Penny & Penelope (At the Music Festival)


The Brighly Music Festival, some say it is even larger than Woodstock was. It was the morning when things began to start. Penny was an eager fan of music, excited to see her favorite bands and stage and have a good time like everyone else. And just as the first guitar notes were played, Penny fell on her knees with great stomach pain. To her shock, her friend (and no one else for that matter) paid her any mind. Her felt her insides getting twisted inside and out and felt his intestines stretching grealty. She felt as if she weighed twice as much even though she hasn’t visible gained a single pound.


She made a constipated face and started to push hard as something started to slide out of her ass. She looked back at her butt, sticking up in the air, and saw a foot pop out. A bare foot, like that of a woman. Her asshole stretched greatly as behind that foot followed another foot. Even though they looked like that of a woman, they were easily the size of any grown man’s. Drool dripped from her lips, the feeling as euphoric, as she anus stretched ungodly wide, behind the feet coming two incredible thick legs, thighs that had no business being on a woman under the age of 40. She moaned out loud as a big fat ass popped out between her ass, it glistened with sweat and came packaged in a pair of very tight and very short jean shorts. 


The rest came easier, as her ass wrapped around a much thinner waistline and abdomen, which seemed to be in a whole different league than the cartoonishly wide hips. A pair of enormous tits popped out at once as well, easily F-Cups, bouncing around in a white T-Shirt (which had been cut to show off the body’s incredible abs and impossible hourglass). An arm shot out followed by another. The two arms grabbed the asscheeks it was birthed from and groped them very hard, forcing Penny to shit out a head. The head was that of a brunette woman. Penny’s ass returned to normal and she stood up, as if she hadn’t felt the force of 20 orgasms in that moment. She turned around to see one of the most beautiful things she ever seen in her life.

The entire crowd still seemed oblivious to what just happened to Penny and this woman who had just crawled right out of her butt. The woman turned to Penny and spoke:


“Thanks honey, traveling through a woman’s digestive track beats taking a plane any day!” She said, giving Penny butt and hard slap. A pair of sunglasses and a bandana grew out of the woman’s head, she looked like just another one of the festival goers, although much more beautiful. “Whose this performing?”


Penny didn’t feel strange at all to answer this woman. “The Teal Roaches.”


“Hmm. I don’t like that name.” The woman snapped her fingers and the band’s logo printed on the drums changed into The Penelopes. “Much better.”


Penny gained that this woman’s name might be Penelope. “I could barely hear them from here.” She said, in their spot 1000 feet from the stage. “What do ya say me and you go up close and personal?”


“I don’t think we’re going to be able to muscle through this mob of people.”


“Who said anything about muscling through them? Here I’ll show you.”


Brett and Bob were standing in front of the stage, shirtless and drunk. They were having the time of their lives, grateful to have such great spots. Brett then looked to his friend and noticed that he had a pair of C-Cups hanging off of his chest. 


“Dude, you have tits!” Brett yelled at him, taking one of them in his hand.


“Dude! You too!” Bob said, pointing at Brett’s F-Cup, squirting milk all over him.

Bob neck cracked and his head started to twitch as he face suddenly shifted to that of an 18 year old girl, growing a head of hair. His knees buckled and his legs cracked to be about a foot shorter and his shoulder shrunk into a more feminine shape. His stomach’s fat melted away and crunched into an hourglass shape. His cargo shorts shrunk into a pair of jeans shorts and were immediately filled by shapely teenage legs and a plump teenage butt. Bob grabbed his head, accessories growing all over his body, and Penny opened her eyes looking right at the stage.


“Holy shit! How did I get…?” Penny looked over to the man next to her.


The man grew about a foot taller, her legs thickening and plumping to impossibly curvy and voluptuous sizes. Brett’s ass balloons comically large. His beer belly got sucked back into his body, being replaced by a photoshop-level waistline and a pair of abs that can only be crafted by decade-long gym rats. The man’s head got sucked back into his neck, popping back out the face of Penelope.


“See Pen! Easy peasy! They still sound a bit quiet though…” Penelope looked at the stereos and amps and brought her thumb to her mouth. She blew on it and the size of the stereos swelled four times their original size like balloons. Penelope then looked at the ground next to the crowd and raised her hand upwards, literally raising amps from the ground and surrounding the crowd all over, everyone completely oblivious to this miracle. “Am I the best festival planner or what?”


The two new friends started to enjoy the music, having a good time. Penelope then looked at her new friend, “Want a drink? I got whatever you need.”


“Oh, I’m only 18.”


“Oh really? Let me see your license.”


Penny handled Penelope her license. Penelope smirked as she focused on her birth year and forced it two years down. Penelope felt dizzy as two years of life was suddenly shoved into her body. She looked down to see her breasts grow an entire cup size, she felt her butt swell up a bit as well, her midsection becoming even tighter and her hair becoming longer. New piercing formed in her nose and her ears and even her belly button, and she even popped up an inch or two.


“Happy 21st! Let’s celebrate!” Penelope said. She turned her back to the new adult and grabbed one side of her butt. She opened it up and her ass opened like a freezer door, revealing a small ice box in her butt with two beers in it. Penny pulled them both out and Penelope closed the door, her butt back to normal. Penny handed her a beer, which she grabbed greedily and bit the cap off of the bottle, chewing it up into a perfect metal sphere, looking up and the moon and spitting the ball right at it. Penny noticed a brand new crater form on the lunar body and looked down to see her new friend guzzling beer. “These bottles never run out isn't that great? Let me get that for you.” She said, the bottle magically popping right off of the bottle.


Penny put the infinite beer to her lips and started to lip, which turned into full on chugging. She suddenly felt as she didn’t need to breathe and could drink as much as this as she wanted. Downing about three gallons before letting out a mighty. “AHHHH...this is great!”


“Oh we are just getting started Penny…” Penelope said, this time reaching into her throat and pulling out a bottle of vodka. “I keep this in my personal stash, except this ones not exactly infinite.”


A shot glass formed in each of their hands and Penelope topped them both off. “A toast! To new friends!”


Needless to say, they both instantly became more drunk than any human being has ever been and lived. Penelope twirled her fingers and two were both back in tip top shape.


The two continued to watch the show and Penelope looked over to Penny and smirked. “Think you want to be on that stage?”

“Oh, I’m not really a performer…”


“Then why’d you bring this…?” Penelope spun her around and reached right into her anus, pulling out an electric guitar. She handed the instrument to Penny who looked at her nervously. “I can’t play this!”


Penelope scowled. “Okay by now I’d expect you to catch on the fact that I’m literally a god.” She leaned forward and shit out a stack of books. All of them, music textbooks, thicker than phone books. A slot formed on top of Penny’s head, just as wide as the textbooks. Penelope, one by one, shoved them each in, Penny instantly gaining complete knowledge of every single one until she knew more than any musician in history. The slot disappeared.


“Wow! This is incredible, I feel like a genius!” Penny exclaimed.


“You ain’t quite ready yet, you need some of that raw natural talent…” Penelope leaned forward and concentrated hard, the first time that Penny saw her use any effort to do anything. Veins formed in her head and sweat dripped as Penelope shat out Jimi Hendrixx.


She grabbed the man by the collar, Penny’s jaw magically unhinged, and Penelope shoved the musician right down her throat, her mouth wrapping around him like rubber. Penny felt as her body stretched around the shape of the grown man, her even started to slurp him up before swallowing him whole and letting out a colossal burp. An eccentric getup formed on her body, much like something Hendrixx would’ve worn (except it fit for a woman) and a headband grew out of her head. She grew a few inches taller and her arms became hairy, her hand growing into that of a man’s hand. The Penny-Jimi hybrid smiled. “Let’s do this.”


The band instantly vanished from the stage, Penny and Penelope taking their place. Penny faced her guitar to the crowd, fearless and Penelope found herself behind a pair of drums. Penelope smiled as the basic rock drum kit became a 125-piece set, complete with every percussion you could think of, and Penelope moaned as her shirt became a tank top and two extra pairs of arms grew out of her body, her fingers becoming mallets and drumsticks.




And the two rocked the crowd so hard that people literally fainted where they stood. The music was so orgasmic that some people quite literally orgasmed, falling into the ground into euphoria. All over the crowd of half a million people, orgies formed, people danced pounds of fat away, and some people went completely deaf, their hearing returning seconds later with their cosmic-level music.


Penny shredded her guitar, Penelope giving her extra hands and arms and guitars as well, forming a wall of amps around the crowd as well. Penelope started to shake and convulse as a clone grew right out of her body, her clone walking to another part of the stage and shitting out her own bass, playing bass along with them. Her bass clone, leaned forward and shat out another Penelope, this one with nine arms. This Penelope snapped all of her fingers simultaneously and a piano formed in front of her, three pianos actually. This process repeated until their band had about 30 members.


It was epic.


After their 21-day performance, Penelope had enough fun and snapped her fingers. The two returning the same location and time they were before their godlike performance.


“How was I?”


“Phenomenal!” Penelop said, making out with Penny. “We make a pretty good band!”


The two continued the day, getting drunk and sober repeatedly, having a good ass time. Penelope reached into her belly button and pulled out a mini-grill. She breathed a breath of fire and lit it up, choking up a few raw patties and cooking them on the spot. Her hand became a spatula and an apron formed on her body. “Nothing like a little mid-festival barbeque.”


After the burgers were done, Penny took one and took a bite, eating the most delicious thing she’s ever eaten. Penelope read her mind and responded before she could even ask, “It’s the meat from my ass. Pretty good right?” She said, turning around to reveal burger patty shaped dents in her butt, which instantly healed up in front of her.


Penelope raised some of music’s favorite groups from the dead and even brought a few working ones to the festival, simply by snapped her fingers and setting up their equipment instantly. She created a sphere outside of space and time around the festival area so the festival went one for literal weeks, virtually every musician performing at their peak, even the Beatles. 


After it was all done, everyone packed up and started to go home. Some freaking out to find that they’ve been at this festival for three months and haven’t aged a second. Penelope and Penny walked off and Penelope came back with her to her friends.


Her friends were surprised to find a grown woman Penelope and an even growner sexier woman standing next to her.


“Guy this is my new friend, Penelope.”


“Hi!” She said, with a seductive wink.


“Well, we’re getting ready to leave. Nice to meet you Penelope.” One of her friends said.


Penny felt sad all of a sudden, as she would have to part with her new bestfriend. Penelope read her mind and patted her on the shoulder. “Penny, I literally have the power of the universe in the tips of my fingers to the milk in my tits. WHENEVER you want to hang out just shit me out and I’ll be there.”


And the two became life-long friends.

The End (for now duh duh DUHHH).


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