Hi I'm Brittany!

Name is Brittany, you can call me Britt if you want ;) . So pretty much, I feel like writing somethings about my life. I am pretty much a big deal; I get what I want and I never lose so just remember that haha. Hmm.... well I guess I'd better explain more what I do in my time. I recently started college at the ripe old age of twenty one haha, I live in the States, (Cali girl represent ;) ) and live on my own in New York mostly though I have a few places in Los Angeles to crash if I feel like it. Studying performing arts in Los Angeles currently, just to fit in I guess... I don't need to work for money but I need things to keep me busy, that is my biggest fear and as my mom used to say... "If you have no goals, you lose purpose in life." It is hard for me to say but learning is one of my weaknesses it's something I personally never needed to do much as I grew up, though it's something I actually need to work on because my relationships with other people, especially with women need to improve or I'll be alone forever. As you probably noticed from the end of that last sentence, I am actually gay, yes, I like the pussy! (I make a V with my fingers and put it up to my mouth with my tongue wagging in between the V I made.) haha :D . I get along much better with men though; I can't put up with the bullshit from chicks sometimes and I snap and well... things turn ugly, literally. I am no angel and will be going to hell when its my time, so now, lets stop beating around the bush and get to the action.

So my first day of classes went so freaking bad, girls need to know their place, here we go...


I checked my alarm clock. Earlier I had a big night in Jersey too many shots of rum and vodka and surprisingly I had a good time with complete strangers. The time showed 9:06AM; my class starts at 9:00AM I dozed back to bed, feeling like napping a little longer. 

An hour later, I felt like waking up and having some breakfast, so in a flash I appeared sitting down at the table with my favourite cereal 'Cinnamon Toast Crunch' ready to eat in a bowl of almond milk. After I munched my breakfast down I took a glance at the clock sitting above my fridge and the time was around 10:30AM. 

I moved on in a flash to my bedroom to get my outfit ready. "Got to look great for my first class :D " I smiled, filled with joy with what I could wear, being the hottest girl on campus is a priority. Looking through the mirror. "hmm, a super cute bob styled cut seems cool" My hair's volume pulsed like a beating heart and reformed into a silky smooth medium length bob styled hair cut. "Hot, I think I want my hair to be in brown today" My hair's volume pulsed from my previous blonde hair to a silky dark brown colour that I felt was breathtaking, stroking my fingers through my hair, loving the way it feels in my grasp. 

As I looked at my face, I always recalled noticing how often women do their makeup within movies and advertisements, I never really felt I needed to do that, guess I am just that pretty. "Haha" I smilingly giggled.

"I feel like big boobies" My boobs pulsed and swelled outwards in a instant to about an FF cup, jiggling and spilling out of my now tiny bra as I play with them with my hands. "These will do. :D " Thinking of what next, something cheeky came to mind, looking down my body, it pulsed rapidly while my pyjamas transmuted to a small shiny latex black bikini that left not much to the imagination with my boobs spilling out from the side and my nipples slightly poking through."hot!" I smiled looking in the mirror at myself, thinking this would be perfect for the pool but not for class haha.

"I need a dress, that sends a classy but hot vibe through it." I smirked.
My body started pulsing and beating like a drum, and red coloured fabric quickly started appearing in patches, covering my midriff first then forming into a shortish flared skirt, showing off my tanned legs and my slight hourglass figure. The red fabric morphed its way to my top half, showing a healthy bit of cleavage in the sleeveless dress with my bikini snugly fitting underneath. "Hmm needs something else, I love the colour" Using my finger I touched a spot on my skirt and a white star appeared, "cute" I touched it again to try another print and the pattern changed to a white heart. "Aww!" Another tap with my finger and it changed to a white rose, "Not bad at all, though.." with a smile I tapped my skirt again and my favourite flower which is a Daffodil morphed completely over my red dress in small white patterns, "So cute!" I jumped up and down on the spot in joy, twirling in the mirror with a smirk.

"Girls got to have heels!" A pair of shiny red heels formed in an instant fitting perfectly to my feet, "These are so hot, so high, they make my legs and bum look amazing!" Lifting on of my legs up, to see the sole of my heel "black" the sole colour changed to black, trying different colours out "Green, blue, pink, grey, white" with them changing and pulsing in a instant every time I said their colour out loud. "I think white looks the best" instantly both my heels pulsed and the sole of my shoe shun a bright glossy white. 

"I am ready to take on the world now!" smiling while I look at the time, it showed 10:56am. "I feel like going now" In a blink, I appeared out the front of the school. Soaking in the atmosphere of the place "This place is huge! I can't be stuffed looking around" Instantly I blinked inside the complex out the front of the actual door for my class. "I think I am early today" smirking and looking down at my outfit, everything seemed in check. I opened the door with my heels clacking on the floor as I looked for a spot to a suitable spot to sit down, I laid my eyes on a spot with a cute pink desk which I thought was cool, I had to sit there, in a blink I was sitting down at the table. 

A girl behind me sitting far back in the classroom who I didn't notice walking in, "Hey, I wouldn't sit there by the way." She said in a slightly worried but cute tone. I turned around and blinked onto her desk, crossing my legs off the side of her desk. She had such a pretty face with a cute button nose, beautiful brown long bob styled hair and plump cherry lips that were extremely kissable. Looking down now at her outfit, she was wearing a cute off shoulder blue floral blouse, that flaunted her modest but perky breasts and her womanly upper half. I think I also saw a denim miniskirt, super flirty, yum! "Why can I sit there?" smiling, wondering why. While I tried teasing her slightly by squishing my boobs together as she is kind of cute. The girl had a shocked kind of expression on her face, "What the hell? You were just over there and you appeared here?" the girl stammered, a little shocked for what ever reason. "Yeah so? Name is Brittany by the way and you are?" I smiled and kissed her on the cheek. "Gemma" she blushed. "Well, its not a regular thing what you just did, that is why I said it." Gemma said as she looked at my outfit, I knew she loved it. "Is that a good thing? Would be so slow getting into this position from there, heels aren't exactly made for comfort are they?" I giggled in a cute high pitched tone, feeling like it was a good thing, though I felt I had to make sure to know where she stood. "Yes, it is pretty unique haha, I did hear rumours around campus about 'magical powers' though I thought they were absolute BS, I guess until now." Gemma replied. "Magical powers, what are they?" I smiled, very intrigued by this. 

Before she could reply the teacher walked in. "Good, some of you are actually here on time, take your seats." The teacher said, kind of in a hurry.

In a blink I appeared at my pink desk sitting down in the custom comfy pink chair. I watched the other other students flock in and sit down at a desk quietly, thought there were a group of girls coming in making a noise, as they walked through the door they dropped some of their books on the ground in disbelief at the sight of me, they were actually all pretty attractive looking girls, very fashionable clothes and showing their killer bodies off in them, midriffs, boobies, legs and ass. One of those girls yelled at me, she seemed the dominant one. "What the fuck are you doing in my spot!?" She was furious, "This is your spot? I don't see your name on it haha" I sneered, sarcastically looking around the desk for her name. "Do you know who I am?" The girl snarled. "I don't care, I want to sit here so that is how this works. Hmmph!" I demanded, turning my head away from her as she was starting to tick me off. 

The teacher cut in, "Sort your problems out after class, you're here to learn. For today umm, you must be Brittney... You can sit there today but you and Camilla can sort it out after class what happens after today. You can call me Ms Mercelle. Love your dress by the way, where did you get that from?" Ms Mercelle smiled. She had such a soothing confident voice and left a good first impression on me by complementing me :) . She had a professional look to her with a elegant grey dress and with a tight skirt that reached her knees. Glossy black pump styled high heels that where a nice size for her gorgeous black pantyhose'd legs. She wore a white blouse underneath her dress that was buttoned up fully but showing off the nice shape of her cute covered breasts. Her hair was in a wavy blonde bun, that was on the larger side as her hair was long enough to reach her hips, you could tell she took great care of it, silky smooth and thick. that really complimented her mature womanly face.

Camille looking at Ms Mercelle with anger, "WHAT!? Oh, we will be sorting it out after class for sure, you ugly slut. Nice implants by the way, you couldn't just go DD you HAD to go for FF!" Camille glowered, looking towards her group. She wasn't happy at all to say the least haha. "Thanks Ms Mercelle, I love how my dress turned out too, had it custom made today for my first class :D ." I grinned from her compliment and ignored Camille for now. I don't know what she had planned, but I can't turn down a challenge, especially if its fun to win and put her in place.

During class, I took a look at Camille while she was writing. My god she wears a lot of makeup, "It would be such a shame if she had to go to the bathroom.." I thought with a little smile. Just after I watched as all her makeup dribble down her face, melting rapidly on to her book she was writing on at the time and pooling onto her desk then finally dripping on to her skirt. I quickly looked away as she noticed, quietly chuckling as I noticed she was in a state of embarrassment. "ah ah.. Wh-at?!" Camille stammered loudly, everyone put their attention to her as they heard the loud outburst and the boys began laughing, they don't understand makeup so I didn't expect anything less haha. I smiled and stayed glued to my book to not arouse any suspicion. She ran out of the classroom in a panic and was gone for a good fifteen minutes, as she came back into the classroom our eyes locked, I could see a face of disgust on her and this made me smile a little back. I kind of felt like she knew I did it for some reason, though I could be wrong.

Class finished, it was tense to say the least, I felt her eyes burning into me, as she was sitting behind me in a silent fury. 

As I was leaving "Hey Brittany, I need to talk to you." Ms Mercelle called me over, with a slight concern on her face. 
I clacked over in my heels and sat on her desk in little pose. "Ok, what's up?" I said, had a feeling it was about Camille. 
"Camille has it out for you, I can get you a escort home if you would like. She is big trouble, stay away from her." Ms Mercelle worriedly said, with her hand comforting me. 
"I can handle myself, don't worry. Thanks for your concern though." I assured, nothing to be worried about. 
"You aren't scared at all?" Ms Mercelle responded. 
"No, it might actually be fun. Anyway I want to go, see you next time miss." I blink into the hallway from directly in front of Ms Mercelle and took a peak at her through the window as I walked away, her mouth was stuck so wide open. 

Gemma met with me just at the end of the hallway "I told you not sit there..." Gemma shook her head. 
"I really don't care, I do what I want. What is she going to do anyway?" I smirked. 
"Well, she could hurt you, like stab you or shoot you or something?" Gemma questioned. 
"That wont happen if I don't want it to." I confidently replied. "Not everything though revolves around your wants." Gemma snickered, she didn't take me seriously. 
"It actually does, a little teaser for you..." I cheekily smiled, thinking of this large building complex, that had multiple performing stages, saunas, theory classrooms, locker rooms and toilets. Mixing cardboard and the building materials together with my mind, I transmuted the structure materials to of cardboard in a heart beat. "Touch the wall Gem" I smiled, looking at her face. Gem leaned towards the wall and pressed her finger in on it, she knew that something wasn't right, "it is so soft, what did you do?" Gemma laughed. As a joke I Karate chopped a hole in the wall "Hya!" I giggled, chopping more holes in the walls with my hand. "haha, this is so cool" Gemma gushed, leaning against the wall, swaying it back and forth. "Lets spice it up with some rain haha" I giggled, looking up at the roof. All of a sudden we heard the crack of rain on the now cardboard roof, as I looked up it began to drip through of water, creating puddles all throughout the complex at a alarming rate, "haha" Gemma giggled, jumping in the puddles with her boots. I had to admit it was pretty cool, it was like the fire sprinklers went off. As a joke, when Gemma was jumping into the puddles, "Perhaps they aren't deep enough?" I smirked, when she jumped again in the puddle, she fell right through it, like she was in a small but deep pool. Gemma splashed around in the puddle, a little shocked "What the hell, why you do that for? I am completely drenched now!" Gemma shouted, leaning on the deep ledge of the puddle, with the puddle discoloured from all her makeup. "Haha, just a prank. Nice makeup by the way ;) " I giggled, it was so funny. "My makeup is everywhere, ugh!" Gemma sighed. "Let me see!" In a flash, the puddle size increased to account for another person. "Looks like there is room for two ;) , mind if I join in?" I winked, without delay, I appeared next to her with my clothes morphed as I touched the water. "Its freezing in here!" I exclaimed and looked down. "Woah, you changed in a flash, impressive!" Gemma gazed.  "Oh that was the bikini I was wearing before, just a impulse for me when ever I hop into a pool it just changes on me ha. So what do you think of it?" I smiled. The water temperature increased steaming throughout the hallway we are in. "Um Hi, you're so confident. Well and the bikini, shiny latex looks so good especially when you have boobies like yours." Gemma grinned. "Thanks :D and by the way Gemma I like the way you look without makeup, you have such a kissable face" I cooed. Hovering over to her in the puddle, I kissed her softly on the lips, she is so hot and I knew she felt the same way about me <3. Feeling like you're desired is the best, especially if you desire them ;) . 

The roof above was sagging, I didn't notice until it was too late. The roof eventually caved in and the complex structural integrity began to topple like a house of cards. Water began to rush in like a flood, "I think its time to go" I worried slightly, looking at Gemma. I blinked and we both appeared out the front the building, people were in panic running around like crazy, I could clearly see the building sagging into goop, the rain was so heavy around us it was like night time, yet it was only a bit after noon. The sirens for emergency services could be heard in the distance, closing in on the campus. "You need to reverse this Britt, people could be hurt!" Gemma urged. 
"Ok.." With a snap of my fingers, the building morphed instantly back to its previous shape and materials, The rain and water disappeared, Gemma's makeup and clothes returned to their previous state before the rain changed her. Though peoples minds were still the same as they were, will be more fun that way I thought ;) . 

"This is going to be on the news tonight!" Gemma exclaimed.
"Cool, news is on TV right?" I asked, wasn't sure. "Well yes, you can get news on the internet and papers as well.  You don't use the internet or watch television? What do you do with your time?" Gemma replied, she was a little confused. 

"No, I don't use them, though I have heard of them, maybe you could show me how sometime. I mostly travel and do random stuff like: drinking with strangers, pulling pranks, watching films in the cinema and just being me haha." I answered. 
"I totally will if you let me travel with you sometime. Haha, sounds like a lot of fun." Gemma laughed, I think she approves. "Its a date! I want to go now, I have a things I need to clear up. I'll catch you soon." I smiled. Waving goodbye to Gemma, she waved back. 

After I blinked back to my apartment in New York.

Still wearing my bikini from earlier, I felt like changing for a special occasion. My body pulsed rapidly and my outfit morphed to a shiny latex black short dress with shiny black extra high heels, showing off my body as usual. My hair colour changed in a instant to blonde with black ends and slightly shortened to my shoulders, black eye shadow formed on my eyes, giving me a dark look. I blinked to the couch and crossed my legs over, trying to get comfy. Opening my hand slightly, "whiskey?" a 700ml bottle of Jack Daniels whiskey appears inside it. Putting the bottle down on the table, I thought up a drinking glass on the table "Shame only one glass..." I turned my head, "So, are we going to stop playing games?" I winked, directing it to the three girls concealing themselves invisibly inside my apartment. 
"So you have powers too, what good are they when...." One of the mysterious women snickered.


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