Rivalry- Chapter 2

Allie alighted on the roof of their New York branch office building and brushed off some of the dirt and bramble that had tagged along. She took out her phone and began checking sales numbers. “That fucking meathead,” Allie fumed. Kimberly’s projections had been correct and Allie was rapidly losing her lead. She stormed past the conference room straight into her office. She slammed her door shut and it shattered into hundreds of tiny wooden shards. She collapsed into her chair, gestured absentmindedly at the door shards which picked themselves off the ground, and began looking up ‘sales’ numbers on her computer.


By the age of 14 Allie and Kimberly had both earned perfect scores on every standardized test they had taken, racked up thousands of hours of community service and other extra curricular, and had each earned several accommodations in science and math. They had already received several full ride offers to every college and university that had any sort of name and some had even gone as far as to offer to pay them to study whatever they wanted, no application needed. All were politely declined. The two had together decided to drop out of high school halfway through their sophomore year. High school had been fun for a year but both of them knew that no education system in the world could really stimulate their minds. 

From that point on they needed to figure out a way to fund the projects they wanted to do. Kimberly had almost gone to Rice University in Texas to work on a fusion reactor that she had designed, but Allie had scoffed at the notion saying, “So you want to have a bunch of dusty old geezers put their names all over your work? Yeah have fun with that.” And so began the race for funds. Neither of them could legally have jobs per say but there were plenty of ways to acquire the capitol they needed. Allie had made a deal with her parents that she would tell them what to buy and sell when on the stock market if she could keep half the profits. They agreed and over the course of a month created a small fortune for herself. Kimberly asked her parents for a bit of starting money and then designed and built her own quantum processor to mine various crypto-currencies. A week after turning her computer on she had a sizable fortune as well.

This trend continued for the next year at which point the two each had about 10% of all wealth on the planet. They decided that they no longer wished to deal with things like taxes or government intervention and jointly bought a small island nation in the middle of the Pacific, some 2000 miles northeast of Australia. There they went about building three key devices, a zero-point energy generator, a mass fabricator, and a rocket launching platform. Within the following six months the two had the best production facility in the world capable of meeting close to 60% of the world’s demands for manufacturing at nearly a quarter the price of the cheapest factory elsewhere. They had developed an information system they called AKternet from a series of satellites they had launched and which they provided to everyone for free.

By the time the two of them were 16 they owned a majority shared or more of every single large business on the planet. Several nations had come forward complaining that they controlled too much of the world economics and that they had too much power for children but they were mostly ignored since every other politician was in the pocket of K&A Enterprises. Some nations even threatened to attack island base, which Kimberly had named Aemulatio. In response, Allie decided to spend a day designing defenses to their new home. She built an energy barrier, a series of laser turret defense, and even an attack satellite for drastic measures. The attack satellite in particular caused a worldwide panic as people thought that a second cold war was coming. Several governments had tried to send agents to sabotage the two’s working facility but all failed to get passed the island defenses as Allie had upgraded the energy field into a force-field. She could have stopped any entry telekinetically but decided that she couldn’t be bothered to devote that much mental energy to such an action. 

Allie and Kimberly had decided to record the whole series of events and called a world peace talk to present the evidence. There was a short discussion about which one of them should go present the evidence. Kimberly was of the opinion that none of the other leaders would listen to such a pretty face. Allie’s argument was that the world was clearly already terrified and they didn’t need some seven and a half foot muscle monster to scare them into submission. They decided to ask the millions of their followers. They each made a post and said that whoever got more likes at the end of the hour would be the one speaking. Kimberly won by five likes.

While Kimberly prepared for her speech Allie decided to make other preparations. She talked with her and Kimberly’s parents about moving somewhere safer. They declined to live on the island with them but they were more than happy to move to the set of houses in Aspen that Allie and Kimberly had set up to function as safe houses with enhanced security measures. The transition was mostly painless. Neither couple had any other children to deal with and as Allie dealt with the logistics of moving, the adults only had take a short flight to Colorado.

Twenty-five countries decided to show up for Kimberly’s Peace Talks.  The notable holdouts being Russia, Venezuela, Australia, Mexico, and South Africa.  Russia, Mexico, and Australia had been the biggest antagonists towards the financial ascension of K&A Enterprises as those countries had taken the largest financial hit. Kimberly knew why Venezuela and South Africa were unable to attend.  A few months prior Allie had noticed some patterns of events while browsing the data feeds from the AKternet which she dug further into. That was when she first discovered the group of highly influential individuals who were subtly making slight changes to various economies and cultures.  Allie had discovered the Illuminati.  She shared her discovery with Kimberly and they decided to monitor the group.  For the most part the Illuminati had been a mostly benign organization, devoting themselves to improving the quality of life around the globe.  However is became apparent that seeds of corruption had rooted themselves within the organization and there were members that merely sought more global influence.  Kimberly had taken it upon herself to get in contact with certain members of the group anonymously and inform them of the actions of the bad apples among their ranks. The leaders of Venezuela and South Africa had been two of the ‘bad apples’.  While most of the ‘bad apples’ could manage their affairs without the assistance of the other Illuminati members, Venezuela and South Africa became places of chaos and turmoil.

When Kimberly arrived a day early to make sure everything was set up and functional.  The podium had been too short and a few of the speakers in the room were not set to the correct volume settings but everything was going smoothly for the upcoming event. That evening Kimberly had drifted off to sleep in her room when her phone began buzzing. It was Allie.
“You have company.”
“What? No I don’t. Are you spying on me now!”
“You know I am and that’s not what I meant. You will have two assassins climbing in through the window in exactly 133 seconds and another two coming through the hotel door about 14 seconds after that.”
“Wow four big strong men all for little old me! Whatever shall I do!”
“Apparently you shall be super nonchalant about it.  By the way they are broadcasting live video back to their command. I’ll cut the feed when they enter.”
“No wait don’t. I have a better idea.”
“Allie trust me, I’m the smart one remember. Plus I’m running the show tomorrow not you. I got this.”

Kimberly ended the call and floated up to the ceiling and flipped over until she was facing the floor.  Two minutes later the four assassins burst in and began firing at the bed. Kimberly waiting until one of them went to go check the bed before dropping down and engaging her foes.  She kicked ones of the two assailants by her bed sending him flying into the next room over where he crashed into wall.  Not against. Halfway into the wall where he stuck for a few seconds before collapsing onto the ground. However Kimberly didn’t spend any time seeing the result of her attack as she had moved into a doublefisted punch to the second intruder’s gut and solar plexus.  This time she felt the bones crack and give way as the other man was sent flying out the window.  Two down, two to go. Kimberly thought as she dove out of sight of the intruders from the other room and floated back up to the ceiling.

One of the intruders had gone to check on their companion who had been thrown against the wall while the other maintained his weapon pointed towards the opening between rooms. Kimberly used her heightened senses to identify the exact position of each assailant. The sound of their breath. The creak of the floorboards. The stench of sweat of other bodily odors. She floated over the opening and waited for her prey to enter the room.  As the silencer of an assault rifle slowly crept into Kimberly’s view she floated down and yanked the gun out of the man grip. She floated a bit lower, clubbed the man in front of her and threw the now mangled piece of metal at the last remaining intruder.  The force of the impact against the Kevlar covered center of mass caused the gun to crumple even more and the man to fall back gasping.

All threats dealt with, Kimberly began disassembling the guns and checking on the men, seeing if they were still breathing. She twisted the rifles around their wrists and used their shoelaces to tie up their ankles. Then she called the front desk and told them to get the local authorities to deal with a break in.  Within the hour the three men had been taken in for questioning. Everyone at the hotel had been asked to keep their discretion but not 20 minutes after the police had left, every news outlet was picking up the story of how the young, genius, billionaire Kimberly single handedly fought off and subdued four armed assassins at a peace summit. 

Immediately after calling the authorities Kimberly had called Allie. “Hey Allie, I don’t really have much time, I’m assuming you saw everything and recorded it. I need you to send it to everyone. Anonymously. Okay no time to talk, wish me luck tomorrow!” Kimberly did not wait to hear Allie’s response, hung up and went to go meet her guests.

The next day there was a push to move the meeting to a later date to ascertain who was behind the attack and for the mental health of Kimberly. Kimberly calmly and efficiently set everyone at easy and told them that everything would be moving according to schedule. Three hours later she was standing behind the largest podium they could find in front of over hundreds of delegates from dozens of countries. Kimberly started by talking about the human condition and all the problems in the world. Greed and gluttony causing unprecedented amounts of poverty and corruption. Then Kimberly began outlining solutions to the myriad of problems she had just gone over. At first everyone in the room were exceedingly skeptical of the practicality of her proposals but then she went onto show proof. The Allie and Kimberly had been working on and investing in thousands of facilities world wide that would provide food, shelter, and work for any who need it.

The final thing Kimberly brought up in her presentation was the attack that happened last night. “As many of you know, I was attacked last night in my room. This is not the first time I or Allie have been subject to such an aggression. This is but one of dozens of attempts of various governments and organizations to subdue our advance on the world’s markets and economies.”  Kimberly paused looking around the room, lingering on the delegates from Russia and the US. Kimberly had almost half the entire US government in her pocket. Allie controlled the rest. We know who attacked us last night, but don’t worry we won’t pursue you in the slightest. We will not start a cycle of revenge. We are going to improve the lives of everyone no matter how hard you try to stop us.”

Kimberly’s speech stirred up quite a lot of attention for herself in every news outlet garnering millions of views. Naturally Allie couldn’t have that so she released a video to her followers. “Hey guys! I know you all heard what Kimmy said at that boring thing with the diplomats, but I wanted to let you in on a little secret.” Allie moved the camera super close to her face and smiled whispering, “My eighteenth birthday is coming up soon and if there aren’t any more attacks on us until then, I promise to release a VERY special video to my supporters. So get rallying. We are going to help, no matter who gets in our way!” A week later it was estimated that about one in every five people had seen the video. Well over a billion views, making it the most viewed piece of media in history. 

Most of the world loved these two girls, but Russia, Australia, and Mexico remained vehemently opposed to anything the two did. Russia did not like that they had so much influence on the world. The Mexican cartels did not like that Allie’s music and Kimberly’s baking were both far more addictive than the most potent drugs the cartels could produce. The Mexican government was bought and paid for by Allie and Kimberly but the cartels were the real power in that country so Mexico was still  No one was quite sure why Australia were so opposed to the pair. These three nations fought tooth and nail at every instance to force the pair to liquidate and distribute the funds they ‘stole’ and to share their technology with the world. No other nation felt this was necessary and at Kimberly and Allie’s behest, began to ostracize the three countries. They started becoming desperate as public opinion of them plummeted.

As a last ditch effort, the three nations decided to launch nuclear warheads at the island. Which their turret defenses could have easily defended against, but the radiation being that close would have messed up a lot of the other electronics on the island. So Kimberly decided she would deal with the missles. Allie had recently developed an invisibility power so Kimberly had designed a stealth suit to match her. Kimberly flew up above the island, a few feet over the top of the force-field, and prepared herself.

Kimberly’s suit identified the ten incoming projectiles and she raised her hand towards on the missiles. A year ago Kimberly had discovered she could emit energy from her hands and eyes. She had played with it a little bit and discovered her range was about a mile with the width of the beam varying from a few inches to about 20 feet wide. Kimberly had been growing in strength and speed since she had first discovered this ability and so she assumed that her other abilities would also have increased in power as along with them.  So Kimberly assumed when she fired a beam it would be a bit bigger, maybe five mile range and a couple hundred feet in radius.  The bright pink cone that erupted from Kimberly’s palm was over 1000 feet wide and extended so far out that it broke the atmosphere and kept on going.  Kimberly’s suit tracked it to about two million miles out and then couldn’t track its progress any more.

The blast had disintegrated two of the missiles and sent three more careening off away from the island.  Kimberly blinked a few times, then an evil grin began to spread over her face and she raised both hands to meet the remaining missiles when Allie’s thoughts intruded into her own.
Oh come on that was awesome! I wanna see how big I can go! Kimberly thought back with slight irritation.
Look they are already scared of what we can do, don’t exacerbate the problem.
Fine! I won’t go all out.

Kimberly got a disgruntled impression from Allie but the other girl had said all she was going to.  Kimberly returned her attention to the on coming missiles. She fired three more giant pink blasts which eviscerated the remaining threats.  Then in triumph, she threw a victory punch.  The pink light that erupted out of her fist was a mile wide and imperceptibly long.
“Oops,” Kimberly said quietly to herself.
Look up. Came Allie’s voice in Kimberly’s head.
She did.
What was it you said? I won’t go all out?
“Uh, sorry?” Kimberly said weakly. “Well at least the moon is still there right?”
With a giant fucking hole through it, but yes, it is still mostly there.
“I can barely even see it with the suit assistance on, I’m sure no one will notice, probably.”
Allie sent Kimberly a mental image of the screen she was looking at.  It looked like an image taken from one of their satellites of the new ventilation that the moon was experiencing. It really wasn’t all that big, relative to the whole moon, but that’s like saying the city of New York isn’t all that big relative to the earth. It’s still pretty fucking big.

By the time it was Allie’s 18th birthday, the pair owned a majority share in ever publicly traded company and had bought out every private company. They provided everything for everyone. Even social media and other areas of entertainment were dominated by them. It got to the point where every person on earth was either an Allie fan or a Kimberly fan and excitement was bubbling to see who would end up with the largest following. After Kimberly’s little moon stunt, she had garnered a slight lead over Allie, much to Allie’s chagrin.

Allie had been preparing for this. Kimberly had always been the tall and muscular one. The amazon. Allie was the pretty one. By the age of fourteen she had the face of a supermodel and two years later a body to match. Now, two years after that, she had continued becoming hotter at an alarming rate. Allie took out her phone, set it to selfie mode, and telekinetically held it out in front of her.  She had on a plain white tank-top with an overtaxed sports bra and a pair of tight fitting workout shorts. Her top afforded her a bit under a foot of cleavage and she made sure that was in frame along with her immaculate face. “Hey guys! So as most of you know, I turned eighteen a few days ago! I wanted to make something very special to celebrate!” The video pans in closer to Allie face. “I hope you all are ready!” Allie turns and walks away from the camera which begins to follow her just after her ass comes into view. About 15 seconds after that Allie stopped next to a plain metal door. “So you guys have seen my room, the lab, and the kitchen, but I don’t think I have ever shown you the gym before.” She opened the door and the camera followed behind.

The room they walked into was completely empty. There were just grey panels as far as the eye could see. “Good afternoon Allie,” came a pleasant male voice. “Morning Alfred,” Allie cheerfully responded, “Could you get the upper body set up for me please?” The floor and walls opened up and large machinery began to move other pieces of large equipment into the room. Once done there were three stations; a bench press/ squat rack hybrid, a cables and pulleys set, and a pull up bar. Allie walk herself and the camera over to the barbell saying, “Both of us spend about an hour or two in here every day. Kimberly is generally in here in the morning and I take the evenings.” She turns and winks at the camera. “You know I need my beauty sleep!” Turning back to the bar and rested her hand on top. 
“Hey Alfred set the weight to Kimberly’s bench press this morning.”
“All set Allie”
Allie straddled the bench and lifted the bar a couple inches. 
“Oh not bad, feels like she is up about 5 more from yesterday”
“6.82 to be exact,” Alfred corrected.
Allie whistled. “187 tons, not bad. Alfred set the weight to my bench press from yesterday.” she said setting the bar back to its resting position.
“Bar is set at 203.4 tons”
Allie laid back on the bench and grasped the bar, shouted “Ready”, and did a couple reps, the bar pushing slightly into her prodigious chest each time. After ten repetitions, she announced “stop” and the bar locked into place. “Well that’s all the time I got for today guys!” She wasn’t even breathing hard or sweating. “Don’t forget to let me know if you enjoyed that and share it with your friends!” Allie gave a kiss to the camera and ended the video. 

Allie’s video became the hottest topic for months. Everyone was debating whether she was lying or not. Everyone knew that it should be impossible but the part that really had everyone talking was that Kimberly wasn’t denying anything that happened in the video. In fact she was supporting everything that Allie was saying. The numbers kept climbing for each of them. Some days Kimberly would be ahead and some days Allie. After they had bought out every social media platform, Allie had fixed the code base to make fake and duplicate account all but impossible. Each follow was only ever going to be from one person and the day was soon approaching when every person on earth with an account had at least followed one of them or the other with the vast majority just following both. It was looking like there would never be a decisive victory in this social media war. So Kimberly posted a poll on K&A Enterprises account and capped voting at 6 billion votes. Two days later the poll was complete. Both parties had 3 billion votes.


Allie stared at her computer screen. This popularity contest didn't really have any consequence to it. K&A Enterprises owned what was effectively everything. They had bought the world and between the two of them they had captured the heart and soul of everyone else. These ‘sales numbers’ as Kimberly liked to put it were nothing more than social media activity and ever since the poll, Kimberly had almost always shown a larger presence. Allie had never really cared about having a large following. She only ever started posting because Kimberly did but found it to be somewhat fun seeing millions of people respond to her casual selfies. Up until recently she had been slightly ahead of Kimberly in terms of follower engagement, but for the past three months Kimberly had been edging out larger and larger victories each month. Allie was about to start browsing Kimberly’s posts again to try and find any logical reason why her numbers were so high when a light knock came at the door.

“What?” Allie said, sounding a little more annoyed than she actually felt. Glancing up she saw one of her assistants, Jenny, at the door standing there mouth slightly agape. Allie rolled her eyes and repeated the question. “Oh! Sorry uh Alfred told me to tell you about some sort of seismic activity in South America.” The poor girl’s eyes kept flitting between Allies full lips, her deep brown eyes, her silky hair that tumbled down to her waist, or to the massive crevasse of breast flesh that was pushing its way out of the confines of her dress. Allie had grown used to the stares but it was no less annoying having people constantly in a daze. It was damn inconvenient being this pretty all the time. More importantly what is Kimberly doing now. “Thank you Jenny, you may go.” Allie brushed past the still star struck girl and headed back up to the roof. Why to I even bother with any of this. Life would be so much easier if I could just focus of getting stronger.

Upon reaching the roof Allie disappeared, heading back to the Lake house.


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