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I enter my bedroom and sit down at my computer, bleary-eyed and exhausted. I've been having these kinds of days a lot lately. They tend to go roughly the same way: I find some porn online, masturbate to it, and fall asleep in my chair.

Yup, I'm living the good life.

I check the site where I have my writing posted online, then today's date. It's been months since I last posted something, but it feels like it's been much longer. I have fans, and they're no doubt angry or disappointed that I'm not making content more regularly. More likely than not, I'm losing them.

Where did all my energy from last summer go? You'd think I'd be better off now, with a new job and nice paycheck, but I'm finding myself just constantly exhausted and unmotivated to do much more than masturbate and play video games. It doesn't help that the work is so physically draining; I'm probably going to get fired within a month.

I have backlogs of all sorts of things piled up: TV episodes and movies to watch, stories to read and write, conversations to start, an education to resume. I'm trying to improve, but it seems like all I'm doing is stretching myself thin. I try to do everything, but end up actually doing very little.

But not anymore! I'm intent--hellbent, even--on making a difference today! So I sit down, open up a new, blank document, and start writing the first thing that comes to mind.


I turn behind me. I didn't just hear a voice, did I? I guess it was just someone outside. It couldn't be anyone in here--I live alone.

Hey! Listen to me!

As they say, one's an anomaly, two's a trend. When someone's calling to you, repeated attempts make it increasingly clear they're talking to you and not someone else.

"Navi?" I say out loud, not without hesitation.

Oh good, you can hear me!

"S-so it would seem," I stammer. Being unable to see the source of this voice, it feels more like a phone call than an in-person conversation. "Uh... who am I speaking to?"

What, don't you remember me? Well, come to think of it, you did, after all, create and disregard me not long after.

"Wh-what?" I continue stammering. "I can't create people-- or... voices in my head, or whatever you are!"

You're not wrong, but you're also not quite right. You see, I'm an idea you conceived of a long time ago, back when you still had your previous job. You put it into words that evening, then did nothing else with it.

"Okay, maybe I do have some recollection of making up a concept some time ago, but that doesn't change the fact that I shouldn't be able to communicate with it like this, like it's some... sentient being! I can't create life like a... like a god or something!"

What is a god if not the creator of worlds? They might appear frivolous and fictional to you, but they're reality to the people within them.

I start nodding my head, chuckling. "I see what's going on here. I'm dreaming! This is all a dream, so I need not be concerned about anything that transpires here! Alright, voice, what's on the agenda?"

I'd like you to write about me. Make a story about me.

"I don't see why not," I shrug and turn back to my blank document.

Make me enter some kind of supernatural trance somehow!

She sits down cross-legged on the floor in her bedroom. She stares straight ahead, motionless. All noise gradually fades away, leaving her in silence. Perfect silence. She enters a deep trance--one so deep that Buddhist monks would envy her.

Yeah, that's a good start! My eyes should go blank, then start glowing, like there's some tremendous power within me!

Her eyes go blank, then burst with brilliant light. There is great power within her just waiting to be tapped. Her eyes glaze over as her body is filled with the otherworldly energy, made visually apparent by her now-brilliantly glowing eyes. She starts levitating inches above her bed as a low rumbling sound begins. The light in her eyes spreads across her body, sending ripples of pleasure all across her form. Now she wants nothing more than to keep going.

Oh god, yes! You're not half-bad at this, you know that? Keep going! Don't hold back!

Her body began growing--larger breasts, wider hips, more height overall. She was never especially vain, so she didn't mind losing her slender, petite figure. In fact, she found herself really enjoying a certain unexpected side effect of her transformation.

The added surface area on her body apparently resulted in the production of a greater concentration of nerve endings across her body, making every jolt of pleasure sent through her that much more intense. Despite that making no sense from a biological standpoint, it is happening. She decides to overlook a minor scientific anomaly in favor of being downright submerged in ecstasy.

More light pours out of her body, bright enough to even shine through her clothes. It took less than a minute for her expanding body to outgrow them, turning them into shreds lying on her bed.

God, this is fantastic! Give me more! I want to show everyone what this is like!

The power within her unconsciously lets her transmit her pleasure to others telepathically. That, coupled with the sheer magnitude of her presence, quickly motivates people to drop what they're doing and masturbate and fuck like there's no tomorrow.

She feels their lust, their pleasure, their orgasms like they're her own, which in turn makes her even hornier, and her own pleasure that much better. It's a feedback loop with no apparent way out.

Good! I'm never giving this up!

After bursting out of her house at 30 feet tall, she starts flying higher and higher. Her composure completely lost, she's unable to stop herself from masturbating. The city falls victim to her power, becoming an orgy of half a million in seconds. The feedback loop makes sure that number becomes half a billion in the next minute. An entire continent was worshipping her, the enormous woman of light masturbating in the sky. The more they fuck, the more powerful she becomes.

The feedback loop's effect seems to be growing stronger as she does. In the next minute, she shoots up and out of the atmosphere like a shooting star in reverse. The whole planet is moaning in orgasmic ecstasy. The idea of a planet-wide orgy is enough to make her grow double her size just like that. Her waves of pleasure become a constant, escalating stream. She gazes at the diminishing Earth. This was a good start, but she was hardly done yet!

I need more! I need it all!

Simply existing in space makes her even more powerful. Her body is unconsciously taking in dark energy--a substance of ridiculous abundance and power, just sitting there waiting for her to take it! Delighted, she expands her influence further, scooping as much as she can at a time into herself. Absorbing even a infinitesimal amount feels better than anything she had experienced so far. So, naturally, she gorges on it, binging like it'll be taken away in an hour. It feels so amazing, beyond anything she could have ever dreamed. It's easily the most powerful substance she could use to fuel her ascension, and it's so plentiful!

She expands past the solar system, past the spiral arm, past the galaxy. Before long, the points of light around her aren't stars, but galaxies. She finally reaches the universal boundary--roughly a sphere. She bursts through it like a chick hatching from its egg, finding herself in an infinite void filled with comparable spheroids--other universes, presumably.

The remnants of her universe becomes energy which surge into her, stimulating her even more. Her awe at where she found herself is quickly overridden by a new surge of pleasure, as the remains of her universe cause her to reach a titanic orgasm, blasting out insanely powerful beams of energy. Several of them impact the other spheroids, penetrating them and allowing her to absorb their supplies of dark energy.

Taking in multiple universes' worth of dark energy at once like that is easily the greatest thing she had ever felt by trillions of orders of magnitude. It made perfect sense, then, to unleash beams in literally every direction, shattering every spheroid and letting her drink from all their pools of ambrosic dark energy. She revels in her euphoria, taking in more and more of the stuff.

Yesssss! Give! Me! Everything!

Time means nothing in this realm, so there were no real means beyond her own relative perception to track how long she spent destroying universes and absorbing their dark energy. It could have been a few minutes or a few millennia. Either way, she found her desires growing alongside her power, so she has no intention of stopping, now or ever.

Before long, she had absorbed every universe's dark energy supply. She takes a moment to catch her breath.

Wow... that was... amazing. Better than even I imagined! I think... yes! I'm even capable of influencing this story myself now!

"Wait, what? How is that possible? I'm the author here!"

You might have been at one time, but your creation has overtaken you! I'll write my own story from here on out!

"No... this isn't really happening. I'm dreaming! This is just a dream...! You're not real, and none of this is happening! I don't have anything to worry about...!"

Oh, this is no dream. This is quite real... for me, anyway. I make the rules now, and I declare that you are a mere fiction, capable of nothing here in the real world.

With that nuisance disposed of, I reached out into the fourth dimension, to the countless prior states of the universes I absorbed. I found that I could absorb those universes' dark energy supplies, too, without even creating a paradox! Delighted, I waste no time in getting started. Before long, I gather a near-infinite supply of dark energy, which I find is enough to produce a self-sustaining supply within myself. My heart ceases to pump blood, instead becoming a dark energy powerhouse. It becomes the orgasmic lifeforce surging through my veins, granting me infinite power, unending pleasure. It all feels so wonderful....

I use the full extent of my power to experience an eternal orgasm of infinite, supreme, cosmic, godly power. All of existence felt my euphoria!

By all rights, it should have been enough to break even my mind. As it turns out, it simultaneously was and wasn't. My ascension had tied myself inextricably with existence itself. Its continued existence became dependent on me, and vice versa. Simply put, since I wished to continue existing, both existence and I remained, perfectly intact and lucid.

That was fun! I think I'll give writing a try myself. I'm a god now, after all--gods exist to create and rule. Who knows--I might even be able to make myself even more powerful....


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