Edith the Beauty Thief


Edith the Beauty Thief

By han216


(To comply with Omni’s rules Edith is now older and is having a late puberty and was held back a couple years. Just Roll with it)

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Jim couldn't believe his luck. Receiving a magic crystal that could exchange any attributes between two people was more than he could have hoped for. All that he need do was point the crystal's point at someone then take what he wanted, and to release it touch the top. He knew what he wanted to use the crystal for the moment he found out about this crystals power, make the most beautiful girl ever. After a trip to the mall he know was in possession of the beauty of six woman trapped in the crystal, now visibly glowing with their essence.

Jim decided to head home before heading over to his girlfriend Shannon's house to make his dream come true. Jim was already to head out when he suddenly heard Edith his cute little sister. Jim suddenly got an idea. He walked in to see his sister doing her homework. Edith was very cute, but her puberty started fairly late. So she her body was still not very developed having only A-cups, and only slight curves.

"Hey bro you're not normally home at this time, I thought you'd be out with Shannon.", Edith said.

"Yeah I was about to head over there but first I wanted to give you a little present I picked up at the mall.", Jim said.

"Really that's unlike you." she thought. "What did you get me?"

Jim showed Edith the crystal.

"Wow it's beautiful." Edith said with glee.

Jim handed Edith the crystal. Jim had always thought his sister was adorable so making her a walking wet dream was an idea he really wanted to get behind. Edith took the crystal and stared at the ominous glow. Jim just had to wait for Edith to figure out how to release the sexiness.

Edith started to leave the room. "I'll be right back." she said.She came back into the room with a necklace chain. Edith then pierced the crystal and put the chain through it, turning the crystal into a Necklace. She put it around her neck, "How does it look?", she asked.

Jim was worried at first hoping she hadn't broken the crystal. His fears seemed unfounded as the crystal was still glowing. Jim decided he need to make Edith think of being sexy so she could absorb the sexiness. "It looks really sexy actually.", he said.

"Oh stop it you perv.", she said jokingly.

This didn't release the sexiness however. Because of the way Edith made her necklace the top was always being touched and the point was facing away from her. "Anyway I have homework to finish, but thanks you know this crystals really pretty."

Jim tried to think of a way he could get the crystal back, but he knew once Edith had something she wouldn't give it back, especially when he couldn't tell her, hey it's magic and I need it back. Jim decided he just had to wait and see what happens here.


"Wow I never feel this good in the morning.", Edith said as she woke up the next morning.

She slept all night with the crystal on. Edith couldn't help it she felt that it was so pretty she just couldn't bring herself to take it off. She even wore it during her morning shower. It was just suddenly her most prized position. Even though knowing Jim it was probably just some fancy plastic.

"Damned hormones.", Edith though as she sudden felt a hot flash. Puberty had made her so horny now. Though nearly 20, her puberty had only hit last year, and while it wasn't helping her chest size that much, her libido was definitely healthy.

She'd discovered the joy of masturbation at thirteen and hadn't stopped since. Due to her lack of femininity in anywhere but her face she found herself drawn evermore to her classmates curves. Telling her family she was a Lesbian was easier than she thought it would be, she was comfortable and Jim was supportive, though she did know he was a bit of a perv about it.

"I'm heading to school." she said as she went for the bus stop.

On the bus Edith couldn't help but see all the girls flaunting their curves, almost mocking her. She knew they weren't but it didn't stop her from being a little upset.

Edith arrived in first period with Mrs. Thompson. She was one of the worst offenders of her ogling as she had huge E-cups. Mrs. Thompson was always happy and seemed to love nothing more then just enjoying life. Edith did actually manage to follow much of the lesson today, but near the end Mrs. Thompson looked a little down. Edith walked up to her after class.

"Are you okay Mrs. Thompson?", Edith asked.

"Y.. Yes dear just a little drowsy all of a sudden, I'll sure I'll be okay in a minute."

It was the same way in every class with a female teacher, they all felt a little off after class.

"Some bug must be going around the school, I hope I don't catch it.", Edith thought.

For her final class of the day she got to go to gym. Edith wasn't the most athletic, but she did enjoy all of the girls in short shorts. As she began changing her shirt for a workout one her friend Tina grabbed her breasts from behind.

"Hey pretty girl the twins are looking big and lovely today.", Tina said.

Edith squealed at her, "Stop it you dumb pervert."

Tina was a Lesbian as well, while they had enjoyed each others company a few times, they both agreed they would stay friends. Edith wasn't always a fan of Tina's constant groping but today for some reason they felt unusually sensitive.

Edith tried to suppress a moan, but since Tina groped away sounded more like she said. "St..ooohh..P."

This was an everyday occurrence so no one paid any mind. Edith was the last person to leave the locker room thanks to Tina. Edith got a look at her chest in the mirror. Tina was right, considering she grabbed them all the time, Edith shouldn't have been surprised. "They definitely look bigger today."

Edith dismissed it, but was a little happy, "Maybe puberty is finally kicking in right."

- One week later

As Edith walked in school she was suddenly groped from behind. "Damn Edith your tits are bigger every time I feel them.", Tina said. "What's your secret?"

Edith was fighting back the pleasure she was feeling and was momentarily stunned. "Stop it Tina I'm... just going through a growth spurt." Edith had somehow grown a cup size in less then a week, and that wasn't all. Her hips were slightly wider, her ass bigger, the blemishes on her face gone, and her libido out of control. Edith came twice in the shower this morning and still felt like she could keep going.

"Tina", Edith whispered. "Can you help me with a little problem later."

Tina grabbing a little harder on her breasts, "Whatever the pretty girl needs."

Edith went to class with Mrs. Thompson, who had been dealing with an illness all week. Her E-cups looked deflated down to C-cups at most, and the pep in her step was mostly gone. Despite this Edith couldn't help but keep ogling her, even now she was still an attractive women.

"Whatever bugs going around the school is everywhere.", Edith said walking with Tina to the empty girls locker room. They had skipped 7th period. "All right pretty girl, How would you like it?", Tina said before immediate grabbing onto her bare tits.

"Oh, you dumb pervert, you always do that."

"Oh Edith you know I'm a boobie lover.", Tina said before suckling her tit. Edith stopped her after a couple minutes and forced herself on top of Tina.

"All right pervert it's my turn to mess with you."

They continued to rough house till the bell rang for people to move to 8th period. "Aww looks like fun's over." Edith had cum 3 times, and while she felt much better, she wanted just a little more.

"Damn it, it's like having the libido of a dozen chicks.", Edith thought before dressing out for gym. "Oh well I can just wank a little when I get home." The Crystal on her neck was glowing a bit brighter.

- Another week passes

Edith's alarm went off. It was an hour earlier then she usually would have, but she needed some time to bring her out of control libido into check or she would skip more of her classes. She didn't know why, but for some reason she felt like she had gotten perfect sleep despite staying up an extra hour to masturbate, and waking up early. She grabbed onto her over sensitive breasts, which bordered on D-cups now. Edith came 3 times before heading into the shower where she came 2 more times. "That should keep me down for most of the day, but normally I feel more drained then I am.", Edith thought. "Actually I feel like I could run a mile." Edith put on one of her mother's old bras which was beginning to feel snug, put on her panties, that felt more like a thong at this point, then put on some formally very loose fitting clothes. Edith had gained 3 inches in height as well now standing 5'6.

"Bye Mom I'm heading off to school.", Edith said grabbing her bag and fixing her glowing necklace back into its proper position.

Just as Edith walked into school everyone began staring at her. Little Edith had suddenly become a knockout over the course of a couple weeks, and one of the most beautiful girls in school. Edith ignored the stares and walked until she was suddenly grabbed from behind.

"There's my pretty girl, got enough boobies for the rest of us.", Tina said. "Sssttoooahhp.", Edith screamed slurring her words in a sexy tone. Every guy hated that Edith was a Lesbian and Tina made them more jealous by the day.

Mrs. Thompson was wearing baggy clothes, and looked fairly ill. Her energy was gone, her curves, Edith knew were disappearing. She had ogled her enough to know they were just not there anymore. "I can't even enjoy the view in class anymore", Edith thought.

The illness was hurting Edith's female teachers the most, but she didn't put two and two together. The student body's female population had begun to show some signs of the illness beyond what Edith had scene before. A few of her friends had stopped developing. A few had lost a cup size, or some fullness in their hair, some blemishes on their faces, and their skin a little more pale.

Edith's gym period had turned into a sideshow for horny teenage boys. They had been playing volleyball this week and they came far and wide to watch her chest bounce up and down, her ass as it stuck out waiting for the set, and if the boy was lucky, hear her voice as she asked for the ball when she recovered it from a bad shot. Edith had done a little better then normal, but what really stuck out to her was she wasn't even winded at the end of class.

"You want to fool around a bit.", Tina asked.

"Sorry I got to go, my brother is picking me up today.", Edith replied. As she did she felt a pinch on her ass. "Hey"

"Sorry", Tina said giggling, "its so big and sexy it drew me in."

Edith saw her brother's car and walked to it.

"Holy shit", Jim thought. "The crystal is definitely working, but damn." He hadn't actually gotten to see her for several days as he spent some time with Shannon on a mini vacation for her birthday.

"Thanks Jim." Edith said as she opened the door and sat down. Jim got a good look at her chest, also and more importantly the crystal. "It's even brighter than before, that must mean..."

"Hey Edith what are you doing this weekend.", Jim asked.

"I don't have anything planned really, why?", Edith said.

"We haven't hung out in awhile, and I thought we could spend some time together.", Jim replied.

Edith thought about it for a second, "Sure why not", she said.


The next day Jim woke Edith up. "Edith get up.", he said.

Edith had barely felt like she slept at all her sleep was so peaceful. She'd left her alarm off as it was the weekend. As she started to stir she realized real fast, that while her sleep was peaceful her libido was anything but. "I'll be out there soon, I need to get a shower.", She said.

Edith's underwear and bottoms were soaked through. "Thank God he didn't see.", She thought as she headed for the bathroom. "I guess not getting up early to deal with this wasn't the right call as far as these panties were concerned." Edith spent the next hour trying to get off as much as possible to ease the aching in between her legs."

"Come on Edith!", Jim said knocking on the door. Edith's knees buckled as she climaxed for the 6th time. "Ooh... Oh just a minute.", Edith said as she hastily cleaned herself. "Uh Jim, where are we going to anyway.", She asked rapping herself in a towel.

"I was thinking the Beach.", Jim said smiling behind the door.

Edith was sitting in the passenger's seat. "Don't you want to you know, show off your body a little bit.", Jim asked. Glancing over at Edith. Look just because the only swimsuit that could barely fit was mom's old bikini does not mean I'm going to show it off." Edith replied thinking about how pervy her brother can be sometimes. Edith was wearing a white t-shirt over the bikini top to cover herself if only up top.

Edith and Jim had had lots of fun times at the beach in the past, which is why Edith went in the first place. Edith decided she wanted to just lay down and get some sun for awhile. She had a towel underneath her as she was laying there about a dozen feet from the water. Her skin as of late didn't actually need the sun, as her skin had strangely developed a tan shade over the past couple weeks. Jim didn't mind as he was just staring at his sister from a far. "She's so fucking sexy right now it's ridicules.", Jim thought.

Jim took notice of the crystal which Edith still refused to take off. It glowed as strong as it ever had up to this point. Jim also noticed as women past in front of Edith the crystal's glow would suddenly pulsate slightly, meaning his plan to ogle her and get more sexiness was likely succeeding.

Jim realized that now was his chance.


"Hey Edith there's a party going on, on the other side of the beach, you want to go.", Jim asked.

They walked down over to the party. Music was playing, there was food, people dancing, everything. "Jim how did you know about this?", Edith asked.

"Oh a friend of mine mentioned a college party to me, and this was it.", Jim said as he paid for their entry. All over men stared at Edith as she made her way through the party. Edith danced with some people, ate, and talked with several people. She never brought up that she was still in high school to anyone as she thought that would make people disinterested in talking to her. When the college age boys did ask her out though, she just told them that she was a lesbian. One guy tried to call her out and say she wasn't, but Edith just grabbed a nearby girl and kissed her. As the girl got a look at Edith she didn't fight back. Edith just laughed at the dumbstruck boy, trying to hide their erections as they got a look at her. Her bikini bottoms were tight giving everyone a good look at her ass, which Edith was a lot more comfortable showing off. Even before her puberty kicked into overdrive she thought she had a cute butt, it was just the rest of her body didn't help her out.

After a few hours of this suddenly a man with a microphone began speaking. "All right it's time for our lucky ladies to step up." Some woman walked on stage all wearing T-shirts for some reason. Edith realized all to fast what was happening. "Where's Jim?" she thought. They began dunking water on the women who all had rather nice breasts, that were easily seeable now. Edith couldn't help but look at them, (The crystal grows even brighter). Finally after a couple of minutes of this Edith got her eyeful and tried to sneak off before a man caught her. "Damn it", She thought.

"Looks like the lovely lady is a little shy, can we get some encouragement for her.", The announcer said. "Damn it, Jim. I'm gonna kick your ass for this.", Edith thought. She went on stage and looked out to the crowd of college age people men and women. (The crystal glows brighter). As they dumped water on her, her shirt became completely see through, and not only that, due to their sensitivity, her nipples became erect sticking out for all to see. "Looks like we've got a winner folks."

Edith left the stage humiliated. Jim was waiting for her under an umbrella. "You stupid perv, why did you get me into that?", Edith screamed.

"Oh come on, you did win after all.", Jim teased. Edith did admit that after having no breasts for so long, having the best around did make her feel a little better, not that she'd tell Jim that.

"You owe me for this Jim.", Edith said.

"Do I what if I told you I've got pictures of all of the contestants, and would be willing to share them to you.", Jim said.

"Damn it, he knows I'm just as obsessed with them as he is, maybe more.", Edith thought.

"Fine, but I get the one with me, no way in hell am I letting you get a picture of me in that position.", Edith said.

"Alright, Alright.", Jim said as he messaged half the pictures to Edith, and deleting the one of her after sending it to her.

Edith didn't want to admit it to Jim, but all and all she did enjoy the party.

- one week later

"SSSttooopp", Edith shouted as she entered the school. Tina grabbed her now F-cup breasts. "Oh come on Pretty Girl just 30 more seconds.", Tina said.

As Tina groped harder on Edith's breasts. Edith almost fell over, her breasts were so sensitive just a few squeezes almost made her cum in front of everyone. Edith the now 5'10 girl was the undisputed hottest girl in school, hell the hottest girl in town. Her massive breasts, her perfect heart shaped ass, her flawless tanned skin, her face which could launch a thousand ships, her perfect long blond hair, all made the most perfect girl the school had seen. Boys had been begging Edith to give up on being a lesbian just to have a chance with her. "No thanks, I like pussy.", Edith said without filter.

Edith had gotten a total of 4 hours of sleep last night as she kept waking up to masturbate more. 10 times and still she had to leave one a class to cum in the bathroom to get through the class. Lunch she ate more than just food as she left halfway through to meet up with Tina. "So what did the doctor say.", Tina asked.

"He said I should be done growing soon.", Edith said.

Changing the subject, "Are you going to wear that crystal everywhere, or what?", Tina asked.

"I just might, now get to work down there.", Edith said pointing to her crotch.

Gym had turned into a cult like event now. Where she used to have maybe a dozen boys, now it was several dozen. Edith despite the extra weight on her body was actually far better then she'd ever been at volleyball. The ball got spiked by Edith scoring, before going out of bounds toward a boy. "I'll get it.", Edith said with a voice that oozed sex.

She walked up to the boy her chest bouncing slightly with each step. She bent over a little giving the boy a good look at her very tight gym uniform. "Can I have the ball please?", Edith asked her voice sounding extra sultry on the last word. The boy looked like he came in his pants that moment not that Edith noticed. Edith snatched the ball when the boy didn't respond and went back to playing.

"So what's the Pretty girl going to do for her 20th birthday?", Tina asked.

Edith replied, "Mom is going to have a party on Sunday, but Jim is up to something. He's picking me up today."


"Alright Jim where are you taking me?", Edith asked. They were downtown, but Edith didn't know where.

"Oh someplace I think you'll enjoy.", Jim said with a smirk. Jim kept his eyes glued to the road as he knew he'd be gawking at Edith if he looked that way. Which would either make her mad at him or cause them to crash.

"Alright we're here.", Jim said.

Edith looked at the sign. "You did not just take me to a strip club.", Edith said. She remembered what Jim did at the beach and she wasn't going to be bullied into dancing for random men.

"Oh come on Edith it's for you, I promise no funny business.", Jim said only half telling the truth.

Edith liked looking at women as much as Jim, which unfortunately she knew. Her rational brain told her to go back home, her reckless side told her she wouldn't be able to get into one of these kinds of clubs till she was 21, and her body was aching for stimulation. Needless to say she followed Jim.

Getting in wasn't hard the bouncer didn't even ask Edith for identification, he probably just assumed she was either a new dancer or one applying for a job. After a few minutes of Edith taking in the scenery, and being given some tips by some people who mistook her for an employee, Jim pulled her to the side. "Alright time for your gift.", He said.

He took Edith to a private show room. "The girls are going to come in for 20 minutes at a time, some individually others in pairs, they're going to give you a private show all to yourself, the girls can't see you through the glass." "What you aren't going to watch?", Edith said confused as her brother never missed a chance to see action like this. "It's your birthday Edith, enjoy.", he said before closing the door.

At school all of Edith's favorite women to stare at had taken ill, Every girl that walked in was a breath of fresh air for Edith, as only her mom and Tina had looked okay lately. The show was going to be for 3 hours, so Edith knew she could masturbate to what she was seeing, and she could be naked while doing so. The girls weren't as hot as Edith had become, but she thought they were sexy all the same (The crystal grows brighter). Pole dancing, strip teases, girls making out, Edith got to watch in all. (The crystal grow brighter) She didn't know how many times she came, but she knew she enjoyed every second of it. Jim knocked on the door at the 3 hour mark, signalling the end of her private showing.

Edith got dressed and came out a few minutes later. She walked through the strip club, she rejected some men asking for her to dance for them, then went to Jim's car. "So how was it?", Jim asked.

Edith wasn't going to tell Jim how much she actually enjoyed it. "Thanks.", She said in a conflicted tone. Edith wasn't going to forget this anytime soon. "I guess I have to be a little nicer to Jim for awhile.", she thought.

- One week later

"AAAAAAHHHHHH", Edith shouted her voice causing a hundred erections. Tina had done her usual greeting, but Edith was now so sensitive that just Tina's few seconds of groping set Edith into a full blown orgasm. Edith recovered then pointed her now J-cup breasts at Tina before putting her on the ground by the small puddle Edith just created. She then proceeded to smother her for a bit with her huge sexy ass. The sight of Edith doing this set dozens of people off instantly, leading to several people running for the restrooms.

"That doctor should be fired for telling me I'd stop growing, I'm freaking growing faster than ever.", she said to Tina on their way to another session of play time.

"What's wrong, pretty girl, you mad you hit the jackpot.", Tina joked. "Besides it's not like I've got anyone else around here worth taking a few swings at.

Tina was right, girls all over the school had turned into quite the disappointment in the ogling department over the last few weeks.

"Why are just you and me the only people that still look sexy around here?", Edith asked.

"Ah one of us far more than the other, big boobs.", Tina joked. "I don't know I guess you've rubbed off on me keeping safe from whatever plague is going on here."

It took Edith a second to realize Tina meant rub off in a sexual way. "Whatever just help me out down here would you, I don't need anymore boob play right now."

Edith didn't know what was wrong her body just needed sex. She'd stayed up all night masturbating, but nothing she did put a dent in her libido, and for some reason she didn't feel tired or drained of energy. While it felt good it seemed more like a chore to her some of the time. She managed to mix things up by getting Tina to get her a Dildo, and looking at some pictures she'd kept on her phone. The last two nights though it was the pictures from the beach party she'd been looking at. The one that worked every time though was the picture of her. She didn't know why, and really didn't want to be narcissistic but she couldn't help it, it was just weirdly her current favorite.

The girls in the locker room, even those who were straight as could be, stared at Edith as she changed into her now very tight gym clothes. Now barely restraining her huge jugs, and shorts that gave everyone a complete glimpse at her long perfectly sculpted legs, and left little to the imagination in the ass and pelvic region.

Volleyball was now the place to be. Hundreds of people filled the bleachers, some that Edith was almost positive didn't even go to this school. Edith was practically a one woman team at this point, her body defying logic as she moved around the court. Well most logic, there was one blind spot in her game that the other team on occasion got a point or two off of her with. Namely Edith for an instant at the height of her jump had her boobs blocking her field of vision below her. While she could usually recover this easily, she couldn't completely shutdown the other team, but would still win.

"Heads up!!!", shouted a girl playing on the court beside Edith's. Suddenly Edith got pegged square in the chest with the ball, her inhuman sensitivity sent her over the edge causing her to cum to the delight of most of the spectators, but the dismay of the janitors would have to clean the bleachers that night. Edith's breasts had actually been so firm that the ball was caught by them.

"I'll get the ball.", Tina said jokingly, before pulling the ball off of Edith's chest purposely causing Edith more pleasure.

- 4 months later

Edith was in a state of sky-high arousal it was Friday night after another week of school, where she was practically worshiped by the rest of the student body. She'd continued to grow sexier and sexier though it'd seemed she'd finally hit a point where it wasn't at least increasing in pace. She stared at herself in the mirror as she neared her 69th orgasm since school just a few hours ago. Her face was nearly enough to cause a person to cum on the spot, as she moved around her hair flowed about as if made of water, her breasts had finally stopped at proportionally an M-cup. Her height was nearing 8 feet, mostly due to her statuesque legs which seemed to go on forever. Her hips had widen significantly leaving her with a thigh gap, despite her thighs having swelled up to support her ass which had grown decently to help accommodate a nearing perfect hourglass figure, with a waist that should have snapped long ago under the weight of her hyper sexualized body.

The school had to begin selling tickets to the final volleyball games for gym that year, as Edith drew crowds from all over town, and she'd easily beat a whole team by herself as the girls spent nearly the whole game staring at her body. The sales were so great in fact that they gave the teachers raises and were able to get new uniforms for all of the sports teams. Not to mention some extra Janitors to help with the mess for afterwards Edith however refused to do anymore sports as she'd get even more worked up sexually during games.

Suddenly Edith heard a knock at the door. Regretfully stopping masturbating she asked, "Who is it?"

Jim replied, "It's me I've got some place I want to take you, but we're going to have to drive all night to get there."

Edith didn't know why she agreed she was just glad Jim set up a soundproof divider and let her bring Tina along. (Jim had a camera to save the scene for later.) "Damn Pretty girl I can't keep up with you, maybe tone it down on the horny pills every once in awhile.", Tina said physically worn out from the ten hour drive where she was constantly asked to work to get Edith off, with only about 30 minute breaks in between.

Jim knocked on the divider, "We're almost there, get dress.", Jim said.

Jim opened the door for Edith and was taken aback by the pure smell of Edith having sex that was permeating from the car. It alone was enough to cause Jim to have an erection that wouldn't die down till he was away from it for several minutes. To combat the smell of Tina and Edith he dumped literally an entire perfume bottle onto them. As they walked to the door of the massive building Edith was taken aback by the number of people here.

"What's going on here Jim?", she asked realizing she probably should have asked that hours ago.

"A convention", Jim said.

"A convention, for what?", Tina asked.

Jim smiled at them, "A convention for the 100 sexiest women as voted by the people."

"Jim you didn't.", Edith said causing a man behind here to sprout an erection, without having even seen her.

"You're right I didn't, you have to be 21, so we're here to get you a modeling gig for after your birthday next year.", Jim replied.

Edith was taken back, at first she was mad at her brother for making that decision, but as she thought about it, she could easily get the job looking like she does.

The show went on for about two hours, with the woman spending a few minutes a piece standing on stage receiving their placement. Jim kept his eye on the crystal, which was practically blinding by the end of the show.

After meeting the owner of the magazine which hosted the event, who gave her the job on the spot they headed out to the car. "Okay Jim I'll do this, but on one condition", she said.

"What?", he asked.

No nude modeling, I'm better than that..", Edith said.

Suddenly Tina grabbed Edith from behind causing Edith to cum letting out a sound that made Jim also cum on the spot. Edith put Tina in the back then went back to work. The last thing Jim heard before starting the drive back was Tina shouting, "Wait I still haven't recovered from the last trip, before deafening silence.

- one week before Edith's birthday

Edith had finished high school a few months back, her breasts had stopped growing, and a lucrative job in hand. One would think her life would be fulfilled, but you'd be wrong.

"Look I'm sorry pretty girl but I can't keep up.", Tina said wearing a blindfold.

"But it's only been a few minutes!", Edith said.- Actually it was several hours

Tina suddenly fell to the ground in a fit of ecstasy, "Gah, Edith you know not to talk."

"Sorry",Edith said rushing to cover her mouth, but not quick enough as she sent Tina into another orgasm.

The last 7 months and 3 weeks had been something. Edith hadn't stopped growing like she'd hoped, in fact she grow bigger and sexier than ever. Now standing a little over 16 feet tall, she was about to have to move out of her home. This growth had led to her needing a massive budget to cover her clothing expenses. The solution the family came up with was to use her new modeling contract. While she couldn't be a regular model till 21, it turned out she could be a hand model, which could pull in some income. Unexpectedly in the last few month Edith had become one of the best selling models ever, as despite her efforts to avoid nude modeling for this reason, she'd become so sexy that just pictures of her hand could set off men and woman, effectively replacing porn in much of the areas her pictures were sent.

The only thing that grew bigger than Edith's body, wallet, and popularity was her libido. She now felt completely insatiable, often spending days in her room either masturbating, or with Tina and whatever lesbian friends she brought. However nothing broke her endless need for more and more pleasure, even the fact that her orgasms came faster and stronger then she ever thought possible. Her only solace was that she could function if she forced herself to, but with great difficulty. When she did though it didn't eliminate the need within her, just pushed it to the side. It has gotten so bad that she actually considered taking her brother up on an offer to alleviate her needs.

Her body had turned into a weapon of shear lust. The affect her hand pics had on people, was nothing compared to what the rest of her body did. People could go mad staring at her to long. Her mother had an unfortunate episode walking in on her naked a month ago, and needed to go to the hospital. Fortunately no long term damage was done. At home if anyone is to interact with Edith needed to have their eyes covered, but even then her voice could set them off into an explosive orgasm.

Jim finally thinks things have gone to far, and believes he needs to tell Edith the truth. As he's about to walk into her room he suddenly hears a soul shattering moan that sent his brains pleasure receptors into overdrive. His pants were utterly soaked with cum. As he lay on the floor he thought to himself, "You know what I'll tell her at her Birthday party, we can still fix this next week."

- Birth of a Goddess

"Happy birthday Edith!", Her mother, Jim, and Tina said. The party was held in the backyard of her house, as Edith could no longer fit inside the house. Standing 19 feet tall and impossibly sexy meant that the party had to have the police keep everyone not invited away temporarily, and everyone in attendance who wasn't Edith had to where blinders.

"Thank you", Edith thought knowing she couldn't actually voice her gratitude to everyone. Whatever was happening to her body hadn't stopped, and Edith was deeply concerned. Not just because the longer this went on the more her body ached for more sex. Heck right this second she had a massive specially made vibrator working overtime just to let her still interact, but feel pleasure. Relief wouldn't come, but she at least felt better about the whole thing.

"Hey pretty girl", Tina said hugging Edith's breast. This sent here into a huge orgasm, but she knew her body would just want more. Tina tried as best as she could to help Edith, but to no avail. Despite that Edith still enjoyed her company, especially since visitors were basically just the 3 people here.

"Hey Edith I.. I need to tell you something", Jim said. Tina released her grip on her favorite body part, even before they swelled to there current size.

Edith picked Jim up and brought him next to her ear, signalling that she wanted to hear him out. "Do.. you like being this big and sexy?", he asked. Edith had a very mixed view on this whole situation, and didn't know how to respond. Jim just went on with what he had to say as he knew she couldn't actually respond. "What if I told you I know why you are the way you are?", he asked.

"What you do?", Edith said temporarily losing her composure, and making everyone in attendance into a forced orgasm. After a couple minutes Jim started talking again. "Look you remember that crystal I gave you a while back.", Jim said.

"Of course I do", Edith thought. "I wear it everyday, and have since, since..", That's when Edith realized, "Since I started growing"

Just then the time changed to 2:37pm, this time was important, as it signaled 21 years to the moment that Edith was born. As she looked down at her glowing crystal, she saw something different happen that she'd never seen. The crystal went Red.

The next few seconds were something no one had predicted, suddenly the crystal fused to Edith's body releasing all of the captured beauty into her already vastly over-saturated body. Edith's beauty doubled instantly reaching the point that everyone despite not actually seeing her were thrown into fits of ecstasy. Edith saw the world shrink around her as her body grew passing 40 ft. Her libido was incalculable.

Edith suddenly knew everything, what the crystal could do, what it had done, and more importantly what it had just done by merging with her body. She looked into the distance and saw an aura slowly spreading from around her house outward. This aura was connected to her body, the new crystal.


The Aura spread far and wide and as it did, Edith's body drained the populous of beauty. Not in the slow fashion she had in the past, but ripping it out in its entirety from everyone making them all utterly plain and unappealing. When Edith closed her eyes she could see each individual draining, represented by lines all over the sky flying to here hyper-saturated body.

Being the controller of the crystals power Edith tried with all her might to reverse course, and give everything back, but that's the problem. Edith's character wouldn't let her give something back, and no matter how much she told herself she didn't want her sexy body, her body knew better. Edith had been reduced to sitting and masturbating on her former home as is it was some weak wooden chair. As she absorbed more of the sexiness, she also received constantly more horniness into her body. Which unlike the beauty itself, was infinite, as Edith's body just by existing turned anyone within her aura into mindless horny zombies. Her only solace was that nobody was being killed by this event, as her body demanded more and couldn't get it unless people are alive.

Edith was having a perpetually increasing sequence of orgasms, each more powerful than the last. Each Orgasm brought more size for her body. She'd hit 100 ft in the first minute, 250 in the second, on and on, growing as more people were caught in her Aura, one that would not stop expanding will it engulfed the whole planet. She grabbed those dear to her and placed them on her growing stomach, hoping for a way to end this to present itself.


Once no solution coming Edith resigned to her fate no longer resisting her aura's expansion, knowing it would need to get to its end for her body to stop growing. Edith's aura enveloped the whole city at the 5 minute point. Her body grew in pulses vibrating with each spurt. Soon 800 feet tall and still processing the city, she hit the next city. One she hadn't spent dozens of months draining.

The sensation of this new source of beauty was similar to eating the same thing every day for months on in, then being presented with something new and exciting. "I hate feeling this good", Edith thought. "Especially wanting more", She was already more beautiful than anyone could ever make sense of.

She could feel nothing but bliss, ungodly pleasure, and her own heart beating in her chest at an inhuman pace. At 20 minutes she'd hit the halfway point in the draining of humanity. At this point, a new feeling hit her senses. "What is this, it's.. it's amazing?", She thought

She gained unique power and understanding of herself and the world around her. With this understanding came one orgasm that would not end or stop intensity. She forced her body to process the stolen sexiness, without growing, at least physically. She was 5 miles in height, but this was just a shell. One she had outgrown, as her beauty could no longer be contained, her body was merely an Avatar of her greater self as a being of pure Beauty and pleasure.

She finally knew how to fix everything, but she could not do it without more power, and her power was dependent on the beauty she could obtain from the world. In one great push, showing her mastery of her power, she forced her Aura to engulf the whole world. Before the push her Aura form was 30 miles, this push instantly shot her up to 70 miles. Edith felt everyone who fueled her ascension, but still it wasn't enough. "More", Edith thought.

Then the Earth's natural beauty of all of its many locations was thrust into Edith. Each second, 80, 90, 100 miles, it wouldn't stop.At 1000 miles Edith felt it, what she had been building up too. Her beauty was on the very cusp of being so amazing that reality itself would be seduced into caving to her whims. She could do anything, except the one thing she wanted, as she drained everything on the planet. "No I can't be denied at the end, how can I not have enough.", She thought to herself. "I'm so close it feels like one person is all I should need". That's when it hit her, there was one person who was still normal, through all of the madness only one person had remained untouched by the crystals power. "Tina, why weren't you drained", She asked herself immediately granted the answer by the universe.

"The one person I never would want harmed even subconsciously is you", She realized. She didn't think it was love, it was that no matter what happened to Tina she was always known as "pretty girl".

Edith knew this would hurt, more than any other thing she'd ever done. Edith spoke for the first time since fusing with the crystal, so powerful was her voice that all of creation shook, every organism in the universe cumming in unison. She said one word before draining the last drop of beauty, "Sorry", and then silence.

- epilogue

"Edith it's time to get up Tina's almost here.", her mother said.

She woke up for the first time in nearly a year, as she hadn't needed sleep. "It worked.", Edith said for the first time in quite awhile without fear. She walked to the full length mirror in her room. For the first time in a long time she looked normal, now 21 years old 5'11 with only slightly larger breasts only a D-cup, just as she had wanted.

Now came the final test, she went into her closet, opened a drawer, and found a box. This box could only be opened by her and her alone. Inside she found it, The crystal still in necklace form but now back to normal function not leaking at all. It glowed with unnatural light.

"Hey pretty girl are ready to go.", An inordinately seductive voice called.

"Coming "Mega Tina", Edith replied. She opened the door and saw massive hulking breasts in front of her. Tina was now 7 feet tall with roughly head sized breasts.

"Everything according to how I planned it", Edith thought. She then put on the necklace knowing it wouldn't fuse with her.

"Alright Tina lets get over to Shannon's, Jim may have fucked up, but it worked out in the end. So he deserves a present. She then grabbed Tina's huge breasts, "Sssttoooahhp.", Tina yelled cumming on the spot.





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