Super Latex Saga III: Paradise Found

A collaborative effort by CrypticCollaborator and delta7447

Thanks to Akane, anonymous-69, and OmniScribbler for beta reading, and to Bloom and Jackie for additional contributions.


Since I had the most experience with Super Latex, I was assigned to be the director of the Super Latex project. Lucky me. All those pheromones had made the whole thing an absolute mess.

As I came in for work one day, a junior agent almost ran right into me. She seemed desperate for the bathroom, so I opened the door for her. Once inside, she didn’t enter a stall. Instead, she simply dropped her pants and started masturbating furiously. I stepped inside to ask her what the hell she thought she was doing, but then I realized that there were four other people in there, doing the exact same thing. I was just thankful they weren’t fucking each other. 

We couldn’t get any work done with these pheromones getting everyone riled up, so I called in a requisition for gas masks. Their introduction helped for a few days, but one day, somehow, a gas mask made of Super Latex arrived. It was indistinguishable from the normal requisitions. A poor researcher unknowingly strapped it on like she did every day and basically immediately went into a coma from all the pheromones going into her bloodstream. Had I not pulled it off in time, she might have died.

I did my best to keep focused on my work, but I wasn’t immune to it either. More often than I’d like to admit, I found myself idly reaching into my underwear when I should have been writing reports or scheduling meetings. Each time, I had to remind myself that I wasn’t just here to have fun. I was working to an end much bigger than my own personal pleasure. The more we learned about Super Latex, the better prepared we could become if The Goddess decided to take hostile action against us.

As director of the project, it was my duty to interview Helena about her experience with The Goddess. Helena was all too happy to give us all the lurid details of her experience. The Goddess first manifested to her in a dream. She appeared as a gorgeous woman wearing nothing but black Super Latex gloves and boots. 

Helena said that The Goddess was the sexiest person--man or woman--that she had ever seen. Everything about her was simply perfect, from her sculpted, perky breasts to her entrancing purple eyes. Her voice was pure sex. There was nothing she could do to prevent cumming from The Goddess’ whispers alone.

In the dream, The Goddess whispered in Helena’s ear, “What you see before you is just the faintest shadow of my true glory, but even this form is far greater than anything the mortal world has to offer. I see potential in you, mortal. When you are ready to become something greater than human, greater than even this form that I am wearing, all you need do is ask.” 

When Helena woke up, there was a present sitting at the foot of her bed, wrapped in silk. It was the set of Super Latex panties that she wore to our first encounter. After a couple more dream encounters, and a couple more Super Latex gifts, The Goddess spoke to her when she was awake.

Close your eyes,” she said. Helena obeyed.

Think of only me, then open them.

Helena did so, and when she opened her eyes, she found herself on a beautiful tropical island. She looked around and saw an endless Caribbean sea extending out to the horizon. At the center was an enormous palace--one which she somehow knew belonged to The Goddess. As she walked closer to it, she could feel The Goddess’s presence growing stronger. She became excited and started running towards and into the palace. After a short while, she eventually reached a massive gold-and-silver wall that she could find no way of passing.

I’m sorry, little one,” The Goddess’s voice echoed in her mind, “but I’m afraid it’s not yet safe for you to come any closer. You have been granted access to the first echelon. I reside within the third. As you become more powerful and gain more control over yourself, you will be able to progress even closer to me. For now, close your eyes and think of home.

Helena obeyed, and when she opened them again she was right back to her dining room. After a bit of practice, she learned that she could move between this universe and The Goddess’ universe whenever she pleased.

Her initiation was the day after. When she traversed over again, she found The Goddess’s other harem members waiting for her. They all sat around a long marble table, which was piled high with fresh dishes. Including Helena, there were twelve in all, and they were all intensely beautiful women of all races and body types. Two of them only vaguely resembled humans: one of them seemed to be made of plates of gleaming gold-like metal, while another had four arms and turquoise skin.

A blonde-haired girl wearing a lacy Super Latex bikini welcomed Helena, saying, “I’m Veronica. Welcome to paradise! Sit down anywhere and we’ll get to know each other really well.”

Helena, being the adventurer she was, sat next to the two non-human girls. She greeted them, saying, “Hi there, I'm Helena! Who are you two?” 

“Hey there, I'm Seldi,” the turquoise-skinned one said. She was wearing shoulder-length Super Latex gloves on each of her four arms. She extended one of her arms for a fistbump, which Helena eagerly returned. 

The robotic girl replied, “I am Seventy-Five Quadra Twenty-One. You may call me Quadra.” She wasn’t wearing any Super Latex at all, though her glossy golden body was just as shiny.

“No offense, Quadra,” Helena said, “but you kind of stick out from the others, in that you don’t seem to be wearing any Super Latex.”

“None taken. Indeed, I am not. Many of my internal components are made of the substance.”

“Ah, that’d explain it. How did you meet The Goddess? I wouldn’t have expected a machine to interest her.”

“It was a complete accident,” she replied with a silvery sing-song voice. “I used to be a super weapon for an intergalactic empire. I would warp to distant planets, conquer them, and extract their resources to make copies of myself. About 57 solar years ago, I encountered a planet ruled by The Goddess, and just for a moment, I saw her...”

Helena asked, “what did she look like?”

Quadra shook her head. “I do not know. I crash every time I try to recall that moment. I did not even have a concept of ‘pleasure’ before I met her. Once I rebooted, I knew...”

She sighed and rubbed her fingers over her smooth golden skin, trembling slightly. ”I have been part of her harem ever since. I do not know how long it will take, but one day I will become advanced enough that I can be with her. The real her, not just her shadow.”

“What about you, Seldi?”

Seldi replied, “I’m queen of the Kyldian Federation! Our territory spans eight galaxies, so I imagine you’ve heard of us.”

“Afraid not,” Helena replied.

“You haven’t? ... Oh right, Human, pre-FTL. My mistake. You see, my father wouldn’t have tolerated that. It’s thanks to The Goddess’ gifts of Super Latex that I was able to usurp him, take over, and completely reform the Federation--my Federation--for the better. And unlike Quadra, I know what The Goddess looks like! I was skiing on the top of the mountain, and I looked towards the palace and saw a figure standing on the balcony. It must have been her! She looks like she’s made of Super Latex!”

Quadra shook her head. “I believe that Seldi saw one of The Goddess’ angels and assumed that it was The Goddess herself.”

Seldi reached into her crotch and moaned, “Oh, if only you could have seen her! I pleasure myself to that memory every day--some days more than that!”

“Hey, Quadra, do you have any superpowers?” Helena asked, trying to change the subject.

“Yes,” Quadra replied simply. She picked up an empty glass from the table, looked up into the clear blue sky, and threw the glass so fast that it made a miniature sonic boom. Then, she pointed a finger at the horizon. A colossal blast of crackling red energy burst from her finger, which hit the glass in the air and caused an explosion that briefly lit the sky like the world’s greatest fireworks display.

“Show-off,” Seldi scoffed. “Are we eating or not?”

The food was incredible. The table was stacked with all of Helena’s favorite foods, including a giant honey-baked ham and a bowl of chocolate-covered cranberries. Everything tasted as good as it looked. Helena didn’t know whether it was the food or just the presence of The Goddess, but she could feel herself changing. By the end of the meal, she felt stronger, smarter, and sexier. Her arms, legs, and abs became perfectly toned. Even her perky A-cups had suddenly transformed into a set of impressive DD-cups. Despite the added weight of her newly expanded breasts, she felt even lighter on her feet than she did before. Her Super Latex lingerie, of course, felt as comfortable as ever.

After a long day of eating, chatting, playing beach volleyball, and making out, the sun was starting to set in the sky. Out of nowhere, a brilliant violet light shone down from above as an angelic silhouette appeared and descended before the party.

Friends,” it said in a resonating voice, “I come on behalf of Our Goddess. She asks you to play a game of her making. I have in my possession twelve Super Latex dildos: one for each of you. She asks that you pleasure yourselves with them and try your hardest to withhold orgasm as long as possible. You should not stop masturbating, or else you will be disqualified. The winner will receive a Super Latex hood--one which will rid you of all biological needs, such as air, water, food, and sleep, as well as dramatically improve your senses.

“Oh dang! I didn’t know those even existed!” Seldi exclaimed. “I’d love to give one of those a try!”

“That sounds like fun!” Helena chirped. “I’m in!”

“Eliminating biological needs is a non-issue for me,” Quadra said, “but the prospect of further enhanced senses and gaining favor with The Goddess is too good an opportunity to pass up.”

The angel waved a hand in their direction, causing dildos to appear floating before each of them.

Please prepare to masturbate on my mark.

Everyone took their dildo and stood at the ready, eager to begin the contest and prove their worth.

Three... two... one... begin.

As one, the twelve harem members shoved their designated dongs inside them.

The moment of penetration felt like a colossal orgasm all on its own. It was explosive and unrelenting... but Helena had more than put her mind to the task, so she was confident in her ability to win. Even still, having that much Super Latex constantly rubbing up against the most sensitive parts of her body, it took every ounce of Helena’s will not to black out and drown in the sea of pleasure right then and there. 

Just a couple minutes of such constant stimulation should have tired anybody out, but Helena’s newly enhanced body seemed to have limitless stamina. It was nearly an hour before the first harem member, Veronica, gave in. With a moan of unimaginable pleasure, she came for a solid ten minutes before collapsing in a puddle of her own fluids. The overpowering smell of Super Latex and sex drove the others into a frenzy, and one by one they succumbed to the same irresistible pleasure. After four hours of constant masturbation, everyone but Helena and Quadra had given in, but the two of them kept at it with the same vigor they had when they started.

The angel had intended to give the two some time--see if either of them would eventually give into their lust. As it turned out, neither of them were interested in relenting, to the point of increasing their efforts. They even went as far as to start pleasuring each other, as a form of sabotage. So the angel intervened, officially declaring a tie.

To resolve this, Our Goddess has asked you to compete against each other once again, only this time your goal is to sustain orgasm as long and as hard as possible. She deems this a reward in itself, for having made it this far--farther than even she foresaw. The one who ceases to orgasm first loses.

Helena and Quadra looked at each other for a moment and simultaneously resumed furiously masturbating. The two were both plenty worn out from the previous phase of the contest, so it didn’t take long for desperation to set in.

Helena turned to Quadra and commented, “You’re... not going to... beat me!”

Composed as ever, Quadra replied, “You might as well give up now. Resistance is futile.”

Helena let herself go over the edge. A wave of raw sexual energy pulsed through her body, making her convulse in ecstasy. Even Helena’s nearly-inexhaustible stamina was reaching its limit. Her vision blurred and her thoughts blended incoherently with each other. Helena gritted her teeth and found new resolve within herself. She turned towards Quadra and was surprised to see that the super-advanced and equally confident gynoid looked... nervous. Quadra was panting, each thrust of her dildo caused a squirt of cum resembling liquid mercury. She was slowing down. 

Helena knew she only had to last a little longer. She pushed even harder, deeper. The smooth, slick, warm surface of the Super Latex dildo in her was overwhelming. Every cell, every molecule of her body cried out for release. Helena came again and again, each orgasm with a force more intense than the last.

Finally, it was too much. For all her bravado, Helena was finally ready to give in. She let go of the Super Latex dildo and let out one last moan of boundless euphoria and finally passed out.

When Helena came to, only a couple minutes had passed. She heard a celebration. She felt Seldi lift her up with three arms. 

“You won, Helena!” Seldi cheered. “That was incredible! I don’t know how you did it!”

Just seconds before Helena passed out, Quadra had become so overloaded by the sheer pleasure that she overloaded her processors from how hard she was pushing herself. 

“I do not know how you were able to do that,” Quadra said. “I predicted your defeat with near-absolute certainty. I suppose I have a long way to go before I can even come close to meeting The Goddess.” 

After Helena and Quadra shook hands, the angel materialized to congratulate Helena and give her her reward: a small object resembling a choker.


“Wait,” I interjected, looking up from the tablet I was writing my notes down on. “You said earlier the reward was a hood, not a choker.”

“Yeah! The angel said it expands around the wearer’s head!”

“Ahhh, I see.”

Helena pulled a nondescript silver choker from her bag, and set it on the table. She leaned in close and whispered, “How would you like to be the first one to try it out?”

She giggled as she saw me become flustered.

I simultaneously hated and loved just how well she knew me. I didn’t want to admit it, but she was absolutely right--I really wanted to wear that thing. 

So I put it on. All in the name of scientific analysis of course. Its open ends connected themselves somehow as I brought them close together. It clung firmly on my neck, but didn’t impede my ability to breathe at all. Its presence alone felt strangely comforting.

“Touch the front to produce the full hood.”

I did so. An airtight mask of Super Latex expanded to encompass my head. The familiar sensation of Super Latex on my skin made me gasp, but instead of feeling overwhelmed I felt invigorated. I was suddenly full of more energy than my body should have been able to contain.

In addition to that, I saw way more than I had the previous moment. A glance out the cafe window, up towards the sky, let me see lightyears away in perfect clarity. I could make out the individual coffee molecules in my cup, radiating warmth.

I could perceive my body’s cells reproducing within my body. Electrical signals transmitting within Helena’s mind, and at a far slower rate within the minds of the other cafe patrons. I could clearly hear conversations happening in India. Most importantly, the sensation of the Super Latex all over me--an undeniably intoxicating feeling to begin with--was augmented enormously.

I came several times harder than I had in any of my previous Super Latex induced orgasms, but the limitless energy flowing from the mask into my body meant that I couldn’t even pass out. I might have gone mad from the sheer pleasure, but Helena intervened at the last moment to pull the choker off my head. Instantly, the mask dematerialized and I collapsed to the ground.

“You look like you had fun! How would you like to keep it?”

I sputtered, “R-really?”

“Yeah!  I was allowed to keep that dildo I was given, so it’s not like I’ll be missing out!”

And so I came into possession of the Super Latex hood. It was more than just clothing. It was the ability to have as much pleasure as I wanted at any time I wanted. All I had to do was put it on and I could spend an entire week in one blissful orgasm.

You’re probably thinking there’s no way things could possibly get any better. In truth, we’re barely even getting started. Helena’s ascension to the second echelon upped the ante substantially. The island paradise was only the beginning! I’ll give you more details in my next letter.



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