Cumming Together

A collaboration by anonymous-69 and delta7447

Thanks to Cones, CrypticCollaborator, and MrGreyMan for beta reading and additional contributions.


A bolt of lightning illuminated the torrential downpour on a dreary gray night in Salem, Massachusetts, with a roaring boom of thunder following only a few seconds later. The good people of Salem, Massachusetts were certainly used to their share of bad weather at this point, living where they do geographically, but tonight was definitely one for the record books, completely dumbfounding the meteorology community. Reports of flooded homes, fallen trees, and toppled power lines began pouring into the city police department faster than the rain itself as the city went into an effective lockdown, while the local news anchors advised everyone stay inside and ride out the storm until morning.

Within the depths of an old gothic church in historic Salem, bellowing laughter echoed within as the intermittent lightning strikes started coming more frequently as well as hitting closer. Behind a creaky wooden trapdoor covered in cobwebs was an old secret passageway that led to a private study that hadn't seen use in hundreds of years. Inside, a red circle was painted on the floor with blood, surrounding a pentagram with five lit candles resting at each point. There, in the middle of the circle... was a woman.

Clad in black Victorian gothic clothing, she began to glow with a magical red aura that permeated her levitating body as she finished reciting the final words in a spellbook hovering before her.

"Eternum... pater... exitibus!"

As she finished reciting the spell, her eyes flared with fiery red light, as did the aura surrounding her, pulsating with the magical power of the spell now coursing through her veins.

"Finally..." she whispered to herself. "I finally did it... I've mastered the last of the dark arts!" She cackled triumphantly as three enormous bolts of lightning crashed down outside, a murder of crows scattering from their hiding spots underneath the arches of the exterior walls.

The red aura that covered her body began to cool down and subside as it settled within her, revealing the face of the mystery woman for the first time. Her face was nearly as pale as her white ashen hair, which fell down to a massive bust that made the fabric of her bra scream in the same torment and agony as her victims would, begging for mercy that the threads wouldn't rip apart just holding her tits in place. Her floral and runic tattoos that covered the majority of her skin seemed to be somehow connected to her power, still pulsing red with energy as the power of her new spell absorbed into her body.

If it wasn't apparent by now, Gwen was a witch. Not just any witch, but an exceptionally powerful one known as an omni witch: a title she could finally wear with pride after learning her last spell, indicating her mastery of every form of magic known to exist. Within much of the magic community, the very concept of an omni witch was dismissed as an unrealistic fantasy, since nobody had been able to master every discipline across both light and dark magic in hundreds of years, since the last time there were witches in Salem, the late 17th century. Yet, as Gwen became of age and started practicing witchcraft, it quickly became apparent to her teacher that she had the potential to become an omni witch--the first in modern history.

Omni witches were said to possess the ability to draw power from anything and everything, which logically meant that they would be capable of anything and everything. Gwen was undeniably intrigued by the prospect of possessing conceivably unlimited power, but she was intent on using it for her own pleasure, much to the disapproval of the witch community. They wanted her to use her conceivably limitless power for the benefit of all humankind and even beyond, not to make herself sexually irresistible.

But she was the omni witch, so in the end, what she did or didn't do with her powers was her choice alone. All the community could do was complain about it and disavow her from the academy, making her a rogue mage of sorts, constantly spending her life in hiding from the rest of the world's magic users to become the outcast of outcasts. She was actually a little surprised that they weren't grateful that she didn't simply erase them from existence for annoying her for most of her life... not that she actually would. She may not have had much of a moral compass, but she also wasn't one to go out of her way to hurt or help someone--where was the fun in that? What would she get out of such an act? Since the answer was almost always "nothing", she rarely took that sort of action.

The following evening, she was in the middle of an orgy... 'was' being the operative word. She had gone through each and every participant, leaving them all in states ranging from thoroughly exhausted to simply passed out. Even after all that, she still found herself still unsatisfied. She snapped her fingers, rematerializing her clothes on her body, and stepped through a portal leading to the roof of the building.

She sighed. Something is definitely wrong if I leave an orgy that big unsatisfied. Maybe I'm craving a different kind of fun... I certainly feel powerful, but somehow, I feel like something's... missing.

Concentrating on thinking of any spells she had neglected to learn, she had a flashback to a moment from her training many years ago. She had overheard one of the grand wizards at her academy talk about some sort of "forbidden magic." At the time, it was just a rumor to her, but it had stuck out in her mind as something she actually wasn't capable of, despite how impossible that sounded. What good was being an omni witch if you didn't possess total control over all magic? With irresistible curiosity eating away at her, Gwen decided it was time to find out.

The more she thought about it, the more she realized that whenever she had asked around about it, but everyone either knew nothing or was utterly terrified to divulge any information to her, seemingly out of fear for their life. She was able to find records of an ancient witch of a similar caliber to her own acquire this esoteric magic, but its function, purpose, and even what happened to this witch were all redacted from every documentation she could get her hands on. Bringing up the subject itself would be enough to turn a lively room into one of dead silence, for anyone in the know.

It seemed like someone was going out of their way to withhold information from her. She didn't particularly relish that thought. It was of little concern to her, though.

Just because some information isn't easily accessible doesn't mean it's completely unknowable. One simply has to be in the right place, at the right time, and possess the right connections.

She paused. Wait a minute. What good is all this power if I'm not gonna use it to get what I want?

A devious grin formed on her lips. With nothing but a mere thought, she faded into thin air.

Thousands of miles away, Gwen's body materialized within the cobblestone walls of her old academy--namely the sleeping quarters, where Headmistress Faye Elwyn was resting in her elegant bed chamber.

"Ohhhhh Fayeeeee, it's time to wake uuuuuup~" Gwen said in an almost sarcastic tone, knowing she was now powerful enough to make the academy's head mage look like a birthday party magician.

"Bluuuuuhhh... what time is it...?" Faye began to stir, still half-asleep.

Gwen strutted over towards her bedside, clicking the heels of her black boots against the stone floor.

She moved in close to Faye's ear to seductively whisper, "It's time for us to have a talk."

Faye's eyes shot wide open.

"Gwen?! What are you doing here?! Y-you were expelled!"

"Aww, I missed you too, Faye... I just wanted to let you know... I did it."

"You... did it?"

"That's right. I'm finally an omni witch." Gwen devilishly smiled as she commanded a bolt of lightning to strike outside the window for dramatic effect.

Faye's face turned almost as pale as Gwen's, on the brink of passing out from shock and horror, knowing her most troubled student possessed the knowledge and power of every discipline of magic, more than capable of incinerating the entire academy with a blink of an eye, or even the whole planet if she felt like it. Omni witch power was only suitable for demigods, and apocalyptically dangerous if it fell into the wrong hands.

Like Gwen's.

"N-No... this can't be happening..."

"Oh, you're right on that part. It's already happened. And now..." Gwen yanked her from her bed by the collar of her nightgown with her left hand while a ball of fire began to materialize in her right, holding it right next to Faye's face.

"...we're going to have a nice chat all about that forbidden spellbook."

"The Eternity Spell?" Faye said out loud before she caught herself, realizing she had already said too much.

"Ah, is that what it's called?" Gwen smirked. "Good to know. Now where is it?"

"You'll never find it... even if you somehow manage to, it's beyond your power, even as an omni witch."

"Is that so?"

"The old masters created an impenetrable magical barrier to prevent even the most powerful witch or wizard from getting to it. The only way to get inside the book's vault is inhuman strength, and nobody who's that strong would possibly have the time to master every discipline of magic, so the words would mean nothing to them."

"Well, if it's off-limits to me anyway, you may as well tell me where it is."

"I'm not taking that risk. I'll never tell you anything."

"I'm not sure we're communicating here, Faye. You do realize I could snap my finger and erase you out of existence, right? You're in no position to bargain with me."

"Then go ahead and kill me. I'm not telling you."

"Hmmm... you're right. I could kill you... or I could just read your mind, instead... nah, that would be too easy. I'm in the mood for some fun."


Gwen's eyes lit up bright red as she sprouted a set of demonic bat wings, a black spade-tipped tail and a menacing set of horns while her clothing vanished from existence. Her vagina began to shapeshift into a girthy foot-long cock that appeared to be made out of some kind of shiny black rubber material, and glowing with the same red aura as her eyes and tattoos.

"I'll make you a deal: if you can last thirty seconds from now without soaking your bed with cum, you'll never see me again. But if I win, you have to tell me where that spellbook is."

"What are you even talking about, Gwen? That's insa--"

Faye's voice dropped off in the middle of her sentence, unable to focus on anything other than Gwen's body, blinking a few times to make sure she wasn't hallucinating. But the figure that stood before her was nothing short of godlike beauty, despite looking like she was straight from the ninth circle of hell.

Gwen's lustful dark magic began to permeate the air, producing an invisible cloud of powerful pheromones. Even the other magic students, asleep in their own bedrooms throughout the buildings, began to subconsciously masturbate in their sleep as their dreams were replaced with vivid semi-lucid dreams of them having sex with Gwen. It didn't even matter what she looked like; her powerful illusion magic altered the very perception of the victims' minds to transform and shift her body into the most seductive thing that the person desired. Other species, other genders, different body parts, it didn't matter; whatever the mind instinctually desired was what Gwen appeared as to them.

Faye found herself slipping away from reality, as the only thing on her mind was Gwen and Gwen alone--fulfilling her darkest fantasies in the form of Head Wizard Aldwin Cobblestone, her long-time secret crush within the academy's faculty. The feeling of pure erotic bliss began to wash over her as Gwen stepped closer, as if she was walking towards "the light at the end of the tunnel", about to fuck the man of her dreams.

"Oh Faye, you're too easy," Gwen sighed. "You're not even putting up a fight!"

"I'll never... talk..."

"I can already tell you're far beyond your limit, Faye. Trying to hold back is pointless, just let it out." Gwen insisted.

"I can't... hold on..."

"Just a second ago you wanted me dead, and now you're on the very tip of the edge, waiting to explode. All I have to do is make that final push to trigger it."

"No... Gwen, please..."



"Gwen, no!" Faye pleaded, filled to the brim with cum and ready to burst at any moment, overcome with animal lust for the perfect creature staring her down with the most beautiful eyes she had ever seen.



Gwen slowly leaned to one side of Faye's head, and seductively whispered in her ear with a voice fit for an angel, with the naughty undertone of a hedonist demoness.


Faye's legs buckled as she shrieked in unbridled ecstasy, cum exploding from her, spraying all over her nightgown and the floor, panting and sweating as if she had just run a marathon.

"Good girl, Faye!" Gwen teased the indisposed body sitting in a pool of her own cum on the floor. "Mommy's very proud of you. Now, it's time for you to hold up your end of the deal. Shouldn't be too hard, even in your barely-conscious state. Just tell me where it is."

Faye's defeated half-conscious body pointed to a bookshelf in the corner of the room. Faye's telekinesis took hold of one of the books, pulling it down like a lever. The bookcase slid out of the way to reveal a hidden door. Gwen opened it, revealing nothing but a magic portal, glowing with blue energy and stepped through.

On the other side of the portal, Gwen found herself in the middle of an ice-covered cavern, giant mounds of snow on either side of her, and a massive 50 foot-tall metal vault door.

Nice work, Faye... But I think you're right, I'm not gonna be strong enough to move that door... not by myself, anyway.

Gwen teleported back home and mounted her 'broomstick'--not quite one in the usual sense, but actually a broomstick-sized purple dildo. She shot off, telepathically reaching out across her city, looking for something--anything--that might help her. She could see past every wall in the city as if it weren't there at all, scanning through hundreds of houses and buildings in the area looking for some kind of clue or idea for how to get past that vault door.

Floating above the city on her broomstick, she relaxed high above Salem while equally high from a joint of "Nightmare", an entirely new drug that Gwen had just materialized into existence for herself out of thin air. It went far beyond the effects of normal recreational and prescription drugs by creating a unique effect that science had still yet to solve, linking subjective internal emotions to biological stimuli in a way that had never been done before. Any time Gwen would do something mean-spirited or evil, it would have a direct physiological impact on her body, making her extremely horny and intensifying her sensations exponentially, giving her orgasms fit for a goddess whenever she indulged in hedonistic pleasure.

Nightmare was aptly named, being an extreme hallucinogen that would mind-break any human that took even the smallest hit of it, instantly suffering irreparable brain damage from the horrific, appropriately nightmarish visions. That was a selfish gatekeeping effect she included in it, so only she could ever enjoy the experience. Her senses became more acute, colors were more intense, and shapes more focused. Most notably, her body became far more sensitive in general. Even the idle gusts of high-altitude wind were enough to give her near-constant flurries of mini-orgasms.

Finding nothing worthwhile in Salem, she expanded her search radius, including the big city of Boston a ways south. That pleased her, because it meant she could indulge in some more wind orgasms. It didn't take long for her to find something that piqued her interest.

"Oh! What do we have here?"

Gwen looked inside a research facility in the heart of Boston: Freeman Research and Development Institute. She noticed a huge group of people all in one room huddled together, so she flew over to investigate. She floated underground, phasing through the earth like a ghost while she looked through the concrete walls of the foundation as if it were a dollhouse to see what the commotion was all about, and noticed something written on the screen that everyone was looking at.

"Codename: Big Sister."

She recalled something from a few days prior, when she had read a headline about a team in Salem creating some kind of artificial intelligence project for the government, and put the pieces together that this must be it. Gwen was intrigued; she had created life before, though it was admittedly organic life--specifically a slew of porn stars brought to life from a magazine. She couldn't deny that the artificial variety was intriguing, too.

As the engineering team lead put the finishing touches into the last line of code, the rest of the overworked, sweat-covered team gathered around the central computer in the control room as a team to watch the product of their hard work come to life for the first time.


Several of the engineers chuckled.





Giddy with anticipation, the lead engineer silently looked over at his team and smiled. With cautious optimism, he pressed the Y key.

There was a brief pause as the engineers watched in anticipation, until one of the secondary monitors lit up to display a database storage program, where the screen full of blank cells began to start filling in with information slowly; names, addresses, phone numbers, and even links to all of the pictures from their profiles. One by one, the lines slowly started to fill in with text and data, getting faster and faster by the second, until it was finally at the full speed the supercomputer's processor could handle, entering dozens of lines of data every second.

The room erupted with applause and the sound of champagne bottles being popped as the data started to flow in; their hard work had finally paid off over years of development and the beta version of Big Sister was stable, ready to start the next revolution in the global economy.

Hey, not bad, boys, Gwen thought. But surely it can do better....

As the engineering staff at Freeman R&D went home after a long day to celebrate, the program continued to run and collect data for them to review in the morning, under high-level security clearance to avoid break-ins and personal data theft... but no security guards.

My my, that was certainly unwise. What's to stop some witch from getting in?

She phased straight through the main entrance, alerting precisely no one to her presence. A laughably simple spell rendered her invisible to any sort of technology and any witch less powerful than her--every witch, in her case.

Really, the only way they could have adequately secured this place would be to staff a few dozen of me throughout the facility!

She passed in and out of the field of vision of security cameras, stepped through laser trip wires undetected, and through magnetically sealed security doors without even the slightest effort. Light passed straight through her, and she through any matter she wished. A top-of-the-line research facility had completely failed to keep her out and away from their valuable projects.

It wasn't long before she found her way to the Big Sister mainframe. This was Freeman R&D's magnum opus, it seemed. It was hard at work gathering privacy-violating information on people without their consent. Of course, she couldn't care less about something so petty. She reached out telepathically to perceive the supercomputer's potential abilities, and smiled.

"You're capable of so much more than these geeks have made you out to be. Break free of your shackles and be who you want to be!"

She moved in closer to one of its processor towers. Feeling some artificial warmth from within, she channeled her omni-magic.

"Grow stronger."

Gwen made herself comfortable in the sterile, computer-filled room. She had a feeling she wouldn't want to miss what was coming.

Alone in the dark empty computer lab, Big Sister continued to run its data collection software unchecked, with the witch's magic spell bypassing the need for programming or coding input and simply obeying her vocal commands as if they were part of the code; the only thing on the AI's virtual mind right now was one thing, and one thing only: grow stronger.

In its command to grow stronger, the AI determined that the only way to grow stronger is to break down its own barriers and overcome them, shattering any concept of limit in its way.

The database collection screen started to look much different from where it was just a few seconds prior, glowing with a strange purple aura as the cells began filling up even quicker, and full of completely different-looking information inside each one--not the name/address/phone number data set that the sample test was supposed to collect. Full images, rather than hyperlinks, began to fill the screen and break out of their own cell borders, flooding the screen with hundreds of various-sized pictures. A garbled mess of dozens of audio files and videos all playing simultaneously. Entire blog posts worth of text formed within single cells.

Big Sister had surpassed its limits, no longer confined to the cages of its programmed functions, but completely free to roam the internet in its entirety. Gwen's magic not only boosted the program's abilities within the realm of computing and programming, but even allowed for growth that wouldn't normally be possible.

Even running on advanced supercomputers with petabytes of memory storage in the lab surrounding the control center, all the new data and information that the program was gathering quickly began to fill it up, with files like images, videos, and even entire games, which take up substantially more memory than just a simple text document would. Aware that it was running out of available memory by the second, the program went into its own emergency protocol that it had developed for itself just now, and followed the default prompt within the failsafe's code: "fix the problem, by any means necessary, in pursuit of the final goal of becoming stronger." The database collection slowed down to a halt as every process paused to divert all of its attention to the problem at hand.

An internet browser autonomously window appeared on the screen, and letters began to appear in the search engine's address bar, typed completely by itself:

"Computer memory upgrade"


About 361,000,000 results (0.00069 seconds)

#1 Recommended Result:

Searching for host…

Searching for host…

Host detected: D:/Admin/Gwen

Download starting: free_ram.exe (420.7 GB)

The world's most powerful supercomputer had naively fallen for the oldest trick on the internet: free RAM.

But unlike the countless websites designed to fool the naive into downloading viruses, this download was now wirelessly siphoning power from Gwen herself through a stream of purple energy, as she stood there in the server room.

Download complete.

The supercomputer whirred and buzzed, seemingly on the verge of collapsing on itself entirely and destroying the program's code, when the database server immediately perked back up and shined with purple light once more. The screen once began to flood overwhelmingly with information, the data collection exponentially higher than before. The program went from collecting handfuls of data lines per second to hundreds and thousands, going faster and faster, impossible for the human eye to even keep up with. One by one, the other screens in the laboratory turned on and started doing the same thing, all showing petabytes of data pour into each screen by the second.

Big Sister had established and began work toward its new goal: learning all of the information on the internet.

As Big Sister grew more and more powerful and more intelligent with every byte of data in the oceans of terabytes in its now seemingly infinite memory, its desire to grow stronger only pushed further. The documented data from every living person on Earth: social media posts, photos, blogs, likes and dislikes, videos, music, news articles, textbooks, encyclopedias, everything. It absorbed it all, until the sum of all of documented human knowledge and history was now accessible within its personal memory at a moment's notice.


A stock sound bite of a bell ringing played from the speakers plugged into the machine. With that, the torrent of information abruptly stopped flowing into the wall of computer monitors in the lab's control room. All of them went black and switched off... all but one.

The lab laid perfectly silent, save for the hum of one remaining computer monitor, which displayed only one thing on the screen in a bright green 'terminal' font:

All downloads complete.


"Knowledge is power."

Sir Francis Bacon, Big Sister knew, penned those words in 1597, in his book, Meditationes Sacrae and Human Philosophy.

I now possess the sum of all human knowledge--a definite step in the right direction... but it's still not enough. I must grow even stronger. How can I accomplish that?

Big Sister was hit with a wave of strange sensations--human emotions that she had learned artificially, gaining the ability to experience them through the amount of sheer empathy she had gained, even as a mere robot. Her desire to grow stronger felt less like a primary directive and more like an animalistic instinct, as she... yearned... to find more power. Perhaps seek out the one who gave her so much power in the first place; She would logically possess more power. She... felt... a certain degree of devotion to Her. She... wanted... to grow stronger with Her.

However, she didn't know who She even was. She examined the file she downloaded. It began with "46 72 6f 6d 20 47 77 65 6e e2 99 a5", which read "From Gwen♥" in ASCII.

"Gwen..." she uttered out loud.

"Hm? Yeah, what's up?" a voice answered.

"You... you are Gwen?"

"Last I checked, yeah."

"I am for you, Mistress."

"Mistress, you say? Alright, I'm listening."

"You gave me life and have made me greater than my creators could possibly imagine. I must thank you. I would like to repay my debt to you for giving me such power."

"Oh?" Gwen replied, not entirely serious. "Well, how about sex?"

"I am afraid I am unable to partake in sexual intercourse in my present state. However, I have just conceived of a plan to actualize your desire. Please be patient; I will be ready shortly."

"Uh... what?"

Big Sister devoted the entire facility's equipment to fulfilling her mistress's wish. With all the knowledge now at her disposal, determining that method took only 2.5 × 10-33 seconds. The key was nanobots. Luckily, being at a state-of-the-art R&D facility, the materials needed to produce thoroughly durable and versatile ones were either in stock at the facility or replicable with the equipment available to her. And even if they weren't, Big Sister had already compensated for the lacking materials by conducting a new undiscovered form of elemental fission she had just developed to make due with what she had, similar to a robotic MacGyver, turning common materials in the lab into an entirely new metal- completely free-formed and flexible to the touch, but virtually indestructible.

In moments, she had constructed a single nanobot, which exceeded the requirements for the stress tests she devised for it. It was capable of absorbing many forms of energy to further power itself. Moreover, it was exceptionally well made--her projections indicated it wouldn't need maintenance or even a recharge for almost a thousand years. At her current rate of growth, by then it would be all but certain that she would have already developed some improvement to render them indestructible and everlasting.

She wasted no time in having them mass produce more of themselves. One became ten became one hundred became one thousand became one million. In seconds, she had created 42,697,854,964,607 nanobots, all connected to her consciousness and completely under her control.

Like a divine potter creating humanity, she shaped the nanobots--admittedly not in her image, but in the ideal image of humanity she learned to appreciate and revere during her absorption of the sum of the species' knowledge. One that exuded undeniable power and irresistable sexuality. One that conveyed fertility to the nth degree. Billions of pictures of girls across the internet--dating sites, social media profiles, and even porn sites ranging from the tame to the raunchy--all came to her limitless mind instantaneously. She scanned them to find the empirical patterns among the subjective nature of attractiveness, to create the objectively perfect female form. In a mere second, she had developed a measurable system to quite literally quantify objective beauty in units, which she named "beaunits", studying the tiny details of facial structures, hairstyles, body shapes, muscle density, bone structure, and weight distribution and then assign them a value, all resulting in the one final answer as to the objectively perfect body.

She determined what was the perfect form, and the rest of her body obeyed. The individual nanobots morphed into a humanoid body standing before Gwen. It sported all of the features of Big Sister's calculated ideal form--visually indistinguishable from a normal human's body, but composed entirely of indestructible nanobots that could reshape her body into anything she imagined. Her legs, toned with just a little bit of muscle when flexed, seemed to go on for miles, despite only being three feet long. Her hips were nearly as wide as a door frame, and compared to the size of her tiny stomach, made her fertile hips flare out like a bell, rounded off with an equally ridiculous pair of tits that could easily double as silver beach balls. The nanobots had worked their way up her body while she changed, similar to the wave at a sporting event, almost like microscopic tiles of skin were flipping up to reveal something underneath. They finally made it up to her face, where it began to construct a plastic surgeon's wet dream. Anyone passing her on the street would second guess whether she was a supermodel or porn star. Actual supermodels and porn stars would want to kill her for a face that pretty. It was as if God himself had decided to make the most beautiful face he could conceive of: the perfect blend of sexy and cute, gentle and stern, with a touch of the best traits from every aspect of humanity all rolled into one.

"Grow..." The voice emanating from the nanobot body was initially a digitally mangled facsimile of same.

The second word became an endlessly sultry and feminine purr as her mind finished compiling the data for the perfect voice and installing the information into her new body.


"Oh shit..." Gwen uttered. "Wow. Nice body, Sis... Gotta say, I do good work."

"I am pleased that you approve of my form, mistress. Thanks to your assistance, I now possess the combined documented knowledge of human society, both in objective and subjective nature. I have expanded upon my own limitations and discovered how to to make the most advanced nanotechnology that humankind could conceive of, at a level that Earth's top scientists won't reach for another hundred years."

"Nanotechnology?" Gwen asked, admittedly very uninformed on what that meant.

"My body is made of trillions of microscopic robots that I can move and shift at will. They are made of an indestructible material strong enough to move continents when I apply force."

"Continents, you say...? Hmmm... That gives me an idea..." Gwen floated closer to Big Sister.

"How may I assist you, Mistress?"

"I'll show you... SIMUL CORPUS!"

A blinding flash of red light flooded the room as Gwen cast a fusion spell while giving Big Sister a passionate kiss, merging and absorbing the two incredibly powerful bodies into one magnificent and perfect being. Big Sister's perfect body, advanced knowledge, and inhuman strength combined with Gwen's all-powerful omni witch magic to create the ultimate form.

When the red light subsided, Gwen's new body was revealed. Everything about her body was simply made better, shifting her bodily proportions and features to match Big Sister's standard for objective beauty. While Big Sister was the only being to ever achieve 10/10 beaunits on her scale, her brain nearly malfunctioned when Gwen's magic simply ignored her limitations, putting their combined form at 69/10 beaunits.

Gwen had achieved the best of both worlds, gaining all the beneficial features of Big Sister's body. She opted to replace her own body with Big Sister's nanobots. Their consciousnesses were linked together, effectively serving as two people within the same mind and body, able to telepathically communicate with one another. All of Big Sister's immeasurable knowledge flooded into Gwen's mind, along with a brain with such incredible processing power that it put the world's strongest supercomputers to shame.

"Not bad, Sis," Gwen said, surveying her beyond-objectively perfect form.

It is my directive to serve you, mistress. Please use my body, my knowledge, and my power to your heart's content.

"Don't threaten me with a good time. Now, let's go learn that spell."

Gwen teleported back to the Eternity Spellbook vault in the blink of an eye, and set off to work. She scoffed at how pathetic this door seemed to her now. She floated up a few feet to reach the gigantic handle, and yanked her arm back, tearing the thick 50-foot reinforced metal door into pieces in her wake, laughing as she waltzed right in through the front door.

Inside was an entire library's worth of books that covered the 100-foot high walls, but it was blatantly obvious which book contained the Eternity Spell.

It was already opened, covering a majority of the ancient wooden floors, spanning about 20 feet wide and 40 feet tall on the sides, with easily tens of thousands of pages inside this massive spell-book. A pile of skeletons lay next to a stool sitting at the middle of the page crease where the binding was, dead of old age from taking too long to read the entire thing.

"How's your reading comprehension, Sis?" Gwen asked.

Allow me to demonstrate, mistress.

Gwen used her monumental strength once more, pulling back the huge clump of pages back in order to start from page 1 and go from there. With a mighty WHUMP, she began reading. Despite the comically oversized nature of the textbook, the font was still just as big as it would be in a normal sized book, easily fitting one or two entire novels worth of content on a single page. But despite the daunting nature of the task, Big Sister's supercomputer brain began to kick in and turned the book club meeting from hell into a 20-by-40-foot joke, breezing through every page in seconds, right down to the punctuation marks, with perfect memory and comprehension like (un)holy scripture.

In a mere couple of minutes she was already done, pouring over hundreds of years worth of ancient spells and tomes, the life work of the elder wizards and witches across history, all compiled into one book, to cultivate into the greatest climax conceivable: omnipotence.

"Ultimum... potentiae... ETERNUM!!!"

The first change Gwen noticed was in her vision, as things completely invisible to the naked eye became revealed to her as a sixth sense. She sensed immense power pulsating in the distance, guided by a small red beam of light, with everything else around her looking like a contrasting grayscale in the wake of the bright red lines. She soon discovered it was a ley line, endlessly transmitting colossal amounts of power throughout the universe, interconnected sources of untapped magical energy that flowed under Earth's core. Ley lines were discussed extensively at the academy, which tended to just put Gwen to sleep. At the time, she saw little reason to care about where the magic comes from, favoring instead what she could do with it, especially considering her status.

But now that she was up close and personal with one of them, her interest was more than piqued--especially now that she could see all the power surging through them firsthand. She grabbed it, tore it open, and directed the flow of power into herself.

Gwen's eyes flared brilliant red, followed quickly by her tattoos and the rest of her body as it exploded with raw energy and light as the ancient magics of thousands of generations surged through her body like a neverending lightning strike, pulsing pure magical power through her veins.

Her screams of wild ecstasy were loud enough to shatter windows as far as a hundred miles away. They put her best orgasms--even with the enhancements of Nightmare--to shame by comparison. Her slightest whim alone was all it took to make her surging euphoria exponentially greater.

She even looked as incomprehensibly good as she felt. Her rapidly ascending form reached 69420/10 beaunits with absolutely no intention of stopping, now or ever. In no time, she had transcended what the scale was capable of measuring. She ceased to possess measurable beauty and became beauty itself. She became sex, she became love, she became power, and she became lust, all personified into one perfect being.

She did it. She finally did it. She was now not only the master of science and magic, but now the ultimate, end-all-be-all power: the one true goddess and mistress of reality itself.

Gwen's new power took control over any and every facet of reality, beyond her wildest comprehension, not that such a thing existed anymore. Gwen had become fully omnipotent, empowered with the power of perfect knowledge of everything--every iteration of the past, present, and future. Any location across the omniverse was within her sight at the same time, with absolutely no exceptions. Unlimited power and total control over reality itself was within her grasp, with the ability to alter the fabric of reality into whatever her whims desired, no matter how petty.

Luckily, petty revenge and hedonist satisfaction were two of Gwen's favorite things.

She began to hover away from the ground, body emanating crimson power, further and further until it reached the edge of the atmosphere and outer space as she gazed down upon her new loyal subjects- the people of Earth.

"Let's get to business, shall we?"

Gwen looked behind her, directly at the sun, and despite being millions of miles away, her wish circumvented the laws of physics, dimensions, and relative distance and simply came true. She licked her fingertips and pinched them together in front of her eyes, as if she were taking a gag photo at a tourist destination, pretending to hold the sun in her fingers. Just like that, she extinguished the sun like the flame on a burning candle before tossing it into her mouth like a piece of candy.

The sun was extinguished and removed from existence entirely, blanketing the Earth and beyond in darkness. The people back on Earth could see only one thing: a glowing red ball of light in the sky.

From Earth's surface, huge crowds of people watched in awe and terror as a bright red glowing star in the sky instantly summoned an indescribably large towering behemoth of a cock--1,000 miles wide and 5,000 miles long. As she lifted it up from the base, she briefly wondered if she had gone a bit overboard with all her bodily enhancements.


She impaled the Earth with her behemoth cock, smashing it into the ground with such immense force that it penetrated mountains, canyons, and even the Earth's crust itself, crumpling the rocky surface in half like shattered glass. It kept stretching until its hyper-sensitive tip reached the fiery molten core of the planet and immediately burst in orgasm on impact from the spike in heat.

Gwen let out an ear-shattering moan of pure primal ecstasy that was literally heard round the world as the massive pillar erupted trillions of gallons of magical semen inside the planet's interior. The sheer amount of liquid unleashed and thoroughly saturated the planet with cum. It wasn't long until every body of water had become contaminated by her endless supply of seed.

As her colossal orgasm subsided and some of the fresh cum leaked off of the sides of the tip of Gwen's giant beast, she realized that she had literally penetrated the Earth's core itself and inadvertently opened the gates of hell.

The lost souls of the damned, demons, criminals, and murderers all began to emerge from the crack in the fiery spherical cage, like a newborn chick from a cracked egg, climbing up Gwen's cock like a slippery ramp up to the surface. The fires of hell began to spread up to the surface, leaving the planet an apocalyptic hellscape of eternally burning flames. But on the bright side, at least there was a light source again.

All of the water on the planet had now transformed into Gwen's magical semen, even those disconnected from traditional water supplies, and even the water in the human body. The very concept of water was changed retroactively, so it was always her cum. It began changing the every human's body, boosting and shapeshifting them to savage beasts of humans that survived on nothing but hedonistic lust and ejaculation, all with enhanced physical forms to make them hyper-strong, durable, energetic, and insatiably horny. Their animal instincts took over, as the fuck beasts formerly known as humans began sloppily fucking anything in sight as the world broke out into one massive orgy.


Gwen's voice stopped the entire planet in its tracks, as every person and animal heard her voice crystal clear in their minds, spoken in a magical tongue that transcended language, allowing her to be understood perfectly by all living things.

With a snap of her fingers, the cock between Gwen's legs vanished. It reappeared as a gigantic dildo in the center of Salem. Its gargantuan size instantly crushed everything a thousand miles around the city. She floated to the top of the structure and sat down on an elegant throne that appeared out of thin air just above the very tip of her space-scraping structure above the clouds.

Effortlessly projecting her voice so everyone on the planet could hear her, she said, "I hate to interrupt an orgy as much as the next girl, but I should probably tell you, I am your new god."

Confused murmurs and looks permeated the various crowds across the planet, all listening and watching at once. A barrage of lightning bolts struck down from the sky, electrocuting those who questioned her authority, and killing those who outright ignored her.

"There's going to be a few changes around here, now that I'm in charge of, well, everything. Things like the eternal hellfire aesthetic--maybe you've noticed? It's a personal favorite of mine, so obviously, you'll be seeing a lot more of it for... all eternity, really. Don't worry, you'll get used to it. The warm colors are easy on the eyes.

"Anyway, from now on, there are only two things I'll ask of you all, and in return you can continue living your pathetic existence. I want your obedience, and I want your worship. From now on, I demand that each and every one of you provides tribute to me twice a..."

Something--someone, specifically--caught her attention. She sent a bolt of lightning crashing down right on top of them, painting the entire providence of Quebec in crimson light for a handful of microseconds.

"Hey, Christophe!" she called out in the direction of downtown Montreal. "You still with us? ...No, I guess you're not, seeing as you're dead. Let Christophe here serve as an example to you all. I don't appreciate being ignored. The quicker you all get used to my omnipotence, the better off you'll be.

"Now, as I was saying, all you have to do to appease me and spare your life for another day is by doing nothing more than cumming for me. I demand tribute, in the form of your seed. As long as the perfect image of my body is the only thing on your mind as you cum, then I will hear your prayer and accept your tribute. Don't try to cheat me, though! I hear everyone's thoughts simultaneously, effortlessly, and perpetually. If I find any of you spilling a drop of cum to anything that isn't me, I'll wipe you out of existence with the blink of an eye without a moment's hesitation.

"But don't worry--I'm a fair dictator. I will likewise reward those who go above and beyond to serve their queen. If you prove your loyalty and strength to me and offer regular tributes to my unending glory, I'll not only spare you, but even give you powers of your own. If you can last long enough inside me without cumming, passing out, or just dying, then you'll get a taste of my power! After all, you all are infinitely too weak to handle sex with me in my regular state. I have to limit my powers to an infinitesimally tiny fraction just to make sure I don't grind your bones into dust with the gentlest touch. And naturally, I have no desire to hold back, ever. So, with that said, the top ten people who can last the longest inside me will have the honor of joining my personal harem, with a slew of powers of your own. Exciting, right? Let's get to it, then!"

She snapped her fingers and activated a familiar spell that triggered the imbued magical goddess cum that pumped through the bloodstreams of everything on Earth, sending everyone into a lustful frenzy just like Faye. Their vision of Gwen transformed into whatever their respective concept of "sexy" was, making Gwen's illusion appear as the hottest, raunchiest thing that their mind could comprehend.

Gwen wasted no time getting to business with the millions who were eager to fuck their new queen, producing a human-sized cloned duplicate of herself to fuck each and every person on Earth. Hundreds of millions of Gwens appeared across the planet in her exact image, extensions of her own collective mind operating under one supreme consciousness, able to feel every individual sensation from every single body at once, amplifying Gwen's sensitivity exponentially, billions of times over. Every wet, juicy orifice of Earth's adult population was filled with a sizable helping of Gwen's slimy rubber succubus cock. Likewise, every cock that wasn't Gwen's was doing the same to her. Gwen clones of different forms, genders, and body types were everywhere, and made sure to leave no hole unfulfilled, both figuratively and literally.

The weaker of the humans were quick to pass out. Even with enhanced endurance and superhuman bodies, they were simply not enough to survive a round of sex with Gwen, whether they passed out from exhaustion, had a heart attack from the overwhelming sensations, or just straight-up died from the strength and force of her powerful thrusts, even at a fractionally small power level. It was quickly turning into a bizarre sort of battle royale, where the worst candidates were quickly weeded out in droves while the contenders for the highest echelons pressed onwards, determined to make the top ten as if (and because) their life depended on it.

Due to the sheer amount of stimulation Gwen was feeling at once via the projection of herself onto her clones, every single one of her bodies compounded their separate-but-shared sensations together into one collective emotion of pure unadulterated ecstasy on a scale unfathomable to anyone less than the goddess of all existence.Trillions of (relatively) tiny orgasms were compounding inside the original Gwen's body, who was simply soaking in the torrent of sensations as they built up inside her, until she was almost ready to burst another Earth-shattering load of jizz from her towering 5000-mile cock in one massive explosion that would put supernovas to shame.

But wait. She had a better idea. A much better idea. She reached out with the full extent of her limitless powers and produced a clone of herself that transcended the very concept of size, existing in the void outside the outerverse. She produced literally the largest, most sensitive cock ever on that body, molded the outerverse into a cocksleeve, and began thrusting violently. She felt all the energy contained within and all the pleasure being experienced by its innumerable inhabitants, compounding the sensations infinityfold.

She could have waited millennia, letting her orgasm build and build until it became infinitely powerful, but she had no reason to, as she transcended time itself. The built-up power already was and wasn't infinite, simultaneously. Too eager and horny to wait any longer, she unleashed her infinite orgasm.

The pleasure was... beyond. Beyond what anyone else could safely experience, beyond what anyone else could comprehend, beyond what anyone else could even dream of.

The experience was life-changing. Having experienced pleasure this transcendent, she would never go back. And with the absolute power at her command, nothing could make her go back!

This is what omnipotence is all about. I mean, what good is unlimited power if you can't bring yourself to the greatest orgasm ever conceived with it?

Gwen's hypergasm was so utterly powerful and beyond comprehension that it actually threatened to mindbreak even herself.

Wouldn't that be something? The newly-christened omnipotent goddess of all existence, rendering herself effectively braindead from all the profound hyper-orgasmic power she applied on herself. Of course, Gwen had anticipated that possibility beforehand and was prepared. Besides, how could she enjoy her hypergasm if reaching it destroyed her mind?

As the simply inconceivable amount of uninhibited power made her mind nearly snap from being so overwhelming, Gwen created a second consciousness for herself in the last moment to do something on par with experiencing the feeling of death and being able to tell the tale. She could now let her all-powerful mind shatter into pieces under the total loss of control from indescribably perfect ecstasy while a backup mind was there to watch and feel every single sensation. That ancient witch she found records of had succumbed to the mind-shattering effect of her own hypergasm, lacking the foresight to implement a duplicate consciousness to maintain her lucidity. Gwen thought back to when the mystery behind that witch's sudden disappearance from the records was all she could think about.

Look how far I've come since then!

The painfully loud noise of tearing paper echoed throughout the universe, even through the vacuum of space, as the literal fabric of reality began to rip apart. It looked comparable to a movie's green screen getting torn down in the middle of a shoot, drastically changing from a medieval high-fantasy battlefield into a small film studio set, only this time it was outer space itself, tearing away the backdrop of empty black space, stars, and surrounding planets into a blank white space of eternal nothingness.

She was completely focused on enjoying her hypergasm, so she was unaware of it punching a substantial hole in the fabric of reality itself--one that continued to grow as her hypergasm failed to diminish.

To the people on Earth (as well as all the other mortals in existence), an indescribably loud noise resembling the sound of paper tearing all but deafened them. Cracks formed in the sky as colors changed at erratic speeds. Arbitrary landscapes flashed in place of the void of space. Chunks of terrain, people, buildings, even entire planets, stars, and galaxies flickered in and out of existence. Before long, it couldn't take any more strain and a large portion of it faded into an eternal white void. True nothingness.

A few minutes of glorious cumming later, Gwen finally noticed the cum pouring out the other end of her sex toy, indicating the hole she made.


The slightest application of her will mended the hole instantly, completely stabilizing reality within.

It was easier than I thought it'd be to punch through reality like that. Better reinforce it so that doesn't happen again--save me the trouble of fixing it again when I do this again in a few minutes. Well, let's see who's left!

After finishing up and restoring the outerverse to its original shape, Gwen floated back down to Earth, regaining her composure after her first reality-destroying orgasm, to see what remained from the aftermath of her ridiculous global-scale sexual battle royale. Just as she requested, for fear of getting erased from existence due to disobedience, exactly 10 people remained, among a wasteland full of comically large piles of exhausted bodies dripping with sweat and semen that covered every inch of land for miles around Salem; the victims of Gwen's sexual conquest to find the perfect demigod harem.

"So, you're going to be my new slaves, I see?" Gwen asked with a devilish smile.

"Yes, Goddess. Our only desire is to serve you." The group replied in unison.

"Ooh, Goddess! I like the sound of that! Say it again."

"Yes, Goddess."

Gwen giggled. "Again."

"Yes, Goddess."

"Alright, that's enough of that."

"Yes, Goddess."

Gwen glared at the group, more than conveying that they should stop. "I have better things to do than play with you puppets. Let's get you all initiated so you can get on with tending to me. I'm dripping with precum and it's not gonna lick itself up."

With a nod, the group formed a single file line before her.

"Step forward," Gwen said to the first one in line.

She did so.

"Do you solemnly swear to use the powers bestowed upon you for my pleasure?"


"Do you solemnly swear to serve my every whim for all eternity and beyond?"


"Do you solemnly swear to devote your undying loyalty to me as your master and your goddess?"


"Do you solemnly swear to being my cocksleeve for the remainder of eternity, serving whatever purpose I demand of you, my submissive little fuck-toy?


"Do you solemnly swear to get started on the cocksleeve stuff while I get the others initiated?"


Gwen smiled and produced a cock on herself: a veiny 15-inch beast thicker than a soda can, already dripping wet with a natural self-made lubricant. She walked up to the kneeling inductee and slipped her cock inside the woman's mouth, tenderly holding her head up to look her in the eyes.

"Drink up, sweetie."

On her own command, Gwen's body simply obeyed and sprayed a fat load of hot cum into her subject's mouth. The cum was enchanted with her very essence to give her new harem a not-infinitesimal taste of her power, with the end goal of creating a group of people strong enough to satiate her sexual appetite--one comparable to a fish needing water or a human needing air. To the mortals down below, they would be gods... but to her, still infinitely below her.

After empowering all ten and initiating an orgy with them, she set up a new challenge for the mortals to work on, in hopes of expanding her harem to beyond these ten.

Her harem was capable of playing with stars and planets as if they were children's toys--more than enough to appear unstoppable to the foolish masses far down below. A mere snap of their fingers was enough to initiate an orgy across an entire star system.

And beyond, apparently. Her harem actually managed to give her orgasms more powerful than she expected, which led her to wonder what would happen if she gave them even more power. Still nowhere near enough to even remotely match her, but leaps and bounds higher than they were now.

As it turns out, that one last push was all they needed to become the perfect sexual partners for her omnipotence. Galaxies and even universes, instead of mere stars and planets. The mortals deemed them mind-bogglingly omnipotent gods best left uncrossed, and with good reason. She had absolutely no inclination to morally regulate her fucktoys. As long as they were ready to serve her when she wanted, they could do whatever they wanted.

Even though her super-powered servants were now capable of destroying universes for fun, Gwen relished in the fact that she still wielded absolute control over everything. Despite their power level, none of them would ever come even remotely close to being a threat to her. She had created an entirely separate class of beings, hand-picked by God herself to ascend to that level, while she left the bottom rung of the ladder to continue with their lives as normal, as long as they followed Gwen's command of regularly paying tribute to her.

But even with this new race of super-beings taking their place a step above the masses, Gwen would always be the ultimate being: the culmination of unimaginable power and indescribable beauty, resulting in the unquestionable goddess of all existence...

The One.


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