Shizuka's Ambitions, Part 1

By Akane and Delta7447

Thanks to anonymous-69 and Bloom for beta reading.  Additional thanks to Bloom for the fake HAM radio callsign.


Sunday, June 30, 2052

Akihabara, Tokyo, Japan

Shizuka Hirose was at home, in her apartment above Wasurenagusa Maid Cafe in Akihabara, often shortened to simply Nagusa. It was a modest apartment at 50 square meters, but she had made some modifications. As a world-famous fashion model, omnidisciplinary scientist, businesswoman, cosplayer, chef, and Nagusa's owner, she needed a bit more room than just 50 square meters.

As a Super Goddess, solving that problem was child's play. She warped the apartment's interior to make it 50 square kilometers, which she used in part to make a living space appropriate for a Super Goddess: pleasant, welcoming, maybe a little indulgent, but not gaudy. What was left over was for storage. She kept the originals of everything she ever made--selling, donating, or giving away exact replicas. They were still made by the same impeccable Super Goddess, so no one could tell the difference. Even if they could, they wouldn't care.

She had entire wings of her apartment devoted solely to her cosplays, recipes, research, accolades, and even gifts others had given her over the years. It was absolutely secure: no force was capable of penetrating it without Shizuka's express permission. Earth's sun could go supernova, engulf the Earth, incinerate it into oblivion, and her apartment and its contents would remain perfectly intact as if nothing had ever happened. Another Super Goddess could conceivably get in, but they all respected her and each other's privacy too much to actually attempt anything of the sort.

It was all for show, though. Everything stored in her apartment was also within her flawless and absolute mind, which meant she could effortlessly produce anything in her hammerspace depository with but a thought, regardless of where she might be at the time. Anyhow, she liked her effects being physical objects--or at least seeming like it when not in use.

Just because it was Sunday didn't mean she had the day off. She worked on writing nine new songs for her upcoming live shows, recording seven other ones she finished writing minutes ago, attending voice acting sessions for twelve anime series, three movies, and two foreign films, appearing in five live shows, finishing up four more autograph and handshaking events, working tirelessly downstairs at Nagusa as her otaku idol persona Shizurin, experimenting with eighteen new dishes to be served at her cafe and most likely beyond, and sewing custom-made cosplays of 3B's dress, Ashe Christelight's Swimsuit of Endless Summer, Kozumi's Hunter outfit, Hifumi Aino's school uniform, Tsunami's dress, and six more of her own design.

In other words, she wasn't particularly busy.

It occurred to her that she hadn't been in the habit of keeping her ear to the ground, so she decided to get herself up to date and began absorbing all the pertinent information directly through the internet.

M'Wela's recently formed nation of Prosperia in Africa was, quite appropriately, prospering.

Irina received yet another Nobel Peace Prize for her developing a cure for Parkinson's disease. She sent an android of her own design--not unlike the one Shizuka just made a costume of--to receive the award on her behalf, as she was reluctant to show herself in public, especially before a large crowd of people.

McGregor World Records continues to struggle to count how many vehicles Ha-neul juggles, as she breaks her previous record practically daily on her TV show. She's teased that she plans to juggle much larger objects for her season finale.

Jennifer headed out into deep space and took a selfie while floating in front of Andromeda, which allowed astronomers an unprecedented look at the galaxy without the significant time lag from the sluggish speed of light.

And of course, there was also the share of praise towards Shizuka herself, but she paid little attention to it, as it obviously wasn't news to her.

To make a long story short, she and her Super Goddess peers were in the news a lot--always for positive, oftentimes downright amazing reasons. A recurring theme outside their circle, she found, was how politicians could never just get along and agree on even the smallest thing. Looking further, it seemed this wasn't only a Japanese problem.

It's a miracle this country has lasted fourteen hundred-odd years now with such uncooperative politicians. A Super Goddess in office could certainly help improve things. I dunno... maybe I should run for public office. That'd be pretty crazy, but I bet I can do it. I guess I could start out as... governor of Tokyo. It's probably a good idea to start small... relatively speaking... before effecting nationwide change.

She went online and determined how to apply as a candidate. The only requirements were to be of Japanese descent and over the age of 30--both of which she met. Fortunately, this was an election year and the deadline for submitting one's candidacy hadn't come yet, so she did so. She needed to put together a campaign team to handle matters like publicity and advertising. Fortunately, she had plenty of Enhanceds in her harem who would be delighted to assist her in any endeavor she pursued.

Not even a day later, she was out and about, spreading the word of her candidacy to the Tokyo prefecture. She made a point of not criticizing the other candidates. If anything, she anticipated being at a distinct disadvantage compared to them, since she had no prior political experience. As it turned out, however, the people tended to really like the idea of a Super Goddess as governor and immediately rallied behind her. In retrospect, that was only to be expected, seeing as the entire country and beyond knew and loved her.

Along the way, she met some occasional apprehension to the prospect, but she was able to alleviate their concerns with negligible hassle. There was one time in suburban Nakano, 24 days into her campaign, where she encountered some trouble. Several people exited their homes, formed a crowd in front of her campaign van, and began yelling criticisms and protests. Shizuka had the driver stop the van and she stepped out. The crowd immediately moved to surround her, all the while continuing to yell at her.

With sagely calm, she began, "Okay, I'll hear you out, but one at a time."

No response. She tried again, boosting her voice just enough to be heard over the din.

"I said I'll hear you out, but one at a time!"

That got them to quiet down. "Much better. We can be civil about this, right? Now, one at a time."

"You don't have any political experience!"

"Hey, if every political position required prior experience, then no one would be able to get anywhere! Gotta start somewhere, right?"

"You're way too young to be a good governor!"

"Being youthful doesn't automatically mean incompetence. If anything, a fresh, young mind is suited for coming up with and introducing new and innovative ideas to improve the prefecture. Change is the essential process of all existence. If you were to elect another old guy as governor, you'd get more of the same and not get anywhere new. And, to be frank, young people of voting age would almost certainly be more interested in what the beautiful young woman has to say than the aged 63-year-old man."

"Are you even old enough to run?"

"Despite how I may look, I'm 32, and you only need to be 30. Check my birth certificate. Tohoku Rosai Hospital in Sendai has a copy."

"We won't let you impose your will on us, no matter how much power you claim to possess!"

"If you just give me a chance, I'll prove to you and the entire prefecture that I'm really here to help improve things. I don't want to impose my will on anyone."

"You're just trying to get votes by handing out that unnatural genetic enhancement whatever-it-is like candy!"

"Well, you're not wrong, but I'm not trying to bribe people with Enhancement. Enhanced people are far stronger and smarter than an average person, so they're able to get many more man-hours into a single day. That boost in worker productivity means construction projects could be started and finished in the same day! Paperwork and the like can be taken care of in a miniscule fraction of the time it would take anyone else! What an Enhanced does with their free time after work is frankly none of your business."

"The governor should be a career politician, not a childish anime character!"

"That's barely even an argument. All you're saying there is that you're resistant to change. Change is inevitable, whether you like it or not. Anyone else? ...No? Alright, well, it was great talking with you all, even if you don't share my views on things. I look forward to election day!"

Once back in her van, she told the driver, "That's enough for today. Please take me back to my cafe."

Shizuka arrived at Nagusa with an expression none of her maids had ever seen before--and she would see to it that they never would. There was genuine sadness in her beautiful, crimson eyes. Sitting in the back of the van while reflecting on what happened, the driver noticed raindrops forming on the windshield. Moments ago, the day was sunny without a single cloud to be seen, but just a few seconds of a Super Goddess feeling a bit down quickly resulted in the weather reflecting her mood, filling the sky with heavy, black clouds and torrential rain. It was as if the planet was crying alongside Shizuka's soul.

The van stopped at the cafe's entrance and Shizuka stepped out. The diminutive mistress of the universe didn't need an umbrella, as her idlest thought produced an impenetrable barrier between herself and the rain, keeping her perfectly dry. She didn't want to ruin the black business suit she made by hand specifically for her campaign, after all.

As she opened the door to the cafe, the melancholy candidate vanished. She took her professional-looking glasses off and spun on her heel faster than light, transforming her clothes into her usual outfit: a short-skirted red kimono with colorful accents and ornamental patterns on the sleeves.

"Hi everyone~!" Shizurin, all-powerful entrepreneur and entertainer extraordinaire, exclaimed. "My trip to Nakano went really well! I'm sure they will give me lots of votes--just wait and see! Your favorite idol will become the prefecture's next governor, and it's all thanks to your unconditional support! Drinks are on the house for the next hour, so have fun and enjoy~!"

She had to keep everyone convinced she was fine, even if it wasn't true.

Some may argue that omnipotent beings don't or shouldn't care about what humans think, being objectively so much better than lowly mortals, but this wasn't true for Super Goddesses, particularly one as emotional as Shizuka. They felt quite human themselves and were very interested in the thoughts and ideas of unpowered people. Compliments delighted them, while criticism had the potential to take a toll on their mood.

Shizuka found herself in her golf course-sized apartment after a quick teleportation that left everyone on the cafe speechless, followed by a roaring ovation. She materialized a glass of alcohol of a flavor and color she had just invented on the spot and drank it slowly. She observed her petite, voluptuous frame in the mirror with a crestfallen expression on her lovely face, the entire universe visible within her ruby-colored eyes.

She was flanked by several duplicates of herself, hard at work on creating new recipes for the cafe, or sewing clothes for her new fashion and cosplay lines. Those Shizukas were as blissful and hard-working as ever, because she ensured that only her original body had to deal with her doubts and sadness.

Why were those people so angry at her? Why was there such animosity against Super Goddesses? She didn't choose to be born as one, nor did she see it as a problem at all. Will a lot of people think like that when the time to vote comes? Even though she could brainwash each and every constituent in Tokyo effortlessly, she wouldn't dream of forcing people to vote for her. Not only was that immoral, but what would be the point of going through the electoral process if she was just going to cheat? She genuinely wanted to change things for the better, but only with people actually allowing her to do so from their hearts.

Tears started down her cheeks. She giggled, finding this self-doubt a bit pathetic for someone of her profound knowledge and titanic power.

She decided to turn her sadness into a vehicle for the creation of something beautiful. Inspiration struck her. She transformed the tears into liquid gold, and molded them into a small reconstruction of Nakano Ward in its entirety, down to the smallest of details, complete with even the little confrontation with her detractors, portrayed thanks to her perfect memory.

She sealed the scale model into a snow globe. The moment when humans made her cry would be preserved for eons inside that little souvenir, thousands of generations after the deaths of those that defied the Goddess.

Come election day on July 29, not many people were surprised to find that Shizuka won by an unprecedented landslide: 87.4% to 12.6%. She won practically everyone over, which was only to be expected, given that the entire country knew and loved her.

Now that she was governor, she had to assemble a cabinet. She already knew exactly who to appoint, as she remembered every member of her harem intimately well. She sent out four duplicates of herself out to the four she chose to become her vice governors.

The four were Haruka Toujou, Iroha Midorikawa, Yomi Shirogane, and Mikono Hanazono. She transported each of them to her residence, each in separate private rooms. A snap of her fingers rendered both herself and her harem members completely naked. Then she hugged them, pressing their abundant breasts together, empowering them beyond everything they could have ever dreamed.

Each of the four Enhanceds screamed in divine ecstasy as Shizuka poured more power into them. They came and came endlessly. Almost literally, in fact--the hyper-orgasmic feeling of being touched by a goddess would never fully dissipate from their minds.

Shizuka felt their ecstasy herself, but effortlessly remained perfectly poised and calm as her subjects continued screaming. She just smiled beatifically at her new vice governors--her new Heavenly Queens--as they reveled in their magically granted absolute power.

Shizuka enjoyed their pleasure, but wanted to give them so much more. Total omnipotence, even. They deserved it a hundred times over, after all.

She made it so... but found she couldn't. It seemed that the only way to achieve her level of power was to be born with it. She mentally shrugged, figuring it was no big deal. Ultipotence would do just as well. Besides, Super Goddesses were basically ultipotent themselves, keeping their omniscience disabled.

She met with two dozen other Enhanceds in her harem simultaneously, many of whom had already worked for her as maids at her cafe. She presented them with their respective job offer and a few conditions and empowered them all when they enthusiastically agreed. Of course, no one in her harem would even consider declining an offer to work so closely with the Super Goddess, not to mention the instant benefit of Enhancement.

And just like that, in a record-breaking three hours and twelve minutes after her victory was announced, Shizuka Hirose, the youngest Governor of Tokyo, had assembled her cabinet of 28 Enhanceds.

With that taken care of so quickly, Shizuka realized she actually had some time to kill. As she was about to start pacing around her apartment aimlessly, an interesting idea came to her.

I could spend the next several hours entirely as a human. Only one me, no powers--unless an emergency happens--and I can simulate human bodily processes for the duration. A heartbeat to pump blood through the body, inhaling oxygen and exhaling carbon dioxide, digestion of food to sort nutrients from waste, fatigue over time... the works.

As she made these tweaks, she heard--and felt--her stomach growl rather loudly. She blushed in embarrassment, even though no one heard her.

Well, I think that's my cue to eat. Instead of making something myself, I think I'll walk to a restaurant and buy something. Going off the prices at my cafe, I... guess I'll bring 100,000 yen. Better to have too much than not enough. I highly doubt anyone will rob me. Even if they could, it's not like I'm actually helpless without my powers.

She was about to head out when she caught a glimpse of herself, still in her business suit.

I should probably change into casual clothes. Normal person casual clothes.

She changed into a white tank top and a sky blue off-shoulder T-shirt with her trademark forget-me-not flower emblazoned over her left breast, with capri sweatpants and sneakers, and headed downstairs into Nagusa. Several of her newly appointed cabinet members were working the cafe and interacting with customers. Mikono was sitting at an empty table, eating her bento lunch.

"Oh!" she exclaimed upon spotting her boss. "Hi, Shizurin. Did you need something?"

"No, I'm good. Things seem to be going smoothly here."

"Oh yes! Same at the Tochō, too!"

Shizuka smiled, glad her cabinet had adapted to their new powers quickly and were able to maintain their productivity perfectly, even managing to exist in equally productive measure at Nagusa and the Metropolitan Government Building over in Shinjuku simultaneously.

"Great! I'm gonna head out for a while." Shizuka gestured towards the door.

"On foot?" Mikono looked a bit confused. Shizuka usually teleported or flew--at least, in her experience.

"Yeah." With a giggle, Shizuka added, "I guess you could say I could use the exercise."

That didn't help Mikono's confusion at all, but she wished her well all the same and Shizuka went on her way.

She walked a couple blocks to a nearby WcDonald's. Practically every head she could see turned as she entered, as if she had announced her arrival with a triumphant fanfare.

Of course, she hadn't really. Regardless, it wasn't every day that a Super Goddess or an astoundingly popular politician just happened to stroll into a fast food establishment. It was a little embarrassing to be put in the center of attention after making an effort to blend in and be normal, but she figured this sort of thing would be inevitable.

She approached the counter. A young man no older than 19 stammered a greeting.

"W-w-welcome to WcDonald's, Governor!" he half-shouted.

"Hi there!" Shizuka skimmed over the menu. "Oh, everything on the menu looks so good! I'll take two of everyth--!"

She paused, suddenly remembering this excursion was so she could spend some time being normal.

Normal, as in not gorging on the entire restaurant's food supply and requesting seconds.

Normal, as in not traumatizing the poor kid at the cash register.

Normal, as in politely ordering a meal intended for one person, because Shizuka was one person--or at least acting like one for now.

"Ah, sorry. On second thought, I'll just have a chicken crisp sandwich, a medium fries, and a soda, please."

"Uh... uh, right! Chicken crisp, medium fries, and a soda. That'll be 558 yen! Ah, will that be for here or to go?"

Shizuka produced a 1000-yen bill and handed it to the cashier. "Here, please."

"R-right! Out of 1000..." He fumbled with the coins, counting up the correct amount.

"Your change is 442 yen," he said, timidly handing her the coins and her receipt. "Please listen for your order number listed on your receipt. Thank you for choosing WcDonald's! A-and here's your soda cup!"

Shizuka pocketed the coins and took the cup. "Thanks!"

She filled her cup with melon soda, grabbed a few ketchup packets, and found an empty table next to a window. She spent the next few minutes watching people--many of them different varieties of otaku--walk by. This was, after all, Akihabara--otaku central.

Her number was called, so she got up and retrieved her food on a tray, and started eating.

The food was remarkably good, despite being so cheap. The chicken in the sandwich was crisp on the outside and juicy on the inside. The fries went astonishingly well with the ketchup, to the point that she wondered if the potato and tomato were created explicitly to allow for the divine combination of French fries and ketchup.

...Or maybe it was just the salt and fat. She shrugged.

I suppose I should count my blessings that I can eat whatever I want and never gain weight. Plenty of people in the world aren't lucky like that. Though, at the same time, plenty of people aren't omnipotent goddesses, either. I kinda won the ultimate lottery, being born as one. I sometimes take that for granted, when I really shouldn't.

Her thoughts were interrupted by an unfamiliar feeling slowly building up inside her. While she had never felt it before, she had several biology doctorates making what was happening apparent.

She had to use the restroom. So, a little sheepishly, she stood up, walked into the women's room, and took care of business.

Well, that was a little weirder than I envisioned it. But I guess it's all part of the human experience!

She finished her food, disposed of the trash in the bin, and headed back.

Once back in her apartment, she rid herself of her biological processes, effectively bringing herself back to normal.

That was a good experience for me, I think. Fun, too!

August 13. Shizuka was busy with a few dozen things simultaneously--nothing new, save for her recently acquired gubernatorial responsibilities, but she had those well under control, naturally.

Shizuka? Haruka's voice echoed telepathically in her powerful mind.

Yes? the Goddess answered without stopping what she was doing.

I have a suggestion for something you could do to help with your popularity as governor.

Oh? Let's hear it!

There's a renovation project just starting in Shibuya. An old office building is being made into an apartment complex. I was thinking you could assist in the renovation--maybe even finish the project before the day's over?

Before the day's over? Shizuka giggled. I intend to do much better than that! Thanks for bringing this to my attention--I'll be right there!

Haruka transmitted the location to her telepathically. Shizuka created a duplicate of herself on the roof of the building. She faced west-southwest, the direction of Shibuya from Akihabara. She took a few steps back, and leapt, propelling herself upward and forward, traveling the ten kilometers in about thirty seconds. As she approached the ground, she softened her fall with a quick burst of telekinesis, allowing her to gently step onto the ground instead of producing a devastatingly large crater.

"Hi there, boys!" she said to the handful of construction workers just about to enter the building to begin their work. "Mind if I lend a hand?"

"Sh-Shizuka! I-- wow!" one man stammered. "It's great to meet you! We've actually been understaffed lately, so I'm afraid this project will take an extra month to complete."

"Non non!" Shizuka wagged a finger. "With me helping out, you can have this building made into an apartment complex in an hour or two, easy!"

"A-an hour? There's sixty floors in that building!"


"Each one is something like a couple square kilometers of space!"


"I-- you're serious, aren't you."

"Absolutely! I could even Enhance everyone here so the work can go even faster without me doing everything! How does that sound?"

The fourteen workers all approved of the idea, so Shizuka wasted no time and Enhanced them all. They became almost a meter taller and significantly more muscular.

"Well, everyone," Shizuka said with a clap of her hands. "You know what to do, so let's get to it!"

Knocking down walls and replacing them with new, differently arranged ones took seconds. A single worker took care of the entire building's plumbing, ensuring every apartment had running water and a functional toilet. Another installed new doors and made sure they all locked properly.

Entire floors were finished in minutes. In just under two hours, the fourteen Enhanceds and one Super Goddess finished the renovation, with about one month, thirty days, and twenty-two hours to spare.

They all met on the roof to celebrate a job well done with a spontaneous orgy. Everyone involved was thrilled at the opportunity to fuck the prefecture's omnipotent governor, so she produced several duplicates of herself, so there'd be enough of her to go around.

As things started to heat up, Shizuka pinged Haruka telepathically.

Done! How's that for a day's work?

Oh, already? I should expect nothing less from you, Shizurin! Well done!

There's an orgy starting up on the roof of the building. Interested?

Instead of responding, Haruka teleported there, dropped all her pheromone blocks, and immediately dove in. Before long, Haruka's pheromones alone created a slightly visible mist, causing everyone to become wildly horny. Shizuka ensured the pheromones were contained on the rooftop, then let loose herself and joined in the fun.

As September started, Shizuka began establishing Enhancement Centers throughout the city, like inside the government building, city hall, and the bigger train stations. There were at least three in each ward.

They were somewhat reminiscent of small clinics, albeit warped spatially to allow each individual privacy, should their situation warrant it. Average citizens were able to walk in 24 hours a day to become Enhanced, entirely free of charge. The workers were all powerful Enhanceds themselves. They were, frankly, more than powerful enough to never really need to take breaks, but Shizuka insisted they take them anyway.

"It's good to give yourself a bit of care every now and again," she had said.

The amount of power an individual received was dependent on both their request and the Enhancer's own power level. Much like how a Super Goddess was only able to empower someone else to ultipotence at most, an Enhanced could only empower someone to a noticeably lower degree than themselves. The usual Enhancement methods involved sexually charged actions like French kissing, plain sex, or erotic massages that molded unpowered humans like clay, thanks to the mighty Enhancer's magical hands. Alternatively, it was perfectly possible to become Enhanced on the spot with just a simple poof.

It was literally no trouble at all for Shizuka to have some duplicates of herself working at a few randomly selected centers, so she did so on occasion. People looking to become Enhanced attempted to determine where Shizuka was working on a given day, in hopes they could be empowered by the Super Goddess herself.

One such center was within Tokyo Tower's main deck, which was where Shizuka was today. It was a pretty busy day. There was an almost constant stream of normal people coming in and Enhanced beauties and bombshells coming out. She had to warp space substantially to have enough room for everyone--naturally, an effortless feat for her.

A plain-looking girl rather timidly entered Shizuka's space, which was designed to change to whatever locale the customer would prefer. Her surroundings became a tranquil grassy hill under a bright blue and cloudless sky. In addition, both her and Shizuka's clothes became white flowing sundresses, gentling fluttering in the calm breeze. She stared at Shizuka in unmoving awe for a long time. Shizuka was in no rush, so she let her make the first move.

She became aware she was staring and stopped.

"Um... I, uh..." she mumbled, avoiding eye contact. She abruptly let out in a much louder tone, "Excuse me!"


"Hi, I'm Shizuka!"

After several seconds of silence, her face became bright red and she turned away abruptly. "I-I'm sorry! It's just that I've been a fan of everything you do for a long time now, in no small part because we have the same name! Y-you can call me Kodai--everyone else does. S-so, when I first heard about these Enhancement Centers, I couldn't help but think about how amazing it would be to be Enhanced by you, Governor Shizuka Hirose, of all people, so, I certainly don't mean to impose on you if you're busy or something, but if you don't mind, I would really appreciate it if you--"

She trailed off as Shizuka approached her and gave her a hug. Kodai was a good 15 centimeters shorter than the Super Goddess, so her face was pressed against Shizuka's tremendous bust. She blushed at first, but didn't resist.

She didn't want to. She wasn't aware of it until then, but this was all what she wanted: blissful contentment, given to her by her idol. Things like Enhancement and reality-warping powers and godlike sex were all secondary to her.

Shizuka continued to hug Kodai for a while, until she gently moved her idol's arms aside.

"Thank you so much," Kodai whispered.

Shizuka smiled. "You're welcome, Shizuka-chan."

Kodai became pale and would have fallen over, if Shizuka hadn't quickly remedied that and took her in her arms.

"You okay? You almost fainted."

"Oh, did I? I'm sorry. I, uh... that was very nice, but... if you don't mind, could you, uh...?"

Shizuka grinned. "Could I what?"

"Y-you know!" Kodai pouted. "Enhance me!"

"Shizuka-chan, how tall are you?"

"147 centimeters. Why?"

"Well, I'm 162 myself... but you're a head taller than me. For that matter, did your breasts and hips get bigger?"

"What?" Kodai blinked, only now conscious of the height difference. "Oh my goddess, you're right! And my breasts... wow, these things are huge!"

A brief moan escaped her lips as she squeezed them. "Ooh... wow, they feel so good! Sensitive! Did you... did you Enhance me?"

Shizuka shrugged, and a full length mirror emerged from the grass between them, showing Kodai her new body. She gasped as she stared at the curvy amazon, the very image of sexuality and beauty. It took her a few moments to realize that amazon was her.

She phased through the mirror and hugged Shizuka. "Oh my goddess, thank you thank you thank you thank you! I look so amazing! I feel so amazing! This is so incredible, I can't believe it! Thank you!"

"Hey, you're very welcome!" Shizuka chuckled, returning the hug. "Hope you don't mind having to learn your new measurements."

"I already know them!" Kodai chirped, gesturing to the corresponding parts of her body. "191 centimeters, bust 148, waist 75, hips 132!"

"What about your self-confidence?" Shizuka asked.

"Booming! I can safely say I feel better now than I ever have before! Thank you so much!"

She turned around and started back into Tokyo Tower... but stopped.

"Uh..." she uttered. "Will I... will we... can we, um..."

She sighed, then spun on her heel to face Shizuka again.

"Can we spend some time together?!"

Shizuka giggled. "Absolutely! Not now, I'm afraid, since I still have work to do. But I guarantee we'll meet again, Shizuka-chan."

Kodai exited the warped space thrilled. As she returned to Tokyo Tower's main deck, she found the unflattering overalls she arrived in now hugged her voluptuous body. Moreover, the T-shirt and underwear she had on underneath were gone. An additional thrill shot through her body as she realized just how daring her formerly modest outfit had become. It crossed her mind that she had grown dramatically in every direction--none of her clothes at home would fit her now. She wished that she wouldn't have to buy a whole new wardrobe, that she could somehow make it work...

It wasn't until she arrived at her apartment later that day that she realized she had subconsciously used her powers earlier to warp reality very slightly, altering her clothes to ensure they all still fit her.

A couple hours later, Shizuka took a break, heading into a cafeteria-like space connected to all the other Enhancement Centers, where the workers could take a break from Enhancing people and socialize outside time and space. She materialized a bento for herself and sat down with a trio of Enhanceds she recognized from her harem: Ichika, Futaba, and Mia.

"Hi, you three," she said.

"Shizurin, hi~!" Ichika squealed, obviously delighted.

"Hey Shizuka," Futaba said.

Mia remained silent.

"So, any issues so far?" Shizuka asked as she realized she forgot chopsticks and materialized a pair in her hand.

"Nope!" Ichika shook her head vigorously, causing her ankle-length braided hair to fly around. Annoyed, Futaba created a force field to keep it from hitting anyone's face or food.

"Same here," Futaba said. "Aside from Ichika's neverending madness."

"Oh, come on," Shizuka replied. "Ichika-chan's cute."

"I got praised by Shizurin! Yay~!"

"What about you, Mia?" Shizuka turned to the silent one of the quartet. "Something up?"

Despite being exceptionally more powerful than Ichika and Futaba combined, Mia was still very reserved. She was more comfortable speaking to Shizuka, as she was responsible for her Enhancement, but only somewhat.

"It's... not really a problem, but... I'm afraid I don't see how Enhancing people left and right like this... helps them."

"Oh, it's quite simple!" Shizuka replied with a wink and confident smile that could melt hearts. "We Enhance people and just let them flourish! Like, there was this German girl who I met at Comiket when I was just a kid. That was my first Comiket, actually. I was admittedly a little lost and overwhelmed, but I had come alone, so I was going to take care of myself.

"This little German girl walking with her parents passed by me. We made eye contact briefly. I guess she figured I was separated from my parents. You know, with a little 9-year-old kid at a big event like Comiket, that's a natural reaction, right? I watch her ask her parents for some money. She heads over to a food stall and buys two ice cream cones, and hands me one. I can't quite put into words how I felt. I... guess I was just really touched by the gesture. I hugged her... only to cause her ice cream to spill. She heard the splat and immediately realized what happened. Instead of crying, like you'd expect, she just stared as time reversed by just a second, and the ice cream flew back into the cone. She did it, not me. As it turns out, I had subconsciously made that girl into a powerful Enhanced without even realizing it."

"Doesn't Enhancement augment the body dramatically?" Futaba asked.

"Yeah! Did you make the most exaggerated oppai loli ever?" Ichika added.

"No, actually," Shizuka replied. "Apparently, the bodily changes involved with Enhancement remain dormant until sexual maturity--age 18, generally. So this girl was about as powerful as Mia here, but with the same body she had before meeting me. I mean, come on--you just don't sexualize children like that.

"Anyway, we spent the rest of the day together. Her parents didn't mind, being the hardcore weeaboos they were. They admittedly didn't know it at the time, but their child was much safer with me than with them."

"I'm not sure what you're getting at here," Futaba said.

"I'm just about there," Shizuka answered. "It might blow your minds. You three all know who this little girl is--or rather, has become. Take a guess."

"Mia!" Ichika blurted out.

"Margot Giesler?" Futaba guessed. "The hoverbike entrepreneur?"

Shizuka smiled, aware Mio already knew the answer. "Helga Kampmann."

"The Helga Kampmann?!" Futaba exclaimed. "The founding saint of the Super Goddess Church?!"

"The one and only. This is what I was talking about. Even a little girl who spent some time with me at Comiket was so motivated by me that she went on to meet with greatness and found a religion!"

"Oh wow! Is she here?" Ichika asked, downright exuberant. "Are you guys, like, friends on RINE or something?"

"We keep in touch, but she wouldn't be interested in secular Enhancement like this. She has her own share of things to worry about, deifying Super Goddesses and all. Honestly, I try to stay interested and enthused--Helga's a good friend, so I try to return the favor--but I don't really care all that much. It's weird, you know?"

"Fair enough," Mia said.

"God..." Shizuka mumbled. "That was 23 years ago... I'm immortal--I shouldn't feel old like this."

"You're not even all that old," Futaba pointed out.

"Think of it this way," Ichika added. "In a few thousand years, something that happened 23 years ago will feel like last week!"

"Yeah, that's true. Still, I'm not sure I've fully wrapped my mind around never dying ever yet."

"You have no choice but to get used to it, I'm afraid," Mia whispered.

"Grim much?" Futaba replied.

"No, she's right," Shizuka said. "I'll have to get used to that, and I will. I just... haven't yet." She shrugged. "Well, I have time to, so it's nothing to worry about."

"Now that I think about it," Futaba said. "It makes perfect sense that you'd know someone as great as St. Helga."

"Well, to be fair, I don't know Margot Giesler personally. Never even driven a hoverbike. Looks like fun, though--maybe I should hit her up sometime...?"

"I have a hoverbike!" Ichika exclaimed. "You can borrow it anytime, Shizurin--just say the word~!"

No response.


"Hey..." Shizuka said, noticeably more somber. "Am I doing the right thing here? Is there really any place in politics for a Super Goddess?"

"Whaaaaat?" Ichika asked, baffled. "Of course you are, and of course there is!"

"If it weren't for you, Shizuka," Futaba said. "I'd be struggling to make ends meet in a crappy part-time job."

Mia put her hands over Shizuka's. "You have done nothing but help this city prosper since taking office."

Shizuka considered what was said, and eventually smiled. "...Yeah, you're right. I... guess I just needed a bit of validation there. Thanks for indulging me."


Part 2:


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