The Rose-Tinted Neighbour


Part 1:

Joe Zheng was a local doctor with thirty years of experience, now fifty five years of age. On his day off, he was just relaxing when he noticed a car pull up next to the house next door that had recently been sold. 

Peering out of the window in curiosity of what his new neighbours were going to be like, Joe witnessed a pair of women in their early twenties who appeared to be identical twins emerging from the car. They were girl next door types. A pair of brunettes with pretty faces topped out with warm amber eyes. They were both five foot ten inches, or 178cm, tall. 

They were also the type of twins who wore matching clothing, both wearing a yellow T-shirt that emphasized their medium-sized breasts quite nicely paired with a pink miniskirt and white trainers that showed off their slim-yet-toned legs.

Joe hastily fastened his shoes before stepping out of the front door to greet his new neighbours. 

"Hello there! I'm Joe Zheng. Nice to meet you."

"Oh hey there! My name is Rose Jenkins," one of the neighbors said "And I'm Holly! We're identical twins."

Joe pondered these oddly familiar-sounding names before he realized why. He had seen the twin sisters as babies twenty years ago as part of his job, checking and confirming that they were indeed genetically identical.

"Would you like a cup of tea at my place while the movers get your house sorted?" Joe asked.

"Sure! That would be great! Thanks for the offer" The twin who called herself Holly replied.

As he asked about the cup of tea, Joe realized that he found his eyes wandering towards the one who called herself Rose as opposed to Holly, even though it was Holly that replied to the question. Even though they were identical, it was Rose who appeared to have just a little extra on her sister. 

Being the logical type, Joe started to rack his brain over why this was the case. Maybe Rose kept better care of her skin. Indeed, Rose's skin appeared to have fewer blemishes than Holly's. In fact, he couldn't find any blemishes at all. Rose's clothing also appeared to be in better condition, with the yellow of her T-shirt being of a more vibrant shade than her twin sister's, which appeared to be a bit washed out. The same was true of her pink skirt and white trainers. In conclusion, Rose looked like a beauty pageant winner who was trying her hardest to impersonate Holly but failed due to how much more attractive she was.

After making three cups of tea and offering some biscuits to the twins, the three sat down around the mahogany coffee table that was long overdue for a fresh coat of varnish and started to chat about various inconsequential things such as the weather and their day jobs. However, as they were chatting, Joe noticed something strange yet intriguing while watching Rose's movements.

Whenever Rose picked up the teacup containing her hot beverage, Joe noticed that the worse-for-wear piece of crockery subtly but visibly changed. Whenever she picked the cup up, the usually faded colours became more vivid while a visible chip around the rim of the cup disappeared completely. What was stranger was whenever she put the cup down, it returned to its original damaged state. Additionally, whenever Rose rested her hand on the coffee table, it looked as if it had just been varnished, then the varnish disappeared whenever she lifted it again.

"Is something bothering you, Joe? I sure hope I'm not showing early signs of some horrible disease," Rose asked, noticing how intently the doctor was studying her movements.

"Oh, nothing like that!" the doctor reassured Rose. "However, something is indeed bothering me about you. Whenever you touch something, it looks ...better, than when you're not touching it."

"Oh! I know what you're talking about, doc!" Holly replied. "Whenever we're wearing the same clothing, no matter what it is or who we are talking to, they always say it looks better on my sis!"

"Well, I'm not really talking about comments like that, though at the same time, the reason for that is highly likely to be related to my observations," Joe remarked, the anomaly before him making him start to act more like the doctor he is during his job.

Joe got off his seat and turned Rose's teacup around so that the chip was visible to her.

"See that chip in the rim of your cup?" Joe asked.

"Yeah, how could I not see it?" Rose replied.

"Good. Now keep your eyes firmly fixed on that chip, then touch the bottom of the cup with your hand," Joe ordered.

Rose stared at the chip in her cup as she tentatively touched the bottom of the cup. As soon as her finger met the surface of the cup, the chip she had just been staring at disappeared without a trace, until she removed her finger, when it reappeared again.

"Woah! That's so freaky! Things like that aren't supposed to happen!" Rose exclaimed

"Indeed. I have no logical explanation as to why this is happening. However, what I do know is that it happens to anything, at least in terms of inanimate objects, you touch. It's almost as if whenever you touch something, it makes everyone see that object through rose-tinted glasses. One could say that you're a rose-tinted person," Joe attempted to explain.

"Now that you mention it, people who know us personally can normally tell us apart easily, but even our closest relatives really struggle to tell us apart whenever we're holding hands. This weird ability of mine must be the reason why," Rose said

"Do you mind holding hands with Holly right now? I would like to observe the effect your touch has on her," Joe asked, fixing his stare on the less gifted of the twins.

"Sure!" Rose replied before complying with the doctor's request and locking fingers with her sister. Sure enough, all the flaws and blemishes that marked Holly apart from Rose disappeared and the twins were suddenly impossible to distinguish from each other.

"I can confirm that your gift indeed works on your sister too," Joe said "However, I think I have kept you longer than I originally planned. You should probably see how the movers are getting on with their job."

"Oh, it's not a problem!" Rose replied. "Plus, I noticed I have this totally awesome gift thanks to you. Anyway, we'll be off now."

Later that day, Rose laid the 9-carat gold pocket watch on her dressing table. It was a memento from her deceased grandmother. It hadn't worked in years, so it lay forgotten deep in the attic of her previous home. However, with the home movers brining back to the forefront combined with her newly-discovered restoration powers, the empowered twin wanted to see if she could make her reparations more permanent than before.

Rose concentrated as hard as she could and touched the watch. She could feel a stream of ...something leave her body and enter the watch, causing it to work again. Encouraged by the sensation, Rose, doubled down her concentration and began to control the stream, directing it through the watch, polishing the gold and fixing the time mechanism so it kept working.

Once Rose was finished with her handiwork, she lifted her hand off the watch, and much to her pleasant surprise, the timepiece kept on working, even when she wasn't touching it. She couldn't help but smile at the fact that these unexplained powers of hers could not only be controlled, but also improved upon, and she couldn't help but wonder what the true limit of her abilities were.

Part 2:

The following day, Rose woke up early and went over to Joe's house. She wanted to show the doctor her newfound abilities to him before he set off for his job. As for Rose's own job, she had managed to secure three days off work while she settled into her new home.

The empowered twin knocked excitedly at Joe's door. When he answered, he was already dressed in his work clothes, clearly ready to go when the time came, even though it was barely past 6am in the morning.

"Hey Joe! Do you know that gift of mine that you noticed yesterday? Well, there's more to it than what you saw then. Would you like to see?" Rose asked.

"More to your gift? Intriguing. Please do show me," Joe replied calmly.

The pair walked into the house and retrieved the same teacup Rose that drank out of the day prior.

"So, would you mind demonstrating what you discovered about your gift?" Joe asked Rose.

"Sure! Here I go!" Rose replied before touching the cup and repeating the same process she had applied to the watch the previous evening. When she removed the hand from the cup, it remained in the same pristine state that it was in while the brunette was touching it.

"Most interesting. How do you feel when you use your gift in that way, Rose?" Joe asked.

"Well, whenever I touch an object, I feel ...something flow out of my body and into the object I'm touching. And then I can control that ...something with my mind, allowing me to make the otherwise-temporary changes permanent," Rose explained.

"I see... I think it would be best to describe that 'something' your are talking about as your essence until we know more about it," Joe said. "By the way, have you tried this on your sister yet?"

"My sister? She doesn't even know about what happened last night yet! Besides, she's my precious sibling! What if something went wrong and my powers harm her?" Rose replied.

"Understandable. How about trying to see what limit your gift has on inanimate objects first?" Joe asked before leaving the living room for the kitchen.

When the doctor returned, he placed an empty box of cornflakes on the coffee table.

"Rose, would you please try to make this empty cereal box into a ball using your powers? Since its your first time, I will let you decide the type of ball it will become," Joe asked.

"OK. Here goes nothing..." Rose replied as she touched the cereal box with her hand, feeling the now-familiar feeling of her essence entering the empty box. Rose then visualized a soccer ball in her mind's eye and began to concentrate hard.

Meanwhile, Joe observed the spectacle before him as the box of cornflakes Rose was touching slowly but surely changed in shape and form until she removed her hand from it had finally transformed into a soccer ball.

In reply, Joe moved towards the soccer ball and began to caress it. He could feel that not only did rose managed to turn the box into a sphere and the yellowish packaging into a series of black and white hexagons, but had also managed to transform the cardboard that the cereal box was made out of into a leather-like substance as you would expect from a soccer ball.

The doctor then lifted the ball. Rather than it being hollow, he could feel that there was a definite weight inside of the ball.

"Fascinating... Not only did you change the color and shape of the box, but you were also able to change the material and weight of the object to match that of the soccer ball you imagined," Joe mused.

"Oh, really?" Rose replied. Wanting to feel the ball for herself but not wanting to get out of her seat, Rose wished that the ball would simply come to her. This wish caused her essence to reach out for the ball and draw it closer to her until it was suspended in midair in front of her eyes.

"H-how did you manage to do that, Rose?!" Joe said in shock, looking at the ball levitating in front of the extraordinary young woman.

"Oh, that? I just wished for the ball to come next to me so I could touch it without moving and my essence, as you call it, answered my wish. I'm getting pretty good at controlling it now, you know," Rose replied calmly.

At this point, Joe was left speechless by Rose's abilities, so the young woman wished to see what was going on in the doctor's mind right now, and her essence answered that call too reaching out to Joe and making a one-way telepathic link, letting Rose read his thoughts freely.

As it happens, Joe's mind was full of perverted thoughts at the moment, and they all revolved around a noticeably bustier version of Rose. Whether it was Joe thrusting his cock into her plump ass while wearing a naked apron with the dinner cooking itself or Rose using her powers to stop time in the middle of their wedding so she could give the doctor a titfuck in the middle of a church, all his thoughts revolved around fetishizing  Rose's gift for use in his perverted fantasies.

"Typical men. Even the most intelligent and professional ones are still pervs on the inside," Rose thought to herself. "To be fair, though. I wouldn't have discovered my amazing powers without him, so giving him a small thank-you blowjob wouldn't hurt. If only he was a sexy hunk instead of a middle-aged doctor..."

With those casual thoughts, Rose's essence answered the call once again and transformed Dr. Joe Zheng from an aging, out-of-shape Mr. Average into a young and gorgeous pin-up who looked to come straight out of some kind of J-Pop boy band, except with the muscularity of a professional athlete.

Rose's heart rate hastened when she gazed into the dreamy eyes of this young man who she knew for a fact was head-over-heels lusting after her.

Joe could only watch silently, frozen in place with a mixture of fear and lust, as Rose approached him in a sultry walk before she unzipped the doctor's pants to reveal a rock-hard forty-centimeter, or over fifteen inch, long cock in all of its glory.

"This is a thank you for making me discover these incredible powers," the young brunette said as her mouth expertly went to work on the hunk's massive cock.

Joe was unable to hold out for long as the focal point of all of his wet dreams proceeded turn some of those dreams into reality and came after two minutes of having his cock sucked by Rose, releasing copious amounts of cum into her mouth.

In reply to the stream of semen pouring into her mouth, Rose had her own orgasm, her first since being aware of her powers. In the moment of ecstasy, Rose felt her essence spread to encompass the entire universe, giving her a glimpse into her true potential.

"Ready for round two, doc? It certainly looks like you are with how hard you still are," Rose said in a sultry voice as she casually morphed her simple T-shirt and jeans outfit into a luxurious silvery dress that showed off copious amounts of cleavage as her breasts grew to the sizes she had seen in the doctor's perverted fantasies, while also flaunting the silky-smooth skin of her upper back in all of its glory.

"B-but it's almost time for work. I need to get ready!" Joe replied to his empowered neighbor, backing away from her as he did so.

"You saw for yourself, right? It doesn't matter if you lose your job because I can change everything you own into flawless diamonds and bars of platinum as compensation if you did lose it. So please fuck me silly!"  Rose retorted.

"It's not about the financial security. I'm a doctor, Rose. People's lives depend on me. I can't let them down," Joe, said, standing firm against his lust.

Rose ignored Joe's pleas and walked unerringly towards the stud's still rock-hard forty centimeter cock while rhythmically swaying her wide hips, wishing that time would simply stop completely for a while until she had her fun. That way, the doctor could get back to his preparations as normal without any lives or jobs being lost as a result.

However, just as Rose was about to plow her massive breasts into Joe's cock, she stopped abruptly, an expression of anxiety appearing in her face as she did so.

"What's the matter, Rose?" Joe asked.

"Look out of the window. There's no need to cover up," Rose replied.

Joe complied, and when he looked outside, he saw a surreal scene outside. Not only was there a plastic carrier bag suspended in midair, Joe could also see Holly washing the twin's car, except that the water from the hosepipe was frozen in place.

"Did you just do what I think you did?" Joe asked.

"Yes I did," Rose replied. "I stopped time. Not only in this neighbourhood, or even in the planet Earth, but for the entire universe minus the two of us,"

"Woah..." was the only way Joe could reply.

"Gravity. Supernovas. The flow of time itself. All of those forces of nature I thought were unstoppable. I just halted them all without even realizing it," Rose explained. "A few minutes ago, I thought these powers of mine were really neat and cool, but now I'm scared of them. Scared that I will alter the world and the people that I love and respect beyond recognition before I can stop it from happening. I can't make myself stop because using these reality-defying powers of mine comes more naturally to me than breathing now. I can't even reverse the changes I make because I don't consciously know when and where I'm making them in the first place."

"I just wanted to be a human with a few magic tricks up her sleeve. I wanted these abilities to be something I had to put a lot of practice and energy into using just to achieve relatively minor feats. Something that I could be proud of because of all the hard work needed to use them well. Instead these powers of mine can alter the very fundamentals of reality as naturally as my heart beats, I can't get a sense of accomplishment out of something as automatic as that." Rose continued.

"I don't think you have to worry about changing the universe or your loved ones without realizing it, at least not now," Joe replied. "I believe you made the most fundamental changes to the universe long ago, possibly before you were even born. You were born a genetically identical twin, yet despite this, you always outshone your twin sister in every way. You never had to live in poverty or hardship as far as I know, and now you own a nice house in an upmarket suburb. I reckon you used your powers to guarantee that you would live your ideal life before you could even speak your first word, and that's why you love this world, along with your friends and family, as much as you do in the first place."

"Thanks for trying to cheer me up, but hearing that really isn't helping," Rose replied. "I wish I could just forget all about these stupid powers of-"

Rose's look of sadness suddenly changed to one of confusion. Why was she upset just a moment ago? Why was she in her neighbor's house? Why was the doctor next door a stud with a massive penis?

"Why am I here? Why is it so early? I'm usually still sleeping at this time...." She asked, now wearing the outfit she arrived in, her breasts reverting to their original C-cup size.

"You said you were restless last night, so you came to visit me to ask about treating insomnia," Joe lied. Unlike Rose, Joe remembered everything that happened over the past thirty minutes. This included all of the anguish this young woman's godlike powers were causing her, so the doctor decided it was better not to bring them up. Of course, since he still knew the truth about this very special young woman, he was hopelessly turned on by her presence and what she was capable of.

"I guess your prescription was a healthy dose of intense physical activity involving an abnormally large penis, huh?"  Rose joked, smiling for the first time since she had inadvertently stopped time. "Well, I don't really mind with a guy as caring and thoughtful as you are. And sexy too, of course."

"Anyway, it's almost time for work so I have to get ready now. If you're still having sleep problems, come see me any time during off-hours. I will always be happy to see your face," the doctor replied.

"Oh, right. I forgot that today was Monday since I have the week off work so we can settle in our new place," Rose said. "Aren't you, like, over fifty though? How can someone your age look so youthful and"

"Good genes, I guess," Joe shrugged. "As they say, once a stud, always a stud."

After saying their farewells, Rose left the property and set out on her daily business, looking forward to getting more intimate with the stud next door, and hoping that intimacy blooms into a long-term relationship.

As for Joe, Rose's words during her breakdown kept repeating in his head as he hoped beyond hope that one day in the future, the goddess next door will use her incredible powers to their fullest with a smile on her beautiful face.



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