Everyday Life of Every Life

In honor of mother's day, this is a story featuring one of my favorite mommies, Brunhilde.

Before reading this, check out Brunhilde's Origin Story here


Although the Super Goddesses were similar in many ways with their complete omnipotence, voluptuous supermodel bodies, and shared love of gratuitous sex, there were also many small things that differentiated them from each other. Outside of their looks, their personalities and their hobbies were really what defined them- the things that really showed their true characters, quirks, and even the occasional flaw. 

For example, let’s take Irina, who loves researching and discovering new secrets and technologies- a very passionate scientist, almost to a fault, with the sheer amount of time she spends on her work. Her free time is mostly spent locked up inside the depths of her supernatural laboratory for hyper-advanced scientific research of the very cosmos themselves, or out in the field studying it in person, flying out to the deepest reaches of space in seconds to take down some notes of her findings. 

Or Jennifer, who loves exploring and breaking the boundaries of art, literally bringing new worlds to life on the canvas with her paintings. 

Or Paula, who loves… cock.

My point is, that all of the goddesses have an activity they like to do in their spare free time; mostly pretty harmless and expected based on their various personalities, but one super goddess in particular had perhaps one of the most outlandish and quirky hobbies of the whole group.

Super Goddess Brunhilde Von Wittgenstein.

Surprisingly enough, Brunhilde actually has a lot in common with Elza, possibly even the most out of the whole group, and it even blossomed into a beautiful, sexy, and unexpected friendship between the two, to the surprise of the other goddesses. They discovered that each other shared the love of Understanding The Human Race ™ by interacting with human society in order to gain more knowledge about the intricacies of the species that they would be co-inhabiting with for eternity. Elza enjoyed spending her time trying to blend in with humans like it was totally normal and tried to “lay low” as best she could, although, it’s much harder than it sounds when you can seduce everyone in a 5-mile radius without even doing anything.  

Brunhilde however, takes a different approach to it.

You see, whereas Elza lives her life amongst the humans as Elza Sabini, Brunhilde lives many different lives amongst the humans… as other people. 

She imagines these illustrious and flamboyant characters while daydreaming, crafting names, backstories, careers, and personalities to each one, before bringing them from her mind into reality, and living out their lives while Brunhilde’s consciousness occupies their body, literally. Every day was a new life- a whole new person, a whole new persona, and a whole new world to explore first-hand; she would close her eyes in one body and wake up inside the next, ready for the next chapter of her adventure. Usually it’s specific people that she mentally “writes” into her mental database of characters, but occasionally she’ll store a “curve-ball” idea into the mix if she’s feeling particularly excited about it- sometimes she’ll manifest herself as a metaphysical being, or maybe an inanimate object, sometimes multiple people at once. She had created so many of these characters and scenarios in her mind since it’s how she spends her free time, that she has enough people to last her for literally thousands of years. And just to spice things up a bit, she self-limits her own omnipotent future-sight and sets her body to change at random every morning, so she will always end up in a new character’s body and be surprised each time. At the end of the day, she returns back to Von Wittgenstein manor to relax with her harem of bombshell maids, masturbates in the depths of space where she won’t accidentally destroy any nearby planets with an orgasm, or perhaps visits with her other super goddess friends, depending on her mood. An infinite number of things she could do, really. 
That was the best part for her- living a new and fresh experience every day.

As we speak, Brunhilde is now cuddling up with the blankets of her “goddess-size” bed (69x bigger than queen size) at the Wittgenstein manor in Germany, closing her eyes gently as she falls asleep, ready to meet the next character and enjoy the next life that awaits her.

May 18, 2127

The staggered beeps of an alarm clock ring out through the air as beautiful warm orange rays of sunlight begin to fill the cold white walls of a Manhattan high-rise apartment. The sunset begins to peer over the horizon precisely on schedule with the alarm clock, right down to the millisecond. A slender feminine arm pulls away the covers to reveal a bed covered entirely with stray locks of naturally decadent straight blonde hair, that someone would mistake for a blanket if they didn’t know any better; not that her hair wouldn’t keep you warm in an arctic blizzard, but that’s not the point. 

The apartment was a futuristic open-concept styled one, full of minimalist-design furniture and shimmering blue light accents looked like Steve Jobs’ sketchbook mixed with an architect’s wet dream… and such extravagant living conditions didn’t belong to just anyone.

She went by the name Gretel Prauste, but she was well known in New York’s finest hospital as “the uberdoktor”, a nickname given by her fellow staff members as a play on her German heritage. Gretel was indeed German, and perhaps the most beautiful German to ever walk the Earth, with a head of stunning golden blonde hair that went down to her knees and out past her shoulders, forest green eyes, and a body fit for a true goddess amongst mortal women. Her curvaceous toned legs seemed to go on for miles despite her only being 6’ tall and her hourglass figure was nothing short of pure perfection, sporting a pair of F-sized tits that seemed to defy gravity itself. 

Gretel was a doctor at New York City’s most prestigious hospital- formerly the worst most run-down dump in the whole city, and now the “example” hospital that everyone else tries to emulate elsewhere in hopes of replicating their success, and it was all thanks to Gretel. Once she arrived, the disparaged hospital staff finally saw a glimmer of hope again, after living in fear that the hospital would be shut down. Gretel had proven to be the smartest hiring decision in the hospital’s lifespan, transforming the hollow shell of a building into a beacon of progress for the future. The once-filthy tile hallways were now pristine and polished to perfection, the red-tape bureaucracy of the administration was effectively eliminated overnight, and the quality of care had significantly increased, with a huge jump to a 100% operation success rate, from the 46% from the week before Gretel was hired. The other doctors would occasionally make errors themselves, but Gretel would silently intervene and ensure that the operations would work, completely undetected and unknown to the doctors. She was not only the most talented surgical specialist in the world with impressive collegiate decorations from the world’s most prestigious universities from which she graduated at age 15 due to her otherworldly test scores, but had shattered previous records for operation success rates, patient satisfaction, and general office productivity.

As if by an invisible set of hands, Gretel’s impressive set of hair began to come to life by her own magical telekinesis, straightening out and fashioning itself into a ponytail of curly blonde locks that went all the way down to her butt. When deciding on what to wear, she envisioned a purple blouse with green accents, that she decided was fitting for her mood today, as was the case for every other day; dignified, smart, and sexy. The shelf full of thread spools from her sewing table began to unravel violently at once, spinning out thread like a fishing line on a hooked fish. The thread began to weave itself into a perfect replica of the clothing she had just envisioned, and then floated up to her body as if someone was dressing her, sewing itself together at the halfway point as it slid over of both arms. Meanwhile the same thing happened to her jet black dress pants, and even the leather of her black and gold shoes, the materials magically spawning from deep within her endless shelves as her clothes literally created themselves as they dressed her.

Leaning closer to the mirror, she rubbed her finger around the edge of her lips, as they turned into a gorgeous dark purple-black lipstick with a pattern of white stars that resembled outer space itself. A pair of sleek purple-framed purple glasses appeared around her eyes along with her signature miniature model Earth earrings, contrasting her vibrant light blonde hair. Finally to top it all off, a ghost-white doctor’s lab coat draped around her arms so she would be in uniform for work.

Not needing to look at a watch, she instinctively knew it was 5:59:54 AM. 

“Plenty of time.” She thought to herself. In a fraction of a millisecond, she jumped out of one of the windows and took off in a booming roar as she rocketed across the upper east side faster than the speed of light. Gretel spun around in midair and delicately landed like a ballerina on the glass of her office at the hospital at a direct 90-degree angle, as gravity obeyed her wishes and bent the rules of physics just a bit, just so she could walk on walls. She made herself intangible and slipped through the window as if jumping into a pool of water, and made herself tangible again in time to revert to normal gravity and punch in for her shift. 6:00:00 AM on the dot.

In the course of a few minutes, Gretel quickly caught up on thousands of patient file updates and e-mails from her online licensed medical advice service for anyone with questions for the world’s brightest medical scientist to ask anonymously online. Her brain was running a million miles a minute (and that was an understatement) processing and outputting her infinite wisdom into these responses and helping countless people solve their issues like a personalized home visit. 

It was her 32nd open heart surgery patient of the day- the waiting room would have been the first to start collecting dust and cobwebs from being empty for so long if Gretel didn’t personally clean it herself on a 1 minute interval; not matter how complicated the procedure she would be finished in seconds. Every single minute, if not more, she would sweep through the whole hospital like a real-life magic eraser that polished the whole place to a gleaming shine whenever a speck of dust hit the floor; she could actually hear each individual speck make contact with the ground from miles away with her hyper-sensitive ears. In fact, the whole cleaning staff wasn’t even necessary anymore. Since Gretel could do it all in a heartbeat, they were almost fired for being redundant, but luckily, Gretel suggested that they be promoted into different departments (specifically, where she knew for a fact by reading their minds and personalities they would have a fulfilling job where they could unlock their hidden talents), so everyone ended up happy.

She was the only person in the hospital’s history who had an operating table inside their own office because of how impeccably sterile it was, one half of the room containing an operating table and advanced medical technology, all personally invented, built, and copyrighted by her. Meanwhile the other half hosted a gorgeous mahogany desk full of extensively filed patient paperwork, stored in miniature hammerspace drawers that would have stretched for miles if she didn’t bend reality to have the drawer produce whichever file she needed at arm’s reach.

Her patient was wheeled into her office and laid out on the table, and the hospital assistants left her alone in the room, knowing to not ask questions about the uberdoktor’s methods. Not needing to look at his files, (the paperwork was only kept for legal reasons at this point, seeing as she knew everything in her file cabinet right down to the punctuation marks), she personally diagnosed him. She analyzed him with precise accuracy as her impenetrable vision pierced through his skin with X-ray, thermal, and microscopic vision, seeing right down to the atomic level to determine the problem. “Medical mystery” had become an oxymoron these days, since there’s no such thing anymore due to Gretel. 

This case however, was just a routine one- a basic open-heart surgery. 

With blinding speed, her hands reached inside his open chest, digging around like more of a treasure chest than a human chest. She started pulling stuff out- the bullet lodged in his left atrium, even the built-up cholesterol in his arteries, until his entire heart was just like new again, zapped the scars with atomic precision with her laser sight, and sutured him back up the same way in no more than 30 seconds.

“Good as new.” She smiled, gently nudging him and instantly waking him up from the anesthetic that was supposed to keep him unconscious for 3 more hours.

“Huh? Doctor Gretel?”

“Shh… It’s okay darling… you’re all cured now.” She whispered, giving him a little kiss on the forehead.

He jumped off the table with a jolt of energy like he had just snorted a mountain of cocaine with a whole new pep in his step, as if he never had a bullet wound in the first place, did a 180 and moonwalked away.

“Thanks doc!” he said, as he put on his blue coat and headed out.

Gretel makes it a point to assist the mothers in the maternity ward every day- every time someone is giving birth, she can hear it happening- she will dash downstairs to coach the mother through, stretching her hips and molding her insides like wet clay so that the baby can easily slide out, 100% painlessly. Hard to say exactly why, but Gretel just really loved mommies for some reason, and tended to go out of her way to help them in particular.

The uberdoktor stopped by the receptionist’s office to help fly through their mountains of paperwork at light speed, her pen almost lighting the papers on fire from the friction, cutting through the hospital’s notoriously ridiculous red tape regulations like a busty samurai.

After several hundred more “advanced” operations that seemed like high school biology projects, her day was winding down, so she spent the rest of her day until quitting time answering a few thousand emails, nearly melting the keyboard from the speed of her fingers.

With another satisfying hard-day’s work under her belt, she punched the clock again, flying back home for a well-earned night’s sleep.

May 19, 2127

Helena Von Strauss opened her eyes to find herself inside her extravagant contemporary mansion in the outskirts of the Berlin suburbs. A team of tuxedo-ed and enhanced blonde bombshells burst through the doors as soon as they heard her stir in bed, preparing her outfit for the day- an elegant red turtleneck sweater with a revealing opening right between her nipples and her cleavage, with the sparkles of the very same stars of outer space, twinkling subtly across the silky fabric. Afterwards, the staff rushed downstairs to begin preparing Helena’s breakfast that would be ready by the time she got there to eat it. Helena was pretty picky about her food, but all of the staff was extensively trained through a combination of raw experience and Helena’s magical breastmilk to provide them with the knowledge of her recipes and secrets, so she trusted them to make her food to her precise specifications.

She was a famous restraunteur, locally famous since her homely little independent restaurant called “Mutterbrust” opened up in Berlin a few years ago, but now internationally famous due to the viral word-of-mouth and her numerous victories on every cooking show contest on TV. As far as celebrity chefs go, she was definitely the best; she had beaten every one of them 1-on-1 countless times. Von Strauss was in the god tier- in the same way that you can know nothing about baseball but still know who Babe Ruth is, that was Helena for cooking. Everyone and their mother (sometimes especially the mother) knew who she was.

Her restaurant was constantly packed with people from all over the globe who came to Germany just to get a taste of this supposedly incredible food, but mysteriously there was never anyone waiting in line- luckily her ability to manipulate the flow of time at will was an easy fix for that. Whenever a new customer would need to be seated, she could just speed up the slower diners’ tables to an accelerated speed, making it appear like they were moving at “fast-forward” pace while the rest of the patrons were moving at normal speed. To them, it felt like a romantic 2 hour date, all packed conveniently inside 30 seconds of real-world time. 

While she used some light reality bending for the back of the building whenever the health inspectors came, creating the illusion of a full functioning kitchen with the very same 10-woman staff from her house, the reality of the situation was much different. The swinging door to the back kitchen didn’t lead into any sort of kitchen, but actually an interdimensional portal that would open up at any location she desired. The Earth was her pantry closet; opening the door would appear in front of fields of wheat in the American Midwest, vineyards in rural Italy, the docks of Japanese fishing wharfs for fresh seafood and the Antarctic circle for her freezer, all on her command.

As customers came in, Helena was out there greeting them while zipping back and forth between the kitchen and the dining room at light-speed, taking orders, bringing food out to the tables, cooking the food itself, and then cleaning the dishes up afterwards. She was so mind-numbingly fast that not only good she do this all at once, but have it not even interrupt a single activity- she could be multiple places in once, as far as the human eye could tell. Everyone was just under the impression that the restaurant had a specific dress code where she would only hire people that looked like her.

Mutterbrust was a raving success and consistently got 5-star ratings from every single guest that had ever eaten there, whether it was just for a cup of coffee or a gourmet dinner; all of the food on the 20-page menu was nothing short of perfection. You could order just about anything you wanted, whether it was Japanese, Lebanese, Kenyan, American, Mexican, or Czechoslovakian, the ridiculous selection was all cooked “just like mother used to make”, but it was the collective mothers of every respective country, all done by one incredible person.

You see, there was a secret ingredient to every dish made at Mutterbrust, and yet every dish tasted different for every customer… let me explain.

As Helena would go into her pocket dimension kitchen in the back of the house, she would add her own secret ingredient to whatever the dish was, whether it was a soda or a steak, and enhance it to taste like the 5-star rating it deserved. Helena would pull away the opening of the sweater to reveal her giant breast, letting out a soft and sensual moan as she tenderly squeezed her plentiful milk onto the food or inside the liquid mixture. Every single meal was an erotic experience for Helena, driving her mad with overwhelming sexual pleasure, driving her to the edge of cumming every time she created a meal, which, with the huge demand for her food, was hundreds of times an hour. Every day was basically just a stream of unending orgasms, with only milliseconds of time between each one- she didn’t realize how much more fun the food service industry was as a super goddess! 

But Helena wasn’t the only person having an erotic experience with this food. 

The people who end up actually eating or drinking her creations are the ones who truly have the erotic experience- her magical juices, whether it was her breast milk or she decided to create a cock and drizzle her own special sauce onto her dishes, were quite literally the best-tasting thing in the world. As the food or beverage made contact with their mouth, her milk would magically adapt to the taste buds of whoever was eating or drinking it, accounting for their own individual and distinct tastes to create the perfect experience every time, even so specific that it would change depending on their mood. In fact, the food was so ridiculously tasty that it didn’t just stop there, but went a step beyond that, and became a full-blown aphrodisiac to anyone who ate Helena’s food. It was completely common for customers at the restaurant to completely lose their composure and start masturbating like a savage beast, stripping naked and mindlessly sweating and panting as they stroked their cocks or fingered themselves, right at the table! 

Knowing that this was to be expected of the humans who simply weren’t prepared for the experience of tasting her godly meals, Helena was prepared. Every time she could see or sense that someone was masturbating, Helena would personally approach the table and say something along the lines of,

“Well sir… I’m glad to see you’re enjoying your meal! I’d be glad to accept your tip… for our excellent service!” As she kneels down right in front of the customer, making eye contact so they can see her hypnotically beautiful green eyes. As the two make eye contact, it’s as if the eyes are speaking directly to their souls and flooding their minds with lewd ideas. Even though she didn’t say anything out loud, it was like her voice was echoing in their mind. Her voice was this sweet and motherly tone, saying stuff like “Come on now… cum for mommy… it’s okay darling… I know you want to….” and points to her open and smiling mouth, ready to receive his cum- this kind of tip was much more satisfying for Helena than just a few extra Euros.

At the end of another busy 16-hour day, it was finally closing time. Helena allowed the last of the diners to finish eating, before wiping down everything to an immaculate sparkle.

“Thank you… cum again!” She waved goodbye to the last customers as she shuts the door behind them, locking up the restaurant for the night.

May 20th, 2127

It was just another average day for travel agent extraordinaire Heidi Weiss. She woke up inside her beach house somewhere near the coast of Hawaii, on a tiny private island that had only the a few things- a small white wooden dock, a set of lounging beach chairs, a lone palm tree, and the house itself that looked reminiscent of Master Roshi’s “Kame House” from Dragonball. It was no larger than a studio apartment… from the outside. Inside the house looked like a Miami playboy billionaire’s dream come true. White leather was all over the house, including the skin-tight white latex casual clothing she wore around the house, with the occasional pop of color on the walls or in the artwork, and some pink neon lighting to perfect the “vice city” aesthetic she was hoping for.

**beep beep** Her watch began to sound.

“Oh shoot… time to get to work!” She said, grabbing her briefcase before running out the door, squatting down, and taking a massive leap 100 feet into the air before you could hear a “FWOOM!” as she flew over at mach-1,000,000,000 to her office to start the day.

Heidi was the owner and operator for the entire international franchise of travel agencies called Heid-away. It had blown up over the years due to the overwhelmingly positive reviews, and consistently manages to stay growing, even in economic recessions. Even when the belts and boot straps need to be tightened, Heidi’s company’s reputation of being the world’s best, and yet cheapest, all-inclusive travel agency has been the saving grace. Despite the fact that there are hundreds of these offices all over the world, mysteriously the company only has one employee- Heidi. With speed and powers like hers, it really was possible to be everywhere at once.

She charges a flat rate of $500 for anyone, regardless of where on earth they want to go, and then Heidi will take care of every minuscule detail, no questions asked or needed. In fact, customers were consistently blown away by how little information they actually needed to give her- it was like she could read their minds perfectly or something, to figure out exactly what they knew they wanted to do, or even stuff they didn’t know they wanted to do. Some of her returning customers have been smart enough to take advantage of this service, effectively going to Heidi like a fortune teller instead of a travel agent, giving her $500 and asking her to surprise them on where Heidi would send them off to, because they knew that Heidi would always show them a good time without fail.

Locations, events, tourist activities, hotel accommodations, rental cars, minute-by-minute scheduling, and even personal bellhop services for the luggage were all included, plus countless other miscellaneous jobs that arose depending on the situation.

Today was a common occurrence for Heidi- a couple of customers that had never gotten her services before, hearing about it from their friends and wanting to see it for themselves to see if it lived up to the hype. 

“Good moooorning!” Heidi said, making a cutesy pose as she greeted her guests instantly as soon as she could feel the air vibrations of the moving door when they walked in the room. 

She was wearing an outfit quite appropriate for the travel agency theme- she looked like a flight attendant turned up a couple notches on the professionalism scale. She wore a matching navy blue dress skirt and blazer with a single stripe of red that ran around the borders and seams of the outfit. She wore a white button-up dress shirt and a red scarf that wrapped around her neck and fell in-between her massive cleavage, and her ridiculous 6-foot long head of blonde hair was all wrapped into a tight bun on the back of her head. 

“Uh, hello there miss… We were referred to here by our friends, uh, Jeremy and Kelly Freeman?” The man said.

“Ah yes… that’s right… they just got back from a trip to Japan not long ago... I’m glad they liked it enough to recommend me!” Heidi chirped.

“They said you were incredible!” The woman said.

“Well that’s great to hear! So… what brings you here today?”

“Jeremy said that we should ask you for a ‘Heidi Special’, and they said you would know what that means.” The guy said.

“Oh yes, I know what they mean… Say, could you give me just a second? I have to go grab some paperwork from my office… I’ll be back real quick. You guys just take a seat there while I get the forms ready.” Heidi said, holding up her pointer finger.

“Oh, sure, of course.” The woman said, her and her husband sitting down in the waiting room chairs in unison.

“Thanks~” Heidi said, turning around, and shutting the door to her personal office.

As the two sat down, it took only a few seconds before they started to feel a bit strange. It was like someone filled the room with knockout gas, because both of them felt incredibly sleepy all of a sudden, struggling to keep their eyes open as they quickly fell into a deep trance-like sleep.


“Good morning sleepy heads!” 

Heidi’s voice was the first thing the couple heard as their eyes opened in unison, stirring from their sleep like they had just woken up from a 12-hour slumber. 

“Huh? Where are we?” The guy groaned, as his eyes struggled to open.

“We’re here!” Heidi replied with a big smile on her face.

The two opened their eyes and noticed that they were wearing seatbelts, with some tray tables in front of them, and dozens of other people surrounding them in the nearby seats- they were inside an airplane!

**PSSHHT** The intercom static sounded, as the sound of the captain’s voice filled the cabin over the radio.

“Alright everyone, we’ve turned off the ‘seatbelt’ sign, you are now free to leave the plane. Those who are staying for flight 7447, service to Dallas, please remain in your seats. Thank you for choosing Delta airlines, and Welcome to Italy!”

As the couple de-planed, Heidi was already there and waiting for them, carrying all of their luggage on her back and (literally) pulling a pile of money in the local currency out of the hammerspace of her back pocket. Before they could ask how she was carrying all that luggage or even how she managed to get it from their house in the first place, Heidi pulled out a clipboard containing the itinerary for the trip, planned out to down to each individual minute- there were at least 50 pages. Unbeknownst to the couple, Heidi had read both of their minds, understanding their true desires for what they really wanted.

“Wait, how did you know we wanted to go to Italy? Did we even fill out the paperwor—”

“Okay… your first stop is the colosseum!” Heidi interrupted before he could finish. “It’s 2:56 PM local time, and there’s a guided tour at 3 so we’d better hurry!” Heidi said.

Before they could even respond, Heidi snapped her fingers, making the two instantly pass out, before grabbing them both with one hand by scooping them up in her arms and running at full speed towards the colosseum, clearing dozens of miles in less than a second, until she was standing right in front of it a moment later. 

The two suddenly woke up, as if by her command, to find themselves standing in front of the famous Roman colosseum next to Heidi.

“Wait, how did we—” 

“Welcome to the Roman Colosseum!” Heidi smiled, sounding just like a professional historical tour guide.

Heidi was apparently, in addition to being a professional travel agent, a historian of sorts- she, by some miracle, knew every last nook and cranny of this place and all the relevant history behind it all, as if the only thing she did with her spare time was watch documentaries about it. Hell, you would think she time traveled to Rome in 72 A.D. just to see what it was like and learn how it was built! Wouldn’t that just be crazy?

The rest of the day was filled with more of the same, as Heidi carried the couple by hand all over the Italian peninsula to see all of the country’s beautiful landscapes, museums, landmarks, and tourist destinations in only a few hours. They selectively forgot only the bad parts of the journey, like the sudden mysterious blackouts and eerily instant teleportation to destinations that were hundreds of miles away all over Italy in the course of a day. As far as they knew, time was a complete blur- they had been there all week and couldn’t remember the time in-between because of home extremely long and relaxing naps. 

By the time evening rolled around, the couple find themselves inside a gorgeous hotel room, it looked like they had an interior designer make the room to their custom specifications of their favorite colors, room layout, artwork, and the like.

They opened the door to the bedroom and it was covered in scattered rose petals, with mood-lit candles surrounding the bed, and smooth jazz playing on a surround-sound stereo. The couple had no memory of ever choosing or booking the hotel, and they were right- Heidi took care of everything, just like she promised, but it was certainly not in a traditional manner. See, the hotel room or the hotel it claimed to be a part of didn’t actually exist, at least until a few seconds ago; Heidi had created a separate pocket dimension just for the lone room.

As they looked around the room, they noticed a small skinny end-table that looked like it was meant for a lamp, that held 3 items on top. There were two bottles of a mysterious un-labeled white liquid, and a hand-written note.

“Each of you drink these and you’ll have a great time tonight, I promise. - Heidi <3”

Looking at each other and shrugging, the two each grabbed a bottle and threw it back, drinking the whole bottle in one gulp like a tequila shot.

The two started to feel a strange tingling run through their veins as if they had just drank hot cocoa in a snowstorm, warming up their whole bodies. All of a sudden, each of them started to feel overcome with a burning passion, feeling insanely aroused out of nowhere, as if cupid had just shot an arrow straight through their crotches. They couldn’t get their hands off of each other, ripping off each other’s clothes like paper and nearly shattering the bed as they flopped down onto the mattress. Both felt strangely stronger and more energized, and their bodies seemed to get the same memo- they began to shed weight like an instant liposuction and filled up with toned athletic muscles fit for Olympians, gaining 5 inches of cock size and 5 cup sizes respectively, until the two looked like porn stars.

This was one of Heidi’s ace-in-the-hole strategies; she was very fond of the other super goddess’ trend of “enhancing” humans, giving them the magical treatment of their uniquely powerful breast milk or cum to endow whoever drank it with incredible strength, endurance, bodies, and even a few superpowers. 

The rest of the night for the couple was arguably the best of the whole trip- the best sex they had ever had in their lives by a long shot, even with nostalgia goggles on for their first time together. They moaned deeply and passionately for hours in the throes of frequent orgasms and godly fucking with their new hyper-sensitive enhanced bodies. Their refractory periods were basically gone entirely, allowing them to continuously stay horny and ready to fuck like rabbits for the entire night, slamming their hips together like hydraulic machines until they soaked the bed with enough liquid to call it a waterbed.

When they woke up, they were back in the same exact spot they dozed off, back in Heidi’s office.

“That was the best vacation ever- we have to come back to you more often!”

“Glad you enjoyed it guys <3 And don’t worry… come here anytime and I’ll take care of you… I’ve got all the time in the world!”

May 21st, 2127

“Oh boy...” Hilde thought to herself, immediately noticing that something was wrong as soon as she woke up.

Her consciousness wasn’t inside just one body, it was inside of millions at once.

In her mind, it was like looking at a room full of security cameras, where every video feed simultaneously showed a girl that looked exactly like Brunhilde getting out of a bed in all sorts of different rooms, all over the earth. She could sense exactly what her counterparts were seeing and feeling in real time along with them, and everything in the environment around her. Her clones were inside all sorts of different homes across the globe, from teepees and mud huts to trailer parks and mansions.

Well, Brunhilde knew that this must have been her own doing at some point in the past- this was way too weirdly specific to be an accident. Maybe it was just a crazy idea that she had thought of a few thousand years into the future in another reality, who knows?

“Hey Hilde.”

“Konichiwa, Hilde-chan!”

“Privet, Hilde.”

“Buenas dias, Hildita!”

Various voices rang out in her mind from beyond the doors of their respective bedrooms, of someone inside the home saying good morning as they heard her getting out of bed.


A flashback struck her mind and suddenly she remembered- she knew exactly what was going on. 

Hilde remembered when she had this exact idea for one of her “curve-ball” experiences to place among the rankings of her typical character list. She had a vivid vision of exactly the moment it happened. 


She was spending the day as Harriet Stuttgart, the alpha-female wolf of Wall Street; an extremely successful stock broker that has a notorious reputation of always being so precisely accurate about stock futures that everyone is convinced she’s involved in insider trading scandals. But no, Harriet was just simply too good. Not allowing herself to cheat by seeing the future, she does the next best thing, and mentally calculates stock price patterns of every publicly traded stock in real time like a supercomputer while constantly keeping up with multiple 24/7 live news feeds displaying in her vision like a “picture-in-picture” mode on the TV. Not needing to do sleep certainly helps, so now she can be as up-to-date as humanly possible about the latest current events within milliseconds of time after they happen. Not to mention, her omnipotence not only lets her keep tabs on everything happening in real time, but lets her see into the very souls of every living person, reading the innermost thoughts of every human simultaneously like a rushing torrential waterfall of information pouring into her mind at any given moment. 

She overheard another broker from across the room of the NYSE trading floor yelling and screaming with joy, as he just got the news that he successfully tripled his money on a risky investment. 

“Yes, yes, yes!!!” He yelled. “Ohhhhh, Mary and the kids are gonna be so happy!”

As Harriet stared at the smiling man watching him jump up and down in slow motion, this particular moment struck a chord with Brunhilde at her core as if she was a lost stray puppy looking inside the window of a home with a pet dog inside. She felt as though something was missing like a hole in her heart; there was a certain aspect that she was missing out on in her life, even despite having so many different experiences. 

“The kids… family…” She thought to herself. “That’s it! I should start becoming part of other peoples’ families!”


And so her wish came true.

Hilde had indeed become part of other peoples’ families.

All of them.

Each individual person or family unit on Earth suddenly inherited a new relative, whether she took the form of a sister, daughter, mother, or aunt, Brunhilde’s magical reality bending had re-written the course of history to comply with her wishes. At some point in each and every family’s history across the span of the past, present, and future, there was a member of the family who looked just like Brunhilde. And for families where a busty blonde German woman wouldn’t exactly “fit” in a side-by-side picture, she altered her appearance to match the respective races and nationalities of whichever family she found herself to be part of. Whether she was a Korean mother of 3, or the hot older sister to a Brazilian teenager, they all looked like “re-colors” of Brunhilde’s normal form with slightly different features, hair colors, and skin colors.

Precious childhood memories that never actually happened were burned into the minds of people everywhere, as to them it seemed like this new family member had been there all along- the parents remember giving birth to her, her first steps, first words, riding a bike, graduating from school, everything. Very convincing family photos of Brunhilde with the rest of the family began to start popping up out of thin air everywhere, lining the walls, scrapbooks, and refrigerators of every home, reality was bending itself to adjust, as Brunhilde quite literally became part of their life. Going to school as a Peruvian teenager, running a massage parlor in China, working the fishing docks on the California coastline, managing a successful multi-billion dollar oil company in Texas, she was experiencing real lives at their truest form that she could limit herself to.

And during the course of the day, she got to experience countless different lives from millions of different new perspectives she hadn’t really considered before, across multiple ages, races, nationalities, income levels, races, religious backgrounds, and walks of life, all while giving millions of horny little boys a newfound mommy fetish in the process. 

“I really need to do this more often!” She thought to herself as her various bodies flopped into millions of beds all over the world feeling fulfilled and happy, ready to start another life the next morning.



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