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Friday, April 21, 2062
Castle Volkoba, outside Moscow, Russia


M'Wela Mutegaraba had a tendency to check in on her fellow Super Goddesses--one of many ways she was like a mother to the omnipotent group. Initially, it bothered her a little, but she eventually gave in to the queen's wishes, perhaps despite her better judgement.

"Say!" she said out of the blue. "You know what? You should spend some time with Elza!"

"Elza Sabini?" Irina responded.

"Yeah! I just know you two will find you have a lot in common!"

Irina let out a long, slow sigh. "I don't know. I'm not very good at... well, people. The fact that I don't really know her doesn't exactly help."

"Yes, you've said that many times before," M'Wela replied, "but the way to work on that is gain experience! Honestly, if you can handle Elza, you can handle anyone!"

Irina remained silent for a while, reluctant to accept an unknown into her domain...

...but, try as she might, no one was immune to the Prosperian queen's charms, not even another Super Goddess.

She finally spoke up. "Alright. I'll try it, but--"

"Excellent!" M'Wela chirped. "I'll send her here right away!"

"Wait, no!" Irina blurted. "Not now!"

"Hm? Why not?"

"I have a busy work schedule to maintain! I-I'm not even remotely mentally prepared for effectively a stranger to be visiting my home, my sanctuary! Please, work with me here--I-I'm begging you! I can shift around my work schedule and make some time this Sunday. B-besides, it's common courtesy to make accommodations for the host's and guest's schedules in these matters, right?"

Comprehension formed on M'Wela's features. "Ahhhh, I see. I'm sorry, I guess I got a little carried away there."

"It's fine, I just..." Irina sighed. "Please tell her to arrive at noon sharp."

"I will. And don't worry--Elza is an absolute sweetheart once you get to know her. You have nothing to worry about!"

Come Sunday, the fated time slowly but steadily approached. 11:59 AM and ten seconds, eleven, twelve, thirteen, fourteen...

It was unbearably slow--though that could easily have been attributed to Irina focusing solely on her perfectly precise clock and not distracting herself from the passage of time with other matters. She had moved her schedule around to accommodate this meeting, so there really wasn't anything else to do. So she just stared at the clock, becoming increasingly aware of and stressed by just how slowly time progressed normally.

An eternity of a half-minute later, the clock struck 12 PM. Elza materialized in a flash of vermilion light inside Irina's castle, right on schedule.

This was her first time in Irina's castle, so she found herself in awe of her surroundings--an unusual occurrence for her. Windows were placed along the walls with surgical precision, allowing shafts of light to pierce the room's darkness at all times. Each window had a slightly different shape to perfectly accommodate the exact path the sun took. They were designed in such a way that they functioned just as well regardless of the season. The floors were immaculate black-and-white tiles--aptly resembling a chess set. The floor wasn't nearly as hard as she had expected. The walls were scarcely decorated. Irina seemed more interested in functionality than aesthetics.

She almost felt out of place here, like she would sully anything she touched. She denied gravity's pull on her, leaving her levitating a few inches off the black-and-white tiled floor.

That feeling was wholly instinctive. She knew her presence wouldn't tarnish this pristine, beautiful castle. Even if it did, it would be an effortless task to make it so it didn't. Petty worries like that were undeniably beneath her, but she clung to some of them anyway, mostly to add a very specific kind of spice to her life. Despite that, she decided to remain levitating. The castle's interior had an otherworldly feel to it--her defiance of gravity seemed appropriate to her.

It took her almost an entire second to notice Irina was in the room with her, waiting for her arrival.

Irina sighed. "I was here, ready for you, prepared and everything, and I'm still nervous about having someone else here."

Elza shuffled ever so slightly--apprehension, feeling possibly unwelcome.

Irina reassured her, "Ah, sorry, you're fine. Don't mind me. I'll get used to this eventually... I hope. I... I think M'Wela was right when she said this would be good for me. We've never really spent any time together. I only know secondhand information about you."

Elza nodded, concurring with her host.

"Do you always float like that?" Irina asked.

Elza shook her head and weaved around in a figure eight, indicating she simply felt like doing so.

"Fair enough."

Irina stared at her for a long moment, chuckled to herself, and joined the other girl in the air.

"I don't usually float in my own home, but whatever. It could be fun, right?"

Nodding, Elza spiraled around Irina playfully as she lifted off the floor and propelled herself forward, head first. Irina was impressed by just how flexible she was to maintain such a tight spiral around her.

The two flew through the halls of the enormous castle, zipping alongside, past, and even through each other.

As the thought occurred to her, Irina instantly set up a sound system that could be heard anywhere within her castle. She produced a recording of the original performance of "The Blue Danube", taken by sampling the sound waves heard in the Vienna Men's Choral Association that Friday evening in 1867 and storing it as pure auditory energy, playable on demand, exactly as the original sounded.

To make their flight more interesting, the two Super Goddesses warped the space within the castle, transforming mundane hallways into an endless maze. They continued wandering for a while until Elza noticed a doorway and stopped before it, curious. She unwarped the space within the room and entered. Irina followed her in, stopping her recording.

It was a luxurious bedchamber. Elza was so enamored by it that she lifted off the floor and spun around centimeters above the floor with her arms out, taking in the room's beauty. She then produced several duplicates of herself to lie on the bed, instantly deeming it the most comfortable thing she'd ever felt. She made a side note to make a bed like this for her own room in Fumagawa. Her duplicates fused together into one who gazed at Irina, asking why she wasn't using the room herself.

Irina shrugged. "I don't know, I don't really need a bedroom if I don't sleep. It strikes me as a waste of time, you know?"

Elza's gaze pressed her for more. It was astounding how much she could express through saying so little.

"You want me to try sleeping for myself? Well, if it's refreshing and good for the mind, I suppose I could give it a try tonight... though I'm not especially sure how necessary it would be."

Elza's gaze became ironclad. She wasn't taking no for an answer. Irina laughed nervously. "Alright, I'll do it. You have my word."

The stoic brunette's features relaxed in satisfaction.

"Who knows?" Irina added with a shrug. "It might give me more ideas about my research."

Curiosity clouded Elza's features again. She teleported in front of Irina as she was about to leave the room.

"Oh-- what?" Irina stammered. "Oh, I've been researching Super Orgasms. I'm sorry, aren't you familiar with them?"

Elza shook her head, eager to hear about them. She was like a cat, silently refusing to let her owner leave before being getting what she wanted.

"Uh... it's a bit of a long story."

She sat cross-legged while floating a meter above the floor, hanging on Irina's every word. Irina recounted the events of her 40th birthday and the following Halloween. Elza was fascinated throughout, especially about the accidental discovery of Super Orgasms and the invention of her magically supercharged dildo.

"You know, it's strange," Irina sighed after her monologue. "Aside from that one hiccup at the start, I've been very calm and relaxed around you."

Irina went quiet for a moment. "I have never really opened up like this to anyone before."

Elza's lips gave the ghost of a twitch but she remained otherwise motionless.

"I honestly didn't believe M'Wela when she said I would get along with you... but I haven't been able to stop talking to you."

Irina made direct eye contact with the Italian Super Goddess--something she was usually in the habit of avoiding, given what her eyes were capable of. Elza was familiar with the effect Irina's eyes had on mortals, but she never realized how astoundingly beautiful they were.

"Thank you, Elza. You're a good person, and a good friend."

Irina offered her hand, and Elza shook it. She then pulled Irina in for a hug, which Irina didn't see coming, but she didn't pull away, either. It felt unexpectedly nice, actually.

Neither goddess wanted this moment to end. Irina wasn't used to this kind of affection, and Elza was more than willing to keep giving it. Time slowed to a crawl as they continued hugging each other for days, weeks, even months.

Outside the castle, however, only a couple minutes passed. The two eventually stopped.

Irina glanced out a window, noticing the sun had set hours ago. "Oh my! I completely lost track of the time. I'm sorry for having kept you so long."

Elza calmly shook her head. There was nowhere else she'd rather be. Irina smiled.

"This was fun," she said. "We should do it again sometime."

Elza's nod was simultaneously subtle and emphatic. With a small wave, she disappeared in a flare of scarlet light. As she did so, Irina thought she saw the faintest of smiles on Elza's lips. Irina found herself a bit dazed at that. Her visitor, she knew, wasn't one to smile under the vast majority of situations. Elza must have considered her in very high regard to have done so even momentarily after spending the day with her.

I think that went rather well, despite my fears to the contrary. Elza had suggested--strongly recommended, rather--I get some sleep, so I'll do so.

She took off her usual dress with a flash of silver light, proceeded into the bedchamber from earlier, and climbed under the covers of the bed. After a deep breath in and out, she was about to make herself fall asleep, but she sensed something happen in a distant galaxy--something that she had never perceived before. It fascinated her, she wanted to investigate it so much... but she had made a promise, and she wasn't about to get on her first friend's bad side.

She decided to sleep for just four hours of real time, then immediately head out to investigate the distant anomaly. Elza had told her that Super Goddesses had to sleep for more than a millennium to reap the benefits. Thankfully, her absolute control over time allowed her to pack a thousand years into a few hours. Irina distorted time within her bedchamber to conform to her friend's advice and willed herself to sleep.


The dream state was truly fascinating to her. It was like an entire universe isolated from the real world, by virtue of it being entirely contained within her mind. She naturally still possessed her omnipotence in this state, so she was, for all intents and purposes, within an alternate universe of her design.

She floated within an empty void. She hadn't done anything yet, so the dream realm hadn't manifested into anything concrete. Faced with infinite choices, she was paralyzed by indecision... until a thought occurred to her.

I've never really delved into my subconscious before....

Intrigued by the idea, Irina dove in.

She materialized in a dark place. A single light bulb dangled from an indeterminate point above, providing the only source of illumination. Under it was a bound, beaten, and naked Irina, suspended in the air by powerful, unrelenting telekinetic forces. Standing before her was another Irina, who clearly held the upper hand. She wore only latex gloves and high heeled boots, and had five intimidatingly large cocks. She thrusted three of them into each of the bound Irina's orifices. As for the remaining two, she telekinetically held her submissive counterpart's arms up to give her handjobs.

The five-cocked Irina noticed the regular Irina's presence and said, "Hm? Oh, hi there, sweetie. Here to watch your Id get what she deserves like the dirty little slut that she is?"

Id attempted to cry out to Irina, pain etched into what was visible of her face, but the enormous cock in her mouth all but completely muffled her.

"My Id... if she's the Id, and I'm presumably my Ego, then... you're my Superego?"

"Of course I am, sweetie! But surely you know that--I mean, I run everything around here!"

I must say, I wasn't expecting my subconscious to be quite this sexual. That time a few years back when I discovered Super Orgasms must have changed me deeper down than I realized....

Ego said, "Yes, of course. Sorry, I'm afraid I've been... out of the loop lately. What did Id do to deserve this sort of treatment?"

"What did she do?" Superego repeated. "What did she do?! I'll tell you what she did: this little bitch tried to show her ugly face in the real world! Do you realize how traumatizing that would be for us? Making us known? Letting people see us? The real us?! Of course you do! And so does this floozy here, but she enjoys her punishment too much to acknowledge that!"

"What's wrong with showing that side of us in the real world?" Ego asked.

"What's that supposed to mean?" Superego laughed. "I just told you!"

"I heard what you said, but I fail to see why you are the one making that decision."

"It's my job!" Superego shot back. "Id's an out-of-control beast and you're too much of a pushover! It's not like anyone else is gonna keep us in check!"

"My job as the Ego is to take the Id and Superego's input and come to a conclusion of my own. Do you understand what I'm saying here?"

"Yes. I understand that you need to be punished, too. You clearly can't be handled with any kind of decision-making anymore."

"No, I'm not sure you do. You don't understand how any of this works, do you? If anyone here needs to be punished, it's you!"

Superego laughed again. "I'd love to see you try."

"And I'd love to stop hearing your voice," Ego replied, "but we don't always get everything we want. Ah, wait, that's not quite true--I always get what I want."

A mischievous giggle found its way out her throat. "You have to remember, I'm the one in charge here. I give the orders, you comply. For starters, you can get rid of those ridiculous things."

Instantly, Superego's five cocks vanished and Id began coughing and gasping for air.

"Next, let Id go."

Id fell to the floor in an unceremonious heap as the telekinetic bonds that had suspended her in the air vanished.

"And finally, just stop acting so high and mighty, alright? We won't get anything done if no one here is interested in cooperating."

Superego smirked and pointed to where Id was lying on the floor. She was now furiously fingering herself.

"Perhaps I should clarify," Superego said, "I wasn't forcing it down. I was keeping it in check."

Id laughed maniacally. "I'm free. I'm free! I can't believe it, I'm free!"

One Id became two became four became eight, sixteen, thirty-two... An orgy almost instantly materialized, filling the world with the sounds and scents of excessive, raw sex.

Superego continued, "In no time, that will take over and we'll all become slaves to our animal instincts." Voice dripping with unconcealed sarcasm, she added, "Thank you for your support in this matter. You really knocked it out of the park."

"I'm sick of this," Ego said. "I'm going to put an end to this right now!"

Ego held out her hands towards the stunned Superego and growing horde of Id and pulled them all into herself. The transition was less jarring than she had expected. She felt at peace now.

Makes sense, she thought. I've eliminated the turmoil within myself.

Now a unified consciousness, she smiled and headed out the way she came in.

In the now empty room, Superego and Id reappeared.

"Do you think it worked?" Id asked.

Superego smiled. "Absolutely."


Irina opened her eyes, waking up from her millennium of sleep--relatively speaking, of course. Only four hours had passed in the real world.

Well, that certainly was an experience. Are dreams always like that...? That aside, Elza was right. I feel astoundingly revitalized. I should start doing this more often.

She realized the bedding underneath her was drenched.

That's right, the id in my dream went out of control in an orgiastic rampage for a short while. I guess all that sex manifested in the real world as a bunch of vaginal discharge. Lovely.

She cleaned that up with a thought. Moments later, a new sensation confused her: a hand tickling her ear. Did Elza spend the night with her?

Didn't she leave? I saw her go.

Irina rolled over to her left and found a familiar face, albeit not the one she was expecting.

"Morning, darling," Jennifer whispered with her usual smile.

Irina gasped, instinctively pulling the covers over her bare--and quite substantial--breasts. Their shape was still mostly apparent, even with the covers over them. She sighed.

"Feeling a little jumpy this morning?" Jennifer asked. "Are we... guilty, perhaps?" Her smile grew into a smirk.

"Would it kill you to knock, at the very least?" Irina hadn't noticed the thousands of multi-colored butterflies that had accompanied her teleportation into her bedroom until just now. They were scattered throughout her bedroom, finding spots all over to rest themselves.

"Boy, I don't know! I've never tried it before!" Jennifer giggled. "I don't know if anything is capable of killing me, come to think of it! But anyway, I wanted to spend the day with you."

"Fine. Send me a message asking if I'm available."

"But I'm already here!"

Irina gave up on trying to politely say 'get out'. "Okay, look. I have plans today, believe it or not."

"Oh?" Jennifer chirped. "Do tell!"

Irina sighed again--a common side effect of prolonged exposure to Jennifer.

"I perceived an enormous flare of energy in a distant galaxy, so I'm going to investigate."

"What, like a supernova? Those happen all the time."

"Yes and no, actually. The energy is exponentially greater and much more concentrated. It doesn't stem from a star's death throes. Instead, it more closely resembles the sort of pure energy only we Super Goddesses manipulate. Frankly, it's a miniscule amount of power compared to all we're capable of, but dramatically more than what should be possible naturally."

"I haven't done anything outside this galaxy lately," Jennifer said. "Have you?"

"No, and neither have any of the other Super Goddesses as far as I know. It's a fascinating mystery, right?"

Jennifer shrugged. "Not really."

"Oh, what do you know?" Irina replied. "You take pictures of yourself on the surface of the sun or near Andromeda, post them on social media, and call it science."

Jennifer looked hurt. "Hey, don't be mean... I'm sorry I'm not as good of a scientist as you... I'm just trying my best..."

"Oh, don't give me the puppy dog eyes. You're teasing me and you know it."

"Shoot, I was certain that would've worked.... Okay, in all seriousness, that phenomenon does sound interesting, even if it doesn't especially interest me. What say I tag alo--?"

"No," Irina interjected. "I don't need a sidekick or lab assistant or whatever way of justifying it you have in mind. I'm perfectly capable of going about this on my own."

"Sure, I understand," Jennifer replied, actually sounding agreeable.

"Thank you... wait, what?"

"I understand what you're saying. And I agree, we should see other people. So, I'll leave you be and find myself a new lover somewhere else in Russia."

An idea struck her, punctuated by a little light bulb appearing and illuminating over her head. "Ooh, now there's an idea--I could get a mail-order bride! Maybe several, even! I wonder if you can get them in bulk...? Anyway, you go have fun out in deep space! Be bold, be brave, be courageous--all that jazz! Later!"

Jennifer vanished. Able to tell where she was going, Irina sent the thousands of butterflies littering her bedroom with her.

Better with her than in my living space. Or non-existence. Or stepped on.

She rolled her eyes.

Sometimes I have less than no idea what goes on in that woman's head. Well, at least she's gone now. Let's turn to this distant galaxy now, shall we?

She wanted to waste no time getting there, so she teleported straight to her destination--NGC 4860. For a short period, it held the record for most distant known galaxy. Of course, nowadays 360 megalight-years was, astronomically speaking, a much shorter distance. Naturally, a non-issue to someone with infinite power like herself.

Last night, I perceived a planet become energy and vanish just as inexplicably. It resembled a star, but significantly smaller, denser, and more powerful. The energy it radiated was a type beyond what nature's capable of. I'd be lying if I said I wasn't excited to discover what's going on here!

She moved in closer towards the curious new energy formation. As she did so, she started picking up what resembled telepathic transmissions. They were of an exceptionally rare and high frequency--only individuals with extreme power and finesse would be capable of even observing the waves, never mind processing them.

Curiouser and curiouser.

It didn't take long for her to discover that the former planet was transformed into a mass of energy by a race of beings composed of energy. Powerful ones, Irina surmised, for ones who appeared to have just ascended. They were still reveling in all their newfound power.

After taking a moment to attune her mind to understand their communications, she discovered they were considering themselves 'the masters of the universe'. She forced herself to not giggle.

I can't blame them for feeling that way, given their position. Honestly, I can't help but be intrigued by them... I've never encountered energy beings before....

Before she knew it, she wound up touching one of them. It flinched, having been so entranced until that moment that it wasn't aware of her presence.

Irina instinctively stammered, "I-I'm sorry! I shouldn't have just... reached out and touched you like that. I would imagine sensation is a lot different for you than it is for me, when you're composed of raw power like that."

The being stared at her for a long moment before responding. "What did you do...? We are without physical form."

"Oh, um... n-nothing special, really. I just... did it."

"That should not have happened. It felt so... strange. Intriguing...."

It didn't sound disgusted, but rather merely confused. Irina was fascinated.

"It was unnatural, but... could you... do it again? We wish to... study... the phenomenon."

Irina complied. As she did so, energy flew off the being in waves, in a pattern she was very familiar with. The sensation of physical contact was giving the energy being pleasure--likely of a calibur far beyond what they could experience in their former corporeal state.

"We... we do not understand. These sensations are... very new to us..."

"Sorry, should I stop?"

The being responded very quickly, "No! Please... continue."

Irina continued massaging the mass of energy. As she did so, she probed the being's consciousness, fascinated by how utterly alien they were. She found things resembling nerves that, with the application of a bit of power, could be stimulated in a potentially sexual manner. A smirk formed on her lips, much to her surprise.

No, I'm just doing this because they're asking me to. Really! I'm being courteous to a lifeform I made first contact with. That's all!

It didn't take long for Irina's efforts to bring the alien to some energy being-equivalent of an orgasm--apparent by what was essentially a supernova going off in Irina's face. All that energy unleashed at point blank range barely even ruffled her hair.

The alien was quickly overwhelmed by the sheer intensity of the sensations Irina was giving them. She was certain they were at their limit, and yet...

"Please... continue. We... we don't have enough data yet."

Irina thought back to what Jennifer had said earlier: "Be bold, be brave, be courageous--all that jazz!"

I've already given them effectively a fantastic handjob. Going further shouldn't be a problem, right? Well, here goes...

"I wonder... what would happen if I were to impregnate a being of pure energy like you?"

"By all rights, that should be impossible. We have evolved beyond physical form, beyond sexual reproduction. And yet... you have already proved yourself more than capable of the impossible... If you truly believe yourself capable of such a feat, then we would welcome it."

Altering how her touch interacted with the energy being, she molded them like putty into a fleshlight-like shape. Shedding her dress, she expanded her clitoris into an extraordinarily sensitive penis measuring in at 45 cm. Quivering with excitement, she telekinetically pushed the energy slit tightly around her cock. The pleasure she felt from that one thrust would have killed a mortal woman a thousand times over, but she was just getting warmed up.

The alien's response was even more explosive than before. Pulses of energy on par with the event that turned their planet into energy--presumably the moment of their ascension--surged relentlessly from them. Irina made sure to contain all the rampant energy, as it showed a trend of expanding beyond the system, which could easily inflict untold devastation to the surrounding systems. Her body became enveloped in an intense violet aura as she continued thrusting into the energy pocketpussy.

"We never would have thought physical pleasure could feel so good!" they exclaimed.

"That's because it's not physical," Irina explained, "It's far greater. I'm stimulating your very essence in a way literally nothing else can. A soulgasm, if you will. Hope you're ready, because I'm just about to show you what that's like!"

With a final thrust that put her infinite strength to use, Irina let out a torrent of energized cum into the fleshlight being, triggering said soulgasm. That soulgasm manifested as a galaxy-scale supernova. Had Irina not contained the blast, it would have destroyed the Milky Way and sent shockwaves throughout all neighboring galaxies.

Irina wound up cumming so hard that her physical body was destroyed, leaving behind a mass of energy not unlike the energy beings before her, albeit infinitely more powerful.

The energy being she just came into returned to its normal shape and gazed at her in mystified awe.

"Y-your essence is so... dazzling. We have never... encountered anyone... quite like you. Who... who are you...? What are you...?"

Jennifer's advice echoed in Irina's mind again. Unfortunately, her mouth moved faster than her mind.

"I am the creator of the universe. I am everything."

She restored her physical form and added, "I am God."

Oh man, what have I done? I got too confident and then I went and said something stupid! I should've known this would happen! Lying to an alien race during first contact is absolutely not a good move! Well, at the very least, I did kinda create this current iteration of the universe after accidentally destroying it with a Super Orgasm. I don't know if these people will believe me, though! These poor beings were, after all, calling themselves the masters of the universe just a little while ago....

After a long silence, the beings spoke up. "We had believed ourselves the masters of the universe upon our ascension, in awe of all the power at our command. As it turns out, we are but children before the majesty of Your being. We will accept any punishment You deem acceptable without resistance."

Good, they believed me! That's a relief. ...wait. They believed me. Oh god, they believed me! What am I gonna do?

Irina's face reddened in embarrassment. Noticing this, the energy beings became unsettled somewhat.

"Are You well? Are You preparing to smite us for our hubris?"

"What? N-no, I... uh... I was not aware of your species' ascension. I had sensed your planet explode into energy from my home and suddenly vanish, so I decided to investigate."

"We apologize! We did not intend to disturb You!"

"No, really, i-it's fine. Um... listen, I don't mind you all worshipping me, but you need to treat me as more of an equal, not your god."

"If that is truly what you wish of us, then we will gladly obey."

"It is indeed. Now then... it's dawning on me that I don't even know what your species is called."

"We are Avidyne."

"Avidyne... alright. I'm Irina. I've noticed you keep referring to yourself as 'we'. I take it you possess some kind of hive mind?"

"Correct. We are all Avidyne--parts of a greater whole."

"No individual names? You're all Avidyne?"

"Correct. There is no real distinction between us, so we are all Avidyne. Your possession of a unique identifier is strange to us."

"Very interesting. Well, I imagine you're full of questions about me, so go ahead and ask."

"Tell us more about your methods of sexual procreation."

"Ah, you liked that soulgasm I gave you?"

"Very much so. We wonder if there is some way of duplicating or enhancing that experience?"

"Enhancing, you say...?" Irina smiled genuinely, delighted by this turn of events. "I know a thing or two about Enhancement... would you like to see for yourself?"

"Your specific word choice is very intriguing. Yes, we are very interested."

"Excellent! Now, just a moment, please..." Irina thought for a moment before producing a device from nothing, comparable to her Super Orgasm-inducing dildo. It started as a duplicate of that immensely powerful device, but was revised to avoid utterly annihilating the Avidyne while still granting them the obscene levels of ecstasy they so craved.

She made a soulgasm-inducing strap-on. It was designed to connect to the wearer's nervous system, letting them feel through the sex toy. She designed this particular device to cum specifically-tuned power, to efficiently and pleasurably Enhance her worshippers. As she put it on, it fused into her body, becoming a cock just as capable as her dildo--albeit about six times larger. She could feel just how incredibly sensitive it was, nearly cumming herself from touching it alone.

"This will be fun for both of us, I think," Irina commented.

"Please proceed!" Avidyne said, undeniably excited.

Irina molded the entire Avidyne race into a huge fleshlight. The slightest contact with her super-powerful cock was enough to bring the Avidyne to a gargantuan soulgasm.

Of course, Irina was nowhere near finished. She didn't even have to do more than simply thrust her eager cock completely within the huge energy sleeve. Simply holding it there was more than enough to keep her cumming constantly, filling the energy beings with power infinitely beyond what they thought themselves capable of. She firmly held their trembling form before her, reveling in their and her ecstasy, continuing to cum more and more into them.

Irina took a moment to reflect on how she got into this unique situation. She hadn't expected more than a cosmic anomaly for her to document and write a paper or two about. She certainly didn't expect to not only make first contact with a newly evolved species out in deep space, but also fuck their metaphysical brains out! She kept on cumming, pushing herself harder and harder, mostly since she loved seeing the Avidyne--a species who thought they had evolved past sexual desire--in the throes of ecstasy.

She eventually calmed down and her orgasmic flow of Enhancing power tapered off. Both parties were more than satisfied, but also emotionally exhausted.

After a long pause to gather her thoughts, Irina said, "Well... wasn't that fun?"

"Absolutely! You have made us so... incomprehensibly powerful. We are forever in your debt. With your permission, we would like to reside within your infinite stores of power, eternally within you."

"That would be great! You would be easily accessible for me to study, and I would imagine having you within me would feel pretty good, too!"

Smiling, Irina reached out her hand and allowed the Avidyne to surge into her. Once inside, Irina felt a pleasant tingling sensation within her. She wasn't sure if it was the result of the energized Avidyne species inside her body or the knowledge that she made two new friends in two days. In that moment, she felt like the luckiest being in all existence.

"You know what?" Irina chirped. "Let's take the scenic route home! How often do you get the chance to behold the utter majesty of the universe like this?"

"You make a good point. We have spent all our time since our ascension in awe of our powers, to the point which we essentially ignored the sheer beauty surrounding us."

Irina made the trip take about an hour of real time, but slowed down subjective time dramatically for herself, allowing her and the Avidyne to revel in the cosmic masterpiece all around them.


Once Irina returned to Earth, she landed at the front door of Castle Volkoba.

"Do you live within this strange construct, Irina?"

"I do! Built it myself, in fact."

She telekinetically opened the immense door and stepped through... to find Jennifer standing in the great hall with 2,847 women--Irina counted as she saw them--clad in various colorful and revealing outfits. Instead of wasting time pushing through the crowd to find Jennifer, Irina simply appeared next to her.

"Jennifer, what's the meaning of this?" Irina demanded. "Who are all these people in my castle?"

Jennifer replied, "Oh Irina, hi! How was space?"

"I'm asking the questions here! Explain the 2,847 scantily clad women in my castle first!"

"Oh, I got in touch with a guy, and now I have 2,847 Russian mail order brides! Didn't even have to pay! Not only were they were all begging to go with me, but the guy knew an endorsement from a Super Goddess would almost literally print money for him! Anyway, I was just showing the girls your castle!"

"Not without my permission, you aren't! I live here, not you! For heaven's sake, have you no sense of privacy? Decency? Civility?"

Irina was about to send them away with the snap of her fingers, but Jennifer stopped her without missing a beat. She lowered her voice to a whisper in Irina's ear.

"Are you sure you want to do that? These aren't just any old Russian mail order brides. I've already Enhanced each and every one of them. When I give the word, they will unleash a sexual heaven upon every person within this castle. Do you see how eager they are for me to give that order? You don't want to miss this."

Irina, to Jennifer's veiled surprise, was unimpressed. A smug smirk formed on her lips.

"You know, I happened to meet a certain someone while I was out."

Right on cue, the Avidyne flew out of Irina, appearing as a single, enormous mass of energy. Every one of Jennifer's mail order brides stared in awe, realizing just how much more powerful the alien was compared to any of them--even all of them combined.

"They're called the Avidyne," Irina continued. "Avidyne, Jennifer; Jennifer, Avidyne. On my order, every person here will have an Avidyne enter their body, bringing them to unforeseeable heights of ecstasy and letting loose their most animalistic instincts. Everyone here will effectively become sex beasts. I can tell how eager you are for me to give that order. You don't want to miss this."

Irina had been acting on instinct, but when she finally looked more closely at Jennifer, she noticed something astonishing: the absence of that shit-eating grin of hers. She was thrilled, delighted, elated to see Jennifer without that smug superiority of hers for perhaps for the first time in her life. She could tell, just like Irina, that her swarm of energy beings were far more powerful than her mail order brides.

"I, um..." Jennifer mumbled. "Oh my...."

For once, Irina had the upper hand and a smug smirk on her face, while Jennifer nervously fidgeted. The moment was regrettably short-lived, as Jennifer's usual smile was quick to return.

"Well, now I'm not sure whose order I should be more excited about!"

"I think I can make that distinction clearer for you..."

With that, Irina snapped her fingers. Beams shot from every direction from the energy mass into every person in attendance, Irina and Jennifer included. Pleasure and lust quickly became the only things on everyone's mind. Not even two seconds passed until an enormous and equally intense orgy formed, 5,698 strong--an Avidyne for everyone in attendance.

Some time later, Elza reappeared in the castle to meet with Irina again and ask how she slept, only to be greeted with the moans and screams of nearly three thousand ecstatic women and goddesses. She raised an eyebrow, confused but intrigued.

A flare of iridescent light approached her--an energy being, she realized. She glared at it with disdain, quickly gauging its intent. Her features relaxed as her scan of its memory brought her up to speed on recent events in the castle. They intended only to use their vast multidimensional powers to give her and the others unparalleled ecstasy. It probably wasn't capable of the legendary Super Orgasms Irina had spoken of so reverently, but she was interested nonetheless.

She let the energy being enter her. Instantly, she felt a surge of pleasure fill her every vein. Her mind became a lust haze. Pleasure became her entire world--pleasure and how to get more.

Elza was no stranger to being startlingly horny, but this was unusual even for her. By no means was she concerned, though. On the contrary, she had every intention of enjoying it. She tore off her school uniform instead of neatly dematerializing it and dove into the orgy, now 5,700 strong.


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