Super Latex Saga IV: The Second Echelon

A collaborative effort by CrypticCollaborator and delta7447

Thanks to Akane and OmniScribbler for beta reading, and to Bloom and Jackie for additional contributions.


Over the next couple weeks, Helena excelled again and again at The Goddess’ contests. Though every one of the harem members would have been demigods in their own right, Helena’s growth in power and ability was nothing short of extraordinary. Recognizing something in Helena, The Goddess allowed her access to the second echelon of her realm: the palace itself.

“I’ve never felt so good before, so powerful!” she exclaimed to me while we walked together. “The best part is I’ve barely even scratched the surface!”

“My god, still?” I replied. “If I may be completely honest, you seem more than powerful enough to call yourself a goddess and set up a harem of your own.”

“Perhaps, but I’m still a loyal follower of The Goddess’. I trust that she knows best.”

“You mentioned an angel last time we did this,” I said. “Could you elaborate on that?”

“Oh, sure! Well, they’re, uh... they’re really... um... You know, I think it’d probably be easiest if I just show you!”

A blinding emerald green light appeared next to me. When it faded, an angelic figure appeared. She was a perfectly proportioned woman so unnaturally beautiful that she seemed to glow. She appeared to be either made of or completely covered in white Super Latex, but what caught my attention were her huge alabaster wings, expanding a good three meters in either direction of her. 

It took me a long moment to regain even a trace of my earlier composure. “H-h-hang on... didn’t you say these angels were extensions of The Goddess’s will?”


“Then, uh... how were you able to make one appear like that?”

Helena giggled. “One of the many perks of being part of the second echelon! Let’s go get some coffee and I’ll tell you more! I’ll just go over there now and order for you. My treat!” She gestured to the angel and continued, “She’ll take you anywhere you want to go.”

“What about you?” I asked.

“Oh, I can teleport now! I must have forgotten to mention that.” Helena smiled cheekily, then dissolved into thin air.

More than a little overwhelmed, I turned to the ridiculously sexy angel floating next to me.

“I, uh... Could you take me where she went, please?”

The angel wordlessly nodded and tore a hole in space, creating a portal straight to the cafe’s front door. I peered through and saw Helena ordering inside. Noticing me, she smiled and waved while materializing the money for her order and telekinetically handing it to the cashier.

The portal looked fine, but I was admittedly a bit nervous about it. I decided to pick up a small pen from my desk and tossed it through as a test.

It passed through seamlessly, lightly clacking against the single step up to the cafe door. I wasn’t satisfied, but I also didn’t want to keep Helena waiting, so I stepped through and entered the cafe.

It wasn’t until I was inside the cafe that I realized what was happening. Helena’s unrestrained Super Latex pheromones had enthralled every employee and customer in the place, leaving only her and myself anywhere near lucid.

The combination of shock and exasperation is a strange one, but one I was finding myself experiencing it more and more lately. “Helena... maybe you should get those to go? I think we should go somewhere more private.”

“Aww, do we have to?” Helena pouted. “I was looking forward to relaxing here....”

“I’m afraid I must insist. Let’s go.” Turning to Helena’s angel, I added, “Could you make another of those portals to a remote location? A park with no one else around, maybe?”

The angel silently nodded and warped the previous rip in space itself to lead to a park fitting my criteria. I took Helena’s latex-clad hand and stepped through.

“Look, nothing personal, but it’s for the best that you stay relatively isolated, at least as long as you have all that Super Latex on. You have an... effect... on people, you know? Is there some way you can stifle the effect or the production of those pheromones?”

“Not that I know of,” Helena replied. “I’ve been told that I need to get used to being exposed to raw sexual energy for extended periods, so the pheromones do the trick nicely.”

I sighed. “Of course. Alright, we’ll just have to keep you fairly isolated for the time being. Anyway, regarding that angel friend of yours...”

Helena snapped her fingers and the angel appeared next to her.

“Could you tell me about them?”

“Sure! For starters, the angels are beings of pure energy, though you wouldn’t notice that unless they reach orgasm, at which point they'd lose their corporeal form temporarily. They serve as extensions of The Goddess’s will.”

“The Goddess’s will,” I repeated. “So how are you able to summon and control them?”

“I’m able to tap into a trace amount of The Goddess’s limitless power. Even a trace of that much power is still an immense amount! I think, if I really wanted it, I could just ask her to conquer galaxies and she’d do it!”

“That’s...” I began, at a loss for words.

“Astounding? Sexy? Terrifying? Scarousing?”

“...All of the above. I didn’t think just the concept of power could arouse someone this much... I’m not sure how to feel about that.”

“Well, there’s nothing wrong with an unorthodox fetish or two, as long as you’re responsible about indulging in them!”

“Perhaps. This Goddess is an absolute mystery. Can you tell me more about her?”

“Honestly, I don’t know a whole lot more than you do. She radiates pleasure so unbelievably intense that entire civilizations crumble from her presence alone. On an individual level, seeing The Goddess is said to fill one’s mind with so much pleasure that you instantly go catatonic and cum as hard as you possibly can, presumably until you die of dehydration or lose your mind entirely.”

“If you’re gonna go out, go out with a bang,” I commented with a wry smile.

“When that happens, The Goddess wipes the victim’s memory of the occasion, so she can wake up shortly after, mildly confused by the inexplicable gap in her memory.”

“That sounds like what happened to Quadra,” I commented. “Reminds me of a mental defense mechanism--the brain represses trauma to avoid the pain of what happened.”

“That’s not too far off, except The Goddess’ visage is anything but traumatic. It’s simply that our minds aren’t yet powerful enough to process her infinite glory. She is not prone to wastefulness.”

Yet, you say?”

Helena sighed, as if she said something she shouldn’t have. “May I propose a theory?”

“Of course.”

“You see, The Goddess clearly has plans for our futures, but doesn’t say much of anything about what those plans are. People in her harem have speculated that we’re being given Super Latex to gradually make us powerful enough to gaze upon her and retain our--”

Helena stopped in her tracks and looked up. Before I was even aware she had stopped talking, a blinding beam of green power shot from her hand into the sky.

I instinctively ducked and covered my head.

“Whoa, what’s happening?!” I exclaimed.

“A drone,” Helena replied matter-of-factly. “We’re being watched.”

Right on cue, a pile of metallic parts clattered to the ground before me. In moments, a group of well-armed soldiers in gas masks surrounded us.

“You two are under arrest for destruction of AGO property and conspiring with hostile extraterrestrial beings.”

“On whose authority?” I asked.

“The Anti-Goddess Organization.”

Helena giggled. “Can you believe these people, Katie? They seriously think they can arrest me! Isn’t that hilarious? Next, I bet they’ll claim they have the means to kill The Goddess!”

“That information is classified. Hands up.”

I turned to Helena, who seemed to have already made up her mind to resist.

“No,” I said. “No, I don’t think we’ll do that.”

“We are authorized to use lethal force if you do not comply.”

“What’s lethal for you is very different from what’s lethal for me,” Helena pointed out, a smirk forming on her lips. “Give me your best shot.”

“With pleasure, you traitor!”

Before the soldiers could fire, Helena gestured with her Super Latex gloves, producing a tight cocoon of Super Latex around me. Thankfully, the layer of regular clothes I was wearing prevented the Super Latex cocoon from touching my bare skin and overwhelming me with pleasure. Even so, so much Super Latex in such a confined space made me shudder with ecstasy. Helena had clearly learned some new tricks with the gloves since we last met. 

As I squirmed blindly in my cocoon. I heard a muffled rain of gunfire from the soldiers. When the bullets impacted the layer of indestructible Super Latex around me, it felt like someone was tickling me in all my most sensitive places, making me giggle like a schoolgirl. It actually felt really good! After a short while, the soldiers stopped firing out of confusion.

I heard Helena shout, “I don’t want to kill anyone, but don’t think that means I won’t.”

A gruff voice replied, “Heavy weapons, at the ready!”

“Heavy weapons?” Helena scoffed. “That’s cute. I have a few toys of my own. Here, look.”

I saw a brilliant flash of light through the Super Latex, then silence. The Super Latex cocoon dissolved into the air around me and I fell to the ground. When I recollected myself, I glanced up to see Helena, looking satisfied after a job well done.

“What happened?” I asked. All of the soldiers were lying on the ground, either unconscious or close to it.

“They’re indisposed.”

“Jeez, you’ve become a really good shot with those gloves of yours,” I commented.

Helena beamed. “You know it! Uh, Katie... I’m feeling really really horny right now. Do you wanna...?”

In that moment, the feeling could not be more mutual. “Fuck yes!” I replied. I knew what I was experiencing was mostly the result of the pheromones in the air, but I didn’t care.  All I knew was that I craved release, and perhaps the most sexually adept partner on the planet was right here, eager to indulge me.

I embraced Helena tightly, and the warmth and closeness of her body was just as good an aphrodisiac as the Super Latex. Helena, already panting, closed her eyes and leaned in for a kiss. The feeling of her soft lips brushing against mine, the sensation of her pulling us together even tighter made me shiver with delight. Quite frankly, I was close to cumming right then and there, but I knew this was only the beginning.

Helena snapped her fingers and we were in her bedroom. I quickly stripped myself while Helena rummaged through her drawers for her Super Latex dildo. The moment she touched it to her panties, it appeared to merge with the Super Latex of her panties, effectively creating a strap-on.  I was definitely ready for what came next.

Helena whispered in my ear, “It’s a cool party trick, but you know what’s even cooler? It feels like the real thing, for you and for me.

When she first penetrated me, I was certain I had found heaven itself.  So did she, from the sound of her moans.

That moment to when we finally fell asleep was essentially one immense, sustained orgasm--more powerful than anything either of us had felt before.  That is, until she put the hood on me and made the prior experience feel like nothing by comparison!

We spent the rest of that night making passionate love to each other, well into the wee hours of the morning.

Sappho would be proud.


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