy 43 year old woman, was Jodie's younger sister. Natalie was born five years ago. Jodie remembered her mother's pregnancy at that time, her belly swollen incredibly huge because of the grown woman growing inside of it. She was dressed in a tight, brown suit, fitted well around her figure, as she was on her way to her job as a defense attorney. 

"Hey big sis!" She said, waving at Jodie. She had the intelligence and skill that a mid-aged college graduate normally does, but still recognized that Jodie was her elder. Jodie got on the elevator and navigated through the 20 floors and hit 1. 

"Good morning Jodie, are you heading off for school?" She asked.

"Ugh. Yeah." Jodie replied with a sigh. 

"Aw. Don't feel so down about it. I always wished I could go to high school. I've always envied that you were born as a baby, when I was 2 months old I was already applying for my attorney's license."

"I guess you're right. Have you seen mom by the way? I didn't see her at all last night."

The elevator reached the bottom floor and the door opened. The two entered an enormous hotel lobby that is completely covered in gold and fantastic art.

"I think she was applying for a couple more jobs."

"More? What is she at now? Like 43? What else could she possibly be doing?"

The lobby was incredibly busy. Dozens of butlers and maids scattered around, rushing up and down elevators to take care of the hotel's 23 inhabitants. The two sisters walked out of the home, which despite having the square-footage of a few malls, looked like a typical, suburban two-story home on the outside. Leave it to Mrs. Weird to break the laws of the time-space continuum just to build a home for her family.  Jodie and Natalie kissed each other goodbye, which in the Weird family is a long, passionate makeout session. Natalie hopped into her SUV and drove off to work, while Jodie walked to the bus stop.

At the bus stop, she saw her usual classmates. She blushed in embarrassment. She always stuck out among her peers being the girl with the woman's body. Jodie wished sometimes that she'd get acne, or get sweaty, have periods, have a pair of normal-size breasts. Her weird anatomy has made life incredibly easy for her: she always looks beautiful, she never gets sick, and she was incredibly smart (not as smart as some of her sisters, but smart enough to find high school trivial). Her best friend, Ashley, waved at her.

"Hey Jodie! Wow you look incredible today!" She said, poking at one of Jodie's massive mammaries. A spurt of milk came out of her nipple and stained Jodie's shirt. "Whoops! Sorry."

"I told you to stop doing that Ash!" She said, covering her shirt in embarrassment.

"Sorry! It's just hard to remember that you're not pregnant and your breasts just do that naturally. You aren't like a lot of other people."

"Ugh. Don't remind the way, where's the bus? I should've gotten here by now."

"I heard we got a new driver." Ash said, licking the delicious milk off her fingers.

Just then, a bus came zooming down the road and came to an abrupt stop at the bus stop. The door opened and steam rushed out of the door. As the smoke screen cleared, the bus driver was in full view: it was Mrs.Weird.

"MOM?!" Jodie said in surprise. The other students stood in shock at the gorgeous woman sitting in the driver's seat. Long, meaty legs, tight, hourglass midsection, a pair of huge bounty breasts, and a beautiful model face with long, thick black hair. She was like an amplified version of Jodie herself. She smiled through her hot, red lipstick, excited to see her daughter. Although her mom looked like a woman in her 20s, she was just as corny as a mom in her 50s, all the while actually being a woman in her late 60s.

"Hey Jodie! I'm your new bus driver now!" She got up from the seat and forced her overly thick body to fit through the small bus door and gave Jodie a breast-full of a hug. Seeing her stand next to Jodie was a sight to see as well. The 6' teenager paled in comparison to the 7' Amazon goddess. "Alright guys hop on the bus!"

As Jodie got on the bus, she saw that her mom already weirded it out. On the outside, it was a regular school bus, but on the inside, it looked like a deluxe, private jet and seemed to stretch miles backwards. There were several multi-armed waitresses dressed as maids, serving breakfast to the students climbing aboard. She took a seat, her thighs spreading massively on the chair with Ashley taking a seat right next to her.

"I hope you all don't mind, but I made some alterations to your regular school bus."

Jodie sighed, only imagining her mother using her powers to turn even the most mundane things into unforgettable experiences. Less is more is not even an option for her.

"Alright! Let's get to school!" She slammed her foot on the gas pedal only for nothing to happen. The motor creaked and groaned and smoke poured from the exhaust pipe. "Hmm..look's like the bus couldn't handle all of the changes I made to it. Don't worry kids! We'll get there on time!"

Mrs.Weird stood up from her seat and started to transform. Her sexy, bus driver suit melted and reformed itself as a sexy mechanic suit. Muscles bulged on her arms and legs and her hair became unrestrained and messy. She reached into her cleavage and pulled out a wrench and several other tools. She stepped off the bus and surveyed the damage.

"Huh, looks like it couldn't even handle the trip here. I knew I should've used the 5th dimension fuel instead of regular gasoline." She walked over to the fuel tank and opened it up. "I don't have the time to go to the 5th dimension right now, looks like I'll have to make my own." Mrs.Weird pulled her pants down, revealing her giant bum and divine legs to the word. She put her hands on her hips as she began to shapeshift. A pair of big, fat sloshy balls grew from her crotch. She grabbed one of her balls and started to change her sperm into fuel from the 5th dimension. She started to moan as her crotch started to crunch and growl as she slowly grew a veiny, girthy penis in the shape of a gas pump. She shoved her massive gas pump cock into the fuel tank. She ripped open her buttoned, mechanic top and exposed her massive breasts. "FUCK!" She said, her body filling with pleasure as she came into the fuel tank, filling it with the magical gasoline. She pumped hundreds of gallons into it before collapsing to the ground in pure euphoria. She collected herself and got up from the ground, her penis and ball retracted back into her voluptuous body and her clothes reforming itself back into the mechanic suit.

Jodie's face was red. Everyone else was staring out of the window, in awe of her strange mom. While they all seemed to be enjoying her eccentric way of doing things, Jodie hated it. All of the attention her mother got would eventually turn to her. 

Mrs. Weird made her way to the front of the bus and popped the hood open, starting at the defunct car battery. "This thing won't be able to handle the new fuel, it'll need a lot more juice." She shoved her hand down her throat and pulled out two long, slim cords with metal clamps on each other, like a magician does with colorful ribbons. She attached the metal clamps to the two studs on the car battery. She clenched her fists as she grew her breasts so large, the buttons couldn't handle it and flew off her shirt at hundreds of miles per hour. She took the metal clamps from the other ends of the cords and attached them to her erect nipples, she groaned incredibly loud for all of the students to hear. A dark cloud formed above her, supercharged. 

"A couple billion watts should do!"

The cloud sent down a bolt of lightning right at Mrs. Weird. It was so bright that the sky around them went dark. Billions of volts of energy traveled through her body and left through her nipples through the cord into the car battery. She was laughing and groaning in the meanwhile, orgasming at the feeling of all of that electricity coursing inside of her. The cloud she created dissipated and the lightning stopped. The bus started up once again ready for travel. Mrs. Weird got back onto the bus, covered in ash with her hair in a frizz. 

"All fixed!"

She melted into a flesh-colored puddle and reformed into the same bus driver uniform she had on earlier. "Looks like we'll make it just in time."

She sat down in the seat and slammed the gas pedal. Four seconds later. "We're here!"

"At least the ride was short." Jodie said to herself. She saw school as her safe haven and was relieved that now she'll have some space from her mom. As each student left the bus, Mrs. Weird said her goodbyes with a hard slap on the ass to the girls and a kiss on the mouth to the guys. When Jodie started to climb off, her mother stopped her and wrapped her around several times over with rubber arms. "Love you sweetie! I'll see you later!" She then made out with her daughter, before slapping her ass and Jodie departed the bus.

Ash walked up to her friend. "Wow Jodie, you're mom is really freaking hot."

"Let's just get to class."

First period rolled along and Jodie took her seat. It was biology class, which was one of Jodie's favorites. "Where's Mrs. Longhorn? She's never late."

"I heard she got fired." Ashley said.


"Yeah, apparently they found a better replacement."

"Oh fu-"

The door slammed open and Mrs.Weird came walking in. "HELLO CLASS! I'm your new teach...HEY JODIE!"

"Fuck me."

"Oh, later sweetie. But for now, let me introduce myself" She morphed her index finger into a piece of chalk and wrote on the board in beautiful calligraphy. "I'm Professor Weird! Your new bio teacher!"

She was wearing a labcoat, over a tight, red sweater and tight, brown slacks, on a pair of black high heels as well as a pair of thick-framed nerdy glasses. "Let's start today's lesson shall we? We are going to study the structure of the human body!"

The students were too in awe of her perfect body that was being hidden horribly by her labcoat. Jodie's face slammed into her desk.

"Now, what better way is there to study a human body than to actually be inside of one!" Mrs.Weird opened her mouth and her jaw slammed onto the ground. Her mouth was now as wide and tall as a door. "Climb in everybody!"

The students eagerly got out of their seats and walked into her mouth. All 15 piled in, except for Jodie. 

"C'mon in Jodie! Don't keep us waiting!"

Jodie rolled her eyes as she strolled into her mother's mouth. After she entered, her jaw slapped right back into place. Mrs. Weird stood in a sensual pose as her eyes rolled into the back of her head, leaving her standing alone in the classroom. Jodie, after walking into her mother, found herself in a submarine along with her classmates. Mrs. Weird suddenly rose from the metallic floor. "Welcome to the surveying sub everybody! Right now, we're about the size of a cell inside of my body. If you take a look out there, we're currently traveling down my esophagus."

Jodie looked out of one of the large windows on the submarine. Mrs. Weird chuckled with glee as the submarine traveled into her stomach. "Welcome to my stomach class!"

Jodie was amazed at what was seeing. Her stomach seemed almost bottomless.

"As you can see class, I have a very *ahem* diverse diet!"

The sub swam by giant slices of eaten pizza, cheeseburgers, hotdogs, candy, chips, cakes, cookies, and brownies.

"Heh, I do have a bit of a junk food fetish."

But as the microscopic school sub traveled through more parts of her belly, things got a little...weird. The students spotted entire turkeys, chickens, dogs, cats, birds, and...lions?...squirming around in her stomach. "Yes, my diet does include all kinds of meat from all over the globe. As you can see, I do appreciate my food to be eaten alive, that's when they are the most organic!"

Things got even weirder when the students started to see things that they didn't even see as edible. Parking meters, No Parking signs, a police car.

"Mom you ate a fucking police car?!"

She burped and giggled. "As you can see class, my stomach is basically infinite, I can fit anything in here and still have room for more! eating habits also allow me to never get a parking ticket!"

Jodie looked at the car, and noticed someone pounding away at the window from the inside. "MOM! THERE'S A PERSON IN THE C-!"

Nervously Mrs. Weird said. "Now it's time to watch the digestion process!" She grabbed her stomach and leaned her head back as she forced her stomach to produce acid. The students observed, the acid was so strong, everything melted and disintegrated in seconds, including the cop car. A loud burp came from her mouth and her entire body shook and rumbled. "After every digests in my belly, my body processes the nutrients, and distributes it appropriately on my breasts, hips, and buttocks. Why don't we take a trip to my heart now shall we?"

The submarine suddenly zipped out of her stomach and in a few seconds, the students were viewing Mrs.Weird's heart. They all looked in awe. The heart was pumping unbelievably fast.

"My heart does about...5944 beats a minute. While this is incredibly dangerous for a normal person, this is just a regular occurrence in my body."

The submarine zipped through her again, reaching her uterus. "And this is where the magic happens! This is the part of my body where my many daughters are produced. Just like Jodie!"

The class chuckled and laughed, Jodie blushed. "...Moooom...can you just get on with the lesson please?"

"Sure thing hon, but not before we witness the beautiful miracle of life! Class, I am happy to announce that I am pregnant right now!" The submarine swam in front of a giant fetus, currently growing inside of her. "This will be my 23rd daughter soon!"

A student asked. "How far along are you?"

"About 2 days, she'll be born by the end of the week!"

"Mom, you're pregnant?!"

"Uh huh! Why do you think I've been picking up all these extra jobs lately? Now class, as you can see, that little stub right there is the penis."

"Penis? Mrs. Weird I thought you said this was a girl?"

"It is a girl! Sometimes my children are born shemales or hermaphrodites."

The class all looked at Jodie's crotch. She scolded them angrily. "I don't have a fucking penis you creeps."

Mrs. Weird laughed and snapped her fingers. Jodie's head leaned backwards as a bulge swelled up in her jeans. "Well if you wanted one so bad, you could've just asked sweetie!"


She laughed before snapped her fingers again and the penis was slurped up back into her body. "Alright class, final stop!"

The submarine suddenly appeared in front of her brain. "Behold! The human brain!"

Her brain brightly radiated pink energy. Lightning bolts shot out of the giant tissue, as it was supercharged. "This is the control center of our bodies, well, mine is the control center of reality, but you get the jist!"

"Wow Mrs. Weird, it looks...incredible." A student said.

"Why thank you! It certainly is incredible. Well, that's the end of our tour for today!"

The sub traveled back to her mouth and the door opened. Mrs. Weird's real body's jaw slammed onto the ground once again and the students exited. After they were all out, she slapped her jaw shut. "I hope you enjoyed class today everybody!"

The bell rang. Jodie quickly exited the class while the rest of the students hung back to talk to her. She already knew her mom would take over the school, she'd be surprised if she wasn't the principal already. She made her way to her locker and opened it up. Expecting to see her small personal bookshelf like she always do, instead she found herself looking at the entrance to a lounge. In the middle of the lounge, her mother was sitting.

"Hey Jodie! Like what I've done to the place? I can't believe you put your stuff in that tiny locker haha!"

Jodie took a deep breathe and said to herself. "She's your mom. Just deal with it. She gets on your nerves. But you love her."

"Aw. I love you too sweetie!"

"God damn it mom."

She shut her locker door and headed towards her next class, History. Jodie was glad to see her same old regular history teacher there, Mr. Jenkins. He was nice, young newly graduated student teacher. She found him to be very handsome. She sat right in the front of the class and made sure her cleavage was out for him to see. The class filled and the bell rang once again.

"Good morning class." He spoke. "Open your textbooks"

"Mr.Jenkins are you alright?!" Jodie said. 

Mr. Jenkins collapsed to the ground. His body was sloshing and groaning. He opened up his button shirt as two, enormous FF-Cup breasts grew on his chest. Milk spouted from his nipples onto the ground. His spine shot up about a foot as his legs grew as well. His stomach formed a set of hard chiseled abs. *CRUNCH*, his abdominal muscles crunched inward, giving him a curvy stomach. His ass suddenly filled with fat cells, multiplying in seconds, giving him a big, fat badonkadonk. His thighs filled with curvaceous fat. His clothes morphed to the female version of the button-up shirt and slacks he was wearing before. His face shifted and re-arranged itself into that of a beautiful woman. His hair turned black and lengthened to his shoulders. Now, a sexy woman stood in the place of her old History teacher, and it is..

"To Page 340!" Mrs. Weird said.

"Fuck me." Jodie said to herself.

"C'mon honey, later. Right now we're going to look back at the civil war and what better way to look back at the civil war than to go back in time!"

The classroom suddenly changed as the walls changed into a dark wood. The room turned into that of a 19th century classroom. The clothes on all of the students changed into that of which a teenager from that time would wear. Mrs. Weird's clothes changed into that of a war general, with her clothes melting into a coat and a decorated cap formed on her head. Her pants transformed into tight, white slacks and black boots formed on her feet.  "Okay class, the date is July 1st, 1864! We are currently in the battle of Gettysburg."

*BOOM* A canon is heard from outside. Now pay attention as Mrs. Weird takes on a bunch of confederate soldiers."

Mrs. Weird walked out of the classroom while the students watched from the windows. She strutted onto the middle of the battlefield. For a few seconds, the firing stopped as the men all watched this voluptuous beauty walk into the middle of the field. 

"Hello boys!"

She ran over at superspeeds to a soldier with a rifle pointed right at her. She picked it up by the barrel and shoved it into her mouth. Mrs. Weird began to chew on the metal like it was gum until she devoured the entire rifle. She swallowed the lump of metal and coughed up gunpowder. "Delicious."


Both sides of the war pointed their guns away from each other and aimed it right at Mrs. Weird. She smiled as she stood as if she was bored.

"Ready! Aim! FIRE!"

Hundreds of rifles were fired at her at once. A giant cloud of dust formed around it, to the men she was not even visible. 


The men waited as the smoke cleared and she was there, covered in dust but still standing. "Is that all you got?"

"What the fuck? WHO IS THIS MONSTER?!"

Mrs. Weird ran over to a cannon and pulled down her pants. She stuck her rubber anus right on the end of it. "Well what you waiting for bub? My students are eager to see what cannonfire really looks like."

"I-I...uh..." The buccaneer lit the fuse and cannon went off. Her stomach swelled with fire and smoke as her eyes rolled into the back of her head. The huge lump of fire dissipated as Mrs. Weird burped out a cloud of dark smoke. "FUCK! You got another one in ya?" Her asshole clenched against the metal. It creaked and croaked as she started to slurp up the half of ton of metal through her ass. Her ass chewed on the metal until it completely disappeared up her ass. She pulled her tight slacks back up on her butt and gave another hefty burp, followed by a dark, black fart escaping her ass. "PFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT. This will be a nice souvenir for my class."

Mrs. Weird ran across the field as superspeeds, grabbed every rifle off of the field until every single of the soldiers were unarmed. "These are pretty cool too." She grabbed the waistline of her pants and dumped the hundreds of the weapons into it, before slapping it back across her skin. "Don't worry, I've got something new for you fellas." She looked up into an the air as a helicopter flew in. Dozens of crates fell from the sky in front of the soldiers. They slowly crept up to them and opened them up, inside of which were miniguns, grenades, and machine guns. "I hope this will spice things up for ya! Nice you'll excuse me, I've got one more thing to show my class." She ran back to the old classroom, at saw her students in complete disarray. "Now that is how you shake up a war." The soldiers picked up their new modern weapons and aimed them at each other. 


"Well I wouldn't want to interrupt their little war. Besides, the death count will be about the same. We can't change the timestream too much."

Mrs. Weird stood completely still as she twirled her fingers in a clockwise motion. Everything around the classroom advanced incredibly quickly and suddenly they were in November of that year. "Come along class. We're about to witness one of the greatest speeches given in the history of this gre...decent country."

Jodie sighed. She knew what was about the happen. Her mother loved to mess with history all of the time.

The students gathered in the Gettysburg Square, where Abraham Lincoln made an appearance. The tall, lanky man stood in a black suit on a pedestal. 

"Hmm...let's spice this up a little bit shall we?"

Lincoln without even realizing it, was slowly shapeshifting into an even, taller woman. A huge pair of breasts nearly stretched his suit to the brink and his ass was so huge his pants came off all together. A big, curly blonde afro grew under his tall, top hat. His torso became curvy and his body was now a meaty hourglass. His clothes transformed into a red-white-and-blue bikini. "That's better."

"Jeez mom. You don't think Lincoln being a half-naked chick won't fuck up American history?"

"Oh Jodie. I'm not even close to fucking up history yet." Her eyes glowed a bright white as her body became completely still. Suddenly, Abrabitch Lincoln's eyes glowed a bright white as well. Mrs. Weird was controlling his body.

"4 score and seven years ago...fuck the South. Eat my pussy you confederate cocksuckers."

The crowd went in uproar. Lincoln's eyes turned to normal and Mrs. Weird's mind returned to her body. "Alright class, let's go back to our time." They all headed back to the classroom, traumatized, as the small shack turned back into a modern day classroom.

"I hope you all enjoyed our little trip to the past! Oh and before I forget!" Mrs. Weird's clothes and everybody else's returned back to normal. She pulled down her pants and leaned forward. Her face turned red and veins appeared in her hand as she start to shit out the cannon. The giant, metal figure shot out of her ass in perfect condition. "A little decor for the classroom."

The bell rung. "Class dismissed!"

Jodie ran out of the classroom. "Fuck. Fuck. Fuck. Fuck. This cannot be happening."

The rest of the day, well, was a clusterfuck. More in Mrs. Weird #2. (maybe)


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