Nikki's Day Out

By yearends and Nikki

With contributions from delta7447

Based on images and captions by Nikki

Previous story:


Nikki stretched as she teleported back into her personal realm.

Playing around in a fictional universe that she had made real with her infinite powers was fun and all, but for her nothing compared to showing actually real people how an omnipotent goddess had fun, and helping them have fun, too.

Unfortunately, her universe had been so sexually repressed (she theorized that it was because all the sexual openness in that universe had been poured into herself and Rin) and she had been so reluctant to alter it wholesale that she'd had to confine herself to dealing with individual people secretly or creating identical copies of her universe to play in, but now that Kinki had gotten rid of all those hang-ups she knew she could be as open and free as she liked.

Unfortunately, one side effect of Kinki's alterations was that most people were far more laid back, which meant in particular that there were far fewer targets for her enforcer Lilly. Lilly definitely wouldn't like that, so Nikki created a whole new multiverse and sent it Lilly's way, telling her that she could do what she liked with it and specifically barring Kinki from entering it.

That done, she settled in for a nice nap. Being an omnipotent goddess meant she didn't have to sleep, but it was still pleasant and she usually got a few ideas of what to do from her subconscious while she was dreaming.


She woke to find herself with a bad case of morning wood.

She hadn't gone to sleep with a cock, but she was used to her powers activating in her sleep and reshaping her body. Of course, being all-powerful, it was both easy and pleasurable for her to relieve herself, and so she simply extended her cock up through her cleavage and began to suck herself off, dislocating her jaw to fit the tip into her mouth.

"There really is nothing better than sucking on your own juicy cock," she thought to herself.

As she neared release, she popped her dick free and let a small amount of cum squirt out. She didn't want to clean up any messes, so she used her mind to manipulate it in midair, forming it into a sphere, a cube, a statue of herself, then of her mother Rin, and finally into a bell shape. She jiggled her tool back and forth, the stream of fluid hitting the bell's sides, creating a sound somewhere between a "sploosh" and a "clang".

Puckering her lips, she slowly sucked in her own cum, savouring the divine sensation and feeling envious of all the lucky people who would that day get to taste it for the first time.


Stepping between the worlds from her own personal realm to her original universe, Nikki waved her hand at her table and a sumptuous breakfast appeared. She didn't need to eat, of course, but everything she ate always tasted amazing and anyway, since she was omnipotent, she could eat as much as she wanted and not worry about her figure.

While she was midway through her breakfast, she sensed someone else stepping into the room from another reality.

"Hi, Sarah," she said.

"Hi, Nikki!" the rubbergirl chirped.

Sarah was one of the few people Nikki had found in her own universe who was willing to embrace her sexual fetishes, which, as Nikki knew was the case for pretty much the entire population, were in line with her own. (She figured that had something to do with her universe quite possibly being an extension of herself.) Nikki had found Sarah just working one day, and had whisked her away to a playroom in her own personal realm.

The mortal was initially surprised to find herself naked, and was even more surprised when Nikki had a bit of fun with her teleportation powers, even falling out of her chair. But Sarah was soon quite at ease as Nikki pulled her into an embrace, the goddess's scent calming the mortal--calming her so much, in fact, that Sarah didn't quite realise what was going on as Nikki brought her fantasies into reality.

Black latex crept up Sarah's legs, and, when it was around her ass, grew over her hands, as well. Nikki shivered as she felt Sarah's hands, already groping her divine butt, become much smoother as the rubber overtook them. Sarah moaned as the material crept up her torso, covering her breasts, and the separate pieces merged as the transformation crept past Sarah's shoulders. She soon tasted and smelt the rubber, in addition to Nikki's body, as it covered her mouth and nose, and it even overtook her hair, leaving it rubbery. Nikki decided that she found Sarah's glasses cute, though, so while her irises became black, just as her skin was, her eyes were otherwise unchanged and the only change Nikki made to her glasses was to have the arms merge with her skin so that they'd never fall off.

"Mmm, there you go, cutie. Open your eyes now," Nikki said as Sarah's transformation finished, Nikki starting her own rapid transformation as Sarah took in her new body.

"Huh? I-I'm, what, a rubbergirl?" Sarah said, confused and excited at the same time.

It wasn't just that Sarah's skin was covered in latex, of course. Sarah had become living rubber, Nikki's irresistible will overriding all known scientific fact and declaring that such a being could exist.

"Exactly," said Nikki as she converted her own body to rubber, "but we aren't completely done yet."

Sarah wasn't quite paying attention. "This is awesome!" she said, groping herself, but she looked up at Nikki's last words.

"Last thing on the list is your body, my dear," said Nikki, also in a rubber body.

"My body?" said Sarah, still confused.

"Heh, you need the curves of a rubbergirl!" said Nikki, showing off her own well-endowed form. "Just hold still, it will feel incredible!"

Nikki poked Sarah's forehead with her index finger as her rubberized ponytail wrapped around Sarah's chest under her breasts and a flash of light marked the beginning of Sarah's next transformation.

It wasn't that Sarah's body was all that unappealing--she kept her tummy trim and her breasts were each about as big as a nice apple--but under Nikki's guidance, it quickly became a body worthy of someone who had been specially selected by the Goddess of Gods. Sarah's ass bounced out, and then her breasts, until she looked like she had honeydew melons under her latex--except, of course, for her prominent nipples.

"OH MY GOD!" said Sarah as she hefted her new tits.

"Want to try your new body out?" said Nikki, presenting her own curvy rubber form to her new playmate.

"Of course!" said Sarah excitedly.

"Mmm, come here babe!" said Nikki, as she lifted her new friend into her arms. Sarah's legs locked around Nikki's waist, her butt held in Nikki's hands, and the two rubbergirls began to kiss.

Nikki was snapped out of her reminiscence by Sarah's voice. "So, want to come with me today? Or are you going to visit one of your friends, or what?"

"Actually, I was thinking I'd hang out here for a while."

Sarah frowned. "What, you mean this dreary drab place? You know you can't stand it, Nikki! Nobody will admit they all have the kinkiest sexual desires imaginable!"

"Well, actually..." began Nikki, before deciding just to give Sarah a telepathic update on recent events.

"Ooh!" squeaked Sarah, her thighs rubbing against each other. "Does that mean--"

"Don't worry," said Nikki, "I'm not going to take away your universe. But this one will become more hospitable for you now."

Sarah smiled and crawled under the table to start running her latex hands up and down Nikki's still-hard cock. Nikki moaned at the sensation and made sure to convert her cum to Sarah's favourite drink, liquid rubber.

Once Nikki had blown another load into Sarah's mouth, shifting it around in the rubbergirl's body to make her a bit curvier, she said, "I have a gift for you, by the way."

"I just got the only gift I wanted from you, Nikki," said Sarah, licking her lips.

"Oh, you'll want this one," said Nikki, smiling, and she squeezed Sarah's boobs. Light flashed around the rubbergirl.

"What was that?" said Sarah.

"Try focusing on making your breasts grow," said Nikki.

Sarah thought about having larger breasts. Suddenly she felt as if her chest were getting heavier, and realized that her thought was actually becoming real as her hands reached up to cup them.


"Something I just thought up--a Morphsuit. I think I might introduce them generally, but for now I've decided to just give you one."

"So, what, I can morph my body now?" asked Sarah.

"As much as you like," said Nikki. "Play with it. You know that, at least in this small corner of this universe, there are no limits." That was quite literally true, since Nikki had long since realized that in the games she and Rin, and what few playmates they'd found, enjoyed, minor matters like interior dimensions just got in the way. The apartment's rooms expanded as necessary to accommodate whatever they wanted to do. "Maybe out there I'll have to put a few restrictions on it, but as long as you're in here, or in your own universe, go nuts."

The Morphsuit had some other features, of course, like being able to turn into any sort of clothing with a simple mental command, but Nikki knew Sarah hated the idea of being anything other than naked, so she simply integrated the Morphsuit's capabilities into her friend's body.

"Can I even..." Sarah looked hungrily at Nikki's cock, which she refused to allow to be flaccid.

"If you like," said Nikki.

Nikki teleported out of her apartment as Sarah excitedly began to experiment with the new abilities Nikki had given her.


Just being who she was made Nikki almost uncontrollably horny. Perverse sexual fantasies were constantly running through her mind, and she always had to resist the urge to succumb to them. But as she teleported, she realized that she was simply too aroused, so she sent five clones into her personal realm to pleasure each other and keep her libido in check.

Appearing on the edge of downtown in her home city, without her cock (which she'd left as a living dildo for Sarah to play with), she decided that they deserved a proper introduction. With a thought, she put a blue latex dress and laced boots over her naked body and began to grow until she reached around six hundred metres, enough that she could easily see the rooftops of the tallest buildings in her city.

She began to walk through downtown, and she could hear the whispers as she passed.

"It is the Goddess Nikki!"

"The Prophet Kinki told us of this!"

"Blessed are we who have seen the Goddess Nikki!"

Nikki could sense entire buildings evacuating to get a better look at her, everyone rushing to the roof access. She knew there wouldn't be enough room for everyone to fit, so she simply commanded physics not to apply to the rooftops and they became larger inside than out, allowing everyone a view of her magnificent form.

She didn't want to hurt anyone, of course, so she made sure her feet hit an invisible wall of force she'd created just above the ground and that when any part of her body might impact a building, the building jumped out of the way momentarily to allow her to pass.

The whispers continued.

"I wish I could be closer to her!"

"I wish I knew what it was like to be her!"

"I wish I could wear what she wears!"

Nikki giggled to herself. She could at least grant one of those wishes right then. Stopping at one of the buildings, she spoke to the assembled crowd, but loudly enough that the entire city could hear her.

"Now, who of you little cuties wants a ride?"

"The Goddess called me cute!"

"A ride? But how?"

But those were drowned out by--and soon changed to--shouts of "Pick me!" "I do!" "Me!" "Me too!" "I want to!"

Nikki was easily able to accommodate everyone's desires, and she said, "Aaalright then! Prepare for teleportation little ones!" In the moment before she snapped her fingers to effectuate her statement, she heard, "Teleportation? But where?"

"And now enjoy the ride," she addressed everyone who moments ago had been diligently working at their job and was now under her latex, squirming against her skin. "And wiggle as much as you can for your goddess."

With no one left to observe her, she decided to go to another of her world's metropolises. With another snap of her fingers, she teleported herself again.


Nikki decided that she wanted to feel the air against her skin as she jogged through this new city, so she changed her clothing en route to a pink rubber strapless bra, and pink latex elbow-length gloves and knee-high stockings. She rearranged the people under her clothing, most of the eager and vigorous ones next to her breasts, the others variously in her gloves or stockings. Some ended up on the soles of her feet, and she made them completely invincible so they didn't get crushed as her feet hit the ground. To give herself a little more skin to feel the air against, she also appeared with an erect cock, probably about two feet long on the body she usually enjoyed. The very best of the people who'd been pleasuring her she put on her cock, creating a gravitational field so that they wouldn't just fall off and could easily slither around on it.

Unfortunately for this city, the stimulation was getting her horny again, and she forgot to protect the streets below her.

Her feet fell hard on the ground as she jogged, the reverberations echoing from the buildings. BOOM!

She didn't pay much attention to who or what was on the ground. Buildings kept jumping out of her way, of course, but she ran down the streets, crushing cars and buses as she went. BOOM!

She didn't even notice a man in her path as she continued to jog. BOOM!

"PLEASE!" he shouted, the words barely registering in Nikki's mind, though she heard them perfectly. "OH MIGHTY GODDESS NIKKI! SPARE THIS CITY FROM YOUR FE--" BOOM!

Her foot fell directly on the man pleading for his city. BOOM!

"It's such a nice morning for a jog," Nikki said to herself, her gargantuan size ensuring that everyone heard her. BOOM! BOOM!

She continued her jog, heedless of where she went, leaving a clear trail of devastation in her wake. She could feel her cock about to explode, and hastened her steps in order to be somewhere she could safely release her cum. BOOM!

Once on the outskirts, she turned back to see the city she'd just stampeded through. "Oh!" she said to herself, seeing the destruction she'd wrought. "I'm sorry, little ones!" She snapped her fingers again and instantly the city was as good as new.

She heard cries of joy.

"The Goddess Nikki has blessed us!"

"We have seen her wrath, and she has spared us!"

"Blessed be the Goddess Nikki!"

Nikki smiled. She'd heard such praise and worship from countless other people in countless other universes, but there was something special about it when it came from her own people, in her own universe. She waved, acknowledging the adulation, and turned to continue her jog.


Nikki decided to jog instead of teleport, her long, long legs easily eating up the distance between one urban centre and the next.

Despite the best efforts of her five clones, however, her libido was once again overtaking her, especially with her cock out, and particularly since she'd decided to lose her top and let her breasts jut out free and proud from her chest, again generating a gravitational field around her breasts so that the people there wouldn't fall off, either. She still had various crushed bodies and vehicles and such on the bottom of her feet, however, so she generated fresh latex stockings for herself, purple this time, and changed her gloves to match.

She had hoped to be somewhere safe by the time she had to cum, but her need was simply too great. Coming to a stop just inside the city, she towered over the buildings, her hips almost coming to the tallest roofs, and, moving the people on her cock elsewhere on her body, began to jack herself off vigorously. Huge drops of precum leaked out, splashing down onto the streets, but she retained enough control over herself to slow its descent so that it simply coated everything, rather than washing people and cars away in a flood.

"I'm sorry," she said, and soon her cock exploded.

She put up a forcefield around the city to keep her cum from escaping, and also set up some gravitational fields to keep her cum from causing a flash flood, but she was simply so horny that her powers caused her to generate enough semen to reach her ankles, even spread out over the city, burying every person on the ground in her cum. She managed to change them so they could survive being drowned, and she also managed to remove all the genetic material from her sperm so nobody would get pregnant, but the city was still completely coated.

She put an infinitesimal amount of magic on the city, making sure any damage would automatically repair itself. She was about to slurp up all her cum when she heard the thoughts of the people underneath it.

"The Goddess Nikki has blessed us!" she heard again.

"She has given us the gift of her holy cum!"

"We are drowned, yet we live!"

"All praise to the Goddess Nikki!"

Since the people seemed happy enough to be swimming in and under her cum, and her forcefield was holding it in, she decided to leave well enough alone and simply teleported out of the city.

But with her attention on other places, she didn't notice what her cum was doing to the inhabitants of the city she'd just deluged.


Nikki jogged out into the countryside. Given that she was in farming territory, she decided it would be suitable to take on some animal traits, and since the people out here weren't quite as accepting of things like casual undress, she changed her clothes, too. But she also decided to impress upon them that she was, indeed, a Goddess.

Soon she was trotting along, far taller than she had been, with two pony legs and a red-and-black rubber dress that hugged her curves tightly, showing no skin but leaving nothing to the imagination. She had decided to make it an extension of her own skin, so she could feel the wind pulling at her as her skirt flapped as she ran. She also decided that having a cock might be too much, so she got rid of it and redistributed her passengers.

She didn't initially notice that she'd come on a small farming community until faint crunching sounds reached her ears. She looked down and saw that she had crushed half the buildings. With a snap of her fingers--not gloved, for once--she restored everything she'd inadvertently destroyed.

"The Goddess Nikki!" came a voice from below.

"We did not think she would grace us with her presence!"

"All hail the Goddess Nikki!"

Nikki smiled and clopped onward. Even out here they had heard of her and loved her.


Nikki moved on, trying different forms in the relative seclusion and safety of the countryside.

She became a centaur, keeping her upper body but completely changing her lower half into a horse's. Her very favourite person who had been pleasuring her she grew into a giantess in her own right, letting her ride on her back and fondle her breasts while Nikki turned her head completely around and made out with the lucky human, who found her own body changing to more closely mirror Nikki's normal human form.

She tried being a lamia, slithering at record speed, leaving her tail bare to the sunlight. Her chosen companion now rode on her shoulder, where Nikki had made a normal-sized copy of herself so that she could know the pleasures of sex with an all-powerful Goddess.

She took a centaur-like form again, but this time her lower body was that of a cow, complete with an udder leaking milk. Wherever one of her drops fell, a verdant, lush oasis appeared, a sanctuary and refuge that would never fail.

She changed again, growing extra legs, until she was scuttling on eight arranged in a circle, a pussy between every pair. Putting most of her people on her cunts, she moaned at the sensation of having eight pussies pleasured simultaneously.

Finally she had looped around and come back to her own city. Deciding to make a triumphant return, she jumped high in the air, changing mid-leap into an extremely busty mermaid. She wrapped her forearms and tail in purple rubber and, with a powerful kick of her tail, began to fly as if she were swimming through the air.

She made a victory lap over her home city, soaking in the praise from the people she'd teleported back to their roofs.

"All praise to the Goddess Nikki!"

She saw a news helicopter hovering above the bay on which her city was located, and waved.


Nikki shrank back down to walk among her people. Putting on a top that covered her shoulders and arms, but left her breasts bare (though she covered her nipples with black tape), and a skirt that laced in the back below her ass, along with low heels, she started walking down the street. She hadn't gotten very far, though, when she realized that not everybody knew just who they were dealing with.

As she passed a man playing a game on his smartphone, she heard him say, "Damn, what a fine butt!" She felt a smack, followed by, "Nice ass, lady!"

Nikki turned around in annoyance. "Oh wow!" he said. "And the front is great too!"

Nikki's arm shot out, grabbing the insolent mortal by the crown of his head. "Huh?" he said.

Nikki lifted him until she could almost look him in the eye. "Aah, put me down! What the hell?!"

Nikki puckered her lips and the man stopped struggling, obviously expecting a kiss, but instead Nikki began to inhale, a powerful wind kicking up all around them. Soon he found himself unable to breathe, all the air around them having been pulled into Nikki's lungs.

"Uhm," he thought, Nikki hearing him easily, "what on Earth are you?"

Nikki didn't reply, but just opened her hand and he began to fall. But before he could hit the ground, he found himself moving toward her mouth, and within moments his head had popped inside.

Nikki tilted her head back, swallowing his torso, and then his legs and feet. She let out the air she had sucked in, revived anyone else she'd accidentally killed, undid the damage her windstorm had caused, and walked on, showing no sign that she had just eaten someone alive. "What an idiot..." she said to herself.


Once she'd left her city for her jog as a giantess, Nikki had told Sarah to go walking about so that the people who remained could see how wonderful it was to be a rubbergirl. To anyone who asked, Sarah simply said that the Goddess Nikki had granted her a boon.

Soon after swallowing the insolent young man, Nikki changed into a rubber corset and latex boots with tall spike heels.

She passed another young man, but this one only said, "What the..." Nikki didn't mind the verbal attention.

Then another voice, female this time, piped up. "Oh my god! Nikki? Goddess Nikki!?"

Nikki turned to face the source of the voice, a young woman with auburn hair in a bun wearing blue jeans and a T-shirt cut low to show a bit of cleavage.

"It's really you! I can't believe it!"

"Hey there little cutie," said the Goddess, "what's up?"

"N-Nikki, can you please turn me into one of your rubbergirls! I'd so love to be one, my dreams would come true!!" Nikki looked into the girl's mind and saw that she had recently had a very pleasant experience with Sarah.

"Are you sure, my dear?" asked Nikki. "Being a rubbergirl isn't something you can simply turn away from. I expect you to devote your life to serving your Goddess. Are you willing to do that?"

"Yes! A hundred times yes!" Nikki could tell that the girl was completely sincere. "I will be your loyal rubbergirl, Goddess Nikki! I just met Sarah and she was absolutely wonderful! I'd love to be like her!"

"Very well, then relax and enjoy," said Nikki, holding out her hand and lifting the young woman from the ground. "I already have a plan for you, my dear."

"Oh my god, I'm floating!" the girl exclaimed.

Her arms shot out as she hovered in midair, Nikki's magic swirling around her. "Oh wow! This feels..."

Nikki's magic coalesced around her, wrapping her whole body in red and black latex. "...INCREDIBLE!"

Nikki giggled.

"Unbelievable," the newly-made rubbergirl said. "I actually am... I'm a... RUBBERGIRL! Oh yes!!"

"Heh," said Nikki, "let's go somewhere more private for a bit." With a snap of her fingers, Nikki brought the two of them into her own personal universe.

"There we go," said the omnipotent woman, "only the two of us now, my little rubbergirl. So what do you think? Do you like it?"

The woman felt along her whole body, her hands squeaking against her new outfit. "Like it?" she said. "I love it! The rubbery smell, the smooth surface and those lovely squeaking sounds. Oh my... mmm, I can't stop touching myself, it feels so... so... perfect!"

"Great to hear, my squeaky love, you will be the first of my rubber sergeants. From now on, the latex will grant you the speed and strength of a thousand men as well as another few powers you will soon find out about. Are you ready for your first task?" Nikki asked, turning the woman's suit into a Morphsuit.

"Mmm, absolutely, my Goddess!" the sergeant said.

"That's what I love to hear," said Nikki, bending over and putting a finger underneath her new servant's chin so that they looked each other in the eye. "I want you to recruit five rubbergirls and then meet up with Sarah for further instructions. I will teleport you back to Earth now. See you soon, my shiny cutie."

Nikki snapped her fingers again and both of them vanished from her private realm. The newly-made rubber sergeant appeared on a street in the city she'd just left. "Hmm," she said to herself, "five rubbergirls, huh?" She realized she was holding something. "And she gave me this naughty riding crop. Oh, this'll be fun."

Behind her she heard a cop. "I definitely need more sleep. First it was that black-clad woman who blew up her ass as she walked by, now they're appearing out of nowhere..."


Nikki smiled as she realized that Sarah had done her job well, because she caught a stray thought from another young woman, this one with short dark brown hair, passing by. She decided to handle it privately and with a thought brought herself and her new would-be acolyte into her own realm.

"Where are we?" the girl said.

"In my own private universe," said Nikki. "I sensed that you wanted to ask me something but knew you were uncomfortable asking me publicly."

"Oh." The girl looked around a bit nervously, and Nikki took a moment to appreciate her tank top and jean shorts. "Um."

"Don't be afraid," said Nikki. "I'm not going to judge you." Nikki put her body on display a bit, wearing only a rubber bandeau bra and latex stockings, held up by garters that left her pussy completely exposed.

"Well, please, Nikki," the girl said, bowing slightly and putting her hands together as if in prayer, "can you turn me into one of your daughters?"

"Mmm, are you sure, cutie?"

"Yes!" the girl said, becoming more confident. "Absolutely!"

"Heh, get ready then!" Nikki sucked in air once more and the girl flowed easily into her mouth.

Nikki rearranged her internal anatomy so that her esophagus led directly into her womb. She felt the young woman changing. "Mmm, become one with your mother and be reborn my child."

Nikki's magic surged through her body, changing her child, and even wrapping around Nikki herself, throwing her back. Nikki started to float to avoid hitting the ground.

"Oooh YES!" Nikki screamed.

The newly-made rubbergirl began to exit her body via her pussy, her long, rubbery pink hair popping out first before her head and then her ample breasts did. Her arms came next and she grasped Nikki's thighs to help herself out. "Ah!" she said.

"Oh fuck," moaned Nikki, "this feels so great!"

"Oh, yes!" the rubbergirl said as a huge dick popped out.

"Incredible!" she said, feeling herself up. "I'm a rubbergirl--no, even more than that, I'm a rubberfuta!" She spread her breasts apart and her cock nestled perfectly between them.

Nikki stepped up behind her newly-made daughter. "How about you give that new fat rubbercock of yours a test drive on mommy's pussy?"

"Y-yes, Mommy!" Her rubber body squeaked as she rubbed her breasts against her tool.

"Then what are you waiting for, darling?"

Nikki gave her new daughter the ability to fly, at least temporarily, and floated up, going to all fours as her daughter got behind her and rammed her huge cock into her Nikki's cunt. "I love you, Mommy!" said the rubberfuta.

"Oh, fu-u-uck!" was all Nikki could say as the sensations overwhelmed her brain.


Sending her new rubberfuta out to find more people to convert, Nikki decided to relax on a park bench for a bit. She wanted a bit of a breeze against her nipples, so she was topless, but her pussy was a bit sore, so she wore black latex pants, red pumps, and red gloves.

Suddenly a young man approached her and said, shyly, "Uhm, G-Goddess Nikki?"

"What is it, cutie?" Nikki found the young man's shyness quite endearing, and his glasses just added to the effect. "Out with it!"

"Wou-would you turn me into one of your rubbergirls?" Nikki knew that there were plenty of women out there who were excited about the notion from what Sarh and her other recent converts had been doing, but she hadn't expected a guy to ask that of her. Still, she wasn't about to turn down someone willing to be one of her toys.

"Oh, a guy wanting to be a rubbergirl?" Nikki took in his drab clothing. "Mmm, fine. Undress for me, my dear."

The man walked around the bench to stand in front of Nikki and disrobed, displaying his slightly below-average body. But Nikki was feeling charitable, especially since she was about to gain a new servant. "Oh, you have a lovely body. And you look so cute when you're embarrassed!" she giggled, looking down at the man's hands covering his crotch.

"Can we please start?" he said. "I don't feel comfortable like this."

"Heh, don't worry, cutie." Nikki pointed a finger at him, magic shooting out. "First I'll take care of the 'girl' part in 'rubbergirl'."

"Oh god," Nikki heard the young man think, "this tickles, and there is a gentle heat spreading out from my crotch..."

"Done!" said Nikki. "Take a look!"

"Wha-?" the newly-made girl said, her hands pulling away from her crotch as she realized she no longer had a dick. "Unbelievable..."

"You better believe it, sweetie," said Nikki, twitching her magic-emitting finger, "let's continue with your upper body!" Magic swirled around the young woman's nipples.

"Wha-what is this pressure in my chest?"

"Tada!" said Nikki.

"I-I have TITS!" the young woman said, though with the voice she'd had as a man, as a pair of breasts, almost as large as Nikki's own, popped into existence on her torso.

"Of course you do," Nikki pointed out, "you're a girl now." She paused, letting the girl take in her new form. "Ready for the last finishing touches?"

"Absolutely, Goddess Nikki!"

Nikki's magic swirled around the girl's head and her face changed. "Oh?" she said, stopping as she heard herself speak. "I even sound like a girl now! This is so incredible!"

"And that was only the first half." Nikki giggled at the thought of what was to come. "Shall we continue with the 'rubber' part?"

"Abso-freaking-lutely! Make me a rubbergirl, my goddess!"

"Very well," said Nikki, holding up her hand again, "here we go."

Magic enveloped her new acolyte's entire body. "Oh wow, my entire body tickles again."

Black latex popped onto the girl's body, and immediately after a pink dress, with a few black straps, appeared over it.

"Now have a look!" Nikki invited.

"OH WOW!! The look, the sounds, the smell, the skintight feeling... MMMM..." She felt herself up, loving how she felt through her new latex coverings.

"Great to see you liking it, my dear," said Nikki, more magic coalescing in her hand. "But you're one of my rubbergirls now." The magic solidified into a pink gag in her new toy's mouth.

"Mmmf?" was all she could say through the perfect seal.

"I hope you have lots of stamina, my dear," said Nikki, leaning over her new rubbergirl.


"Because I'll give your new body a test drive that you won't be able to forget."

"Mmm mM!"

With a thought, Nikki and her new toy vanished from the universe.


After enjoying her newest rubbergirl for a time, Nikki was feeling like she needed a few people to dominate. She appeared on a street in black latex with a few red strips, covering everything but her head and breasts.

It didn't take long before she picked up a likely target.

"Hey there, little mortal," she told the surprised young man.

"N-Nikki? Goddess Nikki?"

"The one and only," she needlessly confirmed. "I believe you have a naughty wish, don't you?"

"Uhm, uh, yes, how, um, did you know?" he managed.

"I'm an omnipotent goddess, silly! Now come on, I know what you want..."

"Well, uhm, wou-would you please dominate me and let me worship you?"

"Hehe see, that's the spirit." Nikki bent down to look him in the eye. "And you're in luck, my dear."

"R-really? It would be a dream come true!"

"Just let me get prepared."


Nikki began to grow. When she had first seen the young man, his head was level with her breasts; now it didn't even reach her crotch.

"YES!" she boomed.

"Woah!" he exclaimed upon seeing her expand so rapidly. Of course, she was nowhere near as large as she had been that morning, but he had slept in and hadn't gotten to see any of that.

"Now come here, little mortal," said the mini-giantess. "Don't worry, I'll be careful." Nikki picked him up with a single rubber-gloved hand and brought his mouth level with her nipple. He latched on to her breast and began suckling.

"Uuuh, going right to work, huh? Such a brave little man."

As he continued to please her, she said, "If you like my nipple so much, why don't you try covering more of it?"

"Hmm?" she sensed the man think.

Nikki expanded her nipple, forcing it past the man's lips and teeth to fill his mouth, causing his cheeks to bulge. "There, much better." Nikki giggled in satisfaction.


"Aw, is my slave stuck on my nipple?" asked Nikki rhetorically. "Don't worry, I increased its size so you can't possibly slip off unless I want you too." She paused as her new slave's efforts to get down redoubled. "Oh, and keep struggling, little man, your teeth tickle me." He bit down hard at that, but only chipped one of his own teeth.

Nikki started to walk down the street again. "Now that you're nicely secured, let's go for a walk. Maybe I'll find someone for my other breast, too."


With two struggling men, both of whom claimed to want her to dominate them, hanging from her nipples, Nikki walked down another street. Seeing a gym, she decided she'd had enough fun with her new slaves. She shrank down, let her first slave go, but steered her more recent captive into the gym. Waving her hand at the receptionist to give her a Morphsuit and let her know what she could do with it (the woman immediately went on break), Nikki walked in and over to the free weights.

They were, of course, woefully inadequate for someone possessed of her infinite strength, so she created her own set, each weight containing within it an infinite number of multiverses. "Come on," she said to her slave.

"Do--do you need me to spot for you, Goddess?"

"No, silly, I need a more comfortable bench!" She telekinetically shoved the man down onto the bench press bench and sat down on his face, mostly undressing as she did until she wore only black heels, red stockings, black gloves, and a black rubber bra.

She started pressing her special weight billions of times per second, feeling him attempt to pleasure her pussy. She shifted her genitalia around on her crotch, so that he was effectively alternating between licking her cunt and tonguing her anus.

She stopped after about ten minutes, having sped up as she went so that she did more reps than there were atoms in the universe (at least, atoms she didn't consciously create). She didn't rack the weight, but stood up, the man under her almost unconscious.

"Just recover there, sweetie, I'll make sure you can use the showers before you leave." She went to another bench and, resigning herself to just using the gym's equipment, continued her exercises.

She finished off with some simple curls, standing in front of a mirror, topless with black latex leggings, and admired herself until the receptionist came in, looking for her.

"Thank you!" she said, having blown up her boobs until they almost obscured her vision. "This Morphsuit is incredible! My breasts look like giant shiny balloons, is there even a limit on size?"

Nikki just smiled and sent a tiny blast of growth into the woman's breasts. "Maybe I've overdone it a bit," she continued, "but they're still so incredibly firm! Well, my boyfriend will definitely be surprised once he gets home."

"He'd be even more surprised if you showed up with a nice big ass, too, honey," Nikki said, causing her reflection in the mirror to spin around so it showed off her own huge, muscled butt.

"Oh, you're right." The girl's ass expanded to match Nikki's own. "But are there any limits?"

"That, my dear, is for me to know and you to try to discover." Nikki smiled. "But maybe your boyfriend might want to join in on that, and you should probably get back to work." Nikki reached into her cleavage and pulled out a few hundred-dollar bills. "Sorry for not paying earlier, but I was desperate."

"Desperate? What--" She followed Nikki's pointing finger to the man who quite obviously had had some very sticky juices sprayed on his face not long ago.

"Sometimes, it's so incredibly exhausting being omnipotent like me," Nikki opined. "But listen, when do you get off work? I'd like you to help me with an announcement..."


"Mr. President, we have to get to the bunker!"

The President nodded his head. The same giant woman who had trampled a number of his cities, blanketed one of them in what seemed to be semen--there was an impenetrable barrier blocking access to it--and about whom a number of rubber-clad women (some even claimed to be made entirely out of rubber!) had spoken so glowingly was on her way to Washington, DC.

He knew, on some level, that the Goddess Nikki meant him no harm--at least, he hoped not. He remembered his own sexual experience with the Prophet Kinki not so long ago (and desperately hoped it hadn't been caught on tape). But he had no idea what she'd demand of him.

He rushed into his limousine, surrounded by security, and ten minutes later was in the elevator heading down to his underground bunker where top military aides were already gathered.

"Sir!" they said as one, those not intently focused on a critical task standing and saluting.

"What's our response?"

"Ineffective." The Chair of his Joint Chiefs of Staff directed his attention to a monitor playing back some of the events as the Army attempted to confront the half-naked woman marching across the country. "She seems to be taking a less charitable approach to dealing with the military than she did the civilian infrastructure. Our materiel is being completely obliterated." The clip currently playing showed Nikki shrinking down, jumping high, and landing on a top-of-the-line tank with one foot, completely destroying it. When the dust cleared, the tank was nowhere to be seen, even though the soldiers who had been manning it were unharmed.

"Well, at least she's leaving our people alive," the President noted.

"Without weapons, we can't fight her."

"Maybe that's her point. She doesn't want to kill us, but she doesn't want us firing at her," one of the President's staffers commented in a low voice.

"Or here, when she walked through a military base," the Chairman said. Soldiers rushed out to try to stop her, but in a single instant they all changed from military uniforms to civilian clothing, their weapons vanishing, and the few who still tried to rush Nikki were somehow wrapped up in her arms, as she extended them and wrapped them around the men's throats to render them unconscious.

"Incredible!" breathed another staffer.

"Even some of her 'rubbergirls' are successfully diverting our forces." He directed the President's attention to another recording, where the one calling herself "Sarah", who claimed to be the very first "rubbergirl", confronted a soldier.

"Take this, you FREAK!" the soldier screamed. He pulled the pin on a grenade and flung it at her feet.

Instead of attempting to run for her life, Sarah said, bafflingly, "Aw yes, an inflatoball!" She picked it up and, inexplicably, swallowed it.

"What the hell...?" The soldier's words echoed the thoughts of the new arrivals. "Is she eating... the grenade?"

A muffled "BOOM!" came from the speakers, as if the grenade had exploded inside rubber. Immediately Sarah's breasts ballooned outwards.

The soldier's jaw dropped, as did the President's, and all his staff, though a few of them began to fidget uncomfortably.

"We even have evidence of her co-opting some of our soldiers." Another video played, this one showing one of the female soldiers who managed to get into a locker room on base. But her escape was short-lived, as Nikki came in after her and wrestled her to the floor.

Most of the assembled looked on in some horror as Nikki's body began to melt, turning into black goo which trapped the young woman and began to envelop her from her feet up. The soldier was obviously trying to escape, but Nikki held her fast, and said, "Aw, don't worry, love. You'll enjoy being a rubbergirl!!" The latex-clad goddess giggled as she created more rubber to coat her prey as she brushed the girl's cheek and the rubber covering Nikki's body began to squeak against the rubber covering the soldier. But the woman's screams of desperation soon turned to moans of pleasure, and the watchers realized that the latex had moved past her genitals and was approaching her breasts.

"Oh, no," breathed the President.

Soon it had covered her entire body, and after a few seconds, there was an audible "Pop!" as the transformation finished. The new rubbergirl stood up excitedly and squeaked her hands against her body.

"Oh, wow, it's great being made out of rubber!"

"I know!" said Nikki, reassembling her own rubber into a human form.

"What do you want me to do, Goddess?" A groan filled the room at that word.

"Oh, I'd just like you to take care of this base for me. I have places to be. Think you can handle it?"

The new rubbergirl knew she had the strength and speed of a thousand trained soldiers and was completely invincible to boot, as well as extremely stretchy--never mind what her embedded Morphsuit allowed her to do. "Of course, Goddess Nikki!"

"Those are just a few scenes we caught of her rampage, Mr. President," the Chairman said grimly. "But we lost track of her just before she arrived. We don't know--"

Suddenly a banging sound reverberated through the bunker, followed by a horrible screech, like metal tearing. "Hellooo?" came a sexy, sultry, seductive voice, echoing around the entire structure.

More metal tearing. "Anyone here?" Everyone was dead silent.

More quietly, but still quite audible: "Maybe in there."

The footsteps came closer, and everyone heard gunshots from the guards left outside. "Ah! Found you!" The once-giant woman's head peeked through a wall next to the door, a wall which she had apparently torn open with her red-latex-gloved hands. Gunshots bounced ineffectively off her body, on which she wore only a black rubber thong in addition to the gloves.

"What do you want?" asked the President.

"That's no way to speak to a Goddess," said Nikki, lifting him by the throat to make it clear who was in charge. "But anyway, here's your invitation to my party, Mr President! Sorry for wrecking your little toy bunker but you could have just waited in the White House for me."

"But if you're omnip--" another staffer began before a look from Nikki stopped her in midsentence.

The President took the proffered card and rubbed his throat as Nikki set him down. "I have a meeting with the Prime Min--"

Nikki interrupted him. "Oh, don't worry. He'll be there too. All of you will! It'll be a ball. And don't worry about transportation, I'll provide that." She gave some indication of how she'd do that by vanishing in front of their eyes.


"A ball?" asked Sarah, standing with Nikki in the centre of the lavish ballroom the Goddess had just created in her apartment. "Oh, this is going to be so much fun! I've wanted to try out my ballgown since forever!"

"Well, since you became a rubbergirl," pointed out Nikki.

"Yes, but I wasn't really me until I became one." Sarah focused, and her breasts--which had still been huge from the grenade--shrank, while her legs fused together and inflated outward, until from the waist down her body was simply a huge ball.

"Whee!" said the excitable rubbergirl, rolling around, flattening her upper body against her ball. When she came back up, her glasses were perched near the bottom of her lower half. She peeled herself up as if she was doing a crunch, and her torso reformed, her head and arms popping out, her glasses back where they belonged.

"You have the best ideas, Sarah!" said Nikki, almost as excited, and she turned herself into something similar. Instead of Sarah's all-black, her ball, gloves, and bra were red, while her abs and shoulders were clad in black. She tried rolling, but initially moved her upper body with the ball so she stayed upright.

"What, too chicken to try just being a ball?" Sarah taunted her Goddess a little.

Nikki glared, but also smiled, and rolled as Sarah had done, smearing herself against her ball, then popping back out. "Glad I spent a few minutes working out today!" she chuckled.

Nikki called in the rest of her rubbergirls and demonstrated how they could change similarly. About half of them decided to try it out, while the rest volunteered for various other responsibilities. The gym receptionist, whose name Nikki had belatedly discovered was Cory, also appeared. Nikki created a second body for herself and led Cory to another room.

"I'd like it if you’d take off the Morphsuit for a bit," said Nikki, creating a casual jacket and jeans for her.

"But--I like it--" she began, "and anyway, I can just--"

"You'll get it back, I promise," Nikki reassured her.

Cory grumbled but changed into the street clothes.

At the time her party was supposed to start, Nikki focused, and world leaders, political, economic, scientific, all vocations, appeared in her ballroom. "Hi!" she greeted them from her high vantage point above her own ball. "Now, first, I want to tell you that I know about a third of you have been very, very bad, and I can't have that in my universe."

"Your what?" came a shout from below.

"Oh, come now, you all know that I'm an omnipotent Goddess. I only want what's best for everyone in the universe--which, of course, includes this planet--so I've simply got to find some way to deal with those of you who aren't helping." Before any more protests could arise, Nikki focused, and a huge number of her guests simply vanished.


A minute prior, he'd been chairing a board meeting. Now, he found himself naked, in an austere metal room, with many of Nikki's other guests similarly situated.

"Well, well," said a voice, one that struck utter horror into him and, obviously, everyone around him. He looked up to see its source--another ball-woman, this one mainly in dark red with a bit of black, with two long black ponytails. "It seems that Kinki didn't ruin that universe for me entirely."

She began rolling forward, staying perched atop her ball. Most of the captives--it was clear that was what they were--scattered, except for one whom she caught under herself. She slowed down, obviously savouring the sensation of crushing him slowly. She addressed the remainder as she did so.

"I'm Lilly, and this is the only home you'll ever know from now on."

How long he'd know it for, the former corporate chairman realized, depended very much on whether one of those red beams he saw forming in Lilly's eyes or at her fingertips was aimed at him.


"Now that that unfortunate business is taken care of," said Nikki, "let's party!" She waved her hand. A full symphony orchestra made entirely of rubbergirls appeared, while more of them popped into existence as tables and trays, with a sumptuous feast laid out for those who had been permitted to remain.

After a time, during which Nikki had returned to her more human form and danced with every world leader present, she brought a halt to proceedings. "I have an announcement to make to all of you," she said. "If you'll please turn your attention to the images I'm about to broadcast into your minds--and the minds of everyone else on this planet..."

An image of Nikki, naked except for red gloves that went up to form a collar and red boots with knee-high stockings peeking out above them, appeared in the minds of everyone in the world, with a much shorter woman beside her, dressed in a jacket and blue jeans.

"Hey there, my cuties," Nikki said, "today I have a special show for you but first up say hello to Cory!"

"Hey everyone!" said the receptionist.

"She's a longtime follower of mine"--they'd only met a few hours ago but considering how little she'd been able to live openly in her universe, she figured that counted as a "long time"--"and because of that I decided to have her show off a new piece of rubbery attire which I developed, the Morphsuit!"

The scene jumped--nobody would ever agree on whether it had been prerecorded or Nikki had manipulated time--and Cory was sliding on the right leg of a black rubber bodysuit. "As you can see, the Morphsuit is a true one size fits all and will increase or decrease its surface to match your body perfectly!"

"It fits perfectly and just slides right on!" said Cory softly, as if she were surprised to discover it. "Mmm, the gloves are super hot, Nikki!"

"I have to agree," said the Goddess of Gods, putting her hands on her ample hips. "I absolutely love long gloves like that. And for those at home, please note that the Morphsuit won't work if you don't wear all the pieces--to reshape your body you need to put them all on again!"

"Mmm," said Cory, "and that rubbery smell, so intense, so--" she took a long sniff "--sexy!"

"Your body will actually smell like rubber for at least twenty-four hours after pulling off the suit--if you ever do," explained Nikki. "It's as intense as possible for all the kinky rubberpeople out there."

Cory stopped basking in the luxuriousness of her outfit and opened her arms wide to show how perfectly it fit. "TADA!"

"And there we go," said Nikki, "a fully rubberized Cory. Now let's see what this baby can do, shall we?"

Cory was feeling herself as Nikki continued. "First we will start with something popular. Imagine your breasts being bigger and let's see what happens."

"Hmm, alright," Cory feigned confusion, "I'll try my best."

"Oh no worries," Nikki reassured her, "the Morphsuit will go to work as soon as it picks up the slightest signal from you."

Cory feigned surprise as her breasts grew. "Ah what? They just grew bigger like that! Im... impossible!"

"As you can see, the Morphsuit instantly responded. Are you up for more?"

"Absolutely!" exclaimed Cory.

"Great! How about you try making them even bigger, like much bigger. Show all our watchers what the Morphsuit can actually do."

"Hehe, you got it, Nikki. Giant boobies, coming up!"

Cory focused again, and her breasts ballooned until she was slightly bent over from the weight. "OH MY GAWD!!"

"That's it!" Nikki said encouragingly. "Well done, Cory! Feel free to change the size of your breasts to whatever you prefer for the next one."

Cory's breasts shrank, but not quite to her original size. "Okay, all done. So what's next, Nikki?"

"How about you try putting on some muscles?" suggested the omnipotent woman.

"That works?"

"Of course it does! The Morphsuit offers infinite possibilities to reshape your body!"

"Well, alright, here we go," said Cory, spreading her arms wide. Immediately her body became ripped.

"What the-?!! I turned into a huge musclegirl!!"

"Hehe, exactly, your height also increased. I bet you could bend metal like this!"

Nikki created a metal bar, tapped it on the floor to demonstrate its solidity, then handed it to Cory, who promptly twisted it into a pretzel, after which she shrank back down to her slender form.

"We have one more thing left that I wanted to show off and I bet you also can't wait anymore."

Cory knew what it was, but she said, "What is it?"

"You told me that your boyfriend loves facesitting, so why not give him a huge butt to snuggle his face into?"

"OH YES! Mmm, I can't wait!" Cory turned around to present her ass to everyone, which promptly blew up. "Oh my, I hope I don't suffocate my little man with my fat butt."

"Uuh, so round and big!" said Nikki, admiring it. "Oh yeah, before I forget, your body will stay in the shape you leave the suit in. You need to reshape it with the Morphsuit if you want to walk around without a giant bouncing butt!"

Cory shrunk her ass down and wrapped an arm around Nikki's hips as Nikki put an arm on Cory's shoulder. "And that's the end, my cuties," the omnipotent woman said, "I hope you enjoyed this little show of the new Morphsuit. Obviously there are way more options which we didn't explore in this show but those are left for you, my naughty cuties, to play around with. Stay rubbery and see you next time!"

"See you everyone!!" Cory added.

The broadcast vanished from everyone's mind.

Cory shifted her Morphsuit from a rubber bodysuit to an identical copy of the jacket and jeans she'd been wearing. "Why didn't you tell them about this?" she asked.

"Because I like the idea of a lot of people walking around in rubber until they think to change their clothes, since they'll find the Morphsuit far more comfortable than anything else they ever wore," Nikki said, smirking. A caress of Cory's clothes confirmed Nikki's suspicions. "And so do you, I bet. Want to give some of those other features a test run?"

"When will you start selling these... Morphsuits?" one of Nikki's invitees asked, jolting her main awareness back to her ball-body.

"Oh, I won't be selling them." Suddenly every rubbergirl in the room, apart from Sarah, vanished. "Any woman within a thousand miles of me, or one of my rubbergirls--all of whom already have Morphsuits, by the way--" Sarah demonstrated by blowing up her breasts until they were each the size of her ball "--or any woman already wearing a Morphsuit will instantly be clad in a Morphsuit, starting... now." Immediately every woman in the room found her clothing replaced by a Morphsuit.

"What about us?" asked one of the men present.

"I recommend that you hope your wife is willing to allow you to join in her fun," said Nikki, and with a snap of her fingers the party was over.


Of course, many women were willing to have fun with their significant others, the most popular activities generally being breathplay under gigantic boobs or asses. But as Nikki walked near a beach, her cock out, cumming into a condom, she thought there was something missing. As she reflected on her day, she realized that she hadn't looked in on what was going on in the city she'd flooded with her cum. Her eyes went wide, but she was quickly distracted by the sound of her condom about to burst.

"Seriously?" she addressed it, as if it were animate. "Can't take anymore already? I'll show you the capacity of a real cumshot!"

She started listing off the steps. "First, find a source of liquid! The oceans will do nicely for this."

She puckered her lips as if taking a sip from a bottle and began sucking in air with increasing power. Soon the water began to rise and fly towards her mouth.

Her balls started to bloat as she inhaled over a hundred million cubic miles worth of water. The space inside her ballsack was actually another dimension, where anything inside them was reduced to a microscopic fraction of its actual size so that it could fit.

After she inhaled over ninety-seven percent of all the water on Earth, she instantly turned it all into her own thick cream with a thought.

"Now for the fun part!" she said, her balls and dick aching for release. She opened the floodgates. "OOOH YESSSS!!!"

Nikki came with mind-numbing force, making the ground shake as she shot over three hundred and twenty million cubic miles worth of water--now turned into her cum--back out in one insane, intense orgasm.

The cream shot into space, but Nikki made sure the Earth's gravity would bring it back down. Somewhere on the other side of the planet, the cum began to fall back to Earth, drilling into the dried-up planet like a laser beam from outer space. Tsunami of unparalleled power swept across the world, filling the empty oceans back up with the Supergoddess's rich white cum, but Nikki's power ensured that all the cities were completely safe.

Nikki knew what her action would bring about. Every woman who drank her cum--which would now be every woman--would turn into a tall, Amazonian futa, while men would shrink slightly. In days, the social order would be upended. Men would largely be reduced to cum dumps, cocksuckers for hire, and the like, unless they were lucky enough to be with a woman who didn't particularly want to be a futa, and so hid her new cock with her Morphsuit--and even then every man knew that his girlfriend would always jump at the chance to cuckold him with a futa or two. Of course, there was no shame in a woman not wanting to be a futa. Women were all equal in Nikki's new world, and men were simply lesser. It was just a fact of life. Nikki thought about how the next time she needed some relief, she'd be able to go to a man sitting on a street corner, drop a bit of money in his hat, and drain her balls into his stomach. She smiled.


Nikki appeared in the living room of her apartment to find Rin sitting on the couch, her feet on a forcefield.

"How was your day, mother?"

"Oh, I was just showing those silly council mages how much more powerful I am now," said Rin. "I think they got the message, since they've agreed to dedicate their work solely toward making me even more powerful. But it involved a lot of standing around, stomping on faces, kicking tables, and my feet are just so sore. How was your day?"

"Oh, you know. Nothing exciting. The usual," said Nikki, and she knelt down to massage Rin's feet and suck her toes.