Into Eternity

Rachel tried to make herself comfortable in the small folding chairs that had been set up in the lab.  Nearby, the machine hummed its steady hum, just like it always did.  Occasionally one of the array of monitors she was observing would finish whatever program it was displaying and switch to a different task.

She found her attention wandering from her task once again.  True, she was supposed to be watching the monitors to make sure the device didn't malfunction, but all she could think about was her upcoming meeting with Kate Fuller.  Why did she have to agree to this interview?


Rachel made her way across the promenade.  She was done with classes for the day, but being a grad student meant she was either studying physics, teaching, in class, or asleep.  Or working on the project with Dr. Moen.  So she was off to the library to read.

She was so preoccupied with the work she needed to get done before her shift in the lab tonight that she didn't see Kate until it was too late.  The beautiful raven-haired journalism student expertly put herself in Rachel's path, smiling.  "Hi, Rachel."

Before she could stop herself, Rachel found her eyes wandering up and down Kate's body, admiring her toned, athletic body and perky breasts, before finally forcing her gaze to the other girl's face.  She took a second to try and suppress her dread and replied, "Hello, Kate."

Kate's smile seemed to widen.  "So, I know you're not supposed to talk about the secret project Dr. Moen has you working on.  But just hear me out."

Rachel wanted to run.  She knew where Kate was going with this, she'd suspected as much since Kate had started practically stalking her a few weeks ago.  Even though Rachel had held a secret crush for Kate since she'd met the other girl a year ago, they weren't really more than casual acquaintances.  But suddenly Kate was everywhere, starting up conversations with Rachel that she was all too eager to have.  She had probably given more away about the project than she was supposed to just because Kate's eyes were so damn pretty.  Rachel had started to grow suspicious when Kate wanted more and more details about the project, though, and she had started to actively avoid Kate for fear that she would ask for more, and that Rachel wouldn't be able to say no.

Running wasn't an option, though, not if she wanted to maintain even a shred of her dignity.  So, despairing, she replied, "I already told you I'm not supposed to talk about it."

Kate's smile didn't falter.  "Like I said, just hear me out.  All I want is an exclusive interview.  I've spoken with some of the other members of your team and I could ask any one of them for this, but I'm asking you.  I won't reveal your name or use any direct quotes.  And after this I'll never bother you about your project again."

Rachel's mind raced as she tried to think of a way out of this.  "I...", she faltered.

"Oh, Rachel, please?  We're friends, aren't we?"  Kate crossed her hands in a pleading pose.

An interview all alone with Kate.  In private.  And she'll owe you one, Rachel thought to herself.  She couldn't resist.  "Alright, fine.  But you have to promise!"


And just like that, somehow she had found herself agreeing to give an interview to the school paper about the multi-million dollar project Dr. Moen had somehow secured.  The project he wanted kept secret from everyone who didn't have to know.  And she had agreed to give the interview in the very lab where the machine was kept.  Damn Kate's perfect body and pretty eyes.

Rachel pulled out her cell phone and checked the time.  10:52.  Kate would be there any minute.  She pulled out a pocket mirror and self-consciously played with her short brown hair.  If only I wasn't so plain, maybe Kate would like me...  It was a useless fantasy.  Kate was straight as an arrow.

A few minutes later, there was a knock at the door.  Her heart pounding with a mixture of excitement and fear, she let Kate into the laboratory and locked the door behind her.  "H-hi, Kate."

Kate was dressed rather casually in a tank top and shorts.  It was almost like the girl took pleasure in tormenting her.  "Hey, Rach.  Hope you don't mind the outfit, most of my clothes are in the laundry."

Rachel shook her head, trying to will herself not to stare at Kate's cleavage.

Kate made her way over to the machine.  "So, this is it, huh?  Wow, it's bigger than I expected."

"Thirty feet in diameter, twelve feet tall.  Most of that is shielding.  The interior chamber is a sphere roughly two feet in diameter," Rachel replied.  It was easier for her to talk about the project.  She had already shown it off to several potential investors.

Kate took a seat in one of the folding chairs and pulled out a notepad and pen from her purse.  "Alright, let's get started.  First of all, tell me what this thing is."

Rachel seated herself across from Kate.  This was a speech she was used to giving.  "Basically, this device attempts to create a quantum pair - an entanglement of two quantum particles.  Except our goal is to capture a pair of particles that exist in separate quantum realities."

Kate tilted her head to the side.  "You mean, like, another universe?"

Rachel nodded.  "Essentially, yes.  The many-worlds interpretation suggests there are a possibly infinite number of alternate realities out there.  Our goal is to prove that theory true.  And if it's possible to entangle particles between realities, there are numerous other potential applications as well."

Kate was quickly jotting down notes, now.  "That is fascinating.  How close are you to succeeding?"

The physics grad was fully in the swing of things, now.  All the nervousness from earlier had faded as she settled into the pitch routine she'd given numerous times.  "There really isn't any way to assess how close we are to a successful entanglement.  The machine is constantly attempting to create an entangled pair based on Dr. Moen's theory, and simulations suggest that it is possible, but there's no way to know whether we're on the right track until it works.

Occasionally we take the system apart and tweak things when a simulation shows us a possible improvement on our methods, but for the most part, it's just a waiting game at this point."

"How long have you been running-"  Kate's question was cut off, as suddenly an alarm sounded from the monitor array.  Rachel jumped up and looked for the problem.  Kate nervously got out of her seat as well.  "Is there something wrong?"

Rachel looked at the monitoring system.  Somehow she had gotten so preoccupied talking to Kate that she had forgotten what she was supposed to be doing, and she'd let the energy levels inside the entanglement chamber climb to dangerously high levels.  The entire system was giving odd readings, particle detection was much higher than should've been possible, and the radiation levels kept going up.

With the nervousness plain in her voice, Kate asked again "Rach?"

Suddenly remembering she wasn't alone, she attempted to reassure the reporter.  "The machine is overloading.  I'm going to try shutting it off.  There's...nothing to worry about."  She tried entering a series of commands into the system, but they were all rejected.  "It's...not taking my commands."  The radiation levels continued to rise.  Another alarm sounded, this one Rachel knew indicated that containment failure was imminent.

Trying not to panic, Rachel ran over to the circuit breaker on the other side of the lab.  Like all the assistants monitoring the machine, she was given a key to the locked breaker box just in case of this kind of emergency.  Hands shaking, she fumbled through her pockets looking for her keys, before bringing the key up to the lock.

Kate's terrified voice came from across the lab.  "It says 'radiation limit exceeded', Rach.  Sh-should we be here?"

"I'm shutting it off," Rachel yelled.  After what seemed like an eternity of fighting with her shaking hands, she managed to get the breaker box open.  As she opened it, a third alarm began to blare, the machine's whining reached a fever pitch, and before she could even move, her world went white.



Rachel was sitting in the folding chairs she had set up for her interview with Kate.  The athletic woman had her legs crossed and seemed perfectly calm.  Without really thinking about it, Rachel found herself saying, "If everything pans out, this technology may allow us to actually communicate with other realities."  It was part of her pitch.

She found herself wondering why she wasn't dead.  The machine had exploded, hadn't it?  Yet there it was, humming away.  She glanced at the monitors and according to them everything was normal.  Looking back at Kate, she saw the other girl looking at her, all traces of fear from before gone.  Her eyes wandered, making their way down Kate's well-defined biceps...wait, that wasn't right.  Kate was athletic, but not muscular.  She blinked and looked again.  Yes, Kate definitely had noticeably defined arms.  Her legs looked chiseled as well.  And her tank top...was it cut lower?

Seemingly oblivious to the changes, but not oblivious to Rachel's staring, Kate waited for her interviewee to stop eye groping her.  "Yes, I've been working out."

Rachel's gaze snapped back to Kate's face.  "Sorry...I don't know what came over me.  You don't...nothing weird is happening, right?"

Kate just stared back, not sure how to reply.

"I mean...never mind," Rachel sighed.  "Let's just move on.  Next question?"


Kate's chair creaked as she shifted her weight, her thick, muscled arms straining the limits of the low-cut tank top she was wearing.  "Why has Dr. Moen been so secretive with this project?"

Rachel tried not to panic.  Things had changed again.  Without being obvious about it, she looked Kate over while acting like she was thinking about a reply.  The other girl was built, now.  There was no other word for it.  A memory of a conversation she'd had with Kate came to mind, where the girl talked about how she'd been lifting weights since high school.  There was something else, too.  Despite the hard, chiseled muscle, her features were softer, her hair practically shined, and her eyes were radiant.  There was no denying it, she was absolutely gorgeous now.

Remembering she'd been asked a question, Rachel replied, "You remember the controversy that the Large Hadron Collider caused?  Dr. Moen is worried about the potential backlash."  That was putting it mildly.  Dr. Moen had repeatedly talked about disproving the existence of God.  She kept that bit to herself, though.

Kate stood up and stretched.  As she did so, Rachel got another look at her increasingly incredible body.  Rachel had always had a thing for muscled women, but most muscled girls weren't pretty enough for her tastes.  And here Kate was, even more beautiful than ever and with muscles to boot.  Rachel felt a pang of lust, knowing that she'd only ever be able to look.

Something else was different, though.  Kate's breasts, which had always been on the large side, suddenly seemed much smaller.  It must be from all the working out she does, Rachel thought.  Too bad, they were one of her best features.

As she finished stretching, Kate looked down at Rachel.  "Mmm.  I think that's everything I need.  Thank you so much for the interview.  And like I said, I'll make it up to you."  She winked.

Rachel blushed.  "It was nothing..."

With that, Kate departed, leaving Rachel alone with the machine to try and figure out what the hell was going on.


She wasn't going crazy.  That, at least, she was certain of.  Even though the machine showed no evidence that anything had ever gone wrong with it, and memories of Kate always being this way intruded in her head, and Kate herself seemed completely unaware of the changes, Rachel was still certain that something was going on.

The question was, what could she do about it?  And would it happen again?  What if Kate just kept getting bigger and stronger and more beautiful, that wasn't worth thinking about.  She had to focus on figuring this out.


Rachel couldn't help but smile as she gazed at the girl across the table from her.  In exchange for the interview Kate had wanted, she'd agreed to go out on a date with Rachel.  Even though Kate was, in her own words, merely bi-curious, it was still a big win as far as Rachel was concerned.

Her thoughts caught up with her.  Hadn't she just been reading through Dr. Moen's notes?  She was looking for answers as to what was causing all these changes...

She looked again at the girl across the table from her.  Kate's body had stayed the same shape this time, for the most part, but her appearance was quite different.  Beautiful was no longer a strong enough word to describe her.  She was radiant, gorgeous, ravishing.  Her skin was pale and flawless, and looked soft despite the rock-hard muscle underneath.  Her face was practically perfection itself, every feature free of flaws.  And her breasts, which had previously seemed smaller, were now larger than ever.  Rachel estimated she was at least a F-cup.

Memories of this new reality settled into place quickly.  Kate was the most beautiful girl in school, desired by everyone.  She'd talked Rachel into an interview practically the first time she brought it up.  That was long over and done with, and now they were going on a date like Kate had promised.  Well, it wasn't really a date.  She'd agreed to go to dinner with Rachel.  Rachel still hadn't been able to confess her feelings for the statuesque reporter.

Thinking about it, there was nothing she could do to try and fix this right now, so she might as well enjoy herself.  Rachel quickly scanned her new recent memories to see what they had talked about so far.  Not much, it turned out.  "So, um, Kate.  You told me you work out?"

Kate smirked, and momentarily flexed her left arm.  The dress she was wearing creaked slightly under the strain.  "Since I was in high school, yeah.  I started lifting weights freshmen year to help with my tennis game and, well, it sort've became a hobby."

Rachel tried very hard not to stare.



The weight Kate was lifting fell to the floor as she finished her set.  Panting, she gestured to Rachel, who was at the ready with a towel.

Rachel stared lustfully at the sweat-drenched bodybuilder.  When Kate had asked her for an interview, she couldn't agree fast enough, and somehow she'd managed to become Kate's gym assistant in the process.  She got to watch Kate work out and grow even bigger and stronger.  She was so lucky.

The shifted reality suddenly crashed through her thought process, memories colliding with each other as she struggled momentarily to figure out what had happened.  Kate barely paid her any attention as she moved on to a different exercise.

This had been the most jarring transition yet.  Things were very different this time; she hadn't resisted Kate's request for an interview at all, how could she?  And now she was spending time she should've been studying watching Kate work out, bringing her towels and drinks, and fetching the few weights Kate used she could actually carry.

Kate was a bodybuilder now, and it showed.  As she lifted a pair of weights in each hand, her arms swelled outward, larger than ever.  Her legs were thick and powerful with corded muscles that bulged obscenely as she flexed her whole body with each rep of her arms.  She looked large enough to shame some male bodybuilders.  And yet she was somehow still as gorgeous as she was before.

After a few minutes, Kate finished with the dumbbells and set them down.  "Put those away."  Without hesitating, Rachel went to pick up the weights and move them back to the rack.  Each one was so heavy that she could barely lift it with both arms.  Rachel was keenly aware of Kate's gaze as she struggled with the weights.  "Hurry up.  I don't have all day."

Rachel forced herself to move a little faster, and soon she was finished.  Kate threw her now-sweaty towel to Rachel.  "Wash it.  And I want a fresh one.  And a drink."

As she hurried to comply with Kate's orders, Rachel thought about how much meaner Kate was now.  Well, not mean.  She's just...dominant, she thought.  She was incredibly beautiful and stronger than most men to boot.  Her attitude just seemed...inevitable.  After all, she was better than Rachel in nearly every way.


Rachel flipped through an old textbook looking for the relevant formula.  She'd taken this class three years ago and hadn't used what she'd learned much since then, so a refresher was necessary.  She didn't want to risk doing the problem incorrectly.  Kate would be furious at her if her work was less than perfect.

She looked at the homework assignment Kate had given her to finish.  Only three more problems, she could finish it in no time.  And Kate had suggested that if she finished it fast enough, Kate would reward her.  Just the thought made her heat up.  Just being able to be near Kate…

Once again, memories clashed.  She'd been in the gym, hadn't she?  No, she was on a date.  No, she was in the lab.  She struggled to get her thoughts sorted out.  What had changed?  Everything.  Kate didn't work for the school paper anymore, she was a physics student herself who was part of the very project Rachel was working on, despite being an undergraduate.  Kate always seemed to get whatever she wanted, and she wanted to work on the project with Dr. Moen.

Rachel struggled to recall precise details about this reality.  Kate was even larger now than she had been before, and staggeringly beautiful besides.  But now she was also a genius.  And Rachel was practically her personal slave, and had been since Kate's freshman year.  Her own grades were much lower, as she had less time to work on her own classes with Kate constantly giving her things to do.  Like work on this homework assignment that Kate could easily do herself.

The reward, though...thinking about it drew out past memories, where Kate had allowed Rachel the privilege of seeing her naked, of feeling her muscles, of watching her really exert herself at the gym.  She couldn't help it, no matter how badly Kate treated her she couldn't say no.  Kate was just so much better than her…


Everyone in the meeting was paying rapt attention to the speaker.  Even though Katheryn was just giving a status report on the project, she effortlessly held the entire room's attention.  Her presence commanded that, as it commanded obedience.  That was just one of the reasons Rachel couldn't help but be completely and totally in love with her.

Katheryn stood at the far end of the room near the projector.  She spoke softly but her voice still carried even to the back where Rachel was sitting.  Katheryn had ordered her to sit there, she'd been late in meeting Katheryn at the gym and so she was being punished.  Rachel didn't mind, though.  Even from back here, Katheryn's presence was practically overwhelming.

It had rubbed some people the wrong way at first, when Dr. Moen had made an undergraduate student his direct assistant, giving her authority over all the graduate students working on it, but those complaints vanished when they saw her.  Nobody could possibly hold anything against Katheryn.  She was simply better than everyone else.

For a moment, Katheryn's gaze lingered on Rachel and she felt her body heat up.  Just the thought of Katheryn giving her attention made her wet.

And suddenly, she blinked, as memories came flooding in.  Things had changed again, although not by much.  No, Katheryn...Kate…wasn't on the team before, was she?  It was getting harder and harder for Rachel to remember what things had been like before.  She vaguely remembered Katheryn being a reporter?  And that she had been much less muscular, as strange as that sounded.  She was obviously getting better with each change, that was certain.  And Rachel was too distracted to try and fix things.

She forced her attention away from Katheryn.  At the rate things were changing, that might not be possible soon.  She had to come up with a solution now.  The quantum entanglement device had caused all of this, that she remembered clearly.  Something was happening to change reality around her.  Or maybe she was traveling from one reality to the next.  Whatever the case, the machine had done this, and it was likely that only the machine could undo it.

Suddenly she felt compelled to look back at Katheryn.  The titaness had focused her attention on Rachel again, and Rachel couldn't look away.  I have to stop this.  If I don't, she might become so great I won't want to.


Dr. Katheryn Fuller swept into the research lab with her assistant Rachel.  The contrast between the two of them was staggering; Dr. Fuller was a fitness model, bodybuilder, and child prodigy who had graduated with a doctorate at age 16 and was now in charge of a research project seeking to crack the barrier between universes.  Rachel, on the other hand, was an average girl with average grades.  She had no idea why Dr. Fuller had chosen to make Rachel her personal assistant.  Whatever the reason, though, Rachel enjoyed it.

Seating herself at the custom-built metal bench that had been specially built to withstand her weight, Dr. Fuller logged into the computer system and began to quickly read through reports.  It always amazed Rachel how fast Dr. Fuller could work; at any given time she had her attention split between three screens and she still read each individual report faster than Rachel could.  It wouldn't take her long to finish.

Rachel's train of thought stopped as memories of other worlds slipped into her mind.  She quickly remembered what she was doing here, and realized this was her chance.  But what could she do to reverse this process?  There was only one person who might know.

She did her best to keep her voice steady as she asked, “Dr. Fuller, I have a question.”

The enormous woman turned and looked at Rachel.  Despite the fact that she was sitting down and Rachel was standing up, they were eye to eye with each other.  Her gaze seemed to run over Rachel for a few moments before she replied in a dismissive tone, “I'm sure you do.”

Rachel started to realize she had interrupted her boss while she was working and what a terrible idea that was, but she had no choice but to continue.  “Once we've paired a particle in another reality, how do we break that pairing?”

Dr. Fuller turned back to her workstation.  “The connection won't be broken.  It's permanent.”

Steeling herself, Rachel continued.  “But could it be broken?  What if something went wrong and we had no choice?”

Rachel was not prepared when Dr. Fuller turned back around and bore her full attention on the smaller girl.  “Enough.  I am trying to work.”  Satisfied that her assistant was done interrupting her, Dr. Fuller turned back to the monitors once again, and began typing.

Rachel picked herself up off the floor and tried to collect what had happened.  Then she realized, the doctor's rebuke had been so forceful it had briefly knocked her unconscious.  Shaking, she collapsed into a nearby chair.  She was so powerful now she could knock someone out with her mere presence.  This had to stop before things really got out of hand.


Rachel bowed, averting her gaze from Lady Katheryn and her entourage.  The Lady and her army of genetically modified super-soldiers had just liberated her city from the oppressive American government, and they were now touring any sites of interest in the area.  The quantum entanglement device was one such site, and Rachel just happened to be lucky enough to be there at the time.

Even without looking at her, Rachel could feel the Lady's presence.  It filled her with lust just to be in the same room as such a magnificent being.  The Lady had only turned her attention to Rachel once, and it had given her the best orgasm of her life.  On either side of Lady Katheryn were two of her soldiers, genetically modified amazonian women.  Despite each being strong enough to bend steal bars, tough enough to shrug off bullets, and fast enough to run down a car, they paled in comparison to the Lady herself.

No one knew where the Lady Katheryn had come from, she had merely emerged one day and began liberating areas from the American government.  And it was truly liberation, for once anyone saw the Lady they desired nothing more than to be ruled by her.  She had only to show herself to the people and they fell in love with her.  And now Rachel was lucky enough to be in her presence.

Something bothered her, though.  It was fuzzy, but there was something she was supposed to be doing.  Something she had to fix.  As she struggled to remember what it was, everything changed again.


Rachel gazed lovingly at the image of Queen Katheryn.  She had just finished her conquest of North America, and was making a speech to the people of the world, her people, about what she was going to do next.  Rachel panted as she stroked her clit through her panties.  She wasn't really listening to the words, just the sight of the Queen and her incredible voice had set Rachel over the edge.  She couldn't help but touch herself.

As she stared at the impossibly beautiful woman through the TV, she felt as though the Queen was looking back at her, as ridiculous as that sounded.  She imagined that she could, that the Queen was watching her right now as she petted herself, and that just turned her on even more.  The Queen's words about the greatness of her empire washed over Rachel as she lost herself in the sensation.


Rachel struggled to hold on.  Things were changing so rapidly now that she could barely keep up.  She had a job to do, she had to fix this.  Empress Katheryn was becoming so lovely and strong...No, she had to focus.  The Empress ruled the entire planet, now.  There was no one to oppose her.  And that thought turned Rachel on even as she tried to work out how to stop her.


Empress Katheryn appeared on the viewscreen that all citizens of her empire were required to have.  Rachel could practically see her changing now.  The Empress stood over a city of crystal, her capital.  She casually floated a few feat off the ground, and opened her glowing eyes.  Rachel forced herself to look away.


Goddess Katheryn sat upon a throne made of pure crystal.  Her body glowed with a divine light, bathing those lucky enough to be in her presence with the purest expression of her love.  Rachel was so lucky to be one of her servants.

Rachel's mind began to wander.  Something was wrong, wasn't it?  She had something to do...but then she looked back at her Goddess, who gave her a warm smile.  No, this was the way everything was supposed to be.  This was perfection.


Kate sat on her crystal throne, reveling in the power she now held.  Poor, stupid Rachel.  She hadn't ever figured out that the changes to reality were her desires made manifest.  Well, for the most part, anyway.  Kate herself had figured out more or less what happened almost immediately, even if she hadn't really understood it until Rachel started making her smarter.  After that it was simplicity itself to modify the machine to give Her absolute control over reality.

She flexed Her arm and felt as much power as the big bang run through it as Her muscles swelled to even more divine proportions.  She could destroy the universe in an instant, with no effort at all.  But why do that when She could fill it with worshipers, instead?  Even now She could feel them, every single individual mind in her universe.  They all lived and died for Her glory.

She cast her gaze down on Rachel.  The pathetic creature was hopelessly in love with Her.  Of course she was, Kate was perfection itself.  But She supposed Rachel deserved some kind of reward for all that she did for Her.  With a thought, reality shifted again.


Kate enjoyed the sensations coming from between Her legs even as She observed the changes around Her.  Entire galaxies orbited in the air around her now even more massive throne.  Small things like gravity or the concept of distance meant nothing to her.  She focused her attention upon one of the orbiting galaxies in front of her, gradually at first but then focusing more of herself upon it.  She was mildly surprised when every star in it when supernova at once.

She'd made Herself even more powerful than She had been before, She realized.  Not that 'more powerful' held much meaning for one such as Herself.  She would have to be careful, though, not to accidentally kill more of her worshipers.

Kate turned her attention to the brunette between her legs.  Rachel had become an incredibly skilled pussy licker in the few millennia she'd been at this.  Her body had noticeably changed, too, she was significantly more muscular than she had been.  Kate speculated on whether this was something she did subconsciously or if it was simply the result of drinking Kate's divine nectar for so long.  In either case, it looked good on her.  Maybe in another few thousand years she'd let the girl take a break.

She loved Rachel in her own way, and it occurred to her that that was certainly entirely due to Rachel's own desires.  But even as twisted as things had become, they were both happy, and that was all that mattered.


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