Melville High School

( The original author wishes to remain anonymous.)

WARNING: An animal gets killed, its pretty quick and isn’t too gruesomely described, but just in case this may be off-putting for some people.

Melville High School. It has been labelled the best high school in the country, better than any college even. A diploma from that school has been given more value than an Ivy League doctorate. Students graduate to become CEOs, renowned doctors, incredible artists and musicians, basically any industry you can think of.  The average GPA was 5.0, all of the students receiving perfect grades with the schools elevated college-level courses. The school has a space club that had built its own functioning rockets and had two moon voyages in the last school year, a film club that had produced fourteen Oscar winning films, and a debate club that had students participating in the last few presidential elections. The sports teams were consistently national champions, every player being scouted to play professionally. It is the greatest school in the world…and all because of one woman.

                                                    From Janitor to Principal

Ms. Thorne. She initially started out as a janitor would you believe it, as she found great satisfaction in the professional. But when she first started working there a few years ago, the school was a mess. The school ranked bottom 100 yearly in national studies, so she decided to make a change for it. To this day, she still holds her title as janitor, but she has also gained the title of principal. Her rise wasn’t a slow build-up, more of an instant takeover.

Thorne entered the principal’s office one day. The principal immediately gawking at her appearance, he slightly loosened his tie. She wore a dark green bodysuit that did a horrible job hiding her perfect figure. Her bodysuit wrapped around her F-Cup breasts perfectly, clenching her impossibly small waist, and could barely contain her mammoth hips and thighs, not to mention an ass that could command the attention of any room she entered.

“I’d like to become principal!”

The principal snapped out of his daze and started to laugh. “Well, Miss Janitor, do you really think YOU could do a better job at this place than me.” He was a portly man with a goatee and a pair of large, clunky glasses. He was covered in grease, as he just finished a greasy fast food meal still watching an episode of Grey’s Anatomy, ignoring his duties as usual.

“A hundred percent, I would make this the greatest school in the country.”

“This career change is a bit unexpected, especially after you seemed so keen on becoming a janitor, we’ve never met someone so excited to fill in that position. So I assume you’ve come here to quit your job and go back to school?”

“No, actually, I came to take your position.”

He laughed. “Well, you’d need QUITE a lot of schooling, as well as approval from the board and maybe, just maybe, you could start off as an assistant teacher.”

“I was going to do all of that, but then I thought, I could just take all of that stuff from you!”

“How do you to expect you to do that?”

“By consuming you and taking your place.”

She grabbed the principal from his collar and lifted the 300 pound man up out of the chair into the air with a single arm. She then opened her mouth cartoonishly wide and lowered the ground man in her salivating mouth. She closed her mouth shut, leaving her with HUGE chipmunk cheeks, they moved around violently as they were really a man trying to escape this monster’s mouth. She leaned her head back and swallowed, the enormous lumps converging into her throat giving her a bulge the size of a yoga ball, which traveled down into her chest and into her bottomless stomach. She burped loudly and it shook the entire room. Her body maintained its figure, as if she hadn’t just eaten a 6’-5” man, but her stomach gurgled and sloshed violently as she digested her prey in seconds.

Her head suddenly began to twitch as her hair went up into a neat, nice bun. She couldn’t herself as her body began to shake and vibrate so fast that she looked like a blur. The atoms in the bodysuit began to rearrange as they slowly changed into a low-cut red sweater and the legs of her suit rose and became a pair of formal gray pants. Her boots changed into a pair of dress shoes. Her body stopped convulsing as she completely had assumed the role of principal. She looked on the walls; dozens of certificates began to change as the text shifted around to spell her name, giving her all the education she needed in seconds. The name on the desk changed to ‘Principal Thorne’ and the pictures in the office all changed to pictures of herself in various worldwide landmarks.  A pair of glasses formed on her face, similar to that of her predecessor (as well as a strange urge to watch Grey’s Anatomy).

She walked behind HER desk and sat down in her chair. Her incredibly thick body could barely fit so she snapped her fingers and expanded the size of the chair, as well as made it much more luxurious. A knock was heard on the door.

“Come in.”

A secretary entered the room. “Mr. Johnson, I’ve got some paper for you si…who are you? Where’s Mr. Johnson?”

“He’s been replaced. It’s time for some real change in this school.”

                                                         Assuming the Role

Thorne decided to make a public announcement on her first day of being principal. She pinched her own voice-box and connected it to the school’s intercom. She talked as regular, but instead of coming out of her mouth it came from the loudspeakers.

“ATTENTION ALL STUDENTS AND STAFF, please head into the auditorium for a mandatory meeting.”

A few minutes later and Ms. Thorne walked into an auditorium at full capacity, teachers and students in total confusion at the sudden assembly. The beautiful woman silenced the room as she walked through the rows and walked onto stage, everyone gawking the beauty.

Thorne reached into her impressive cleavage and pulled a mic.  Speakers formed all around the auditorium sprouting from the walls. She began to speak.

“Hello everyone. I am your new principal Ms. Thorne, me and your old principal had a bit of a disagreement so I’ve taken his place. And I promise you, I will make this school the best high school this country has ever seen.”

This was met with obvious confusion and the room erupted in murmurs.  

“I understand your confusions, therefore, I will have a one-on-one with every single one of the students addressing their concerns and asking for any tips they may have to improve the school.”

A teacher from the crowd interrupted. “Excuse me, don’t we have counselors for that?”

“Oh, all of those people have been fired. I will serve as the school’s primary counselor.”

“WHAT?! You fired all of them?!”

“Yes and also the entire staff, except our acting janitorial staff.”

Before the teachers could even lash out in anger, they all began to twitch. The one teacher that had confront her directly had bent forward and began to shift. He stuck out his chest and pair of massive, lactating breasts formed on his chest, and a huge fat booty filled the teacher’s pants (destroying them completely). His stomach crunched inward to recreate Thorne’s impossible figure and his face melted and receded into his neck, popping back out as a carbon copy of his new boss.

All of the other teacher had simultaneously went through that same process, becoming thick sexy clones of the seemingly all-powerful principal. They all spoke in unison.

“I will replace all of the acting staff in the school, just to ensure that they are no faults in our schooling system.”

The real Throne spoke to her students. “If you reach into the ass of the nearest staff member, you will find copies of the new student handbook.”

A curious student reached over to her clone, which stuck out her big fat booty, and slipped his hand into the teacher’s crack, with felt like a sleeve, and pulled out a small pamphlet. In it was a set of simple rules and guidelines, as well as general information about the school.


The students all left and returned into their classes. The student who first pulled the handbook from Thorne’s ass, had returned to his Physics class, which had now turned into a state-of-the-art lab. It was 5 times the size of the original classroom that he had left only minutes earlier. In the classroom was an another Thorne clone. This clone however, wore a lab coat and wore a pair of giant goggles.

“Hello class! I am your new teacher Ms. Thorne! I’ve decided to scrap the curriculum and decided to make things a bit more interesting. On our first day together, why don’t we break the laws of physics!”

The teacher began to choke on something, like a cat on a hair ball, as a huge lump came out of her throat and spit out a small black sphere, holding it in her hand, tossing it up and down like a ball.

“This, class, is a real black hole. It weighs about 3 billion suns.”

                                                   Meanwhile in an art class…

A Ms. Thorne wearing a barrette and a mustache, speaks to her class in a heavy French accent. The art class being transformed into what looks like a million dollar art studio.

“I think it’d be best if we all learned from the greats themselves.” She leaned back and her body began to convulse and shake. Her mouth open wide as a hand slowly arose from her mouth. Her cheeks instantly filled to an enormous size, and she spit out something across the room. On the other end of the room as an elderly da Vinci.

He began to speak in perfect English. “What the hell? Where am I?”

“Mr. da Vinci, I brought you to the present in order to teach my class about painting.”

“Who the hell are you to talk to me that way? Do you paint yourself?”

She reached into her cleavage and pulled out a paintbrush and a palette and walked over to a blank easel in the room. She moved her hand at lightspeed and created a painting in seconds. The painting was that of a boat in the middle of the ocean, it looked as realistic as a painting.

“Not bad.” Da Vinci said impressed.

Suddenly the boat from the painting began to move, and the painting began like a movie on the canvas. Soon the boat and an ocean of water flowed out of the painting and filled the room.

“How about that?”

                                                            And in biology…

“And today you will all be dissecting…ME!”

The biology teacher Thorne suddenly began to split into a two, as she grew a second head and an entire body followed. Those two split into four, then into eight, then into sixteen, one for each student in the class.  They all stripped naked and jumped onto the tabletop that belonged to each student. The thick, curvy bodies all instantly split open from the chest, completely exposed their innards. A knife and tweezer appeared in the hand of each student.

They all spoke in unison. “Don’t be afraid to dig in there I can take it? Also, you might find it hard to cut certain things out, but that’s okay, my body will keep regenerating the parts so you can try as much as you’d like. Now first, everyone extract one of my hearts, be careful you don’t pierce one of my stomachs though, the acid could melt through steel.”

In the history classes, she shapeshifted into numerous historical figures and retold their lives and experiences EXACTLY how they happened.

                                                          And now… LUNCH TIME!

The student entered their lunch room which looked exactly as shitty as it did before the assembly. They went up for lunch as usual, except of course, Ms. Thorne’s sexy ass was behind the counter. She looked deliciously thick and beautiful even in her kitchen apron and hair net. The usual buffet set up was entirely empty.

She spoke to the first student in line. “Now what would you like for lunch?”

It a small, skinny girl. “Ms. Thorne there’s nothing here.”

“Don’t worry, I can whip up anything in a jiffy!” She gave the girl a wink.

“A bacon cheeseburger…?”

“No problem!”

A huge fat belly formed on the tight body woman. She leaned forward and pulled her apron and uniform up. She made a constipated face and grunted as something slowly exited her ass. As the girl looked she realized it was a cow, a full grown fucking cow. The cow was shot against the wall. It was obnoxiously fat, as if it was overfed for years and made a few features of Thorne herself. Cafeteria Thorne picked up the cow like a paperweight and held it over her head. Her head morphed into a giant motorized meat grinder and she threw the cow into it. The cow was grinded and turned into a hump of ground beef.

Thorne reached behind herself and pulled an entire BBQ grill from her ass. She sprouted dozens of hands from her body and started to shape the meat into a perfectly proportioned burger patty (the size of a cow). She leaned over the grill and spit fire into the grill to start it up. She picked up the patty and threw it on top of the giant grill. Her hand morphed into a giant metal spatula and after a few seconds of intense burger cooking and patty flipping, a perfectly cooked burger was made.  

Next was the cheese. Throne ripped the front half of her clothes off exposing her bare fat breasted chest and stomach. Her stomach gurgled and grumbled as a pair of cow udders formed. She used her extra arms to milk all 8 eight of her nipples into a bucket that she formed from a spare limb. She filled the bucket with milk before retreating the udders and arms back into her body. She grabbed a handle that formed on the side of one of her breasts and opened her chest like a door, a gust of cold air calm from the fridge inside of her. She put the bucket into the compartment and shut the door. She put her hands on her hips as she began to vibrate at inhuman speed until a *DING* calm from her mouth. She opened the compartment in her chest and a perfect block of cheese was in place of the bucket. She took out the cheese and put it on a cutting board, where she formed her hand into a knife and sliced it up perfectly, placing her favorite slice of freshly made cheese on her customer’s burger.

Now the bacon…(this part is inspired by the ELWAS series by anonymous-69 on deviantART). Thorne grew another massive belly, this time is was pink in texture and tone. The belly was pure pig skin. Her arms transformed into cutting knives as she began to slice off portions of her own skin onto the grill. Her belly regenerated instantly and returned to its normal state, her clothes reforming over the patch she ripped. The hot sizzling bacon was then thrown upon the burger.

And finally, the bread…

The student looked at the kitchen confused and then looked at the superhuman. “So, are you going to shit out the buns or something?”

“Oh, well I could, but…I prefer this method…”

She walked over to a door behind her and opened it, it was an open field that looked like it belonged in the middle of the countryside. She walked through and closed the door behind her. She closed the door, which stood on its own in the middle of the farm land. Thorne looked into the distance and saw it…the grocery store…she went to the store and picked up some bread before heading back to the cafeteria, unpackaging it and bringing it back to the cafeteria.

“Fresh from the field!” She supersized the buns to fit the cow-sized burger and presented it to the student. “And anything you would like to drink?”

“Diet Coke?”

Her breasts instantly burst through her clothes and leaned over the student. She arched her back forward and churned the liquid inside of her tits. A cup grew out of the girl’s hand and Thorne squeezes one of her tits so that the cup filled with the cool Coke drink. She leaned over the cup and spit a couple ice cubes from the artic into the cup. She handed her the comically large burger on a tray as well as the drink.


The skinny girl headed to a table in the cafeteria and placed the burger in front of her. The tray seemed to be enchanted as the burger weighed nothing on it. She took a piece of the burger meat and placed it in her mouth. The girl got up and started to moan.

“FUCK…what’s happening to me…?”

Her chest gurgled as the fat cells in her flat chest multiplied and formed two huge D-Cup tits, her waist crunched even smaller than it already was, and her butt grew out with a WHOOMP, giving her the ass of a mother of 10. The new, thickified girl practically hopped on her lunch, devouring every bit of it as if she was addicted to it. The 200-lbs burger was gone within minutes. But the consumer wasn’t fat at all, she was now 7 feet tall, super beautiful, had a body thick beyond belief, and had the brain processing power for a quantum computer. The rest of the students watched and ran to the line asking for steaks, pizzas, anything, so they could turn into the superhuman that their classmate did.

                                                                 And now…GYM!

Thorne was wearing a gray T-Shirt and a pair of gym shorts that hugged her fat butt and showcased her magnificent thighs. “Let’s go!” She whistled from her mouth and it filled the entire gym. She leaned forward and her eyes rolled into the back of her head as she moaned and shit out 4 clones of perfect clones of herself. “This is team Thorne!”

The five-hundred student class was now faced with five superhumans. They all opened the mouths and dozens of red, rubber balls shot out of their mouths. “LETS PLAY DODGEBALL!”

The students lost. Most of them sustaining fatal injuries, only to be revived by the school nurse.

Melville was now a whole new school.

                                                THE BEST SCHOOL IN THE WORLD

Due to Ms. Thorne’s total control, amazing teaching methods, godlike abilities, and super cafeteria food. Melville quickly made itself known to the world. All of their students being super sexy geniuses, they were all guaranteed a place in today’s modern world…however…there are a few secrets within this school’s walls that also contribute to its success….

THE TRUTH…in part 2….



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