The Prodigy Futanari


(A story about a young prodigy futa girl who becomes god)

On August 15th, 2105, Domina Lancaster was born. From the moment she was born, the doctors were convinced she was a boy, until they saw the vagina. They usually used the genitals to determine, since a woman had never been born with a dick. They didn’t even know what to call her for months, until they determined that she would be called a hermaphrodite. No one could know, but this infant was special. When she was only a week old, she spoke her first word. They may have simply sent it off as a fluke of baby babbling, but by the end of the day, she was saying quite a few words. By the end of week 2, she was reading books. Her parents were amazed when she started walking and talking in full sentences by the end of the first month.


They didn’t truly know what a monster of a child she was until she was three months. One day her parents were speaking with her older sister, who had lost all of her college books. They searched the entire house before they found Domina in her crib, reading them. She was even able to understand them entirely. Not only that, but those books were easily 400 or 500 pages, far too heavy for a young child to hold. It was just amazing.


Around then, they decided to take her in for an IQ test. When the human race started colonizing other planets in 2047, the way they took those tests changed. The number was more accurate, and now based on a brain scan. The doctors and her parents were amazed to see the number was easily between 130 and 190. They simply kept taking care of their young ‘daughter’ from then on, only instead of playing with toys and watching kid’s tv shows, she began studying for tests, applying for colleges, and playing with toys.


She was always turned down, since the age on the application was always so low. Some didn’t even reply, thinking it was a prank. And so she was sent to public school at the age of 5. Except she was far beyond that. An IQ test earlier that month placed her between 300 and 400. They decided to privately home-school her, but they couldn’t keep up. It came to a point where they just gave her a book, and waited a couple of days. She never incorrectly answered a single question, and received her high-school diploma when she was 6.


It didn’t stop there. Once she had a way to prove her intelligence, she began to study and apply for colleges. She began taking the courses, but could easily pass any test or knowledge check within a few days. Another IQ test on her 7th birthday placed her IQ around 950. shocked by the amazing intelligence of the girl, she became somewhat popular, appearing on TV interviews and making a name for herself. But her true achievement came when she was 8.


After receiving her first Master’s degree in engineering, and her second in biology, she got to work building a machine that would erase the limits of her brain. When she was asked what the machine did, she simply gave them a 11200 page report on the complexities of the human brain. No one could understand the work, however. She completed work on the machine in a week, and used it on herself. From that day onward, she turned from an unbelievable prodigy, into an impossible genius.


Two weeks later, she was found in her room, writing paper after paper. Her mind was racing. She hadn’t slept in 2 weeks, but she no longer needed to, consciously moving the chemicals in her brain to correct the issue. And she had been writing paper on every topic imaginable. They measured her IQ a few days later, and were dumbfounded to see it was pressing past 4000, and the number was higher very time they checked it.


She made another discovery a week later. She had been able to condense energy from her body using only her mind, converting it with 200% efficiency. Scientists were baffled at this for some time, wondering how she could double energy on the fly, but what really confused them was her body. Once she figured that out, she began lifting weights as she read. It only took a few days of lifting weights to tone her body into a beautiful masterpiece. By the time she was 9, she was able to deadlift 300 pounds.


Her mental and physical prowess continued to multiply without limit, since her machine removed those limits from her mind, and later from her muscles. She shattered the world record for heaviest deadlift by lifting 5000 pounds of weight, somehow looking no more toned than a normal 10 year old girl.


As the next 6 years passed, she became even more perfect, even stronger, faster, and smarter. By her 16th birthday, she could deadlift 12000 pounds, run 120 miles per hour, and had an IQ just under 10,000. And it was around that time that puberty struck.


Even though she was a peerless beauty before, now she was unbelievably flawless, with Golden, perfect hair that reached almost to her ankles, whose luster couldn’t be matched. Her nice, unblemished face only complimented her perfectly toned body. Her fat ass rounded out her hourglass frame perfectly. At almost 7 feet tall, she was a true, pale, and amazingly perfect beauty who no one could resist.


She began getting interested in girls, due to her dick. She’d never really paid attention to it before, but continued her life as a prodigy. By the age of 18, she had broken every single world record, had a masters degree and PHD in every possible facet of knowledge, and contained within her head the collective knowledge of all human information. With nothing else to do, she escalated her popularity. She became a supermodel easily, got thousand of Advertisement deals, and quickly became the wealtiest person on earth after investing her money.


Despite never using her dick, always focusing on other things, she got her first ever hard on to another beautiful supermodel from a photoshoot. She was confused at the time. It was the first time on earth that Domina Lancaster was flustered. She decided to go home early that day. It was the first time she’d masturbated. Her genius mind was overwhelmed with the sensations, easily. She’d known about orgasms for a long time, but this was her first experience.


She looked down at her small, 6 inch dick. It was small, to her. She wanted more. She had always wanted to keep a nice look on the outside, but she was always been very greedy. She diverted some of her body’s energy to generate muscles and tissue. It didn’t take too much effort to make her dick longer, and harder. She filled herself with energy, and jacked off once more.


She didn’t stop for days. Locked in her room, pretending to work on her experiments, she simply flooded the room with her cum. She always loved it, and diverted more energy from the sunlight, using it like a plant does, to gain from the energy in a reverse feedback look that filled her with vitality. Her cock lengthened, her balls filled out, and her muscles hardened, as she masturbated for weeks.


She’d never had a girlfriend. No one except her family even knew she had a dick… but she didn’t want to lose her new masterpiece. Her cock was three feet long and as thick as an aluminum can. Her balls groaned as they filled with cum, now past the size of beach balls. But… something else was coming over her. When she wondered about how she’d explain her new appendages to people she knew, she simply decided to retroactively change their memories so that they were aware of it and enjoyed it.


She had never been able do that before. She began wondering about things she didn’t know before, and found answers that she couldn’t believe she missed. She put on the IQ testing scanner in her room and gasped at the results. Previously, her IQ reached into upper ten thousands but the results on there now were impossible, even for her.


467,800. The number was impossible, and yet there she was, looking into her mind, only to find answers. That was impossible, even for her, right? She decided to run to the bathroom and look into the mirror. She was only in front of the mirror for a second, before a massive windstorm blew everything in the hallway to the end. She had ran fast enough to cause it.


How fast was she? That was… too fast. She needed to test herself. She put on pants, which was difficult, given the circumstances, but finally found some sweat pants that fit and walked outside. She convinced herself to run around the city. Before, that run would take about 50 minutes, at 120 mph. She pressed her timer, and ran off. The resulting windstorm shattered windows and knocked people off their feet. She calculated her speed using her immense intelligence to place her speed at 713 miles per hour. Wait, no 714. 715? 716… it was increasing!


She finally reached back to her house in 8 minutes, 9 seconds. She hadn’t even broken a sweat. In fact, she felt like she could run MORE than before. If her speed was increasing over time, then what about her IQ? She tested herself on the machine again and gasped. 468,292. It had only been about 10 minutes, and her IQ had gone up 492 points! Was everything going up? She needed to test it all.


She started on her previous record of 12,000 pounds. When she lifted the weights off the rack in her home gym, she blinked in disbelief. It was like if a normal human was holding a plastic tube. She had to put almost no effort into it. She rearranged the atoms in the weights to increase in density, and she placed more weights on.


13,000 was no problem. Neither was 14, 15, 16, or 17. 18 was somewhat troublesome, and she was truly challenged at 20,000. But her stamina… she didn’t break a sweat, even though she was straining. Her mind did another evaluation of her anatomy and stopped suddenly in shock. Impossible…


It was impossible to explain the process, but her body was turning spent energy into more unspent energy. It was a perfect, impossible reverse feedback loop. As she spent more energy, her body would create more. Her stamina was literally infinite. She no longer needed to eat, or drink. She didn’t need to even breathe. Her mind raced to find the reason of her ascension. She didn’t need to think for long, her mind knew it. It was her dick’s natural hormones, mixing with her vagina’s feminine ones.


Simply having one turned her into a superhuman prodigy. Finally enhancing it caused her to enhance her whole self. That would mean that if she wanted to improve even further… she needed a bigger dick, and a stronger libido. She decided to test it.


She was improving all the time. Even now, the 20,000 pound weight was getting lighter with each passing second. After increasing it to her new limit, which was 22,000, She put a few bits of infinite energy into her balls, strengthening them, causing them to become more virile. Almost immediately the 20,200 lb weight was lightened. She put on more weights and tried. The paltry amount of energy she gave her dick increased her limit to 21,800.


She grabbed the pieces she needed and got to work. She wanted to test it in real time, see her limits, and watch the numbers rise. It took only a few minutes to make a device that tracked her limits in real time. She built the display and looked at it.


STRENGTH LIMIT: 22,120…  22,121…

MAX SPEED: 792mph…  793mph…

INTELLIGENCE QUOTIENT: 471,913…  472,354…

HEIGHT: 6’9”



It updated once each second. What else should she measure? She was turning energy into more, so perhaps other things were to account for it? She added a few more readings.




Whoa. She’d be around for a while, at least.




Her immune system was superpowered as well.


DURABILITY: 5,200 (Steel Sword)

This was interesting. The durability of human skin was constant across the race, typically. Domina was the first to surpass this limit, so she created a system to measure the durability of her skin. To simplify it, human skin was 100. a steel sword could puncture something with a Durability score of 1200. To simplify it, she became impossible to scratch or hurt, with bladed weapons. If this continued, she could go even further.


She looked at her 3 foot long cock and smiled. She wanted more. And she would have it. She splayed her legs out on the bed and looked at the impressive monster she was already packing. Her cock laid flaccid over her behemoth ballsack which rested on the floor, groaning with their impressive payload. All she needed to do was reroute some of her infinite energy, and wait.


As she concentrated, her balls began gurgling, fattening as they filled the space between her legs. She could no longer keep them between her legs, she needed to let them hang out in front. Even as she stood up, they still rested on the floor. Her cock was not far behind, growing another foot in length, and thickening even further.


STRENGTH LIMIT: 47,922…  47,931…

MAX SPEED: 1,692mph…  1,741mph…

INTELLIGENCE QUOTIENT: 500,000… 500,000…

HEIGHT: 7’1”


DURABILITY: 8,500 (Diamond-tipped pneumatic power drill)


Her smile widened as she doubled in strength, speed, and… intelligence? Her intelligence had halted. She queried her mind to find out why it stopped growing with her. It was because she didn’t have anything else to learn. But there must have been so much more… she’d need to look into other fonts of knowledge. Into other perceptions of reality. So she simply changed her body to be able to sense everything. Her mind, which had the processing power of an entire universe of supercomputers easily calculated billions of other incoming sources of information, and just like magic… she could see more. Other realities, other possibilities. She could see through the laws of space-time and up to 30 different dimensions. It was as easy as breathing. She opened her eyes and looked at the monitor.


Intelligence Quotient: 1,542,502… 1,842,052…


Even she couldn’t process that much information too fast, it would seem. But still she smartened. The fabric of reality and knowledge of it’s inner workings entered her brain. She knew now that she could move it about if her mind were powerful enough. All she would need to wield the power of god was… about 100 quadrillion IQ.


But she was still human. She didn’t want a mile long dick… If she shrunk it, it may undo the effects! And her balls, while easily carried around, wouldn’t allow her to do that sexy walk she always did if they got much bigger. She wondered about possibilities…


Make it more virile.

That in itself was a sort of power. She quickly changed her readings again to measure her sperm count.


SPERM PER MILLILITER: 5,000,000,000,000 (approx.)


Certainly far above average… but she could do better. She began filling her balls and sperm production organs with energy, power, mutations, and more. They pulsed as they filled with unbelievable power. The number on the monitor continued to go up. 10 million. 100 million. 100 billion. 100 trillion. She decided to have a little fun while she did this, cumming quickly, and watching as it grew thicker and chunkier each second. She got carried away.


When she realized she’d been jacking off for longer than she intended, all while continually strengthening her balls, she gasped. She didn’t know how much time had passed… wait, no, she did. 31 minutes. Not too long, thankfully, but still she worried about the readings on the monitor now. Her eyes wandered over tentatively.



STRENGTH LIMIT: 52,002,922

MAX SPEED: 670,616,629 mph

INTELLIGENCE QUOTIENT: 586,635,100,000,000,000

HEIGHT: 10’10”

ESTIMATED LIFESPAN: 52,000,000,000,000 YEARS (approx.)

DURABILITY: 100,000 (True Invulnerability)

SPERM PER MILLILITER: 60,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 (approx.)


She blinked. Her speed seemed a little low compared to the other insane numbers… oh, right. Nothing made of matter could surpass the speed of light… unless she changed reality.


She’d long since passed 100 quadrillion IQ. Which of course meant that she had the ability to re-arrange the fabric of reality at will, right? Her brain immediately confirmed her question. She had no doubt. She blinked and waited as she percieved reality. It was impossible to comprehend, of course, save for Domina. She knew how it worked. She simply moved her hands around for a moment. “Let’s see if that worked.” She said, and turned her eyes towards the monitor.




“True immortality, then.” was her only response. All she had to do now was… change it. She rearranged the fabrics around herself first. It only took a moment, but she also had to change that stupid little rule about speed. The moment she removed the relativistic impossibility for matter to travel faster than light, the monitor flashed, and the numbers changed. She also rearranged her body to be strong enough to lift all matter that would ever exist at once, times 1 octillion. Easy. Then she added to her brain the overwhelming mass of information regarding all of time, and the current state, and every single possible future of every single atom in all of existence, in every alternate universe. Her skin was already infinitely and truly invulnerable, but why not make it so that her lifespan increases when she’s attacked? That ought to make the number bigger. And finally… her balls. Their current sperm production was fine, but she wanted to make them better. She changed them, so that they were able to infinitely multiply their virility the moment she got bored with them, allowing them to overpower reality to do so.


The readings on the screen made her smile.





HEIGHT: 14’11”





She’d made it quite the supercomputer, too. To stack overflow on this machine, the digits in those numbers must have been in the novemnonagintillions… and yet she was still sitting here, in a normal pair of clothes, in a less than impressive home, in a normal town. The power to rearrange reality at her fingertips. It was time to have some fun.


She turned the clothes she was wearing into a beautiful red dress, and looked herself over. She only frowned when she saw the massive bulge her balls alone made in the dress. Whatever. It was time to test her powers. She moved her hands and closed her eyes. That should have done it.


She pulled up her computer, and searched her name. The articles that came up made her blush, but she saw the fruits of her labor. The articles had titles and contents that showed it was no longer a secret that she was a futanari. Or, rather, it would be more accurate to say that history had changed retroactively to inform the planet and make the necessary changes.


As she walked down the street, the massive, unmistakable bulge in her dress on full display, people took pictures and complimented her wherever she went. She was the worldwide superstar she’d always been destined to be. But no one knew of her true power now. With a wave of her hand, she turned every store in the city into her property. She owned it all, now. But that wasn’t enough. She could do better. Over the course of the day, more and more places changed their histories, so that they were purchased by Domina in the past. In only 2 hours, she was the richest person the planet. Checking her wallet to confirm it, she smiled when she saw 50 hundred dollar bills. Pocket change. What else could she change?


With another wave, she became the world’s most reknown scientist. Another turned her into the most famous pornstar. As she was basking in her new fame, she made her way to the city. That was when she saw a cute, blonde haired girl that she liked. After waving her over, Domina asked. “Who am I and what is my job?”

The blonde perked up, and said “Why, you’re Domina Lancaster! The world’s most reknown scientist, holder of every world record, and the richest pornstar on the planet!” Domina could only smile in response. The then waved her hand, again. She could be better. When she was finished, she asked again, “Who am I?”

The confused blonde blinked, and answered. “You’re Domina, Empress of all Humanity. Smartest, and most powerful person, both physically, mentally, and politically, in all of history. Your scientific, physical and historical achievements know no bound!”


Suddenly, Domina found herself being catered around town in her solid gold Limo. Her red dress replaced by a while and yellow one, donned by a tiara. The driver turned around and said, “Your highness, we’ve arrived.” When she opened the door, and stepped out, she saw it. The large, red, glowing Neon sign over the skyscraper’s entrance that said “Domina’s Brothel”


The building that was solely dedicated to her pleasure. An array of people stood outside the building, and cheered her on as she walked to the entrance. However… she saw something. One of the bystanders had a pretty, diamond-jewelled necklace. Domina simply took it, since she was above the law. Not that the person minded anyway. If Domina wanted something, all of humanity was obligated to work for it. And to have your mere existence acknowledged by the Eternal Empress would make you famous. The woman who was robbed would appear on countless TV interviews, and be showered with riches for being given the privilege of being mugged by Domina.


When Domina entered the brothel, no less than 500 beautiful, naked women welcomed her. She shed her dress, almost blinding anyone who was looking as her monstrous erection pointed directly forwards. She simply grabbed the closest woman, a 5’3 blonde girl with D-cups and a perfect heart-shaped ass, and lined up her cock with her pussy. There was no need for warmup, Domina was infinitely virile, and could produce billions of gallons of pre on demand if she wanted. The woman may be sore without a little foreplay, but that was of no concern to her.


When Domina’s cock rammed into the woman whose name she didn’t even know, the bitch’s mind was wiped clean, and replaced with pleasure. The amount of unstoppable bliss the mortal mind felt when being fucked by that godcock couldn’t be put into words. It shattered their minds, their sanities, and usually doomed the women to an eternal life in the brothel, if they weren’t already there. She thrust in and out of the woman for a solid hour and a half, before finally unleashing a pitiful, pathetic load consisting of 500 gallons of tar-thick supercum. She then moved to the next. An entire week was spent on the first floor alone, and she finally dumped over 10,000 gallons of her own jizz before she was in a room of unconscious beauties. Then she climbed the stairs to the second floor, where another, larger group of even more beautiful women greeted her.


Over the course of 9 months, she climbed the tower, never stopping her endless thrust-fest, always breeding, always fucking. No breaks were needed. Not for food, water, or rest. This barely even required her to be conscious. By the time she was finally done, she made her way back home, only to find it had been replaced with a city-sized mega-palace.


But she was done being the empress… she wanted more.



Domina waved her hand and suddenly sprouted a perfectly functional pair of white wings, and a golden, glowing halo appeared over her head. She ascended through the walls of her home and into the sky, her 5 foot long erection showing to the world.


“I guess I can check ‘become god’ off the to-do list. That was… way too easy, actually. I could have done that ages ago.” Then she increased the surface area of the planet earth, causing the planet to encompass most of the observable universe. Her mind instantly processed, rearranged, and deleted any relativistic problems that came from doing so. Then she began processing the truth to all mortals on the planet: She was God. And God wanted a Harem.


“Massive” was insufficient to describe the size of her palace now, which sprouted from her old one. Made of pure Obstinium, an element she invented, to change colors at will. She sat in the massive, massive throne room, and smiled as she waved her hand, changing humanity.


Every single human became perfect. They would live to be 250 years old, their youth taking up 95% of their lifespans. It was impossible for them to be any less than paragons of beauty, and love. Domina’s blood ran in their veins, making them immune to disease, and mutation. Women with F-cup breasts were soon considered flat-chested, and men barely counted their dick sizes below 12 inches.


Next… more like her. She altered Reality to cause women to birth Futanari women naturally. Her brain processed many possible futures in which they would destroy the world… or even try to challenge her. She quickly corrected that, making it so that such futanaris would simply cease to exist before being born. This set their birth rate insanely low, but that was fine. The more rare they were, the better. Each one would be as prodigious as Domina was when she was born, and they would all rule their own pieces of land, like countesses. They would all, however, serve Domina… but all humans would serve their lords.


Each Futanari was cut from Domina’s will. They would be immortal, or at least live for septillions of years. They dicks would be no less than 5 feet long, and always more than 18 inches. Their balls would always be massive and churning with seed. They would always be strong enough to rip planets in half, and run at the speed of light… nah, 10 times the speed of light. They would be human supercomputers with the stupidest Futanari having IQs in the billions.


 Now, she simply needed all of humanity to restore itself. Now that there was no arguing about who god truly was, the world was on a path towards peace. She’d have a sizable harem in… about 6 million years. So she waited. Spending the countless millenia breeding those few beautiful women who would survive the hundred hour walk from the front door, to her throne room. She would create billions of children per year in her neverending life… but she would always want more.


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