AGDQ (Almighty Goddess Done Quick)


For a brief moment, Olivia stopped existing.


She derived her power from people's desire for her. The more people wanted her, the more power she had. Most of her life she hadn't cared much about having any more than she needed to keep alive. Seeing a hot woman on the street, finding some dirty story about her. But as she realized how many people she could attract at once using the internet, she jumped to a massive amount of power...Which fell to nothing in an instant.


As her stream crashed, everyone watching it had such an impossibly powerful orgasm that lasted several minutes thanks to her powers that they had simply stopped thinking until they were able to recover.


But when they did recover and they saw their cum-splattered screens and the error message, they were filled with longing. Remembering this beautiful streamer, and the impossible orgy she started. Everyone started thinking the same thing. “I want to see her again.”


And with that, she came back into reality, scared and upset that something like that could of even happened to her. She have been the first to admit that her last stream wasn't thought out too well. Mostly because her mind was able to process that kind of information infinitely faster than anyone else.


She decided that she couldn't let that happen again. Not existing is bad. She had to make sure that would never, ever happen again. She had to drive her fame as far as she could, get as many people as possible lusting for her, but also making sure they could have a bit better control over their orgasms.


Before she started work on that, she had to do something about the lawyers who wrote those terms of service in the first place. She didn't consider herself a petty goddess, but they really should of known better than to tell her that she couldn't do something. She can do anything, chaos chaos. Without even thinking about it, the two people who wrote it appeared in her room next to her. Some ugly men in expensive suits, who were understandably startled.


“Where are we? What's goin-”


They stopped talking. She decided that she didn't want to listen to them speak, so they couldn't. Their confusion only grew as she smiled. “You really should know better than to write something that could of stopped me like that!” They had no idea what she was talking about, but they didn't really need to. “I don't need people like you trying to stop me. So I've got a much better job for you now!”


In an instant, their old personalities, bodies, and lives were gone. Instead of being men and lawyers, they were pretty women with exaggerated proportions wearing playboy bunny outfits that were just a little too small for their chests.


Any information about law was totally gone from their minds. All they cared about now was making the beautiful goddess standing next to them happy. It wasn't just that they felt lust for her, they were lust for her. Their very bodies were comprised of nothing but desire given physical form.


She didn't know why her sisters never considered this. Don't rely on mortals to lust for you, great as that may be, use your powers to create lust for yourself.


She returned to her throne in front of her her computer, now with her lusty bunny girls hanging from her arms and groping her. Of course, it wasn't just any computer. Since she started streaming, she decided she needed one specially for gaming, and of course she went all the way in. It was impressive visually, being made of solid gold and decorated with a series of radiant gemstones that humans didn't even have names for.


And to call it's hardware impressive was such an understatement she'd laugh at you for it. It was able to process all the information on the entire internet so quickly that nobody other than herself would realize that time had passed at all and a monitor capable of an infinity x infinity resolution, and an AI assistant that was just an extension of her own ultimate consciousness. It made the ultimate supercomputers in hidden government bases look like a calculator from the 80's that didn't even work.


Not that there was actually anything that needed that much power, but when there was, she'd be ready.


She stretched and put her fingers on the keyboard...and then her website was done.


Here's a secret about how speed works. Humans think that the speed of light is the absolute limit. That nothing could move faster outside of sci-fi. But the true ultimate speed that only she could reach is so fast that it wraps around to the other end and it becomes negative speed, letting you get from point A to point B before you even leave. If anyone other than her tried going that fast, they'd cause a time paradox and destroy the universe. But she just designed and typed all the code needed so quickly, that she created an finished website without needing to type a single letter.


She could absolutely of used that power for her speedruns, but that would be cheating.


And what a website it was. Sure, it had decent 'web design' or whatever, but that wasn't as important as her beautiful face on top of the page. The worst part of the internet the humans designed is that you couldn't always access it. Blackouts, broken modems...Some humans just don't have a way to get into the internet at all. That's a huge audience she could be missing out on! So, her website can bypass the internet and even computers entirely. If you're interested in her streams, she'll directly tell you in your mind. If you want to see her, it will stream straight into your consciousness, wherever you are.


And so, with a happy smile and two beautiful bunnygirls hanging from her, she went live again. Her stream bypassing the old website that she'd been banned from, bypassing the internet and even the whole concept of computers, straight into the minds of everyone who wanted to see her...Which was a lot of people.


The chat was still there. Though since there were no brain keyboards (though that was a good idea, she had to try that) it was instead based on the very thoughts of people watching.


Holy shit what's going on


she's back!


Guys I still can't feel my dick


two streams in one night? Damn


why aren't we in tw***


It felt less like watching her on a screen. To each and everyone watching, it felt like they were actually present in the room with her. It was one thing to see her on a stream, but the sight of her body, the scent of her perfume, the way her voice seemed to echo off of nothing, filling their mind with thoughts of her...It was absolutely intoxicating.


“Hello again, lovies~ It's the gamer goddess Olivia, back again. This stream's going to be a very special one.”


two streams in one night?




is he still cumming lol


I'm looking for an apple pie recipe but I think I got lost


what's with the bunny girls!? They're so cute!!


“I know this is a bit strange to have two streams at once, but after the...Unusual way the last one ended, I need to do something special to make sure it won't happen again. So, I've decided to make a special subscription service for you all.”


She smiled and held up a hand, and a glowing, enticing button that said 'subscribe now!' appeared over her hand. “Now, before you click on this...” Well, half of them already did before she could finish talking. “...I should explain how this is going to work. I need your desire to stay alive. So...I need to make sure you'll always worship me.”


I love you


you're so great


“Once again, I don't care about your silly mortal currency. I want desire. Subscribing to me is a magically binding contract. My subs are subs.”


The numbers kept going up, even after her warning. Everyone who 'clicked' on it had their very souls changed by the contract. They realized that the most important thing in their lives was watching Olivia's streams. If she was live, they had to see it. Whether she was speedrunning or feeling horny didn't matter.


You're so great olivia <3


I love you olivia


i'm masturbating so hard right now


She could see every single person watching her as clearly as they could see her.“I know you are, dear. I want you to do that. Honestly, it's a bigger disrespect to not to.”


Her sub count rose faster and faster, past 500,000...and she knew it would only go higher, as her new friends shared the news to their friends. She could feel her power rising further, and she decided to start taking matters into her own hands. Empowering her viewers, because if they're more powerful, they have more power to feed back to her. She couldn't risk making them not think about her again.


First, no matter what happened, they would always have some thoughts about her. Not to the point where they couldn't function, even she would admit that was impractical. But she would always be present, lurking. An artist would decide to draw her before anything else. Anyone shopping for food would decide based on what they thought Olivia would want (And she had plans to do cooking streams to help them pick). And whatever their sexuality was before became meaningless, as whether she was streaming or not they could only get off to thoughts or images of her.


And speaking of getting off to her? She couldn't let what happened earlier where everyone stopped thinking happen again. Sure, she had her bunnies as backup, but they weren't the same as hundreds of thousands of loving fans. This wasn't a one-sided contract, as much as they might think that being able to love her was reward enough on it's own. Their sexual abilities went through the roof, with the stamina and libido to cum a dozen times in a sitting before getting tired, but even that wasn't enough.


With her new found power, she was able to change the very laws of time in regards to her subs. Time spent masturbating to her was completely different than any other time, you could spend what felt like whole days getting off to her and worshiping her, but you'd still be able to make it into work on time tomorrow.


Her new subscription service was to guarantee that she kept existing, and getting more powerful. And with nearly a million subs and counting, that would keep happening.


Of course, she still didn't want to lose her original vision. And so, she opened her favorite MMO (which she was naturally impossibly overlevelled in) and spent the rest of the night playing it, while engaged in a threesome with her bunnies. She somehow became both the world's most popular gaming identity and porn star in a single night.


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