New Goddess on the Block Ch. 2


New Goddess on the Block

Chapter 2



Every head on the bus turned as Li strode by to her usual seat. Jaws dropped and pants tented. And why wouldn’t they? The last time they saw Li, she was a tiny, scrawny dweeb hiding behind a hentai comic that was hiding behind a regular comic. Now she was a turbo-hottie straight out of a porno magazine. Her d-cup tits, bodacious ass, narrow waist and broad hips belonged on a twenty-five year old, not an eighteen year old geek.

Li played up her new figure as much as she could; sashaying down the aisle of the school bus as if it were a fashion runway.

Instead of her usual shapeless sweatshirt and jeans combo, Li had conjured up a pair of black jeans shorts, fishnet stockings, high-heeled leather ankle boots, and a form-fitting white t-shirt emblazoned with a purple pentagram that hugged the swell of her gravity-defying tits in a way that was previously only possible in comic books. She’d lengthened her hair until it dangled down to the top of her asscrack and then woven it into a thick, shiny black braid. She’d also conjured up a pair of studded leather bracelets. She figured if she was going to have magic powers, she might as well dress like a witch.

“Technically you’re a goddess, not a witch,” the imp had observed.

Li dropped into her usual seat next to her friend Beth from anime club. The heavy impact of her backpack against the seat elicited a muffled “ow!” from the imp concealed inside.

Li grinned sheepishly at Beth, who was still staring, open-mouthed at her completely-remodeled friend.

In fact, everyone was staring. Even the bus driver. He just sat there frozen, mouth agape, his hand still on the door-lever.

Li’s broad smile began to feel awkward on her face.

“Uh… hi?” she said, wishing everyone would stop staring at her.

No sooner wished than done. The spell was broken and everyone gradually went back to their conversations. The bus’s air brakes hissed and soon they were in motion.

Only Beth was still staring.

“Li is that… you?” asked Beth, marveling at her friend’s incredible body.

“Who else would it be?” asked Li, laughing nervously.

“Well for a minute there I thought you might be like, your older sister or something,” answered Beth.

“I don’t have an older sister,” said Li.

“You don’t have an amazing rack, either,” Beth retorted. “At least you didn’t when I saw you yesterday. You’re as flat as a surfboard.”

Li narrowed her eyes at the comment but decided to let it slide. Beth didn’t have much room to critique other girls’ figures. Just as Li had conformed to the stereotypical “skinny nerd” body type, Beth was firmly in the “fat nerd” category. And not chubby, curvy “thicc” fat that was really sexy with the right face and attitude. She was dumpy and pudgy with a double spare-tire and mediocre tits that looked like two large scoops of ice cream had been dumped on top of her belly fat.

But whatever, Li thought; Beth was still one of Li’s best friends and they ribbed each other about their looks all the time. It was weird it only irked her now that she was stunningly hot.

“I guess I finally hit puberty,” said Li, preening.

“I wish puberty would hit me like that,” said Beth, speaking more to Li’s tits than anywhere else.

Li rubbed her lips thoughtfully.

“Maybe it will,” said Li, unable to keep a mischievous smirk from creeping across her face.

“Not likely,” sighed Beth, slumping back in her seat. “All my family looks like me. If anything, I’ll just get fatter. My older sisters look like human blimps, and my mom has to ride a mobility scooter when she goes out.”

“Maybe you’ll be the first to break the pattern,” offered Li.

“Yeah, right,” said Beth, despondently. The chubby nerd hadn’t noticed how her body mass was already starting to redistribute itself along more aesthetically pleasing lines. By the time she got off the bus, she was just as chubby as before, only now it was in all the right places.

Li giggled as she watched Beth’s bangin’ badonkadonk waggling back and forth in front of her as she filed off the bus with the rest of the students.

Li was the last off the bus. She alighted gracefully from the last step and discovered everyone else was standing there watching her.

“What?” she asked, uncomfortably aware she was the focus of attention. Even the bus driver was staring again. He hadn’t moved and the next bus in line for the drop off was getting impatient. Li knew she’d made herself hot but wasn’t expecting this strong a reaction from everyone.

“Maybe you overdid it a little with the height,” observed the imp from inside her backpack.

“Shut up,” mumbled Li out the corner of her mouth, keeping her eyes focused straight ahead at the gaggle of onlookers.

The crowd was getting bigger. More people were coming over to see what everyone was staring at and when they saw, they started staring, too.

The next bus in the queue honked and Li jumped forward, startled, her awkward movements betraying the uncoordinated geek hiding inside a super-hottie body.

A few people snickered.

“Same old Li,” guffawed one of her classmates, high-fiving his friend as the group broke up to go its separate ways.

Li’s eyes flashed with anger and the boy who’d thrown the comment suddenly gasped in embarrassed surprise as his dick shrunk like the head of a frightened turtle.

“You alright, bro?” asked his friend.

“Y-yeah… yeah…” answered the guy, walking a little stiffly. His face had gone white as a sheet.

“Yo, Li, you coming or what? We’re gonna miss first period!” said Beth, waving. The chubby girl actually had a waist now, and was down to just a double chin. A good portion of her body mass was being redistributed to her bust, which her bra obligingly expanded to accommodate.

Li smiled inwardly at her handiwork and trotted to catch up to her friend.

She was so focused on Beth’s shapely ass she didn’t notice Melissa Brightway and the rest of her clique of mean girls until she was almost level with them.

“Oh. My. God,” said Melissa, jaw dropping at the sight of the remodeled nerd striding up on long, succulent legs. “No. Way.”

“Was that…” asked Stacy Steadhammer.

“It better not be,” said Melissa, slamming her locker shut and peeling off like the commander of a World War II fighter squadron. Stacy, Nancy, Cindy, Lucy, Cassidy, and Marie all took up tight formation behind their leader. They took up positions blocking the entire hallway in a well-executed “V” formation

“Check it out, it’s the geek squad,” said Melissa, snapping her gum and striking a sassy pose.

Li finally realized she and Beth had walked right into the girls who’d made their lives a living hell for the past four years. Everything Li had made herself that morning; Melissa had already been since freshman year. The fit blonde was tall, athletic and succulently proportioned. Maybe not quite as comic-book curvy as Li had made herself, more along the lines of a fashion model than a porn star. She had dazzling blue eyes, full, puffy lips and of course amazing tits that rivaled Li’s for both size and buoyancy.

“Hey, Melissa,” said Li, automatically defaulting to her usual submissive posture. Her broad shoulders slumped and she hugged her textbook to her bountiful chest.

Beth did her best to shrink into a ball, withdrawing defensively behind her friend.

“Trying out a new look?” Melissa asked. “I hardly recognized you with a pound of tissue paper in your bra.”

The other mean girls giggled and passed around snaps and low-fives.

“Does Hot Topic know you bought out their entire spring line?” asked Melissa.

Li blushed and self-consciously rubbed her wrists. The studded-leather bracelets had seemed like a good fashion choice at the time, but now they just felt silly. A chilly breeze tickled her fishnet-clad buttcheeks under her skirt (she wasn’t wearing any underwear) and it actually hit her for the first time how much skin she was showing.

“I don’t know who she thinks she’s kidding, there’s no way a geek like her can pull off an outfit like that,” said Stacy. “She looks like a total slut.”

Stacy —who was wearing leather thigh-highs and a crop-top cut so short you could see the bottom of her bra peeking out under the hem— had no business calling out other girls for dressing slutty. The other mean girls were similarly dressed.

“I dunno who she thinks she’s kidding with those tits,” said Cindy. “Does she expect us to believe they just sprouted up overnight?”

Cindy expected everyone to believe her own double-ds had sprouted up over her weeklong spring break trip to Switzerland.

“Okay girls, okay,” said Melissa, putting on a show of being the “good cop” and calming down her friends. “Obviously our friends Li and Beth here are trying to reinvent themselves and we should encourage that.”

Beth brightened a little but Li knew the gut punch was coming and braced for it.

“Too bad she didn’t take a shower while she was shopping for new clothes,” said Melissa. Her friends snickered while Melissa reached out and felt the material of Li’s t-shirt. She had to keep her face straight when she discovered it was the finest, most heavenly smooth cotton she’d ever felt. “Between you and me, Li—” Melissa looked her up and down. “—There’s only so much you can polish a turd.”

Li sniffed back an involuntary tear.

Don’t cry in front of them. Li begged herself.

“You don’t have to take that from her, you know,” said the imp.

“Huh, did you say something?” asked Melissa, leaning in and cupping her ear theatrically.

“Yeah,” said Li, squaring up again as confidence flooded back. “I said ‘I don’t have to take that from you.’”

“Actually I said that,” said the imp.

“Shut up,” Melissa snapped over her shoulder.

The mean girls gasped.

“Excuse you?” said Melissa, licking her teeth in gleeful anticipation of a full-on bitch off. She was so totally gonna demolish this poser. “Did you just tell me to shut up?”

“Oh hell no,” said Melissa’s token Black friend Cassidy. Cassidy wore her hair in a top ponytail pulled up so tight it pulled her eyebrows up into a permanently surprised expression.

“Yeah I did!” said Li, taking a step forward. Her aura of confidence was so strong that Melissa involuntarily found herself taking a step back.

“And between you and me,” said Li, taking another step forward. “You’re in no position to call other girls out on having fake tits!”

Melissa smirked. “What the hell are you talking about? These are a hundred percent real, bi—”

Before she could finish her sentence, Li reached out and jabbed Melissa’s right boob with a long-nailed fingertip. There was a muffled pop and a rush of air as Melissa’s boob deflated like a balloon.

“What the FUCK?” Melissa shrieked when she looked down and realized what had happened. Her right tit now dangled limply from her chest, flopping pathetically like a used condom.

The other girls craned their necks to see and were thrown into a panic of confusion when they realized what they were looking at. The students who’d gathered to watch the confrontation were also thrown into sudden shock and disarray.

Li grabbed Beth by the hand and dragged her through the chaos and down the hall with long-legged strides.

“What the hell happened back there?” asked Beth. “Did you just pop Melissa’s boob?”

“Yup,” answered Li, elation welling up inside her like a fountain. She really could do anything! She paused at the end of the hall and looked back at the knot of students gathered around Melissa, who was still sobbing and screaming. The distraught alpha-bitch finally broke free of the crowd and dashed off toward the nurse’s office as her posse stumbled to keep up.

Li almost felt bad for Melissa… until she remembered the laundry-list of humiliations the cruel bitch had heaped on her for the past four years. The rest of Melissa’s clique had retribution coming to them, too, if we were tallying up old debts.

Maybe a plague of locusts, Li mused.

“You’re telling me Melissa’s just been stuffing her shirt with balloons the whole time?” asked Beth, her eyes wide.

“Apparently,” smirked Li.

“Is that what you did?” asked Beth.

Li frowned and Beth backpedaled quickly. “I mean, I don’t care if you are, but it would explain how your body changed so fast…”

Beth still hadn’t noticed her own added height, bodaciousness and generally upgraded physique. By lunch, the formerly obese girl would be down to just one chin, and would be sporting a rack you could balance a dining-tray on.

“Trust me, Beth, these are real,” said Li, proudly sticking out her chest.

“I’ll believe it when I see it,” Beth scoffed.

“Fine, I’ll—” Just then the bell rang and Li realized they were late. “—I’ll show you during lunch period.”

“That I gotta see,” said Beth, hurrying off to her class. Li admired Beth’s booty with a dreamy expression as the curvy girl jogged off around the corner.

Li strode into class five minutes late as if she owned the place.

“You’re five minutes late, Ms. Tong,” said Mr. Heldburg. The stuffy teacher was always a real hardass, but even he did a double take when he caught sight of the new and improved Li.

“Yeah I’m sure what I missed was really important,” said Li, breezing past to her desk.

“See me after class,” huffed the teacher.

“Yeah, you’d like that, wouldn’t you?” snarked Li.

Mr. Heldburg opened his mouth and raised his chalk to admonish her when the entire class gasped and broke out in giggles. He felt a tightness in his pants and looked down to discover a very visible erection tenting his trousers.

“I’ll say he would,” said Toby Pattintson. “Right on, teach!”

“Gross!” said one of the girls.



Mr. Heldburg blushed a deep red and spun around to conceal his humiliating hard-on.

He cleared his throat. “Okay, settle down,” he said.

“You settle down!” yelled Toby.

Furious, Mr. Heldberg stormed out of the class. The students murmured amongst themselves for several minutes but eventually decided he wasn’t coming back any time soon.

Without their teacher, the students just shot the shit in what had apparently become a free period.

“Man, what a perv,” said Brad Guff, twisting in his seat to talk to Li. “I’m Brad, by the way. You’re Li, right?”

“That’s right, and I know,” answered Li, smiling shyly. We’ve been going to classes together for three years and you’ve been sitting in front of me all semester, she thought.

“Yeah, yeah… You know I never noticed how cool you were,” he said, turning fully around so that he was straddling the back of his seat. He folded his well-muscled arms over the top of his chair and rested his square jaw on his wrists.

Li stole a glance down at the bulge of Brad’s jeans stuffed between the bars of the chair and drooled a little. Brad was such a fucking hunk! She’d been undressing him with her eyes since freshman year and had folders full of sketches featuring anime versions of him making out with anime versions of her.

Brad looked up at her with sparkling cartoon eyes and Li started back in shock.

“What is it?” asked Brad, his long lashes fluttering as white circles of shine quivered on his saucer-sized, golden irises.

“Uhh, nothing…” Li smiled nervously. She blinked. Brad’s eyes were back to normal… Well mostly… they were still extra sparkly with luxurious lashes but at least they didn’t look like they’d been painted onto his face. She waved away a few pink bubbles that had been drifting around his head as well.

“So you wanna hang out sometime?” asked Brad. “What are you doing after school?”

“Oh actually anime club is meeting this afternoon, I was planning on being there,” answered Li.

“You’re into anime? That’s awesome! I’m totally into that also,” said Brad, who just that morning had called the anime club “a bunch of nerds” and assessed all the girls in it to be “total dogs.”

“You should join the club, then,” said Li. “What’s your favorite anime?”

“Oh, I dunno, there are so many…” Brad answered vaguely.

Li decided it wouldn’t be cheating too much to help him out a little. Brad suddenly found his brain flooding with an extensive compendium of anime knowledge. His bros seated to either side looked on in shock as he spoke to Li at length on the merits of Sakura No Hynata and the two debated the relative hotness of Natagawa and Shigomi.

Mr. Heldburg returned five minutes before the end of class. His erection hadn’t gone down and was in fact more steel-hard than ever, but he’d covered himself up with a long coat so at least it wasn’t visible.

“Mr. Heldberg, nice of you to join us,” called Li from the back of the class, where a whole gaggle of handsome boys had gathered to talk anime with her (if they hadn’t been handsome before pulling up to talk to her, they were now) while the girls in the class looked on with frosty disgust.

The teacher didn’t have anything to say to that and, fuming, dismissed the class before the bell had even rung. Li walked out right past him with a defiant smirk and he didn’t try to stop her.

Second period was calculus and Li felt her triumphant mood fading again. She was one of those nerds who was anti-social and obsessed with niche pop-culture, not the kind that was academically gifted. She was a straight-C student and barely maintained that when it came to calculus.

“Psst! Is it lunchtime yet?” whispered the imp, poking his head out of Li’s bag.

A couple of other students looked over at the noise and Li smiled awkwardly as she stuffed the ugly little critter back into her back.

“You’re gonna get me in trouble!” she whispered.

“Why don’t you just make it so you’re the only one who can see and hear me?” asked the imp.

“Oh, right, I can do that,” Li realized, twitching slightly as her power flickered through her to work her will.

“Ms. Tong, is my lesson interrupting your conversation?” asked Mrs. Hopper, putting her hands on her ample hips.

“No! Sorry, Mrs. Hooters— I mean, Hopper!” Li blushed as the rest of the class laughed.

 Ms. Hopper was two big reasons why Li found it so hard to concentrate during calculus, and two more when she turned around! The sexy MILF was totally distracting! How could anyone be expected to concentrate when the teacher looked like that? It didn’t help the way she was dressed, either. The bountiful Ms.Hopper had gleaming, melon-sized tits that were practically bursting out of her frilly, low-cut blouse, and her black pencil skirt hugged an ass that Li wanted to bury her face in.

Just looking at Mrs. Hopper made Li’s pussy wet. She was practically sitting in a puddle and class had barely started!

When they started working on equations Li finally found her arousal dying down as she dealt with the difficult problems.

“What the fuck does any of this mean?” she grumbled. “How can I be expected to know this?”

“Uh, goddess, remember?” said the imp, poking his head out of the bag. “You’re a super genius now, if you wanna be.”

Li felt a surge of power wash over her body and suddenly she was wide awake. The equations in the book made sense! Hell, they were childishly simple!

The shy geek who was once rarely heard and barely seen suddenly found herself raising her hand for every answer and getting all of them right. The rest of the class looked on in amazement as Li fielded question after question with expert knowledge. The subject of calculus, no— the entire realm of mathematics— was her bitch.

She felt herself growing aroused again as the feeling of power and competence surged through her.

Mrs. Hopper felt her thighs growing hot as she watched Li bouncing out of her seat to eagerly answer every question. She gradually became aware that she’d stopped teaching the class and was teaching only to Li Tong; the brilliant, beautiful, ordinarily quiet girl who demonstrated such an acute grasp of calculus that it was obvious they were soul mates.

“Excellent, Ms. Tong! Another correct answer!” announced Mrs. Hopper, her inner thighs and calves shiny with oozing cunt honey. The fabric of her blouse creaked with the effort of restraining her massive tits, which had gone up two cup sizes in the past thirty minutes. Her ass and thighs swelled to fill all the available space in her narrow skirt. She fanned herself with a sheaf of papers and steadied herself against the desk.

“Li —I mean, Ms. Tong. Please see me after class!” she said, panting as the period drew to a close. The voluptuous teacher’s rock-hard nipples had pitched a pair of tents almost as impressive as the one Mr. Heldberg had sported earlier.

As the rest of the class filed out, Li found herself alone with Mrs. Hopper.

“Please, call me Juliet,” said Mrs. Hopper.

“O-okay,” said Li, her heart pounding in her chest. She’d been wishing harder and harder for this moment since class began and now that it was finally here, she felt completely out of her depth. She was only a virgin after all! The farthest she’d ever gotten was some heavy petting with Beth when they’d both been drunk. Being this close to someone so hugely endowed and obviously aroused made her feel faint.

“I was very impressed by your performance in class today,” said Juliet, twirling a lock of her hair. The busty teacher’s already pneumatic figure had expanded significantly over the course of the lesson and she appeared to be on the verge of bursting right out of her clothes.

As if responding to Li’s subconscious wish, one of Juliet’s blouse buttons popped off and hit Li on the cheek.

“Oh, excuse me!” said Juliet, blushing. Her enormous bust heaved with each hot breath, and Li could smell the mingled scent of the teacher’s perfume and musky boobsweat heavy in the air.

“W-what did you want to talk to me about?” asked Li, the tips of her own diamond-hard nipples just inches from the ridiculously huge protuberances that threatened to rip through Juliet’s thin blouse.

“I just wanted to say how proud I am of your development… as a student I mean,” Juliet giggled. Her blouse creaked as her tits went up another size. Another button popped off and ricocheted off the back wall. The MILFy calculus teacher was swiftly transforming into a living hentai character.

A steady patter of liquid on the floor drew attention to the swimming pool in Juliet’s panties.

“I hope I’ll get to see much more of the Li I saw in class today,” Juliet said, her face drawing closer to Li’s.

“Yeah,” Li also leaned in and before she even had time to anticipate it, their lips touched.

“Mmmmff!!” Li’s eyes went wide. Juliet’s lips were soft and pillowy. It was like kissing a plush, velvet cushion.

There was a machine gun rattle of buttons popping off as Juliet seized her blouse in two fistfuls and ripped it open, exposing her huge, gleaming tits. She seized Li between vice-like thighs and pulled the girl close so that her face was buried in her teacher’s canyon of cleavage. Hot musk filled Li’s nostrils and she felt herself being overtaken by instinct. Her hands shot out to explore every inch of her horny teacher’s heaving body. By her will, every place Li touched became a symphony of pleasure. Juliet moaned loudly and quivered as orgasm overtook her.

Li grabbed a tit in each hand and began milking her teacher exactly as she’d fantasized for months. Every pump of her ultra-skilled hands was an eruption of orgasmic ecstasy, exploding through the teacher’s chest and filling her body with white hot fire.

“Oh GOD!” Mrs. Hopper screamed. “OH GOD!

Acting on instinct, Li seized the waistband of Juliet’s skirt and yanked down, tearing the taut fabric like tissue paper and exposing the teacher’s swollen muff. The horny teen plunged her face into the well-trimmed triangle of fur and willed herself to be the most astoundingly gifted cunnilinguist who ever lived.

Li felt her tongue expand and lengthen as it dived into Juliet’s moist cleft. Despite the strangeness of the sensation, Li was surprised to find she was not disturbed by the fact that she now had what was essentially a tentacle growing out of her mouth.

Maybe all that tentacle porn has desensitized me, she thought to herself as she closed her eyes and plunged deeper into her teacher’s eager, slavering pussy.

Mrs. Hopper screamed and squirmed, jerking each of her dick-sized nipples in one hand as Li’s godly appendage explored every inch of her insides.

Li willed more and more pleasure into the body of her teacher. Her tongue was like a thrashing, white-hot wire of pure pleasure. Everyplace it touched melted into quivering jelly. Hot juices poured over Li’s chin and splattered onto the floor as her teacher’s screams built to crescendo upon crescendo.

YES OH GOD YES OH YES!” howled Mrs. Hopper. All thought or memory of her husband was obliterated before the unstoppable tide of agonizing joy exploding inside her. Her eyes rolled back in her head and her tongue lolled out of her mouth.

Down below, Li had grown herself a second tongue which swelled up hugely and plunged into Juliet’s puckered ass. The sudden rush of Li’s two-pronged attack finally broke Mrs. Hoppers’ mind and she went rigid as a steel bar as she screamed so loudly and continuously that it drowned out the sound of the class bell. Twin streams of milk erupted from the ends of Julet’s tits with enough force to dislodge the ceiling tiles above before splattering down on the interlocked women in a white rain.

Li had been teasing her soaking wet clit with her right hand while she held her teacher steady with her left. At the moment of Mrs. Hopper’s orgasm, Li felt a surge of pleasure rip through her body like the expanding bubble of an underwater supervolcanic eruption. The bubble broke the surface and Li found herself overcome by the sheer intensity of the power inside her. The earth heaved and every window in the building exploded outward in a hail of scintillating shards.

Li collapsed onto the soaking linoleum, her entire front glistened with viscous girlslime. Mrs. Hopper lay collapsed across her desk like a ragdoll, twitching mindlessly and drooling as her swollen pussy throbbed between her legs.

“Thuck…” Li panted. Her twin tongues lay sprawled across her body, each of them a muscular appendage as thick as her wrist and as long as her forearm. They gleamed with Mrs. Hopper’s juices.

Outside, the blurry outlines of curious students and teachers clustered around the frosted glass of the classroom window. Sometime during their sex, Li must have wished the door closed and locked.

From the opening at the top of the backpack, the imp applauded.

“Encore!” he cheered. “Encore!”


End of Part II



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