Latex Zelda

Notice: This story was done on commission.  The commissioner is Akane, and they helped write a considerable portion of the script before I wrote out the actual story.  I hope you'll enjoy this.


                The impossible had come to pass in Hyrule.  Ganon, Great King of Evil, had somehow grown far more powerful than any had expected.  Hyrule’s armies had fallen, but instead of kidnapping Princess Zelda or going after the Triforce, Ganon had instead chosen specifically to capture Link before the hero could come to oppose him.  Thrown into the dungeon beneath Hyrule Castle, Link was now little more than a damsel in distress, and Hyrule was in grave peril without their hero.

                Princess Zelda was now the only one who had even a chance at opposing Ganon, but she knew that her power was too weak.  Even after gathering up the Triforce, Zelda doubted that she had enough potential to defeat the Great King of Evil in his current state.  However, aid had come to the princess in a most unexpected form.

                A rift had opened up in front of the princess as a princess of another realm, Princess Hilda of Lorule, exited.  She looked almost exactly like Princess Zelda, though such was to be expected since they were the same person from different worlds.  The only true differences between the two was that Zelda had golden hair and blue eyes, while Hilda’s hair was a dark purple and her eyes were red.  Their outfits mirrored each other as well, with Hilda replacing the pink on Zelda’s dress with purple.  As well, Hilda’s symbol of the Triforce was upside-down compared to Zelda’s.

                “Princess Zelda,” Hilda mentioned, her voice calm and collected in spite of the grave situation she came into.  “I have learned what Ganon has done to your world.  I fear that if he is not stopped soon, he will come after Lorule as well.  I cannot sit idly by while my world is put at risk from the Great King of Evil as well.”

                Zelda was surprised to see that Hilda wanted to help her.  “I…thank you, Hilda,” Zelda said, her voice attempting to remain calm in spite of the news that all was lost if they could not stop Ganon.  “But…even with the Triforce, I do not believe I have the strength to oppose Ganon.”  If even Link could not defeat Ganon, what hope had she?

                Hilda maintained her calm demeanor.  “I agree.  Alone, neither one of us stand a chance against Ganon’s current form,” she mentioned.  Then, Hilda held her hand out before her towards Zelda.  “But together, we might yet succeed.  I gathered up Lorule’s Triforce for this moment.  It was difficult to find it after everything, but I managed to uncover it.  I suggest we use its power to merge ourselves into one being.  If one Triforce is not enough, perhaps two in one body can overcome Ganon.”

                Zelda was astonished at the possibility Hilda proposed to her.  The idea of merging their bodies together…the thought never occurred to Zelda that such was possible.  Yet, the Triforce was ultimately the divine power of the Golden Goddesses.  If they could use both at once, then they may very well have the potential to overturn Ganon’s onslaught on their realms.

                Zelda’s gaze turned firm, as she knew exactly what it was that she had to do.  “Very well then,” she decided.  “Let us fuse into one being, so that we can overcome Ganon!”

                With that, Hilda and Zelda stood apart from each other, only a few steps away, and facing the same direction.  Both of them lowered themselves slightly as they moved their arms to point in opposite directions.  In perfect unison, both of them took three side-steps closer to each other as their arms rotated above their heads and pointed towards the other.  “Fuuuu…” both of them declared at once.  Immediately afterwards, both pointed their arms in opposite directions, hands balled into fists.  “Sion!” Then, both leaned in towards each other and connected their pointer fingers together.  “HAAA!”

                The two of them channeled the power of the Triforce, willing their bodies to become one being.  The new being looked almost exactly like Zelda, though the outfit had taken on a completely different form.  In particular, instead of the regal dress that either of them wore, the new being instead wore a latex outfit, which took more from Zelda’s outfit choice than Hilda’s in terms of color scheme and glimmered brightly in the sunlight.  The new being looked over their outfit and body, impressed at their new form, especially given how much power they felt flowing through themselves.

                The new being’s body was also incredibly beautiful.  She had sizable, almost immensely oversized breasts and wide hips.  While her face and hair was more Zelda than Hilda, her appearance radiated a beauty that neither one of them held on their own, and perhaps not even together.  Every motion was also accentuated with a squeak from the latex outfit they wore as well.

                The new being thought briefly on what to call herself.  There was no easy way to combine Zelda and Hilda’s names in a way that rolled off the tongue easily, especially since the latter halves of their names were the same.  In the end...“Hmmm…I look more like Zelda than Hilda.  I suppose then that I will simply continue to call myself Zelda then,” she concluded.

                With that, the new Zelda contemplated her chances of success.  She now had two Triforces in herself, which alone would grant her extreme power.  However, Zelda felt that this may not be enough still, though perhaps such was simply her own paranoia over Ganon’s power.  There had to be a way to increase her power further.  Reaching into the great wisdom imbued in her by both of the Triforces, she realized something: The timeline of Hyrule was convoluted, with at least three separate timelines existed, not counting the moment where the timeline split.

                Zelda attempted to peer into these other timelines, including the past and future of her own.  Surely enough, she was able to discern many parts of the timeline, where Link and herself had to face a greater foe.  It was…somewhat painful for Zelda to realize all of this, especially when the furthest back in the timeline that she could see, it all stemmed from the being Demise, who cursed both herself and Link to eternally reincarnate just so he could continue to torment them after his defeat.

                Each part of the timelines she could feel had their own Triforce, excluding a few specific instances which were rather directly connected to another part.  If she could somehow acquire those Triforces, she would definitely have the power to surpass Ganon.  It shouldn’t be too difficult, as she already held two, though the idea of warping time to such a degree was perhaps a bit concerning for her to consider, especially since the thought came to her with no immediate questions about causality.

                Thus, drawing upon the immense power imparted to her by the Triforces, she attempted to exert her will over time, drawing each piece from every other incarnation of herself, Link, and Ganon that held them.  She knew that they wouldn’t miss them for long, because once she was done here, she was going to make certain that this problem would never occur again.

                The Triforce pieces, ripped from all across time and space, appeared before Zelda as she took each one into herself and worked to absorb their power.  In total, more than 20 Triforces were absorbed into Zelda, her power increased to such a magnitude that not even the Golden Goddesses could surpass her now.  Zelda thought for a moment that perhaps she overdid it this time, but swiftly resolved to use her newfound omnipotence to fix all of the suffering of Hyrule.

                As the last piece enter Zelda’s body and she absorbed its power, the actual triangles that made up these pieces were rendered little more than fancy jewelry, as Zelda made certain that the power existed only in herself.  Such being the case, Zelda decided to simply wear them as jewelry.  Two of them on her ears, some as a necklace, many of them as rings, and more.  Zelda knew that her power was now absolute.

                With the omniscience granted to her from so many pieces, as well as her own knowledge gleamed from gazing into the past, Zelda knew that there was one remaining thing to her yet to be unlocked.  Her true nature as Hylia, a goddess tasked with defending Hyrule and its people.  Normally, to awaken such power would involve praying at the Springs of Power, Wisdom, and Courage to unlock such power.  However, with Zelda’s newfound power, she knew that such was irrelevant.  It didn’t take much effort to unlock Hylia’s power, which effectively merged both Hylia and Zelda into one being.  Even though Hylia was her origin, Zelda still opted to call herself Zelda, mostly out of simply being used to that name, since that was her name across every last incarnation she lived through.

                A thought occurred to Zelda that perhaps she should grab the Master Sword as well, but on second thought, Zelda decided that she didn’t need such a weapon.  After all, she had the direct power of twenty Triforces in her, and it was Din’s power that gave the Master Sword the power to repel evil.  With that much of Din’s essence in her body, Zelda surmised that such power was irrelevant in her hands, she could destroy Ganon without ever needing to wield the Master Sword.

                Deciding to not waste more time, Zelda opted to teleport herself to where Ganon hid Link at Hyrule Castle.  Ganon had flung up a massively powerful barrier that nobody could hope to breach.  All attempts to siege the barrier had failed due to its power.  Zelda, however, looked at the barrier and realized just how flimsy it was compared to her.  She wouldn’t even have to attempt to break this barrier, it would shatter easily no matter what she did.

                The thought of having such a massive gap between herself and Ganon in spite of his power boost made Zelda rather hot under the collar.  Without anything to actually relieve this tension on, Zelda opted that the barrier would do, if nothing else.  Zelda used her power to will a dick onto her body, though to call it such would not do it justice.  This thing was huge beyond all belief.  From its very tip all the way back to where it started, the thing reached the length of Death Mountain’s height.  Over 900 meters of dick spewed forth from Zelda’s body, and the very instant it collided with the barrier, it punched right through it with no resistance.

                However, that act caused Zelda to immediately orgasm, because the sensation was incredible and she was perhaps a bit more sensitive than she expected to be there.  An immense amount of sperm shot out from Zelda’s mountain-sized cock and flooded some areas.  Once Zelda managed to get her bearings again, her cock dissipated now that she was sexually relieved.  Then, Zelda looked down at what awaited her.  Despite her godly orgasm, there were still many, many monsters down on the surface, including some of the infamous Guardians employed by the Sheikah in ancient times.

                The Guardians were supposed to be a weapon to defeat Ganon.  Instead, the Great King of Evil worked to corrupt them and turn them to his service, which meant that they were effectively enemies.  Zelda had no desire to let these creatures continue their rampage.  It didn’t matter what the monster was, anything under Ganon’s control had to be destroyed to bring peace to Hyrule once and for all.

                There were many options the omnipotent Zelda had at her disposal to destroy these creatures, but she decided to go with a simpler one at first.  Holding her hand out in front of her, she charged a beam similar in appearance to a Guardian Laser, yet infinitely more powerful.  Zelda aimed it right into the mass of monsters, and fired the shot, a bright blue beam lancing through the air and impacting the ground, causing an explosion massive enough to engulf all these lesser beings.  Hyrule Castle Town and the castle itself, however, remained undamaged through the will of Zelda, as she had no desire to destroy her castle.

                “Well, that takes care of the immediate concerns,” Zelda concluded.  “I suppose all that’s left then is to get inside of the castle and eliminate Ganon.”  However, before Zelda could do so, a blast of lightning shot out of the sky and impacted her.  Though such a blast would kill a normal being, Zelda only recognized the attack happened because of the bright flash and the thunderous boom, as the actual sensation of being zapped didn’t seem to register to her.

                Zelda simply turned to look at whatever it was that shot off the attack.  Four great stone beasts approached Zelda, larger than Hyrule Castle itself.  One took the shape of a camel, and this was almost certainly the one that attempted to electrocute her.  Another was in the form of an elephant, and from him spewed both ice and water without end.  The third was the form of a gecko of some kind, with powerful bombs at its disposal.  And the last was in the shape of a bird, soaring through the sky and guarded by both a powerful barrier and laser cannons akin to the Guardians.

                Zelda knew exactly what these beings were.  The so-called Divine Beasts, created by the Sheikah as the ultimate weapon to destroy Ganon.  Vah Naboris, Vah Ruta, Vah Rudania, and Vah Medoh, respectively.  These beings could only be piloted by chosen Champions of Hyrule, and each one could annihilate an army on their own, as well as gravely wound Ganon himself even in his current form.  If they approached and attacked Zelda, all she could conclude was that they had somehow fallen under the sway of Ganon as well.

                Most men would be terrified at the thought of all four Divine Beasts attacking them.  Zelda, however, felt very little concern over the topic, knowing that their attacks would be wasted on her.  “Well, I suppose I can play around a little bit more before I get rid of Ganon,” Zelda concluded, mostly desiring to test the limits of her invincible, immortal body.

                Zelda simply hovered in one place, waiting for the Divine Beasts to attack her.  Each Divine Beast struck in unison, Naboris shooting off lightning, Ruta shooting shards of ice, Rudania blasting Zelda’s body with its powerful bombs, and Medoh filling the sky with its lasers.  Each hit impacted Zelda’s body, but because of both the Triforce of Power and the Triforce of Courage embedded in her body over twenty times over, the attacks held so little effect that Zelda had to actively search for the sensation that they hit her to recognize they did anything at all, and even then she could only barely recognize it.

                “This is getting to be disappointing,” Zelda concluded.  “Though I suppose they have yet to fire off their most powerful attack.”  Indeed, the attacks fired off were meant for lesser opponents, who could be killed by mortal means.  Whatever foul being piloted these monsters, they quickly realized the same, and immediately, the Divine Beasts encircled Zelda and entered a secondary mode, readying their attack normally reserved for wounding Ganon.  At full power, these four Divine Beasts would cripple Ganon to the point of being only half-effective in combat.

                Deciding it best to give these beasts a helping hand, Zelda infused each Divine Beast with some of her power.  She wanted to see if even in this state they were enough of a threat to be a legitimate concern to her.  Once the four Divine Beasts finished their charge, they unleashed their attack, a torrent of energy blasts lancing down on Zelda’s body, which she actively maneuvered to impact her body instead of letting it be a wide-area bombardment that would have many of them miss her.

                Even with their most powerful attacks, however, and even empowered by Zelda as they were, the attacks were less than meaningless on her, the blows simply bouncing off her body with no real sensation of pain to her.  “And they call these beings Divine Beasts…” Zelda mused.  “These things are hardly worthy of being called divine at all.”

                Once the onslaught ended, Zelda came to a conclusion.  “If your power is so weak against me, we really won’t need any of you anymore.  It’s time for these so-called Divine Beasts to step aside and let a true goddess defend Hyrule.”  With that decision made, Zelda snapped her fingers, and each Divine Beast turned into dust, unable to resist even that small expenditure of her power.

                With Ganon’s minions annihilated, and the Divine Beasts removed from the picture, all that was left was to take out the Great King of Evil himself.  Zelda quickly observed the area around her and located Ganon, hiding within the throne room, as per usual.  Zelda had to admit, Ganon was surprisingly predictable in his actions, though perhaps that wasn’t a fair statement to make because of her vastly expanded wisdom.

                Bypassing the walls of Hyrule Castle, Zelda teleported herself into the throne room, startling Ganon at her sudden arrival.  Link was present as well, bound in chains and clearly having been tortured by Ganon.  The thought that Link would be tortured so angered Zelda.  Before, she wanted to simply kill Ganon and be done with it, but now she wanted to humiliate him so that he would know just how powerful she was compared to him.

                Having taken to hovering just a few inches off the ground, Zelda looked towards Ganon.  “Ganon.  It’s time that we finally put an end to this endless game that we go through,” she declared, holding her hand out in front of her as the sound of latex squeaked from her movements.  “This will be your last incarnation that will torment Hyrule.”

                Ganon let out a deep and very evil laugh as he got off the throne.  His appearance was that of the pig-man that was his truly monstrous form.  He was massive compared to the princess, and carried an equally massive trident.  “Do you truly believe you can defeat me, Princess Zelda?” Ganon asked, his voice low and rumbling, a clear sign of how frightening the Great King of Evil was to just about any foe.  “I do not even need the Triforce of Power to take over Hyrule anymore.  My power has grown so far beyond normal men that you can’t possibly understand just how powerful I am!”

                Zelda, for her part, seemed disinterested in Ganon’s ranting.  Leaning back as she hovered, as if taking a seat, she used her omnipotence to conjure up a teapot and a small teacup.  She poured a glowing golden liquid from the pot into the cup, and telekinetically moved the cup over to Ganon.  The act of giving him tea confused the King of Evil, and he delicately grabbed the cup.  “What are you doing giving me tea for?” Ganon asked, completely baffled by this sudden act of generosity on Zelda’s part.

                Zelda had a smirk on her face at Ganon’s question.  “Oh that’s not just any old tea,” she answered.  “That’s Distilled Triforce Tea, something of my own making.  If you drink it, you will gain the full power of the Triforce.  Why not give it a try?” The fact that it would do very little to bridge the gap between them didn’t concern Zelda at all.  She wanted to humiliate Ganon after hurting Link as much as he did.

                Link wearily looked up from where he was chained to.  He had no idea of what was just transpiring.  He didn’t understand how Zelda could just give Ganon the power of the Triforce, or why she seemed so calm about giving him that much power.  Zelda, for her part, looked over to Link and had a surprisingly warm smile on her face, as if to tell Link that he had no reason to worry about what was going to happen.

                Ganon, on the other hand, laughed at the sudden offer made to him.  “So you wish to just give me the power of the Triforce?” he asked.  “You must be even more foolish than I thought you were, Princess Zelda.”  Ganon immediately downed the cup, and quickly found the power of the Triforce flowing through him.  “Now that we’ve established my power, I believe it’s time for you to die so my reign can be eternal over Hyrule!”

                Ganon raised his trident, pointing it right at Zelda.  She knew that the man would attempt to skewer her with it, but she decided that it was unnecessary to evade such a blow.  When Ganon struck out, Zelda simply moved one finger into the way of the blow, halting the trident in its tracks.  The sheer absurdity of such a massive attack being halted so easily left both Link and Ganon dumbstruck at what just transpired.

                “Im…impossible,” Ganon said, his usual tone replaced with one of disbelief at what he just witnessed.  “That was a blow backed by the full power of the Triforce…how did you block it so easily?”

                Zelda decided not to answer Ganon’s question, and instead wrapped her finger around the prong of the trident that she blocked.  Then, she yanked at it with only a finger to use as leverage, and with her immeasurable strength, chucked Ganon across the room and through one of the walls.

                Once Ganon recovered from the surprise of being thrown, he stomped out of the hole he made.  “Well then.  I see you had reason to be so bold.  But you will regret making a fool out of me!”  Ganon charged dark lightning from his trident, angry that he had been made a fool of.  With that, Ganon blasted Zelda with the lightning, the electrical charge more than enough to slay even a Golden Lynel, a being powerful enough to have almost matched Ganon in sheer endurance before Ganon had gotten access to the Triforce thanks to Zelda.

                 Zelda didn’t even bother moving to block it this time.  She simply let the electricity impact her as she took the damage into herself.  She did her best to simply locate the sensation from it, and realized that it was nothing more than a tickle so minor that unless she had searched for the sensation she wouldn’t have recognized it at all.

                Again Link and Ganon were astonished to find that such an attack was useless on Zelda, who simply floated there with a knowing grin: That no matter what Ganon attempted to do, he would not be able to even scratch her divine body, let alone kill her.  Ganon narrowed his eyes, attempting to discern if there was any form of trickery involved in Zelda’s actions, as he simply could not accept that there was that vast of a gap between the two of them.

                “It’s that strange outfit you wear, isn’t it?” Ganon asked.  “You’re no doubt using it to block my attacks.  Are you truly so terrified of me that you need to armor yourself up in some strange outfit to survive me?”

                Zelda let out a giggle before a spare outfit of hers manifested, large enough for Ganon to wear.  “Well then, if you believe it’s my outfit that protects me, then here, wear this,” she decided.  “I will launch an attack of mine at you, and if it is indeed my outfit that protects me, you’ll be safeguarded from my attack, won’t you?”

                Ganon pondered the subject, before he simply decided to wear the outfit.  Link still was baffled by Zelda’s actions, uncertain as to why she seemed to be toying with Ganon instead of finishing him off.  He simply didn’t understand that Zelda was infuriated over Ganon’s treatment of him.  Once Ganon had the outfit on (which was perhaps a bit awkward for him to be in given the latex nature of it), he put on a grin.  “Very well then, Zelda.  Unleash your attack upon me!”

                Zelda nodded and readied a miniscule energy orb, barely the size of her fingernail.  She flicked the orb towards Ganon as it moved at a rather slow pace towards its target.  Ganon seemed infuriated that Zelda mocked him further, but then the attack actually landed on him.  Despite the tiny, almost inconsequential nature of the attack, and despite Ganon having the power of the Triforce in him, a massive hole in his body was torn open from the attack, as Ganon clutched the wound that he had gained.

                Zelda smiled, having firmly established her superiority over Ganon.  “Well, I suppose that’s enough of a demonstration,” she decided.  “It’s been fun to show just how superior I am over you, but I believe I’ve wasted enough time as it is.  Goodbye, Ganon.  May you and all your fellow incarnations be erased from history.”

                Her decision made, Zelda simply winked to make her next action take effect.  Across every timeline, across every incarnation of Demise’s hatred, from past, present, and future, all the way back to Demise himself, every last one of these incarnations found themselves gone.  Not just destroyed, not just killed, but uncreated.  History itself had been rewritten so that none of these threats to Hyrule or any other related realm were ever born in the first place.

                The sheer absurdity of rewriting history to such an extreme level could have utterly destroyed the timeline, so Zelda also had to use her power to ensure that time would not be obliterated from her act.  Describing the act of uncreation as it transpired was difficult, for there was little one could use as a visual reference.  However, the end result was apparent.  Ganon, and all other threats, were gone.

                With that done, Zelda destroyed Link’s chains and immediately healed his wounds with a further exertion of her power.  Link rubbed his wrists where the chains once were, and looked up at Zelda, in awe of just what she had become.  Zelda hovered over to Link and smiled.  “Well, now that that’s out of the way, it’s time to move onto the next step,” she declared.  Though she had ensured peace in Hyrule, she still wanted to give Link proper eternal bliss for his constant suffering.

                Before anyone could question anything, Zelda rewrote the timeline of Hyrule.  No longer were there three, very different timelines, with countless Links and Zeldas.  Now there, was only one Link, and one Zelda, and only one timeline.  This had also come with Zelda changing her own personal history as well.  She was no longer simply a mortal being who stole the power of the Triforce for herself many times over.  Now, Zelda was the supreme goddess, who stood above even the Golden Goddesses in authority.  There had never been a Hylia, never another Zelda.  There was only herself now, as she merged each incarnation of herself into one being, and did the same for Link.

                The newly merged Link looked up at Zelda.  His memories of what life was like before now were preserved, but he had trouble grasping just what had happened to everything around him.  “Zelda…what’s going on?” he asked.  “What did you just do to everything?”

                Zelda gave off a motherly smile to Link.  “Oh Link, you’ve been through so much across so many timelines,” she mentioned.  “You’ve fought so many battles, survived so many foes.  And you’ve never once had the chance to truly relax because of the constant enemies that threaten Hyrule.  Now, however, there won’t be another threat to Hyrule.  The curse is broken.  It’s time for you to receive the eternal bliss you’ve been long-overdue.”

                Zelda floated over to Link and caressed his face, a look of lust in her face.  “And among that bliss is that you and I will be lovers,” she added.  “Gazing through time has made it clear to me just how much you mean to me as a person.  I would have no other as my husband.  So please, Link…won’t you accept me as your wife?”

                Link gulped as a very clear bulge began to appear in his pants.  Link had to move his erection up so that it poked out of his pants.  One thing was readily apparent from it: Link was very well-endowed given the size of his dick.  Zelda observed just how big it got, and saw that Link’s dick was well above-average, sizing in at over 30 centimeters in length.  Zelda hummed as she observed that impressive Hylian cock.  Link looked down at his dick, then back up to Zelda, and asked, “Uh…are you okay, Zelda?”

                “…It’s acceptable,” Zelda concluded.  “Could be bigger though.  In fact…”  This time, Zelda grasped Link’s cock and pulled at it, molding it into a much more massive form.  What was once a relatively normal, albeit impressive cock for a Hylian was now reaching the same height as Link himself, at about 1.7 meters.  Zelda licked her lips at this dick’s size.  “There.  Much better, and it’ll definitely be enough to satisfy me now.”

                Link shuddered at the realization that Zelda now needed an impossibly large dick to satisfy herself now.  “So…does that mean you want sex right now?” he asked, a bit nervous about already having sex with an omnipotent Zelda.

                “Ah, not yet,” Zelda mentioned, waving her hands in front of her face to signify that she meant what she said, a look of concern washing over her expression as well.  “If we had sex now you wouldn’t be able to last long enough or survive it.”  To that end, Zelda conjured up another cup of Distilled Triforce Tea, this one a glowing green liquid.  Zelda handed the cup over to Link.  “Here.  This one comprises solely of the Triforce of Courage, but it’s vastly more potent than the cup I gave Ganon.  Honestly, I should’ve made his cup three times as potent.  Perhaps then he might’ve been able to make me feel something.”

                Link looked down at the cup, the back up to Zelda.  “Is there a reason why you’re giving me this?” he asked, rather surprised that Zelda would just give him such a drink.

                “Well of course!” Zelda answered.  “If you want to survive our rigorous sex, then you’ll need the Triforce of Courage’s power, especially to also have the necessary stamina to keep it up.  So go on then, drink it! I’m more than ready to begin giving you the bliss that you’ve so dearly deserved by now.”

                Link looked down at the cup and decided it best to simply go along with what Zelda desired.  His memories from all of his versions made it clear that he’s been through far too much for his own good, and he could certainly spare to relax now.  And hey, if Zelda wanted him to be her husband, especially since she was an omnipotent goddess now, that wasn’t going to be all bad, right?

                As such, Link downed the tea that Zelda had given him, and he could feel its effects immediately.  His prior exhaustion from being tortured by Ganon was all gone now, and he felt more than a tiny bit frisky.  Zelda, now seeing that Link had downed the tea, had her latex outfit evaporate, giving Link a perfect view of her divinely perfect body.  Her massive, almost oversized breasts defied gravity, hanging out in front of her while her shapely hips and rear were on full display for Link.  Holding her arms out to the side, Zelda said, “Now Link, it’s time.  Take me, I want to give you the best possible sex that you could ever imagine.”

                “But…my dick is so big,” Link mentioned.  “There’s no way I can get even the tip through your vagina.”  He felt rather embarrassed to admit that his cock was that oversized, since most men would be ecstatic to have such a massive dick.

                “Please, I’m a goddess now,” Zelda mentioned.  “It’ll fit, because I say it will fit.”  Zelda hovered to the tip of Link’s dick and, as if to prove her point, immediately began to insert the oversized cock into her vagina.  Despite how the thing was enormous, Zelda’s powers enabled her to take the whole thing in by warping the space inside of her vagina.  Link immediately shuddered as Zelda went down, and instinctively went to work, thrusting in and out of Zelda as she hovered at a consistent distance.  Zelda found the sensation of Link’s monster cock incredible.  She knew that she was far more sensitive than normal because of her newfound nature, but this was beyond what she had expected.

                Link likewise seemed to be incredibly satisfied as well, with him huffing from the sheer ecstasy he felt, and neither one of them had actually climaxed yet.  Link wasn’t sure how long he had sex with Zelda, but when he finally did climax, the amount of cum that shot out of his dick could have filled a tub.  Link had never felt so good in his life, and Zelda likewise greatly enjoyed the sensation.

                Link panted repeatedly.  Even with the Triforce of Courage, he was exhausted from such an activity with Zelda.  However, he had never felt so happy in his life.  Zelda likewise was pleased with how good Link was, and her expression was one of joy compared to Link’s exhaustion.  “There.  That was much better than spending every day of your life fighting monsters and protecting Hyrule, wasn’t it?” Unlike Link, Zelda was still not winded, and she honestly could’ve gone for another ten rounds, but she needed to let Link recover from his exhaustion.

                Getting Link’s cock out of her body, Zelda rematerialized her latex outfit, squeaks of the material being heard as she did so.  She continued hovering, having decided that walking was unnecessary for her, but she had a great smile on her face.  “Thank you so much, Link.  I’m so glad that I can be with someone as brave and heroic as you.”

                Link nodded.  “Is there anything else you want to do together, Zelda?” he asked, curious as to what else his omnipotent wife could want.

                Zelda hummed at the thought.  “Actually, there is one thing I’d like to do with you,” she mentioned.  “Sometimes I’d want to be the one having sex with you, and that means you’ll need a way to take in my own dick.”

                “Wait, you have a dick as well?” Link asked, surprised at the knowledge.  The thought never occurred to him that Zelda was a futa.

                “I am whatever I desire myself to be,” Zelda answered.  Then, to prove her point, she teleported herself and Link outside of Hyrule Castle (not wanting to destroy her castle in the process of showing him her dick) and had her divine cock come out, in all its 900-meter long glory.  Link was dumbstruck at the thought, unable to process that Zelda had a dick that massive.  It made him feel a bit inadequate, but the fact that Zelda had enjoyed sex with him was more than enough to push back those thoughts.

                “So…how do you plan for me to take this thing in?” Link asked.  No way it’d fit in him, that thing was the size of Death Mountain.

                “Like so,” Zelda declared, giving a wink to Link as she enacted her changes.  Immediately a massive pair of breasts spawned, almost as massive as Zelda’s, as Link’s body had changed from a purely masculine form to a very sexy futa, Link’s already massive cock increasing in size to over 10 meters, and it never seemed to lose its erection.  “There.  Now you will be more than satisfactory for me, and I can definitely have sex with you in this form.  Like I did with you, your vagina will be more than capable of taking in this cock of mine.  Only you are worthy of this thing.”

                Link blushed at the prospect of being considered worthy for such a divinely-oversized dong.  “I…thanks, Zelda.  I’m so glad that you appreciate me this much,” he mentioned.

                “Indeed.  Now, I need to go relieve some of my own sexual energy,” Zelda huffed, as the thought of continuing their sex ran through her mind.  “You still need to recover from the last round, so I’ll relieve myself elsewhere, and when you’re ready, I’ll happily give you the best sex of your life.”

                With that, Zelda teleported away to Lake Hylia, the largest lake in all of Hyrule.  After she drained the lake of its water, Zelda stroked her cock.  However, such a cock was so sensitive that she immediately came and her cum shot out of her dick, flooding Lake Hylia and replacing the rivers that flowed from it with her own cum.  She would have to refill it every so often, but Zelda decided that such would not be an issue for her, since she knew that even that much cum was easily-produced by her.

                Thus did a new golden age of Hyrule begin.  Zelda, the omnipotent goddess, above all the others, ruled fairly and justly, giving the people gifts, even granting their wishes if she believed it wise to do so.  Link was made King of Hyrule, and found himself immortal alongside his wife.  No threat ever came to face Hyrule, for whoever would be insane enough to do so when Zelda existed as its queen and goddess both?

                Peace had finally been restored to Hyrule, though in truth, with the new laws of reality, peace had never left Hyrule at the same time.  Reality was as Zelda decreed it to be, and she decreed that the world will know peace for all eternity.  She didn’t want to see yet another soul suffer at the hands of another threat.  And the people were all-too happy with Zelda’s gifts, especially since food was never far away with Zelda’s powers.

                And so, the omnipotent goddess Zelda continued her reign for eternity alongside her husband Link (though by now it was more like Link was her wife because of her new status as a futa).  It took a bit for Link to get used to her new form, but she quickly came to appreciate it, especially since whenever Zelda had sex with her in that form, it became unbearably incredible.  That mountain cock of Zelda gave Link more pleasure than he could ever have imagined, and the Hero of Hyrule could finally know peace and happiness that he had been so sorely deprived of thanks to Demise.



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