Absorbing the Spotlight


Tags: Absorption, Shapeshifting, Transformations, Invulnerability, Magic duel, All female, Attribute theft, Bad girl


I wanted to go into the city today for some fun, hopefully score some chicks, if you know what I mean. :)  Name is Jacinta by the way, currently I have been hanging around planet Oskar these days. Around one billion population of humanoid types at this point in time, with complex cities and civilised people. I love being the one with what they call powers in this world, I feel so special and powerful; so of course the spotlight always gravitates towards me. :) My home planet Medusa was so boring, what I could do was restricted so much that there was no point in living there. So I just scattered one day and I never looked back; three months past and here I am, I have my own flat in the capital of Orian; how I bought it was quite funny, I have never worked a day in my life; I just made a trunk full of cash appear in their car, it was as simple as that. 




Remember what I said about being special, it's not all hot air; hope this wont alarm you. Smirking, I snapped my fingers twice and my hair swirled into a vortex and morphed into a symmetrical wave hairstyle, I thought of browny blonde streaks, looking at my wavy bangs and my hair colour followed. My dress appeared over my skin and replaced my old one. A black tank top flaunted my perky DD boobs with a nice pink push up bra clearly visible through my cleavage in the top. Latex leggings appeared that reflected brilliantly into my eyes as sun shined on them. Shiny black stilettos with a green coloured sole formed, I went as high as they can go according to the magazine specs I researched before. I made a square signal with my fingers and a mirror formed perfectly in front of me, reacting to my eyes as I checked out my body head to toe. I really liked how I looked, hottest girl on the planet?


I pointed towards the city from my flat, my body scattered then appeared inside the busy city on the footpath. A woman collided with me as I appeared in front of her. She wore a tight business suit that showed off her extremely long legs, her black high heels had some of the credit for that. "Cute legs by the way." I grimaced, a little sour that they were longer than mine.  I pointed my index finger out in her direction, "Thank..." she paused as she felt control leaving her. Her body turned to liquid and sucked inside my finger in a heartbeat. I grew an two inches of height in an instant and my boobs swelled ever so slightly. "Not bad at all" I smiled, as I looked down at my legs and posed a little in my shiny latex leggings. 


Walking through the market I noticed a girl staring me down in the corner of my eye as she leaned on the wall, with boobs the same size as mine it looked like. I felt a little threatened by her. I need to be the hottest, without a doubt with the biggest boobs in the room. It is just a must!

I scattered then appeared in front of her. "Sorry, I forgot how to walk. So what is your problem?" I smiled. Her eye brows were quite high, so weird.. "I -ah- ah I-" She stammered. "Ok then.. I have just the thing!" I giggled and placed my finger on her plump lips, transferring her cute lips to mine. I made a kiss with my mouth feeling my new plumper lips. "hee hee, lovely I love the feeling!" I bounced at the knees.  I reached in and kissed her on the little lips she had left, sucking her beautiful bronze tan from her skin. My body rippled and my skin colour became darker. "Much better, thanks! Just one more thing." I giggled. I squished my boobs on hers. "Nice boobs, not as good as mine though" I winked. I squished a little harder and her boobs began to deflate and sag, while mine were growing *glug!* and growing *glug!*. My boobs were spilling out of my tank top and bra, about the size of E now. "Poor girl!" I flaunted my new boobs in front of her, squishing my boobs together with my arms. While her top would no longer fit her, she had cute tiny mosquito bites boobs. "At least you wont need a bra anymore haha" I giggled and walked away as she cried. Walking away with some distance between us, I snapped my fingers and the flat woman turned into dirt. "whoops!" I chuckled.


Needing a new top I cupped my hands underneath my boobs and pressed up on them, my tank top push up bra scattered away bouncing my boobs as they were like bowling balls falling. A new tank top and bra formed that fit perfectly for my new size. I jumped up a little and my boobs made a awesome jiggle that lasted a few seconds, that brought a big smile to my face. 


A thought came to my mind about going to the pool. In a instant I was at the pool, inside the locker room. The building from what I remember was huge, housed three different championship sized swimming pools with locker rooms for each one. Even had a restaurant and a huge gym if people desired. The outside walls were made purely from glass and the sun shined in brilliantly, reflecting from the water. 


I needed something more fitting for the pool. I tossed my hands downwards towards my feet and a revealing two piece fluorescent green bikini that had a little glow to it like they were made of energy morphed on me. Open toed fluorescent green stilettos replaced my old ones that were of course super high, they made my legs look like gold. I knew I was going to absorb all the attention and the girls as well hehe.

As I was clacking away on the tiles to leave to the pool. "Cute change, I like it a lot." A woman giggled, in a cute unique accent.( I think they call it Korean) I didn't notice her her at all, though she looked amazing. A super cute Asian face, with vibrant red lipstick that was extremely kissable. She wore a small low cut red tank top with a white T-shirt underneath, showing no cleavage but really showed off the roundness of her perky DD boobs and her cute bare midriff. Tight blue skinny jeans she rocked, flaunting her long legs and her curvy frame. Her red high heeled sandals were so revealing and very unique with the way the straps weaved around her feet. I might take that pair for me as well hehe. She smiled towards me with such confidence. I had to have her, she was too good to pass up.

I scattered and appeared directly in front of her, she still had the biggest grin on her face. I pressed my boobs on hers. "You're too easy, I hope you enjoy your new form." I winked. A few seconds passed and nothing changed. I pressed a little harder and nothing changed. "WHAT?! Why isn't this working?" I confusingly thought. She grinned at me. "Trying to take my boobs?" 

"Yeah? They would look so much better on me though!" I sneered, feeling a little shaken. She kept flaunting her boobs like she had the best pair, by shifting her boobs size and shape every couple of seconds. "Jealous are we? I love the jealous types they are so cute!" She giggled. 

I had enough of her; I pointed finger towards her exploding her into a million pieces around me. "What was that? You're nothing." I grinned, flaunting my green nailed index finger in a upright position as green energy gushed out. 

All the million pieces reformed in a instant back to herself. "So you want to play like that ha, you can't win. Jihyo is my name, I felt like mentioning as you won't forget me after we are done." She winked, while smiling at the same time. 
Jihyo snapped her fingers and instantly I scattered and reformed inside the sun closest to Oskar, I felt my body burning away inside of it, until I was nothing but energy. The sun wasn't strong enough to defeat me, though the heat felt weird on me. I reformed back inside the locker room back to where she was. Everything around us melted and burned to the ground from the sheer heat of the sun drenched on top of my energy. "Aww, you came back with a tan hehe. Hope you had fun!" Jihyo giggled, wiggling her finger around causing red energy to circle it. "You sure made a mess. Nothing I can't cleanup though." She giggled, looking around the place.

Speaking about cleaning up... I held my pointer finger towards her and made a motion downwards, instantly she cut in half and flopped to the ground on each side. With each of my hands I scrunched both sides of her into a liquidy red ball. I forced both balls in the air at the wall beside me and splattered her all over the wall; I grinned and held the palm of my right hand towards her, forcing a beam of heat more powerful than the sun localised towards her only. She melted and everything in my path to literally nothing but ashes flying around in the air. "I think you're done." I smirked. 

A tornado formed inside what was left of the locker room and dissipated, she emerged back again. "That was kind of fun, quite a powerful beam you had there."  She smiled, seeming unscathed from my attack.
"Why don't I take something from the heart for you." She wiggled her index upwards with a big grin on her face. At first I felt my body rising but then I looked down my boobs detached from my chest and formed into a singular green energy ball, coasting directly to her feet. My bikini sagged and my boobs were non-existent, so humiliating for me I covered up my chest with my hands. "Aww, cute boobs, at least you have your legs..For now" She winked and I shrunk to five feet tall while her legs extended and slimmed up. She flaunted her new legs in front of me, while she towered over me. Her aura took the shine and height off my high heels and transferred over to hers, making her red high heeled sandals super glossy and super high. "You're so cute now, maybe you could be nice to me and I might let you be my pet." She grinned. 

She was really starting to tick me off, she thinks she is all that. I scattered and reformed, looking down at my body and everything was back to my normal proportions. I smirked, looking at her. She was a little surprised that I could reform my body anyway I wanted. "Cute! Why do you need to absorb when you can do that anyway?" Jihyo questioned. 
"It feels so good to do it, that is why. Its going to be so so fun absorbing you as well." I winked. Gave me goosebumps thinking about having her energy with mine.

"I almost forgot!" She smiled, placing one of her heels on the green energy ball which were my boobs from before. I pointed my finger towards her. Feeling a tap on my shoulder by another woman, my body froze instantly and cancelled my spell. I couldn't move my body at all but I could see and hear perfectly fine. 
"Cool trick right? I can be in any place I want." Jihyo's copy giggled behind me. Jihyo's copy flew back into her real self. She put her hands on her hips and looked down at the me, she pressed down on the energy ball with her sandals. She is such a god damn bitch... "That is quite a few girls you absorbed, maybe I should do the same with you. I could surely put your magic to use." She gushed. Though she is making a mistake, taking me lightly. She lifted the energy ball up into air with her finger, making subtle movements with her finger up to chest height. She walked over in front of my face. "I want you to see! hehe." She giggled, so obvious she liked to see me suffer. The energy ball flew in between her boobs and disappeared inside. She grinned, feeling me inside her. Her boobs pulsed and expanded like a balloon filling up with air. By the end of it she was at least a G size now. She bounced up and down on the spot, jiggling her boobs all over the place in front of me. She had confidence and the looks, hmm!

"Freedom" I soothingly giggled, nothing can hold me down. Before she noticed I quickly made a "L" shape with my right hand, my green energy quickly enveloped her. Her usual bubbly personality was brought to a frown. "The 'L' is for Loser by the way haha." I smirked.
Quickly I closed my eyes, imagining a green push up bra with a really cute heart pattern indented through it; her body shifted to the bra in a instant and plopped to the ground inanimate. "Thanks girly, I love how you turned out" I winked. I picked her up as the bra and stretched her a bit with my hands for a bit of fun. I blew a bit with my mouth on the bra, encasing her into a little ice sphere. I made the sphere hover in the air and following me like a dog as I strutted around in a circle. "You definitely aren't hot anymore, I think you're coming off as a bit cold now." I giggled, sucking on my magic finger like a lollipop. It tasted like apples, so yummy! I pull my finger out, it was glowing vibrantly green; eager to play with her. Tapping her right on the top of the sphere with my finger, the ice and bra shattered into thousands of pieces. "Who is going to put you back together?" I smirked, looking around at all the pieces of her scattered around me. Walking on top of her, I cracked more of her into smaller bits as I giggled, moving from piece to piece of her.

In a flash all the pieces of her rejoined and poof, she was back to herself. Without delay she began swirling her finger directed towards me with a determined look on her face, I think I struck a nerve hehe. She began to squiggle with her fingers into a circular shape. I felt my body weirdly losing its integrity like liquid. Eventually splashing into a green coloured sphere, she hovered me over to her lap. "So many uses out of this shape, hmmm..." She bounced up and down like a little girl, jiggling her assets. Moving her hands around me like she was scrying a orb of hers I felt my body become rubber and inflatable, a tint of orange came flushed over me as well. I knew for sure I was some kind of sports ball, made me feel bloated. She held me in her hands and walked into a open spot "On Earth we like to play a game called basketball." She grinned, holding me up to her face with her hands both attached to me. Hovering the ball upwards, she balanced me on top of her red nailed index finger and spun me around on the spot on top of her finger. "Pretty cool, huh?" She smirked.

"No, just dizzy..." I sighed, a little woozy from spinning so much.

"This should help" She giggled. 
She began to bounce myself into the ground with her right hand catching each time she did. "You have a good bit of bounce in you girl." She giggled and dribbled me around the place. Until she pushed me up in the air with her hands, I flew about twenty metres and a metal ring appeared out of thin air in the direction I was travelling. I thought this was her game to get me through that ring as it was suitable dimensions. I nudged myself a little to the left, missing the ring completely. I bounced away with a little bit of control, that made me at least a little happy inside making her miss. "Ha, you suck!" I laughed, my voice coming out a little muffled from inside the ball.

Appearing directly in front of me, she had a crooked smile on her face. "I can miss from time to time can't I?" She smiled and kicked me. I bounced up from the wall. "Especially when a so called girl rigs the game..." She smirked and I flew up into her right hand. Swirling her other handed index finger around in circles at me, red energy gushed and enveloped me. I began to sag in her hand. "What's happening? OH NO!" She chuckled sarcastically. Myself drooping from her fingers into a green liquid form,  I pooled around her heels like mud. "Love your energy by the way, you'll be red soon though." She winked. Bending over towards me with her hands reaching into my liquid essence, she soaked her fingers fingers inside me. I started to giggle, it felt like she was tickling me. Raising her hands from inside me, she imprinted a part of me on her nails. Wiggling her fingers in front of me, caused my fluorescent green energy to gush out of them. "Cute! Green actually looks fun, a cute little green party dress should do." She winked, looking down at her outfit. She swiped her index finger to the side. A revealing green swing dress wiped onto her body, which had a super flared skirt and her boobs were super pushed up from inspection. With her hands on her hips, she plunged her red high heeled sandals in my essence. "I likey likey!" She giggled, bursting into flames around her then shortly after to steam from flames. 

"Does the air feel a little weird to you at the moment?" She questioned, looking down at me. 
"Nothing weird at all.. It's actually quite normal" I smirked, quivering out of my liquidy body.
I began to suck on the her heels as they were trampled directly on top of me. My liquidy essence began to glow and her face worried. "What are you doing?!" She gulped. I continued to suck more and she started to shrink; feeling her red energy being absorbed in mine felt so good, she was so powerful but not anymore. ;) She threw her finger out towards me to counter me but nothing came out because she still had my essence still on her fingernails. I swirled my body out of my liquidy essence, she stood about my waist in height. I towered over completely. "Aww, aren't you the cutest!" I giggled, she was so small and cuddly. Showing a frown on her face. She pointed towards me again but nothing. "Cutie" I smiled. She kept getting smaller and smaller as my essence on her nails kept absorbing and absorbing; she was about the size of an ant by the time I was finished with her. "It is not everyday you meet someone in another planet, being able to do what I could do. I certainly was tested in ways I didn't expect, though it was so easy in the end hehe." :) I proudly smiled. The green essence from her nails left her and flew directly to mine. Giving them a extra sparkly glow; I showed them off towards her, they looked so pretty. "ugh!" She sobbed.

Jihyo resized back to my height, she looked a little woozy. "Give me back my magic!" She yelled, angry with me. I smirked. "It's not your magic anymore girly and beside who said you could step up with the big girls?" Twitching my nose a little, a little twinkle sound echoed through to my ears; instantly she shrunk all the way back down to an ant size. I stepped on her with the bottom of my shiny green heel in her small size, squishing her around into her energised red form. "haha, you're so weak." I laughed. She reemerged her energy and formed back to her body, though still small. Pointing her finger out in her small state, tiny red energised beam shot straight out going for my head; quickly moving my head, I positioned the middle of my tongue in the place it would land; absorbing her beam entirely on my tongue, she stopped most likely because I was adding it to my own power hehe; snapping my fingers she scattered into thin air. "Poof! You're gone; no comebacks this time sweetie." I winked, placing my hands on my hips. I was done at this place, in such a mess after our little play together. I scattered and reformed back at my flat. Scattering and reforming my body into a blue vertically striped frilly bikini top and miniskirt that matched perfectly; I love the way the top shows off my perky boobs. Morphing like liquid on my head, my hair colour and style reformed to a cute straight blonde haired bob; its a personal favourite of mine, so I know I look great. :) I looked down at my feet and a pair of shiny high heeled sandals appeared and moulded to my feet perfectly; identical to what Jihyo wore earlier, though in the colour blue to match the rest of my outfit; I love the way they make my legs and feet look, they are so pretty hehe. I opened my mouth with my tongue sticking out, checking out my new tongue piercing made out red energy in the mirror. Do you like?




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