The Test


CONTAINS: Super Strength, Super Speed, Super Intelligence, Futanari, and impregnation.


It was supposed to be a simple test.

Felicia was extremely nervous when they strapped her to the metal table, and fastened her to it with metal bindings. They told her again, “This is only to make sure you don’t move an inch. As long as you stay still, everything will be fine.”

Felicia had always had an uncooperative body. Being extremely short was the least of her worries. Her body was thin, and weak. No chest, waist, or rear to speak of. Even her hair only reached down to her shoulders, and it was a dull brown color. Her bones broke far too easily. Even now she was still in a leg-cast from when she broke her leg from tripping on the curb of the street, and landing wrong. Furthermore, she always got sick and her immune system was weak. Her muscles withered away easily, making her quite weak and skinny.


Which was exactly why she was the perfect first subject for this experiment. A special body-performance enhancement procedure administered entirely through heat. They had described it as a sort of controller for the muscles. They would program the instructions for the body to follow and then transmit them through heat into her body, which would cause her body to act without being told. Obviously, this was a dangerous procedure. They didn’t want anything to go wrong.

Speaking on the results, the doctor told her, “This will be completely painless. All you have to do is lay there, wait, and soon you’ll be feeling better. This should make you a little stronger, faster, and overall more healthy. As much as any normal person. And if this works, we can credit you for helping to make this breakthrough in improving health care!”

She could only nod. She knew the rewards. She was just worried about the outcome. “Don’t worry.” he said, again. “We’ll be monitoring everything and if anything goes wrong, we can stop it immediately. The doctor then left the chamber, and closed the large, steel door. Any escaping waves wouldn’t be good, so they used a solid foot of dense steel to keep the chamber isolated. On the other side of the glass, the doctors in the observation room were still reading her bio.

“Are we ready?”

The other one nodded. “These readings are… are you sure this is accurate?”

The main doctor nodded. “She’s been like this for a while supposedly.”

With a sigh, he read the results again. “3 in strength. Human average is 10! How does she even stand up?”

“Well, she can stand, it’s just that she has problems with moving.”

They looked once more at the status on the screen.


SUBJECT: Felicia

Strength: 3 - Unable to lift more than 27 lbs. Can barely support her own body weight.

Speed: 1 - Capable of Running at 6 miles per hour.

Intellect: 4 - IQ of about 72

Durability: 1

Height: 4’11”

Age: 19

Expected Lifespan: 36

Weight: 132 lbs.


“Okay, keep your eyes on that. We’ll stop it when any of those reaches 10.”

Then they pulled the lever.

The machine hummed to life, beginning a countdown. The two doctors put on their goggles as they looked into the room. Felicia, keeping her head still, kept her eyes pointed directly at the ceiling, then closed them in fear. Then with a deep, bursting ‘pop’ noise, the machine began to heat up the room. Felicia quickly started to sweat, unable to handle 80F temperatures. But she endured. The doctors looked at the screen for a moment, becoming discouraged when the numbers didn’t change. “Odd. Usually the rats’ numbers would have gone up by now.” They looked up and raised their eyebrows.


Inside, Felicia began groaning. First from discomfort, then from a mild pain in her broken leg. It felt odd, inside. As if it were moving. Slowly, her leg bones returned to their intended position, and quickly regrew the sinew and mass, perfectly repairing her leg to it’s natural state. Once the repairs were completed, the improvements began.

First to change was her immune system, and bone density. They had been the problems with her health, and to improve those, her body would need to rebuild them. As the changes began, Felicia began to groan in pain, as her body morphed from the inside out.

In the observation chamber, the doctors stared with despair as the machine worked, but the numbers stayed the same. They discussed among themselves what the issue may be. What was different with humans to where it wouldn’t work? They were so caught up in hypothesizing, they didn’t see the changes.

Once her health was guaranteed, her body made fixes to her blood stream, revitalizing it. After the clots were gone, and her heart was back to full, perfect condition, the first thing changed on the screen. The ‘Expected Lifespan’ value went up to 70, then 80. It was then that they began to change rapidly. Her muscles began to bulk out, making her feel better. She grew taller, and her legs completely renewed themselves. Her back straightened, and soon she was finally fixed!

Felicia smiled in the room. She felt it in her own body. She felt WAY better. It was hard to describe, but she knew she’d be good now, and the doctors would turn the machine off, and happily inform her of her new life!


…but they didn’t. It continued. Her body got taller, her muscles bigger, and her hair even started to grow. “Uhh… g- guys?” She asked, but got no response. Suddenly a headache interrupted her, as her mind filled with strange words, and knowledge. As if she was suddenly remembering everything that she’d heard about in her life before, subconsciously. It was as if her brain was forcibly reconnecting lost synapses.


SUBJECT: Felicia

Strength: 11 - Slightly above average strength.

Speed: 13 - Capable of running at 19 miles per hour.

Intellect: 14 - IQ of about 147

Durability: 10 - Average human durability.

Height: 5’8”

Age: 19

Expected Lifespan: 97

Weight: 200 lbs.


“Aaahhhh! Hey! I- Is it almost done, yet?” But still, no response. She moaned as her whole body started to ache. She grew even taller, her arms became thicker, as did her legs. Her ass started to fill out, and her chest felt weird as it suddenly started to fill with flesh, growing into a C-cup before she could see what was happening. It was coming faster now. The metal bindings squeezed her wrists as the humming continued. She panted faster. Her hair now sliding onto the floor from the table, and her blemished suddenly disappeared. Soon, her arms became too thick. She struggled, and her clasps finally came free. Finally filled with relief, she sighed, and smiled. Closing her eyes, she continued to let the changes come. Once the headache disappeared, she knew it was all good, and she never wanted it to end.

Her feet had only gone to the edge of the table before, but now they were resting on the floor. She thought about things she’d never even considered before. Her muscles bulked out, without distorting her increasingly smooth skin. Her breasts grew even larger, now the size of melons. Her teeth straightened out, and she could even feel her body working, making her skeleton more dense than necessary, for extra protection. Her body used all of the resources it had to make it even more dense, and she began to feel hungry. “I hope dinner is soon.” she thought, as her still growing chest made her feel like she was being weighed down. But she couldn’t shake the feeling that it should have stopped by now. “How tall am I, now? I want to know…!” She waited patiently.


SUBJECT: Felicia

Strength: 84 - Strong enough to lift 10 cars. (25 Tons)

Speed: 32 - Capable of running at 70 miles per hour

Intellect: 31 - IQ of about 518

Durability: 62 - Capable of stopping bullets only using muscles.

Height: 7’3”

Age: 19

Expected Lifespan: 113

Weight: 284 lbs.


When the machine finally shut off, she gasped. It was over. She was kind of sad, especially since she was beginning to really enjoy that. She wanted more…

The doctors then walked into the room, looking a bit scared.

“Uh, miss Felicia? Please, do not be alarmed, but…”

“Well, look at yourself in the mirror.”

Excited as she could be, she kicked up her legs, and leaped from the table, landing on her feet clear across the room. “Whoa!” She yelled, as her new tits bounced, and her fat, new ass ripped her shorts. Now she was totally naked, standing in the room, smiling. She gasped when she looked at the doctors, who used to be a whole foot taller than her, now easily a foot and a half shorter. “I think it worked.” said the first doctor. Looking in the mirror, Felicia gasped. She had totally changed. She was now an immensely beautiful woman. Standing at 7 and a half feet tall, her shining, brown hair reached almost to her knees, and the new curvy figure she had gained made her look fantastic. She was beyond a supermodel. Her thighs even came close enough to leave a gap. “This is great! Can you do more?”

They became wide-eyed. Felicia knew the answer was yes. She’d pieced it together simply by their reaction. Immediately, the lie escaped their lips. “No, we did as much as we could.”

She gave them a coy look. Having a super Olympian body had suddenly made her more confident. “Oh, good. Go turn it back on, I want more.” They went wide-eyed the moment she saw through the lie. “I know how it works.” she said.

Dumbfounded, they simply looked at each other. When they didn’t answer, Felicia went into a tirade about the inner workings of the machine, it’s main functions, how it worked, and more. Their jaws dropped. The project had been top secret. “H- How do you know all this?!”

She only gave a coy smile. “So you two ARE the only ones who know about it.” Their response had indicated it was top secret, which meant they were the only ones who knew anything about it. Faster than they could even see, she raised her hands and threw two punches at them, right at their faces. The concussive power her fists contained were more than she had calculated, and they both fell into a coma, and she knew they’d never wake up. “Oops.” she said, faux-innocently. Once they were asleep, she threw them out the back window, and into a dumpster a floor down. She made her way into the observation room, and flipped the switch on, with a smile, before going back into the room, and locking the door. Then, she laid down on the floor and went to sleep.


In the hours that she slept the changes began once more. She grew taller, finally reaching around 12 feet tall, before stopping. Her entire body re-structured itself, giving her a backup of every vital organ. Her breasts became as large as beach balls, and her ass thickened to a beautiful heart shape. Her face made several, small changes. Her beauty was perfect, but still became more, somehow. Her muscles became more dense, without changing her outside look. Knowledge entered her brain, freely. Her bones morphed until they were made of pure steel, then diamonds, then unimaginable alloys unknown to humankind. Then her skin began to strengthen, and became immune to breaking, aging, and cancer. Before long, she was literally invulnerable. Then her muscles, blood, and other parts followed suit. Immunity to aging made her immortal, and absolute immunity to all ailments meant that nothing could possibly kill her, now. This was only the beginning.


SUBJECT: Felicia

Strength: 403 - Strong enough to lift 1.35 Planets

Speed: 471 - Capable of Running at 145,000,000,000,000 miles per hour

Intellect: 8451 - IQ of about 15,000,000

Durability: ERROR - Absolutely Indestructible

Height: 12’7”

Age: 19

Expected Lifespan: 9999999999999999999999999999… the nines continued until they went off the screen.

Weight: 495 lbs.



Once her body had become immortal and indestructible, her intellect was next. Her brain filled with tons of easy to comprehend knowledge. Piecing it together was child’s play. Her mind started to work like a super computer, inferring knowledge from other knowledge. Before long, she could guess the next day’s lottery numbers by paying attention to the minutely small wind patterns generated by the company’s random number generator’s fan, across the country. Once the power to do this entered her brain, she figured out how to do it with radioactivity patterns and currents of light. She estimated her IQ to be about 15,000,000.


Nigh omniscience filled her brain as she continued to grow better in her sleep. Pleasure filled her dreams as she slept, and her pussy began to leak with arousal as she wanted more. Suddenly, a small cock sprouted from her crotch, before growing into a large, imposing futanari cock, over 3 feet long. The balls followed soon after.


Next… was her strength. Then her speed.


When she woke up, she immediately felt fully rested, and was operating at a capacity beyond mortal limits before her eyes were even open. The machine was still humming, and it must have been several, several hours since she fell asleep. Then, she opened her eyes.


The force generated by her eyelids moving open, caused a large, blasting noise, and launched a massive windstorm around the room. She smiled. This was amazing. She stood up, and suddenly found the force generated from her body doing so created hurricane force winds that destroyed the room, and ripped the machine into pieces, destroying it forever. “… I was going to hit it, but that works, too.” She then took one step. Moving her leg created a downward slice of air pressure, which dug straight into the ground, and went to the earth’s core. When her foot landed, it cracked the steel floor, shaking the whole building’s foundation, and created a small crater. “Oh, my. How strong AM I?” She walked up to the locked, 1 foot thick steel door and walked into it, not even moving her hands to open it. She went through it as if it were made of water, the steel simply folding as her body was moving it. She walked through the wall of the building and fell to the floor from the second story.


She wasn’t very heavy, so her landing was soft, and quiet. However, a 12 foot tall, stark naked woman on the streets of the city began to cause panic. Or, at least, it would have if people didn’t collapse on the ground as the pleasure centers of their brain overloaded from the second their eyes caught a glimpse of Felicia. Cars began to crash as they passed. One car saw her, and accidentally swerved into her, crashing into her indestructible leg, and crumpling into a mess. Felicia didn’t even notice. What she did notice was the large group of people unable to handle her immense beauty. She was flattered, and her cock hardened to it’s full 3 foot long size. Her balls, as large as entire dumpsters, sloshed with their impossibly potent and voluminous contents. She then walked down the middle of the road, hoping to force as many people into orgasm as she could. Each movement sent shock waves of wind across the street, even though she was trying to go slowly, and carefully. Seeing some people in a nearby building, she waved.


That was a mistake. Raising her hand sent a massive wind blade through the building, reducing it to rubble. Before she could realize, she waved, the powerful explosions from her hand moving, displacing huge amounts of space with such little effort. She destroyed half the city block, knocking over two large buildings nearby. “Uh… oops.” She quickly, but carefully, moved the rubble, and saved the people inside. Thankfully, everyone was okay. “I’m sorry about that.” She said, but they didn’t respond. They were drooling, simply staring at her impossible beauty, and when she spoke, they were ravaged with orgasms. Once they recovered, they reached weakly for Felicia’s massive, hard cock.


Their begging was barely audible, but her amazing hearing caught it.

“Breed… me...”

And Felicia smiled. An idea filled her head, and she snapped her fingers with a smile when she knew what she wanted. Snapping her fingers was a mistake. The force generated created a super concentrated explosion that made a flash of light for a moment to blind anyone within a mile, and the BANG that resulted temporarily deafened anyone in the same range. Her balls suddenly bloated with more cum, and rested on the ground as she grabbed the woman, and carried her to the center of town.


The local news station was busy reporting, and surprisingly interrupted when Felicia suddenly walked through the solid, concrete wall and tossed the reporter out of the way. Every TV capable of getting the channel was automatically switched to it, and people across the country suddenly orgasmed as they were presented with objectively perfect beauty.


She spoke only a few words. “One week. Noon. Stadium. I will make as many children as I possibly can. Be there.”


It was the talk of the country. Within 2 days, everyone knew who Felicia was. Within 3, planes were all sold out. On the 6th day, almost 1 billion people showed up in one city, all to be present for the event. The moment Felicia appeared in the center of the stadium, the crowd went ravenous as they surged the floor, running at her as fast as they could.


She watched them close in. One at a time, she thought about each movement, and processed the whole situation. Most of them were completely driven mad with instinct. Then, she took off. At the speed of light, Felicia jumped to the closest woman, and spun her around, the windstorms generated by her movement couldn’t be created in time, and she forced her cock all the way into the woman, causing her bulge to poke out from the girl’s stomach. Felicia grabbed her dick through the woman's stomach and started jacking off, while she thrust in and out of her.


The pleasure overwhelmed her, and she came right then, her viscous, honey-thick semen, filled with trillions of sperm rushed into the woman, guaranteeing her pregnancy First it was slow, and she groaned as she puked up the thick jizz, but Felicia didn’t stop until she wanted to. She redoubled her efforts and forced it in again, fucking her to new heights once more, this time filling her with an even bigger load, this time making her stomach into a beanbag chair shaped mess. But still, her balls were full. In fact, they felt as if they didn’t even empty in the least, despite the massive load. The woman hadn’t even realized it yet, and Felicia noticed her movements hadn’t created wind. Suddenly, the realization came to her.


She was processing time in slow motion. The woman hadn’t even seen Felicia jump at her yet, and only 1/185,000,000th of a second had passed. Felicia had all the time in the world to fuck every single one of these people. And she did.


Once the first bitch was full of cum, the next closest one was her next target. She grabbed the nearest slut, and rammed her down on her cock, forcing it all the way to her womb, obliterating the little hymen and stretching her womb. Felicia also grabbed two other women, and shoved their pussies into her face. While she tongue fucked two women, while slamfucking the other, she also fingered another woman, and grabbed a couple boys from another side. Jacking one off, and shoving the other little cock into her pussy, right behind her balls, which gurgled with excess production.


After each of them came, and Felicia blasted a few thick ropes of cum into the girl, she moved onto the next batch. By the end of the first second, she had fucked and been fucked by over 1,750,000 people. By now Felicia’s movements have caused a devastating category 5 hurricane, and people were being blown away by it’s power. But still she jumped from person to person. Wringing out boys for their cum, which helplessly bounced off of her invulnerable ovum. Her godlike sperm had already made hundreds of millions of children. By the third second, she finished with over 95 million people. She was already 1/10th of the way done, and she could go on for a while more.


So she did. She finished all of the 1 billion people in 10 seconds, and then went back for round 2 with each of them. When that didn’t satisfy her, she went for a third, then a fourth, finally reaching satisfaction after 4.73 billion orgasms. The next one would need to be more.


It only took 50 seconds to finish the orgy. When it was finally over, a massive explosion was loosed from the stadium, vaporizing the entire city a moment. Odd enough, though, was that there were no casualties, or even injuries. Everyone had been evacuated right as the explosion hit. (And by evacuation, we mean that they seemed to just teleport to the city limits.)

That was when Felicia finally appeared before them. Every single one of the 1 billion people were pregnant, and all of them with triplets or more. Felicia considered overpopulation, and decided that creating space travel would be the simplest solution. To create a literally flawless system of travel, she would need to be smarter, and better. There was only one way to do that. She would have to create another machine. One that would be more potent, more efficient, and faster-acting than the last one.

She got to work almost immediately, using random pieces of metal, wiring everything together, and keeping it all together with her planning and intellect. Knowledge of the enhancer was easy enough to remember, and rebuild, but improving it would prove to be the challenge. As her brain processed everything millions of times faster than humans, the machine would take millions of years to perfect.

Felicia had finished it in only 1 day. The first six hours were slow, as she thought about what she was going to do, and how to improve it. But as she worked her brain became more powerful, suddenly capable of processing at twice the speed as before. When she was done with the machine, she scrapped it. It wasn’t good enough. It was only 1,000x better than the original. She needed it to be better than even that. So she made another. Her brain was accelerating. Her IQ now almost 115 quadrillion. She was growing smarter even without this machine. The next try took her only 15 minutes. This time, it was better. But still not good enough. For over a week, she kept making more. Improving each one, until she finally came up with the perfect one.

The people watched Felicia with awe, their hands incapable of leaving their crotches when she was within a mile. She occasionally took a break to impregnate a few thousand women, before returning to work. Then, she smiled and said, “Perfect!”

Felicia laid down on the bed, and smiled as she telekinetically pointed the machine at her, and got ready to hit the power button. With a wicked laugh, she flipped it on, and went to sleep.


She had insane dreams. Swinging on clouds, flying through the stars, and other fantastic ideas inhabited her dream, as she slept. All the while, she could hear the distant, pleasant hum of the machine working with optimized efficiency to try and make Felicia into something greater. Dreams of grandeur filled her mind, and soon she awoke.


Before she was even capable of noticing she was awake, she had realized exactly how long she had been asleep; 9 hours, 13 minutes, and 41.2 seconds. She carefully opened her eyes. Even trying her best to be as slow as possible, hurricane force winds still blasted from her eyes simply by opening them. She smiled, the movement of her muscles in her face made a whipping sound. The machine was still working, even now. She felt her muscles, rippling beneath her skin. She felt the absolute power built up within them. It was time to test her abilities. Without caring anymore about safety, she stood up and stretched. Standing up slowly caused the room’s air to rush to the walls, and her constant movement caused it to burn and liquefy. She smiled at the fact that simply moving caused air to condense and burn. Her heart was pumping 100,000,000 times a second, and it felt slow and steady to her. Then she reached for the door. Moving her hand towards it sent the door flying open by force. She had accidentally destroyed the machine once more, but it was fine. She already knew how to make an even better one.


After a casual stroll across town at the speed of light, Felicia stopped at the college’s track. She walked up to the start line, and looked forward. She could time it perfectly in her head, so there was no need. She even had an audience already, there were a few kids sitting in the stands waiting for the day to start. They started jacking off and fingering themselves the moment Felicia walked into view.


She was ready. 3. 2. 1. Go!

Then she took off. The hurricane generated by her running as fast as she could began to pick up nearby buildings, flinging them across the country with the forces she made. She ran the 1000 meter circuit over 500,000 times a second. Space and time distorted around Felicia as she ran faster than the speed of light. Eventually, she was bored. She looked at her internal stopwatch and smiled. “Ooh, fastest lap was 0.000000015 seconds.” she could do faster, but that would be ok for now. Next, she wanted to test her strength. There was no good measure to find the exact number, without destroying the planet…

She snapped her fingers as she got an idea, and caused another explosion, and a flash of light so bright, that it permanently blinded anyone within a mile who saw it. She started to stroke her cock out of boredom, and pointed herself towards the sky, before crouching down and jumping. The shock wave she left behind flattened the city, and a large part of the land near it, but she didn’t care any more. She was Felicia. Within a few seconds, she smashed headfirst into the asteroid belt, shattering one with her forehead. She didn’t need to breathe In space, since she was immortal and indestructible. She grabbed the remains of the rock and crushed it into a dense ball in her hand. She continued to grabs more and crush them, forcibly making a dense mass of rock in her hand. She jumped between thousands of asteroids, adding them to the single point in her hand. Eventually, they started to form into a small black hole. Only one thing to do now. She then performed a massive, explosive jump from the next asteroid to a nearby sun. (Nearby being relative to Felicia.) After landing on the cozily warm surface, she started to force the entire sun into her black hole, and made it as large as a planet. Finally, with a black hole of decent size, she forced her cock into it, the gravity sucking on it, and crushing it, making her moan in pleasure from her indistructible body being pushed to it’s limits. Her massive cum tanks clenched and blasted a fat load of cum into it, causing it to grow in size. As it became as large as a planet, she pulled out and sighed. Then she pulled her hand into a fist, and punched it. The resulting explosion was like a supernova, the overwhelming pleasure of being at the center of an exploding star made Felicia moan, as she made her way back to earth.

She woke up hours later in a field, and moaned as her 4 foot long cock twitched with desire. Her libido was limitless, and so she would breed everything. Everyone. Then she’d make another machine, far better than the last, then another, and another…


---100,000,000 years later.---


The Palace of The Goddess, (Formerly Earth) sat as the third planet in the Goddess’ home star system. The whole palace, so large, that it covered the whole planet, and more. The door to the throne room opened, and at the end of the immaculate hallway, was a throne. Sitting on the throne, was the amazing, 30 foot tall futanari goddess known as Felicia. Or, to use her full title, The Great God-Empress of All Time, And Space; The Most Beautiful, Immaculate, Ingenious and Absolutely, Objectively Perfect Woman of All Existence, Felicia. She sat there, glowing with her unlimited power, and stared, unmoving as three naked, Futanari women entered the throne room. They were blindfolded, and their hands were tied behind their back. Simply being on the same planet as the goddess would force you to masturbate, and if your eyes met with her impossibly beautiful form, you would go blind. Three hundred of the enchancement machines worked all day and night, blasting her with continued improvements every second.

Their god knew that they were incoming. Truthfully, they didn’t even need to report what was happening, since Felicia could see into the future perfectly for 5.5 billion years. Tomorrow, it would be 6 billion.

Felicia didn’t move. If she did, reality would be ripped asunder. She didn’t speak, for if she did, their minds would fry from the indescribable pleasure of hearing Felicia speak. But even standing there, before her impossibly powerful balls, each one as strong as a quintillion nuclear bombs, they moaned as their wombs filled with her children.

They did not need to even touch her, merely being in her presence was enough to impregnate each of them with quads.

They simply stood there for a moment, before turning and leaving. Their presence informed her that they had succeeded in conquering another 100 planets in her name. Soon, she would rule all of the universe in every timeline. The three futanari left the room, and screamed as the door shut, crying at the miracle of her mere presence. They were totally overwhelmed and started to masturbate. They would need to jack off for 2 months straight before Felicia’s presence calmed down. Once the day was over, Felicia would drain her godlike nuts into the ocean of cum that used to be mars, and produce another 50 machines to make herself even greater. Tomorrow, she would be even better. This was only the beginning.

And far, far below the surface of the Palace, there was an old, ruined lab. Only one source of light filled the whole room, a single monitor. Only one thing was displayed on it.


Strength: 100,000,000,000,000,000,000 - Strong enough to lift All of time and space

Speed: 500,000,000,000,000,000 - Capable of running at 999999999999999999999999999999…

Intellect: 100,000,000,000,000,000,000 - IQ of about 999999999999999999999999999999999…

Durability: ERROR - Absolutely Indestructible

Height: 30’3”

Age: 100,000,019

Expected Lifespan: 999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999…

Weight: 17,350 lbs.

And they were still going up.



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