Mother's Day

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May 13, 2040

Rama Shya, Prosperia


It was the wee hours of the morning. Next to no one was awake, save for one. She exited her home and flew up into the sky, punching a hole through a gigantic, cumulus cloud. She emerged from its top and settled there, a couple kilometers above the ground.

One might think, as leader of one of the most powerful and flourishing countries in the world, something as trivial as an international holiday would be the least of one’s concerns. For Super Goddess M’Wela Mutegaraba, however, Mother’s Day proved to be bittersweet every year.

She stood within a transparent and impenetrable force field. Before her were two ceramic vases, labeled “Uwimana: February 27, 2001 - November 3, 2017” and “Gahiji: October 13, 1996 - July 14, 2015”. M’Wela took a few flowers from her hair and gently placed them within both vases.

She whispered, “Hey Mom, Dad. While I wish I could have, I didn’t need to meet you to know you two were fighters--too stubborn to let injustice continue. I took a look into the past a while ago and saw the kind of things you two did to bring me into the world. That was... more than I could ask of anyone. I’m very grateful. I hope your souls are at peace with the knowledge that you were responsible for bringing the first Super Goddess to the world. I hope to do as much good here in Prosperia as you sacrificed for my sake.”

She remained at the memorial as she watched the sun rise over her country, giving her parents a respectful moment of silence.

She sensed more and more people waking up and realizing what day it was. No doubt they were eager to celebrate Mother’s Day with their Queen-Mother. Ever since she denounced and defeated the Rwandan military and created Prosperia, her followers tended to treat her like a second mother. Logically, that meant they celebrated her alongside their own mothers on Mother’s Day.

That had initially struck her as odd, but she soon realized it was no less odd than a girl who inexplicably became omnipotent at age 3. It was for that reason that she opted to embrace her role as Prosperia’s Queen-Mother and live the life of indulgence her people said she deserved.

The celebrations for today’s holiday were essentially a festival. It was almost a certainty that it would eventually become a nation-wide orgy before long. She stepped out of the force field and gently floated down to the festival grounds below, where she was immediately surrounded by Prosperian citizens, eager to show their love and gratitude to her.

She was promptly assaulted with waves of gratitude, both verbally and empathically. Hugs turned into groping turned into kissing. Before long, the celebration had become raucous, with the Super Goddess in the center of it all. Clothes were rampantly taken off, pheromones unleashed, and an orgy quickly formed.

My life might be more... erotic than you anticipated, but I hope you’re looking down at me with pride.

M’Wela produced a few duplicates of herself, both so the orgy had plenty of her to go around and so she could enjoy the festivities. A group of people were dressed like various fantasy creatures: mermaids (using their powers to ‘swim’ through the air), slimes (elaborate costumes as well as the real thing for Enhanceds powerful enough to transform their biomatter into viscous, colorful fluid), and elves in authentic-looking outfits (complete with the pointed ears) rehearsing an exotic, graceful dance to be performed this evening. They were stunningly beautiful--M’Wela couldn’t take her eyes off them.

Her staring caught their attention. Before long, they all stopped practicing, entranced by M’Wela’s sheer beauty. The Super Goddess wordlessly froze time ten meters in all directions of her.

“How about a break, girls?”


May 9, 2055

Chiyoda, Tokyo, Japan


Empress Shizuka lounged on her Forget-me-not Throne in the Tokyo Imperial Palace. She held one of her many daughters, Naomi, in her arms and hummed a pleasant tune as Naomi happily suckled on the empress’s breast. Naomi may have been only eight months old, but she already had the mind of an above-average fifth grader. Nevertheless, her body still needed the nutrients in Shizuka’s divine breastmilk--that and the simple fact that it was perhaps the most delicious liquid in the world. She just couldn’t get enough!

Yomi materialized before her and said, “Someone to see you, Shizurin.”

“Send them in.”

With a nod, Yomi disappeared. In her place appeared a young, perky woman with black hair tied into a ponytail and tossed over her shoulder. Shizuka instantly recognized her as Yui Hirose, Shizuka’s mother.

She produced a duplicate of herself right in front of Yui (mostly to let Naomi continue feeding peacefully) and gave her mom a big hug.

“Shizuka! My god, sweetie, it’s been so long!”

“It has! Happy Mother’s Day!”

“Why, thank you! I wasn’t sure why you hadn’t stopped by lately until I checked the news and found out you were busy ruling the entire country!” She giggled. “So I thought I’d drop by--see my daughter the empress in person!”

“Well, sounds like you’re up to speed now! I’m so glad you’re here! I don’t think you’ve met Naomi-chan yet!”

The Shizuka standing before her mother vanished as Yui was teleported to the throne, where the other Shizuka was still breastfeeding Naomi.

“Oh, she’s adorable!” Yui cooed. “She has your eyes! Who was the lucky one this time?”

“I’m not sure if you know her. Brigitte Labelle?”

“Oh, that gyaru cutie who interviewed you close to Christmas that one year!”

“That’s her, yeah!”

“Say,” Yui asked, “are you doing anything tonight?”

“I have a live show this evening. Why, did you want to do something?”

Yui looked distant for a moment. She snapped back to reality and said, “O-oh, I was just thinking we could have dinner together. I don’t mind if it’s after your show.”

Shizuka’s smile became sly. “Ah! I saw that look!”

“What look?”

“You want to get back on stage! You wish you hadn’t retired when you did!”

“What? Oh, I don’t... Okay, maybe a little.”

“You can’t lie to me, Mom--it’s definitely more than a little!”

Yui sighed. “I was forced to retire when the industry decided I was too old for it. Then, with my newfound free time, I got married and had you. I’d love so much to come back, but... I don’t know how people will respond to me. It’d be like I’m stealing the spotlight from newer, younger idols, you know?”

“I suppose you have a point, but that’s no reason to deprive yourself of what you really want from life. Besides, if anyone gives you grief about that, they’ll have to deal with me.”

“Thanks, sweetie.” Yui gave Shizuka a kiss on the cheek.

“I think this could work, actually. Thanks to being around you as much as I have, I look more like your sister than your mother.”

“Exactly! You basically fell off the radar after you retired! And you look completely different from how you did back then! Essentially, you have a fresh start right in front of you--all you gotta do is grab it!”

Yui stood in silence for a long, contemplative moment. From the throne, Naomi stopped suckling at Shizuka’s breast and said, “Yui-mama, you should do what makes you the happiest!”

Yui giggled. “I swear, it seems like every cute kid knows exactly what to say to persuade me. Alright, let’s do it!”


That evening at the Super Budokan, Shizuka arrived onstage before an enormous cheering crowd. Not bothering with the microphone, she yelled out to the crowd, “Hey everybody! Happy Mother’s Day! Any moms in the crowd?”

A few hands raised. Portions of the crowd cheered.

“Awesome! This show is dedicated to all of you! It’s thanks to all our moms’ efforts yesterday that we’re able to shine today! One other thing: I’ve actually formed a unit with a very close friend of mine! Her name is Yui-chan! She’s a bit nervous though, so do you think you can help me call her here? Show her that she’s among friends here!”

The crowd called out, “Hey, Yui-chan!” “Come on out!” “We want to hear you sing with Shizurin!”

Yui was indeed nervous. She hadn’t stood on a stage before a crowd of cheering fans in 42 years. She wasn’t used to a skirt this short. Her legs wouldn’t stop trembling... but then Shizuka turned to her and held out her hand.

“Come on, Yui-chan! Let’s get started!”

Just like that, all of Yui’s hesitation and doubt evaporated. She broke into a sprint, practically slamming into Shizuka. Shizuka barely let that break her stride--she was just happy to see her mother so.

“Hey, well done, everyone!” Shizuka exclaimed. “Alright Yui-chan, you ready?”

Yui stared out at the crowd and found herself tearing up a little.

“Yui-chan, you alright?

“I-- yes, I’m sorry,” Yui replied. “I’m just so happy to finally be up here with you! Let’s do this!”

“I couldn’t agree more! Okay everyone, our first song is ‘The Bright Blue Sky’!”


November 26, 2062

Castle Volkoba, Moscow, Russia


Today was another ordinary day of work for Irina “Christina” Volkoba. She opened up an online list of incurable diseases, picked one at random, and went right to work. Her selection was the common cold--certainly a challenge, given how often the disease mutated, but that was just the way Irina liked them.

Of course, just because Irina was hard at work like usual didn’t mean she wasn’t aware of what day it was. It was the last Sunday of November: Mother’s Day. It had become routine that holidays like this were among the very few occasions that the Super Goddess would willingly allow someone else into her castle... though she intended to work on that in the coming months.

At a few minutes past noon, a gentle knock on the front door reverberated through the castle. Irina perked up at the faint sound instantly. Setting aside her work, she teleported to the front door and waved away the maid gynoid about to open it. She opened the door herself and was greeted by her chubby, voluptuous mother, Ecaterina. She held out her arms for a hug. Due to her size, she wound up raising her breasts somewhat in the process.

“Mom!” Irina exclaimed, hugging her. “Happy Mother’s Day!”

“Thank you! It’s great to see you again!”

“The feeling is mutual,” Irina replied, looking her mom in the eyes.

Her mom was immune to the hypnotic effect of her daughter’s eyes, so Irina didn’t need to have her veil on. Irina theorized that was due to a bit of latent power being left over in Ecaterina after being pregnant with a Super Goddess who was already using her powers before leaving the womb.

“Well, come in!” Irina said. “Would you like a drink?”

“Yes, that’d be great! Got any kvass?”

The two teleported to the hearth room. Ecaterina had plenty of time while raising Irina to get used to that.

“I do indeed.” She telekinetically poured two glasses and handed one to her mother, who was making herself comfortable in a reading chair.

“Thank you.” She drank some and sighed in pleasure. “I swear, your kvass is probably the best thing I’ve ever drank.”

Irina smiled. “I try.”

“Come to think of it,” Ecaterina continued, “you don’t really need to. You have unlimited power, so anything you want to happen, happens. Hell, it’s thanks to you that I didn’t die in childbirth.” She sighed. “God, that was a long time ago. You wouldn’t think so, given how good I look now.”

“Yeah. That was the first time I did something big with my powers,” Irina recalled. “I was so heartbroken since the doctors were convinced you wouldn’t make it, they weren’t even trying to help you, so I took matters into my own, tiny hands.”

“And now,” Ecaterina chuckled, “I’m basically a fertility goddess.”

“In hindsight, it was irresponsible of me to act on impulse with powers beyond my comprehension at the time, but I’m glad it worked out as well as it did. You’re obviously enjoying your Enhancement.”

“Do you think I’ll ever die?”

“Eventually, yes. You still have ten thousand years or so left. If you want to become immortal, however, just let me know.”

“Well, we can cross that bridge when we get to it. Right now, I think I want to repay the favor you gave me.”

“I-I’m sorry?” Irina stammered, confused. “I’m afraid it’s impossible to save my life, since nothing can kill me. A time traveler with a grudge against me couldn’t even kill me as an infant. My existence became retroactive when I became omnipotent. I exist and have always existed independently of time now. I can’t die unless I want to, and even if I do, I can come back whenever I want.”

“No no, that’s not what I meant. I meant that you helped me, so I’m going to help you!”

“Help me? What do you mean?”

Ecaterina chuckled and sighed simultaneously. “I should probably just say flat-out what I’m getting at, huh. I want to help you with your social skills!”

“Oh! That makes more sense. Although, I’m not sure that’s quite repaying a favor. Saving one’s life doesn’t exactly equate with improving one’s social skills.”

“Ah, you know what I mean! Now, let’s get started, shall we?”


Ecaterina spent the day with her omnipotent daughter. They started by perfecting Irina’s natural smile. It wasn’t as if Irina couldn’t smile, but she had trouble doing it on demand and appearing natural. As such, she didn’t unless she was truly overjoyed. Ecaterina’s quick fix was to reinforce the idea of smiling in Irina’s mind with the happiest moments of her life.

She looked at her daughter’s wardrobe and was dissatisfied, as the closest things she had to casual wear were pajamas. Irina explained that she didn’t go out much at all, but Ecaterina wouldn’t have any of it. She used her powers to change her daughter’s dress into a sweater and jeans with sneakers. Irina wasn’t sure it suited her, but she had to admit it was comfortable. Taking that as approval, Ecaterina added several pairs of each to her wardrobe. Irina knew her mom was difficult to control in this state, in no small part because she had made her so powerful in the first place.


“My, it’s really late!” Ecaterina exclaimed. “I should get going!” She hugged Irina. “It was great seeing you again!”

“You too, Mom,” Irina replied, savoring the moment. “Thanks for stopping by.”

“Come to think of it, I think I did more for you today than you did for me.” Ecaterina looked critical only for a moment before bursting into laughter. “In all seriousness, just spending time with you is the greatest gift I could ever ask for. I love you, sweetie.”

“I love you too.”

“Have you ever noticed you don’t say that very often?”

Irina smiled. “That makes it all the more meaningful when I do say it.”

“You’re right, as always. But I really should be going--I’m sure Boris wants to spend some time with me, too.”

“Right, I shouldn’t keep you. Good night!”

“Good night!” Ecaterina waved as she stepped out the door. Now alone, Irina sighed in satisfaction. This was a good day.

“Thank you for letting me have this,” Irina said in the empty hall. A butterfly flew past her from behind, lingered in her view for a moment, and proceeded to phase through the closed door.


May 12, 2069

Mount Kilimanjaro, Tanzania


“I thought I’d find you here,” Britney said, after following Jennifer to the peak of the tallest mountain in Africa. The Super Goddess stood before a Prosperian grave marker.

This marker indicates the place of death of Super Goddess Jennifer Martinette’s parents.

May they rest in peace.

Stephen Fahr: born April 16, 1967; died June 23, 2068 (age 101)

Margaret Martin: born March 23, 1969; died June 23, 2068 (age 99)

“Yeah,” Jennifer replied solemnly. “At the time, we said nobody is truly dead so long as they are remembered, but...”

She sighed.

“It’s kinda hard to keep that mindset on a day like today.”

“We’re in the same boat there,” Britney said.


“It’s pretty amazing, isn’t it?”


“How we ended up together. We’re like a perfect match for each other, you know?”

“That was the plan. Your parents had just died when I was conceived, and you were understandably depressed--suicidal, even. I wanted to help you, so I asked for you to be my caretaker. I help you, you help me--we both benefit.”

Britney nodded. “I don’t think a day has gone by that I haven’t been appreciative of everything you’ve done for me.”

“I could say the same to you.”

The two hugged. After a long moment of silence, Jennifer said, “With that said, I suppose I should be spending today with you, instead of sitting here mourning.”

“I’d love that, but you shouldn’t neglect to remember your parents.”

“About that...” Jennifer turned back to her parents’ gravestones. “I have an idea. You remember that self-portrait I made?”

“How could I forget?”

“What if I made another one kinda like it? Instead of a self-portrait, it’d be a memory from one of those picnic lunches we had together.”

“Ah, I remember those,” Britney replied. “Yeah, I think that would be a great way to memorialize them.”

“Would you... would you mind staying with me while I paint?” Jennifer asked quietly. “I enjoy your company. Besides, you’re basically a part of the family.”

Britney smiled. “I wouldn’t have it any other way.”


The two goddesses went into the volcano’s caldera and bathed in the boiling magma while Jennifer painted a memory of a picnic lunch with her parents and Britney. The canvas was completely immutable to any force that wasn’t her own, so it was unaffected by the intense heat.

Britney looked at the in-progress painting. “Oh, I remember this! You and your folks went out for a picnic lunch one day while you were together, and Cassandra and I came along!”

“Friday, June 20, 2031,” Jennifer recalled without turning from her canvas. Her hand moved on its own, recreating the memory in perfect detail. “Everyone was free, so I wanted to have a picnic with everyone.”

“You were doing acrobatics over our heads,” Britney added. “I told you to be careful, but you tossed me into the air telekinetically, letting me fly alongside you. I felt so free, so graceful... it was amazing. Now, of course, I can do that anytime I want, but back then... part of me resigned to what I thought at the time was reality--that I would just have to get used to not feeling like that again.”

“Maybe I decided that I would eventually make you ultipotent right then and there,” Jennifer mused.

“Maybe!” Britney giggled. “I mean, we just got finished talking about how you had a significant portion of your life already planned out before you were out of the womb!”

“Aw, stop--you’ll make me blush!” Jennifer laughed.

Her brush added Cassandra into the scene. She looked a bit inebriated.

“Remember this part?”

“I think so. Cassandra saw us flying through the air and told us to do a flip. She almost looked like she was having as good a time as we were! Probably because she was drunk, in retrospect... I’m not sure if it was you or me who wound up hurtling through a tree, though...”

“Both of us, actually.” Jennifer continued painting and revealed that to be the case. Leaves fluttered down from the tree--a couple of which landed on the strawberry rhubarb pie that Stephen and Margaret were about to cut into slices. “Not exactly my finest hour, but I can laugh about it now without getting embarrassed.”

“Your folks were a little annoyed that the pie had gotten dirty,” Britney said, “so you just rewound time a bit so those leaves never fell off the tree.”

“Times were simpler back then.”


“If I had to do it all over again... I wouldn’t change a thing.”

“Honestly, neither would I.”

Once Jennifer finished the painting, she telekinetically placed it just above her parents’ grave marker. As she climbed out of the lava, she saw Irina standing before her. Without warning, Irina hugged her. Britney looked a little surprised, but Jennifer conveyed with a thought that she should let her be.

“How are you doing?” Irina whispered.

Jennifer took a slow, deep breath. “I’m alright.”

“You’d better be. I’m the only one allowed to break that smile of yours.”

Jennifer nodded and Irina disappeared.

“What was that about?” Britney asked.

“It’s... complicated.”


May 9, 2083

Potsdam, New York, United States


The doorbell rang at the McDowell residence. Jake answered the door.

“Hi there,” the postman said. “Package here for ya.”

“Oh, uh... I don’t think we were expecting a package.”

The postman checked his records via a holographic interface projecting before his eyes. “Doris McDowell: 24 Cherry St, Potsdam, New York, 13676, US of A. No mistake, sir, unless Doris doesn’t live at this address.”

“No, she does. Maybe she bought something and didn’t tell me... Do you need her signature?”

“No, any adult who lives here is fine.”

The postman’s holographic display flipped to project outward, at Jake. It read: State your full legal name aloud.

Jake did so. “Jacob Thomas McDowell.”

“Thank you, sir. Have a great day.” The postman turned around, entered his vehicle, and drove off to his next delivery.

Jake picked up the package--very light, he noticed, despite its size--and set it down inside.

“Uh, honey,” he called out, “did you order a very large, unmarked, and seemingly empty box?”

“What?” she called back from upstairs. “I don’t think so, why?”

“Well, uh... we just got a big, weightless box addressed to you.”

Doris came downstairs and saw the box sitting in the foyer.

“Wow, you weren’t kidding. Uh...” she chuckled awkwardly.

Jake handed her the knife. She cut the tape sealing the top of the box shut and opened the flaps, only to find it was full of white foam pellets. Jake picked one up and examined it. Unfamiliar with the object, he handed it to his wife.

“Do you know what these things are?”

“I... think they were used in packaging, to keep fragile objects from being damaged in transit. Nowadays, from what Paige tells me, they use antigravity units to suspend the object in the center of the box. It can’t move until the units are disabled.”

She started sifting through the box of foam pellets. “The weird thing is that this box doesn’t seem to have any. It’s strange that the postal service would use something from decades ago, though....”

She found a leg. The clothing on it looked familiar, so she kept sifting. Before long, she discovered the box contained one Paige McDowell, buried in a pile of foam pellets.

The same moment Doris acknowledged the person in the box was her daughter, Paige stopped playing dead and immediately stood upright, sending pellets flying. As they bounced off the walls and floor, they turned into beams of light which shot back into the box, turning the other pellets into light and quickly emptying it of everything but the Super Goddess.

“Ah, that was fun! Hi Mom! Happy Mother’s Day! I got a gift for you!” She handed a small, wrapped box to her mother.

Doris took the gift and stared in bewilderment for a long moment.

“D-dear...?” Jake began, uncertain.

“Don’t worry, Dad, she’s fine. Just give her a moment....”

“P-P-Paige, sweetie! Oh my goodness, it’s so wonderful to see you! Um, what’s this?”

“My gift for you! Go ahead and open it!”

She tore off the wrapping paper and found a small, plain box about the size of her shoe. Inside it was a note which read “Place this box on the floor and step through!”

She put the box on the floor and stared in awe as it expanded to become large enough for her to walk inside. It became a tunnel. Paige took her mom’s hand and started running down the tunnel.

“Come on, this way!”

Doris was confused but couldn’t help but giggle in excitement. It felt like she was being taken on an adventure!

Once they were through, the box compressed down to its original size, clattering on the hardwood floor. Jake stood there, stunned silent for a long moment.

“Oh yeah, today is Mother’s Day,” he said to himself. “Thought that was tomorrow.... Well, I guess I have the house to myself now. ...Shit, I forgot to buy her a gift. I should get that done before she gets back.”


At the other end of the tunnel was a luxurious mountain hot spring. Doris’ clothes vanished, replaced with a towel wrapped around her body and tied securely in place. She was speechless before the sheer beauty of the vista before her.

“Come on in, the water’s great!”

The voice of her daughter brought Doris back to reality. She turned around and saw Paige in the steaming water, clearly enjoying herself.

“Oh my... this is all so wonderful!” She shed her towel and gently stepped into the water, sighing in relief. “Did you make all this yourself?”

“Sorta kinda. I took a real hot spring over in Japan that Shizuka recommended to me and recreated it in a separate universe, so we can have the place to ourselves without disrupting the other patrons!”

“S-so we’re the only people in this entire universe?”

“No, a few of Shizuka’s people are here staffing the place. She apparently had such a good time here during her campaign for prime minister that she bought it out and added every employee who worked here into her harem! Anyway, she sent a few of her people here for today as a favor to me.”

“That’s very nice of her!” Doris sighed blissfully. “This is nice... I kinda wanna just... stay here, you know....”

“How about a massage? That’ll give us some time to catch up.”

“Mmmm... sure.” Doris started to get out of the water, but suddenly found herself dry, clothed, and lying on a massage table. Before her stood an exceptionally voluptuous Japanese woman.

“Welcome, Doris and Paige McDowell. My name is Koharu, and I will be your masseuse today. My body has been Enhanced to provide you with the greatest satisfaction from my massaging. Shall we begin?”

“Oh, um...” Doris stammered. “Yeah, sure, thanks! What about my dau--?”

Doris noticed a duplicate of Koharu appear before Paige to massage her.

“Oh! Never mind, then.”

“With your permission, I could reach into your minds and massage you where you would benefit the most. You would be free to let your mind wander or talk to each other as you see fit.”

“Wow, really? Go ahead!”


“Pretty great, huh?” Paige said.

“Understatement of the millennium,” Doris replied. “I imagine you get massages like this every day.”

“Nah, not really. I don’t need massages, but I thought it’d be nice, since you’re getting one and all.”

“Well, what do you do every day, then? It must be so amazing...”

“Ah, well, all sorts of things. I deliver mail through space and time, even to alternate universes. I’m going on dates every now and again with my Timber matches. Haven’t... quite found a winner yet, but I’m not gonna give up hope! Sometimes I just fly around wherever I am and help people out as needed. Like, just yesterday, I rewound time by a few seconds to keep someone from dropping their groceries. I also helped a tourist couple with directions. There was also that really bad car accident. Both cars’ gas tanks could have exploded if I wasn’t there to stop it!”

Paige giggled. “Well, I suppose my day-to-day life isn’t as amazing as some other Super Goddesses, but I’m happy with it nonetheless.”

“I would certainly hope so!” Doris replied. “You’re like a superhero! Everyone loves you!”


Once their massages were done, Paige snapped her fingers again and Doris found herself in a completely different environment. She was sitting at a table with Paige in what looked like a classy German bakery.

As if on cue, an aged man in a suit appeared behind her with a shiny metal platter in hand. He raised the lid on it, revealing perhaps the most delicious-looking cake she had ever seen--chocolate and topped with cherries. A blur of movement produced a generous slice of it on a plate before her.

Guten appetit,” he said before vanishing as abruptly as he appeared.

“Wh-what?” Doris stammered. “This can’t be real... How did we get here so fast?”

“Oh, I assure you it’s real, alright!” Paige stuffed her face with her own slice. “Mmmmmm! Ish awsho deishous!”

She swallowed and watched her mom squeal in delight from how the cake tasted. “You like it?”

“I do! Thank you so much for all this!”


After downing five more cakes between the two of them, Doris and Paige finally headed home, as quickly as they had left.

“Wow,” Doris uttered. “Just... wow! Today was amazing, sweetie!”

“I aim to please!” Paige replied.

“When I gave birth to you and M’Wela and Irina and the others appeared to explain that you were going to be a Super Goddess, your father was in a bit of a panic. But I said, ‘Bring it on! If I can raise a goddess of a daughter, then I can do anything!’ I’ll admit, I did feel a bit in over my head at times, but the whole thing was certainly an adventure--one I wouldn’t trade for anything.”

“Aww, thanks Mom. Tell you what, I’ll try and visit more often!”

“Only if you have time off from work.”

“I know, I know. Though to be fair, I can be in more than one place at once.”

“You shouldn’t neglect your career, regardless!”

Paige sighed, conceding that she wasn’t going to persuade her mother.

“Alright. I should be going.”

Doris and Paige hugged.

“Love you, Mom. See ya around!”

“I love you too, sweetie! Bye!”

Paige disappeared. Moments later, Jake came partway down the stairs.

“Oh, you’re back? Wait right there! Don’t move!”

Jake scrambled back upstairs, then did his best to seem calm and collected as he reappeared.

“I got a gift for you too, actually! I was, uh... I wanted Paige to give you her gift first. You know, ladies first and all that.”

Doris knew nothing could compare to what Paige had just done for her, but she smiled warmly just the same. “Thank you, darling!”


May 9, 2094

Tiger & Dragon, Hong Kong


It was a busy morning at Tiger & Dragon, as usual. Of course, the omnipotent twins Zheng Mei and Lei were completed unfazed and sent out order after delicious order without fail. The two acted like one person in two bodies--in perfect synchronization.

“Leilei, it’s Mother’s Day today.”

“Lei is aware.”

“What, that’s all you have to say?”

“Lei is simply waiting to hear when you wanted to go.”

“Well, let’s go visit now!”

“We effectively have two mothers. Are you talking about visiting Ha-neul or Xiaodan?”

“Both, honestly, but I think we should visit our biological Mom first. We haven’t really been in touch lately, you know?”

“This is true. Are we still leaving now?”

“Well, let’s see. Mom and Dad would be up by now, so then yeah, now works.”


Just like that, duplicates of themselves appeared on the roof of their restaurant. They had no valid excuse to ever close, seeing as they didn’t need to eat or sleep themselves and had made a name for themselves from being constantly ready to make anything one wanted at literally any time.

Their duplicates leapt northeast with tremendous force, rapidly hurtling towards rural west Hangzhou, their birthplace. Their restaurant was deliberately made of materials tough enough to even withstand the force of a Super Goddess, courtesy of Irina’s metallurgical research involving extracted metals from distant galaxies.

Traveling at not-quite-escape velocity, Mei and Lei identified Hangzhou from above and soon after landed. Mei cushioned her impact by temporarily reducing her mass to almost nothing, letting her impact cause as much destruction as a feather dropped from the top of a skyscraper. Lei, on the other hand, simply cushioned her impact with her hair, which she had made into the softest, most comfy material in existence.

“Why didn’t we just teleport?” Mei asked, turning to her sister.

Lei lifted herself off the ground into a floating position, her mass of hair instantly reshaping itself into her usual tight braid. “Because you like to show off,” she paused then added, “and because flying is fun.”

Mei clasped her hands behind her back and stretched, thrusting her prodigious chest before her and letting out a little groan of pleasure before saying with a cheeky smile, “Yeah, can’t deny that.”

Her little display had garnered the eyes of several passersby, causing Lei to just roll her eyes and head over to their parents’ house.

The house itself was not especially spectacular: a simple two-bed-one-bath with a small kitchen and living room. The twins had offered to share their wealth and have them live with them in Hong Kong, but Mr. and Mrs. Zheng were quite content with their lives working the fields. Even so, Mei and Lei made sure that their parents were comfortable by either buying their unsold crops or depositing money into their bank account.

Lei knocked twice and waited. Their mother, Xiaodan, answered the door.

“Oh Lei! Mei! What a pleasant surpri--!” She was cut off as Mei burst past Lei and enveloped her mother.

“Happy Mother’s Day!” The Asian Super Goddess squealed, “I have a gift for you! Wait, what? Mom?”

Mei looked down to see that her mother was no longer in front of her. Whirling around, Mei found herself a short ways inside the house with her mother still at the door. She was now in the embrace of her sister.

“How did you...?” Mei uttered, bewildered.

Lei explained, “Well, Lei couldn’t ever move you, so Lei just moved everything else a meter or so.” By everything else, Mei sensed she meant not just her, Mom, and the house, but the universe itself, so as not to disturb any of the other celestial systems.

Xiaodan shook herself out of her confused daze and said, “Daughters, please. Let’s just have a nice, normal day. There’s no need for you two to go out of your way like this. Don’t you have a restaurant to run anyway? What if people get wanted to celebrate Mother’s Day there? What if...”

Xiaodan found herself surounded once again by soft, warm skin and large breasts. “Don’t worry so much, Mama,” Lei softly chided, “The restaurant will be fine.”

“Yeah, and you’re too important to us for us to not be here with you today!” Mei added. “Oh, and here you go, happy Mother’s Day!” Mei repeated, reaching into the pocket dimension that was her cleavage and pulling out a small bag of seeds.

“This is a plant Lei and I made to help us with our cooking. It grows into a full tree in only three days and bears an enormous variety of fruits and vegetables, some of which can only grow from this plant!” Mei placed the little bag in her mother’s hand, eagerly waiting to see how she reacted.

Xiaodan cradled the bag like it was a delicate sculpture that could break at any moment. She looked up at Mei with tears filling the edges of her eyes and all but whispered, “Thank you, Mei.” She gave her as tight a hug as she could.

“Lei has something for you, as well!” She suddenly had a necklace in her hand. “Lei knows that you rarely have any free time, so Lei made this for you.”

She leaned over and carefully wrapped the silver chain around her mother’s neck. “Whenever you need some time to yourself, just grasp the sapphire and think about taking a break. Try it.”

Xiaodan looked down at the sparkling sapphire at the neck. It alone had to be worth more than they would make in five years of harvests. She pinched the gem between two fingers, closed her eyes, and thought about resting. When she opened her eyes again, she was in a lavishly decorated room filled with couches, beds, massage chairs and even a massive stuffed bear, bigger than the king-sized bed.

Lei lightly touched her mother's arm. “This space is yours and will react to whatever you want. Time in here moves separately from in the real world so no matter how long you spend in here, it will be as if no time at all had passed in the real world.”

As if on cue, a table appeared next to Xiaodan with a glass of iced water and a straw. The older woman jumped slightly and then picked up the glass of water experimentally. She took a sip and then midway through the liquid began to fizz and change color slightly.

“Oh wow, it even reacted when I changed my mind and wanted one of those sparkling lemonade drinks you brought over once!” Xiaodan exclaimed excitedly.

Mei then appeared and said, “Leilei, you shouldn’t just leave me behind like that! This is my day with Mom too, you know!”

Lei responded with by sticking her tongue out at her sister.

“Lei, how do I leave this space when I’m done?” Xiaodan quickly asked in an attempt to stop a fight before it began.

“Simply wish it and...” Lei started but trailed off as the room melted into a fading mist and the three were back in the house.

“Honey, who was at the door?” came a male voice from deeper in the house.

“Hey Dad!” Mei called out.

“It was us, Papa!” Lei called at the same time.

Bolin, a thin but wiry man, came into view.

“Wow! You two look more and more beautiful every time I see you.”

He embraced them and they him with equal vigor.

“How goes the restaurant business?” he asked them.

A mischievous grin spread across Lei’s face as she said, “It’s a good thing Lei is there, otherwise our patrons would be left with Mei’s mediocre creatings.”

“Mediocre?! I’ll have you know that it was my dish that got us the fifth Michelin star!”

Bolin’s booming laughter immediately brought them out of their fight. “Oh, you two never change. Did you two have anything planned for your mother?”

“Yes!” they both responded.

“I wanted to take you to see this nebula that is going to birth a massive purple star,” Mei said.

“Lei was going to take you to a crystal-sanded beach lit by three moons,” Lei offered.

Xiaodan looked between her daughters, confusion and overwhelmedness stricken on her face.

“I... I... I can’t choose. Maybe we can just sit down and have a nice family dinner?”

The twins were about to open their mouths when they each suddenly felt enormous pressure on their ears and yelped in pain.

“Alright, which one of you two idiots was shoving the universe around?” demanded a very angry Ha-neul. “I just lost my first match ever because of ring out!”

Mei burst out laughing as Lei’s face became beet red.

“I was uh... Lei was... just leaving actually.” Lei wriggled free, dashed over to her mother, and the two of them disappeared.

Ha-neul muttered something very unladylike and turned to Mei. “Alright, take me to them.”

Still giggling, Mei teleported Ha-neul and her father to the beach Lei had mentioned earlier.

Lei stood up and took a step back. “Lei didn’t mean it. Lei is sorry. Please forgive Lei!”

Ha-neul smiled. She hadn’t really minded the loss. Her opponent was easily the best hapkido practitioner a mortal could be and he deserved a win every now and then.

“As recompense for my lost match, I want one free meal for me and a friend to Tiger & Dragon.”

“You know you can already get all the free meals you want, right?” Mei pointed out.

“I know,” Ha-neul replied with a wink.

“Well, all this food talk has got me starving,” Bolin said.

“Good idea Dad! We planned for this part!” Mei said excitedly, once again reaching into the hammerspace between her breasts and began pulling out blankets and baskets of food. Soon they were all sitting around talking and laughing.

“Hey Ha-neul, we have a gift for you,” Lei brought up.

“Yeah! We both worked on it and I think you will really like it.”

“Lei thinks so, too.”

Chuckling, Ha-neul replied, “You girls really didn’t have to get me anything, but I appreciate it nonetheless.”

She took the small parcel from Lei and opened it. Inside was a pair of white fingerless gloves. They didn’t look out of the ordinary at first glance but when she tried them on, Lei’s voice suddenly popped into Ha-neul’s head saying, Mental link established. Current level: Enhanced.

“They tell you roughly how strong you are at any given moment,” Mei told her, “so you can adjust your body to match your opponents when you are sparring and during competitions.”

“Lei established the mental linking capabilities within the gloves,” Lei added.

“Thank you both,” Ha-neul said warmly. “These are wonderful.”

“Happy Mother’s Day!” the twins all but sang back as Xiaodan was dragged into a squishy four-person hug with the three Super Goddesses.


May 12, 2119

Von Wittgenstein Estate, Germany


Lisa von Wittgenstein, the matriarch of one of the most important families in Germany opened her eyes with the first light that came through her window.

She was prepared for another day of trying to manage her thirty children. A monumental task that would be easier if her literal Super Goddess daughter wasn’t such a free spirit and helped when it was needed instead of whenever she wanted to.

Suddenly she noticed some weight on her laps as she sat up on the bed and admired the beautiful face of her daughter Brunhilde, wearing a marvelous pink dress. She received a kiss in the cheek and a “Congratulations!” from the rest of her family and great part of the service, now standing in her room, magically altered to be large enough for them all by the blonde omnipotent.

“Wh-what is this about?” she asked, totally confused. Brunhilde snapped her fingers and a full breakfast on a silver platter appeared next to her.

“This is your... special day... Mother...” Her daughter declared in her usual slow speaking pattern. “Mother’s Day. We are all here... to make you feel special... and loved. Please enjoy your breakfast... We’ll come later. I’ve arranged a family picnic... for everyone...”



Another snap materialized her husband, the paterfamilias of the von Wittgenstein family. He was tall, mysterious, extremely handsome, and rarely talked. She barely saw his family because he was always jumping from business trip to business trip as the important CEO of one of the top five corporations in the country. However, this day he had made an exception to show her wife how much he loved her.

“G-Gunter, you are here!” She clearly wasn’t used to his presence. The gentleman nodded, assuring that he would dedicate his day to her and his family for once.

“Awwwww, how cute...” Brunhilde proclaimed. “Like the two little lovebirds they were... back when they met...”

Her mother was already shedding tears of happiness as everyone came to hug her. She wasn’t expecting this wonderful surprise.

“Okay, now... we will go... prepare everything, mommy. Don’t forget to... eat your breakfast... and... have fun with Dad...” She winked and abandoned the room alongside everyone else but Gunter, who was already disrobing.

As they had passionate sex in her room, their children were betting on how many new siblings their father would get Lisa pregnant with this time.


May 12, 2480

Fumagawa, Japan


It was Mother’s Day, a celebration Elza barely gave any thought to, since her focus was elsewhere in recent decades. She received the love and the presents of her thousands of children every year, or at least those who still lived at this point, and she definitely loved them back. But she could have lived without it.

As she was attending a call from her clone at her new line of Enhancing fashion, something suddenly clicked with her. The silent goddess realized that, while adapting the current world of the future to the ever growing needs of a progressively more Enhanced population was no laughing matter, she still had to care for the smaller, lesser people.

Smaller people like her mother. Her parents. Her biological ones in Italy, not the ones she had hired for her Japanese high school years in Fumagawa, the city that she was now mayor of.

A genius at multitasking, Elza was instantly at her birthplace of Naples. She just needed to phase through the fabric of time and space at such a speed that a time clone of her kept managing her entrepreneur affairs while she materialized in the middle of the street, proudly standing two and a half meters tall next to some scared schoolgirls in scantily clad latex uniforms and tons of jewelry. These Enhanceds were powerful enough to wipe countries off the map thanks to their rich parents buying them the best magical clothes on the market, but next to a Super Goddess they were nothing and they knew it. The girls bowed in respect at the giant omnipotent and let her pass.

The city had changed a lot since she moved to Japan at fifteen. It wasn’t quite as technologically advanced as Empress Shizuka’s Japan, but Elza could clearly spot the differences. There was an undercity with normal roads for unenhanced people and a floating futuristic metropolis over it, lifted with the passive telekinesis of its Enhanced inhabitants. The place was filled with devices and vehicles that wouldn’t have been out of place in a sci-fi movie from five centuries ago.

She walked towards her old neighborhood, each clack of her white heels silencing everyone in her way. An stupidly handsome and muscular Enhanced man dressed like a superhero was picking up some unenhanced ladies but he stopped giving them attention after noticing the beast of a woman that was coming from around the corner. He made a show of his super strong muscles and abs and tried to talk to her, but he noticed her stern and scary expression, coupled with her ever increasing height, and he decided to turn his eyes in pure, unadulterated dread. This man was three meters tall, but Elza was always the tallest one in the room, so she wound up bigger than him by two-thirds of a meter, which was enough to dissuade him from pursuing her.

It was pretty normal watching Enhanced girls teasing regular salarymen and playing with their hearts and bodies with their reality-warping might. It may have been normal, but Elza thought this was inexcusable behavior, but thankfully her plans for the future would be a first step in fixing this issue the world was facing. Giving humanity one final push towards evolution without causing major issues or changing the balance of nature was no easy feat. But these uppity Enhanceds needed to learn some manners, and Elza thought herself exactly the person to teach them.


The 468-year-old Regina Sabini was doing some chores around the house, peacefully enjoying her extended lifespan provided by her daughter centuries ago with her husband Marco when the doorbell rang.

Marco sighed. “Those damned schoolgirls with their performance-enhancing cookies again. Don’t answer, Gina--let them pay for their study trip to Andromeda alone. They’re more than smart enough to invent something to makes them rich.”

He changed the channel on the holographic TV to a news report, discussing the passive resentment some unenhanced people had against the new evolved race of latex gods that had surged in the last five decades.

Regina was okay with that because she remembered times when stuff like that had happened and they couldn’t help buying a ton of useless stuff thanks to the hypnotic pantyhose of some devilish youngster.

After a few times not answering it didn’t stop ringing, it seemed that this girl scout was a fighter. Marco finally got angry and answered the door. This time he would not fall for any magical trick!

However he found no one on the other side. Imagine his confusion when two powerful and slender arms took him from behind by surprise and hoisted his smaller body. It was Elza, dressed in her peerless business attire, with her hair in a mature-looking bun. She still had the same neutral expression as always. Both it and the melons against his neck made her instantly recognizable.

“E-Elza. It’s been... god, more than four centuries... what are you doing here?”

Elza, as usual, didn’t answer. She didn’t like talking, so she telepathically projected all her life into both her parents. No words, just a rapid succession of images alongside an explanation of why she decided to visit them again.

“Mother’s Day?!” Regina exclaimed. “You’re here because of me.”

Being in the presence of their adult daughter was starting to take a toll on the couple. Back before she moved to Fumagawa, they could resist her infinite sex appeal and powerful pheromones. But through all those years they were separated, they eventually stopped seeing her as a daughter per se.

The goddess nodded and put her father in the couch next to her mother like a doll. A stream of thought in a voice they recognized immediately from centuries ago filled their fragile minds. It was undeniably their daughter, but she sounded even more mature than before, maybe even a bit authoritarian, but with a genuine touch of gentleness after each sentence.

I’m working on a new project. Want to come to Japan and help me realize it? I will provide for everything.

This was a hard request to fulfill. She hadn’t visited them in centuries, and now she suddenly appeared to them and asked them to come with her to a new unknown life in a foreign country?

I understand that I haven’t been the best daughter. I abandoned you for a life in Japan with fake parents. But I want to fix that mistake.

Elza’s hands started making gestures that were too fast to follow. Before her parents could react, they already felt the changes. Their skin became clearer and tighter, their bodies stronger and less tired. Regina was about to open her mouth to exclaim her surprise when two giant mounds of flesh appeared on her chest, tightening her sweater substantially.

“W-what are you doing to us?”

I asked your subconscious and you were content with the idea of coming with me, so I’m Enhancing you appropriately. You will never grow old again, unless you wish so. You will stay permanently young and beautiful. But for you, Mother, I have another gift, since it’s your special day.

The transformation affecting Regina’s body proceeding into her brain, sending it into overdrive. Her neurons fired at speeds that simply weren’t possible for her before. Everything down to the smallest minutiae became far easier to process and comprehend. She was able to see to the limits of the known universe and sense everything and everyone around her.

Pleasure roared through her body like an inferno. She experienced the most powerful orgasm of her life (so far) and collapsed. Her husband stared in awe at her new, voluptuous, young body lay on the floor. Elza magically revitalized her.

I’ve Enhanced you to near-omnipotence. Perhaps I’ll give Father that gift in the future, but this is your day, Mother. I hope you enjoy your new powers--you will need them in your new job.

Indeed, Regina tested her powers. She found she could create objects of any degree of complexity out of nothing just by thinking it. She lifted the entire couch with one hand, scaring her spouse sitting on it.

“This... this is amazing! I feel amazing, Elza! This is great! I love it! Thank you so much!” She giggled while continuing to test her new abilities. It took some doing to wrap her head around it, but she was a goddess now.

Let’s go. My other parents are eager to meet you.

“W-wait, shouldn’t we pack our things or something?!” sputtered Marco, still a bit baffled by the fact he wasn’t Enhanced too. Although he couldn’t complain, given that her daughter had basically given him his youth back, with extra handsomeness. He looked like a total stud now.

“No need, sweetie! With my new powers, I can magically generate new, better stuff for us!” She had become a bit lost in the new universe she was just introduced to, reveling in her superior intelligence and absorbing knowledge magically from every available source on Earth and transporting the information to her now-limitless brain.

“That’s... good to know, I guess...”

Elza suddenly grew to a giant size, holding her parents in her hand. She calmly walked towards Japan, walking just above the sea and ground level, to avoid any degree of destruction.

Gina and her daughter telepathically spoke with each other along the way, getting a better idea of what her new place would be in life.

Um, Elza... I’ve been thinking things over. I think I finally understand the kind of power that you possess, now that we’re closer. Since you’ve given me a new life, perhaps we should also reverse our roles?

What do you mean, Mother?

We change places: I become your daughter and you become my mother. It makes a lot of sense--I look younger and I’m inferior in every way. It also won’t be confusing to people once we dive into this project of yours....

I accept. Whatever makes you happy.

Thanks Mommy, I love you.

I love you too.

Oh, also, I hope you don’t mind I continue living with your father. He is in for so much sex once he wakes up... and besides, you know how he is--so sentimental! He needs someone to live with!

Indeed. I have no objections.


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