New Goddess on the Block Ch. 1

*Author's note: this is a Dongstar story so you should know what to expect by now. Just because there's no futa right now doesn't mean there won't be later, so don't be upset if you were hoping otherwise.*

New Goddess on the Block




“You have godlike powers now, you gross nerd,” said the tiny imp sitting at the foot of Li’s bed.

Li Tong freaked out and batted the imp off of her bed with a blow that sent it flying across the room into a pile of dirty laundry.

“Ouch! Watch it!” grumbled the imp.

“W-what the fuck? A talking possum?” asked Li, leaping to her feet on the bed and backing herself into the corner as far as she could go.

The imp extricated itself from the laundry pile, kicked loose a clinging sock and straightened its fur.

“Listen—” The imp was immediately silenced by a thrown pillow launched from Li’s defensive perch. The imp could see the panicked girl was trying to yank her alarm clock out of the wall so she could hurl it too so it took up a defensive position behind a pile of hentai magazines.

“Would you calm down for a second?” it pleaded. “I’m not here to hurt you!”

“What the fuck are you? Some kind of mutant?” demanded Li.

The imp poked its head out from behind the pile and immediately ducked again to dodge a mug full of pencils which shattered on the wall behind.

“I’m an imp,” answered the imp.

“So what the hell are you doing in my room?” demanded Li. “And how are you real? I thought imps were all make-believe!”

“We are make-believe,” answered the imp. “You made me up to explain to yourself what’s happening.”

“And what is happening?” asked Li. “Because it looks from here like I’ve lost my marbles!”

“What’s happening is you’re a goddess now,” said the imp. “Reality is yours to mold as you see fit, and mere mortals are now nothing but playthings to your whim.”

“Now I know I’ve gone crazy,” said Li. “How could I be a goddess?”

“Eons ago, your great-great-great-great-venerated ancient ancestor was a great goddess, but she abused her powers and she was punished by the rest of the Celestial Council to be stripped of her abilities and live as a mortal. The punishment was to stand for ten-times-ten-thousand years,” explained the imp. “But now the time is up and you’re her last female descendant so you inherited everything.”

“Huh?” Li pushed her thick glasses up the bridge of her nose and squinted as if that would add some clarity to the situation. It didn’t.

“Look, if you don’t believe me, just try it for yourself. Wish for something,” said the imp.

“I wish you’d disappear!” answered Li.

The imp vanished.

Li stared at the spot where it had been. She looked nervously around the room, like you might for a spider you’d lost track of.

“I-imp?” she asked, cautiously taking a step out of her corner and leaning toward the empty spot.

“I’m still here,” came the imp’s voice. Li jumped, squealing, back into the corner on her tiptoes.

“You just turned me invisible,” said the imp.

“Well turn visible again!” Li commanded. The imp reappeared.

Li got down on all fours and crawled to the edge of the bed to get a closer look at the little creature.

“So you have to do what I say?” asked Li.

“Everything has to do what you say,” answered the imp. “You’re a goddess. Your wish is reality.”

“So if I told you to clean my room?” asked Li, looking around at her noxious nerdcave.

“I would,” answered the imp. “But it would probably be quicker for you to just wish it clean yourself.”

Li looked around at the piles of dirty laundry, old magazines, videogames, and pornographic sketches, all thoroughly crusted over with a layer of spilled sodas and unfinished food.

“I wish this room were clean,” she said.

In a flash, the room was spotless. Everything was put away in its proper place, the blinds were open and sunlight poured in on a scene that looked straight out of a decorator’s catalog. Even the shattered mug was seamlessly repaired and back in its proper place on her now thoroughly-organized rolltop desk.

“I’d forgotten the rug was that color,” Li marveled. She stepped gingerly down off the bed and was briefly unsettled when the carpet didn’t squish under her socks.

She went over to her desk, now immaculately polished and straightened. Everything was in its proper cubby.

“You alphabetized my hentai?” asked Li, running her finger along the top of her perfectly-organized collection of dirty comics.

“I didn’t do anything,” answered the imp. “You did, with your powers.”

“But I didn’t actually say how I wanted everything to be cleaned,” said Li. “I didn’t even have to concentrate or visualize or anything.”

“Subconsciously this is your image of your ideal room,” explained the imp. “All the time you’ve spent huddled in your own filth doodling porn, the proper place for everything has been nagging at you. You’ve known all along where everything belongs, you’ve just been too lazy to clean up.”

“You can stop with the commentary on my lifestyle any time,” Li huffed.

“Hey, you created me the way I am.” The imp shrugged. “I’m just a reflection of opinions you have about yourself.”

At the mention of reflections, Li reflexively glanced at the full-length mirror hanging from the back of her bedroom door. She went over to it and examined herself.

A skinny, gawky, buck-toothed pale nerd with thick, square, black-rimmed glasses looked back at her. She wasn’t ugly, but she wouldn’t be winning any beauty contests any time soon. She looked like your stereotypical shy weirdo. Her best feature was her long, black hair that fell down past her shoulderblades. Even unkempt from just having woken up, it still looked pretty good.

Li turned her head to look back at the imp. “If I’m some kind of goddess, how come I still look like my normal, dweeby self?” she asked, jerking a thumb at her reflection.

The imp shrugged. “You can look however you want.”

Li looked back at the mirror and cupped her disappointingly small tits.

“Ok, I wish I had bigger boobs,” she said.


Li’s jaw dropped at the gazongas that had suddenly inflated beneath her nightshirt. They had to be d-cups at least!

“Holy shit!” She couldn’t believe it. She looked back at the imp, her face still frozen in a look of delight and surprise.

“Are these real?” she asked, hiking up the hem of her shirt to examine her bare tits. The pale orbs were perfectly formed and firm; completely unaffected by gravity despite their large size. She prodded one of her pencil-eraser nipples and squealed with delight at the sight of the responding jiggle.

She looked back over her shoulder at the imp, grinning like crazy.

“These are awesome!” Li wiggled back and forth in front of the mirror, shaking her butt and torso back and forth in an improvised dance.

“I… havetits… and this… is my titty dance!” sang Li, punctuating each jerk of her hips with a new lyric. “They’re… so big and bouncy… you wanna—”

The door swung open. Her mom barged in carrying a laundry basket under one arm.

“Li! It’s time to wake up! You’re going to be late for school!” she declared.

Li yelped and yanked her nightshirt back down to the hem of her shorts. A furious blush spread across her cheeks.

“Mom! I wish you’d knock!” yelled Li.

Li’s mom stared blankly at her daughter and knocked sarcastically on the door.

“It’s time to get dressed. I brought you some clean clothes because I know you don’t have—” Mom noticed the spotless, sunlit room for the first time, her mouth gaping in an “O” of disbelief.

“Y-you cleaned your room?” she stammered.

Li looked back over her shoulder at what was now the cleanest, most well-organized room in the house. Actually it was the cleanest, most well-organized room in the world. She felt a brief tightness in her newly-expanded chest that her mom might spot the imp and freak out, but the tiny critter was nowhere to be seen.

“Uh… yeah… I guess I did,” answered Li.

Tears welled up in Li’s mom’s eyes. She dropped to her knees and hugged her daughter close to her bosom.

“Oh, my daughter! I’m so proud of you!” she said into Li’s ear, practically sobbing. “Could it be you’re finally accepting the responsibilities of adulthood?”

Li blushed uncomfortably at the sensation of her mom’s large bosom rubbing against her own.

“And these!” her mom exclaimed in surprise at noticing Li’s new endowment. “You really are becoming a woman!”

“Ok mom, layoff, geez,” said Li, finally pushing her mom away.

Mom stood back up and lifted the laundry basket back up under her arm. “Hurry downstairs,” she said, wiping a tear from her eye with a little sniff. “Breakfast is waiting. You don’t want to miss the bus!”

“Alright,” Li answered. She closed the door after her mom and looked back at where the imp had been.

“I-imp?” she asked.

“I’m here. You made me invisible again,” answered the imp’s voice.

“Oh, sorry,” said Li. The imp popped back into visibility without her even having to wish out loud. She felt like maybe she was starting to get the hang of this.

Li spent several more minutes tweaking and adjusting her appearance in front of the mirror. She made herself taller, broadened her hips, sculpted her thighs, filled out her butt until it would have shamed a backup dancer in a rap video, then dialed it back a little, gave herself some more general definition and muscle tone, and voila: a body fit for a moviestar, or more appropriately a porn-actress. Li had shunned the traditionally skinny and bony appearance of most mainstream actresses in favor of the juicy, exaggerated curves more common to the adult film industry (or hentai cartoons).

The only thing she didn’t change was her face (except to remove a few blemishes and give herself glowingly perfect skin).

“I don’t want to freak my mom out,” Li explained to the imp.

The imp shrugged. “Even if you did, you could just change her mind so that she’d recognize you anyway.”

The thought made Li shiver uncomfortably. For some reason the idea made her queasy.

“Li! The bus is here!” her mom shouted up the stairs.

“Quick! In my backpack!” Li held open her backpack and the imp hopped inside. She dashed down the stairs and through the kitchen.

“Wait, take some toast!” her mother called. “You need to eat something!”

“It’s ok, I’m not hungry!” answered Li. She really wasn’t. She wondered briefly whether she even needed to eat anymore and concluded she probably didn’t, unless she wanted to that is… and then she could probably eat as much as she pleased and never get full or fat!

This goddess thing might turn out to be pretty fun!


End of Part I



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