How did this happen?

How did this happen?

A year ago today you had used your influence to sign your wife up for an experimental hormone treatment. You had wanted to make her a more perfect mate. But now, that small act had grown out of control, as had your wife. You were in a cage in your ‘shared’ large bedroom, twisted on the floor of its tiny confines. You could just see one of her overlarge feet over the side, massive and long. The bed was so big and tall you couldn’t see your big and tall wife on it. But, you could hear her stirring.... and smell her. She would awake, hard and ready. You’d had trouble sleeping in anticipation of this moment.

The massive body moved. A long stately leg was met by the second as both huge feet hit the floor with a low boom. Your eyes went up and up... and up some more. She was a staggering eight feet of futa might. Your sight passed the tree trunk of a futa cock and swelling balls to the flaring hips and strong abs. Her breasts were enormous. Her long flowing raven hair had only gotten more perfect. Her imperious inscrutable black eyes fell on you as she reached for her pills; the ones you’d been paying for. Like your wife, those pills had gotten larger and more powerful over the course of the year. Now, they were as big as your fist and would likely kill anyone else. But, your goddess of a mate swallowed the first handful with ease. You knew the doctor said today would be another growth spurt day. The mountain of a woman closed her eyes with joy as she swallowed the potent brew, and then moved her musky morningwood to your cage.

You take a huge and painful gulp down your throat looking up at your perfect wife. You can see her insatiable want in her dark eyes as you know what she wants to do. Her futa cock is as massive as it always was, yet today it was going to get even more massive. The pills would help speed this along, but so would other... factors. What she is becoming scares you to the core, and the thought of her later today causes a pain in your chest. How could you let this happen? What was going to happen next?  Your abs might be nice compared to a normal smooth stomach of a man. But hers... She could easily break you over them if she wanted to, all the muscle in them more than what your whole body could offer. Then looking back to the cock that hovers to the entrance of your cage you reach an arm through the bar and start, and attempt to stroke the massive monster with your comparatively small hand. The smell of her cock sets your nose and throat on fire. How could anyone even smell like this? You reach your other arm and hand out to caress and stroke her cock as well, nervous at what words may come from her booming lips.

Your 8 foot tall wife had swelled as well, leaving you behind at 5’10... but shrinking. A imperious statue of a woman. Like an oversized goddess carved from cold marble. You were becoming less and less of a person in her increasingly perfect eyes. Everyone was, as if she was evolving beyond and leaving the rest of humanity behind.  Her rock hard lady-cock was a two foot long veiny baseball bat. She’d started always waking hard and ready. Your body had not yet conformed to her unbending steel, and since it was always growing, you likely never would. Her mighty hands wrapped around the end of the leash about your neck.

“SUCK!” was all she commanded as she pulled you to her cock. She wasn’t very articulate in the morning.

She needn't have forced you, however. In the beginning she'd had to make you drink. But now you were overeager to taste. You knew her chemical laced cum was what caused you to get weaker and smaller. Something in those pills changed anyone who drank from her ever-ready balls, as well as directly making her bigger and better. But you didn’t care, couldn’t care. The taste was too good; her smell too heavenly. You had to have her emasculating seed.

You practically run to her as she pulls, causing you to fall ungracefully before her. You plop through the door of the cage hard as you land on the floor in front of her cock. You get up a bit slowly from her overwhelming strength forcing you to your knees. On all fours now you open your mouth as wide as you can so the rockhard rod of your wife enters it. The smell was one thing but the taste was even better, just like her musk but amplified. You go down about a quarter of is overfilled length and your throat bulges, sucking up and down at a hastened pace from the same length. Your stretched lips turn a lighter shade from how wide they have to go just to fit this much of her might meat missle inside of you mouth. You dare not even think about letting your mouth relax so that your teeth can stay away from her shaft, desperately sucking to try and please her as to not incur her wrath. She used to be so kind, but no longer. She may never go back to what she once was. But, luckily you were becoming quite the experienced sucker. You quickly and expertly bring her to her godly orgasm.

She exploded into you. Plastering you insides with her parasitic cum. It's so warm and delicious. You couldn’t stop sucking until she is done, filling your whole body with her parasitic seed. Your belly bulges slightly from its viscous mass.  Inside though, you could feel the changes it wrecked on your withering frame. You could feel the sticky slurry washing through you, taking your best parts and drawing them down, down. Parts of your strength, size, and even mind being drain into your caged balls. They swell, filling with all that had made you who you were. You moan as your balls overinflate to a agonizing size. Slumping to the floor. You wanted to resist what came next. You feebly tried to get away, but she grabs your inner thigh with her perfectly manicured hands. With her other hand she draws the silver key on its silver chain from between her impossibly large beasts. Her powerful grip around your thigh caused your little cock to twitch out of fear.  Using the silver key, she unlocks your genitals. You try not to get hard, you try to pull away. But, she is so strong, so sexy. Her superlative lips wrapping themselves around your tiny cock. One quick suck and your overfilled balls emptied themselves into her mouth, giving over everything you were. Your premature ejaculate flows into her as she hungrily sucks it down, not a drop escaping her ruby lips.

This was the extra ingredient that hyper accelerated her inhuman growth. She would magnify what you’d been, becoming more than you ever hoped. Saddened as ever as you watch everything around you get bigger, but more so than anything else her as well. You now at 5'8" and her at 8'4".  Totally spend, you fell to the floor. After relocking your soft spigot, she walked out, leaving the door open, but you forever trapped. You stay slumped on the ground and watch her perfect ass leave the room You know you will have to get ready to join her for breakfast downstairs. You felt so feeble you could barely rise.

But you get up to lazily and tiredly walk out, down the stairs that get harder and harder to walk each day and with each step. You are so weak. The worst part about it all the damn cock cage. Only she gets to drain you. Only she gets to take from you. Getting to the dining room you walk to find her. Who knows what she could be up to today? You miss your old wife. But, following the musk, you find her in the kitchen, no doubt getting our breakfast ready. What is it going to be today? Probably more food for her to grow with, and next to nothing for you. God, you love her cum though...NO! It isn't all that great, you try to convince yourself. You loved her… love her. But now her cock and cum, god damn.

You stumbled down stairs. And, see your wife's expanded backside. Her new breasts ballooning out to either side of her torso. She hummed as she cooks, the smell of the food unable to overwhelm her heavenly scent.

"You know, dear," she said in a voice who's vibrations would have made you instantly aroused if not for the cage on you shrinking cock, "I think it's time we hire a cook."

All you could do was weakly nod, and she didn't even turn around to see. But, she knows you agreed. You'd given up trying to disagree with her months ago. Her whimes were now law. If she wanted a cook, you would get her one.

She turned around with your meal. Her table-sized plate overflowing with nutrition and protein, and your tiny one having a bit of lettuce you could nibble on. She'd claimed that was all you needed after a meal of her cum. You knew she was right. Your full stomach might not even be able to handle that meagre amount.  She set your plate on the floor by her feet, and set herself in the large, reinforced chair at the table. Her monstrous plate took up the whole surface area of the table. You had both agreed last week there was no more room for you at the table, and you would be eating on the floor. You sat next to her feet like a pet, and nibbled. The odorless food only seemed to accentuate her scent. Her tremendous odiferous bare feet next to you. Before she’d sat down, she strapped an armband on. It was attached to a machine that also rested on the floor. It would monater her vital signs and record her progression while she ate. From your position on the floor, you could see the screens easily, so you could see every day how much she was improving. All of the numbers on those charts were always climbing upward, like your wife herself. She'd just gotten healthier and healthier since the treatment in addition to bigger and bigger. Suddenly she strapped another, different monitor to your ankle. This was new.

"I wanted the doctors to start recording your vitals as well," She explained, "I don't want my cum dump and cum producer dying on me."   She smiled sardonically, “At least not until I’m done with you.”

You know the doctors had also stopped resisting her directives. She was now the lead on her favorite project: herself. You saw your own numbers appear on the same graphs with hers. Seeing the discrepancy between you in such stark terms was as frightening as it was sobering.  One screen draw most of your attention. While the machine looked at ALL aspects of both your current bodily functions, this screen showed a quick side by side comparison of what your wife obviously deemed most important. You knew she set this up so you could see.

Subject Alpha♀ // Subject Beta♂

Height: 2.53m♀ (8'4"♀) // 1.73♂ m (5’8”♂)

Core Fat Percentage: 5%♀ // 15%♂

Times Nominal Muscle Density: 2.17♀ // 0.72♂

Estimated IQ from Brain Functionality: 173♀ // 98♂

Penis Length (currently soft): 46cm♀ (18”♀) // 7.5cm♂ (3”♂)

Penis Circumference(currently soft): 20cm♀ (7.9”♀) // 2.5cm♂ (1”♂)

Testical Circumfernce: 40cm♀ (16”♀) // 5cm♂ (2”♂)

Sperm Count (parts per million): 100,000♀ // 200♂

After setting your ankle monitor she sat back down, her futa package easy to see under her dress, and started to eat, still very lady like with her huge silverware. You watched her numbers climb even higher as she devoured the nutritious meal; your own numbers straying steady as you nibbled. You wanted to lick her pungent feet and swelling balls. Did they look bigger than normal? They smell as wonderful as the rest of her, much better than your limp lettuce. You wondered how those numbers would react if you drank her cum and she drank yours while still attached to the machine.

As if the veiny mass of her futa cum cannon could read your thoughts, her massive meat missle started to rise. Easily lifting her thin dress, the overlarge shaft filling with virile blood as it’s swelling form filled you with potent dread. Her balls WERE bigger, and you could almost see them filling with her parasitic cum cream. Their circumference on the screens slowly ticking up from 41cm to 42cm to 44cm... Normally her recovery time wasn't this quick, but with all of her new changes.... how often would she be able to fill you and drain you? How many times a day would she be able to take from you?  As the throbbing tower reached full mast, you could see the massive monolith had already gained in size and girth since just this morning. The veiny pillar beat with the time of her awesome heart, the machines recording her growth and arousal, as well as your fear.

Penis Length: 71cm♀ (28”♀) // 4cm♂ (1.5”♂)

Penis Circumference: 28cm♀ (11”♀) // 2cm♂ (0.8”♂)

 As she finished her nourishing breakfast and with her pillar now harder than stone, you knew what was to come next.

She didn’t even bother to get up. She just reached down and picked you up like a small pet, setting you on her lap. Her dress pushed aside to make room for the stupendous mast of her futa cock. She pushed your body against its warm, hard shaft. Then she forces your mouth over its grapefruit sized tip. Your eyes were glued to the monitor screens as you started to suck.  The only numbers you're beating her at are heart rate. Yours were spiking to a dizzying 250 beats a minute, while her efficient pump didn’t even need to reach sixty. She was relaxed as she forced herself into you. You desperately trying to keep your teeth out of the way. It was almost impossible as big and girthy as she was, but you managed, not wanting to know what would happen to you if you didn’t.  You again expertly sucked her meaty monolith, and you're rewarded. You looked at the numbers as her balls shrunk from 50cm to 35cm, depositing their stupendous load in your already full belly. It was almost as much as she’d saved up over the night, that was how much she’d accelerated in output in just the last hour.

Your eyes went wide from pleasure as the taste of her filled you as well. You could see your dopamine level had nearly quadruple from the pleasure of tasting her, as your heart rate climbed into the red part of the chart. Then your eyes went wider still as you saw her stats. This orgasm had caused her dopamine level (her baseline was already much higher than yours) to increase nearly 400,000%. She was experiencing pleasure almost 100 times what you were, yet her heart rate still never crept over 80 beats. Your brain would probably burnout into a coma from trying to process what she was taking so easily. Then you watched in further horror as her parasitic sperm did its work, shrinking your capabilities and draining them into your overfilling balls. They were so overstuffed it hurt. Regardless, your tiny pecker hardened as she unlocked your cage. Her own raging hardon still in full force.

Penis Length: 71cm♀ (28”♀) // 10cm♂ (4”♂)

Penis Circumference: 28cm♀ (11”♀)// 3cm♂ (1.2”♂)

Testical Circumfernce: 36cm♀ (14”♀) // 60cm♂ (24”♂)

Your balls ached with pain. They were almost leaking out with your worldly essence. You couldn’t hold that much in, and you definitely couldn’t hold back as her luscious lips kissed the tip of your tiny pulsating pecker. All of you exploded in her. You watched your dopamine level double from baseline. That number gave you the stark realization your own orgasm was not as pleasurable to you as drinking your wife’s seed. Her climax was twice as important to your body's hormonal euphoria than your own orgasm. You were becoming both addicted and dependent to HER cumming. As your wife drank you in, you couldn’t tear your eyes away from the stat screen. Up and up hers ticked, the reinforced overlarge chair creaking and complaining beneath her as she grew monstrously powerful:

Subject Alpha♀ // Subject Beta♂

Height: 2.95m♀ (9'8"♀) // 1.52♂ m (5'0”♂)

Core Fat Percentage: 2%♀ // 23%♂

Times Nominal Muscle Density: 3.24♀ // 0.52♂

Estimated IQ from Brain Functionality: 201♀ // 73♂

Penis Length: 81cm♀ (32”♀) // 5.3cm♂ (2.1”♂)

Penis Circumference: 31cm♀ (12”♀) // 2.0cm♂ (0.8”♂)

Testical Circumfernce: 64cm♀ (25”♀) // 5cm♂ (2”♂)

Sperm Count (parts per million): 200,000♀ // 100♂

Wait, those numbers… it was getting harder and harder to think… but, no, it couldn’t be... Your head swivels around, almost not daring to look. But, slowly you do. Your wife’s cock was still rock hard; her balls already full again. She had no recovery time. She no longer had to wait at all. Over and over she would abuse you until she had all of you. She was just going fuck you into a fine paste and drink you down. She couldn’t stop, wouldn’t stop until all of you was sliding down her expanding throat.

How did this happen?


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