Is a bella...

Tags: Tiny bit of Absorption, Invulnerability, Lots of Reality Warping / Materialisation, Shapeshifting.

Checking myself out in the mirror before I go out: Blondish brown hair in a little bun behind me, natural by the way and proud. My dress was backless and sleeveless with it coloured cream with no cleavage but showing off the roundness of my ample natural boobies. Playing around with my boobs; I went up to DD size "Too big." my boobs shrunk to A. "No, too small." my boobs expanded to C size "Much better, though I would like them to be a bit more perky." My boobs pushed up and jiggled a little bit. "Cute" I felt them with my hands, very jubbly for their size. A heavily pleated cream flared skirt to go with it, which is my favourite type, makes my bum look awesome with the skirt flaring out like that. Elegant cream high heeled blocky sandals with double ankle straps which I designed myself; I love these shoes so much they are incorporated in most of my outfits. Splitting a image of my body, I stepped out from within myself and stood in a pose out in front. I asked my clone "What do you think?" 


She winked. "Ten out of ten, though maybe you should try this dress for thought." My clones dress twisted, distorted and reformed into a one strapped version of my dress with a super cute neck collar which I thought was neat. She really knows what I like hehe.

"Thanks, that is really really pretty!" I smiled, and giggled a little as my clone posed. I pointed my finger towards her absorbing her back into me. *Poof!* My dressed reformed instantly to my clones choice, which I loved. I felt a little whisper inside me. "no problem."

"See you Mom, going into the city!" I shouted, as I opened the windscreen door and walked outside to the porch. 

My mom heard me loud and clear, "Why are you using the door Bella? Just think where you want to go for Christ sake." Mom raised her voice.

With my hands on my hips, facing my mom, I could see her clearly through the walls. "I feel like walking today, don't worry about me." 

My mother faced me through the wall as well, I could feel her looking into me. "I know, but the city is a ten hour walk and you won't be getting very far in that pretty cream dress and heels missy." 

I smiled with my hand on my chin thinking. "How much you bet on that?"

"I bet you get half a mile down the road and you zip down to the city." Mom giggled, while shaking her head.

"WRONG!" I walked down the stairs and then disappeared and reappeared in the city park instantly with a smile on my face. 

"Told you." I muttered to myself, smiling.

I began to walk through the park, clacking my heels naturally on the pavement beneath me. It was a beautiful day, sun was fully out with not a cloud in sight, the beautifully calm breeze complimented the heat perfectly while I could hear the birds were chirping so cutely in their tree tops.

Perfect time to try out some experiments I felt. Looking at the leaves blowing past me, I boop'd one of leaves with my finger and instantly became it. The wind blew me around the park as the leaf in a distinctive sparkly blue wrapper., giving me a great view of some of the city which was amazing to watch. Veering then on to the road, getting ran over multiple times by heavy vehicles and then getting flung on to the sidewalk where I began getting stomped on by pedestrians. Finally the wind took me to the gutter, floating on the water getting washed downstream until I hit the storm water drain grate and decided that I don't want to go there, ew! I floated myself elegantly to the sidewalk and poof'd back into my human shape. "That was fun!" I smiled, gulping a deep breath of air back in body.

A car rolled in behind me and revved the engine, startling me a little. "Lamborghini" was written on the badge on the front end, with a golden bull as the icon for it. The car looked amazing, so modern I had never of seen this make before. 
Brought back memories of watching Micheal Schumacher of Ferrari in the Formula One Grand Prix, he is such hero of mine and I wish him all the best with his recovery; I dreamed of racing as a kid, though I am going down another path these days but that will always be there to look back on.

"You know what? fuck it!" 
I pull my finger out towards the empty spot in front of the Lamborghini and began to shade in elegantly Schumacher's Ferrari Grand Prix race car perfectly into the empty space with no outlines with my finger. The car appeared in immaculate condition, still with the old sponsors like Marlboro, Vodafone and Shell perfectly printed on the body in glossy red form. I walked over to the side of the car felt the body work, "Blue" smiling as sparkles erupted from my mouth, the red on the body faded quickly to a sparkly blue color with tiny white particles printed throughout.
 There were a flock of people around my car off the street who were captivated by it. "The sound is important to you know" I grinned, looking towards the small crowd of people. With a cock of my wrist in a backwards motion through the air, the V10 engine screamed loudly throughout the street as I revved it up; peaking the attention of everyone in the area, I smiled.
Looking at the front seat, I appeared inside it in a heart beat. I heard gasps from the crowd as they realised that was unreal how I moved. "You aren't crazy" I waved out towards them and took off with pace, revving my engine to full each gear as I left, so people could hear the roar; I weaved throughout the traffic with grace like I was playing a video game. Not feeling like slowing down so I just ghosted through buildings, joining onto the road of other side of the building. Zooming past a police patrol at about two hundred and fifty kilometres per hour, they turned their lights on and chased after me. I thought I may as well pull over for a bit of fun even though no one could catch me. I parked over to the side of the road, letting them catch up. I could hear the siren and reflection of the lights as they closed in on me sitting stationary. They quickly hopped out of their police car as they reached me pointing their guns at me with a strong intent; a woman officer closed in on my car cautiously, they seriously thought I was a threat. The officer yelled at me as she pulled up to my side door "TAKE THE KEYS OUT OF THE IGNITION!" 
I couldn't follow if I wanted to because there are no keys, "What? there are no keys for this baby though." I revved the engine a little to stir her up. "STOP DOING THAT NOW AND GET OUT OF THE CAR!" The police woman yelled again pointing the gun even closer at me with intensity.
I replied, giggling with my hands up in the air. "Ease up hotshot, I don't want to get shot!"
"GET OUT NOW!! THIS IS THE LAST TIME!!!" She demanded for the third time, I could tell she was on the verge.
"Nahhh!" I replied. I reached down into my skirt in a sudden movement and pulled out a handgun, though made from my actual hand; I acted like I was drawing a magnum in the wild west. She fired on that exact second.

Though the bullets didn't fire through like she thought they would, it was multi flavoured gummy bears that released from the chamber of her 9mm type Pistol. The look of astonishment on her face as she noticed her gun was shooting a bucket load amount of gummy bears was simply priceless. "Thanks, I kind of felt like some of these!" I picked some of them up around my lap and gobbled them down in front of her. "Yummy!" 
"Anyway officer I got to cruise!" I revved the engine, waving with my right hand and poof'd into thin air. 

Appearing in out the front of our driveway, I pressed down the accelerator and turned, I broke wheel traction and began doing doughnuts out the front, the roaring of the engine could be heard for miles. It was so much fun driving this car and looking at all the smoke clouding all around me. 

"Isabella!" I felt my mom communicating to me but I wasn't sure because of the noise, so I kept doing doughnut after doughnut in the street as well as dragging to the end of the road and back.

The street we lived on had no one living on it except for us but people for sure could hear me on the next one down. Though this didn't bother me.

Through the smoke, I could see my mom faintly out on the porch. Next second I know, my car and I was the size of a coin. My Mom suddenly appeared towering over me with a little smirk on her face, with her heels inches away from me. Noticing her outfit, a black sheath dress with a pink and blue floral pattern printed all over it. She wore it with such grace; it's such a confident dress to wear as its very tight so you see all the curves and she definitely has all that. Right beside me at her feet, matte black platform heels with a very thin spike, they are a lovely looking pair; I hoped she didn't want to step on me with them.

She looked stunning for someone so old, in normal ages her skin looked around forty, though her hair was of a young super model, long and wavy blonde bob style that had a natural glow to it. Thinking back, she never told me her age but she had to of been around for longer than forty years; I remember her telling me about old war stories over a century ago.

"Stop looking at my outfit and listen up!" Mom snapped her fingers to get my attention. 

"Isabella I have told you before not to make a scene at our home, especially after what you did earlier in the city with this exact same car; yes, I was watching..." Mom sighed, disappointed with me.

I had to say something, "I am sorry Mom." I frowned. I felt something was different about this screw up.

Mom floated me up to her hand, snapping her fingers and my car scattered away. "Now don't do anything stupid, dinner at six." Mom winked, flicking me off her hand; She scattered and reformed me on top of my bed back to my normal size.

I was thinking maybe for the best I could move out and get my own place; I wanted to do what I want, money isn't a problem at all but I thought I would miss my mom; although I could always visit her frequently. Los Angeles seemed like a cool place for a girl like me to call home. It's only a finger snap away which is easy, no real concentration required. I didn't want to live on another planet. I relate the most to humans, I love how they dress and act. Its actually more carefree than other places I have been, what I can do here is viewed as impossible so its easy to sweep under the radar; it makes me feel so special when I pull off something that people don't expect. We moved here since I was conceived from a planet called Medusa, which is a hell hole like you have never seen before. Some people talk about fascism here in this day and age like its really at a extreme, over there you get locked up for life for stepping out of line once for a little prank. I could never live there, I would be walking on eggshells and that is no way to live; breaking the rules is actually so fun, maybe because it was suppressed so much inside me as a baby that it screams into my subconsciousness; Though not all rules must be broken, I am not a monster. 

I heard sirens from police cars closing in on our house. My mom formed in front of me, "Take responsibility for your actions or you're outside and I mean it!" She exclaimed. I knew she was serious, I slumped my head downwards and thought for a bit. "It is the only way you will learn, I know you aren't a bad girl but you are attracting too much attention and this is my way of getting this through to you." She explained, I know she had a point. "Ok, I will do it." I soothed.

The police cars stacked up on our driveway. Mom walked me to the front outside door, She began to unlock the door with a little bit of delay as she has never used the locking mechanism on the door before. I walked through the door and met with a woman police officer who greeted me. "We heard reports of a sports car, we have been investigating from earlier today. Do you have any information?" The police woman asked. I gulped and hesitantly said "That was me, that was me earlier too in the city." There was a bit of delay and the woman shined her flashlight in my face to get a good look at me in the night. "Right and the vehicle?" She replied, she had a very neutral look on her face. "It is in the garage" I answered, facing the garage. Raising my hand to my right earlobe, I wiggled it. "Lets see." She asked. We walked over to the garage, I could sense she was checking me out as we walked, so flirty on the job I thought; though my heels are abnormally loud on as they clacked on the concrete below me, so the extra attention should be expected. The police woman tried to open the garage door, though it was locked. "Need the keys" She frowned. "Oh I got this." I just bent over and opened the door, I noticed dirt covering my hands which was icky. The police woman's expression changed when she saw the F1 car in the garage. She pulled up her pistol, "You're under arrest, you have the right to remain silent. Anything you say may be used against you in a court of law. You have the right to an attorney. If you cannot afford an attorney, one will be provided for you." She declared. It shook me that I was going to jail. She tried to grab my hands and pull them into each other to hand cuff me; But she couldn't restrain me. "You're resisting arrest!" She yelled. I snapped out of my thinking state. "No I am not!" I put both my hands out in front of me so she could cuff me. She walked me to the backseat of the police car and I sat myself down inside of it; the door shut, leaving me. 

Another woman jumped in driver seat and we drove away from my house. "Where are we going?" I asked the woman driver. She looked at me through the rear view mirror. "I have been instructed to hand you over at the airport." She replied, moving her eyes back onto the road. "Airport, why?" I was confused. "Just what I have been instructed to do." She replied. "Shouldn't I be going to jail?" I questioned. "Was what you did actually real?" She replied without answering my question. "What was real?" I sighed. "Well we have it on video from different sources, of your exact description, flying through buildings, disappearing and reappearing in places." She replied, looking back up into the rear view mirror. "Of course not!" I giggled, appearing into the front passenger seat with a smirk on my face. The woman driver panic'd and veered over to the left hitting a tree at sixty kilometres per hour. I felt the metal crumpled up against my body, it mangled as it hit me. No airbag went off on my side but hers did. "WHAT THE FUCK!?" She yelled. "Its OK!" I assured.

I twitched my nose, time rewound swiftly just before I moved to the front seat. "Don't freak out! It's real alright?" I assured, zipping to the front seat, I smirked, looking into her eyes. "WHAT!? It's real?" She stammered, slowing the car down and pulling over to the side of the road. She had her head in between her arms, coming to terms with what just happened. "What else can you do?" She asked, head rising from her arms. 
"hmm..." I thought, looking at my hand cuffs. I began to suck the air with my mouth, the cuffs drifted like liquid to my mouth, until the cuffs were completely gone. I exhaled, blowing out a shiny metal toy horse from the metal I absorbed. "heehee, so cute!" I giggled, floating the toy over to the police woman's lap. "That is so cool!" She smiled intriguingly.

I focused on the windscreen imprinting on the glass as a small sticker version of myself. Walking along inside the glass, my heels still clacked loudly by surprise. I resized the sticker so I was as big as the whole windscreen. Winking, I resized back to my small size. focusing on the materials inside the glass, the glass began to sag. I popped out on top of the windscreen, it was like rubber underneath me; I began jumping up and down on it like it was a trampoline. "Weeee!" I bounced upwards to twenty metres and came crashing down on the vehicle, just before I landed I wiggled my nose; the car absorbed my blow as it was now a soft inflatable cushion. "You got a killer car officer!" I grinned, strutting over to her car window, I forced the window down with my eyes. "heehee" I giggled, noticing her face was frowning. "What am I going to do with you?" She sighed. "Just tell them I escaped, it is OK!" I comforted, she could lose her job if she actually let me go. "You sure?" She soothed. "I say what I mean, alright?" I assured, snapping my fingers restoring her car the way it was but with the door mechanism at the back broken; making it looked like I had escaped. 

"I'll catch you, you're one of the good ones!" I smiled, hugging her. "Thanks you too." She smiled back and hugged me.

"Bella, don't come back here what ever you do. I am proud of you by the way." Mom telepathed to me.
"Everything alright?" I replied back to her telepathically.
"Yeah, just cops everywhere, you know." She chuckled briefly.

I thought this was a good time explore a new place to live, I don't think I could ever live back to this state with what happened. Snapping my fingers, I scattered and reformed in Los Angeles, on the beach side. First thing I noticed was the lovely breeze, so perfect. I walked through the beach walk way, it was so busy. I guess I should of expected it on a Friday night at 7pm. I was getting a bit of attention walking around even though there were so many pretty girls around as well; it was quite overwhelming but I welcomed it. 

There was a bar that took my attention, I felt a strange aura about it. The Venice Whaler Bar and Grill was the name; walking right in, was such a beautiful building; tons of vibrant slot machines, the view was simply breathtaking out to the open sea; not to mention it was packed with people who came here just for dinner it seemed. I took a seat down right at the bar taps, crossing my legs to the side to show off my legs. The barmaid asked "What can I get you?" I wasn't so sure, I don't drink very often. "I'll have a Jack and coke thanks." I replied. While I was waiting, a group of girls were playing beer pong; I watched as this woman stood up for her turn, She was wearing a revealing shiny black latex bikini, her body was simply amazing but especially her giant boobs; so hot I could feel my cheeks getting a little rosey. Strangely I felt something odd about her but in a good way. Our eyes locked for a second, I quickly looked away to not look like I was staring; because I didn't want to come off as creepy. 

"Jack and coke, here you go." The barmaid handed me my drink. Tugging on my ear a twenty dollar bill appeared on the table. "Keep the change." I replied, turning my head back to the bikini girl. The bikini girl yelled "WATCH THIS!" She was eager to show off what ever she was going to do. She turned away from the beer cup and threw the ping pong ball at the wall, it bounced around the room at such pace; hitting walls, glasses, chairs, the TV, even people then perfectly landed eventually in the beer cup. Everybody clapped, I just smiled; it was a impressive show. 

Our eyes locked, I looked away again. A few seconds passed and she just appeared on the seat next to me out of nowhere. "So what is a girl like you doing here?" The bikini girl whispered in my in my ear, smiling while she spoke.  She gave me chills the way she whispered. "You know, just travelling." I smiled. "Bella, stay away from her. She is--" Mom telepathed to me, but was cut short. "Don't listen listen to her Bell Bell" The bikini girl smirked in a cute baby voice, reaching in for a kiss on the lips; She locked lips with me. "Name is Brittany by the way." She smiled, coming across confidently. 


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