Omnipotence: The Theory of Evolution

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Julia could not believe what she was doing, but she knew it was probably the best way to go about handling the situation. 

Rather than call the police or even tell her superiors at BioTrek, the world famous biologist and chemist Dr. Julia Reynolds had agreed to meet her former intern Mary Miller at a small coffee shop downtown, and that is where the lovely doctor now sat. Waiting at a small table just outside the coffee shop and along the sidewalk, the blonde doctor sat and waited, trying not to tremble or be nervous. Beautiful, bold, and incredibly busty, the gorgeous doctor had dressed down as best she could, yet could not help it that her breasts were about to burst out of her purple dress. There were only two kinds of clothes the famous doctor seemed to own: lab clothes and gala clothes for when she attended fancy conferences. Of course there was a very large box full of lingerie as well, but she was not about to come downtown dressed in any of those. With her long, flowing, shimmering, golden hair cascading down her back, Julia Reynolds had managed to find an old purple summer dress she had dug out of the closet, but it was from the days when her breasts were not nearly as big as they had become in her thirties. With her giant breasts about to pop out, and with her lab coat still on and helping her hide her massive cleavage from any men who might want to try and get her number, all Dr. Reynolds could think of was what Mary was going to do. She had no idea what to expect from her intern since she disappeared two months ago. She didn't think she was in danger, but she did worry that Mary had thrown her life away on some obnoxious theory. Mary was lovely, extremely smart, and a bit of a prodigy in biology and genetics, but she was also a little ... off. 

Twenty year-old Mary Miller was the obvious choice to be one of Dr. Reynolds's interns for the year, being that she already had a PhD in Biology despite being so young. Mary was nothing short of a genius, and Dr. Reynolds was eager to help her start what could have been an extremely great career much like the one Dr. Reynolds had enjoyed. Yet the young girl was obsessed with the most strangest of things which had quickly given her the label of 'weirdo': she was obsessed with superpowers. Mary knew every comic hero, their origins, and their powers, and had her own theory as to how the fictional character was scientifically able to do the things he or she did: fly, teleport, walk through walls, morph into other people, and use telepathic or telekinetic powers. She was quite a chatterbox about it as well, which at first annoyed everyone in their lab, but then blew up into a true problem.  

The day before Mary disappeared, the young dark-haired intern grabbed Dr. Reynolds and pulled her into a closet, longing to be somewhere private and dying to tell her something she wanted no one else to hear. Mary was red in the face and on the verge of a panic attack when she told Dr. Reynolds over and over again that she had 'found it'. After calming the young girl down, Mary admitted she had been ignoring her regular work in the pursuit of her dream: to find out the secrets to fictional superpowers. She came clean about ignoring or falsifying reports so that she could have more time to research her own experiments. Dr. Reynolds couldn't get a word in to scold the intern as Mary presented her with data: real evidence that human beings had the potential to gain superpowers like the ones found in comic books. Mary saw a world where cars and planes were obsolete because everyone could fly. She saw everyone as beautiful as they wanted to be because they had the ability to change their shape and appearance at will. The intern saw the potential for exploring other worlds far out of mankind's reach because, if her data was right, people could just 'appear' where they wanted to anywhere in the universe. Time travel? Immortality? Completely phasing out jobs and hunger and disease? What was the point of war when no one could die? All these things were possible ... if her obnoxious data was right. It was obnoxious indeed, and Dr. Reynolds had no time to amuse her intern. Rejection was all Mary received, and when Julia told her employers about Mary's falsified data the next day, she also received termination. Dr. Reynolds didn't tell her superiors about Mary's findings, and she didn't want Mary fired, but she did want the young girl to straighten up and stop chasing fantasies. She wanted Mary to stop her insane crusade for ‘superpowers'.

The day after Mary was fired was worse. Dr. Reynolds came to work to find a crime scene: her lab trashed, deadly chemicals stolen, and a security breach of massive  proportions. The robber was not that great about hiding any evidence for their fingerprints were everywhere. Dr. Reynolds was asked to sit in on a viewing of security tapes because it was her intern who was on them, smashing in glass doors and stealing several vials of chemicals while occasionally pausing to look down at a list she held in her hand. The security locks which were designed to stop bombs seemed to be no problem for little Mary Miller to take apart with her bare hands and legs. This little girl kicked down doors over three inches thick, and rushed inside at blazing speeds, a sight that baffled the police and convinced BioTrek to retest their security all over the government facility for weaknesses like the ones on tape. In the end, it was pretty clear that Mary was to be arrested as soon as possible, but when the police arrived at her tiny apartment, she was no where to be found. Her roommate had no idea where she had gone, saying that she left last night and never returned. Even Mary's parents had no idea she had even been fired from her internship, begging for news as it arrived. Her bank account had been emptied. Her cell phone was still sitting in her apartment. Her car was found at a train station, but that was where the trail ended. While Dr. Reynolds, the police, and BioTrek knew that Mary Miller had committed the great crime, they could not arrest her for she was no where to be found. 

That was two months ago, and a phone call from an unknown number finally brought light to the situation: Mary Miller wanted to meet with Dr. Julia Reynolds at 10:00 AM at a coffee shop downtown, and that was where Julia now found herself. Not concerned with how Mary got her phone number, the lovely doctor sat as calmly as she could under the circumstances. She knew Mary was not a criminal, she was just obsessed with fantasy as well as science, lost between the lines of fact and fiction. Perhaps this whole event would soon be behind them and Mary wanted to turn herself in to the woman she trusted and admired. Perhaps she could get a reduced sentence or fine. Perhaps it was best if Julia calmed herself and waited for Mary to arrive, but when Julia finally thought she was about to calm herself, she saw the young Mary Miller walking her way, and that was enough to get anyone's heart racing. 

Julia did not notice her at first, not because she did not notice the gorgeous, dark-haired girl in the baby blue summer dress walking her way, but because she did not know this girl was Mary. With her long, playful, lovely, brown hair resting upon her shoulders, and with her lovely young legs dancing out from under a tiny dress that showed off her gorgeous thighs, twenty year-old Mary Miller walked with more confidence than Julia had ever witnessed. While Mary was indeed a lovely young girl who had turned down several dates, including a date from her handsome fellow intern Nick Adams, she was always less than made up and wore clothes that seemed to be hand-me-downs from an older brother. Yet while Julia recognized the face of Mary, she clearly did not recognize her body for despite Mary's lovely, lovely, brown hair dazzling in the sun, and despite her lovely legs bare and free for all the world to see, Mary captivated everyone around her with her giant, round, completely braless and completely massive breasts bouncing back and forth and up and down inside her tiny baby blue dress. 

As if she wanted everyone to see them, Mary smiled as people turned her way, staring not at her face but at her breasts which were nearly as big as her own head. With tiny straps hanging from her shoulders and pulling her mighty melons together, Mary's cleavage was even more obnoxious that Julia's, and Julia was actually quite known for her large breasts and slender frame. Yet now Mary was stealing the show, walking in tiny baby blue heels down the sidewalk and towards the table where Dr. Reynolds sat. She didn't wave, she didn't say "Hi.". The wildly busty young brunette in the tiny baby blue dress just walked right up to Julia's table and slipped into the chair opposite the doctor. Julia was taken back for a moment as she watched Mary's massive, braless breasts wiggle inside her dress, but she finally snapped back into reality when someone else approached their tiny table rested beside the busy sidewalk. 

Not two seconds had passed when a man walked out from the coffee shop holding a cup of fresh coffee, walked right up to Mary, and placed the coffee cup down in front of her as if he was serving her. Yet this man was no employee, nor did he say any words. He was just a man in a business suit who placed the cup down in front of Mary then walked on his way, walking not back into the coffee shop but instead down the sidewalk as if he had somewhere to go. Mary did not thank him, nor did she make eye contact. She ignored him completely, but did not ignore the cup of coffee in front of her as she took a quick smell of the aroma, sighed, and then smiled at the woman who was sitting across from her. 

"Hello, Dr. Reynolds." Mary said in a youthful, yet confident voice. "Thank you for meeting me." 

"Mary ... where have you been? What ... what is going on?" Julia stammered, somewhat unable to take her eyes off of the giant pair of breasts Mary now had, breasts that nearly spilled over the top of her lovely baby blue dress and into Julia's eyes. "You need to turn yourself in. Your parents, your friends ... we've all be worried sick that you ... I don't know, died or something." 

"I know." Mary said quite calmly. "And I am ready to come clean about everything." 

"Why did you steal from BioTrek? They really want to press full charges. They want jail time." 

"I needed to finish my research." Mary said calmly. "I thought that was clear?" 

"Mary. Stop. This is insane. You threw away your future, your career, and probably your freedom because you thought you could give yourself superpowers?" 

"I didn't think I could ... I knew I could." Mary smiled. 

The conversation came to a screeching halt as Mary calmly looked down at the metal table below her towards the small container of sugar packets and creamers for the customer's coffee. As the twenty year-old dark-haired girl in the tiny, tight, extremely revealing baby blue dress looked down ever so calmly, the doctor who sat across from her watched a small packet of sugar and two plastic cups of creamer suddenly floated right up out of the tiny condiment container and into the air as if they were hanging from tiny strings. With her long, playful, sensational, brown hair resting upon her shoulders, with her giant, full, strangely large breasts eager to pop out of her dress, and with a calm smile on her face, Mary politely looked down at these three weightless items and watched as they drifted through the air and over to her newly placed cup of coffee. Without a word from either Mary or her former boss, the two ladies watched as the two creamers opened up all on their own and poured into her coffee. Soon the sugar packet ripped along the top ever so perfectly and poured into her cup as well, floating above her coffee cup ever so perfectly. Finally, the metal spoon which sat beside Mary's cup of coffee floated up into the air as well, moving above her cup and flipping around slowly before falling in and stirring all by itself. With her hands still calmly on her lap under the table, Mary seemed quite calm as her coffee stirred itself, watching and smiling at the sight without a care in the world. 

"See?" Mary said ever so calmly as her spoon stirred her coffee for her, twirling around inside her cup without a hand holding on to it. 

"What ... how did?" Julia stammered, her mouth agape and her eyes unblinking. 

"It's just telekinesis." Mary politely stated as she watched her metal spoon float up out of her coffee cup and then gently slide down onto the saucer. "Something I recently developed ... it comes in handy a lot." 

"You ... you did it!?" Julia continued to stammer, pulling her lab coat tighter over her beautiful body while realizing that Mary was now telekinetic thanks to her secret research and stolen supplies. This was not trickery or an illusion or science fiction: this was the real world. This was a world where superpowers did not exist outside of movies and comic books, and yet as Julia had just witnessed with her commonly very scientific and questioning eyes, it was clear that little Mary Miller now possessed very real and very graceful telekinetic abilities. "You ... your telekinetic?" 

"Well ... not just telekinetic, but yes." Mary sighed, finally using her real fingers to lift up the coffee cup and take a sip of her newly stirred drink. "And I know you're thinking that moving spoons and sugar packets is the limit to my new telekinetic powers, but ... it's not. Watch this!" 

As Mary looked away from their table to the sidewalk where several people were calmly walking by, Dr. Reynolds followed Mary's sight and noticed a girl who seemed to be just as old and just as beautiful as Mary. This girl with long, black hair and a deep, dark tan walked away from their table down the sidewalk as her own short, flowing, white summer dress swayed back and forth behind her, giving both girls a lovely view of her bare calves and thighs. As she walked along the sidewalk, capturing not only the attention of the doctor and her former intern but of everyone else around her, Mary pursed her lips and calmly blew towards her, blowing as if she was trying to blow out a candle on a birthday cupcake. Julia watched Mary purse her lips, and then also watched as a powerful wind rushed along the sidewalk and tossed this girl's tiny dress not only up off of her phenomenal ass to reveal a matching white thong, but even up over her head so that it took her more than a second to fight back. The winds continued to whirl around her, spinning about as everyone got a great view of this girls tight ass and tighter abs. Somehow no one else seemed to be affected by the tiny tornado that soon vanished from the sidewalk, leaving the poor girl embarrassed and confused as the sudden wind died off. 

"It's a hell of a lot of fun having superpowers ... I must say." Mary joked, clearly taking claim for the gust of wind that had just rushed down the sidewalk and up the woman's dress.  

"Wait ... what do you mean 'not just' telekinesis?" Julia stammered, spinning back and talking a bit quieter, worried that someone might see what Mary was so effortlessly doing with her ... superpowers. She tossed her long, golden hair from her face, trying to make eye contact with the young girl who also now seemed to control the wind. "What did you do?" 

"You mean what 'can' I do?" Mary sneered, clearly knowing something Dr. Reynolds did not. 

Without another word, the young girl swirled her finger down at the metal table below her, stirring the air and instantly causing a glowing, white light to radiate from the table below. The young girl in the baby blue dress spun her finger only three times around as Julia watched this strange light flash before her. It was after just a little twirl of her finger and a zip of light that Mary pulled her hand back, ending the light and leaving a white, powdered doughnut where the light had once been. In a flash of light, Mary had literally created a doughnut just by spinning her finger in the air. It was another magic trick that baffled Julia, but it was clearly not a trick as Mary brought the doughnut to her lips and smiled back at her dumbfounded former boss before taking a bite, showing just how real and how tasty her powers were.

"The secret rested in the amplification of brainwaves." Mary said after calmly taking a bite out of the doughnut she had just literally created with her mind, talking and chewing at the same time. "Our minds are confined to controlling our own bodies, but upon successfully amplifying them to the extent that I have done, one can gain control over more. They can ... repair their body at a much higher rate and stop aging. They can gain control of their surroundings and manipulate matter ... and gravity. In time, and with enough of my drug, you can gain control over everything. Matter. Space. Time. Reality." Mary paused for a moment and leaned in close to whisper a secret, as if what she had been saying was no big deal. "Would you believe that we have sat here before? You called the police the first time and that did not go very well, so I went back in time and tried this a different way ... keeping you from calling the police with my mind. You don't remember because, as far as your mind is concerned, it never happened."

After chewing, Mary let go of the doughnut and dusted the white powder from her fingers while the doughnut calmly floated in the air exactly where she had left it. Satisfied with the taste, Mary then simply 'shoo-ed' the doughnut away, flicking her hand towards it and letting it know she had no further need for it. As she brushed her fingers, the levitating doughnut vanished in another tiny flicker of light, zipping into oblivion just as Mary had wished. Julia was dumbfounded and quickly spun around to see if anyone else saw what she had seen, but the world around her went on, oblivious to the young girl's incredible display of superhuman power. 

"I told you I found a way to give people superpowers, but after BioTrek fired me, I couldn't test my theory or create the drugs needed, so I had to take them." The twenty year-old brunette said politely after washing her doughnut down with some more coffee, talking as if the ability to create things out of thin air and then remove them when she was done with them was common. "And because I had no test subjects to test on, I tested my drugs on myself. Plus, because I needed to know what powers I could develop, I saw no reason to stop once I succeeded in giving myself telekinetic abilities. Watch this." 

Mary suddenly blinked her eyes with a bit more strength and everything stopped. The world around Mary and Julia froze in time instantly as Mary opened her eyes again, looking around at birds who had been flying by and now remained in mid-air with their wings open. Julia had no idea what to do or say as she saw people frozen on the side- walk in mid-step, unable to walk forward or turn and look over at the little girl who had stopped them. Even smoke which once billowed out of the exhaust pipes of all the cars on the street did not move, sitting still like toxic marshmallows behind cars that could not move. There was no sound, no wind, no birds singing or cars driving or the slightest sound anywhere as Julia looked down the block, noticing this phenomenon was not restricted by any means. For all Julia knew, the entire world had stopped in time simply because little Mary Miller wanted it to. Able to move unlike everyone else, Julia turned back to Mary to ask her something, but Mary had just unleashed her hold on time, allowing everything to resume once more. The shock caused Julia to hop in her seat as the frozen birds and walking people continued onward without missing a beat. 

"I love doing that." Mary giggled, grinning at the sight of the world moving on as she bounced in her seat. 

"Okay." Julia said, her legs trembling at the notion that her young intern not only had telekinetic powers strong enough to control the wind, but also the power to create things with her mind and apparently control time as well. "So what ... what else?" 

"So ... it's not just telekinesis ... mastery of time ... and well ... did you see the tits I gave myself? I always loved how big yours were ... so I gave myself your tits. See?" Mary joked, arching her back and pressing her gigantic, round, full breasts out into Julia's eyes, hinting that she had just 'given herself' the same large, round, mature breasts Julia was known for. It was quite obvious that Mary's breasts were at least three-times as big as they had been two months ago, and Julia had clearly already noticed that for she had a hard time not looking down at the young girl's mighty cleavage. "You see ... because of my drug, I now have everything." Mary said quite plainly. "I can fly. I can turn invisible. I can walk through walls. I can read minds. I made that man buy me coffee and deliver it to me while I was walking up to your table ... and he never met me. I can do anything I want. I can ... well, I am 'all-powerful'." 

"You can fly? You ... you're ... all-powerful?" Julia tried to repeat, still trying to whisper. "Like ... omnipotent? Like ... God?" 

"I guess that is a non-scientific way to put it!" Mary said, almost rolling her eyes. "But to put it bluntly, yes! Thanks to my drug, I am now omnipotent ... all-powerful ... I am God. One might think that the universe becomes smaller once you ascend to ... omnipotence ... being an all-powerful being ... being God." Mary continued looking up at the towering buildings and the blue sky above. "But in fact it becomes so much bigger. So many dimensions. So much depth. Everything seems so ... amazing. My mind is just ... everywhere … even right now!” 

"Mary ... this is insane." Julia continued, trying to get a grip on what her former intern was claiming to be. "You don't sound like yourself anymore ... you sound like you're on drugs ... you sound like ..." 

"An all-knowing, all-seeing, all-powerful god?" Mary continued, taking Julia's own words while smiling a slightly sinister smile. "Precisely, and I have some ideas of how to make this world a better place. For starters … you wore purple today. How about … red.” 

Before Julia could say anything to talk some sense into the young girl, Mary raised her hand slowly and pointing at the woman in purple across from her. The instant Mary pointed at her, Julia felt her clothes become warm for a brief second, forcing her to look down at herself and watch as her purple dress became red before her eyes. The color literally changed before her eyes in a just a few seconds as Mary pointed at her, smiling and watching her former boss's clothes do exactly what she wanted them to do. Even her white panties and her white bra which had been helping cover up her mighty cleavage had simply disappeared under her clothes, leaving her legendary breasts free to bounce about inside the red dress that was a few sizes too small. If that was not enough, her glasses had vanished from her face, yet she could still see perfectly with amazing, sharp focus. While Mary's display of telekinesis was impressive, and the magic doughnut trick seemed quite real, this was something else entirely. Young Mary had changed reality with a point of her finger and a desire from her mind, changing Julia's clothing and even healing her eyes and granting her new vision. This was indeed something that could only be defined as ‘godly’. 

"Looking for these?" Mary calmly said, lifting up her hand and showing Julia the she was now holding her white bra and panties. “I just healed your eyes with my mind, Ms. Reynolds. Think about that. Because of my drug … and my powers … I can change reality in any way I want. I can reshape anything to my will, and no one can stop me.”

Then in a rush, Mary leapt up from the table, sliding her chair back and standing before Julia in her tiny, blue dress. The young scientist with the oversized breasts, breasts she claimed to have ‘given herself’ with her new supernatural powers, playfully tossed Julia's giant bra and tiny thong into the air as she bounced to her feet. Before Julia could do anything to stop this remarkable brunette, the tiny girl with the giant breasts and tiny waist calmly twirled in front of her, causing her tiny baby blue dress to rise up into the air ever so slightly above her matching baby blue panties. As she spun her lovely, sensational, brown hair around and bounced her gigantic breasts inside her dress, Mary's dress suddenly became extremely transparent, allowing not only Julia but everyone walking down the sidewalk or sitting at the coffee shop to witness her phenomenal, almost impossible hourglass curves under her dress. As Mary stopped her tiny twirl and stood happily in her see-through dress, Julia also noticed that Mary was no longer wearing her panties: they had simply disappeared on her body and revealed her young pussy underneath. Basically naked on the sidewalk in a baby blue dress that was more see-through than opaque, Mary just placed her fingernail between her teeth and coyly stared back down at Dr. Reynolds as if she was looking for approval for her naked body under her new outfit. She spun slowly back around so everyone could see her bare ass under her dress, showing all those who had stopped to stare that she was indeed naked underneath. Without an explanation, other than the fact Mary might indeed be omnipotent, Mary had altered her own outfit in an instant, changing her clothes into what she wanted to wear despite the laws that most likely forbid it. It was the idea that Mary was going to be arrested that sparked Julia to bounce up out of her seat and grab Mary's wrist, pulling her away from the scene of spectators who were quickly gathering. 

"What the hell, Mary?!" Julia tried not to shout as she reached out to pull the young girl in the sheer dress away from the spectators. Yet as the doctor reached out to grab the busty girl, she found it impossible to touch Mary at all. Mary stood calmly before everyone as Julia’s hands slipped right through her body without disturbing her, slipping through her body as if Mary was now nothing more than a hologram. Baffled, Julia looked down at her hands as if something was wrong with them, but they seemed fine. Julia simply could not touch Mary, realizing that it was because Mary did not want her to be able to.

"Mary. stop!” Julia shouted realizing all she could do was talk to the girl, unable to touch her. “You're freaking out and you're going to get arrested." 

"I'd like to see them try!" Mary giggled as she stood basically naked in front of everyone, her sheer, blue dress doing nothing to hide her huge breasts, pink nipples, or her amazing, round, bare ass. “What are they going to do to me?”

"These drugs ... these ... superpower drugs ... what if someone else gets them?" Julia continued to whisper loudly. "What if ... what about the rest of the world? The government is going to make you give them these drugs ... they're going to take them or they are going to kill you!" 

"Kill me?" Mary suddenly laughed a bit too loud. "You're thinking way too small still, Dr. Reynolds." The little girl laughed, clicking her heels away from Julia and towards the busy street full of speeding cars. "Way too small!" 

Again, before Julia could do anything to stop Mary, Mary spun around and leapt right in front of a speeding bus, happily jumping in its path and giving the terrified driver no time at all to stop. Mary's beautiful, busty, perfect body was destroyed by the speeding bus: her limbs broke as her bones ripped through her skin; her face burst into blood and bone; her body bent in inhumane ways; her entire body tossed into the air and sent down the street. The entire sidewalk panicked as the bus driver slammed on the breaks, but even before the bus stopped, it was quite clear this young girl was not going to live through this moment. As what was left of her shattered body fell to the cement and rolled over and over again several times, the bus driver stopped the bus and leapt from the door, yet he quickly turned away and tried to get everyone else to do the same. No one should have seen the mess: it would have haunted them for the rest of their lives just as it would not haunt the poor driver. 

Julia was still quite frozen on the sidewalk, standing in her dark red dress and watching the scene unfold. Despite her voluptuous body barely confined to her tiny dress, no one was paying the blonde woman much attention. Lost, confused, horrified, and infinitely shocked, Julia started to back away from the scene. She did not want to see Mary's ravaged body. She did not want to see if she was still alive somehow. The genius doctor had seen enough to know that Mary Miller was dead. Unsure of what to do, Julia turned from the scene and went to grab her purse which remained at the coffee table where she once sat with Mary, only as she turned around she saw Mary sitting at the table still in her very transparent dress, sipping her coffee ever so calmly while the rest of the world freaked out about the dark-haired girl who committed suicide in the city street. 

"Tada!" Mary said proudly. "Not dead." 

Julia's jaw dropped again, but a calm brush of Mary's hand through the air pulled Julia back down into her seat. As she sipped her coffee one more time, Mary also grabbed Dr. Reynolds's with her telekinetic powers, moving her slowly down back into her seat. With all the attention on the accident in the street, Mary was free to open Julia's mind even further and help her grasp the truth she had been trying to convince her of. 

"Okay first off, this body is really just a vessel for my ... essence ... and I will admit, it is much easier to communicate with you this way." Mary said, still very much ignoring the scene she had just caused down the block. "You're used to seeing my face, my hair, and my human form, but because I have achieved omnipotence, I have also ascended to pure omnipresence. You may see me sitting here in this body, wearing this dress, but the reality is that I am also the dress itself. I am this coffee, this table, the police car .... I am the air, the ground, the trees and the buildings. I am everywhere." 

The moment Mary said those words, another warm breeze suddenly blew past their tiny table, a wind that was quite a bit warmer than any other gust of wind which had whipped up that day. Julia felt the wind upon her bare calves while Mary calmly closed her eyes and smiled, sighing a pleasant sigh as if she had been overcome with joy. Julia too felt a bit of calm come over her as the sound of a police car squelched by, arriving to the scene of the suicide that wasn't. 

"I love the way the wind feels upon your legs, Julia." Mary said as if she was sharing the sensation. "I love the way it caresses your thighs, slipping up along your body and your calves ... along your pussy. I've loved watching you and Nick have sex too ... feeling him inside you ... feeling your body through his hands ... his cock fucking your perfect pussy." Mary continued, referring to her claim that she was indeed everywhere and had been using such power to not only watch Julia have sex with her other intern Nick, but also experience it from both perspectives. "You feel amazing. I wonder how you taste." 

Mary closed her eyes and then licked the air in front of her, licking an invisible popsicle that might have been floating before her face. Without panties under her dark red dress for Mary had removed them with her powers, Julia suddenly felt a tongue ease between her pussy lips and flick her clit, a rush that drove her into a frenzy. The doctor crossed her legs and tried to cover herself with both hands, but it did not matter; she still felt a tongue between her thighs, slipping inside her and dancing along her pussy. Mary sat across from Julia and moaned joyous moans as she squirmed in her set, running one hand up over her gigantic breasts and massaging herself as she continued to lick the air. Finally, after realizing there would be more time for such things later, Mary opened her eyes and put her tongue away, smiling at the older woman sitting across from her and glaring at her with powerful bedroom eyes. 

"Divine." Mary sighed, finally stopping whatever sexual magic she was using. There was a short, awkward pause as Mary sat in her chair and seemed to cause more winds to flow around them with her mind, creating exactly what she wanted any time she wanted, whether it was a small doughnut or a soft breeze or a tongue between Dr. Reynolds's legs. Julia continued to tremble as she tried to cross her legs, wondering what she could do to keep Mary from doing whatever she wanted to her. 

“Relax.” Mary said, looking across the tiny table at her busty boss. “We’ve actually had sex before. A lot. You just … well, that was in another timeline.” The girl in the sheer dress continued, suddenly annoyed as if she remembered a memory that displeased her. 

“We’ve … had sex … before?” Julia tried not to laugh. “You? Me? Like … lesbian sex?”

“Oh yes.” Mary smiled. “But … I wasn’t always a girl.” She continued to chuckle. “You didn’t seem to mind.”

“Jesus Christ.” Julia complained a bit too loudly. “What … what are you talking about?”

“Actually: Mary Miller.” Mary said, playfully correcting her boss. “And the thing is … this body, despite how much I do love this ass and these tits, is actually pointless. My consciousness lives on a totally different plane of existence, and will do so for all eternity and beyond. I can be a man, a woman, a bird, a tree, some clouds. I could be all those things at once. I could be nothing at all and simply drift as only my thoughts. Like I said, this is just a familiar vessel for you to recognize, or at least this face is. I could die a million times over in hundreds of different ways over the next trillion years ... but I can always return in a new form as soon as I want to when I want one. With that: I have achieved immortality. I will live forever. Combine my new state of existence with my powers … I guess I am truly ‘God’ now." 

Julia was becoming at a loss for words. Every time she tried to question Mary's abilities, she received a very alarming and direct answer. It was undeniable that Mary had ... superpowers ... and that she was right about her scientific findings. Her rejection from BioTrek had forced her to do drastic things, and now she had the upper hand in so many ways. Mary had telekinetic powers, making her an instant threat to anyone, not to mention she clearly had the godly ability to create things out of thin air. While a doughnut was not a threat, what would stop her from creating a knife, a gun, or a pot of boiling water right above Julia's head? What about her claims that she could travel through time? That she could not die? That she technically was not sitting in front of her in that chair, but in fact everywhere around her and existing as reality itself? Had Mary simply figured out a way to give herself a few superpowers while exaggerating to an obnoxious degree about being omnipotent, or was she actually all-powerful now? How could this little dark-haired intern have developed a drug that could turn a human being into an immortal, invincible, all-powerful god? 

"But ... it's ..." Julia finally stammered, still at a loss for words. 

“I see you need a bit more … convincing.” Julia suddenly heard Mary say without moving her lips, her large, full, God-given breasts spilling out of her dress and into the eyes of her former boss. The dark-haired girl calmly spoke to her former boss not with her lovely voice, but with the telepathic powers she claimed she had developed in the last few months. "I'm in your mind. I'm in everyone's mind, it fact. I know what everyone is thinking at any given time all around the world. And if you still think I am not completely omnipotent and capable of anything, perhaps it is time for a greater display of my power ... one everyone can … enjoy." 

A calm glance into the sky changed everything. 

As looked up into the sky, Julia looked up as well and saw what looked like four meteors zip across the sky. Glowing red fireballs of epic size blasted right over the downtown district, causing more than just Julia to look up and panic. The smoke trails were vast and the cries of terror began to grow as Mary sipped her coffee and sat calmly in her chair in her tiny, tight, revealing baby blue dress. As Mary set her coffee down and did not bother to look behind her, these blazing fireballs smashed into the towering buildings a few blocks from the coffee shop, instantly destroying the top floors of three different skyscrapers. Panic overwhelmed the streets as people started to leap from their cars where they rested in the street, running away as rock, concrete, and fire all came crashing down from above. In a matter of seconds, one of the massive buildings began to crumble in on itself; a 30-story building which once scraped the sky was now falling to the streets below, crushing the lesser buildings beside it and burying hundreds in rubble, metal and flames. Yet Mary sat quite calmly in her chair, unafraid of anything as everyone around her but Julia ran in horror. 

"Did you ... do that?" Julia asked, horrified after witnessing the destruction. 

"Yes." Mary said, still sitting in her chair in her baby blue dress. "Would you like to see more?" 

"No! What ... how are you?" Julia screamed. 

"Peeeeeeew." Mary continued, playfully drawing a line through the air with her finger as another meteor suddenly shot over the buildings above them, sailing right over the towering buildings which reached to the sky. Julia did not see this massive fireball land, but she saw several smaller fireballs crash into the windows of the building directly above them, blowing up several office windows over twenty stories above. Julia watched the debris fall towards her: metal barbs, giant blocks of concrete, and a rain of glass that would all surely crush her and kill her instantly. She did not run for there was nowhere safe to go. She did not scream for there was no time. She just stood and watched as these massive rocks and a million shards of deadly glass simply stopped ten feet above her, stopping as if they had been caught by a safety net. Realizing she was not dead, Julia spun back to Mary and saw that she was pointing up into the air at all the debris with her finger, calmly pointing and smiling as she held her cup of coffee in her other hand. 

"Mary, stop it!" Julia shouted, finally accepting that this twenty year-old girl was causing giant fireballs to fall from the sky. 

"I can't … or … I won’t." Mary said quite bluntly, finally standing up from the table and leaving her coffee behind. The little girl tossed her hand up at the giant pieces of concrete and metal barbs that levitated above Julia's head, sending well over 800 lb. of debris off like a tennis ball being shot out of a cannon. The massive rocks and debris flew away like they had been flung from a catapult, but all that had happened was that Mary had tossed them aside with a calm gesture and a thought from her mind. Julia watched as they crashed into several cars down the street, smashing windows and showing her what would have happened to her if Mary had not stopped the debris with her telekinesis. 

“This world, this … universe. I may have not have created it like how people think of God.” The telekinetic girl in the sheer, blue dress said, standing calmly while the world around her fell to chaos. “I know now that this universe was created by random chance. No minds or logical thought or creative design, but chance. Science made the universe, and science made me a God. There was no God until now, and now that I am that God, I need to fix the universe science made. I need to purge it of the illogical nonsense and mold it into something better than what it is. I can’t stop and think about consequences. You see … I'm too powerful to just ‘stop’ all this, too powerful to worry about consequences or laws or life or manmade garbage. I create life. I create laws. I create science now. Everything belongs to me.” Mary continued, trying not to lose her cool as she proclaimed victory. “Plus … being this powerful is way … way too much fun." 

Falling back into her playful demeanor, the basically naked brunette in the baby blue, see-through dress spun away from Dr. Reynolds, spinning around and swirling her dress and her hair around her amazing body. Facing the street, the young girl who claimed to have all the powers of the universe at her fingertips tossed both of her hands out in front of her as if she was pushing open a large door. As she tossed her hands out in front of her, all the cars that had been abandoned or covered in glass, as well as everyone who was standing or running by in front of Mary, were thrown across the street and against the building. Over twenty cars, trucks, thirty innocent people, and even a big rig were all suddenly lifted right off of the ground and thrown out of Mary's way, tossed across the street as if there was some kind of giant magnet on the other side pulling them across. As people continued to run in terror, confused as to why everything in front of them had just been tossed into the glass walls of the building downtown, Mary began to step out into the street, walking calmly into the empty street while dozens of people ran past her, taking note of her astonishing body under her dress, but then still running for safety. Julia watched as a man ran down the street with his eyes still on the falling buildings a few blocks down the street, oblivious to the fact that Mary was in his path. He ran without watching where he was going, and as he bumped into Mary's young body, he simply exploded into light, vanishing before Julia's eyes while Mary walked on completely unfazed. Despite being horrified that this human being had simply vanished after bumping into Mary, Julia remained for she was the only one who knew Mary was to blame for everything. 

"Mary!" Julia cried out, running after her yet afraid to touch her. "You ... you can't do this! You’re … killing people.” 

"Of course I can. They’re all just temporary.” Mary smiled, spinning back to Julia and stopping her from getting too close, twirling her tiny dress up from her bare butt for a moment before letting it fall back down to her thighs. “Temporary specks in the grand scheme where as now: I am forever. I can do anything I want with reality. Anything." 

With that, Mary opened her palms and looked up to the blue sky above and simply reversed gravity around her. Instantly, all the cars in the street, the people running in horror, the rocks, the concrete, and even the table the two ladies had been sitting at suddenly flew upwards, rising up into the air at an alarming rate. Mary just held out her arms and smiled to the sky, causing gravity itself to reverse as everything fell up instead of down. Only Julia and Mary seemed unaffected by the gravitational flop, and Julia knew it was because it was what Mary wanted. Despite the sight of dozens of cars and people flying up past the buildings above her, Mary stood calm and content on the ground below, watching with a smile on her face as these innocent people sailed up towards their demise. It was as if gravity was just a toy now for this girl to play with, an arrogant, beautiful, powerful young girl who had turned herself into an omnipotent being. Then as suddenly as it started, gravity returned to normal around Mary and Julia. Those who were lucky enough to be inside buildings when the phenomenon started began to crawl out into the street where the young girl in the blue dress now stood. No one said or did anything as they carefully stepped outside into the sunlight, looking up to see if anything was going to fall back down to the ground, but nothing did. Instead, Mary calmly lifted her own bare toes up off of the ground, lifting herself into the air with her amazing powers and levitating before those who were still alive. She showed Julia that she could indeed fly just as she had previously claimed, rising high above the street in her sheer, blue dress while ignoring the crowd that was gathering around her. Julia turned to these spectators and joined them in both awe and fear, worried that she would not be able to talk any sense into the omnipotent girl. Mary was clearly obsessed with her discovery, a discovery that had transformed her into a god, and it seemed as though she was enjoying revealing her scientific discovery to the world in the most horrific way possible. 

"Do you believe me now?" Mary's voice boomed as she floated in the air now nearly ten feet off of the ground, floating high above the spectators who were no longer running but now staring at this flying girl in the baby blue dress. "Do you now believe I am omnipotent. That I am God?” 

Previously unaffected by gravity’s reversal, the blazing siren of a fire truck turned Julia's attention away from Mary's levitation in the middle of the road. Even Mary took notice as a large fire truck turned the corner in front of them and drove down the middle of the now empty road. Noticing the truck was headed her way, Mary dropped her busty body and her bare feet back to the asphalt, landing with a smack upon the black pavement below where she had been calmly levitating. Longing to save anyone they could and put out any fires they can, the driver of the truck blared his horn to get this young girl out of the way. There were lives to save and a world to help, but Mary did not see any reason to help anyone, nor get out of the truck's path. As the truck swerved around her and gave up on the game of chicken, Mary seemed to blur back in its path, zipping from where she stood and placing herself in harm's way faster than Julia could grasp. Yet when the truck smashed into her body at over 50 MPH, Mary simply pushed back, grabbing the front of the massive red truck and throwing it back from where it came. With a lift and a scoop of her hands, Mary picked up the giant truck and flipped it back into the air, throwing it well over a thirty feet up into the sky while sending it back down the block. This huge truck flipped through the air over and over again, flying far from where Mary, Julia, and the various spectators stood. No one knew what to do after witnessing the tiny, skinny, incredibly busty little girl in the tiny, baby-blue dress throw the massive fire truck over two-hundred feet down the street. All Mary did was playfully dust her clean hands as everyone watched the truck continue to flip through the air. Finally over a block away, a deafening crash and an explosion signaled the fire truck's defeat, an explosion that well over two dozen people, including three distraught police officers, knew Mary had caused. 

"Get ... get down on the ground!" One of the police officer shouted as he pulled out his handgun, reminding the other two that they were still police officers despite being covered in dirt and small scratches. 

"Don't you see, Dr. Reynolds." Mary said as she started to walk towards the crowd, ignoring everyone around her and singling out the lovely blonde in the dark red dress. The crowd realized that this girl knew the blonde in the dark red dress and quickly stepped away from Julia, fearing that she may be able to throw a firetruck like a baseball as well. The police officers did not fire yet and instead followed Mary as she walked slowly up to Julia, smiling as if the world was not falling apart around her. 

“With me acting as an active God instead of an absent one, I can take humanity to new heights." Mary continued while everyone listened. "Together, you and I can open doors to new realities, new dimensions, new possibilities, and discover unfathomable existence. We can create perfect life. Utopian societies. We can be perfect.” 

"We?" Julia said, still very much afraid of her super-powered intern. 

To answer Julia's question, Mary opened her palm and instantly created a vial of her drug with her mind, a vial of glowing pink liquid that floated above her hand and radiated radioactive light. The crowd awed at the sight of the glowing liquid, witnessing the truth first hand that Mary no longer needed to steal chemicals or mix drugs to remake the drug that turned this once ordinary young girl into an all-powerful God: Mary only had to think more of her drug into existence, and it was so. As this glowing vial floated above Mary's palm ever so calmly, the police officers watched and waited to see what this young, magical, dark-haired girl was planning to do next. 

"This is for you, Dr. Reynolds." Mary said calmly. "It will not make you as powerful as me, but you will become ... powerful. To a degree." 

"No!" Julia shouted. "You've lost your mind, Mary. You're killing people. You can't make me take your drug." 

"Of course I can." Mary smiled as the vial floated above her hand. "After all, I need someone to accompany me for eternity. Trust me. You’ll enjoy it." 

With a flick of her hand, the floating pink vial became a pink blast of light, a ray that exploded from Mary's hand and hit Dr. Reynolds's right in her perfect, round, braless breasts, hitting her and then enveloping her in supernatural light. This ray of light caused Julia's entire body to suddenly glow, overwhelming her with energy and sending her down on her hands and knees. This beam, whatever it was, was enough to anger the police officers who still had their guns pointed at the dark-haired girl. As Julia fell to the ground on her hands and knees, the three handguns began to fire, shooting Mary several times in her face, her chest, and her arms. The crowd started to run as the gunshots rang out, but Mary did not move an inch. The young girl did not budge, flinch, or even look at the police officers who were shooting her. Little Mary Miller just stood above her former boss and watched her evolve. She watched her chromosomes in her cells double and triple over and over again. She smiled as Julia’s mind began to process everything faster, allowing Julia’s organs to run more efficiently. Mary watched Julia’s body glow as she rested on the ground in her tight, red dress, caring very little that three police officers were still shooting her in the face, breasts, and back. Mary did not care for she wanted to see the look on Julia’s face the moment she felt her new power: her evolved state. 

The police officers had shot Mary at least five times each, but she still stood before them without a scratch on her. They failed to realize that the moment their bullets came within an inch of the nearly-naked girl's soft, milky-white skin, they simply ceased to exist, disappearing before they could do her any kind of harm. Mary was quite aware of the fact, smiling as the bullets seemed to disappear inside her like she was some kind of black hole. Only when she wished to speak to Dr. Reynolds did the loud bangs of the gunfire finally upset her. All it took was a wave of the young girl's hand through the air towards the three police officers to get them to stop as they instantly vanished inside their uniforms. With a calm wave, Mary deleted the three men from existence, causing their guns, belts, clothes, and hats to fall into three separate piles the second they became nothing at all. Julia did not have to see this to know what Mary had done for the doctor could no longer hear what the three police officers were thinking. 

"Amazing, isn't it?" Julia heard Mary say into her mind as she stood above her, holding out her hand to help the blonde woman to her feet. "The knowledge. The power. The confidence."  Mary continued to say telepathically.

Forgetting that Mary's skin was apparently deadly, Julia reached up and took her hand, finding her hand as soft and as welcoming as she remembered. The street had become empty and quiet around the two girls, giving Julia a second to realize what she now knew. With her long, flowing, shimmering, golden hair cascading down her back, Julia looked around and saw things now with her mind rather than with her eyes. She saw the dying and dead people trapped in the rubble of the collapsed building two blocks away, a building Mary had knocked over with giant meteors she had created with her powers. Julia saw witnesses telling other survivors about the girl who had thrown a firetruck down the street even though these conversations were happening a few blocks away and around a corner. Julia stood in her dress and felt the buildings around her with her mind, realizing that these massive towers actually weighed nothing to the power of her newly amplified brainwaves. She did feel powerful. She did feel confident. She felt like she could remember every word in every book she had ever read, and soon found that  she knew everything about every book everyone within a ten mile radius had read. Her brainwaves were sucking up knowledge from everything and everyone around her, telling her everything from how many coffee beans were inside the coffee shop behind her to how many shards of glass rested on the ground, and how they could fit back together like a puzzle. 

“Do you like it?” Mary asked Julia, this time with her mouth instead of her mind.

“How … this is amazing.” Julia admitted, suddenly forgetting all about the horrors which Mary had caused with her newly gifted powers. "Why abuse such ... knowledge?" 

“It is not abuse." Mary responded with her own mental powers, realizing her plan should not be heard by anyone near by. "The world is a mess. The universe is a disaster. Whatever made this reality did not do a good job, but I can fix everything, Dr. Reynolds. We can fix everything. We can be gods, and everyone will thank us after its all over. But first ... some things must go. First ... I need to make quite a lot of changes." 

"These kind of changes?" Julia thought, tossing her hands out and presenting the carnage Mary's powers had caused. Although her rapidly evolving mind had already mastered using her new telepathic powers, Julia quickly realizing that despite her power, she could not read the younger girl's mind. The little girl's mind was still far more advanced and able to keep the older blonde from digging around in her thoughts. 

"Well, some people are not part of my plan ... and there is going to be some ... resistance." Mary thought quite bluntly. "Care to follow me?" 

With a bend of her knees and a soft hop, the naked brunette in the baby blue, see- through dress blasted off into the sky, shooting straight up into the air like a rocket and leaving wind in her wake. Julia stood below and watched as Mary simply flew up into the sky, leaping up from the ground in her baby blue heels with in desire to come down. With her arms stretched out like wings and her tiny baby blue dress flapping along her thighs, the dark-haired girl of just twenty years of age sailed up overhead as if she had been leaping up into the sky like a superhero for years. In seconds she was nothing more than a tiny dot in the blue sky, a dot that Julia knew was actually her former intern. Mary had only claimed she could fly while the two ladies had shared coffee, but now she clearly proved it: Little twenty year-old Mary Miller could definitely fly. 

Yet somehow, Dr. Julia Reynolds felt like she could too. Somehow confident that she could jump just as high, Julia massaged her hands together as if she was going to jump off a diving board and then tossed her hands out above her, trying to grab the sky with her hands and causing her dark red heels to zip up off of the ground. The second Julia wanted to fly, she could fly, realizing that using her new superpowers were as easy as thinking she was capable of more. With the winds rushing down through her long, golden hair and her hands out in front of her, the busty blonde woman in the dark red dress and heels shot up through the towering buildings, moving much faster upward than she could have done falling down. The rush of power flowed through the woman's body as her tiny dark red dress danced high along her thighs, realizing that gravity had no hold on her any longer: Dr. Julia Reynolds could now fly just like her young intern.

In seconds, the voluptuous, blonde doctor was soaring up over the towering buildings and looking up at the bare thighs and juicy ass of the dark-haired girl above her who was calmly levitating in the air 10,000 feet above the city. Upon realizing she was not jumping 10,000 feet in the air and in fact able to control her speed, Julia slowed down and glided right up to the young god, soaring up to her as her tiny dark red dress was nearly peeled off of her gigantic, round, braless breasts. With her long, flowing, shimmering, golden hair cascading down her back, Julia stood in the air with Mary for a moment, taking a second to accept, that the younger girl had simply given her the ability to fly with her seemingly newly achieved omnipotence. She looked back down at her dark red heels, taking note that she was in fact now floating well over twice as high as any skyscraper below her simply because she wanted to. She completely understood the rush such abilities gave her as Julia almost forgot about the mass murders Mary had committed on the streets below. She was even smiling as she levitated high above the world with her intern, curious to see what other powers Mary had given her. 

"Having fun yet?" Mary asked with her own mouth, speaking softly as her baby blue dress danced in the high altitude winds and her naked body rested on display under her sheer dress.

“Fun? You're killing people down there.” Julia proclaimed, nearly forgetting she was actually flying high above the city in her tiny, see-through dress and matching heels.

“It's just a temporary thing.” Mary proclaimed, trying to convince Julia she was not evil. “And they're all temporary anyway. Just … moments in time. They’re not like me. They're not like us.” She continued as she stood barefoot high above the chaos far below, floating effortlessly in her sheer, blue dress. “Here, let me show you something else. Check this out!”

The young Mary Miller then looked up to the blue skies above and opened her hands to the sky, instantly calling for clouds to roll in above her from all directions at a supernatural rate. Julia floated beside her young intern and watched a wave of giant, massive, white clouds simply roll in above her, giant clouds that dwarfed the city far below the levitating girls. The baffled doctor was again impressed beyond compare by the supernatural powers that her intern now possessed, watching as this twenty year-old girl calmly created giant clouds just by moving her hands through the air and looking up to the sky. Yet Mary remained calm as she conducted this clouds above her, directing them as if she was on a runway directing planes where to land. The mere halo of blue sky above the two girls was soon sealed up by the clouds, casting their shadow down upon Mary’s youthful face and Julia’s long, blonde hair. Covered in shadow, Mary lowered her hands back down yet continued to look up at the giant clouds she had created, clouds that stretched far beyond the city and encompassed the entire county in clouds. These clouds continued to spread outward as Mary smiled up at her creation, showing her boss that she had completely control of the weather as well.

“So you can create clouds too?” Julia said, trying to act unimpressed. “Is that your idea of fun?”

“Ha.” Mary scoffed. “I can create anything. Let me show you.”

With a kick against the air behind her, the brown-haired girl shot up towards the clouds, sailing up away from her boss as she flew higher into the air. Julia floated below in her red dress and watched as Mary slipped up through the clouds above, quickly disappearing and leaving Julia all alone to float above the dark, smokey city below her red heels. With nowhere else to go, Julia tried to understand how to fly and thought about following Mary up through the clouds, quickly moving upward the moment she wanted to. Accepting that this was how to fly, Julia focused her thoughts on going up higher, sailing up through the clouds as well as she pursued her magical intern. The clouds flowed down over Julia’s body, cooling her skin under her tiny dress while blocking out her vision of what was to come next. As the clouds above her became illuminated by the sunlight on the surface above, Julia found herself popping out of the top of the clouds and back into the warm sun, sailing up over the white clouds to discover Mary’s world.

Resting atop the giant clouds was in fact a massive castle complete with expansive lawns, green gardens, towering trees, and even a lake full of ducks and other birds. There were stone paths, bright, colorful flowers, massive statues of naked men and women, and of course: a giant, white and gold castle that stretched for hundreds of yards and reached up towards the sun with its giant, sharp towers. Obviously vacant of people, the size of the castle grounds forced Julia to fly higher above, looking out over the white walls to discover that this entire castle was sculpted from pure marble and topped off with gold spires. Looking more like a church and less like a medieval castle, this huge structure seemed even taller than some of the buildings back at the BioTrek campus outside of town. As the blonde in the red dress floated up along the tenth floor of one of the towers, she was able to see inside the pane-less windows and discover the inside of this castle was already furnished with beds, rugs, tapestries, tables, chairs, and everything one might find inside both a medieval castle, a luxury mansion, and a gaudy church. Looking back out over the grounds, Julia could see there were several pools resting beyond tall walls made of bushes, pools that looked like they were plucked right out of a Caribbean resort or a private club. There was seemingly no end to this castle and its grounds as the lawns stretched like golf courses until they reached tall trees hundreds of yards from where Julia levitated. Suddenly forgetting all about the meteors and the chaos down on the streets below, Julia found a giant doorway resting at the edge of  balcony below her, an inviting balcony that offered the floating blonde a place to land. Calmly using her thoughts to ease herself down onto the marble balcony, Julia clicked her red heels down onto the ground and ended her flight, landing softly before looking through the massive doorway and in on the castle itself.

As expected, the interior of the castle was just as over-the-top as the outside. The tiny blonde in the red dress walked into what was clearly the main hall of the castle, a glorious, tall, massive hallway that was plucked right out of an ancient cathedral. With ceilings reaching over a hundred feet above Julia’s blonde hair, and with a long, red carpet which stretched for another hundred yards all the way to a single, golden throne, Julia realized she was standing in Mary’s throne room, accepting that this would be the place where Mary would sit and look out over her domain. Silence consumed the hall as Julia slowly walked inside, her shadow cast far in front of her as the sun beamed in behind her. There were torches along the walls burning bright, giant, beautiful paintings of none other than Mary Miller resting on the walls and stretching fifty-feet tall, and rays of sunlight sneaking in from various painted-glass windows up in the ceiling high above. Julia could not fathom that this entire hallway, the whole castle, and even the lawns, pools, and grounds outside had all come from Mary’s mind. Only when Mary finally showed herself did Julia start to think she might actually be God.

A swirl of stars forced Julia to stop her slow walk into the hall, stars that flowed down from the beams of light above and danced around in a tiny tornado before the blonde woman’s eyes. Standing in her red heels and her sheer, red dress that was barely long enough to cover up her now bare ass, Julia stood and watched as the body of a human being formed within the tornado, a body that absorbed the stars that swirled around her and calmly took shape. In seconds, Little Mary Miller appeared standing a few feet in front of Julia, materializing slowly and carefully from the magical stars that danced above the long, red carpet. Yet, this was not the same Mary Miller by any means who had sat in public and sipped her coffee: this was Mary Miller, the all-powerful God who had taken human form. Draped in a long, sheer, white gown that flowed far past her bare feet and along the cement, and wearing a glowing tiara in her lovely, caramel hair, Mary Miller stood in the middle of the giant hall basically naked, clearly unashamed of the new body she had magically created for herself specifically for this moment. Julia stood quiet and calm as Mary finished taking a human form, taking note that Mary’s new, long, seemingly very pointless gown was completely open in the front, exposing Mary's godly thighs, hairless mound, and tiny belly button to anyone who wished to see. Despite wearing so much fabric which flowed down from her body and along the carpet below her bare feet, the only skin on Mary Miller that was covered were her gigantic, round, Julia-inspired breasts, breasts that were covered only by two tiny strips of fabric that were just as sheer and as pointless as the rest of her divine dress. Julia said nothing to the naked dark-haired girl of unending power, only tried to fake a smile while lost in the sight of her sensational, drug-enhanced body wrapped up in a long, white, flowing dress that was only suitable for a beautiful, young god. 

“That’s more like it.” Mary finally said as she took human form again, wearing what she preferred to wear now that she was God. “What do you think?”

“I think you’re naked.” Julia tried to chuckle.

“I think you like it.” Mary said quite bluntly, and she was not lying.

“So this is … what you want to do now?” Julia asked as she looked away from the naked intern, looking up at the ceilings high above her while forgetting she was actually standing in a castle that was sitting up on a cloud. “This is fun?”

“It is.” Mary said bluntly. “It's exactly what I always wanted ... to be all-powerful ... to achieve … total omnipotence.” Mary answered, revealing her deep-seeded reasoning for longing to find the secret to 'superpowers'. As if she was a queen and Julia was her subject, Mary turned away from the blonde in the red dress and began to walk slowly back towards her throne, a throne that sat nearly a hundred yards from where the two girls stood. As Mary spun away, Julia was unable to look away from Mary’s bare ass through the sheerness of her new dress, able to easily see her naked body through the sheerness of this long, white gown.

"I'll admit, once I realized that it was possible to gain superpowers ... all I wanted was to push myself and see how powerful I could become." Mary said as she walked, prompting Julia to walk behind her. The young God then lifted her hands up into the air as she walked, instantly creating what looked like a tiny galaxy above her open hands. The light swirled in from Mary's fingertips and formed a tiny universe; stars, planets, and possibly lifeforms so tiny that even Julia's powerful eyes could not see them. But Mary could see them walking around on microscopic planets, trying to figure out how they came into being and unable to see their God looking up at them with her magical eyes. "I never wanted to share my drug with anyone. I never wanted to sell it or market it or be rich. I just wanted to become infinitely powerful. I didn't want just one supernatural power, I wanted them all. I wanted to live forever. When I found I could become superhuman ... that just wasn't enough; I wanted to become ... as you said ... God. I wanted to be invincible, immortal, and all-knowing. I wanted the planet. I wanted the universe. And so I injected my drug. I drank my drug. When I gained the ability to just create my drug: I bathed in it, I slept in it, and eventually, I rid myself of this human body and dissolved into it. I became my drug, Dr. Reynolds, and now ... now I have the power I wanted so badly. I can do anything. I can be anything. I can be everything. Everyone. Everywhere. Forever.”

“And that’s fun?” Julia asked again, continually trying to question Mary’s motives.

“Yes.” Mary said, smiling back over her shoulder at the woman in red. “Being omnipotent is very fun.” She continued, leaving the galaxy she had just created to float above her as she turned to face her friend. “Being God is … not always about controlling the universe and making sure there is a balance of good and evil, right and wrong, pleasure and pain. That’s because there doesn’t have to be a balance. Not always. When you’re God, there is only pleasure. You always do what you want, whenever you want, with whoever you want.” Mary continued, walking right up to the taller blonde while tugging her long, white gown behind her. “Try it. Try being a god.” She smiled.

Julia wasn’t totally sure what Mary meant, but then she remembered how Mary had simply ‘wished’ a doughnut into existence simply because she wanted to. Wondering if the same pleasures were possible for her now that she had powers as well, Julia opened her palm and demanded a doughnut, the same white-powdered doughnut Mary had enjoyed while they sat outside the coffee shop. Julia was not sure of all the ingredients or preparatory needs, but her mind somehow just knew. It knew yeast and flour and sugar and oil and everything required to make and cook a doughnut, but more importantly, her mind knew how to place one in her hand. So while the only thing that Julia thought was I want a doughnut, her mind did all the details by sending out brainwaves to reality and demanding a doughnut appear in her hand, which it did. In a tiny flash, Julia had created exactly what she wanted for her, literally creating something for her out of thin air. A gasp of joy caused Julia to further forget about the chaos back down on Earth, realizing she could just ‘create’ things out of thin air. When wanting a doughnut seemed meaningless, Julia instead demanded the doughnut become diamonds, something she could enjoy on a different level. With another thought, the doughnut crumbled into white diamonds, some of which spilled right out of Julia's hand and fell to the red carpet below. But she did not care ... she was too mesmerized by the fact that she had done such a feat with only her mind. 

"This ... this is too much power." Julia stammered, knowing well and good that she had the power to create anything she wanted out of thin air as she rolled the dazzling, sharp, real diamonds in her hand, watching them slowly spill out and sparkle in her fingers. 

“But it's fun … isn’t it?” Mary smiled, tossing her hands up at the galaxy she had just created as if she was trying to scare away a tiny fly.

As Mary tossed her hand up at the galaxy above her, her galaxy vanished in a flash of light, taking the trillions of lifeforms she had just created along with it. Julia had no idea that the galaxy, a miniature galaxy  which had only been floating above their heads for a few moments, had in fact spanned billions of years for those within. Time flew at a much faster rate within the tiny cosmos, yet to Julia and Mary, it was barely a minute.

“When I appeared before you just now … I was nothing.” Mary began, ignoring the universe she had just dismissed with her godly power. “I saw you walking into the hall, a was able to look up your dress, I was able to look down between her breasts, I was able to see you from all angles, but you were unable to see me for the powers I gave you don’t allow you to see thought. So when I decided to take a human form again, I had so many options. I could have appeared in a flash of light wearing that same blue dress. I could have floated up through the floor wearing a black bikini. I could have talked to you as I existed as the castle itself. That’s where the fun comes into play: what do I want to try next?”

“So the meteors and the carnage back down on Earth? You just wanted to do that?” Julia asked, trying to get Mary to feel sorry for being so wicked.

“Yes.” Mary answered without remorse. “To … prove a point. I’m sure there was another way to do it … but that just sounded fun at the time. So did making this castle. So did wearing this dress. It’s fun to me, and you need to discover that fun comes in a lot of different ways. I can always try something new … something fun.”

The sound or fabric tearing echoed throughout the hall as little Mary Milly suddenly sprouted a massive pair of angel wings from her back, wings that exploded from her back and stretched out with an impressive fifty-foot wingspan. Julia gasped yet again as Mary stood smiling, her huge wings fanning softly behind her and reaching out towards the walls. Tiny, white feathers soon danced in the air as Mary let out a long, soft sigh, clearly able to move these wings as if they were merely new arms. Julia let the moment of shock subside as she looked around Mary’s body to inspect the wings, trying to look and see if this was just some kind of trick. But Mary knew Julia’s scientific brain was curious, and so Mary turned so that Julia could see that these wings were in fact directly attached to her shoulder blades. These angel wings were a part of Mary Miller’s body, and she grew them because she thought it would be fun to have wings. It was yet more proof that little Mary Miller might actually be God.

“Maybe I’ll wake up and want to be an angel.” Mary said as her wings danced behind her, tucking back as she stood in her angelic, white robes. “Maybe I’ll fly out over the world and let everyone see me fly overhead, reminding them that I am a god and I am real.” 

“Or maybe I want to walk among them as a giant, big-tittied bimbo.” Julia heard someone say behind her, prompting her to spin around and see a blonde woman in a tiny, tied top and skirt standing in the doorway to the giant hall. This woman who was much taller than the 5-foot-10-inch tall Julia, possibly even more voluptuous, yet about ten years younger stood wearing nothing more than a piece of white fabric tied over her giant breasts, a skirt that was so tiny Julia could see her white panties without her having to bend over, and white, thigh-high stockings up her long, luxurious legs. This blonde girl with pale, white skin and long, bright, golden hair stood looking very much like the bimbo she said she was, standing as if she had no idea her gigantic breasts were about to burst out of her pointless top from both the top and bottom. “No one would ever suspect this stupid blnde was actually God. They’d think she was just some slut.” This blonde woman who was clearly not Mary said as she placed her fingernail between her teeth and staring at Julia with a shy, naive, bashful expression.

“Or maybe I’m a different kind of god altogether!” Another voice called out from behind Julia once more, causing her to spin and find a green-skinned, red-haired, six-armed woman wearing what looked to be a red top and long, sheer, red loincloth. With six fully-functioning arms, this exotic deity eased a pair of her hands up through her red hair, another pair up under her giant, round, green breasts, and another pair upon her hips as she ran out of places to put her hands. Still with the face of Mary, this green-skinned woman just smiled at Julia as her eyes lit up with red fire, prompting Julia to step away from the scary, six-armed god which Mary decided to try existing as.

“I can be anything I want on any given day.” The angel Mary said, begging for Julia to look at her instead of one of her other forms. Realizing she proved her point, the naked Mary draped in white calmly tucked her wings back behind her so tightly that they slipped right back under her soft, milky-white skin, leaving her wingless yet still naked in her robes. The green-skinned deity and the bimbo goddess vanished into light as Mary deleted her other forms as well, leaving her standing alone in her hall once more with the blonde in the red dress. “Try to tell me you don’t think that would be fun … to literally be anything you want simply based on what you want to try each day.”

“I guess that could be … a great way to study things.” Julia said, leaping back into her scientific mind.

“Then study with me, Dr. Reynolds.” Mary said. “Let’s study the universe together.”

Mary didn't give Julia a moment to answer as her body burst into light inside her robes, vanishing in a blur while leaving her the white robes and tiara to fall to the red carpet below her. As the light passed, Julia found herself staring at a small hummingbird buzzing where her intern once stood, quickly accepting that Mary Miller had transformed into this little bird simply because she wanted to. Without pause, the tiny bird zipped to the left and right in front of Julia’s face, dancing before the blonde in the red dress as she stood in the castle which floated high above the world. As Julia wondered if she should reach out and touch the bird, aware that it wasn't really a bird but in fact her magical intern, the tiny bird avoided her finger and shot out behind her, zipping back towards the open doorway that led out into the sunlight. The tiny bird buzzed away with its furious wings batting, trying to escape the busty blonde in the red dress while also hoping she would follow.

Now eager to follow her former intern who could also turn into animals, the gorgeous blonde kicked her red heels from her feet and began to run along the red carpet of the hallway, leaving her heels behind for she could always create new ones later with her new superpowers. With her giant, round, braless breasts bouncing atop her chest inside her red dress, Julia ran after the hummingbird that was quickly getting away, buzzing out from the doorway and over the castle grounds. Julia suddenly felt powerful as she ran along the red carpet, running closer and closer towards the sunlight that slipped in through the giant doorway. Now quite confident with herself, Dr. Reynolds kicked her bare feet off of the carpet of Mary’s hall, spread of her arms, and let her voluptuous body sail right out of the doorway and into the sky, embracing her new ability to fly instead of simply run along the ground like some fool. The blonde in the skimpy, red dress flew up away from the castle and out over the green lawns, using her new super-powered eyes to spot the tiny hummingbird that was zipping away from her.

With her red dress flapping up away from her bare butt and her round, beautiful breasts stressing the top of her red dress, Julia began to realizing how much fun it was to fly, feeling the rushing winds blast past her nearly-naked body while watching as the tiny bird attempted to escape her. This little bird moved faster than any bird was probably allowed to, zipping out over the pools, gardens, and lawns that had sprouted right up from the clouds Mary had also created. Soon this tiny bird dove down right through a spot where nothing grew: a open gap in the gardens that was pure cloud. Keeping her thoughts locked on where she wanted to go, Julia quickly mastered her ability to fly and dove down towards the tiny gap in the grass, tossing her hands out in front of her and diving into the clouds as if it was one of the many pools scattered around Mary’s castle. Even though his gap was about as big as a tire, Julia slipped down through the clouds and shot into the fog, zipping down towards the world below faster than she could do if she was merely falling.

The fog of the clouds passed as Julia dove straight down towards the city below, focusing her thoughts on the tiny bird instead of the smoke and fires which still billowed and burned after the meteor shower. Within seconds, Julia found herself flying out over the rooftops of the tallest buildings in town in pursuit of the tiny bird, her arms now open again as she sailed through the clouds of smoke after her magical intern. The tiny bird that was actually a young girl buzzed downtown and dove below the towering skyscrapers as the flying blonde pursued, zipping past the glass windows of thirty-story buildings before those who remained inside watched the busty blonde sail after her. Now gliding along the glass towers as if she was attached to some kind of hang glider or parachute, Julia gave those still inside the buildings quite a shock as she flew by them, offering them a glimpse of her amazing body under her red dress before she simply turned away from the windows and drifted onward. Julia tilted her flight and spun around one of the largest buildings in town, watching the bird before her lead her lower and lower towards the chaotic streets.

Fire trucks and sirens stole most of the attention as pedestrians rushing from the fires several blocks away were far too busy to notice the nearly-naked woman flying overhead, soaring by use of her own magical powers as she held her hands out from her sexy curves like wings. Together, the blonde woman in the red dress and the tiny hummingbird soared over the cars that were stuck in the emergency-fueled traffic, flying just a few yards above the taxicabs and delivery trucks that were now trying to escape the toppled buildings far down the street. People started to take notice of the blonde woman in the red dress flying over head as she bobbed and weaved above the cars, gliding on the winds and feeling the rushing air along her body. She momentarily forgot all about the terror Mary had caused as she flew above the public below almost naked, realizing she was in fact having fun just as Mary had thought. Feeling a little adventurous and now loving her new powers, Julia dove down between the cars and flipped over onto her back, playfully pretending to do the backstroke as if she was in a pool. Still shooting along at over forty miles an hour between the cars and trucks, the blonde in the red dress looked in the windows of the cars around her and giggled. Her large breasts nearly popping out of her dress and resting up the rays of the sun, Julia’s childish giggle became a joyous laughter as horns honked around her, remembering that these people could see her flying around in her skimpy dress.

Enjoying herself immensely, Julia spun back around and failed to see that traffic ahead of her had stopped. Instantly covered in panic at the sign of a certain crash, Julia could only wish that she didn’t crash into the truck, and yet that was enough to make it happen. With ease, the blonde babe in red passed through the cabin of the large truck, slipping inside it and continuing to shoot right through the cargo within. After shooting out of the back gate of the truck like a ghost, Julia opened her eyes again and realized she had simply passed through the truck without touching it, realizing that she had yet to discover the full extend of the new superpowers Mary had given her. With a calm thought, Julia flew back up over the cars, quickly turning left at the next intersection while pedestrians stopped to watch this blonde woman fly out over the street like a superhero.

Julia continued to fly until she realized everyone was now watching her, distracted from the meteor shower by this woman who was clearly flying down the middle of the street. She noticed their heads turn and their thoughts lock onto her as she sailed over the various parked cars, able to still scan the minds of anyone around her with her staggeringly powerful telepathy. Realizing she was the center of attention, Julia slowed her flight and stopped for a moment in the middle of the next intersection, prompting all the cars to stop all around her despite the green lights above Julia’s blonde hair. Floating ten feet off of the ground in her red dress, Julia paused while the world around her did much the same, staring at the woman who was standing in mid-air barefoot with her long, blonde hair flowing down from her lovely face. Julia let her toes dangle below her body as she hovered off of the ground, thinking about the reasoning behind why Mary did not simply let everyone fly like she now could. Julia realized that traffic would end if everyone could just fly everywhere they wanted to go, a thought that she now remembered Mary had shared with her not long before her disappearance. No one said a word to Julia as she floated in the middle of the intersection and began to wonder how the world was going to deal with the fact that people had superpowers. How would they react to Mary revealing herself to the world like Mary had done to her? Not everyone was Mary’s friend or former boss. Not everyone was kind to Mary during her time at BioTrek. Not everyone was going to like the idea of this twenty year-old girl now controlling their lives. It was as Julia hovered above the street that an older woman wearing a business suit suddenly walked out towards the levitating blonde, walking through the parked cars and stepping out to greet the woman who could fly. Julia just looked down at this brown-haired woman who had not aged as phenomenally as Julia had, waiting and wondering who she was and what she was going to say. Looking right back up into Julia’s lovely eyes as she floated above, all it took was one question from this other woman to answer Julia’s own curiosities.

 "Aren't you going to catch me, Dr. Reynolds?" The woman asked with a sneaky smile. 

Then as a shock to everyone, this older woman bent her knees and shot up into the air like a rocket, blasting right out of her clothes and shooting straight up into the air. The crowd that had gathered around Julia all screamed in surprise as this other woman showed them all she could fly as well, wondering who these mysterious, magical people were. But Julia knew exactly who this older woman was, ignoring the business suit which now sat in a pile where this woman had launched from. Mary Miller was just toying with Julia and showing off her powers, and Julia knew she had to chase after her once more.

Done with floating in front of the large crowd, the magical doctor shot up into the sky again, blasting past the shimmering glass of the towering buildings as her long, blonde hair danced around her face. She saw the older woman trying to fly away from her, her arms trapped at her sides as she shot through the air like a missile and her clothes now missing from her totally naked body. As the rooftops of the huge buildings once again fell away from the blonde in the red dress, Julia kept her eyes locked on this woman and watched as she dipped back down towards the buildings, diving down and sailing like a rocket wherever she pleased. The blonde doctor kept a close eye on this woman as she ducked around the skyscrapers, flying around them like she was on some magical obstacle course with her arms now stretched out wide from her naked, less-than-flattering body. Knowing this older woman was Mary despite her lack of obnoxious beauty, Julia was not about to let Mary escape as she decided to ignore such foolish physics, ignoring the buildings around her now that she knew she could just fly right through them. Without concern, the blonde doctor in the red dress ignored the next turn and aimed at the towering building before her, keeping her eyes on the approaching glass while firmly believing it could not touch her. As expected, Julia shot right through the building itself without disturbing the glass in any way.

Slipping through the glass with ease, Julia shot down the hall of an office that looked just like any hall back at BioTrek. Without much regard for physics anymore, the blonde in the red dress soared through the cubicles on the forty-third floor, ignoring anyone who might see her pop out of a wall only to slip right through the next wall in front of her. Wall after wall, cubicle after cubicle, and human after human would not stop Julia from shooting right through the opposite side of the skyscraper in pursuit of her magical intern, ignoring the shouts and screams of people who watched her fly right past them, or sometimes right through them as they walked down the hall. Julia easily gained on the older woman who was really Mary Miller, and the older woman knew exactly what Julia had done. Having stopped racing away from her, the naked woman who was probably ten years older than Julia just stood in mid-air completely naked, her sagging breasts and flabby body sitting in mid-air over forty stories above the city below. Amused by Julia’s use of superpowers, the older woman calmly looked back at the naked blonde and laughed with joy, happy to see that Dr. Reynolds was enjoying having superpowers.

With her disguise no longer needed, the older woman began to become younger before Julia’s eyes, her hair growing longer and adopting a gleaming shine while the wrinkles in her face melted away, leaving her face flawless and familiar to the doctor in the red dress. The saggy breasts of the older woman grew bigger, rounder, fuller, and became firm and perfect as a tiny, black bikini top flowed down over her massive breasts and tied around her shrinking waist. The flabby belly of the older woman was soon flat, firm, and now strong with tight ab muscles while a matching black thong crept up between her thighs, up between her now perfect ass cheeks, and then tied along her waist in tiny black strings. In seconds, the Mary in disguise was now simply the Mary which Julia recognized from the castle in the clouds: gorgeous, flawless, exceptionally busty, and fabulously firm. Mary showed off her shapeshifting abilities as she floated in her new black, string bikini, happy to show off just how much fun it was to have superpowers: how much fun it was to be God.

“Fun, hu?” Mary said as she floated in the air with her former boss, tossing her hands out to show off her amazing new body in her tiny, black bikini. “We can just play for all eternity as gods. Do what we want whenever we want. Be what we want. Explore time, space, reality. We could walk on the sun, or on protons, or hold the entire galaxy in our hands. We could discover how to gain even more power. We could see if there is something greater than omnipotence.”

“Greater than … being omnipotent?” Julia asked as she stood in the air in her red dress, the high winds blowing up through her long, blonde hair and her tiny, red dress. “That’s not even logical.”

“But if God is truly infinite, then there should not be any end to my search for such power.” Mary proclaimed. “My search must go on.”

“So you’re not God then?” Julia asked, questioning the girl’s logic.

“I am God in terms of how humans perceive the concept, yes.” Mary added as she floated in mid-air in her tiny, black bikini. “I can create planets, stars, realities, galaxies, life. I could end this entire universe with a snap of a finger and start all over. So as far as human understanding goes, I am God. But I want to be greater than God. There must be more than just this.” She rambled, sounding less like an omnipotent being and more like a disgruntled teenager longing for more in her life.

“Isn’t this enough?” Julia asked, pointing out the vast amounts of power Mary already had. “Isn’t being omnipotent … being all-powerful … powerful enough? If you are all-powerful, right? All-powerful?”

“It can’t end there.” Mary sighed. “Maybe after I fix all the problem in my universe, we can discuss this further.” 

“What are you going to do?” Julia asked, unsure of what Mary meant.

“As I said … I need to make some changes.” Mary said, not glaring at Julia with eyes of fury. “First we fix my universe, then we can venture beyond it. Beyond time and space. Beyond reality. See what lies in the unknown.”

Still longing to show off the full extent of her power, Mary finished speaking, closed her eyes, and simply let her human body dissipate into the high winds far above the dying city. Julia watched in continued amazement as Mary's body broke apart like a sand sculpture in the wind: her face, her giant breasts, her arms, and her legs all swirled away as her newly created black bikini fell back to the world far below. It was just as Mary disappeared from Julia's eyes that the clouds high above her seemed to grow and swirl, expanding and growing at a supernatural rate just like when Mary had created her castle above the city. Wondering what was happening up in the clouds above her, Julia opened her arms and soared back from the storm, watching as a simple swell of clouds began to grow downward towards the city and expand in size. It was within this massive, growing cloud which was now far bigger and taller than the building Julia had just floated through that the woman in the red dress soon saw a face: Mary's face, a face that opened its gigantic eyes and smiled down at her. The face of Julia's former intern was now in the clouds, and yet just as alive as her own face had been upon her head, blinking, smiling and enjoying the view of this tiny mortal who floated below her. As she remained high above the city looking up at the face in the clouds, Julia flew up towards Mary's eyes, eyes that were bigger than Julia's house, and finally accepted that young Mary Miller was God. 

"Now follow me." The massive face said to the tiny girl who was no bigger than one of her cloudy eyelashes. "There's something I want to do first. Personally." 

With her head literally up in the clouds, the BioTrek intern turned all-powerful God Mary Miller closed her eyes and took control of the weather around her, causing the winds high above the burning city to blow all around where her former boss Dr. Reynolds levitated. Still floating high in the sky thanks to her newly granted superpowers handed down from her omnipotent intern, Julia felt the minds of the world below her, lost in pain and despair as their city crumbled around them. Yet still looking up at the giant head of the young girl in the clouds, a mighty cloud which dwarfed the flying doctor, Julia watched as Julia's massive, cloudy head soon began to travel South, moving away from the city below as her giant cloud began to crack and rumble with thunder and lightning. Now on the move, Mary's giant face blurred back into the whiteness of the cloud, disappearing before Julia's eyes as her powerful intern became nothing more than a large thunderhead. Realizing more and more that she could not stop the omnipotent little girl with reasoning, and also knowing that she clearly did not have the power within herself to stop the immortal girl physically, all Julia could do was clench her fists out in front of her and push onward, kicking her bare feet back against the air behind her as if she was pushing off of a wall. The blonde doctor flew onward like the very superheroes young Mary had once been so enamored with, flying with ease after the massive cloud which was already gaining speed. 

As Julia flew out over her city all alone, she took the time to look down at the world below her, noticing the collapsed buildings and craters from the meteors Mary had sent down from the sky. She was pulled back into the reality of Mary’s powers after having been distracted by the so-called ‘fun’ Mary had enjoyed. Cars which were driving as fast as they could from the downtown area were unable to keep up with Julia as she soared high above them, looking down at the world and knowing she could just go wherever she wanted to. Yet as she sailed above the world, she felt as though she was almost doing nothing at all. The mere desire to fly at nearly 100 MPH had caused her to do so, shooting her off over the world with her arms stretched out and her tiny, red dress dancing in the wind and her large, braless breasts bouncing under her, nearly bouncing right out of the tiny dark red straps of her dress. She was flying faster than she had ever driven in a car, and she knew that she could go even faster if she wanted to. The idea excited and scared her, longing to abuse her newly granted power yet also knowing she should not. Perhaps it was the same dilemma going on inside Mary's mind, wherever her mind was: to abuse her power or to contain it. But as Julia flew below the massive cloud and realized where it was taking her, it was clear that Mary's mind had long decided what to do with her tremendous and limitless power. 

As she flew above, Julia took note that she was flying towards BioTrek; the very place she worked as one of the top researchers and scientists. The giant compound and tall buildings which made up the government facility came into view as the blonde doctor who worked there soared high above. Far from the smoldering buildings downtown, this giant facility was the very same place where Mary had once worked as a lowly intern, and the very same place that had fired her for trying to secretly conduct her own illegal experiments on company time. Julia didn't need to use her newly granted telepathy to know what Mary was thinking as the giant cloud which was the former intern cast a shadow over the massive military compound. Julia knew that BioTrek and many of its employees had laughed at the young intern after hearing her theory of how could give people superpowers, laughing at the obnoxious idea that people could fly or teleport or cure their own diseases with their thoughts. But now that the young intern had proven her theory ascended to a god-like status because of it, she would laugh last. 

Too terrified to think of what Mary wanted with BioTrek, Julia dove down to the street far below, shooting down like a missile from the sky above yet fearless of her descent towards the cement. A few hundred feet from the empty road which led to BioTrek, Julia slowed down, flipped her legs under her, and calmly floated down towards the ground, careful not to fall too fast for the winds might rush up her tiny dress and expose her bare butt underneath. Far from prying eyes who might take note of a blonde woman who could fly, Julia eased her bare feet down on the pavement fifty yards out from the security gates of the BioTrek Facility: the government controlled facility where the blonde doctor worked. Resting out not far from the city limits, the BioTrek campus consisted of four large, fifteen-story buildings surrounded on all sides by smaller office buildings, warehouses, testing facilities, common areas, parking structures, a few small parks, and then finally a massive chain fence keeping everyone else out of their business. There was even a small airstrip behind the shimmering, blue buildings for when cargo arrived by plane or by helicopter. This compound stretched far and wide over the landscape, which is why it was so far from the central area of town. With over 1,000 employees on the premises on any given day, and with armed security already getting word of the sudden meteor shower downtown, the government compound was on high alert and ready for anything, except for little Mary Miller. 

With the storm cloud above her, Julia was startled as a bolt of lightning smashed down into the street not ten feet from where she was standing, sending out a surging heat that did not seem to be able to fully harm the blonde woman in the red dress. It was from this bolt that Mary Miller returned to her human form once again, appearing in a flash and wearing the very same white robes she had been wearing up in her castle. With her flowing, white robes dancing far away from her naked body and her giant, milky-white breasts barely continued in her sheer top, the twenty year-old god stood in the middle of the street glowing like the sun, her gloved hands resting calmly at her side and her naked legs, thighs, and shaven mound uncovered by the pointless, white fabric of her very sheer gown. Dressed like the god she claimed to be, Mary calmly opened her eyes again after reclaiming a solid form and looked down over her body: her giant breasts, shaven pussy, bare thighs, gold bracelets, diamond necklaces, and divine crown. She found herself standing in her godly robes just as she wanted to be, and as she turned back to see her boss standing exactly where she expected her to be standing, Mary gave Julia a soft smile before saying the words Julia feared.

"I'm going to enjoy this." Mary said politely, caring very little that her naked body was on display under her godly attire. 

Without another word, Mary then started to walk along the pavement, easing her bare toes down on the ground and dragging her exceptionally long dress behind her. Her long, young, naked legs and tiny belly button rested in the sun that beamed down through the giant cloud Mary had once existed as, walking in a spotlight that Mary had also demanded light up her path. Her giant breasts bounced freely inside her dress, fighting to rip the straps of her dress as they jiggled above her tiny waist and shaven mound. Julia calmly walked behind her, inching her bare feet along the hot asphalt and trying her hardest to read Mary's mind. Defenseless against the omnipotent girl, Julia knew she had to witness whatever it was Mary wanted to show her next. With her long, playful, wonderful, brown hair resting upon her shoulders, and with her bare toes softly walking across the pavement, the naked god in the flowing, white robe finally stopped a few hundred feet from the large fence and checkpoint leading into the massive BioTrek facility. The two armed guards who manned the checkpoint were not too busy, so they quickly lost themselves in the sight of the naked dark-haired girl in white and her beautiful blonde friend in the tight, dark red dress. The two men slowly walked out of their booth and under the sun, wondering if they should call in the report or take a few extra seconds and enjoy the view. It was as she stood by Mary that Julia realized she had telescopic vision, vision that allowed her to simply zoom in and see the faces of the two guards standing before them in perfect detail from such a distance. Julia recognized these two men for she saw them everyday, but because she was dressed in such a skimpy dress and standing far enough away, they did not notice she was the same woman who checked in with them every morning. 

Mary had not bothered to even notice these two men as they stepped out of their booth. Instead, she looked beyond them to the massive buildings of BioTrek sitting on the horizon, four massive towers shimmering in the sunlight and standing above them as if they were the ones with all the power. She glared at them with disdain and disgust, knowing that they represented the very thing which drove Mary to omnipotence: the desire for progress. It was then with a calm glare at the ground in front of her bare feet that Mary suddenly caused the cement road to crack and rip, tearing a line right in the road without so much as a calm look and a tiny smile. Julia watched as this crack ripped in both directions from where Mary stood, ripping across towards both sides of the road and only getting bigger in front of her feet. As the naked brunette draped in sheer, white lace opened her arms wider, this crack in the road ripped further, wider, and soon shook the very ground under not only Julia's bare feet, but the ground under the two security guards who were still simply standing by and enjoying the show. As Mary started to look up from the road and out towards the towering building of BioTrek, Julia noticed that the fences on either side of the road where now shaking, tearing, and starting to sway. An earthquake was erupting right under the road as Mary stood with her arms wide and her eyes upon the facility in front of her. As trees in the far distance toppled, car alarms started to scream in the parking complexes blocks away, and the giant crack in the road grew to a foot-wide canyon, the two security guards who were now struggling to stay on their feet finally decided to do something, even if they had no idea what that something was. 

"Hey! What ... what are you doing?" Was the only thing one of the security guards could think of asking as he looked down the road at the nearly naked brunette who was standing with her arms out wide and her fabulously naked body on display under her sheer, white dress, unafraid or unaffected by the earthquake that would not stop. 

The two men pulled out their BioTrek issued handguns and started to stumble towards Mary where she stood, but the men would only make it three steps before their feet, legs, and entire bodies disappeared inside their clothes, leaving their uniforms and hats to fall down to the ground before they could even start running. Julia gasped as these two empty pairs of pants and shirts hobbled to the ground, watching their hats fall to the cement and roll along the road while their black boots and socks flipped slightly into the air. Having deleted the only witnesses with her omnipotence, Mary was free to focus on the compound before her. She clenched her fists in her outstretched hands, and then lifted her young hands higher into the air, sending out a massive tremor that suddenly lifted the street in front of her a few feet higher than that where she stood. Gas vents exploded in the far distance and trees tumbled all around the compound while Julia stood by and realized that it was not just the street Julia had lifted upward but everything in front of where the glamorously naked dark-haired girl stood was now two feet higher than before. The security booth, the fences, the parking garages, the airstrip, the four giant towers of BioTrek, and ground under all of these things had all been lifted higher, and that was only the beginning. With another calm lift of dark-haired intern's bare arms, everything before her then began to calmly move higher and higher, rising upward slowly with no sign of slowing down. It was when the brown dirt, severed sewer pipes, and bedrock below the road that led to BioTrek came into view in front of Mary and Julia that Julia realized what this her all-powerful intern was doing. 

Mary's telekinetic abilities were so powerful that she was literally picking up the entire BioTrek compound with her mind, a massive government complex that spanned for several city blocks, as well as all the ground that rested underneath. The moment Julia realized what was happening, she stepped forward and saw that the young girl had no signs of strain on her face. Mary was in fact smiling calmly as she looked up at the rising land now casting a shadow over her fabulously round and exceptionally deep cleavage. Without much more than a thought and the confidence she could do something so impossible, the twenty year-old girl had cut the BioTrek compound out of the ground, sending a mental cookie-cutter around the compound and slicing it out of the Earth with her mind. To a girl as powerful as Mary Miller, ripping a few square miles of land out of the ground and holding it above her head with her telekinetic powers was like moving a balloon through the air, playfully batting at it with her fingers and keep it afloat. Standing in her sheer, flowing, heavenly-white dress and her bare feet, the young dark-haired girl with the staggeringly large breasts and tiara continued to lift not just the buildings of her former employers from the ground with her mind, but the ground itself, creating a floating island in the air which could soon be seen for miles around. 

With her long, white dress blowing softly away from her completely naked body, revealing her bare butt and shaven pussy to the sun, and with her long, playful, wonderful, brown hair resting upon her shoulders, Mary effortlessly moved the massive floating island with her thoughts, playfully moving the BioTrek headquarters higher and higher into the air as rocks and dirt fell into the giant crater below, a smile crept upon her young face for she heard the thoughts of those above. She heard their panic and their cries and their worries that there was a terrorist attack or an earthquake or something worse, but they could never have guessed it was just Julia Miller's telekinetic powers ripping all of BioTrek from the Earth. These close-minded people who thought Julia Miller's theories were insane and impossible now found themselves victims of her achieved power. Yet while Mary may have gained all the wisdom, the knowledge, and the power in the universe, she also had the desires, the maturity, and the experience of girl not legally old enough to drink alcohol. For an omnipotent god, the idea of revenge was something not worth wasting time on, but for a young girl wronged by her former employers, it was a necessity. 

As she watched this floating island now well over 1,000 feet above her, Julia no longer felt like she was able to stop her all-powerful intern from using her newly achieved omnipotence to bring about the apocalypse and end the world as Julia knew it. The little girl's original life-long obsession to see if comic book superpowers were real had led to a phenomenal discovery, and it was that same discovery which put the young girl on an evolutionary path towards complete omnipotence, a state that she now relished and abused to no end. Having gained every superpower found within the pages of her comics, and even several new powers no author dared to write about, the all-powerful god with the mind of a twenty year-old now sought to change the universe to her own design, removing anything she did not approve of and creating new life, new cities, and even new planets with her great power. If there was a true God out there who created the universe, he was clearly was not interested in stopping Mary from taking his creation. Perhaps he couldn't stop Mary. Perhaps Mary had defeated him, removed his existence, and stolen his crown. Perhaps Mary was beyond even his control. Perhaps she had evolved into something even greater than 'all-powerful'. Perhaps she was still evolving and still on a path to an even greater existence beyond human imagination. 

"Now you are thinking!" Mary called out, her hands softly up in the air in front of her and her eyes still looking up at the massive floating landscape. As if she didn't care anymore, Mary lowered her hands and spun around to face Julia, tossing her lovely, around her and bouncing her gigantic breasts inside her sheer dress. Yet even though she had lowered her hands and stopped concerning herself with BioTrek, the floating landscape, buildings, roads, and people all remained floating in the air over 1,000 feet above the ground. Now holding up the giant chunk of land with an afterthought, the girl who stood before Julia in her godly, extremely revealing robes turned and smiled at her former boss, happy about something which had just crossed Julia's scientific mind. 

"What?" Julia asked, looking up at the underbelly of her former place of employment, then back to Mary, wondering which was more important to pay attention to. 

"There has to be more than omnipotence." Mary quickly stated. "I know everything there is to know in this universe. I understand atoms and trees and I know the entire lives of every person who has ever lived. I can grow, move, change, create and destroy how I see fit. I can spin time back to the big bang and start over right now if I want to, but ... well ripping BioTrek out of the ground while standing in the street naked is quite fun. But you are a scientist. You must be curious too. Imagine if there is something more than just reality ... things we can't even imagine yet. I refuse to believe that there is nothing more than this!" 

Julia sailed back as Mary suddenly clenched her fists and doubled in size instantly, growing to over twelve feet tall in a split second. As Julia refused to let her bare feet come back down to the ground and instead stayed in the air a few feet, she realized that little Mary was more like big Mary ... and was already thirty feet tall. The bare feet of the once little girl were now as big as cars as she continued to simply expand and grow at an alarming rate. The ground below her feet started to give for the concrete and dirt were just not strong enough, sinking slightly until Mary's massive feet met solid rock. People driving down the highway over ten miles away took notice of this giant, naked girl literally growing along the horizon, towering taller than the already alarming sight of the floating island with BioTrek upon it. This nearly naked dark-haired girl in white robes grew right over the city, towering much taller than any of the skyscrapers she left standing downtown. With her arms out, her fists clenched, and her entire body flexing her tiny, human muscles, the girl who once stood a few inches over five feet continued to grow taller and taller until she stood a few inches below fifteen hundred feet tall. Those still inside the mighty towers of BioTrek looked outside their windows and saw the mighty Mary's massive, round, nipples through her sheer, white dress, staring in disbelief at the naked giant who had just appeared outside their windows. A few within BioTrek recognized this giant's young face, but not much else about her body, her elegant dress, or her massive size seemed to ring any bells. They saw her looking down at them with eyes ablaze with power and desire. She was a giant who dwarfed the landscape. She was taller than the Empire State Building. She was a god who crushed entire neighborhoods under her bare feet, stepping on people who were literally as big as ants to the twenty year-old girl. 

"I ... am ... God!" Mary Miller shouted out to the world, shouting with her new, booming voice so loud that everyone inside BioTrek could hear her. 

Furious that the world once doubted her, the giant brunette who stood taller than any building downtown pulled back her arm and swung it at the closest BioTrek building, smashing it in half with a swing of her arm. As if she was swinging her hand through a large cake, Mary smashed the building with her arm, sending glass, metal, and dozens of tiny people sailing right off of the floating island. As her massive breasts bounced around inside her white dress, Mary brought her arm before her eyes and saw tiny metal barbs and steel girders stuck in her forearm like tiny needles. Red blood dripped from her arm, reminding her she was still a human being despite her omnipotence. Yet because of her omnipotence, Mary glared at her arm and healed herself instantly, pulling the otherwise giant metal barbs, broken windows, and debris from her arm with her telekinesis and tossing them back to the world below while also closing up the cuts in her arm with her thoughts. Invincible, immortal, and all-powerful, Mary started to giggle at the sight of her cured arm, a giggle that caused her eyes to grow red with fire. Unwilling to stop for anything, Mary glared down at the base of one of the BioTrek buildings that was still standing, blasting a powerful laser from both eyes that melted everyone and everything on the first three floors instantly. A massive explosion of fire and death erupted at the base of the fifteen-story building as Mary looked up the building and cut it perfectly in half with her beams, melting it and anything that rested behind it: the parking structures, the roads, and then beyond the floating island to the highways, suburbs, and forests behind them. A black line of ash over two-hundred yards wide stretched out for over ten miles in the ground beyond BioTrek as neighborhoods, shopping malls, and city parks were now nothing but a burned-out ditch. They once had playing children, commuting parents, and families shopping for groceries, but now they were all melted, black, burned, or gone thanks to Mary's mighty laser eyes. 

As her eyes returned to normal so she could watch the second and third BioTrek buildings melt and burn to the ground, Mary reached forward with her gigantic hands and grabbed the floating island. Without concern for anything anymore, the naked giant draped in white took the island in her hands and then swung it behind her, throwing the entire land mass back behind her towards the downtown district. As her gigantic, round breasts bounced inside her tiny dress and her long, sheer, white dress swirled all over the highways, suburbs, and city parks, Mary turned back and watched the large landmass crash into the towering skyscrapers a few miles behind her, watching as everything simply fell apart, exploded, crashed, and died. She could count the number of minds which she was no longer connected to, minds of innocent people who were now gone as building after building was knocked over or swallowed by the explosion of fire and dirt. The giant naked brunette in the sheer, white dress just stood above her city and watched as building after building fell down, feeling more powerful with each passing second. For most it was indeed the apocalypse but it was exactly what Mary wanted. 

Yet the screams in the distance were deafening to a girl who could hear everything, and she decided to end everyone's pain. Still standing above the city and watching it crumble, the giant Mary lifted her hand, extended her palm out towards the crumbling towers near the horizon, and unleashed a fiery blast of nuclear heat from her palm. Still floating near Mary's big toe, Julia looked up and watched as Mary's bare palm blasted a ray of death upon the city, unleashing a nuclear blast that went off like a bomb where the downtown towers had once stood. This explosion went up in a mushroom cloud and sent a wave of fire from its core, incinerating everything and everyone downtown. 

Floating calmly above what remained of the street in her skimpy, dark red dress, Julia watched this wall of death zip towards her, destroying trees, buildings, and anything in its path as it continued to spread wider. But when the deadly, radioactive wave rushed past Julia, it did nothing to the woman who could fly. While it did indeed destroy her dress, the naked blonde woman was left floating a few feet in the air, seemingly unaffected by the heat, the radioactivity, or any form of pain. As she floated, Julia could see through the burning wave of fire and watch as all the trees and remaining buildings around her vaporized into ash, watching as the nuclear blast Mary had created finished off the city once and for all. Finally, as the red fog of death slowly cleared and left Julia floating in the middle of a burned-out fire rubble, the completely naked blonde eased her bare toes down on the ground and stood calmly in the middle of hell. She stood alone for a moment until she saw the dark-haired Mary Miller walk out from the fog towards her. No longer a giant, and with her mighty, round breasts bouncing below the shimmering crown in her caramel hair, Mary walked along the fire and ash unharmed as well, walking with a calm smile on her face back towards her former boss. 

"They got what they deserved." Mary said calmly. "I have no need for them in my universe … non-believers.“ 

"You ... what ... what give you the right?" Julia managed to say as she stood before the naked god draped in sheer white. 

"I gave myself the right." The omnipotent girl said with a bit of anger. "I am the one who did the research, took the risks, and stayed up searching for something greater than trying to cure a stupid virus or build a new fucking bomb! I can cure anything, create a million bombs, or destroy the entire planet with my thoughts. Humans are so ... stuck in their world ... and so I sought out to become something greater." 

"You're human!" Julia tried to scream back. 

"I am a god!" Mary shouted back. 

"You are small." Julia screamed back, her own superpowers whipping out at Mary where she stood, slicing her face with invisible knives yet doing no damage for she healed instantly. "You are a child. You are weak, and I will never never join you and be a god!" 

"It always seems to end this way." Mary said, pointing her finger at Julia. 

The moment Mary pointed at her, Julia felt weaker. She felt older. She felt the heat of the fires upon her naked body as Mary pointed her finger at her through the smoke and ash. The naked doctor fell to her knees before Mary, falling over and realizing the world around her was as radioactive as she feared. As Mary took back all the powers she gave her teacher, took back her invulnerability and her telepathy and her ability to fly, she also started to take her very life force from her, swallowing her soul with a mere point of her finger. The tiny girl in the sheer dress walked across the burning coals barefoot without a care, dragging her long, white dress behind her as Julia felt her knees burning below her. 

"Then I guess I'll just have to change your way of thinking ... or destroy you." 

"You will ... have to destroy ... me." The naked woman choked, becoming older and more wrinkled with each passing second as the years ticked off of her life. 

“I hope it does not have to come to that." The young god frowned, her finger now glowing red with fire as she pointed down at the naked woman. “But if there is no other way … so be it.”


Dr. Julia Reynolds woke up in a rush of sweat, nearly leaping from her bed and sitting straight up. Her long, golden hair was very sweaty, as was the rest of her nearly naked physique. She looked down at herself under the blankets, taking note that her body had not aged more than it had when she fell asleep and that she was still just as hot, as voluptuous, and has sexy as she remembered. With her long, flowing, lovely, golden hair cascading down her back, and with her sheer, dark red nightshirt tied tightly over her giant, full, braless breasts, Julia let her nerves come back to her slowly, keeping her eyes open wide and accepting the reality around her. Realizing she was not old, not dying, and not sitting naked in the middle of a radioactive wasteland, the doctor let out a soft sigh of relief having survived the nightmare. Her bedroom was still pitch black and her alarm clock was barely past midnight, altering her that there was still more sleeping to do. In seconds, a body eased up next to her and placed a strong hand upon her shoulder. Julia looked over beside her and saw her intern Nick, her gorgeous, strong, thick young intern who she had once again given a ride home after work. Clearly he never made it home for the young stud was happy being his boss's sex toy. 

"You okay, Dr. Reynolds?" The handsome Nick asked as he eased up behind her, placing his strong arms upon the older blonde woman, kissing her neck and wrapping his hands around her so that he could squeeze her giant breasts. 

"I'm fine, Nick. Just ... a wild dream." Julia sighed, falling back against the naked man who she had brought home with her. 

"Seems like it." The man half Julia's age joked. 

With a chuckle, Julia fell slowly back down into her bed, but could not shake the vivid dream nor what her other intern Mary Miller had said to her at work that day. It was just that day the twenty year-old PhD dragged the gorgeous Julia Reynolds aside and told her how she had finally found what she had been searching for: proof that human beings were capable of supernatural things. The little girl went on and on about brainwaves and injections and claiming that a special combination of extremely toxic drugs could in fact give a normal person telekinetic powers or the ability to read minds or even something as wild as the ability to fly. Julia tried not to laugh at her intern's equations and diagrams, and instead told her to focus on more realistic things, knowing well and good that she was Mary's idol. Clearly the young girl's words had sparked a wild dream in her head, cutting her imagination loose and creating a fantasy where little Mary Miller had in fact created a drug that turned her into an omnipotent god, but that was all it was. 

Tomorrow, Julia would put Mary back on the right path. As she rested in bed and felt her eyes become heavy, Dr. Reynolds silently decided she was not going to report Mary's work ethic or personal projects on company time, but instead help the young prodigy accept that superpowers were fiction, and the world of real science needed her help. She felt as though she could take Mary under her wing and guide her more, she might finally give up on her crazy theory. Yet, as Julia started to fall asleep thinking of Mary under her wing ... she missed being able to fly. 


Little Mary Miller was terrified, but she knew it had to be done. 

Having tried to tell her boss about her scientific discovery and given nothing but rolled- eyes and annoyed stares in return, the twenty year-old intern had taken drastic measures in her quest to finally prove her theory about superhuman abilities was true. So while all of her coworkers packed and left for the evening, including her boss Dr. Reynolds, Mary had managed to sneak everything she needed to put her chemical equation to work, even if it just a few small samples. Having waited at BioTrek until late into the night, and with the unlimited resources of BioTrek at her disposal, the young girl had managed to step out with several extremely rare, extremely volatile, and even slightly radioactive elements, drugs, and chemicals. It was barely enough to make what she really needed, but it was all she could fit into her empty coffee thermos. She had walked out of security like she had done everyday, putting a smile on her face and sneaking to her car. She had driven home and found her apartment cold and dark like it always was, but that did not bother her. 

Having devoted her young life to science, Mary's various scientific equipment had been waiting for her when she returned to her apartment; beakers and vials, test tubes and mixers, scales and machines of all shapes and sizes she had either purchased, made, or even stolen from the labs at the universities which had taught her. Having wasted her money on science instead of dresses, parties, and the things normal girls buy, Mary's tiny apartment was nothing short of a mad scientist's lair, only she had nothing to work with until now. 

Safe and sound at home, Mary opened up her thermos to find seven secure vials of various elements and chemicals resting in what styrofoam packing she could find around the lab. She had measured them. She had mixed them. She had worn massive rubber gloves to handle them in her apartment, careful not to spill them for some of them were even explosive. But if Mary's calculations were right, all the deadly elements would cancel each other out. They would mix, blend, change, and become an entirely new drug the world had never known. They would radiate. They would glow. They would pass on their same evolutionary trait to whoever injected the drug and bless them with ... something cool. That was the part Mary had not quite figured out yet, but she had to know. 

So after six Red Fox Energy Drinks and five hours of work far late into the night, Mary had mixed her drug successfully. She was only able to sneak out enough materials to make 100cc of her drug, but it was enough to amaze the young genius. She sat in her apartment and stared at this tiny vial for over twenty minutes, watching it radiate its mighty, pink light. The sight mesmerized her. It enlightened her. It horrified her as to what it could do. Was Mary right? Would this drug give anyone who took it superpowers? Would it just burn them from the inside out and end their life in agonizing pain? There was only one way to find out, and Mary was not about to leave these questions unanswered. 

Fearing the worst, Mary Miller scribbled a note down for anyone who might find her dead if her experiment went wrong. She said she had to know the truth and could not sit idly by wondering the rest of her life. Then with her gloves and her BioTrek lab coat still on, twenty year-old Mary Miller filled up a syringe with just a small dose of her drug, 20cc, and placed the needle above her forearm. She stared down at her arm, trembling at the idea of someone finding her in the morning dead and thinking she had committed suicide, then reading her note and thinking she was just an idiot. But stopping now was not an option and she knew it. 

Little Mary Miller was terrified, but she knew it had to be done. 

And so, Mary injected herself with a mere 20cc of her 'superpower drug', shooting the glowing pink liquid into her arm and accepting the consequences of her decision. It was as she felt faint and numb that she realized this might have been a mistake. She thought about calling out for help from anyone who might listen, but it was too late. 

Mary Miller was on the floor of her apartment with an empty needle sticking out of her arm. 


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