Operation 13-G "Darkside"


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Operation File: 13-G “Darkside”

Operation is currently ACTIVE (last updated ██/██/████)


Operation initiated ██/██/2015 (see UN Security Council Resolution 2███, voted unanimously)


Reason for Classification: 1) Maintenance of public-order, 2) Containment of Entity 13-G-A (hereafter referred to as “Natalie”)

This Operation file is to be declassified on: N/A



  1. The long title of this Operation is 13-G-2███ COUNTER-INTELLECT INITIATIVE.
  2. The short title of this Operation is 13-G, and may be referred as Operation “Darkside” when suitable to ensure maximum utility and effectiveness of communication.
  3. This document contains information affecting international defence. The transmission or revelation of information contained herein to an unauthorised person is prohibited by law.
  4. Reproduction of this document, in its entirety or otherwise, is prohibited.



  1. Operation Purpose
  2. Tracking Procedures
  3. Control Procedures
  4. Description of Natalie
  5. Incident Reports
  6. Ophiotaurus Initiative – Founding Report [CLASS-5 EYES ONLY]



1) Purpose: This document outlines an operation designed to prevent Natalie from realising her anomalous capabilities, entirely or otherwise. Efforts to do so must comply with the overall goals of preserving the sanctity of human life, maintaining human civilisation, and conducting operations in support of civilian populations including those of traditional adversaries.

The ultimate goal of the Operation is to indefinitely contain and control Natalie’s anomalous abilities.


2) Tracking Procedures: Natalie is to be tracked at all times, and her whereabouts and activities constantly monitored by a dedicated research team (T-01). A daily log of Natalie’s activities is to be made and supplied to the Operation Manager for the purpose of interpretation by a second dedicated research team (T-02). A classified biannual meeting is to be held between the Operation Manager and the UN Security Council to discuss Natalie.

There are three methods of tracking to be employed at all times:

  1. Video and audio surveillance and archiving, both through CCTV footage and dedicated camera/microphone setups in Natalie’s place of residence, college, workplace, and other frequented locations.
  2. Research personnel trained to act as close friends and family to Natalie, reporting back on her activity. These individuals are on the front line, so to speak, and roles have been recast to account for casualties in the past (see Incident Reports – Event Log #011 below). In these situations, amnesiacs are applied to Natalie and other people if necessary.
  3. Monitoring of Natalie’s activity on any and all devices she uses: phones, laptops, desktop computers etc..

Friends and family of Natalie unconnected with this Operation are also to be tracked, and must annually be detained for intensive interview, after which amnesiacs will be applied.

Previously undocumented anomalous behaviour is to be reported to the Operation Manager immediately.


3) Control Procedures: Darkside has been instructed following UN Security Council Resolution 2███ to pursue a “Policy of Manipulation” until further notice. This policy requires acting operatives to influence Natalie’s actions so the likelihood of her abilities manifesting in undesired ways is lessened. Undesirable manifestations of power include:

  • Property damage
  • Civilian casualties
  • The exposure of the public to sensitive information (E.g. the existence of Natalie’s abilities)
  • The exposure of Natalie to information regarding her own abilities
  • The alteration of the Earth, the Universe, or the laws of nature in any way that would disrupt the normal functioning of human society

On ██/██/████, UN Security Council Resolution 2███ referred to the “Natalie Problem” as the “single greatest threat hanging over the international community … [and] the future of human civilisation.” Numerous suggestions were given in the article about how to improve the situation, and a UN research group, the United Solution Group (USG), has since formed to determine a working permanent solution. The USG also currently looks for solutions to issues similar to the Natalie Problem, working in close collaboration with the Ophiotaurus Initiative (see Ophiotaurus Initiative – Founding Report below).

The USG must report to the UN annually with a progress report. All USG proposals must undergo three stages of analysis through the UN Security Council before they may be accepted or denied. All accepted proposals thus far have been unsuccessful in offering a permanent solution (see Incident Reports – Experiment Logs below).

In the event a proposal to eradicate the threat of Natalie’s abilities is successful, Darkside will be retired and a new operation plan will be established to ensure the prevention of any such threat returning.

In the event Darkside fails and Natalie comes to know of her abilities, the Operation Manager will report to the UN Security Council for an emergency briefing. UN Security Council Resolution 2███ will be overruled in favour of a new resolution to deal with any resulting threat.


4) Description of Natalie:

Traits & Contacts

Natalie was born on ██/██/19██, and it is unknown when and how she came to possess her anomalous abilities.

Natalie ██████ is a twenty-one (21) year old Caucasian female with shoulder-length dark brunette hair (occasionally dyed a lighter tone of brown). Her height is approximately at 150.4 cm, and she speaks in a west █████ accent. She is short-sighted and currently uses contact lenses. Her face is freckled.

Natalie’s disposition is sociable and extroverted, comfortable with travelling long distances with friends. She is visually uncomfortable alone with herself. Natalie is talkative and prone to long outbursts of laughter, fidgeting when others have been speaking for extended periods of time without her input. She has been observed to fall back on passive-aggressive behaviour when threatened or upset, especially towards those outside her circle of friends. While possessing a generally cheery attitude, she has been observed to go through brief periods of cynicism.

Natalie’s close circle of friends consists of four (4) documented people, including her boyfriend ███ ████ (21), and her extended circle of close contacts consists of thirty-eight (38) documented people. Natalie’s close family consists of five (5) documented people, all of whom she has daily interactions with. Of the forty-seven (47) people-of-interest close to Natalie, twenty-five (25) are acting operatives.

Apart from her anomalous capabilities (see Anomalous Qualities below), Natalie displays no abnormal biology or psychology.

Residence, College & Workplace

Natalie is currently living at 23 █████ Street, ████, ███████ (postcode ███-███). She attends ██████ University in █████ as a third year undergraduate student in the BA (HONS) in Communications and Digital Media programme. She currently frequents the campus 4-5 days a week, travelling by bus.

Natalie works part-time as a cashier and shop assistant at ██████ & █████’s, a supermarket in her hometown that is part of a national chain, and has been doing so for the passed year.

Anomalous Qualities

The full extent of Natalie’s anomalous capabilities is currently unknown. Natalie is capable of the instantaneous manipulation of matter, alteration of the known laws of physics, and creation and complete destruction of matter with no consumption or release of energy required for these processes to occur. These properties manifest at will and the target range extends to anything Natalie is aware of in existence. Natalie is completely unaware of the abilities she possesses.

All elements on the periodic table are subject to manipulation, and occasionally new elements are created1. One element created in this way has already been added to the table, with three more pending addition. Natalie is capable of converting matter from one form to another (e.g. liquid to solid) regardless of temperature and natural stable state. In some instances, Natalie’s abilities have resulted in previously unknown states of matter forming, an example being a state similar to gas in appearance but displaying solid-like behaviour2.

Natalie’s abilities manifest most commonly as a result of her expectations; if she believes something to be the case, it will be the case, regardless of compliance with the known mechanics of reality. Changes to physical laws can be local, and It is theorised objective universal facts about the universe can be adjusted too. Peoples’ psychology is subject to affect as well with the expected side effects of such psychological alteration being unobservable for the most part. Natalie may be capable of altering history through her beliefs regarding it, but it is unknown how alterations could be detected unless such alterations were imperfect, resulting in historical contradictions and records surviving.  Natalie’s abilities may also activate due to strong emotional reactions (sudden outbursts of anger, depression, joy etc.) or if she strongly expresses a desire for something, but her expectations generally override what she wants.

The following is a list of examples of Natalie’s abilities, illustrating the scale of what she is capable of:

  • Natalie is on record saying she believed in God up until the age of thirteen. She is currently an atheist. This could mean a God of some description existed between the years ████ - ████. If this is case however, it is unknown why this deity did not attempt to stop Natalie from falling out of belief in it, thus saving itself from annihilation.
  • Natalie’s belief in entities such as the Tooth Fairy and the Easter Bunny may have allowed these entities to exist for a time. Evidence was found for the existence of an entity similar to contemporary descriptions of Santa Claus in ████, and the entity was last sighted five years later – this time range fits well with the period of Natalie’s early childhood.
  • Natalie is on record saying she does not believe in the existence of extra-terrestrials. Her statement was vague, but may have been enough to eliminate E.T. civilisations if they existed in the first place (see Incident Reports – Experiment Log #027 below).
  • Natalie is on record saying she believes the human race will eventually wipe itself out “probably” through nuclear war. She never elaborated on this, having said it only once (see Incident Reports – Experiment Log #059 below).
  • While details are limited, there is reason to believe at some point in her late teenage years, Natalie removed an entire concept from existence. This concept was possibly relating to art, or may have been philosophical.

It has been proposed Natalie’s abilities be put to use. Suggested applications range from the advancement of scientific knowledge and technology to warfare.


5) Incident Reports:

Event Logs

The following is a list of significant events relating to Natalie and her abilities.

Event Log #011

Date: ██/██/████

Details: █████ ████████, an operative acting as Natalie’s boyfriend from ████ to ████, was tasked by Operation Management to collect several items of interest belonging to Natalie for research, including a diary she had been keeping for the passed two years. The operative was successful in retrieving most items, but was eventually caught by Natalie taking things from her room.

The operative’s relationship with Natalie had already been deteriorating for some time, and an argument broke out where it transpired he had taken her diary and could not return it. In a fit of anger, Natalie forced him out of the house.

Nine hours later, the operative vanished and their whereabouts is currently unknown. This occurred simultaneously to when Natalie was preparing for bed and talking on the phone to friend. She spoke in unfavourable terms about the operative3.


Event Log #013

Date: ██/██/████ to ██/██/████

Details: Natalie began a relationship with █████ ███████ (23, male), a fellow student she had been close to prior to her breakup (see Event Log #011 above). He was not associated with the Operation.

Four days following the start of Natalie’s new relationship, █████ ███████ was captured by operatives and neutralised. A car collision was staged.

██████ ███ ████████, a male operative acting as a close friend to Natalie, was tasked with the pursuit a relationship with her over the course of six months. The procedure was successful.


Experiment Logs

The following is a list of significant experiments conducted on Natalie and her abilities. Their purpose is largely to understand how Natalie’s powers work and how they may be controlled/eliminated.

Experiment Log #003

Date Conducted: ██/██/████

Goal: Contain Natalie.

Procedures: Applied sedative to Natalie as she slept and transported her to a secure holding cell. She woke up ten hours later.

Results: Upon awakening, Natalie instantly shifted location back to her bed at home. She did not seem to be aware she had left bed.

Conclusion: It is most likely Natalie expected to wake up in bed, therefore she did.


Experiment Log #004

Date Conducted: ██/██/████

Goal: Contain Natalie.

Procedures: Applied sedative to Natalie as she slept and transported her to a secure holding cell. Then applied a small, non-lethal dose of pentobarbital, sending her into a coma.

Results: The holding cell physically warped and electrical equipment malfunctioned. Lights and colours materialised and vanished in the cell, some morphing into entities that were hostile to operatives. Natalie woke up 25 hours later, instantly shifting location back to her bed. She did not seem to be aware she had left bed.

Conclusion: It is theorised the apparitions were linked in some way to her abilities, or were physical projections of dreams she was having. They may have also been some form of defence mechanism.


Experiment Log #006

Date Conducted: ██/██/████

Goal: Contain Natalie.

Procedures: Natalie was stopped walking down the street and was directed into a truck. She was driven to a secure holding cell and locked inside. Natalie displayed increasing panic throughout the procedure.

Results: Within an hour of Natalie’s arrival, all electrical equipment failed and two operatives vanished while attempting to calm her. Natalie vanished for approximately 3 hours before reappearing on the street she had been retrieved from, having seemingly forgotten the occurrence. At the same time as her reappearance, all operatives involved in kidnapping her suddenly ████████ in a ██████. It is unknown how to free them.

Conclusion: It would seem that, just as how traumatic experiences may become suppressed memories, Natalie is capable of reversing experiences she was traumatised by.


Experiment Log #010

Date Conducted: ██/██/████

Goal: Neutralise Natalie.

Procedures: Applied lethal dose of pentobarbital by injection to Natalie as she slept.

Results: Two minutes following chemical application, Natalie woke up breathing heavily. At the same time, all acting operatives in the house vanished. Their whereabouts remain unknown.

Conclusion: It is possible Natalie’s abilities are not completely under her control; she may unconsciously use them if her life is threatened. Research is ongoing as to whether or not Natalie actually died during the procedure.


Experiment Log #011

Date Conducted: ██/██/████

Goal: Neutralise Natalie.

Procedures: Natalie shot in the head as she slept.

Results: No bullet wound was sustained and Natalie woke up breathing heavily. At the same time, the assassin vanished. Their whereabouts remains unknown.

Conclusion: Conventional means of neutralisation are not effective on Natalie.


Experiment Log #027

Date Conducted: ██/██/████

Goal: Determine if the effects of Natalie’s abilities extend beyond Earth and if so, to determine if there is a delay in time between her abilities manifesting and the effects taking hold.

Procedures: At ██:██, Natalie was approached by ████ ████████, an operative acting as a close university friend, and was asked to comment on the deep space ███████ Signal4. Natalie remarked she did not believe it was of intelligent origin, and later on stated she did not think extra-terrestrial intelligence likely existed.

Results: The ███████ Signal continued to be studied until ██/██/████ when it suddenly cut out. Considering the speed of radio waves through deep space, it was determined the signal had stopped transmitting at precisely the same time as the procedure’s conversation.

Conclusion: The effects of Natalie’s abilities do extend far beyond Earth and appear to be instantaneous, regardless of distance.


Experiment Log #030

Date Conducted: ██/██/████

Goal: Determine if the effects of Natalie’s abilities extend to past events.

Procedures: Natalie was approached by ██████ ████████, an operative acting as her boyfriend, and was asked to comment on the 2011 Japanese Lunar Landing. During the conversation, the topic turned to conspiracy theories regarding the event, specifically that of it being a hoax. Natalie jokingly claimed she did not believe the landing occurred No Japanese Lunar Landing is recorded to have occurred in 2011 – this experiment log is due for deletion.

Results: N/A

Conclusion: N/A


Experiment Log #059 [PENDING APPROVAL]

Date Conducted: TBA

Goal: Avert the threat of nuclear war by convincing Natalie to believe it will not occur.

Procedures: Natalie will be approached by ██████ ████████, an operative acting as her boyfriend, and a conversation will start, slowly segueing onto the topic of nuclear annihilation. He will attempt to convince Natalie nuclear war is not possible, and will use fabricated facts and statistics to strongly support his argument.

Results: TBA

Conclusion: TBA



The following report is for Class-5 eyes only. This report will not open for unauthorised accounts. A system is in place to detect unauthorised attempts at entry. You have been warned.








6) Ophiotaurus Initiative – Founding Report:

On ██/██/████, ██ years following the establishment of Operation Darkside, the USG came to understand a situation similar to the one concerning Natalie had arisen in █████, █████████. Follow-up investigations determined no less than fifteen other cases of “omni-powered peoples” (OP’s) exist worldwide, some less threatening than Natalie and others far worse.

While it was decided the USG would continue in the form of a UN think tank to find solutions to such issues, a new initiative was formed on ██/██/████ dedicated solely to the investigation and tackling of OP’s: the Ophiotaurus Initiative.

The current mission of the Initiative is to locate, catalogue, study, and, if necessary, neutralise OP activity across the world with the intention of 1) protecting the interests of human civilisation and 2) ensuring the general public do not discover the truth behind OP’s.

The Initiative is currently headed by Manager █████ ██████ and its headquarters is in ██████. As of the last document edit (██/██/████), the Initiative is aware of ███ separate instances of OP activity, the majority of which pose an existential threat to the continued survival of humanity.

For more information on the Initiative and individual OP cases, visit the Ophiotaurus Item Archive.



1Any new elements created as a result of Natalie’s transmutation abilities are to be confiscated as soon as possible, documented, and released into the public conscience after an alternative explanation of discovery is fabricated.

2This state of matter has been dubbed “███████” after researcher █████ ███████ who first recorded it. A paper is currently being written regarding this state, due to release to the scientific community and wider public in late ████.

3Quote: ”He can fucking go to hell …”

4A deep space radio signal alternating between 1420.36 MHz and 1424.4 MHz exactly every 2.4 seconds, originating from the ████ ███████ star system, approximately .██ light years from Earth. The signal’s existence has never been made public.