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Super Goddesses. Maybe you've heard of them. Perhaps you've met one. You may have been Enhanced by one, or even made love to one. But how much do you really know about those mystical beings of infinite power? Their introduction into society has inadvertently brought with them a veritable slew of conspiracy theories.

"Super Goddesses are a fabrication by the World Government!"

"Super Goddesses are the realization of the Illuminati's plot to ascend to divinity!"

"The appearance of Super Goddesses will only hasten the end of days!"

"Super Goddesses are suppressing technological advancement so they can't be overthrown!"

"Super Goddesses are sick of conspiracy theorists making up baseless accusations!"

Okay, that last one was me.

I'm Irina Volkoba, the second Super Goddess to come into existence. More importantly, I'm a scientist, constantly gaining further insight into the human condition and the universe. I make discoveries that the mass media deem as "newsworthy" on a daily basis, but in truth, I make actual, astonishing breakthroughs on about a bi-monthly basis.

So, as you may have guessed, conspiracy theorists just love my Super Goddess peers and me.

Did you know that I don't really exist, and that "my" discoveries were actually made by a vague, yet menacing, government agency decades ago, and they're carefully releasing them to the public after filtering out information they don't deserve to know?

Did you know that I personally changed the shape of the Earth from a flat plane to a sphere, explicitly to spite the Flat Earthers?

Did you know that my mother actually faked dying as she gave birth to me, because she just wanted attention from the media? "Newborn Brings Mother Back To Life Shortly After Giving Birth!" What a headline!

Did you know that each and every goddamn inconvenience anyone ever has, no matter how insignificant and inconsequential, is all thanks to the ever-selfish, ever-wonderful me?!

...I apologize. I didn't mean to lose my temper. But you can tell that I feel rather strongly about these sorts of people. I deal with countless universal truths daily, so to encounter people who so brazenly deny all the evidence right in front of them... We are in the Information Age--the entire depository of all human knowledge is readily available on the internet. Ignorance is no longer acceptable. And of course, I don't appreciate people just flat-out lying about me!

But I'm going off on a tangent. More to the point, there's one conspiracy theory involving me that has some truth to it--though the fools who dream these things up have stumbled upon some semblance of truth by sheer luck. A monkey hitting random keys on a typewriter will almost surely type the complete works of Shakespeare, after all.

The conspiracy theory states that an unspecified Super Goddess has assimilated the entire universe into her body. To give people baseless paranoia, "we could easily be within her without ever knowing it!"

I am here, speaking to you, because I want you to know that it is true. I know, because I have attempted the act, and succeeded. I am everything now.

My reasons for doing so were twofold. First, I came to an interesting realization one day. I know far more about myself than the universe. A flash of perhaps overly-direct logic told me that if I became the universe, I would be able to learn far more about it. There was also that it had simply never been attempted before.

My very soul expanded beyond the confines of my body. Never dissipating as it grew larger, it encompassed the entire universe almost instantly. It could be argued that simply making the concept reality was an unceremonious way of going about it, but I see no reason to add theatrics to what I do. I opened my eyes and found my horizons broadened infinityfold.

The body known as Irina Volkoba still lives and works in her castle just outside Moscow... but I, the soul, the spirit, the life force, the true self, am not only within her body, but within every being and object in existence. Well, within this universe, at least. I have not yet attempted to pass through this multiversal barrier.

...Hm. Seems I can't pass through it. Well, at the very least, it allows me to transmit words through it. Communication seems to be one-way, I'm afraid. I don't know who I'm talking to, or even if my words are reaching anyone. I know M'Wela was able to communicate with someone like this on at least one occasion. I might even be reaching the same person right now. It's probably pointless to ask, but if you are able to communicate through this barrier, please respond.


Guess not. Well, it was worth a try.

Anyway... I have found that reaching out in this state allows me to feel... everything. That is not hyperbole. Very little can be genuinely hyperbole when you are an entire universe. Being able to perceive every cosmic phenomenon occurring in real time as sensation feels... surprisingly good... It's unparalleled....

...Wait. Just a moment, pleasПодождите Минуту пожалرƒذ¹رپر‚ذ° ذ¯ ذ±ر‹ذ» ذ؟ذ¾رپر€ذµذ´ذ¸ ر‡ذµذ³ذ¾-ر‚ذ¾


Irina's consciousness instantly contracted back into her body--in the great hall of her castle, just as she had left it. She fell out of her trance with a brief, almost silent gasp, followed by a sigh. To suddenly be back in a tiny body (relatively speaking) after having her consciousness encompass the entire universe was a bit of a shock for her.

A greater shock was the fact that she had three uninvited guests--one of whom was even violating her personal space. Paula was standing in front of her, poking her cheek, as if trying to wake her up. Jennifer was next to her, holding an impressively tall stack of ice cream scoops, perfectly balanced within a waffle cone. Paula had one of her own, held via her telekinesis. Irina could tell the two cones led to universes composed entirely of ice cream, most likely of Jennifer's creation. Maybe she was inspired by the snow outside...?

Irina swatted away Paula's poking finger. Satisfied that she was awake, Paula went back to hugging Jennifer's arm, occasionally turning away to lick at her levitating frozen treat.

The two lovers were joined by M'Wela of all people, clad in an elegant black sleeveless dress with an elaborate, decorated trim and a distinctive headdress--the customary formal dress for the Queen-Mother of Prosperia.

In contrast, Jennifer wore a black tank top that revealed a bit of her midriff, denim shorts, and her usual headphones around her neck, and Paula wore a cream-colored off-the-shoulder sweater with a short frilly skirt, pantyhose, and high heeled shoes that resembled sneakers.

The sheer contrast between the three would have been hilarious to Irina (A queen, a sweater-clad teenage bombshell, and an underdressed tourist walk into a bar...) if their sudden appearance hadn't thoroughly embarrassed her, since she wasn't even dressed properly. She had only a black button-down pajama shirt and matching shorts on. They may have had some frills and ornamentation on them, but they still weren't suitable for company.

"I was in the middle of something," Irina sighed. "What are you all doing here?"

Irina knew Jennifer had a tendency to go wherever she wanted, whenever she wanted--even deep space if the mood struck her. M'Wela was mature enough to not bother her unless it was important. Paula was the rogue element here. As far as Irina was aware, she was still laying low and allowing her peers to impersonate her. She had no reason to be here.

Irina thought, But no reason not to be here, either. Never mind that the builder and owner of this property explicitly said she would prefer to be alone today. Nah, she won't mind at all.

"Well," M'Wela said. "I was in the neighborhood, since I have some diplomatic business in Moscow."

"Paula and I both had some free time," Jennifer explained. "So we got together. It occurred to me, 'Hey, we haven't seen Irina for a while now!'"

Paula chirped, "And I said, 'Isn't it her birthday today?'"

"So we headed over here, and met M'Wela along the way!"

Irina sighed. "M'Wela's reason makes some sense, but you two went out of your way--crossing an entire ocean, even--just to see me on the one day I've made very clear that I absolutely do not want company."

"What business does an ocean have, keeping friends apart?" Jennifer asked.

Paula added, "Especially on your birthday! You're always cooped up in this big castle of yours! At the very least, you should go out and have some fun with us!"

"Fun?" Irina asked.

"Yeah, fun!"

"I don't know what that is," Irina shook her head. "I doubt I've ever partaken in it if I've never even heard of it."

"Oh, don't play dumb, Irina!" M'Wela responded, giving her a big hug. "They do have a point--you should go out and have fun sometimes."

"I'm quite content to stay here," Irina responded. Her voice was muffled, as her face was currently pressed against M'Wela's tremendous breasts. The others had no problem understanding her, though. She pulled away from the hug. "Here, in my castle, I mean. Not... you know."

"Then..." Paula looked around, as if seeking answers from the castle walls. She wound up actually finding one. "We could try decorating this place! It's, uh... well, to be honest, it's rather boring."

"It's supposed to be spartan," Irina explained. "I'm not really equipped to handle visitors, so it's set up to maximize my efficiency and personal comfort."

"Personal comfort?" Paula repeated with a giggle. "Cold never bothered you anyway, huh?"

"What does that mean?"

"I read on the way here that it's record-breakingly cold in Moscow," Jennifer said. "Something like -45°C out there? Seems Elza's efforts to stabilize the world climate worked like a charm."

You two sure are dressed appropriately for the weather, Irina thought. For that matter, M'Wela's outfit isn't particularly warm either. I realize clothing is purely aesthetic for unstoppable beings like us, but seeing them so underdressed is funny, regardless.

"I heard about that!" Paula replied. "Barely a teenager and she's already making changes that big!"

"As I understand it," M'Wela said. "She heard her dad complain about the heat one day and simply made the change subconsciously."

"She looks kinda scary, though," Paula added.

"Oh, you'd be surprised, dear," M'Wela replied. "Elza is the most human and gentle of us all, despite her mostly persistent scowl. Well, when she wants to be."

Paula shrugged. She abruptly teleported next to Irina, who was just about to head into another room to have a bit of privacy. "But, we should be talking about the birthday girl right now!" She put an arm over Irina's shoulder.

"I'm 40 years old," Irina clarified. "I'm a woman."

"Oh! Well, that answers my next question! So do you want a cake with 40 candles, or maybe just two of those number candles? You know, one 4, one 0?"

"I don't need a cake," Irina teleported a short ways away from Paula, getting her arm off her shoulder. "I don't need anything but some peace and quiet, so I can get back to work."

"You gotta take a break at some point!" Paula insisted, pouting.

M'Wela proposed, "How about a compromise? You could take a break from actually working, but discuss what you're working on with us."

"I suppose I could, but I'm not sure you'd understand."

Jennifer chuckled. "Did you forget who you're talking to? Three of your equals in every regard are standing here with you. It's literally impossible for anyone here to not understand what you're working on. Let's hear it."

"You're right, 'understand' was the wrong word... you might not appreciate it."

"You should know, we Super Goddesses have a tendency to surprise people," M'Wela replied. "Try us."

Irina took a deep breath in through her nose and out through her mouth. "Alright... here goes. I have taken the entire universe into myself. I'm one with everything now."

Jennifer tilted her head and poked Irina's forearm. She flinched.

"Yeah, I thought so!" she chirped.


"When I came in here, I thought you were a little different somehow, but I couldn't quite place how, so I didn't mention it. Figured at the time it was nothing, but this would explain it! You're not entirely in your own body!"

"Right," Irina nodded. "I decided to try expanding myself to envelope the entire universe, both for research purposes and simply to see if it could be done. It's a very... unique experience."

"Ohhhhhhh?" Jennifer and Paula replied in unison, apparently intrigued. "Unique how?"

"It's..." Irina squirmed a bit. "It's difficult to describe."

"That's not what your face is saying."

"How could my face possibly be telling you anything?"

"Well, to be fair, I'm looking at a lot more than just your face," Jennifer said. "But it's obvious that the experience of being one with everything turns you on."

"Th-that's absurd!" Irina stammered. "I don't have time for... s-sexual arousal."

"There's a lot of energy in the universe..." Paula pointed out, adding a seductive air to her voice. "Feeling all of it at once must be pretty great..."

"W-what? I never mentioned anything like that..."

"Oh, but you don't need to for me to know!" Paula chirped. "Remember? Super perception?"

Irina sighed. "Right. I wish it was easier for me to keep things private to you all."

"It's all in being able to read people," Jennifer said. "It's not that tricky to do, once you know what to look for."

"I suppose," Irina replied, "but I imagine there are ways to not let oneself be read. It seems like an neverending, futile battle with very little rewards."

"Speaking of neverending, futile battles," Paula interjected, looking almost desperate. "How obvious do we have to be for you to get the hint?"

Irina sighed. "Okay, so I take it you two want to feel it for yourselves, too?"

Paula exclaimed, "Yes!" She continued, raising her voice so it echoed throughout the high-ceilinged great hall, "Thank you! She gets it!"

Jennifer chirped, "I'd love to!"

M'Wela replied, "Oh, I'll pass, actually. I should be going--the diplomatic stuff in Moscow? Another time, though, I'd be happy to. Bye for now!"

M'Wela waved and teleported away in a flurry of violet light.

Irina frowned. "Well, she was my only hope of keeping you two away from me, so..."

She threw out her arms and sighed.

"Go nuts."

Paula and Jennifer were eager to comply. The fusion of two Super Goddesses had never been attempted before, let alone three. The three had the same general idea of what had to be done, though. The two simply moved closer and closer to Irina as their bodies ceased to be solid and their three essences intermingled into one, taking the substance of their bodies and reworking it into something new and composite. Irina spent her last moments of independence spreading herself out across the whole universe once more, taking Paula and Jennifer with her.


She was born.

She already knew she was comprised of three beings--Super Goddesses, they called themselves. But they were generally composed far differently than she was now.

The first thing she noticed was the profound sensation permeating her very soul. All the energy in the universe flowed through her. All the energy in the universe was her. All the matter, too. She was the universe itself.

The feeling of so much power coursing through her was intoxicating. She reached out further, wishing to feel more. She became acutely aware of every sensation felt by every sentient being within her.

One in particular stuck out to her: pleasure. It started from a few beings spread across the universe, like pinpricks of light shining through a firmament of darkness. As she focused, she began feeling far more.

The pinpricks gradually began to explode into flares of raw and vivid sensation. Before long, they had all turned into vigintillions of orgasms surging through her with every passing moment. She felt every orgasm across the entire universe as they occurred, as if they were her own. She tossed her head back and moaned in euphoria. This was amazing! This had to be the meaning of life, to reach this pinnacle of evolution and revel in this endless maelstrom of cosmic ecstasy! It all felt so good, and she possessed the power to make sure it would never end!


Finished with her business in Moscow, M'Wela teleported back into the great hall of Irina's castle, only to find her Super Goddess peers absent. In their place was a stranger...?

Easily 250 centimeters tall, about half a meter taller than M'Wela, she sat on a levitating throne made of luminous crystal. Her head was arched back in ecstasy and her legs spread wide. Her breasts were almost twice the size of M'Wela's. One hand groped them while another furiously fingered herself at speeds beyond what the laws of physics allowed, and yet another hand stroked a substantial cock at the same speed. She was clad in a black version of Paula's sweater dress, but it was pulled down to reveal her massive breasts and shortened to end just over her navel. She wore nothing else but Jennifer's headphones around her neck. Her silvery blonde hair was unkempt, extending voluminously down below her throne. Her head slowly moved to look down at M'Wela, standing there in curiosity. She opened her eyes, which glowed with post-divine iridescent light. A smirk formed on her succulent lips as she stared at M'Wela--one she distinctly recognized as stemming from intensely powerful arousal.

I know you. The words reverberated powerfully within M'Wela's mind. Super Goddess M'Wela Mutegaraba. You wish you could feel even the smallest fraction of the pleasure roaring endlessly within me.

M'Wela replied with a nonchalant shrug. "Can you blame me? It looks like you're having the time of your life from where I'm standing, cutie."

I desire far more than this.

"Sure, love, I get that. Been there myself once or twice, in fact."

Her cock grew much larger, towering up to just above the top of her breasts. Drops of glowing precum emerged from the tip.

Make love to me.

It was at that instant that M'Wela decided to freeze time within the castle. Of course, neither party was impeded even slightly by this change. She did so to allow them both to take their "time" (subjectively speaking) in the inevitable fuckfest and not be away from society for an indeterminate, likely very long "time". M'Wela knew from experience that people this powerful and this horny would require at the very least "several centuries" of continuous fucking to be satisfied.

"Whoa there," M'Wela replied with a disarming chuckle. "I usually save that sort of thing for the second date, if not later. Why don't you tell me your name first, at the very least?"

Name... the imposing being considered the word for a moment. You may call me Tatiana.

"Alright, Tatiana sweetie! You already know my name, so let's get to work! I just hope you know what you're getting yourself into...."

M'Wela burst into a sprint across the great hall, towards Tatiana. Her clothes vanished in a flash of violet light and she leapt up to the throne. She landed vagina first on Tatiana's massive cock. Already slick with vaginal fluid, she slipped down quite a ways, until the cock reached the back wall of M'Wela's uterus. She let out a long yelp of undeniable pleasure as she took more and more of the cock, before finally landing in Tatiana's lap and moaning in sublime ecstasy.

Her cock was so amazingly thick... Anyone else in M'Wela's place would be in excruciating pain right now, having their innards displaced and rearranged to make room for something so unnaturally immense. Pain was a concept M'Wela was only familiar with secondhand, though. The experience was not only painless, but also felt fantastic.

After having sex with many Enhanced individuals, oftentimes with cocks larger than she would ordinarily be biologically capable of taking, M'Wela made a point of rigging her body with a conditional enchantment. Anytime a cock that was too large entered her body, it would detour into a pocket universe--much like hammerspace--with an unlimited potential size to neatly store it. Doing so resulted in absolutely no loss of sensation whatsoever, and any cum released was redirected to her vagina and led to her ovaries naturally.

Tatiana moaned with delight and rose from her throne, which turned into energy that she absorbed into herself. M'Wela adapted to suddenly levitating effortlessly and began thrusting, holding nothing back. Like a beast in heat, Tatiana greedily put her hands on M'Wela's shoulders and pushed her harder, even adding to it with startlingly powerful telekinesis.

A human body subjected to forces this intense would have been quite literally torn apart. Any Enhanced short of ultipotence would last minutes at best. M'Wela, however, was having the time of her life.

She could vividly feel the cock--already admirably large--grow even larger within her. No matter how much larger she made the hammerspace universe within her, Tatiana's cock was constantly eager to grow even bigger. M'Wela, of course, still felt every movement, every torrent of cum entering her. She felt everything, courtesy of the hyperarray of nerves spanning every square nanometer of her vagina's hammerspace interior. As such, pleasure flooded her brain with a fierce intensity that actually managed to surprise her.

Tatiana channeled far more power into her cock, making it even harder and causing it to penetrate the fourth dimension within M'Wela's hammerspace universe. It didn't take long for her cock to grow into the entirety of the new dimension. As a result, M'Wela felt the sensation of being fucked everywhere and forever, across every point in the space-time continuum.

She may have been experiencing infinitely more ecstasy than any being could dare to imagine, but she still had tricks up her sleeve. She contracted her vagina's muscles hard against the endless cock within her, doing her best to stop it from moving entirely. Of course, that was impossible, but Tatiana's pale face gradually became red with effort, grimacing in both profound pleasure and pain.

But M'Wela wasn't done yet. She magically enhanced all the nerves within Tatiana's cock. The stimulus needed to bring her to a single orgasm became enough to give her a million. Moaning in greater pleasure, Tatiana thrust harder, faster, exponentially increasing the frequency and quantity of her orgasms, along with M'Wela's in turn.

You are truly amazing... Tatiana mindspoke, staring directly into M'Wela's violet eyes as hearts formed within her own. I had heard of the legendary sexual prowess and fecundity of Prosperia's Queen-Mother, but this is somehow beyond what even I could have anticipated!

"I'm in the business of surprising people! Now, just because you've got your cock in me doesn't mean I'm willing to just sit here and let you treat me like a sex toy! I want a good time too, and I intend to get it!"

You will not feel more pleasure than me.

Tatiana's cock penetrated and filled the fifth dimension within M'Wela. Both of their pleasure definitely increased as a result, but neither of them let it show on their face.

I will not permit it.

"Oh, that sounds like a challenge!"

M'Wela quadrupled both her vagina's tightness and Tatiana's cock's sensitivity. Before long, Tatiana was unable to stop herself from cumming constantly, no matter how little stimulation she received. This wasn't to say all the extra stimulation M'Wela provided didn't enhance the experience a quintillionfold, though.

"I haven't gotten one of those since I was a teenager! And, I think you'll be a much more formidable opponent than the Rwandan Defense Forces! You're on, Tanya!"

Before long, Tatiana's cock had penetrated and filled millions of higher dimensions within M'Wela and showed no sign nor intention of stopping. Meanwhile, M'Wela's vaginal muscles pressed so hard against the cock within that nothing, not even Tatiana's cock, could have withstood the pressure and been able to move. However, Tatiana was, like M'Wela, so far beyond concepts like logic, physics, and even reality, rendering that statement less than meaningless.

The two had reached a perpetually escalating stalemate--one that neither of them were willing to give up on. In other words, the unstoppable force had met the immovable object.

Tatiana laughed as she gazed into M'Wela's eyes again, with a combination of endless desperation and pain alongside absolute lust and euphoria.

Tell me... where did the wise, dignified Queen-Mother of Prosperia go? All I see is a thirsty slut that can't imagine life away from my divine cock anymore!

M'Wela laughed. "Good question! I wonder, where did the mighty, exalted Tanya go? All I see is a thirsty slut who can't imagine life without me constantly riding her divine cock anymore!"

As both goddesses pushed themselves harder and harder, fully intent on maximizing each other's pleasure, intense energy built up within Tatiana's cock and M'Wela's vagina. Neither of them were willing to stop fucking each other senseless for even a single 'unit of Planck time' to address the issue. Everything felt so good that no force in existence could hope to stop them from reaching a downright post-cosmic orgasm simultaneously.

If Tatiana's cock hadn't been filling M'Wela's vagina at the "time" of detonation, the resulting blast would have encompassed and destroyed hundreds of galaxies.

Fortunately, that wasn't the case. Instead, merely immense torrents of cum surged out Tatiana's cock and M'Wela's vagina, splashing everywhere within the castle and raining down on the goddesses. It was so startlingly powerful that Tatiana unconsciously split back into Jennifer, Irina, and Paula.

All four Super Goddesses lay in wide-eyed silence on the castle floor as their cum rained down, quickly flooding the entirety of the castle's interior and filling it to capacity. Its walls were designed to withstand anything short of the heat death of the universe, and as such, not even a drop of cum crept outside the building... not that it could, anyway, seeing as time was still frozen within the castle. A quick application of power from Irina caused the white flood to vanish, leaving nothing stained or even damp.

Jennifer was lying on the floor. Paula was strewn over her, and Irina over her. M'Wela was in a similar state, but on the opposite end of the castle's appropriately-named great hall.

Slightly annoyed that Irina's fat butt was in her face, Jennifer teleported her and Paula off her and to the floor on either side of her. They slowly stood up.

"What... what was that?" they asked in unison.

Jennifer announced proudly, "That, my friends, was sex."

"No, I mean the--" Irina and Paula paused, realizing they were speaking simultaneously. It seemed their recent fusion left their minds on the same wavelength. "...the part at the end, right before we split apart."

"That was pretty great," Jennifer moaned. "I've had some good sex in my day, but never that good!"

M'Wela blocked her connection to the pocket universe her vagina led into. It was still saturated with Tatiana's universal and pandimensional cock eternally cumming, so even she wouldn't be able to function normally being connected to all that. On the plus side, though, she would never have to masturbate again.

She saved herself a bit of time and teleported herself from lying on the floor a good thirty meters away from the others to standing right next to them. "The three of you fused together into a being who called herself Tatiana. That's never been done before, so maybe that had something to do with it?"

"It was... amazing..." Irina uttered. "I... I think I may have actually learned something about myself just now. After spending my whole life as the most sexually repressed Super Goddess--underage Elza and recently of-age Paula notwithstanding--I think I may have discovered I'm actually the most hedonistic... or at least certainly up there. I find myself eagerly awaiting the next orgasm... especially more like that... super orgasm, for lack of a better term. How did we even manage that?"

"Maybe it required a set of criteria to be fulfilled before the super orgasms could start," Jennifer speculated. "I suppose we, in our revelry, checked off the whole list without realizing it, and were startled when it began."

Paula chirped, "Well, I don't know about you all, but I'm eager to try and figure out exactly how to get more of those super orgasms!"

"I'd like to try fusing with someone," M'Wela added. "Maybe we could do two and two?"

"But the three of us were fused together earlier," Irina pointed out. "That may be a crucial factor."

Jennifer shook her head. "I don't think so. Infinity times two is the same as infinity times three: infinity. I think there's something about how Super Goddesses fuse together that allows for orgasms of that kind of intensity."

Irina considered this for a moment and nodded. "That's logical, but we're all taking shots in the dark here."

"I think the most important matter is... who's fusing with whom?" Paula asked, clearly excited.

M'Wela said, "After spending 'the last eon' continuously fucking Tatiana, I believe Irina was the largest contributor to her personality. I'd like to call a truce with her, fuse with Irina, and see how you two fare against us together." A seductive smirk formed on her lips.

Jennifer and Paula only glanced at each other briefly and giggled. They wasted no time stepping into each other, transforming into a new being. Their hair turned platinum blonde--thoroughly lustrous, as if it were made of the metal--and tied itself into twintails, reaching down to her ankles. Jennifer's tank top was now stretched to its limit trying to contain her immense breasts. The butterfly on her choker was replaced with a star matching the brilliant color of Paula's hair. Paula's pantyhose expanded into a nylon bodystocking, hugging her exaggerated curves. Too exaggerated, as it turned out--Jennifer's shorts ultimately tore and fell apart in shreds, dropping to the floor; the tank top didn't last much longer. Paula's shoes became sleek high heeled boots extending up to her thighs, accentuating just how tall this composite woman was--not quite as tall as Tatiana, but still taller than M'Wela by about 25 centimeters, even without her boots.

Opening eyes radiant with golden light, she willed her bodystocking to produce two openings: one over her breasts to reveal her abundant cleavage, and another between her legs to allow for easy access to her pussy and ass.

"Oh, wow!" she exclaimed. "This feels amazing! Name's Juanita! Y'know, so you know what to scream later!"

"Pleasure to meet you," M'Wela said. To Irina, she added, "Well, Irina, let's not keep the good hedonist waiting. Shall we?"

Irina nodded, and they became one. Their hair turned pure white like snow and grew substantially, resembling a huge bridal veil. Her bangs became long enough to cover her eyes, much like the veils Irina wore to cover her eyes around humans, since she had a tendency to accidentally hypnotize them. Their body quickly grew so huge and voluptuous that both Irina's pajamas and M'Wela's formal dress didn't last long. Her breasts were now more than twice the size of her head, and her hips were even wider. Her hair stretched all the way down her back to the floor. Her bangs were short by comparison, but long enough to veil her eyes.

"Oh my!" she cried out. "You weren't kidding--this feels positively sublime! Well sweetie, I'm Sonia!"

At 220 cm tall, Sonia was technically a bit taller than Juanita, but Juanita's heeled boots made her appear slightly but noticeably taller.

Juanita said dismissively, "Yeah, sure--let's skip to the part where we fuck like gods and have a few trillion of those super orgasms!"

Sonia giggled. "Only a few trillion? Sweetie, that's foreplay compared to what I have in mind!"

Unable to contain themselves, they teleported into each other's arms, floating a few meters off the floor.

The two goddesses stared at each other for a while until Juanita giggled.

"I'm sorry, I just-- I'll be perfectly honest, I don't know what to do!"

"Well, I'll admit that I don't either," Sonia replied. "But I think we should just let our desires fly free, and we'll get there. Besides, we're omnipotent, and time is frozen here, so we have all eternity to figure it out!"

"All this hair of yours looks like one of those big wedding veils."

Sonia giggled. "It's like this is our honeymoon!"

"Oh?" Juanita was intrigued by the idea. She gently lifted up Sonia's bangs with telekinesis.

Sonia was so overcome with emotion--a sort of feeling that was simultaneously weakness and profound strength. Before she could say anything, Juanita kissed her, which only exacerbated the feeling.

"As long as we both shall live?" Juanita asked.

Sonia regained her composure. "All eternity with you? I wouldn't have it any other way."

More than content with those terms, the two goddesses wasted no more time speaking. There was nothing left to say. Nothing at all but their love. And what better way to express it than by lovemaking?

Both goddesses enhanced each other's sensitivity a googolfold. The slightest touch anywhere on their bodies was violently orgasmic for both of them. As pieces of Tatiana existed within both of them, they knew each other's bodies like they were their own. Frankly, the only real distinction between them at all was that they inhabited two separate bodies--bodies that wanted nothing more than to feel every millimeter of the other.

And feel they did. Their hands grazed all around each other's bodies, reveling in their enhanced sensitivity. They were actually reaching orgasm through simple caresses. It was wonderful, but nowhere near good enough to call it a day and head home.

They had no reason to hold back their pheromone production, so they went all out. As they got hornier, they released more pheromones, even enhancing the potency of the existing ones. Within "minutes", a visible rose-tinted fog of all the pheromones in the air formed within the castle--one that became thicker and thicker as "time" "progressed." Super Goddess pheromones had no saturation point, so they could conceivably build and build indefinitely, resulting in the castle's interior effectively becoming a hazardous area. Anyone subjected to pheromones at this density would mutate into a hypersexualized mass of erogenous tissue, constantly cumming and lactating for a varying number of seconds of absolute pleasure, followed by death.

Of course, for Super Goddesses, the hazards of a hypersexualizing Chernobyl were beyond dismissible, leaving them with only unparalleled ecstasy. A perfect aphrodisiac for the ultimate sexual beings.

Instead of choosing a single position, they duplicated themselves to let each pair enjoy every permutation and combination of sex positions possible, and even several more that were impossible.

One Sonia ate out a Juanita. Another Juanita pegged Sonia with a strap-on made of pure erotic energy. Yet another Sonia produced myriads of sex toys and proceeded to telekinetically thrust them in and out of the orifices of dozens of Juanitas--she made them all just as endlessly sensitive to pleasure as her vagina, so a strap-on in her mouth felt just as good as a vibrator up her pussy.

Through it all, the two women devoted each and every iteration of themselves to each other's pleasure, mind, body, and soul. They didn't realize it right away, but that was the key.

It was somewhat like the Big Bang--not an explosion per se, but a transformation from infinitely dense material into ever-expanding, creating power. Power that surged into and through both goddesses as they writhed in ecstasy beyond ecstasy. They wanted to concentrate the euphoria into a single point, so they removed their duplicates and transferred the power to between their vulvas and pressed them together, clasping each other's hands and squeezing them hard as they felt every sensation they were experiencing compound themselves exponentially, quickly becoming overwhelming. Their entire being, their entire existence, everything about them became unending, roaring, euphoric pleasure.

Their endless super orgasms were so powerful, they tore into the very fabric of reality and violated the laws of physics, with all other concepts following close behind. To explain every intricacy of the phenomenon would be plainly impossible with contemporary language.

Despite time being frozen within the castle, both goddesses were able to perceive the effects of their lovemaking spread across the universe in real time. Every being capable of experiencing love became overwhelmed by the emotion for the briefest of instants. As a result, several people were struck with the sudden urge to fuck their partners with unprecedented passion. Families had the sudden urge to drop everything and initiate group hugs. People walking by on the street were compelled to hug and kiss strangers at random.

The incident was like and simultaneously unlike an unchecked pheromone outbreak. An overwhelming compulsion towards an emotion shot rampantly through the universe, but it was love, not lust. It also passed much more quickly than pheromones would--traveling a few sextillion times faster than light, allowing it to envelope the entire universe in about seven seconds--but its effects lingered on afterwards.

That point was made evident in several prisons and battlefields around the world. Guards and wardens watching over people who were incarcerated for petty crimes like the sale of legal but controversial drugs or shoplifting when their only alternative was starvation became sympathetic to the prisoners' plight, and had them taken to a court to reconsider their sentence, oftentimes leading to a more lenient sentence, or simply releasing them.

Many soldiers--the herders and farmers in Nigeria, the Somalians, the Palestinians and Israeli, the Colombians, among others--had the abrupt inclination to call for ceasefires. In a few cases, a few full-blown treaties were even established.

The unconditional, absolute love of two omnipotent goddesses alone was felt by the entire universe--even managing to aid them as a whole, if even just slightly. At the end of the day, that knowledge was the one and only thing that made Sonia and Juanita happier than being together, as the most intimate lovers in all existence.


After "eons" of infinitely-beyond-orgasmic revelry, the forces tying M'Wela to Irina and Jennifer to Paula faded, restoring them to their individual states.

Steeped in the very essence of serenity itself, the four Super Goddesses floated near the ceiling of the castle's great hall, naked and holding each other close. At this point, none of them wanted anything more than to continue feeling the soft, warm touch of their peers' flesh.

"Wow," Irina whispered, breaking the silence.

"Wow is right," Paula replied, chuckling.

"It's simply not in our nature to not know our capabilities, and yet..." Jennifer uttered. "Who could have known we were capable of that?"

M'Wela nodded. "It's things like this that remind us exactly what omnipotence means."

"We should get married," Irina muttered.

"Ah, I-- uh... I didn't..." she stammered. "Th-that was mostly Sonia speaking there. You know, I--she, rather--loved you. You two, I mean. It's incredible--it wasn't my personal experience--not quite, anyway--and yet I feel exactly as she did, even now that she doesn't exist."

"Well," M'Wela replied. "Sonia may not exist anymore, but her two halves will always be there."

Jennifer replied, "When we were Juanita, I was interested in only two things: giving super orgasms, and receiving them. I get the feeling that, if we change back, that's all we'll be interested in until... some kind of refractory period hits? Honestly, I'm not sure how we split apart."

"Neither am I," Irina added. "I vividly remember how good it felt, but not particularly many of the details."

"I don't think it's particularly important," M'Wela said. "What is important is that we enjoyed the experience and became closer as fellow Super Goddesses."

"Exactly!" Paula exclaimed.

Jennifer replied, "Fair enough, but something this big should be studied at some point."

"I..." Irina began, quickly trailing off. "I think we should just call it a day. This whole odyssey started some six subjective eons ago, and, to be clear, I explicitly asked to be left alone today."

A snap of her fingers caused time to resume in the castle.

"That's fair," M'Wela said. "We did kinda overstay our welcome a bit."

"But hey, you did get a pretty great birthday present!" Jennifer pointed out.

Irina replied, "While I'm not sure it quite counts as a present per se, I am... glad to have become aware of it."

She became hesitant, choosing her next words carefully. Her eye contact began to falter.

"And... it's only fair to give credit where it's due... I guess, if you all had respected my wishes and left me alone today, we may very well have never discovered super orgasms."

At this point, Irina wasn't even trying to maintain eye contact. Gazing firmly at the floor, she said, "So... thank you. Thank you all."

"I think that alone made this whole adventure worth it!" M'Wela chirped.

Irina's pale face turned vivid red.

"What, don't you care about the super orgasms?" Paula asked.

M'Wela just giggled.

"Well, we'll leave you be now!" she said. "Hope you have a good rest of your birthday!"

"Happy birthday, Irina!" Paula and Jennifer said in unison.

The three teleported away. Irina sighed.

I don't think I've ever been around people for that long before.... It actually wasn't as bad as I thought it would be... Oh, what am I saying?! I have work to do!


Days later, Irina was hard at work extracting samples of exotic matter from distant galaxies (by way of portals and telekinesis) and analyzing them. Her oneness with the universe made scouting for the exotic matter effortless. In the last few hours, she had discovered four new materials orders of magnitude harder and stronger than neutron pasta--which was itself billions of times stronger than steel. Figuring out how to reproduce it at will took no time at all, so she decided to start using it to reinforce her castle and her gynoids afterwards. She foresaw its use in all kinds of terrestrial constructs by the turn of the decade.

Precisely on schedule, one of her gynoids approached her with a huge platter of various dishes, balanced effortlessly on the gynoid's hand.

She had instructed them to determine every extreme of all cuisine, prepare them, and serve them to her. Most delicious was obvious, but she also wanted to taste foods that were extreme examples of each kind of taste. She ate countless dishes on a daily basis. Canadian poutine, Italian lasagna, freshly cooked lobster with butter, American hamburgers, Spanish polbo á feira, Thai Massaman curry, the Original Cream Puffs, even unconventional things like chocolate-dipped coffee ice cream glazed-donut sandwiches and bourbon marshmallow s'mores with bacon. This indulgent and reckless diet would certainly have killed her by now, if she wasn't one of the seven mistresses of the universe.

Just four of her gynoid staff worked literally tirelessly to perform all the research and labor required. Keeping them powered during sustained high performance activity was a non-issue, as she had designed their power supplies to last indefinitely, keeping them all active forever, simply because Irina said so.

As she stuffed her face with an entire red velvet cheesecake, the gynoid transformed into a sexbot. Irina hadn't even done it consciously. It occurred to her--as an afterthought, strangely enough--that simply having her gynoids act as her maids and represent her at award ceremonies was a gross waste of their abilities.

"No, no," Irina muttered to herself. "I still have work to do."

But she was abundantly aware she could freeze time within her castle again to allow herself a break. There would be no lost time, objectively speaking.

Well, all work and no play...


To be continued in Irinaween....


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