Shizurin the Yandere

Thanks to Akane and anonymous-69 for beta reading.


Having heard countless raving reviews about the place, you step into the maid cafe. You're greeted by the most beautiful girl you've ever seen. That's no hyperbole--you've literally never seen a woman at all like this one before. She epitomizes and redefines Japanese femininity, such that the yamato nadeshiko archetype is simply an inadequate comparison. A customized crimson and gold kimono hugs her succulent, voluptuous body. Your mind finds itself confused. This woman is so mature, so ineffably wise, so impossibly beautiful... and yet has the proportions--bust and hips notwithstanding--of a petite high school student.

"Hi there!" she chirps, striking a distinctive pose: one hand on her astonishingly wide hips, the other thrust out at you in a V sign, with her tongue out and a wink.

"Welcome to Nagusa! I'm Shizurin~!"

She pauses, lowering her arm.

"...but I guess you knew that, huh? Force of habit, I guess~!"

She giggles and taps her head with her knuckles. You figure the only way she could know that is because she read your mind. Indeed, you're quite familiar the omnipotent maid, maid cafe owner, fashion model, omnidisciplinary scientist, businesswoman, cosplayer, chef, and even Empress of Japan. Your peers have claimed it borders on obsession, but you insist it's nothing as unhealthy as that.

Really, who could blame you? This woman, this adorable woman, this impossible fantasy before you effectively took over the country. That would sound completely unbelievable to the uninformed, but it was the truth.

And right now, you were actually standing right in front of her.

"Anyway, what would you like?"

It takes a moment for your body to react. You meeting Shizuka Hirose herself hasn't fully sunk in yet. You crouch down a little, move towards her ear, and whisper your request to her.

"Hm, I see. I dunno... we don't typically provide that kind of service here, not to mention that I've never really acted like that before...."

She must have somehow perceived the desperation you were trying to hide, as her answer quickly changed.

"Oh, why not? You're a cutie pie, so I'll make an exception for you~♥"

A literal heart floats over her head, punctuating her sentence adorably.

"Depending on how this goes, I may make this a regular thing here! Okay, here goes~!"

She takes a moment to collect herself. She takes a deep breath... and then changes completely.

"I'm so glad we met. I don't know what I'd do with myself without you! I mean, what good is absolute power with no one to share it with?"

"There's no joy in wielding this kind of power alone. I've been alone for so long.... I've never really had anyone to cling to... no one to rely on.

"Until you came along, that is. When I first saw you, I felt... so indescribably good. Better than even the raw, uncontrollable, and unbound power of universal creation itself converted into pure erotic energy, allowing me to experience the sensation of giving hyper-orgasmic birth to the universe itself.

"Let me tell you, feeling that kind of power completely saturating your nervous system, stimulating every cell in your body--your very soul, even... it changes you. ...Well, if it doesn't completely and utterly annihilate you first! Ahahaha~!

"Of course, I would never let that happen to you. Your safety is my utmost concern. Besides, I would never allow anyone but me to give you pleasure. I'm the only one who truly and unconditionally loves you. And of course, you truly and unconditionally love me! Right?

"Oh, you must be at a loss for words to describe just how much you love me! Awwww! I love you too, sweetie!

"Can you believe that people tend to be afraid of me? I know--it's so silly! As long as no one tries to get in my way, there's nothing to be afraid of!"

She continues. You feel lightheaded for a moment... then you suddenly see the ceiling. Then darkness.

Your eyes slowly flutter open, to see Shizurin's concerned face over you.

"Oh man, are you okay? You look really pale.... I went too far there, didn't I. I'm so sorry!"

You gradually piece things together. You must have fainted. Shizurin's charms were just too much for you, it seems. You can't help but chuckle.

Your whole body feels weak, yet also abundantly satisfied. It's reminiscent of the afterglow from a huge orgasm. You smile weakly and shake your head a little.

"Don't be," you manage to say. "I loved it."

"...What? You...? I... wow. I'm honestly surprised. Well, given how much you enjoyed the experience, I think I'll add this service to the menu! Come to think of it, there's a lot of potential in this...."

You start to stand up. Shizurin offers her hand, which you take.

"Well then, now that that scare is over, would you like anything else?"

"No, thank you. Honestly, I think I should get home and sleep for a while."

"Of course! Since you're the first customer to receive that unique service from us, it'll be on the house! Thanks for choosing Nagusa! Travel safe! We'll be happy to serve you again next time~♥"


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