The Battle of the Gods


The Known Universe was ruled by the Empress. This was the truth ultimate and ever-known, flawless in its nature just like the Mighty Beautiful Ruler herself. No one could recall her first name anymore, and in truth it was of minor importance these days, for ‘The Empress’ was everything she was: unbreakable and perfect, the kind protector of all and a majestic Goddess deserving of worship. There was nothing beyond the powers and charm of the Empress. It was hard to believe that there was ever a beginning to her. So omnipotent she seemed, absorbing the knowledge of worlds and generations and shaping it all in favor of her mysterious eternal beauty.

Yet there was a Beginning, or so the archives and old tales would say. The Empress was created by the strict, long process of selective breeding as her people looked for the strongest warriors, forcing them to produce the heir, and then the lineage continued on and on until once and for all perfection was achieved. It was hard to believe now that this Goddess was once made by Men: she needed no rest or rations, no known weapon could harm her, and her abilities were beyond comprehension to most of those who lived. She could simply erase an entire galaxy and leave no trace behind it. How could someone produced in such a way turn into a being so high-minded and powerful?! And yet there she was: incredibly quick, unimaginably strong and...stunningly beautiful. Almost all of the known universe was now resting in her caring hands, nearly half of its inhabitants being her direct descendants and yet there was always one problem, an anomaly, a taint in the flawless domain of the Empress: Nynke.

Unlike the gorgeous long-labored perfection of the Empress, Nynke was the mere result of an experiment going too far, and naturally, in her lack of wisdom, one of the first things she did was the usurpation and later destruction of the very world which gave birth to the unfortunate man who eventually granted her her powers. She once was supposed to be a super-soldier to serve Earth's battling purposes and war efforts, and well, a super soldier she became indeed, yet it seemed her powers would now serve only her amusement and entertainment. Strangely though, it seemed Nynke was the only one who could challenge the Empress so far and not only come out of the fight alive, but absolutely unharmed as well...a miracle indeed she was, and the one of a remarkable beauty, yet one of much more irritating nature and no honor. For it appeared that even with those who attempted to give her some kind of respect and sign a peace treaty with her would often end up destroyed as well, as the only thing which would affect her decision in the end were her own feisty moods.

But now everything was quiet and calm, and Nynke, it seemed, was far away, amusing herself with her own devious devices.  The Empress, on the other hand was reclining on the beach surrounded by her loyal and ever-pleased followers and servants and wearing a revealing white swimsuit that exposed as much skin as it was needed. The planet’s sun was caressing her incredible curves, the very tips of her nipples were glistening in its generous light, the slight traces of milk still seen upon them after the long afternoon she spent indulging her servants with her radiance and beauty, and delighting in all the variety her harem could offer: aliens of almost all the known races, voluptuous beauties of all kinds, surrounding their Goddess in their great devotion, and even now, not ceasing their worship. Even those that rested in a pile, wasted and pregnant with their bellies filled to the brim with her cum, were dreaming about the animalistic euphoria of sucking their Empress’s humongous 60 cm penis and royal testicles, each one the size of a basketball.

One of the prettiest ones was positioned near the Empress's feet, gently kissing her way up the deity's leg, while another one was right next to her, rubbing the Ruler's magnificent round hips. Two more concubines: one with pink hair, and one clothed in a short black dress, were gently worshipping her enormous breasts, massaging their great mass, and occasionally circling the sensitive area around the nipples. Yet even those were not enough to pay the proper tribute to their Goddess, and two other women were enjoying themselves on each side of her, covering the stunning bosom with kisses, and licking the last drops of milk off the Empress's soft skin.

She gave out a pleased sigh and a kind smile as her hand moved a long strand of white hair away from her chest, giving the servants some better access to her marvelous assets. And right then another girl gracefully caught the hair lock, leaving kisses and strokes all over it, down to the reddening tips of the pale lock.

Her figure was sheer perfection and many others found themselves peeping and admiring the display, for there was no better gift than to look upon the beauty of their mistress.

The Empress's cock was resting on the side of her long legs, cum still dripping from it, adding to the thin stream which later turned into a river and further down into the newly formed ocean her entourage could now see in the horizon. A long line of her loyal, grateful subjects could also be seen stretching into the distance. Each wished to offer their thanks and presents for the impeccable rule bestowed by her upon them, and the Empress, in her great kindness generously spoiled them with gifts of her own.

"...And now I grant you the ability to see the future, even when all the other lights cease to be, you’ll still be a beacon of knowledge for your people. So let it be..." She softly spoke placing her perfect long finger upon the lips of a beautiful young woman kneeling in front of her, the eleventh in a line of people that had been granted powers like biological immortality and limited matter manipulation. The woman gasped in awe and kissed her Empress's hand. Suddenly, almost out of nowhere a tall man showed up, nearly covering the sun with his enormous height and the massive set of armor he managed to put all over his overly-muscled self.

General Ridd, the well-renowned Conqueror of Worlds and Planets, one of Empress's many children and a hero of dozens of battles hurried closer to his mother and nearly collapsed in front of her deckchair, his eyes noticeably close to bursting into tears. Some of her concubines bowed to him briefly, the rest seemed to not pay much attention at the approach, their minds too occupied with the living deity in front of them.

Ridd's stature was truly gigantic, and now as he got closer it could be seen in all its full size, letting his big muscled shoulders be easily noticeable even under the impressive armor threaded with wirings of all kinds. No doubt the scientists of the empire used the latest technologies possible to enhance his insane strength, even when it was not truly needed most of the times he was forced to fight. Judging by Ridd's reputation and looks, most would flee at the mere sight of him. As some said, his power could rival the strongest warriors in the Universe, despite being much weaker than his mother, and his deeds always spoke in favor of such statement.

Yet now, in front of his mother he seemed purely pathetic. Like a kid who was afraid to disappoint his loving parent, swallowing the awkward words and fidgeting in her presence nervously, he finally managed to produce a line:

"I--I..I lost.." he mumbled in desperation, obviously trying to explain himself without much of a success until the Empress finally put her hand on his shoulder and spoke:

"Hush, child. Hush."

Ridd seemed to calm down a little, enough to manage to continue his mumbling, "Everything is gone, everything...Nothing is left, mommy..." He wept once again as she gave him another calm, reassuring look.

In a moment both her enormous dick and the heavy set of balls were gone, and she got up, letting the white strings of hair gracefully fall back on her majestic giant breasts. An elegant white blouse magically appeared on her and replaced her former attire, as well as a set of incredibly tight and futuristic-looking black leather pants, boots and gloves. At eight feet, she towered over Ridd, having an even more imposing presence than him despite her slender yet athletic build.

"We shall deal with it," She whispered in his mind thanks to her telepathy and got closer to him, covering the General in her embrace and squeezing him closer to her heavy hanging tits until he was nearly engulfed in them, barely letting the man breathe but still making sure he was comfortable between them. Ridd now seemed to be a little calmer, yet his breath remained frantic. Suddenly, the Empress was gone from the beach, flying up above the air, and then even higher until the planet remained far beneath them and the giant ocean of semen she created before could be seen as an uneven white stain decorating one of its beautiful sandy continents.

"Now tell your mother what happened." She said softly, floating in the air among the stars while still holding her son close to her chest without any effort, allowing her other hand to gently stroke his messed up hair. "You know I will always help my son, you know your mother will always fix everything, dear child...But you have to explain."

Ridd nodded to her words and finally took a deep relaxing breath, hugging her tightly and muttering quietly in his newly acquired comfort:

"T-the star system we had to take. It didn't turn out well," he replied "The locals...They managed to summon a derelict ancient God, mommy...A creature of insane power. He manipulates time! I...I couldn't win. We had to flee. What he does...Many went insane...He bent reality itself!" Ridd shuddered again, hiding in the caring embrace of the Empress as her gentle expression turned into a frown and she answered:

"It shall not be your nuisance any longer, I’m dealing with him...And soon I will be back here once again."

Ridd was left behind quickly, now enjoying the quiet peace of the beach abandoned by his beloved mother, while the Empress leapt into the stars in the direction she was pointed.

"I need contact with the nearest fleet located on the verge of Ridd’s territory," she demanded in her speaker. Her incredible voice could be heard within all the ships located in that area. "Report to me where this God is waiting."

Dozens of galaxies were passed by as the curves of her body slid through the nothingness in between different planets and stars.

"Only 42 light years away from your current location, your Grace, I am preparing the coordinates. A massive enemy fleet is on the way, we might not be able to-- "

"There is no need," she replied. "Leave them to me."

"Victory to Our Dear Empress!" the voice exhaled with admiration and disappeared, leaving the Empress alone in her quiet, yet quick journey through the empty paths of the space.

In a minute she was close to the enemy's fleet and indeed it appeared to be impressive:  the darkness of the vacuum around the mentioned world, where the God supposedly resided, was scattered with ships: impressive shiny battleships, large artillery vessels designed to attack and blast through the finest of armor, even small shuttles stuffed with well-trained troops, all ready for anything and every single one full of anger and desire to defend their world and their deity to their last breath.

The Empress looked at each and every single one of them, her sharp sight spotting every single detail, every bit of new technology installed into the shiny vessels of the planet's vanguard. It would never be a trouble to deal with these, yet her superior brain demanded to examine, to learn even more, growing in her omnipotent knowledge and curiosity every day. And so she observed and reasoned with herself, as the ships stood still.

"Their generals are confused." She whispered to herself. "Frightened like pathetic little birds. How meaningless they are in their fight against me. How purposeless is their role in this assault..."

Then, without even blinking she propelled her body forward at light speed, letting her perfect body bathe in the first line of  their attack, and sighing at their absurd attempt to harm her when the ships finally gathered enough courage to fire. After unloading thousands of massive discharges of laser beams they stopped and everything went quiet, she disappeared, impossible to spot even with their advanced navigation and surveillance systems. After a while, she broke the silence. On one of the vessels a frightened soldier whispered:

"...Did you hear something...?"

The awful sound of squeaking metal pierced their ears and then they finally saw her: effortlessly picking up the ship before throwing it with ease into another one, forcing them to collapse and produce an explosion, destroying several other units in its wake.

It was at this moment the others finally started to realize what was going on, threading the vacuum with fire once again, yet she was still unscathed and it seemed that neither the destroyers nor their powerful artillery gave her much of a problem: just as effortlessly as she did with the previous ship, she grasped another one with her slender, manicured fingers and started collecting the metal in her nails by pressing on both sides of its body, taking a few second to completely transform the whole 70 mile long vessel into a tiny ball of junk between them.

"All ships! Attack!" a general yelled. She was already out of their range before the order since she predicted their maneuver with her future vision, gliding through the wastes of black space with speed unimaginable to any of them. Now she was uncatchable, seeming to be in one place one second, and in a completely opposite spot the very next. Right after that it looked like she vanished completely, before showing up standing atop one of the ships triumphantly.

At times she looked like she was dancing, avoiding their attacks altogether, but not moving fast enough for them to lose sight of her: her giant breasts were slowly moving in the vacuum of space, accompanying the graceful movements of her long legs, as the white-red hair was floating in mid-air. She was absolutely impossible to hit, and in those moments when they finally managed to aim at her, she did not seem to even pay attention to the assault.

In a frantic attempt to follow her movements several ships lost their course and simply crashed into each other. One fell down, caught in the fire of the neighboring freighter and collapsing on the surface of the nearest moon.

"Fools!" The Empress exclaimed "Your mind is simply too weak to comprehend the insurmountable odds in front of you."

Despite her reasoning, the ships kept attacking her, illuminating the dark ocean of stars with the light of their mighty weapons. And then she simply inhaled...Without any effort or much noise at all the ships were shrunken to the tiniest size, and one after another they disappeared between her beautiful, soft lips.

She descended upon the God's planet with unparalleled grace and demanded:

"Show yourself. Your armies are gone, defeated in their fruitless effort to protect you. Your people are devastated and desperate, it is time for you to face me."

And so he did: from the shadows of the tallest mountains a man showed up. No, not a man, a God he was, for his appearance was radiant and magnificent. One could easily tell that he was a being of a significant power, feared and worshipped by his people for centuries. The God was several hundreds feet tall, his hair looked like it was made of pure gold and his body was muscled and perfect. Physically the God was much bigger than her, yet the Empress already knew the outcome of the battle.

"You came to MY world without the intention of pleading for your life." He spoke in a deep thundering voice and the mountains around him shuddered with every word. "In my infinite benevolence I will grant you a chance to escape. Do it or I shall destroy you!"

"Show some of that wisdom you believe you possess," she snarkily replied. "My powers are too much for you to handle, I am the Empress of the Universe and mother of most of its children. You will be conquered alongside your world, like many others were before you. All of them opposed me in their ignorance. But every world prospers under my kind rule, and so will yours. If you cease with this meaningless charade and surrender, you will be spared a horrible death. This choice is optimal, and it would be very intelligent of you to follow it."

"Surrender?!" He laughed at her face. "I will never be defeated. And for your affront you will suffer. Erased from the planes of reality, you will not exist anymore. No one shall remember that you existed, you will cease to be and everything about you will vanish with one simple movement of my mighty hand!"

He formed a ball of pure concentrated magic on his hand, which he swirled and twisted. It was coating his fingers and she could see it sparkling and crackling right before he threw it right in her way, aiming at the very center of her chest. For a brief moment she was covered with neon as red as the tips of her long silken hair, but...nothing happened. The forests behind her had been burned to ashes by the force of his attack, yet not even a speck of dust laid upon the Empress.

"Give up." She repeated. "You are no match for the Empress of the Universe, and you will never be."

The God looked at his hands in confusion, and from his expression it was obvious that none of his spells had ever failed him, so naturally he did not expect such a powerful blast of his magic to simply fade out of existence without any effect after hitting her.

"I shall show you true power!" He groaned and his giant fist was now flying her way, yet just as effortlessly as she defeated her previous enemies, she deflected the attack with her much smaller punch, while still standing on the ground, and not moving even an inch from her spot. The God was thrown back, disgracefully crashing against mountain that was in his way as the true goddess chuckled.

"Impossible!" He yelled as he tried to get up, and she could see his breath quickening as he was looking around desperately, hoping to find a solution to the problem she presented, insulted and now humiliated by the very presence of the beautiful woman in front of him.

Then he roared and raised the both of his hands to the air, gathering as much magical power as he possibly could. With several quick movements of his fingers he made it grow bigger and eventually, in his great anger and ignorance, he released the devastating spell upon his own world, destroying everything on his way and turning half the planet into a smoking crater. The mountains darkened, the oceans disappeared and the atmosphere ceased to exist, yet the Empress was still there, standing with her usual hands-on-hips pose and childishly smiling at his silliness. It made her usual grace and beauty shine even brighter, her proud posture and pale skin contrasting with the blackened lands of her rival's former realm. It was obvious she was the winner by just looking at her, there could be no doubts anymore about that.

"No god you are if you destroy your subjects in such a pathetic attempt to prove your worth. And certainly you are unworthy of battling me, like I said, your lame efforts will achieve nothing, and your mind is weak, simple and not godlike enough, too narrow to understand. I did not expect much wisdom of you, neither did I any true power, but devastating your own world..Only a gullible child would choose to proceed like that, not a God like Ridd claimed you were!"

The God now looked even more broken, horrified with his failed attempts at not even defeating, but at causing her any harm at all. He hysterically screamed into her face:

"I will destroy you in the most humiliating way possible! You shall not even understand or foresee your downfall! I'm coming for the You that is only taking her first steps!"

With those words he disappeared and the Empress could feel the ripples of time shaking around her, and the very spot the God was just standing at just a second ago was filled with them as well. It did not cause her any discomfort, and in her great power and wisdom, she could understand that no time patterns of hers would ever be changed by his will. Reality would always remain the same and from this battle she would always come out the victor. With that in mind she patiently waited for him to come back, and soon he did.

The God was laying on the ground now, limbless and insane. He was breathing even faster, and weeping because of his failure once again.

" such a thing is even possible!?" he cried out. "Her younger self...A child--A CHILD! And I did not manage to overcome her strength! Impossible! Unimaginable!"

The Empress sighed once again and took a step closer to her devastated opponent, towering over him like a true Goddess she was and looking down at him with pity.

"You should have listened to me, for I am always wiser. There is no possibility, no way for you to defeat me. It is impossible and with every attempt of yours it will become more and more humiliating for you. One disgrace upon another, with me prevailing every single time until you die."

The god looked around in panic, still on the ground, burned by his own destructive spell, and then he raised to his knees to capitulate.

"I understand now, my Empress. Please, accept my surrender, I beg you. I shall not repeat my mistake again. That I can promise."

The Empress nodded and the moment she was going to generously grant him her forgiveness something truly strange happened: Nynke, in her incredible speed, laughing as she often did flew through the defeated god, prompting him to collapse and die within a mere second.

"Empress of the Universe..." Nynke said in her gentle teasing voice. "I came to play with you, are you not bored today just as I am?"

Then she landed right in front of the Empress and gave her a daring look. Nynke was beautiful as usual, yet so different from her regal companion: her beautiful, wild blond hair flailed around as she walked, swinging her wide, curvy hips in a playful and obnoxious manner. Her scent was so different from the Empress's own pheromones, which always drove everyone insane, yet it still was divine, and even the Ruler of the Universe often got distracted by Nynke's pleasant aroma. They stared at each other in silence for the longest minute ever like cowboys about to duel back in the wild west. Nynke's lips curled into a sensual smile.

"Did you miss me?" she said in an even sexier tone of voice, taking a step closer as her giant breasts bounced shamelessly, accompanied by the squeaking of her gaudy, tight latex outfit...Just as colorful and ridiculous as everything about her.

"How dare you show up here and ruin my plans once again?" The Empress replied. "Did I not warn you to stay out of my way once and for all? That I would destroy you otherwise?"

Nynke moved closer to her, the gentle smile on her glossy, pink lips getting wider now, and her motherly voice manifested once again: "I know you did...There is no fun for the Empress without her Nynke...You always tell me to stay away, and yet every time I come back to you. You love to bathe me in your attention. It is almost like you are waiting for my visits...Not letting me go either."  She winked with one of her amber-colored eyes and ran her hand over the prominent curves of her body. "Perhaps you are afraid to confess your true feelings to me, Empress..."

"Feelings!? I promised myself that I would get rid of you, and I intend to follow on that promise to the very end. If our battle is endless, then so be it, I shall never stop until I finish you!"

Nynke chuckled once again, as her hand moved up now, sliding all over her shiny latex suit and caressing the wide outline of her tits. "Ah, I don't think that is feasible at all, Empress...You keep thinking about me though, it is a pleasant thing to know...Makes me feel warm inside. And all those worlds I destroyed, they were certainly worth the time we spent together, don't you agree?"

"Your mockery of a life ends now, Nynke!" The anger that came with the thought of spending another moment in Nynke's presence was too much for the Empress. She jumped into the air, the force of her ascension leaving a crater behind in the decimated earth where the heels of her boots once stood. She could see another one appearing below, it was Nynke following her.

She opened her palm, golden power streaming from her delicious fingers, blazing with the heat of trillions of suns, and fired it at the approaching dot. Nynke kept going, unfazed, and simply opened her mouth wide and swallowed the blast whole before coming to a stop inches away from the Empress's astonished face, her smug gaze teasing her rival.

"I always knew you would taste good." she had the gall to say, giving her a wink.

Infuriated by her display, the Empress's fingers formed into a fist, which she slammed into Nynke's cheek. The obnoxious wench didn't even flinch, and her pink latex body rippled all over from the force of the blow, almost like liquid, her huge breasts bouncing and nearly hitting the Empress in the face, while the shockwave of the hit struck the planet and broke it clean in half.

Then Nynke, in retaliation, held up her hand and bitch slapped her right back.

The Empress felt absolutely nothing, and the blast from Nynke's punch blew the planet apart again, quartering it. However what the Empress really hated was the fact that someone like Nynke dared to even touch her. "Get your hands off of me!" she yelled, grabbing Nynke's wrist and throwing her with all of her strength back down to the planet, right into its exposed molten core.

She watched her nemesis melt and reveled in her victory, but to her dismay an elastic pink hand, stretching for hundreds of miles, suddenly grabbed her and yanked her down to where the unfazed super soldier stood.

Both women flew towards the center of another planet, firing blasts of energy  which would be deflected by each other and then ricochet, destroying distant galaxies and whatever else they would hit on their path, until they both crashed into the core. The force of their collision made it explode, engulfing them and reducing the astral body to dust.

The Empress found herself even more infuriated by Nynke's antics, especially her playful, joyous laughter above all else, and there was nothing more in her mind right now than to silence it permanently. She attacked Nynke again and quickly found that her blows had no effect, and in her anger she struck harder. The laws of physics were violated many times at her will, all in a desperate attempt to destroy Nynke, but the pink, latex goddess just laughed at it and slammed her body into her opponent.

She was sent flying into the sun, which she did not even register and only served to irritate her further until she unraveled the very essence of the star, holding its bare elements in her hands before she tried to pour them over Nynke and drown her in hellfire. Nynke giggled and danced her way out of it, she even licked the flames with her tongue as she did. The Empress snarled and then collapsed all of the mass of the star upon itself, but Nynke inhaled and ate the whole thing up before she could even finish what she was doing.

Both voluptuous titans kept fighting, blasting through the vast emptiness of the galaxy at speeds so fast many would mistake them for two splendid twin comets, only to perish with their whole civilization right after. Careless, unplanned blasts were shot just to devastate whole solar systems, their rubble floating in space until the two mighty beings passed by, using the debris around them in their endless, escalating fight.

The Empress started throwing entire galaxies at Nynke with her telekinesis, which she swallowed instantly without gaining a bit of fat, until both got near a massive black hole and tried to throw each other into it. The incredible absorption power didn't even inconvenience them so they decided to erase the thing out of existence because it was messing their hair with just a quick inhalation.

And they kept inhaling and inhaling, one trying to swallow the other, drawing closer to each other by mere millimeters, but with each passing second the rest of the universe was collapsing and being sucked into their bellies. All the matter on Creation crumbling around them, until a void of nothingness surrounded them and then there was nothing more to absorb.

The Empress had finally stopped, looking around herself and under her feet...It was empty, but for real, not 'vacuum of space' empty. Everywhere was nothing, even light ceased to exist. She tried to look further, in a fruitless attempt to find at least something...A trace of a dying world, some dust floating in the middle of that colorless void...Yet to her sadness the entirety of the Universe was completely gone. She caressed the weird conceptual abnormality that she was floating in with her fingers and she almost wept after realizing what she had done. Her wish for vengeance and destruction was now gone,  and it seemed that in this empty void of non-existence only her broken heart remained.

"How could I...I thought I would never stoop so low. Never would I put my loving subjects in danger for such a meaningless vendetta. I have become like the god I mocked earlier for his ignorance." She was talking to herself, yet there was no one left around to hear her words.

Except Nynke. In the new wasteland of nothingness her gaudy pink appearance was even more noticeable, as she gracefully floated to the Empress's side. He breasts were now hanging in the vacuum and against the neverending whiteness of this new reality, it was impossible to not appreciate her obvious beauty.

"Ah, do not cry over this, when everything else ceases to exist we, You and I still remain." Her usual smile persisted on her flawless face, and she even dared to place her delicate hand over the Empress's shoulder .

"Look at us," she added. "Our beauty now is the only thing remaining in existence, and now we have each our pleasure..."

The Empress let out a gentle sigh but she did not move Nynke's hand away, neither did she protest when the other managed to work her way even closer and hugged her gorgeous rival, clutching her in her pink embrace and forcing her latex outfit to produce even more noise.

Now the Empress could truly appreciate her divine scent and the beautiful outline of her body, so tightly packed in that obscene suit. Nynke's breasts seemed to rub against her own, and after a few seconds she noticed how her nipples became harder, wishing for more attention from the other goddess, as nothing in the world mattered anymore anyway. Everything else was gone, yet Nynke was still there...warm and stunning. And she was willing to 'have her fun,' as she would probably put it.

Nynke looked down and smirked at the sight. "I always knew you liked me." Her own nipples were proudly poking through the tight latex suit and she lifted up her tits to rub them against the Empress's powerful bosom.

The other moaned in arousal, softly and regally, as she did many times in the past, usually in the presence of a pretty concubine, yet also somehow softer than she normally would. Then her hands leaned forward, grabbing Nynke's beautiful hips and squeezing them as her body gladly responded to the touch.

"Now tell me...You desire me, don't you?" Nynke muttered in a playful tone, as if she could never have enough.

"You are too feisty for my taste...But I cannot deny you any longer." The Empress moaned and grabbed Nynke's face, giving her a deep kiss. The other replied quickly and eagerly, catching Empress's tongue with her own and teasing its very tip with quick gentle movements, as her massive breasts were still rubbing against the goddess's hard nipples.

"My body calls for you, Nynke." The Empress whispered as their breaths quickened, and soon Nynke found herself hastily undressing her former rival. Slowly she unbuttoned the Empress's blouse and pulled it off her shoulders in impatience, finally letting her enormous breasts out. Pure perfection. Then she sucked onto one of her nipples, causing the beautiful Queen of the Once-Universe to moan even louder. In her unending ecstasy the Empress could not leave Nynke's actions without a proper response, and in a second she let her fingers grab each of Nynke's nipples, pulling them out and demandingly rolling them in between her soft fingertips.

"Ahh, indeed the tales of your divine passion do you justice," the super soldier murmured, getting distracted from the woman's right breast for a moment, before hastily switching to the other one. At the same time one of Nynke's hands managed to find its way under the Empress's sealed leather garment by making them intangible, while the other was vigorously rubbing her own pussy through the tight embrace of the pink shiny fabric covering her body.

Naturally, it did not escape the attention of the former queen of the Universe, and in a moment she caught Nynke's wrist, moving her hand away from her lower parts, before gracefully bending down in front of her. Her perfect ass was now high in the air, making more than a pleasant display for the other woman, as the Empress gently pushed her down into the soft emptiness of the void left after the Universe ceased to exist, then she spread her legs with a gentle smile.

"Let me show you the passion so many others have experienced...All the love I gave to my most favorite subjects can be yours now, Nynke. The one used to create all of my children and fill my servants with joy," the Empress muttered softly and Nynke did not protest. With the usual smug impression on her face she kept watching the skillful actions of the other goddess, letting her be in charge for a bit, while her naughty hands were now messing with her own breasts, forcing out rhythmic and melodic moans out of her perfect pink lips.

The Empress definitely appreciated Nynke's little sounds, for those were so much more pleasing to listen to than even the relaxing tone of her normal voice...The notes of her arousal, combined with the warm scent of arousal coming from her pheromones were absolutely impossible to resist. She moaned louder in response, and thanks to her super speed she quickly managed to undo Nynke's squeaking latex suit, exposing her now wet pussy. All to herself.

And Nynke was wet, oh yes. Under the tight shiny layer of latex her perfect skin was glistening just as much as while the suit was still on her. The Empress could do nothing but get entranced by such an incredible display, before she suddenly and demandingly sucked onto Nynke's sweet juices, forcing the other to arch up in delight. Her tongue ran all over the soft folds of the goddess's pussy, and she tasted incredible...Better than any concubine she ever had, or could have, and probably better than anyone in the Universe of the Past could ever taste.

Nynke kept moaning and panting, moving her whole body into the Empress's mouth eagerly. Her hands now wandered in the other's white locks as she bit her plump pink lips in ecstasy: "Mm, you are doing so good...I always wondered what that ancient mouth of yours would feel like."

The Empress greedily sucked Nynke's clit into her mouth once again, causing her to make even more lewd noises, and shuddering with her own rising pleasure. Then suddenly, in a brief moment, Nynke snuck out of her grasp and the Empress found her right behind her, excited and aroused, fingers playfully teasing the very entrance of her exposed dripping pussy. She squirmed at the sensation of Nynke's quick, playful hand against her sensitive skin...Touching, rubbing...Trying her everywhere and finally fingering her very deeply until she started to scream, filling the emptiness of the universe with the music of their lovemaking. Nynke kept putting more and more fingers inside of her, stretching out the pink sensitive walls, and forcing the Empress to gasp for an air that wasn't there.

"So good...You are so good Nynke!" The Empress moaned again and again, praising the super soldier and begging her to go harder. She could feel Nynke sneaking behind her and soon it was not a finger but a giant latex dick spreading the sensitive walls of her vagina with relentless force, as the blonde goddess kept thrusting harder and harder into her.

"Please Nynke...More!" The Empress exhaled, her whole body twitching during the assault. "I cannot have enough of you!"

Her tits were now hanging in the nothingness of non-existence, bouncing and around as the powerhouse behind her buried her pink cock even deeper within her depths. Soon, as it usually happened when the pleasure was too great,  milk started to drip out of her nipples, making Nynke gasp in approvement.

"I didn't know you could do this," she chuckled in delight, working her hard latex cock deeper into the Empress's vagina, "but I do enjoy the sight. It was worth chasing you all these years..." Her smug smile disappeared as she moaned loudly. The Empress had come and was clutching her tight pussy all around Nynke's perfect latex dick before collapsing into the blinding vacuum of reality. She huffed like a bitch, in need a quick pause.

Yet the Empress's rest did not last long, and in a moment she got up again, smirking proudly to herself. "I can certainly go further than this..." She gave Nynke a look full of passion and right out of nowhere her massive cock was between her legs once again, prompting her lover to lick her lips. "It's bigger than yours..." She smiled, stroking it slowly and starting to pant in delight "Better in everything..."

Before Nynke could react, the Empress floated up and came closer, grabbing her beautiful breasts once again "I denied myself the feeling of these for so many centuries...but no longer!" She squeezed them harder in her hands and then shoved her impressive length right in between their marshmallowy goodness. They felt so good...Impossible to grab in her hands, for there was too much, yet it was the greatest pleasure to be lost in them. The softness of Nynke's boobs made her go crazy and soon she started to mindlessly fuck them, getting more and more encouraged with her rival's moans.

Nynke screamed and groaned, keeping her hand on her own sensitive latex dick and stroking it with all her effort until the Empress finally came, covering her massive boobs with cum. She would not let go of her for several hours, simply keeping her cock in between Nynke's tits and coming again and again until the beautiful body of her companion was covered in her godly semen.

Nynke did not protest. She was enjoying the process greatly and her own pink cock was throbbing with arousal...Neither did she mind in the slightest when the Empress turned her around and buried her whole length inside of her vagina. In fact, Nynke met the change with great excitement, impatiently arching her back and orgasming each time she felt she was getting drilled again before the Empress finally decided to give her some seconds to rest.

"My beautiful Empress..." Nynke whispered before grabbing her lover's hips once again and impaling her back on her thick latex dick...Their passion seemed to have no end and for decades they kept doing nothing else other than fucking each other, thinking about nothing and filling the emptiness of the Universe with their moans. They switched their places, tireless and magnificent, with no one left to worship them but themselves.  And with every passing year their bond grew ever stronger as they understood that they were always destined for each other. Their fighting, their rivalry...distant memories from a past that didn't matter anymore, a sweet adventure which led to their true happiness and the new future of the Universe.

"You will produce a child from me." The Empress calmly said one day, looking into the empty depths of nothingness while they were enjoying a pleasant time after yet another insane round of sex. "A beautiful daughter to start the new universe..."

"I know," Nynke answered quietly, as one of her hands went down to stroke her belly and then her lower parts, now overfilled with the Empress's cum."I can feel it forming inside of me...It will be a beautiful young Goddess of power unknown to this universe before."

The other nodded, resting her head on Nynke's shoulder. "With power unmatched by even you and me put together...Our greatest pride and joy."

Then she turned her face to look into Nynke's golden eyes and softly whispered:

"I love you, Nynke."

"I love you too, Thalsa."

This made the Empress smile genuinely and warmly, this was the first time someone had used her real name in millions of years. She had forgotten it herself, but now she remembered. She wasn't tied to her meaningless empire anymore, and she could be Thalsa again, with her gorgeous wife at her side and a future daughter for whom to look after.



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