Energy All the Way!

Hello my fellow mammals, ha. I'm Jasmine, proudly born and raised in Australia. I'm just a normal 23 year old girl who lives with my bestie Lara in an Brisbane apartment just outside the city. Right now we are meditating next to each other and flying around in an astral body, you should try it sometime! It's so fun to play little games in astral form with a friend like: hide and seek and tag. 
Growing up I was home schooled and the only child, I was so jealous as a kid that I wasn't allowed to play with the other kids and go to school with them. I think it really affected me deeply when I was a teenager as I never felt like I fit in; it still lingers deep inside me but I am stronger now than ever. I've met the girl of my dreams, that makes my world so much better; She is smart, competitive and has a bit of a punk rocker kind of sass that is so cute.

Lets get into things, ok?

Snapping out of my meditation, I felt woozy almost like I just woke up after a long nap. "I wish life was as simple like when we are in our astral form, I feel so free; like a weight has been almost lifted from my shoulders." I soothed, crawling over to Lara and pecking her on the cheek. Lara smiled back at me, "You are totally right, all our worries are gone."

Actually I don't feel like sharing my life anymore... Don't hate me. But I am a mess right now, I feel if I let myself out there people will think I am a freak, an abomination. I can't face it!

Any time I got alone time, I dreamed about showing what I could actually do. How much a burden would be lifted!

Three days passed...  

I have a confession to make, remember when I said I was normal? It was a lie, it used to make me feel so different I couldn't look people in the eye until I found Lara. Lara and I are actually quite special. You see, we have the power to do things no one else can. There's this special energy inside of both of us, and we're able to project and manipulate it in distinctive ways. So I think for me to become stronger as a person, it's best I face my fears and show what I can do.

Here goes nothing...

I began to flare up my hand a bright cyan colour, almost like inside my hand was a cyan light. "Hey!" I waved towards Lara, with cyan energy particles popping around my hand; a distinctive hum echoed as well from my hand which is so soothing I could fall asleep to it. 

"Hey!" Lara gushed. She decided to one up me, by flaring her whole body up in her vibrant red energy; every second that passed she glowed brighter and brighter until she was like a sun. After showing off a bit, she lowered her glow down a bit to make sure people wouldn't go blind from all her energy. Concentrating a energy aura around her that looked and sounded like a fully charged Super Saiyan from Dragonball Z, though she is much more powerful and her energy is red. Hot! The constant cracking of her energy around her was so amazing, I could tell it boosted her confidence so much. "Over nine thousand?" She smirked, she had to add in a Dragonball Z quote in haha.

Deciding to join in the fun; I strutted over to Lara in kissing distance and flared up into a cyan colour the same way she did, aura included. "Me too!" I winked. Our energies collided, causing a mini electrical storm around us. The crack of energy was like the sound of fireworks exploding every second. I hope our neighbours don't call the police; I don't want to get arrested again heehee. When our energy connects, there is no feeling like it. It's like eating your favourite food after you have craved it for a month, not to mention it's actually really hot for both of us. We are perfect for each other and crave the same thing.. Energy! Oh we have plenty of that. ;)

"We should have a little play fight sometime Jazzy, I know you would probably win being a superhero and all but it would be just for fun." Lara blushed, raising her arms to her hips with confidence.

"I'd like that, you can use your energy on me any time!" I winked, happily accepting her challenge.

So I haven't come clean about my identity either, I am the so called hero named, "Energastic" I come up quite often on the news locally and sometimes globally. I generally don't want to fight normal humans, they don't need me and I have no will to clean up the streets like of gang violence and heists, you get the picture; but maybe if I caught it in progress I'd do something but not go out of my way for it. But I feel they need me to fight more powerful beings with abilities that aren't the norm, more and more of those keep popping up that I need to send a firm message to. It's so cool people talking about me on the news in my battle outfit, to the world I am just a normal chick outside my outfit. But this story here will expose my real identity, which is fine now by me. I am finished being feeling like I am trapped! I am so finished caring what narrow minded people think of me! I am soo done!

Sparks began to fly as we hardened our energy that was colliding with each other, our energy is strong enough to cut even the strongest of steels. It hit me at this point we are doing damage to our apartment and disturbing the peace of the neighbourhood at 7pm at night. Simmering my energy back to normal standards. "How about we go on a walking date to the park Lara? Then we can do what we want without wrecking the place." I asked, grabbing Lara's hand and bouncing around a little on the spot.

"Ok, that is cruisey! Ha, I was getting a bit carried away myself." Lara replied, extinguishing her energy powered form. "Love your energy by the way!" Lara smiled, knowing she really meant it, compliments from her aren't unwarranted. She flipped her hair a bit to the side of her asymmetrical cyan coloured bob and rattled it a bit with her hand to show it off to me. We both love hair, it really makes a girl stick out vibrantly with a perfect hairstyle for the outfit; she does that perfectly. If you haven't noticed our hair colour is each others energy colour, we thought it would be a cool girlfriend thing to do. ;)

"Indeed cruisey! Same, but it's no biggy though." I grinned, happy we are going to spend some time together out in the streets. Our energy is so bright out at night and I had just the thing that would make us stand out. "Thanks, it goes both ways you hottie!" I gushed, she is such a cutie giving me compliments.

I think my current outfit was pretty much on the dot; a blue denim mini skirt that was not as short as it could be, though showing off my thin long legs; a black off the shoulder crop top, showing a tiny V in my cleavage but I felt giving my legs and bum more attention tonight. Heels were the question; looking down at my bare cyan nailed feet with glee, blobs of cyan energy spilled out of my nails and began building up my feet; controlling the energy up my feet, I began to mould a spike that lifted my heel up into the air, which made my bum stick out that little bit more; then the front of my toes spilled into a closed toe type of heel and swiftly joined with the spike. I now had a closed pair of sparkly pair of energy cyan platform high heels that would glow vibrantly in the night light heehee. "What do you think Lara?" I grinned, bringing both of my heels together in front of her and pigeon toeing my feet to hopefully get a compliment.

"They're hot, how about we share?" Lara smirked, struting up to me in her bare feet with glowing red toe nails that fluttered of her red energy. She stuck her left foot on top of my right heel cheekily and absorbed my energy around them in a instant like water down the sink, adding it directly over her feet. Giving her left foot one of my cyan energy heels. "Hope you don't mind, I want matching heels for tonight; had to get the right blueprint, thanks chicklet." Lara grinned, forming a exact copy of her left heel on her right foot. She tapped her new heels on the floor lightly and a poof of red particles enveloped her heels, turning them sparkly red. "Red is the colour of love and I choose you!" She winked, in a cheeky mood.

"ugh, I could of just made you a pair!" I sighed, though it wasn't a huge deal I just wish she would of just asked.

"No time to wait, plus absorbing it fun!" Lara gushed, couldn't help herself. She walked around me giggling, admiring our new pair of heels.

I wiggled my cyan sparkly toes a little and my energy spilled out and formed a new heel on my right foot. A quick snap of my fingers and dark energy surrounded us, giving us the perception it was pitch black inside the shroud. Our heels glowed so vibrantly inside, the pulsing of our energy was like a heartbeat that memorising to pay attention to in this shroud. Walking around sent a flutter of particles around my feet that was so unique to see unfold in this darkness.

"Woah, how did you make this mini reality? I can't stop looking at our heels as well, they just stick out like a sore thumb here." Lara surprisingly grinned.

"A little trick I had to learn on the road when I came against a mind controlling metahuman called Mindatta, it protected me from her influence." I remembered. Mindatta was one of my first big battles I had; it didn't go to well for her, she can't breathe in space like I can, such a shame.

"That is awesome." Lara smiled, feeling she admires my superhero identity.

"Just before we go, we better clean up this mess; look at the place, it's disgusting!" I urged, really disliking the mess and things that are out of proportion; they really bring out my OCD.

Looking up to the ceiling and down to the floor, burn marks were all around us. A little flick with my finger upwards and a cyan energy paintbrush popped up on the ceiling and began stroking back and forth a new coat of white energy paint over it. After a few seconds it was done, good as new. Next I pointed to the floor, the cyan brush plopped on the ground in a instant like clay and stroked the floor up and down with delicate brush strokes; putting the hardwood floors back to brand new looking condition thanks to my energy. I guess that was done for now, not perfect but I was content with it. 

"I'll meet you downstairs Lara." I waved, watching her checking out her outfit in the mirror that consisted of: a black element tank top that showed a slight bit of cleavage thanks to her red energy push up bra she teasingly loves to show off to me. red skinny jeans that were perfectly tight around her lovely toned legs and cute bum. She had a few sparkly red energy rings and bracelets that she usually likes to wear that she weaved from her mind, they are so fun to touch and play around with when I get my hands on them. All in all she looked like an extremely fashionable skater/rocker chick, such a perfect look for her; you guys should see her skate and ride as well, she was the first chick to win both the BMX and Skateboarding X Games titles.

Running up to the balcony, I swan dove off of it; using the elevator is boring and slow. It was only a hundred and fifty metre drop anyway, so I wont do much damage to the ground when I land. When I was falling, I saw something in the corner of my eye and and suspended myself in mid air. I looked over at the pretty lights, like it was some kind of party. It hit me it was Ekka time here in Brisbane; which is a like a carnival with rides, yummy fairy floss that comes in blue, show bags and fireworks. Maybe it's something Lara and I could go to later. 

My senses felt something and I looked up and saw Lara falling above me, she decided to take the same route; though rocketing past me, she collided with the concrete at such a pace it was like a bomb going off from the sound. I giggled to myself for a minute and glided down to her in a flash, her eyes were on me and looking quite surprised from her eyebrows.

"What?" I questioned, looking at me like I ran over her dog.

"You can fly? I have never seen you do that before." Lara replied, surprisingly.

"Yeah since forever.." I said. It's no big deal for me, I learned to fly when I was around eight, first experience with it wasn't good; I put a hole in the roof and had trouble putting myself back on ground level, my Mom hated me using my energy; I think she just wanted me to fit in and be a normal functioning girl of society. But suppressing apart of myself is fear based and that makes you weak fundamentally the more of it you have; I don't have time for it anymore.

"Show me how to!" Lara exclaimed, jumping up and down in joy.

"Sur-" I was interrupted by a older woman before I could speak.

Worriedly a woman scooted towards us. "ARE YOU GIRLS ALRIGHT?!" The woman yelled, probably because of how Lara landed.

"Yeah we are, don't you have some knitting to do?" Lara smirked, haha she is such a little punk.

"Excuse me? I am on the apartment complex committee thank you, respecting me is a must unless you want to lose your apartment!" The old woman threatened, a little angry at Lara's attitude.

"Think I give a shit you old bag? The Antiques Roadshow has a nightly running and you are now here missing it." Lara trolled.

The woman walked away disgusted at Lara, "Ugh! I hate this generation, no respect! You'll be hearing from the board tomorrow you can count on that!" The old woman hissed, storming off.

I turned and looked to Lara. "Haha Lara, you are such a savage!" I giggled.

"The bitch deserved it, had a gut full from her the other day; telling me I shouldn't wear this, put my hair this way and how skateboarding should be illegal." Lara snapped.

"I had no idea, I hate people like that; why can't some people just mind their own business with things that are a freedom like how you do you hair and your hobbies." I frowned.

"I hear you!" Lara agreed.

"Let's go to the park now, I want to learn how to fly!" Lara was eager to learn something new.

"Sure lets ju- ah never mind." I stuttered, holding something back for later. Luckily Lara wasn't listening to that, to not arouse suspicion.

Lara and I have only known each in person for less than two weeks, though we were in contact online for six or so months and we decided to move in with each other. Lara is originally from the US, so it was a big decision for her to move here; usually she would be on tour but has decided to take a little breather to get settled in here. She is so awesome for that.

Walking down the street, a group of girls approached us walking the opposite way. They seemed like fairly pretty girls, very giggly from first impression. "I love those heels!" A young woman purred. She was well dressed, flirty white dress and thigh high black latex boots; probably went clubbing with the girls.

"Yeah, they look so awesome!" A girl in the group complimented.

"Stunning! Where did you get them?" Another girl in the group asked.

"Thanks! They are custom made, I heard they took a lot of energy to make." I in-joked, looking at Lara with a little smirk.

"Would you girls like a pair?" I giggled, clearly they liked our style.

"Absolutely, where is your place?", "Wow sure!", "Sounds great!" The girls gladly accepted.

"Don't worry about that, I got them here with me." I smiled, Lara makes me feel like I can truly be myself. I pointed in front of each of the girls feet in succession. Cyan energy splurged from my index finger and pooled in different sections for each girl. I whispered "Pink", "Green" and "Yellow" giving each of the girls a separate colour. building each pool delicately with my mind into identical styled platform heels.

"There you go, enjoy ladies!" I grinned, swirling a cyan blob of energy on the end of my index finger to show off a little.

Their mouths dropped, completely speechless from what I did. We were not expecting a rational response, so we just kept walking on our way to park; loving the attention from the guys and gals on the way as we walked past them with our distinctive heels clacking on the pavement beneath us.

"Haha, their mouths!" Lara chuckled, noticing they couldn't comprehend what I did.

Eventually we got to the park and went down the empty side of it, away from the footpath. 

"So you want to know how to fly?" I smirked, such a important tool for an enhanced girl.

"Yep, show me how and I'll buy you pizza tomorrow." Lara grinned, thinking that she owes me; though it is my pleasure teaching her new moves.

"Haha, sure if you insist!" I grinned, pizza is is yummy!

"So the little trick is, surround yourself in an aura of your energy around the edges of your body. Then control your energy like you do when you create a object and it should move yourself like you were controlling an energy object." I explained.

"That actually makes a ton of sense, I should of thought about that." Lara surprisingly gushed.

Lara closed her eyes, she was concentrating; a red energy aura oozed on the border of her body and lit her up like a Christmas tree. "I can feel my energy around me." Lara noticed.

"You got it girl!" I smiled, noticing she had picked it up extremely quickly.

With her eyes closed, she began moving around in mid air with her aura around her, quickly moving from side to side and up in the air in the speed of light. She opened her eyes and glided in front of me for a kiss on the lips. "Thank you!" Lara soothed, clearly jubilant that she learned something new. "There is so much I can do with this! Imagine the tricks I could do mid air with a bike or skateboard!"

"The pleasure is mine, knowledge is a drug for me; pushing yourself from challenge is how you evolve, so keep that in mind." I emphasised.

"Ok, how about now you fight me?" Lara smirked, so sure of herself. Without delay she pointed her finger towards me and a red pulsing beam shot out like a long train of chains and flew to my right hand; My right hand was fastened tightly so quickly from her chains. While the other side of the chain train she projected wrapped around swiftly to my left hand as well. I couldn't use my hands at all she locked me up tightly. "What a easy way to win! Just need to tie up your hands so you can't use your energy." Lara smiled, thinking she had me.

Lara then smirkingly shot out from her right index finger a vibrant rope, it had distinctive braids like a normal rope, though it was pulsing of her lovely red energy. This time her energy wrapped around my whole body like a lasso, it got tighter and tighter each second past, which didn't hurt at all but actually good. You see we can take a beating, I have actually been in our sun. That is another story though ha, I hope it was a cute little flex. "Come here now!" Lara commanded, putting her left hand on her hip and kissing into the air with a splash of her sassy nature intertwined. She casually pulled with her right hand and yanked me through the air into kissing distance. "Maybe I should be a superhero Jazz? I am good at this!" Lara boasted. 

"You got my hands locked up quite nicely, though that isn't a auto win for you." I grinned, wait and see. I twitched my nose back and forth a little, causing a little twinkle sound to echo throughout the park.

"What was that?" Lara anxiously questioned, looking around from where that sound came from.

"Nothing, just a party trick." I joked.

A huge sparkly cyan mallet appeared behind her, towering over her body. "You need to train your senses a bit more chicky!" I exclaimed, noticing she didn't sense the mallet.

"What!?" Lara gasped.

I coiled the mallet back behind the unaware Lara and sprung it forward at the speed of light; hitting her with a huge blow that shot her through several high rise buildings and twenty kilometres away from the park. I had to make her learn the realities of fighting, so no point holding back; I scattered my body into nothingness from her chains and reemerged on top of her flying body that was travelling at approx mach thirty. Shooting a heavy cyan energy laser from my index finger at her fast moving body, it impacted at her chest which was directed facing the ground. Her body blew through the Earth all the way into the molten core of the Earth then out the other side of the of the planet to all the way to Spain. 

"That is one way to get around Lara." I chuckled, feeling her energy all the way on the other side of the planet.

I scattered to her in an instant. She was curled all the way into a ball, afraid for her safety as she flied over the North Atlantic Ocean at a rapid pace. "You alright? At least you're in one piece of all things." I comforted and joked, wrapping my arms around her. Though I knew she was in no danger.

"I'm ok, I thought I was dead going through the lava, but I'm fine." Lara recalled, a little shaken in her red energy bra and panties that couldn't melt in the lava.

"Of course you are, I wouldn't of done that if I knew you'd die. In all that extreme BMX and Skateboarding I bet you have never broke a bone, am I right?" I asked.

"I see that now, thanks. You're right, one of the many times I landed on my head after a quadruple front flip and came out unscathed; they still called the ambulance on me even though I walked away unharmed because of how brutal it was." Lara recalled.

"Good that you are coming to terms with it now, you learned flying so fast; you are doing so well!" I admired.

"Thanks!" Lara blushed.

"Also now, you can control your energy with just more than your hands." I explained, pointing to the water below. Looking over in the ocean, "Kite surfer, that looks like me!" I giggled, cyan particles erupted from my mouth as I spoke. In a blink, a cyan girl that had my body shape appeared in the ocean kite surfing; she tackled the rough currents, jumping around and flying in the air. "You go girl!" I joked, yelling out to her.

The kite surfer replied, showing a punk sign with her hand as she tackled the waves. After losing my focus she disappeared into a puff of smoke.

"That is so awesome!" Lara gushed, her eyes opening to what she is capable of.

Lara closed her eyes focusing deeply inside of her, a faint whisper was heard from her mouth. "Mozzie" almost like ASMR, it sent chills down my spine. A mini helicopter appeared in patches as she moulded energy parts of it into a mosquito helicopter, like the: engine, main rotary and fuel tank. It looked in good condition, though looks aren't everything. Her eyes opened, floating over to her new "mozzie" she swiftly hopped in the cockpit and spooled up the engine but it wouldn't start up to her surprise.

"Moving parts need understanding to execute them, what you are doing is not genuine. You need to study how a engine works before you can execute it." I explained.

The mozzie disappeared into thin air, knowing she had no idea. "That is logical, perhaps another time." Lara agreed.

"Good call." I agreed.

"Next thing. I know you can absorb, but if you want to beat me or even others with certain abilities you need to use it always to your advantage." I explained.

"How so?" Lara surprisingly smiled.

"Just try and hit me with something, make it big!" I giggled, hoping it's huge.

"Oh, I got something for you alright!" Lara smirked. She spun her fingers out in front of her, making a red energy cylinder that looked like a barrel. She pressed her hands together and shaped a base for the barrel she just made; it resembled one of those cannons they used back on pirate ships but only the size of the whole ship itself. Flying up to the barrel, Lara swirled her index finger inside of it teasingly as our eyes locked and a faint click was heard from inside the barrel, most likely her cannonball; Oh no! 

A little snap of her fingers and her cannon fired a sparkly red energy ball about the size of a garbage truck directed at me. Sparkly red energy fluttered into the sky, painting the sky like clouds from the blast. "Cute" I winked, holding my index finger in front of me vertically. The cannonball collided directly with my finger and I swiftly sucked it into my index fingernail which turned it to a lovely sparkly red colour on the tip of my index finger, complimenting my already sparkly cyan colours. "Quite the manicure, don't you think haha?" I giggled, forming my body next to Lara and shoving my index finger into her vision.

"That is a neat trick, I can feel my energy on your nail but I can't control it; is it hot for you too?" Lara blushed.

"Heehee, yep; I will never get sick of it!" I blushed, my cheeks getting rosy.

"What do you do to get rid of it?" Lara asked.

I aimed my index finger at the water. "You just fire." I smirked. The red cannonball popped out of finger and crashed into the water with pace; It was like a bomb going off from all the water it shot around the area, drenching us from top to toe in the process.

"Impressive!" Lara gushed.

Lara wrapped her arms around me. "I feel like bunking up and watching a movie, you down for that?" Lara soothed.

Playing around with Lara's hair,  I added a little cyan flower hair clip with energy made from the tip of my finger. "Sounds like a good plan, I was starting to get tired myself." I agreed.

I poof'd into thin air from Lara's arms and reformed into our apartment. I left Lara behind, I'll sort that out in a second. You know what would be cool to learn? Telepathy! I know it's possible; so if Lara wants to come out with me doing hero business, it would be handy to have that on the road because I am not wearing a ear piece to communicate, end of story! 

Thinking of ways to communicate at a distance with Lara, I closed my eyes. "So what happens if I just.." I thought, feeling Lara's energy from all the way across the world. I felt myself whispering inside her ear, "Can you hear me chicky?" I was unable to hear her back; though I sensed a spike in her energy. "So if you can hear me, just feel me and talk at the same time." I soothed, hopeful she can pick this up quickly.

A few seconds pass... "Hello? Hello?" Lara telepathed. It was so weird like I was thinking but I knew it was completely independent to me.

"Hi, I can feel you! Isn't this great?!" I telepathically exclaimed, jiggling around the place because I learned a new trick.

"It's quite rad, will come in super handy when we want to chat without a phone!" Lara telepathically smiled. "We have a problem though, how can I get home after you beat me up all the way to Spain you bully!" 

"I guess you'll have to walk!" I telepathically joked, snapping my fingers. I absorbed the aura around Lara as she was floating in mid air over the ocean; I guess she will have to dive haha. 

"hahaha, very funny; Next time it wont be so easy." Lara telepathically smiled, I bet.

"I know, thank you." I telepathically giggled and bowed. "Well I hope so and I'll enjoy it more that way." 

"Are you going to help me get home?" Lara telepathed.

"Oh yeah!" I telepathed. With my hand up in the air out in front, I swirled my finger downwards in a clockwise motion. Cyan particles began to create a mini cyan tornado the size of a human, with it increasing in speed more and more until it exploded chaotically into a cloud of particles; From within the particles Lara emerged with a surprised look on her face. Haha!

"How?!" Lara exclaimed.

"We are both pretty good at manipulating energy, but there are other things we can do and learn as well like different types of matter. We are half way there already with just energy, other matter is just the next step." I explained.

"That is so awesome, any luck with it?" Lara curiously floated over to me in her sparkly red energy bra and panties, tilting her body sideways next to me to show off the scale her full C boobs, toned midriff, cute bum and slender legs; Absolute perfection for me and top it all off she knows how to manipulate energy, one of the major things that drive me wild. 

"You're in a flirty mood at the moment aren't ya?" I smirked. 

"Just a little and you're just the girl I want too." Lara cheekily flirted.

"Soon we can play around a bit, just want to finish this up. I have a little game we can play." I winked, pointing my finger at her cute bum and a little fluffy cyan energy tail sprouted from it.

Focusing my attention to the window, I reached out to the glass and began concentrating on the compounds of the materials; as I twisted my hand to the left it made a swirl in the glass from my movements. "Wow this is the furthest I have got." I formed myself instantly in front of the glass panel and placed my finger on the glass, it was exactly as I intended. It was like jelly, so soft but stable enough not to just slop to the ground like a liquid. "So cool!"

"Nice work!" Lara smiled, placing her hands together and jiggling her body on the spot.

Concentrating on the glass, I pointed downwards and it splashed onto our floor, pooling everywhere. "Neat" Using my hand in a motion to pick up at the water, I tossed it swiftly at the window pane and the glass reformed inside it. After a few seconds the glass shattered into millions of pieces, falling everywhere inside the house. "Whoops, I need to work on that a bit more." I grimaced, swirling the shattered pieces of glass into a tiny pyramid on top of our coffee table. "That will do for now." 

"Nice save!" Lara complimented, blowing a kiss towards the pyramid, which coated it in tiny red particles.

"Cute!" I winked, flaunting my light pastel red hair towards Lara as I spun around on the spot.
I had Lara's attention, I began to float in mid air, adjusting myself to a laying down position as I faced her while I kicked my heels back and forth through the air; a sea of sparkly cyan clouds emerged over my heels, forming a little energy rain cloud that poured alll over them. "So who is your favourite celebrity at the moment?" I asked in a flirty voice with my hands grouped up at my chin.

"I haven't been following a ton lately but there is one, though I wouldn't say this person is a favourite of mine but she is playing a character I could get behind. You know Brie Larson, playing Captain Marvel?" Lara smiled, giggling a little throughout. 

"Oh yes, she is perfect!" I chuckled, reforming my face to look exactly like Carol Danvers, by shaking my head a little. "How's this?" I smirked, hoping to catch her off guard.

"Woah, what else are you hiding? No seriously, tell me!" Lara awed.

"heehee, you'll just have to wait and see." I flirted, trying to sound a little more commanding like her character but I don't think I pulled it off.

"ugh disgusting! You need to work on your voices a bit to pull that off haha." Lara chuckled, she wasn't impressed at all by that.

Maybe she will be impressed when I do this: A little snap is all it takes! Snapping my fingers, the rest of body reformed into the rest of Captain Marvel's outfit and body shape. I floated myself back to my feet and checked myself out. "Not bad at all." 

"You look perfect, you really need to show me this trick." Lara smiled.

"Gladly!" I agreed.

"I saw this in, I think the second trailer." I smiled, with my hands on hips and standing nobly like a fictional super hero. Flowing over my eyes, I felt her helmet moulding directly on top of my skin. My hair sprung out of the centre insert for the helmet, giving me that distinctive looking Mohawk sticking out of it; I bet if I looked into the mirror I would see a rooster haha. "All we need is the glow and identity politics!" I smirked, powering up in binary form. I could feel the energy revolving around every inch of my body; Just spilling out into chaos. "I bet I could kick some ass in this form, I bet it would do wonders for their movie and Endgame."

"I wish she was real, would love to have a fight with her. Her energy vs mine, she has all the energy she needs with me so it's bound to be fun!" I giggled, almost tasting it.

Lara floated over to her bed, showing off her bum a little as she entered the other room "I hear you, enough of Captain Marvel get your ass back to Jasmine Clearlake." Lara winked, hinting at something with her fingers.

I reformed directly back into myself beside her on the bed. "This much better?" I grinned, touching my index finger to hers. Our energy swirled around each others, stimulating our sensors like polar opposite magnets. We were born for each other, there is no one else I could even dream of who would be a better match than her. I know she feels similar, she gave up her career for a bit just to be with me even though she didn't need to. That was so sweet, she loves extreme sports so much too.

 Hearing buzzing from my phone, completely out of the blue due to being a work only phone. I appeared in front of it and picked it up. They were interesting looking ladies, by the pictures HQ sent me. Destruction of property, public endangerment and minor assault are their only crimes so far but HQ warned that they are dangerous and they expect more damage to be done throughout the day.

"Unfortunately we have to rap it up here chicky, work called." I frowned, it was such a good night too. 

"it's OK, it is what it is." Lara accepted. "What are you doing anyway?" 

 "Just some girls causing some trouble in LA, one of then distinctively dressed as a green and black striped cat; Kinda cute, though we don't know what their motives are. The other girl likes to mix pink with black and has a very distinctive pink streak going throughout her hair. She is believed to be energy based like us. Both can change shapes at their whim. So it looks like I got my hands full, so uh if you want to come you're welcome to." I explained, looking like I have an interesting night with some interesting ladies. ;)



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